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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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#356 4 years ago

The best horror type pin ( for me anyway ) right now is BSD as it incorporates atmospheric sounds with brutal gameplay. It has one of the best rule sets in pinball. Games don't need to be super deep. 30 million...........

Hoping RZ echoes BDD in someways.

#382 4 years ago

Maybe change the terminology?

At 300 compared to Stern and JJP they are all LE.

Just call them 2 different names?

250 - ( Regular ) - 'Rob Zombie Pinball. '

50 ( LE ) - 'Rob Zombie ( whatever art elements are on backglass ) pinball.'

#463 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

I think they are done worrying about it, it was a one time thing and it's over now.


#508 4 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

To me, this is another great example of why Spooky Pinball is great - they talk to us and we get updates. Now, of course, no good deed goes unpunished...so...can you give us some general info on the intended depth of the code? I am sure I am like most buyers in that I really like the idea of deep code with multiple wizards modes and different scoring strategies for my home games. Is it wrong to get excited by a game based upon the number of inserts on its playfield? Call me a masochist, but I love the challenge of a looming wizard mode that I may never see, as long as there are mini wizard modes and other mid-way awards for "good-but-not-great" play. Anyway, care to share general programming ideas/modes/goals etc with us?

And simple things like the Do or Die countdown 35 million jackpot in Iron Man just make games addictive. Hint, hint

#568 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It's not a new layout. It's a tweaked Pinball Zombies. I'm waiting to see how it plays, but don't expect something different from that, because that's what it is.

There are elements of this layout I love, and some not sure about.

Love the crazy pop bumper chaos if you miss a shot.

Guess we will see soon.

5 months later
#2215 4 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

What a night......we walked in with Charlie and Nate doing the interview. We played several games on RZ, talked about it for a couple hours and had a lot of fun. Yes the playfield art looks alot better in person. The gameplay has come a long way since Pinball Zombies Beyond the Grave. It is a fun, fast in your face you better get control kind of game with an awesome taste of randomness to mess with you. We were very pleased with what we saw. AMH got loaded up with Charlie and Luke's help and away we went.......that's it for now, i have to get some more sleep so I can muscle AMH into my gameroom today! Thanks again Charlie and crew you guys are awesome!!!!!
Oh yeah and the callouts, omg the callouts!!!!! , the R ratedness, the sounds, the dots, I could go on and on, fuckin amazing! Holy shit I had a huge grin on my face playing RZ.

Sounds great!

OF all the options I have read, this seems the simplest to make a difference.

An option of adding 'Spooky' mirror blades at time of production?

Standard mirror blades with 'spooky pinball' etched in them somewhere?

Yes, no??

#2222 4 years ago

Link to podcast anyone?

#2228 4 years ago

And very interesting comments after the interview with Charlie finishes. Nate comments.....

Cabinet art 10/10.

Playfield 7/10.

Again, the middle area lacks cohesiveness.

Too late for minor changes in this area?

No doubt, this is going to get the adrenalin going through the roof during gameplay

#2280 4 years ago

I am guessing playfield art is much harder to do right than cabinet.

Look at GOT p/f - pretty awful.

The only Stern game of late that has great p/f art is Metallica.

#2281 4 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Piss on all the haters out there this game looks epic and my wife and I are true zombie fans since way back in the day before when white zombie kicked ass; the spooky team stepped up big time and to all the haters well you know what you can do
Spooky rocks

Spooky does rock for sure. 100%

But constructive criticism is something that helps businesses evolve.

There don't seem to be many 'haters' on this thread to be fair.

#2286 4 years ago

Interesting comparison.

I prefer the insert grid on the original.

Also like the lightning bolts as they add dynamism and movement and make things look less static.

Anyway, looking forward to gameplay video

#2391 4 years ago

So, it is clear the p/f has created mixed opinions. When you have spent so long creating something it is difficult to hear negative feedback.

As the game is for all intents and purposes done, I was thinking of any minor changes that could make a big difference. In a way this is a sample game and for example Gottlieb's sample games would have different inserts to the production game so not uncommon to tweak inserts.

For me the biggest issue is the inserts are just too 'cartoony' and don't mirror the rest of the p/f.

This area would be easiest to change ? Colors and fonts?

Would be interesting to see some photoshop mock up's of say how they would look, just in black/white?? At the moment the inserts kind of jump out and maybe they would look better being more subdued?

Of course in the game they will be lit so there wouldn't be a problem seeing them?

Anyway this is meant as constructive feedback as simplest area to tweak and I think the overall appearance of the p/f would improve.

Thoughts??? !


#2392 4 years ago

And here is another perspective.

If you took the playfield art by itself, framed it on a canvas, on a wall, I suspect ratings would be much higher.

So, can anyone pique my curiosity by photoshopping the inserts so they are red with a black script/writing??

To me the inserts are more akin to something found on bubblegum/sweet wrappers than this edgy, dark theme warrants.

Anyway as ever this is just an opinion but would like to test it out by seeing a photo shop version as no substitute for seeing another version.

#2395 4 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

There's no way this is changing. 300 being made: 150 are gone already, 600 people on the wait list and there's many more people asking now that it's on the Rob Zombie website. Even if no one else put money down before the cut-off in a week's time, they could still sell the remainder during 2016 as the game started making its way out across the country.
If they changed it now the people who have signed up based on the current playfield might complain that they liked the old version better.
The current inserts do kind of match with the cartoony nature of the toys in the upper playfield.

Agree the game is sold out.

But throughout pinball history sample games were usually different to production games - mostly small differences.

That is why I mentioned the inserts as many have commented that they look out of place and it would be simple to tweak them.

Every product is constantly tweaked, modified so being open to customer feedback is paramount to good business practice. Just need to drop the ego and see if feedback adds to the product design or not.

I have not heard anyone say they LOVE the inserts so surely that says something? More like that people are trying to justify that they look ok, they can live with them etc.

And the reason I am focusing on them is that they CAN be tweaked if a better version is envisaged.

#2401 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

There seems to be his trend developing on Pinside whereby everyone expects EVERY game to be their perfect game in every way. If it lets them down in someway, it's pitchforks. Pinball is littered with 100's of examples of less than perfect games. Not every game can be perfect to everyone.
As long as the game is good enough to warrant its production then it's good for pinball.

Kind of agree but there is a difference between pitchforks and ideas that can make a product better, while it is still in development - i.e production models not yet produced.

But, it is still a phenomenal effort right now as it is. And it could end up being a classic

#2455 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

It's safe to say everyone who's going to get one will be happy. The thing that's happening is this: pinball fans are critiquing what they see fairly. On day 1, it was as if RZ got a pass because we all love Charlie. But there's no denying the fact that playfield art is not their strong point. I also feel the toys and plastics look a little cheap and home brew, but again, Spooky is a home brew kind of shop. So not slamming it, just saying that's they type of game you're getting. It's a bit more craft pinball then big beer pinball (stern).

The thing is most toys on pinball machines look cheap because they are!

The dragon on Got would be $3 in a store, most plastic figures in Stern games are $3. AC/DC dancing band. Could go on and on.

Have to say that whilst I would like some minor improvements in the playfield art, you are getting way more bang for your buck with this game than Stern games for example.

And the backbox on this game is WAAAY better than Stern backbox's with the plastic trim.

#2456 4 years ago

And moving on to gameplay and code. I loved the way Zombies played in the video so hoping this game has the same crazy action.

And it would be nice to get an idea as to what the code might entail?

I really hope there are some insane jackpot's like DOD on IM and the kind that Lyman has coded on AC/DC and Metallica.

These extra hooks can turn an average game into an awesome game, which is what Lyman does!

#2476 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Bottom line is if the game plays great and has an engauging rule set, play fast and fun then who gives a shit if the PF art isn't up to par. I doubt any non RZ fans will buy this game and if I was a fan of his then I would buy it regardless af the PF art. Please Spooky make a Slayer pin and fast, just happy we have many companies making pinball machines.

Actually I think many people who are non RZ fans will buy this game. I knew nothing about him until this pin appeared.

But, it has an edgy, dark, gothic type feel with music that will really raise the adrenalin while playing.

And it is just different to cookie cutter games and themes. Add the unique call outs and humor and the potential grows.

I am not a RZ fan but I would like this game.

#2594 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Are you a Pinball player and do you have any favorite games/rulesets? Are there any games for which RZ's rules are similar to?

The game that springs to mind in terms of a mind blowing rule-set is Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Another hard, punishing game, but the stacking with the 10 million, 20 million, 30 million, make it one of the best.

RZ is looking like it will be hard, punishing so BSD is a good ruleset to study and maybe emulate.

#2609 4 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

The way people are lining up to buy this game tells me Spooky didn't charge enough.

Or he priced it spot on?

#2647 4 years ago


No point in discussing art anymore. It's done.

Buy the game or don't as it is.

Really looking forward to video

#2801 4 years ago

Looking good!

Does each mode have different song?

Will there be jackpot and superjackpot call outs?

#2808 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

We are all happy Charlie & Co. have pulled it off. I do feel like we are starring at this pin in a vacuum. Hard to look at it objectively because:
1. We all love Spooky
2. It's sold out, anyway
3. It's at least different
I think the pin is different, however that video doesn't blow me away when I think about other pinball machines out there. If you step outside the vacuum, I'm not sure how people are seeing this pin with such over the top enthusiasm. It's 100% because of Charlie. If Stern released this pin as is, what would the reaction be? I'm not hating on it, just saying it looks fun but not the end all be all as some are saying.

Does any pin look good watching it on youtube?

It's the feeling you get from playing it and the final code that now counts.

And don't have answers to either of those questions yet....

#2829 4 years ago

I like also that the lighting is good, but does not appear to be the blinding, in your face, seizure inducing of the latest Sterns.

Also like and find irony that for those who say the game 'looks cheap' that it doesn't have any of the really cheap Spotlights that Stern uses.....

To qualify, I enjoy the latest Stern games but this seems as good as for sure and with the color dmd/flipper fidelity, some obvious improvements.

#2830 4 years ago

As for not worth 6k.

Well, all new pinballs are crazy prices now, but comparing to other manufacturers 6k is fair enough.

#2850 4 years ago
Quoted from cyber:

If I look at the pictures on pinballnews ( http://www.pinballnews.com/games/robzombie/index.html ) I am not really sure if this is the final product. Or is it? Isn't this a playfield prototype?
The cabinet, the backbox, the translite and all the toys look fantastic. The playfield and the plastics looks like some did some airbursh excercises. It doesn't match the art package of the cabinet at all. While the cabinet looks super professional and really awsome, the playfield ...sorry to say that: in my eyes it looks like a paint job done by someone who has nothing to do with arts. I think if the playfield art would be reworked this game has the potential to be one of the best looking games ever. I really hope this is not the final playfield art.

It's done, finished.

Is it perfect? No.

Good enough?

That's for each of us to decide....

#2855 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

There are two targets you can't see (from video) that are assigned to do that.. get one and you get 2x corpse, get he other and you get 3x corpse.

Any super jackpots with call outs to be coded?

#2865 4 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

as per spooky Facebook
"We're working in some spotlights... it has 4 chains of GI (and a TON of lamps). Beyond that, she's done."

I like the ambient lighting - not too bright please

#2874 4 years ago

These spotlights that are going to be added.......

Where and what will they look like?

I like the clean look as it is so just wondering as this is the only thing that is being added later?

#2912 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

The GI is already miles beyond AMH.
Spotlights would help even more! (and I wish AMH had some

All I would ask is that whatever lighting is added, the bulbs don't hit the players eyes as games that are like this are no fun to play......

Also hoping/guessing from what has been presented is that the rules/code will be non linear?

#2934 4 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

It didn't look unreasonable at all seeing how fast the corpses were racking up. It just may seem a tad dull if the entire mode is comprised of hitting random switches. It works for something short like Bats/Rats in BSD (the layout also helps where aiming for pops can be a goal), but may feel a bit too much like just trying to keep balls alive until 1000 is hit if there is nothing special to shoot for.

As ever it depends how the player is rewarded for obtaining goal.

Even back in the 50's the designers were constantly focusing on how to reward players. The games that rewarded big time were played to death.

#2948 4 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

Personally, I'd prefer this mode to be really difficult, one that you are not likely to collect 1000 switch hits the first time around - where you have to go back into the mode again to start over where you left off. Since this will be a home-based pin for many of us, difficulty in completing tasks and rarely seeing some aspects of the game are crucial to its longevity.
I have an AMH (all my games are setup for PAPA-style/tournament practice: no EBs, wide open outlanes, etc.). I have yet to see the Demon Battle. But, I am pretty sure I've seen 99% of the other code. So, I've got one goal to shoot for.
I've got a WOZ. I've melted the witch. I've started Haunted Forest Multiball a few times. I've not seen Flipper Frenzy. I've never started the final munchin multiball. I've not seen SOTR. I've still got multiple goals to shoot for and have owned the game much longer. And maybe I never will with no EBs and open outlanes.
One game, code wise anyway, leaves me with much yet to see. I'm certainly not expecting WOZ-level code, but if RZ is coded much the same as AMH (which I do love the game) only the final Hellbound (or whatever the wizard mode is called) will be difficult to actually see. I'd much prefer several goals in RZ (and any game for that matter) be really difficult to see. So, please Spooky/Fawzma don't make 1000 switch hits easy. In fact, I'd love to see harder modes and have RZ be more like Monster Bash's wizard mode. That is, one wizard mode for having started all the modes (kinda easy to do) and one, very hard to get to (okay MB's Monsters of Rock isn't that hard, but you get my point) wizard mode but with different software and rules (unlike MB). This just adds way more to the game and Spooky wouldn't have to add inserts or other modes to the game to do so.
Also, while I'm making requests: please add multiple high score tables like one for each mode (ala AC/DC or Met) - the more HS tables there are the more the home player has something to shoot for when playing. For example, a high score table for most points scored in each mode, a Killer card champion (most killer cars collected), a corpse champion (most corpses), Chicken and gasoline champion, etc. This adds a lot of extra bang for your buck as a player without the programmer having to add more rules to the game.
Oh, and is the apron clear-coated - looks like it to me?

Very good point re lots of high score tables.

I loved Metallica as each time you do really well on a mode, you put name in at end of game.

So -

Living dead girl
What Demenoid

Wizard modes

etc etc.

Fairly easy to do but wow, what a difference to depth and fun.

#2964 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Oh man, I would be SOOOOOO happy to see this! Glad it sounds like you're open to this!
I also have argued for a while that it would be awesome if after a game was over, it said something like your score - 10M, average score - 13%, your score was better than 33% of the games played on this machine - or something. The larger the high score table, the happier it'll make people.
I worked with a NBAFB on route, and once players learned that they could play as a team with a "low" starting score and could get their initials in the high score table, they were ecstatic. The game had something like 28 possible high scores. When I have had mine set up and people have visited and I've shown them the same thing, even people who have never played a pinball machine before end up playing it for a long time to put their initials in there.
I have begged for a long time (you can find this in posts probably 5 years old from me) for a high score table that was like 100 long. Do that, or make it an option, and I think it will be a huge hit with casual players

Video games learned the importance of this as always like 20 spots for high scores.

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Well glad to see people thinking rules and not ripping each other anyway! Spinners will be coming in future games... just not an option right now. Trust me, we tried. Someone mentioned drop targets on the upper playfield.. there are 3 lanes under the upper playfield, no where for the mechs to go. It's more fun and tougher than it looks. Is what it is, and I hope you like it.
Someone else mentioned "even Rob says there's nothing in this game"... ummm sorry, but he was referring to the blank whitewood he was looking at, and nothing else.
Corpses will have a few options... stealing them from other players, instant multipliers in single player games, or bonus multipliers to help get to 1,000 quicker. Bonus jackpot will by X the number of balls left when you hit 1,000... we'll mess with it, and get it right. On a single good ball, I can rack up 400 or more pretty quick as it is. It needs to be a hard event to gather, but yeah... certainly don't want it to be impossible.
And yes, spotlights will be added to the game. It needs them!
Back to work... cleaning out the 8 billion things piled up in the hall so we can roll out 11 more AMH's this week, and get a clear path to move the whole shop across the parking lot in a few more weeks.

Hope spots fairly unobtrusive and not in players eyes

Might seem obvious but played a few Sterns where they get you right between the eyes!

Rules are already looking interesting

#2968 4 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

I'm building a house this summer and would prefer a little time, personally. I'm dragging my heels a little but I'm still leaning toward pulling that trigger. How cool would RZSI, Met, BSD, and Centaur be right next to each other? \m/


BSD one of my favorite games of all time - just shows what great call outs and great rules can do! The triple stack is rush city!

#2993 4 years ago

Anyone know if the apron is metal? Kind of looks that way - cool if so.

#2994 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Oh man, I would be SOOOOOO happy to see this! Glad it sounds like you're open to this!
I also have argued for a while that it would be awesome if after a game was over, it said something like your score - 10M, average score - 13%, your score was better than 33% of the games played on this machine - or something. The larger the high score table, the happier it'll make people.
I worked with a NBAFB on route, and once players learned that they could play as a team with a "low" starting score and could get their initials in the high score table, they were ecstatic. The game had something like 28 possible high scores. When I have had mine set up and people have visited and I've shown them the same thing, even people who have never played a pinball machine before end up playing it for a long time to put their initials in there.
I have begged for a long time (you can find this in posts probably 5 years old from me) for a high score table that was like 100 long. Do that, or make it an option, and I think it will be a huge hit with casual players

Think how great a game TSPP is.

Now imagine if every one of the modes had had a high score table - so much better!

#2997 4 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

It's likely a nice cardstock cover to the normal Spooky apron.

Shame as there is just something special about a classy metal apron.

#3002 4 years ago

So, guessing no more info of any kind coming before the tomorrow deadline?

#3009 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Last info before tomorrow... haven't read any of this, so hope it helps.
Mr. Fawzma was in the shop all day working on code, and we're adding 3 more inserts for 2X, 5X, and 10X above the tombstone... won't happen until production.
We've had a few more pass tonight, which is fantastic (sounds weird to say). But hey, we'd rather hear a "no thanks" than nothing at all, and it opens up a few more guaranteed spots for those past the 300 mark tomorrow.
Well over 2/3rds of the games are spoken for at this time... and we're VERY surprised by that, and incredibly grateful.
Thank you all so much for the faith in us. Off to bed, lots to do tomorrow.

10X sounds like it could be a real rush

Jackpots 10X - now that would be crazy! ......and good...

#3020 4 years ago

Also hope for a metal apron.

And please no led strips like there were in AMH. Too bright and look cheap.

Sorry, just want this game to be kick ass good

And I loved those pop bumpers on RZFBTG - never seen such fun use of pops for a long time.

#3030 4 years ago
Quoted from jk2171:

Apron is plastic; confirmed with KT.


Metal just adds a touch of class and is a nice way to make it look better quality.

#3036 4 years ago

Darn it, that is a serious down grade already then

Back to lighting - the game needs to have fairly ambient lighting to go with the theme.

But adding mirror blades will probably look pretty good and add reflective light to those who want added brightness.

#3052 4 years ago

So, not many hours until the wait list is opened up.

Wonder how many spots will be available?

Going to guess 57.

#3069 4 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I'm personally getting more fond of the PF. Besides Rob's face with the hair that looks like spooky tree shadows to me...there is that rather excellently drawn and detailed "witch" towards the upper PF. Just that witch has more personality and real art than GOT's entire
"generic overlay" PF. As an example and IMHO anyways.
Add the fact that it is not lit up like a Xmas tree and the whole package seems decently cohesive.
Now I just hope I like the gameplay.

Exactly, ambient lighting really suits this theme - hoping they don't add too many extra bright leds.

#3074 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I say this with full respect. It saddens me to see Aurich drop out. This is one of his dream themes. I wish Charlie would have asked him to help art direct Alex's PF efforts. Aurich just couldn't enjoy a pin with a playfield like that.

There are 300 people who are going to buy this game. It ain't about one person even if it were an A lister movie star!

1 week later
#3346 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Those Wisconsin workers build shockingly fast. If you're not on Facebook and have missed the pictures Charlie has been posting, they've already made great progress on the shop build.

This is pic from FB.

Looks like it is going fast!


#3393 4 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I like the idea of the shaker having a low oscillating rumble high low high low during the video mode and then have the shaker kick up a little bit when you hit something on the display, Do it Ben !!

As long as shaker is coded and a shaker can be added in same way as Stern games, that all seems good. Not a problem that the game doesn't come with a shaker as many Stern LE's don't.

Having the option later is the key and this game was born to shake

#3426 4 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

“Get your ass to Red Hot P@#$% Liquors”
Tonight’s overview is What! mode. This is another main select-able mode. Shooting left orbit into the VUK, What! is the third main mode of five. Currently What! has two side modes to complete. RHPL and the Captain Spaulding hurry-up. Each with their own inserts.
Once the mode starts you are now playing in the upper play-field. This isn’t as easy as you would think. Even the original version with lane guides (which I still have), you can still fail this mode. With the removal of the lane guides, its a bit harder.
Your screen has 3 buckets of chicken on the left and 3 gas cans on the right that are greyed out. You have to complete the lanes 3 times. You are then taunted by Spaulding, which you’ll need to bash him 3 times. Progressively getting hard each time you beat the mode. Bash him three times, then shoot the gate. Drop out of the upper play-field and into the secret passage area to claim a quick jackpot and beat the mode. Exiting the upper play-field prior to beating this mode, fails the mode. So you’ll need to restart it.
Coming out of the inner right orbit two more modes are active. RHPL and the Spaulding hurry up.
Shoot the right orbit to complete RHPL. You get 20 seconds to complete it. Shoot the center ramp to put 20 seconds back on the clock. Once your time runs out, you need to complete What! again to reactivate.
Spaulding hurry-up is the left orbit. Shoot the left to get to the upper play-field, where the gate is open. Shoot through the gate to claim your jackpots. At this moment, this hurry-up in in this mode. But it may end up being part of the Murder Ride mode which will be talked about later. This hurry-up is always active int his mode after beating Spaulding, and is inactive when the mode ends or fails.
I have beaten this mode (all main plus 2 subs) in one ball…. only once. So good luck!
Demonoid Phenomenon will be tomorrows overview. Side note, I did fix the ballsave, multiball, drain stuff. After spending several hours on it last night, I went to be only to realize the solution. 45 minutes after getting up in the AM, and it’s resolved. Usually how it works for me.
Since I ripped off the image it would only be fair to link back to where it came from. so get a shirt. I don’t get anything for this, just being nice
Get a shirt I guess

Looking good!

So, 2 questions.

Will there be high score tables for these modes?

And, is anything going to be stackable/modes/multiballs?

#3432 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

With the new EEPROM additional highscore tables are certainly possible. I may not have it in on release, but it is on my todo.
I changed the way multiball kicks happen so stacking those is possible now. The problem is that in most modes there is a danger of having multiple balls out. I will evaluate which can be stacked and go from there. Main modes will never stack though. Same for corpse and LDG; those submodes will never stack with each other.

Great news!

As each mode is individual then having high score table would be awesome and add longevity to the game.

Stacking. Agree we don't need stacking craziness of TSPP, just a simple stack somewhere that adds some craziness and big points. There is no better example than BSD's triple stack.

This game is looking more and more that it is going to be an adrenalin blast which is what I am hoping for

#3445 4 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

You are 10 hours early.......LOL!
Demonoid Phenomenon is the forth main game mode of five. In this mode the goal is to light up all the target/switch lights. There isn’t really anything extra in this mode like in What, Dragula or Dead City only because you’ll be too busy making sure you don’t drain.
When the mode starts, all inserts that have a switch next to is starts to pulse, except for the in/out lanes. Your job is to hit everything to light up the whole field. This includes the upper play-field. The only saving grace on this mode is you get time added with each switch hit, you’ll need it.
Don’t confuse this with how corpse mode works. There are only 17 switches that need to be hit. Unlike corpse mode where you need 1000 from anywhere.
This mode may end up being one of the few that can/will stack with Living Dead Girl sub-mode.
Probably the only real notable feature in this mode is the boobies in adult mode. Don’ let the boobies distract you, its not worth it really. Otherwise, forget about any wizard mode!
This mode is restart-able. You are not force to rehit what you already lit up so that helps a bit. In overtime, this is a 2 ball multiball (subject to change). The field will reset, light everything up again to add to the jackpot, then claim up the center ramp.
Next mode overview will be Superbeast!!

This sounds like an awesome mode!

So, does it start in total darkness and then light gradually is added as each switch is hit?

#3448 4 years ago
Quoted from Jabbles180:

Any light that isn't attached to a switch leave on or dim. That way if a light is off you know it needs to be hit. Add the hit lights onto the on/dim when hit. It would work, literally, the opposite way most any mode works. Instead of looking for flashing lights you look for the lights that are out. Maybe indicate on screen somehow.

Yes, thinking it could work.

Total darkness but on the color screen is a shot map with each switch flashing.

Initially the ball is bound to light some of the 17 switches.

And then it would get crazy as if unsure where last few switches are, you could cradle the ball and peek at the screen which would flash where the remaining ones are?

Sounds like crazy fun to me!

No idea whether this kind of thing can be coded or not?

#3474 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I like this.. if flipper/s is held for say 3 seconds.. assume you are holding the ball.. then turn off all the lights.. flash whats left.

This game is heading in the direction of awesome

And infection mode sounds superb.

You can feel the passion in the creation of this game.

#3558 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Can someone explain to me what the artists was going for in the upper playfield design? I'm super excited by this pin and it sounds like it's shaping up to be great. But when I look at the upper right area of the playfield, it's empty. Coupled with the plastics that have nothing on them, how is this getting such a "passing" grade?
I don't think we're going to get a fair review until non-buyers play / review. Commence down votes, but you know it's true.

I was a critic of the p/f art but nothing is perfect and it is more than good enough. It knocks GOT p/f out of the park for example.

#3653 4 years ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

26 upvotes (no down). too bad spooky is so dead set on keeping it as it is.

Yes, it looks cool.

But this is a young company that cannot afford to lose months of time through a re-design.

Game is sold out. They priced it right.

Anybody not liking can drop out and let next person have it.

#3727 4 years ago

One of the reasons ACDC is so successful as a game is that every song has a high score so there is always something extra to try and beat.

Mode high score tables is essential

#3766 4 years ago

Not sure if mentioned yet but hope there is a mini wizard mode for starting all modes and the ultimate wizard mode for completing all modes?

A mega counter down jackpot on the mini wizard mode would be icing on cake

#3779 4 years ago

So, Hellbound is the final wizard mode.

Is there a mini wizard mode before this?

#3840 4 years ago

Wow, game is brutal!

But in a good way - kind of like IM and BSD but with adult call outs etc.

It looks to have that 'one more game' quality

#3874 4 years ago

Spooky seem to have done what they said on the tin.

A game that plays very different, chaotic, brutal, but it is possible to complete the game if you hit the shots. If you miss, prepare to be punished!

This game will have tons of longevity in the home as in some ways it taps into the em era. 'i was co close, I just got to play another game'.

And it certainly isn't going to feel like chopping wood. Adrenalin city for sure.

#3897 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Yes, balanced scoring is a must. Looks like WhySnow has got the bit between his teeth now, so I'm sure he'll be down at the factory making it happen

Yes, otherwise people will just play one mode over the other modes and that would be the tournament strategy.

#3924 4 years ago

Generally mode scoring shouldn't be too unbalanced for reasons above.

But, how about this - to encourage all modes being started - once all modes have been started, not completed, there is some sort of high scoring reward?

A big count down jackpot or just a big jackpot collected in some way with some big sounds effects and animations?

#3993 4 years ago

This is an adult game and is marketed as such. Family mode is good though.

On this note, where are the ' there will be plenty tits and ass' ? Only balls so far

#3998 4 years ago

This is crazy in a brilliant way - for those who haven't seen it, fast forward to 1 hour 41 minutes and watch the 8 ball multiball - awesome!

#4066 4 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

I like the building updates this was yesterday


Love the progress - reminds me of the speed of the Boston Flippers!

#4094 3 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

This does raise a good point. From what i've heard is that Rob was disappointed in two things. To him the pf looked sparse and now he is disappointed that nobody outside of pinside was able to get in on this game. The pinsiders love the pf, so the first complaint isn't as big a deal. But the second one is a pretty big problem
Is it really worth it to keep a pin so limited to 300 that you're going to make it harder to get cool licenses? I doubt Rob would be willing to let another pin be made if barely any of his fans could actually buy a pin.What I would do in the future would be to ask the people who bought the first two spooky machines and lock in their numbers, THEN I would add 300. With the current trend of hundreds of people from the previous game buying up every spot on the second game, the only real winner is Spooky. Lots of fans losing out.

Impossible to please everyone.

Bottom line is Spooky have to focus on the business first and not over promise and under deliver. 300 creates a true LE game and that is the number they feel they can make. Remember they are a start up and it is still going to take 18 months to make 300.

#4096 3 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

Its literally possible to please a lot more than 300. the fact that spooky is a pinside retailer instead of a pinball retailer is something he needs to change. Its a shame that only pinsiders got the pin and barely any of those hard core fans that missed out. get rid of these "LE whysnow" numbers and crank that number up to 700

Would be interested to know how many hard core fans would pay $6000 for a pinball table.

The bottom line is that Spooky chose a number that -

A. Would sell out as it was priced attractively and the number is limited and so collectible.

B. They are only a small business and have plans to make other games. 18 months is a long timeline as it is for just 300 games.

#4124 3 years ago

Metallica is a great game and I used to own it. For me, where it is different is that it takes time for a great game to develop as in getting to the CIU modes which are awesome. The first few minutes of the game can be a bit dull.

Whereas I expect RZ to be edge of seats, right from the start. We shall see. Different games. Metallica is for sure one of the best games of the last few years but love the way RZ is developing.

4 weeks later
#4262 3 years ago

Right way up for those on phones....


#4277 3 years ago

I know many critiqued the p/f art when shown but it is looking way better now and it is hand drawn and not 100% clip art so it's pretty much equal to or better than the competition.

1 week later
#4317 3 years ago

LE looks good.


1 week later
#4332 3 years ago

Which one will it be? There may be a choice! Off FB.


#4389 3 years ago

Looks real nice. Hopefully decent video will emerge soon.

Only thing I don't like looking at photos is that translites appear too blue as if the leds have taken over. Art is great, just not a fan of the way the translites are lit currently.

1 month later
#4613 3 years ago

I have mixed feelings as not sure I want this game to be too bright as want it to feel moody.

I like the light up chicken


3 weeks later
#4820 3 years ago

Would be nice to hear early reviews and videos from people who have game in their homes

#4886 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Here's a clear case of never going to make everyone happy.
ALL games will have a real backglass. You can't buy an LE translite and have your game suddenly be an LE. We spent thousands on getting that extra art made... the custom cut / powder coated metal side rails and printed backglass will NEVER be sold. Period. To use a translite in your game, you'll have to go out, buy custom thinner glass, buy the plastic side trim, cut it down... and you STILL won't have an LE.
If this isn't to your liking... sorry. We did our best.

Don't worry, your pretty much doing a better job than any other pinball company out there at the moment

#4911 3 years ago

RZ will now rise or fall based on the code.

TWD was saved by Lyman with fantastic use of multipliers etc.

Any reviews of early code yet?

#4930 3 years ago

I think constructive feedback by owners and those who have game time on RZ is really important as code is still evolving. Everyone wants the game to be as good as it can be and a polished code will ensure this.

For me deep games can be boring and a chore. This game is sounding similar to BSD ruleset ( vaguely ) which I love.

The thing with code/rules is that a few tweaks, a new idea etc, can utterly transform a game. What Lyman did with Metallica is a great example.

So, while a game is still in development and changes can be made, a forum to discuss this seems pretty sensible.

#4951 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I think it's both. Most changes are his ideas and vision from the start but I know Lyman has taken suggestions from the Sharpe's and other tourney players regarding score balancing and tournament strategies . If he sees tourney players abusing a scoring strategy/exploit he will at least try to correct it. I know Dwight listens for feedback as well. He put KME's suggestion for switching the flippers back via the captive ball during mass hysteria multiball in GB.
Since David is new to the hobby and not a tourney player I hope he will at least listen to ideas from the community. I think the framework of the rules/general vision should be all him but suggestions to balance rules/reduce exploits should be considered. For example if 1000corpses MB is too valuable maybe try to reduce the scoring a bit and bring up scoring in other modes via multipliers. As long as the code is somewhat balanced and has some risk/reward I wll be happy!

Risk/reward is an element of addictive gameplay.

Also when in a mode and there is an opportunity for real big scoring due to multipliers and going deep into the mode. Means that chopping wood feeling is removed from a game.

Looking forward to some new videos.

#4957 3 years ago

Yes, looks and sounds great

Hope with the modes that scoring increases as you go deep into the mode. Are there super jackpots at end of any modes or anything like that yet?

#5030 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

RZ tweaked in is amazing.
I set ball save to 6 seconds and tweaked in slings and pops. Also dialed sound in by lowering sub woofer and putting music up to 92.
We probably put 50 games on it yesterday.

A review of the current code would be cool

2 weeks later
#5229 3 years ago

Spooky are going great guns making games and going at a nice speed. I am sure most of the issues described will be addressed.

Going forward, what I would like to hear is how awesome it was to get to first wizard mode etc. Not heard that kind of feedback yet.


On WH20 and LOTR the game goes crazy and shuts down etc when wizard mode attained - fantastic experience.

Just wondering if something similar but different can be coded to make getting the wizard mode an epic experience??

Like everything goes black with some sort of ominous sound? And then play the wizard mode?

#5273 3 years ago

Future proofing question.

Is the plastic panel/window replaceable in front of the LCD display? B/W and Stern games can be replaced as they get scratched to bits over the years!

2 weeks later
#5427 3 years ago

So, the code, rules are now so important for long term reputation for this game.

Am I right in thinking that if all modes are completed the wizard mode is activated? Hell Bound.

Is there a mini wizard mode for starting all the modes? Kind of like sea of simulation and portal in Tron?

If not can a mini wizard mode be implemented? Need to reward player for starting all modes.

Maybe for wizard mode Hellbound can be lit solid and for mini wizard mode, just flash? And mini wizard mode can be some sort of preview/introduction to Hellbound?

Maybe a 'welcome to the gates of Hellbound? '

And maybe some big points on offer during the mini wizard mode/countdown jackpots etc?

Interested to hear feedback. Feel this is real important to take the game up a notch and give it longevity in the home

#5430 3 years ago

All sorts of ideas possible for a mini-wizard mode for starting all the modes

The absence of mini-wizard mode means playing the modes and then a super hard task of getting all modes completed to get to Hellbound. And that is going to be mega tough.

Having the mini-wizard mode will add massively to the ' just gotta play one more game' as there should be many games that player feels they got close to starting all the modes.

Completing - there won't be so many games players get close, which is fine for long term use.

#5438 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Maybe people could give David sub wizard mode ideas at the open house?

Here's an idea.

At some point after starting the last mode, so that all inserts are solid or flashing, the machine goes dead. Complete blackness followed by say, manic laughter or a scream.

Then all inserts are lit solid. Have to then get them to go to flashing and then off. So, 2 shots for each. 12 shots.

And then hit ramp once or twice for a countdown or mega jackpot. ( Hellbound jackpot ).

The whole mini-wizard mode could be timed and could be one or two balls.

Just an idea but this would get me buzzing as a player

#5492 3 years ago
Quoted from vilant:

+2. Great idea!

Well, I think there are so many cool ideas that would work - just be nice to have something after starting all the modes.

Here's another.

Game goes black, all lights off and there is a massive roar of engines. Car starts and…...

The mini-wizard mode would be driving to the gates of hellbound in the Dragula car with Dragula track.

1 week later
#5537 3 years ago
Quoted from hooch333:

I probably played about 50 games of RZ in Benton over the weekend. I freakin' love this pin. It helped a lot that David (the Australian Dots dude from Houston) was standing next to me explaining modes in the beginning. I put up over 90 million on one game.
The modes are fun and challenging. The call outs are great (only 1 pin was set to Adult mode during party). Ben's video mode is killer...literally! I usually got living dead girl going right away with the add-a-ball. I got to house of 1000 corpses a few times, and ended up with close to 600 switch hits. The drop target is harder to hit then I thought, and a lot of times I would shoot the orbit without even dropping the target! I usually picked the Dragula or Superbeast modes, because I could repeat the main ramp shot pretty consistently.
This game is lightning fast, but with the c-h-o-p feature for ball save made it forgiving. I'm sure most people won't agree, but I actually think my AMH is a much harder game with shorter ball times.
I really like both backglasses, and thought I preferred the LE for the orange glow. However, when I saw the original lit up I was stunned how 3/D it looks. Especially in a line up of other games....very impressive.

Nice feedback.

I guess at this stage the only question to Fawzma that it would be nice to have answer to is, 'will there be anything, at some point in time, for at least starting all modes'?

Doesn't matter when or what, just be nice to know if that will be coded one day?


#5553 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I think what I'm going to do instead will be after the 3rd or so, when you hit the lane, if the light is on, it will go out, if off, it goes on. This will force you to think a bit more about how you work the system. Another trick would be to have left and right flippers only control those sides.

I can come up with something.

I have learned a ton between RZ and Dominos. I am planning on making it much more obvious as to what you need to do. I think Charlie has some cards that can be printed, but don't quote me on that.
As for the save, I've watched as people play, and CHOP is working as intended. Players have learned to load up the save in order to take a dangerous shot. As for changing geometry, it's not needed. I learned long ago when I started that a ball save was needed in RZ due to the open pops and sling action. Way to many times you get SDTM or in an outlane. I figured this was a nice alternative. If someone doesn't like it, change the save time to 2,1, or disabled and you no longer have to worry about ballsaves Dominos has the same geometry, and ball times are quite long since you don't have pops in the middle the playfield and an extra pair of slings.

Great news that there will be something for starting all the modes

As guessing going to be pretty hard to get all modes lit solid

1 week later
#5609 3 years ago

Hope code updates are similar to Stern.

Download to usb stick and follow simple instructions.

1 week later
#5699 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Not really... more about objectives+payouts. The classic arcade formula is to lead the player to a goal, reward them some for incremental progress, but keep them desiring the larger goal.. so when they miss it, they immediately want to try again. They can't help themselves but to keep trying over and over because they have been lured to want the objective.
Example... getting that multipler plus big song jackpot on AC/DC. Getting that multiball on blackhole.. getting that vacation jackpot on WhiteWater.. getting a jackpot on Whirlwind, etc
Many of the solid state games have these difficult, but rewarding objectives to do, and trying to complete them is what keeps drawing me back in casual play. They are rewarding when you finally do it and you feel 'that was a great game'
I wasn't feeling that with RZ. I would play modes, I would make progress, I would get the add-a-ball thing going.. I'd have what.. 30million points or so.. and I'd just hand the game off to someone else to keep playing. The chop ball save is way too generous.. games would just on and on...

This is my worry. And an added factor why so many being flipped, apart from an easy profit is hard to turn down.

What I am not hearing from anyone really is comments like ' this is my favorite game ever' ( all NIB games get people saying this! ) , or 'this is easily top 3 or 5 in my collection' etc etc.

Now, I know games like TWD and Metallica only got good after big code updates.

This game has potential to be great but my gut tells me the code at the moment just isn't where I hope and want it to be.

Still plenty of time for it to come good but the next 12 months it's all about code, code and code.

Will continue to listen out to player's reviews and hope comments get more positive on the code.

#5704 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Great game, very unique and a blast to play. Code will be the #1 thing that makes this game a top 10 for me or just another cool gimmick that was a blast to play for awhile and then move onto the next new and shiny game. I think that about summarizes all new games for me as long as the theme is something I enjoy. Definitely need more modes or depth to the modes or mini wizard modes put in. I think there is a lot of room to add a lot of function and seems it is getting there with each update. Feedback and suggestions will go a long way I think as more and more people get their games.

Agree in that great code will make this a keeper for many of the 300.

Is Hellbound coded in yet?

Great mini wizard mode and awesome final wizard mode will really help to add longevity to this game.

#5717 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

isn't the software done - or let's call it 85%? Now they are left focusing on - trapping bugs and buffing the silver (I mean code). Lot's of meaningful and sometimes shapeshifting good happens in that last 15%. But don't expect it to be dramatically different from what it is now. You see the bones and skeleton. Buffing will add flesh and beauty (hopefully some more lighting eiffects). Biggest criticism is little attenetion to keeping player posted with status and hints of what to do. Now I have an idea for that.
Add a 3 x 5 inch flat screen lcd to apron. Use it to stream instructions and hints of what to do. Maybe drive it with a separate channel or something, but then rules related to current mode might play. This might be followed by a hint and then or reminder what mode you are in etc. It would be a monitor (similar to book in TH) to show you how to play better, no matter what your skill level.
I guess my original point was the software has got to be about done, so if you don't feel warm to it or get a tingling sensation when you are around one, it's probably not a pin you will like. Congrats, you probably just saved 15% on your insurance and were able to redposit RZSSI funds in your pin fund.

Well, even if code is say, 80% done, the last 20% polish can make the difference between a game being rated as average or excellent.

Code seems fun as it is but not cohesive yet but that is where the polish will make the difference.

And an added mini-wizard mode is absolutely essential. That will give purpose to the game to light all the inserts i.e start all the modes.

Having all the inserts lit solid ( modes completed ) will hopefully lead to a cool wizard ( Hellbound mode ) and game completion.

So, really hoping for the above as game is getting close to being excellent.

#5732 3 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

From Spooky's FB Page on this update...
"There will be a big ol' Rob Zombie code update coming later today with lots of fun features (like shaker code, dirty pool, etc) and MANY code bugs squashed! We're working hard to get this more polished & professional going forward. I'll post a link once available. Thanks for the patience all you cool customers & location players! smile emoticon"

This is great news as this game has the potential to be one of the best

Spooky are doing a great job especially when you look at the problems competitors are having at the moment.

Keep it up!

Related to code I heard Roger Sharp quote that the best pinball games are Pavlovian and that is a real important feature since the 50's. Multiple rewards for players. Best 50's games were the 'multiple ways of winning' - very ingenious in that players were always 'close' to winning but of course the operators were always the winners as more coins were deposited.

1 week later
#5837 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

While we await the resolution of infection modes / reverse flipper mode / blowing fuse, we have some time to throw out feedback on code. Some things I have been thinking lately -
Attract Sounds - all clips are good and they are triggered on a 15 sec cycle. If you are playing against someone who heads outside for 5 min, hearing this many callouts starts to sound like my wife’s nagging. Increase cycle to trigger every 60 second instead, please.
Demonoid - when playing this mode infected, begin with all lights turned on and extinguish as each switch is hit.
1000 Corpses – Finally beat the mode with 1,278 collected. I think the mode darkened when I passed 1k, but there was no fanfare. And I didn’t get to enter initials into a leaderboard because there wasn’t one. Add a corpse leaderboard and some a/v mode completion action.
Chopped - works just right, as it has been turned off during mb. No need to complicate with further changes.
Easier Leaderboard – currently this feels a little clunky. You have to peck through a list of letters to find three and then enter. If you had a good game you might go through this process as many as five times (five screens). Every time you are prompted to enter letters and there is no memory of what you just entered. Any way to fix this so it gets prepopulated from the first time? I know this sounds petty but it is sorely needed.
Shaker - haven’t tried this yet, anybody with a success story to share?

What I noticed in the last decade is that other than Lyman, games aren't coded in a way to really reward players after mode accomplishments etc.

Lights and sounds magnified rewards players

2 weeks later
#5987 3 years ago
Quoted from tonyf1965:

So many people selling their games already, strange it's one of the games we have all been waiting for. Another strange thing is they are all listed on pinside. These people all know about the game and most of us who wanted one are getting one. I see none listed on ebay. Wouldnt they sell better to someone who has alot of money, but just didnt know about the pin?

Not that strange as a lot of people can't turn down an easy flip/profit. Always happens and then say in 3 years time this game will be super hard to find.

Also code is not yet at a point where it is cohesive and rewarding but it is being worked on so hopefully it will get better and better with mini-wizard mode added etc.

#6006 3 years ago

It's a constantly evolving game and on that note, surely it would look better to have black screws on the speaker panel instead of silver?

Even better would be covers so they are not seen at all?

b58793397e73cab6642ca3a1a850cd7a1843caca (resized).jpg

#6046 3 years ago

And something for starting all the modes - a nice, epic reward

#6050 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

My RZ is also shipping tmrw #110

Well done Spooky

Over a third way through the run.

In 6 months time the chatter will be moving on to title 3!

#6077 3 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

What is the anti rattle tape for? And where do you install it.

It's superb stuff if you get the right sort. I bought mine from someone on the site.

#6080 3 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Do you put it in the lower track? Any idea where you got it.

Goes down the outside edge of the glass - made a real difference. It's quite thick - never seen anything similar in shops.

Best price was from a pinsider.

Tekman if you can search him out and send him a pm.

2 months later
#6598 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Going back to this - what is a good source for anti-rattle tape? I am thinking I need some in the glass channel somewhere as I get some rattles during heavy bass that sounds like they're coming from the upper part of the glass near the head.

Send pm to Tekman.

It's good stuff.

1 month later
#6856 3 years ago
Quoted from Grg:

I got to play Dave's zombie today. I've had a bunch of pins over the years so here's my quick take on it.
The playfield is a thing of beauty, clear coat just seemed superior to Stern. Entire art package, cab, playfield, translite are all outstanding. The pictures I've seen and videos watched made it look a bit dull, sparce, Mini playfield just not inspiring. However, how completely different it is when standing in front of it, it looks 100% complete and mini playfield actually very challenging.
Awesome theme, awesome playing game. Only thing Spooky is doing wrong......not making enough of them!

And the 'translite' is a actually a backglass, something Stern gave up on.....

3 months later
#7707 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

I'd beg you take a little time and think about points versus risk rewards. I really feel the modes need to get a big boost in points for completing. Maybe even big extra points for completing multiple modes. There has to be a reason point wise to play all of the modes (even if not completed) and not just shoot for Living dead girl, or the same mode over and over... I'm not good enough to complete a lot of modes in one game (3-4 a game when I try), but I can usually beat my scores for mode play by just doing the LDG and possibly getting the HOTC going.
I've also been thinking CHOP needs to be disabled during any multiballs. Only allow CHOP (and save the progress) when there is a single ball in play to save your life, but not to save balls during a multiball. Something to think about anyway. This would help limit the multiball time a little.
I'm still enjoying RZ, but really looking forward to a more polished version of code with scoring changes.

I remember Charlie saying there is a lot more to come with the code on this game. Going forward code becomes such a crucial factor on how a company is perceived. Unfinished code just stops people buying future titles. But, the game is already good and finishing the code, whatever the timeframe is so important for everyone.

Oh, the mod on the robot. The shining green light. Is there a way to disable it easily? Thinking ahead!

#7717 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

So last night I fixed up my switches (one under the upper playfield got bent) and made an adjustment to the VUK switch. I was getting balls landing in the VUK and just not kicking out. I bent up the last 1" of the long switch lead about 15 degrees so the ball will engage it better.
After tweaking those I played the snot out of the game for a couple hours. I concentrated on getting 4x before ever starting a mode and if I didn't complete it I concentrated on getting 4x again before finishing the mode. This helps with the scoring, but I still found my biggest scores came from concentrating on LDG and 1000 corpses. There are just a lot of points there especially if you can complete a couple other modes with them, but you definitely can't ignore them.
I was able to get 36 million points which was a new high for me. I believe there were 5 modes completed, but I got excited and didn't pay enough attention at the end. Which got me thinking it'd be nice at the end of the game if when showing the score it would also scroll what percent of which modes were completed. That'd be a nice feature that I think would be a little unique.
Still a blast of a game to play. This weekend I'll be adding my topper, ordering an EL panel for the sign , and adding mirror blades and my shaker.

I suggested ages ago that it would be awesome in a future update if modes have their own high score tables at the end - like songs in AC/DC etc. Fingers crossed a lot

#7749 2 years ago

There are real backglasses on the game so translites were also made?

#7752 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

I hosted another tournament over the weekend (I do one every month) so RZ got another 7hrs of play. I was concerned because I had put on a fresh coat of caranuba wax prior and it was playing fast.
Results: ROCK SOLID for the entire event. Folks pointed out how smooth it played. No problems at all.
I'm hosting another event next Sunday which I will be streaming on Twitch. I'll have some of the best players in the New England area flipping on it from 12-6pm. Check it out: twitch.tv/flipoutnh (sorry, no BowenK. He was invited, but will be at PAPA)

Great to hear.

I have been excited for this game since it was announced and the fact the code has a good way to go, gives reason to be more excited as hoping by the time the code has finished, this game will end up with a great reputation.

A polished code on RZ will sure make it easier to sell Alice Cooper

They could look awesome together side by side!

#7758 2 years ago

Some cool pics of number 300. Is the run done now? Guessing must be close to finish now.

17546751_1388414674553089_1620928313862820961_o (resized).jpg

17635221_1388414697886420_2293701914127242746_o (resized).jpg

17620128_1388414001219823_9198960586169062932_o (resized).jpg

17546890_1388414551219768_56183582043467744_o (resized).jpg

#7784 2 years ago

This game is like no other for sure and will only get better.

One question for the future as been wondering about this for ages - has anyone replaced the fan with a quieter one and if so , was it difficult ?

Some people ( not pinball ) have replaced fan with a Vantec Stealth ( SF6025L ) and noise reduced by 75%.

#7792 2 years ago

Topper is awesome!

It was in stock a few days ago but now says sold out? Worth a phone call maybe?


#7793 2 years ago

Finally got my own RZ

Some quick off the cuff comments as not played many games yet. It sure is immersive and already loving the callouts and can't wait for more! Love the way the ball moves around as it reminds me of those videos of the original zombies from beyond the grave.

Some people have in my opinion said Spooky games have a cheap feel about them.

Well, I have a TWD premium next to my RZ.

First off the powder coating is beautiful. Really adds a touch of class to the game. And a proper backglass! Already that is way better than my TWD with it's translite. Fantastic for putting proper backglasses in games.

I remember all the negativity regarding playfield art. Well, it just works perfect for this theme. Love it.

Lighting. Unlike my TWD the led's are for the most part just right - they don't blind you through the inserts. I have had to take out about 4 because they were blinding me. Completely removed green led on the robot - for me way better without.

Sound. Well, million times better than my Stern.

Dots/display. Not as good as what is out there as the resolution isn't as good. Good enough to have a blast playing though.

Biggest negative? The fan is horrible. Have ordered a Vantec Stealth to see if it reduces the noise - it should do.

Comparing TWD premium and RZ I think RZ looks much better, sounds much better etc. And the toys are pretty detailed and are easily as good as Stern toys - better in my opinion.

Where TWD shines of course is the code. And sure it is way better......as it stands.

But I have followed what Spooky and David have been saying and am confident that the code will get better and better as it develops and that one day this game will be in demand as there is no other game that plays as crazy as this

Well done Spooky.

#7802 2 years ago

Great mod


When selling it maybe include a blood red laminated apron card for the other side of the apron?

I have printed the cards off Spooky site but color is off on my printer and it's not laminated anyway.


#7808 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

New apron, no need to cut


Presume no need for apron cards at all then which is good as they never get read and they never look that good either!

#7819 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I just brought mine home, and it is WAY too dark. We like to play in a dark basement, and the wife kept complaining that she couldn't see the ball (I agree with her).
I've added spotlights on other games, but I've also seen that Pinball Refinery has their UV kit. Has anyone seen this in person? The pictures look purple, but people say that isn't representative. Is there much UV reactive paint in the game? I'm not sure what to expect that to look like.
I'm trying to decide whether I should go with that kit or just put spots everywhere.
Any opinions?

It's funny how we all like different lighting.

I love the lighting on this game, it just suits the theme perfectly.

Did yours have the LED upgrade kit? With this mine was so bright I actually made it darker

#7824 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I did get the LED upgrade and in a dark room, you can barely see the ball.

Apparently you have seen both Pinstadium and Pinball Refinery in person. I have not seen either unfortunately. What makes you like the Pinstadium better? At 2.5-3x the cost (depending if you add the flasher option), I'm curious if / how the product is better. In the Pinstadium video, the general lighting definitely wasn't purple looking until the flashers went off. Wonder if that was UV flashers (which makes the kit $200).

What I have noticed is that this game will be better with non reflective glass so probably going that route.

#7825 2 years ago

Oh, I can't find any instructions on how to use access the menu?

Doesn't seem to be as intuitive as others as I press Menu inside door and nothing really seems to happen.

Any links anywhere as couldn't find anything on support pages?


#7830 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Something is wrong then - you press the button and the menu pops up and you navigate with the flipper buttons. Pretty self-explanatory.


Nothing happens when I press menu. May have to email Spooky direct as no idea where to go from here.

#7831 2 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

Check your wires on the buttons, wires seem to be pretty tight in that area and I had mine break off due to this reason.

Thanks - wires look ok but guess there might be a connection not making good contact in the plastic block.


Can't now remember if any of these issues discussed?

1. Ball gets stuck behind drop target?

2. Ball gets stuck somewhere unseen at back of playfield. Can't see where and when I lift playfield it re-appears. Have to re-start game as game says a message about checking a switch.

Loving the game - just need to get it dialled in 100%

#7835 2 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

1. Make sure your game is level. Also, loosen one of the mounting screws below the PF and slightly angle the Drop Target assembly.
2. Mine did this on the pass through orbit...turned out to be the wiring assembly up to the top plastic lamp was drooping into this area and catching the ball. Others have reported that the ball guide in the same area might be a little flat and need some adjusting.

Many thanks - will check all this in next few days.

#7840 2 years ago

Didn't realize you could search just this thread for 'drop target' so have read what people have done.

I am not that great at making mods but it seems like there is room behind the drop target to stick something like a small wedge so that when ball gathers behind target it would then roll to the right?

I might have a go at making something.

IMG_1155 (resized).JPG

#7870 2 years ago

Quick question.

I have the ball hang up as described in this thread. Pretty sure it is not the rollover switches as took them off.

I just wanted to see when you manually drop a ball through top of mini playfield, is the ball then supposed to roll out as mine doesn't - ever.

If it is supposed to then guessing the lane guides are too tight. I would have a look but didn't have much joy trying to access the area so might have to phone a friend

#7872 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

2 screws on the right side of the mini PF and it can be lifted up to access the area in question.

Really? Thanks.

Did take those 2 out but it didn't move that much - presumed it may have been flipper keeping it down?

#7874 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Yeah, you have to remove the flipper to lift the mini playfield.

Thanks - so 2 screws and just this nut on the flipper? Then I will have access to the area where the ball hang up is?

IMG_1164 (resized).JPG

#7895 2 years ago
Quoted from Thanatos:

So now that I have mine with not that many games played yet, should I put some wax on the field that I see some people have mentioned, or is what it comes with good enough?
Not concerned with affecting the ball movement as I am nowhere near an expert, just want to make sure it is protected and stays in good condition.

Always wax any playfield. I probably only do mine every 6 months or so but always when I get a new game in the house.

This stuff is really good.

WAX (resized).jpg

#7914 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I'll be honest, the few times I've found one of these on location, I couldn't hear anything and I had no idea what to do. Even though I like Rob Zombie, I wasn't feeling this and I inquired about getting out of my game just a couple weeks ago. However, I'm a stand up guy (::pats self on back: and when KT grumbled at me, I wasn't going to stick it to Spooky and force a back out.
So, I picked up my game at MGC last weekend. Since prices have dropped on this game, I figured there was no market for flipping it either, so I might as well open it and see if I could get into it. I fully expected it to leave in record time since there are other upcoming games I want and I could recycle this money.
BOY WAS I WRONG! I really love this game. I'm certainly in the honeymoon phase for sure, but it is a blast. I've ordered a lighting kit from Pinstadium and will probably add mirror blades. I'm eagerly awaiting the additional code as well. Congrats to Spooky on a game that succeeds in being what pinball should be...FUN!

That is why there are a fair few for sale as it seemed a no brainer for a $1000 flip, but that is no longer the case.

Once the code is done, this game is going to be back in demand for sure!

#7921 2 years ago


So, I just couldn't fix my ball hang up and reluctantly had to take ramp off etc ( hope I can get it all back together again! ).

Anyway, found the issue but seems a bit different to others described.

The ball just gets stuck here. No switches involved. Ball should move to the right which is clear.

I have the pitch at 7.2 degrees but don't think changing the pitch will do anything.

Do I need to bend lane guide and if so, how? Or stick something onto lane guide to make ball not stick?


IMG_1188 (resized).JPG

#7924 2 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Looks like you had the same problem I had...Hard to tell from that angle, but that wire bundle shouldn't be in the lane. My ball was getting hung on the wires.
Also make sure your game is level...both front and back of the PF...sometimes the front PF might be level but if there's any twist in the PF, the back may not be. It seems that with your Drop Target hang up and now this, the back of your PF isn't level, but tilted to the left.

Thanks. Wires are from me taking things apart. My playfield wasn't level but it is now. Playfield was tilted to left!

Quoted from trilogybeer:

Can you bend that ball guid just a bit so it has more of an arch to it for the ball to roll down easier ?

I think this may be only solution.

I stuck a piece of felt right where balls just stops and it solves the issue but not really a permanent solution.

#7931 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

I would loosen the screws that hold the ball guide ,reform it just a bit and then tighten the screws . Those screws might be holding the ball guide just slightly out of shape.

Well, took me over 4 hours but bending it in the exact right place did the trick!

Still dialling in and working through last few issues.

Has anyone had this happen?

I tested WHAT mode and at the end Capt Spalding is supposed to turn to let ball through........ mine turns but not far enough to let ball go past.

I cannot figure out why it won't turn as far as it should.


#7933 2 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

I believe there is a min/max setting in the setup for the servo position.

Excellent! I think this might have solved it.

Gate was on 0 position and if I change it to 12 ( max ) the gate opens wide enough now.

Thanks for that as was worried I needed a new motor or something.

#7935 2 years ago

Ok, going to move from V17 to V19 and don't want to do this bit wrong!

I have watched the video and read the instructions a few times.

I have an iMac so it is different to the video as they are using Windows.

I have the SD card in my iMac.

Go to Disk Utility.

To format do I do this?

There is a tab for 'Erase'.

Then a drop down tab that says RZ V17. Change this to RZ V19?

Format - Click MS -DOS ( FAT ) ? Guessing this is the same as FAT32?

Then press erase?

Then drop the 5 files from V19 onto the SD card?

I think this is correct but want to make sure as don't want to mess up a board!!!!!


#7937 2 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

Here's a video Spooky put together on the process
» YouTube video

Yeah, thanks, seen that - seems to illustrate Windows and just want to make sure doing it right as with Apple it's different.

#7961 2 years ago

I haven't had mine long so can't give an in depth opinion of the rules.

So far though, love the sound, the art, the call outs, the real backglass and the basic structure of the game.

I have mine next to TWD and they just play so differently and I love the crazy side to side ball action.

It is too early though to know final opinions on this game as the code is not finished yet.

TWD has one of the best codes Stern have ever done which is why I still have the game. I think RZ beats it for visuals by miles.

To come we have the new apron monitor mod coming, more code, more call outs.

At the moment scoring seems a little unbalanced ( this will probably change ) and I think the game needs some nice BIG jackpots/super jackpots with callouts to go with them.

The game gives me a great buzz while playing but I would like to see more rewards in the game ( hopefully they are coming ).

So, the game is going to get better and with only 300 made, they probably will be harder to get hold of as time goes on.

I am keeping mine

#7969 2 years ago
Quoted from sensfreak:

I find that a number of times that I shoot the left orbit it misses the mode hole. Is this a common problem?

Check flipper power settings as maybe they are different to factory?

And a coat of wax speeds up the surface.

#7973 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Yeah, RZ really needs MORE speed? Glutton.

But it does help at the very back of the playfield

#7974 2 years ago

Been thinking how this game may develop based on what is already in this thread.

1. Mini-wizard mode ( awesome ).

2. More call outs.

3. Hellbound polished.

4. Infection.

In addition think these next 2 things would be excellent.

5. Stacking - as discussed.

6. Using the p/f multiplier to blow up the jackpots and super jackpots - this kind of thing is what made AC/DC and TWD. It's just a real blast getting a huge jackpot when tied in to multipliers. And there is 10 X on the p/f

These additions would take this game over the top.

Keep up the good work team Spooky and David

#8016 2 years ago
Quoted from huo:

My friend has a RZ. The upper playfield gets barely any playtime on it because the vuk spits it out quick and it usually ends up going to the right without giving the flipper a chance. Any tips to make this play better?

Also adjusted coil - makes big difference.

Did wonder about some sort of mod to slow the ball down at the end of travel - i.e similar to the op who has used felt.

Maybe some sort of black post rubber? May try that!

#8025 2 years ago
Quoted from huo:

I tried on 3.5 and 4. 4 seems about right but still seems impossible to keep the ball up there long enough to hit captain spalding.

Can you trap ball with upper flipper?

If I get a good ball out of the VUK I trap the ball and then can loop it most times to complete a mode - not always but that's pinball!

#8044 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Is anyone actually able to hit the Gasoline switch? I literally think I've rolled over that switch once. I have removed my upper playfield before, so did I maybe not align the upper flipper properly? Did I read someone say you should be able to cradle the ball up there? If so, my alignment is definitely off.
Along this line, it makes Demonoid very frustrating. Are there any plans to add an ability to spot remaining shots? The Gas switch is always the last one left, and sometimes I'll be down to only the blue target(s) and the Gas target, neither of which I feel I can hit purposefully. I'm pretty sure you can't hit the blue targets directly, but the ball bounces around up there enough that they generally get hit. Regardless, it makes the end of Demonoid very ungratifying when all I have left to "shoot for" are a couple lucky bounces. Until the last couple switches, Demonoid is probably my favorite mode, but I'm sick of shooting left orbit>fail upper playfield>shoot left orbit>fail upper playfield until the time runs out.

My upper p/f is set up so I can catch, cradle ball on upper flipper.

I put a piece of sticky velcro - on the black bit that the ball can hit/bounce as it comes out of the VUK. Gives it a softer landing if it shoots out too quickly.

Now, the ball feeds to my flipper via the left or it goes down the right hits the rubber and then lands on the flipper. I don't loose too many balls unfairly now.

I can hit the gas switch most times.

Not so good at rest of the game though

IMG_1250 (resized).JPG
IMG_1249 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#8087 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

From FaceBook: "well over 100 new callouts added..."

That is good news indeed.

This game has everything right now except a polished code.

The good news it is being massively worked on with the huge summer update coming. More call outs adds to the ambience. I am still hoping for better scoring and some risk/reward mega jackpots as in a flash a game changes in an instant.

Played Iron Man today and the count down 35 million Jericho jackpot just makes the game. A single feature but boy it works.

#8095 2 years ago

Played Hobbit yesterday and it was an interesting comparison to RZ.

The game looks more cutting edge than anything else out there. The screen is awesome with all the HD footage etc. The sound is awesome. The information on the screen is complex for sure.

The game is immersive but, but, the playfield feels too big for the design and while playing you miss so much that is on the screen. The code is so deep that you need to be prepared for a very long game to progress. And ball times are long.

Compare to RZ with it's brutal gameplay, and simplicity, and a fairly basic screen.

Very different games but already I prefer RZ to Hobbit as it feels more like 'pure pinball' , compared to a long game of chess like pinball on the Hobbit.

#8104 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

And you forgot the one important thing, at least for me and my wife, Hobbit bores the crap out of us. There is just almost nothing exciting about playing it; monotonish calls out, most shots seem hap hazard, you can't tell when you've actually completed something unless you're looking at the big screen, etc...
BTW: I have a WOZ and we love it. I think they just forgot to make Hobbit fun.

Funny you should say that.....

It looks awesome but it just doesn't pull me back to play it at all.

#8118 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I wouldn't say a new direction. Modes are getting new objectives/callouts/graphics/sfx and fixing up the scoring.


Quick question ( s ).

1. At the moment it is possible to keep playing the same mode even if completed. Is this changing? Otherwise in competition players will play one mode over and over?

2. Any teasers as to how the new mini wizard mode will play?

#8119 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

OK, so it has nothing to do with H1KC?

I literally can barely distinguish it from the sub rattle. SUPER disappointing. Am I missing some setting to change strength? Is there a test for it in the menu anywhere so I can make sure it's working right?

It works really well in the video mode for Dragula so try that out.

#8122 2 years ago

Played the game a lot last weekend and a few more random thoughts.

It is a blast to play and is coming together nicely.

In it's current form doubt I would ever see Hellbound.

I wonder if any mode 'save' progress is being planned?

Also agree with others who suggest some stacking as the gameplay would go up another notch.

Most of the great games of the last decade have used stacking and multipliers to take gameplay to another level.

I know nothing about coding other than I am guessing the above is not easy to do..... sorry David

#8132 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

The overview was updated with missing info
Totally forgot about this. This mode has an infection mode (Feels so Numb). In fact all modes have it, but this one is on by default. There is a user setting to turn infection on or off for each mode. Infection mode is a way to stop people from replaying their favorite main mode over and over. What this means is, after you beat a mode and you play it again; if you fail the mode you go into infection mode.
Everything goes dark and a green heartbeat/pulse sound/light starts playing. The DMD will have an infection meter that goes from 0 - 100% . This is a timed (about 70 seconds) event where you have to hit 3 lit targets in a random order. If you fail to complete the infection mode, everything dies; forcing your ball to drain.
One twist to this mode, (it's user settable) that is, your flippers are reversed.

Infection mode sounds so awesome I would love to see it as an essential feature of the game, rather than triggered if a person chooses to replay mode over and over. Otherwise I would almost want to fail a mode to start infection mode!

Here is a suggestion that I would love to see.

1. Start mode. If completed in one go, move on.

2. If not completed mode progress saved.

3. When player goes back to try and finish mode for the second time, and fails......then infection mode is triggered!

Infection mode now becomes a major feature of the game and really distinguishes RZ from other games.

#8133 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

When I first started working on this almost 2 years ago, I wasn't fully aware of all the pinball terminology. As time went by I learned. I'm fully aware of the stacking mech involved in pins. Dominos is a perfect example.
RZ is more like a bunch of mini games, each with their own personalities. It doesn't fit in the typical shoot here x times to load up a mode, then start everything up. I do give you a chance to multiply your scores at the start of a game.
Now after thinking about this and it could be done in a final version; I could make it so you complete the mode then it exits back to normal play(no MB at the end). Then you start another mode, beat it then get back to normal.. rinse repeat. After two or more modes completed, the mode select option could have a "Metal Multiball" option that gets you into MB with jackpots worth however many modes were beat.

I like this idea.

Maybe you could incorporate some risk/reward with this idea?

Beat 2 modes and be offered a 2x playfield multiplier to use in the 'Metal Multiball? And maybe an option to gamble for 3 finished modes that would offer a 3x playfield multiplier?

And if the 'Metal Multiball' has a nice big Super Jackpot, it will be a lot of fun trying to get it 2x or 3x

#8138 2 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

I agree that you shouldn't allow any stacking of modes, since each is unique and they can't really play together. I'd prefer allowing LDG to be brought in to any one mode, allowing the player to finish the mode while playing LDG, but boost the difficulty of starting (and especially repeating LDG) so it can feasibly only be used a couple times a game.
I really do like the idea of having one 'mode metal multiball' that can be invoked as a mode, allowing the player the choice to build jackpot values by doing well in the modes themselves. Kinda reminds me of SST rulesets with nuking planets... nuke as many as you feel comfortable before starting MB.
Or, keep each separate end of mode multiball, but make them all 2ball, limit the chop saves, and base scoring on how many modes have been completed. Make them short but good bonuses for completing modes.

Definitely this.. make the flippers align with the inlane guides and that'll help left orbit shots. Mine were also pulled up a bit on receipt of gae and the left orbit was extremely hard because you had to shoot as the ball rolled off the tip.

I think if infection is incorporated into the game as a mode that can't be avoided unless a player just crushes the modes, and the Metal Mode ' multiball has some risk/reward, the game will become a classic

1 week later
#8227 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

From Fawzma games Facebook account
"Working on getting Infected Mode back into RZ now"

Just hope that it becomes a mode that will get triggered, rather than one that can be avoided. Please

It sounds awesome!

#8230 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

sorry, you can trigger it by sucking at beating modes

That sounds intense and will get the heart rate up

#8272 2 years ago
Quoted from Dutts:

True some great new sound effects, call outs etc. Have been playing this solidly for 2 days now but....and its a big but! Scoring is still in the dark ages compared to any other dmd game. For me I can forgo any new call outs, for now the game needs to realise it's objectives and scoring potential much much better. Sorry to say still no sweet shot that earns you big points or an edge of your seat hurry up. So long way to go but as always thanks Fawzma for working incredibly hard on RZ and for continuing to do so.

I think/hope scoring is one of the things being worked on for next update and subsequent updates.

At the moment, I agree there are no big shots/rewards for some big jackpots/super jackpots etc.

Personally I think there are too many multiballs and I prefer one of the options discussed that you have to earn Metal Multiball by starting/completing a set number of modes.

I only play play now to try and complete modes and work towards Hellbound although haven't got remotely close to that goal!

Hurry up's are cool. i.e as you complete LDG , maybe 10 seconds to hit the right outlane for 10 million points or something kind of like that.

Maybe instead of all modes finishing with multiballs, maybe some have these types of countdown hurry up's?

Game will keep getting better which is why I bought it

1 week later
#8372 2 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

So on the new v20 beta, what are the timers counting down on the normal score screen?
Jack Danger streamed tonight and I saw it here. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/148137069
The owner was saying something about lightning?

Looks like some new stuff added

Just an idea on the scoring as it lacks excitement.

How about multiplying everything by 10?

Jackpots of 250k become 2.5 million and games of 10 million become 100 million?

#8377 2 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

By this logic evey JJP game lack excitment. Why not multiply everything by 100, or 10,000

Actually for me they do lack excitement

#8382 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

No offense, but this has always been one of the dumbest arguments. For whatever issues there are with JJP games, they have nothing to do with the low scores. Similarly, what makes AFM great has nothing to do with the 27 extra zeros in the scoring.
If you want to make certain shots / sequences worth more points within a game's scoring spectrum, that could add excitement. However, just multiplying all scores within a game makes no sense. Seriously, put a Post-It on the DMD and you can add as many zeros as you want.
Not trying to be a dick, I just couldn't understand this concept any less.

Well, you need to understand psychology.

Depending on what games you have played in past, and how the reward points are structured, the brain gets conditioned to being rewarded at certain points.

The best games use intermittent re-inforcement which is THE most powerful re-inforcer for the brain.

Going back to when the knocker was invented, it was put in a game to pair a loud sound with the reward of beating the game.

So, yes , making the scores bigger isn't exactly the best idea, but psychologically speaking, bigger scores can feel more rewarding and so you get a bigger release of dopamine from the brain!

#8387 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I was actually a Psychology major, so I get the theory.
First off, a general multiplication of scores is the opposite of (well, not the opposite, but unrelated to) intermittent reinforcement. Multiplying the scores of certain shots would qualify, but an overall multiplication doesn't.
As for people thinking they're doing better because the scores are higher, isn't this more due to unfamiliarity and the inequality of scores across games? If I get 2B on AFM, it might be 10x or 100x what I get on another game, but I still know that scores sucks on AFM. For a novice player, if they see 2B, they could be tricked into thinking they did awesome, but...
In the case of a game where you know the relative scoring, if you could flip a switch and now the scores have 2 extra zeros, I won't ever understand how a person knowing this gets more excited. This is different from the walk-up mentality of a location player feeling like they accomplished something.

This would be HILARIOUS! Come to think of it, I'd like a tongue-in-cheek game that overly celebrated paltry scores.

Yeah, intermittent reinforcement is not related to adding zeros. Slots are best example though. Kind of 'I might just win this time'.

Going back to adding zeros - it all depends on what games a player has played in the past. If your brain has prior knowledge of being rewarded a lot for scoring 100's of millions, then conditioning does the rest.

Anyway, perhaps it makes more sense to mention great big jackpots/super jackpots that reward specific shot sequences? Iron Man wouldn't be the same game without the 35 million Jericho count down jackpot for example.

Quoted from davijc02:

So you're saying this game needs more tits right. I'm pretty sure that's what you meant

Seconds thoughts, just do this

#8417 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Listened to the spooky podcast today , sounds like V20 is going to be a huge update . Can't wait to check it out .


Sounds good.

#8426 2 years ago

This is great to hear.

Had a friend see my RZ for the first time and he was amazed how nice the powder coating was and how good the real backglass was.

The better the code turns out the more people will be on board for Alice

3 weeks later
#8563 2 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

Yeah, I agree. This one is no ones fault but mine, bought into the hype above M.S.R.P without playing and seeing. I usually figure a 10-12% + or - loss on NIB. Many times there has been almost no loss but this ones going to sting a bit. I'm still holding on for some new code, love the theme and the looks. Might as well get some plays and have some fun before I cash out down the line.

As with many games, code is what makes or breaks a game.

Whilst the code is still being worked on there is hope that the game improves big time.

Right now the game whilst fun, isn't really that rewarding.

Looking forward to V20 as sounds like some big changes

#8623 2 years ago

I updated code just like I did on V19 so pretty sure done it right.

Infected mode is off.

But, getting issues with the VUK as in go to start mode and ball won't come out. Then it goes to ball search and kicks it out but no mode started.

#8628 2 years ago

I haven't worked out what makes the VUK play up yet as happened twice but now I am looking hasn't happened again.

Have to say that finally this feels like the game we were promised. So much better than V19.

And with more to come, this is going to change many people's opinions.

Code is everything in pinball

Only suggestion going forward is somewhere in the game, there are some big/huge super jackpots so that occasionally the score can be blown up

It actually feels like a new game again!

#8629 2 years ago

Oh, yeah, love the video mode now when game goes dark - awesome touch!

#8718 2 years ago

Is 'infected' best turned off for now? When I have it on, can't see the modes on the screen.

Been through menu - not sure how to switch on adult mode as there isn't really a yes or no on this?

Really liked the 3 million shot on WHAT multiball but any chance a call out can be added when you hit it as I got it but didn't know I had?

Game is definitely coming together now