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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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Post #6177 Spooky mentions game #3! Posted by SpookyCharlie (3 years ago)

Post #6605 Gameplay and rules video from Spooky Pinball Posted by Jetzxi (3 years ago)

Post #7268 V019 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (2 years ago)

Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (2 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (2 years ago)

Post #9409 V22 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (2 years ago)

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#922 4 years ago

Coding, not too worried about. I think it's great to have fresh meat. A new coder may have fresh ideas and is going to be more willing to listen to feedback. I'm sure there will be updates/tweaks to make sure we get the most out of the playfield. Just as with AMH. Really excited to see the art though! Such a great artist working on it!

#927 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Hmm, note to self: time to move to Wisconsin...land of cheese, and boo-tique pinball.


#931 4 years ago
Quoted from maddog14:

The DMD graphics were stunning. I just can't wait to see this one with a fleshed out prototype.
Spooky continues to impress me with how much they accomplish!

Now was that an LCD "DMD" like the MMr uses?

#961 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

The display we're using for RZSI:

That brings back some memories. I used to program games in basic on the TRS-80 model 100 whenever we went on road trips.

4 months later
#1591 3 years ago

Oh man, super excited! I can't wait for the stream. My wife is excited for this game too, and I was just telling her yesterday how cool it would be if they incorporated a color display, as we were trying to decipher Ben's hints.

#2175 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeHogue:

I'm seeing a lot of deposit sent posts.
Do Spooky Pinball a favor and pay by check!
3% of a thousand is $30
$30 x 300 = $3000
Support Spooky Pinball. Pay by check!

It's also a little more peace of mind for them (and potentially less hassle), PayPal payments are easier to dispute for little to no reason. Spooky has proven themselves trustworthy in my opinion and as much as I wanted to get my payment to them as fast as possible. I opted for check to save them on costs and worry. I'd say us Pinside users can be a bit more unpredictable than the folks at Spooky. They are deserving of my trust.

#2197 3 years ago

I can't wait to hear all of the voice samples. So far Sid's voice is just the most natural to me. I love all of his call-outs.

#2941 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Adding to my todo. Poor EEPROM won't know what hit it.

Awesome, this is one of my favorite features on newer Stern machines. I especially like the newer versions of TWD that explain how the X Champion score was achieved. "A shot with a 5x multiplier, of which 20M was in barn mode, with a combo worth 3M, etc"

#3237 3 years ago

Sorry if I missed it, but, Fawzma are you doing the dots too, or just code?

#3280 3 years ago

Bible Adventures is starting to sound like it could be the creepiest Spooky game yet.

3 weeks later
#3894 3 years ago

Playfield art was a lot more clear and vibrant in this video. The lighting from the first video made the PF art look washed out. Game looks like it will be really fun with a lot of unique features. Super excited for it.

#3949 3 years ago

Okay, we were teased about the coin slot animation. It has to be included at this point. You can't just hint at this and not show us anything. There is an adult mode for a reason. Actually one thing I think would be cool is if in the system menus we had options for adult specifics. Maybe have just an adult on/off. But then in the advanced settings you could say, "family voices on/ Standard voices with beeped swears/ full on adult audio." Then customize the visuals. "Family visuals, adult visuals, extreme visuals"

This way you could still keep it adult at a bar without offending anyone too much. But then allow the home user to control the amount of graphic content. Most of these will be home use. And different homes, different rules. It'd be nice to have advanced customization.

3 months later
#4784 3 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Hello everyone , I will be selling custom pingulps for this game . I use automotive paint and clear .

Looks awesome. I have pingulps on all of my machines. But this unicorn of a game is going to need some sparkles. I love that gloss.

#4808 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I know they tweaked the playfield for RZ, but it's not all that different and yet the reaction is FAR improved. I'm wondering how much of that might have to do with a good implementation of cool license and how much of it is actually related to the game playing better.

I haven't played either, but one other thing we do know is that the code is way more developed. And we all know code can make or break a game. But it'd be interesting to hear how the physical changes to the playfield change the feel or flow of the game too.

1 month later
#5197 3 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

I know, picking one up from someone, just wanted to know total available options.

Here is the message I got from Kayte regarding the available options:

Ghost Buster Premium LED Upgrade light kit $80
5 Piece Plastic Protector Kit $20

From Matt at Back Alley Creations

Set of 3 light up toys

Rob's Robot Mascot with Glowing Eyes
Light up Dead City Radio Boom Box
Captain Spaulding's Famous Fried Chicken, Freshly Fried and glowing!

Now available to be installed in your game at the factory for a limited time price of $200. That price is available till May9th, all orders after that will be at the full price of $240.

1 month later
#5598 3 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

A checksum confirms what the data is. Sounds like pinheck is also specific on *where* the data is.

That would still work. Pinheck would also read the chucksum from a specific location. If you write the data or checksum anywhere else, it'll fail the check.

6 months later
#7191 2 years ago
Quoted from TheCreature:

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

Which # are you? I just got the email from KT a few days ago, #216 here and I'm super stoked. I did the plastics and toy light kit upgrade, got a few things on the side, not sure if I should get a shaker or not, I remember playing AMH and it felt like there was a shaker in the game when the sound was turned up, and this has an even bigger sub, so maybe I don't need it.

#7237 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

It all adds up. Here are my coin reject inserts.

Looks awesome. Wish I could see your RZ in person. Probably looks amazing up close.

2 weeks later
#7377 2 years ago

Got my game today. #216. I've been playing it all day with friends. First thing I did was update it to v19 (was at 18) took me a while to figure out how to fully get it into Adult mode though.

First impressions:
It was kicking my ass, but as I learn more, I am definitely getting better at it. Taking advantage of the chop ball save is a fun strategy. That center ramp shot feels great to hit. I like that one way gate above the right outlane, it kind of acts as a good bumper to keep the ball in play. The callouts are so badass it puts that generic random country guy from Stern to shame. (lol, I have a Walking Dead too). Music is obviously kick ass. And that sub-woofer really rumbles the game. I added a shaker motor to my Walking Dead which was a huge improvement, but this game already rocks. I keep forgetting it doesn't have a shaker when the whole game rumbles from the sub-woofer. I hit the house of 1000 corpses multiball. So insane, especially with all of the bumpers. So much fun. 7 ball multiball was a blast with all of the solenoids firing. (I got 1100 corpses on my first corpse multiball) But there is so much more for me to master, I need to finish all of the modes still.

I kind of thought this might be a novelty pin with some great music and callouts. But it's fun as hell. Props to Charlie on the super unique but very fun layout and Fawzma on the excellent code so far.

Loving the layout, code and music / call-outs, really everything. Can't wait for this awesome game to get even more awesome with future code releases.

#7378 2 years ago

Also, I love the fact that AFTER this game sold out, Spooky still added a subwoofer and color display. You already sold out the game, but you still added these unexpected features after the fact. I can't wait for the next game to be announced.

#7400 2 years ago
Quoted from tonyf1965:

Just got my RZ set up. # 223. Something strange, I was wondering about my fried chicken pop up bumper seems to activate alot.
Even when ball doesnt come in contact.
Also I didnt see the service manual. Is one available?

Some quirks with mine:

I noticed on mine when it is doing a ball check, the fried chicken pop bumper registers as a hit when it fires the solenoid. Interestingly, it continues to check for a ball. To me it suggests a code issue in my case. Score wise, it registers as a hit, but logically the game knows the switch wasn't hit, or it wouldn't continue to search for the ball.

Sometimes I get two balls in the shooter lane, instead of one.

Twice I've had the game go silent/dark when it ejects a saved ball and the flippers were completely dead. Game goes back to normal when the ball drains.

I need to fix the airballs in my machine though, I have noticed significant pitting on the playfield. Most of it is coming from the post target with the "2" in front of it, I think.

All of these things rarely interrupt gameplay though, I've probably put on well over 100 games in the past few days.
It's one of those where you just keep wanting to play one more game. Loving it, and I know we'll get the rare issues worked out at some point.

(Running V19 btw)

#7457 2 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

I have a question regarding the C H O P inserts. They do not seem to cycle properly all the time. When I have 1 remaining to light most the time the unlit insert will move left with the left flipper and right with the right flipper. Once in awhile it seems to mess up and not go in order on the C and the H target. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I am running code 19. Sounds like a big to be, I would not think this is on purpose.

It's doing the same thing for me on occasion.

#7458 2 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

Fix you airballs on the #2 target by removing the foam and putting a post rubber behind, worked great for me!

This totally fixed the #2 target! Thanks. I have only got one airball since, from the slings throwing the ball back and forth at increasingly high speeds.

#7524 2 years ago


Quoted from snakesnsparklers:But it doesn't shake when a shaker would. A sub is no substitute for a shaker motor that's programmed to enhance the gameplay experience.

Good to know. I wasn't sure if the shaker code was properly/fully implemented yet. I remember my Walking Dead was pretty dull for a while until several code updates.

#7525 2 years ago

The crazy thing about this game is that out of all the machines I have, the ones that used to get played the most were very sporadic. Everyone liked something different. Now, everyone has the same favorite machine. I like fast, brutal games with satisfying shots (Walking Dead). One of my best friends likes games that are deep and take a while to complete (Road Show, etc). My wife likes games with great soundtracks (Rollergames, X-Files) Rob Zombies Spook Show International, somehow captures all of this. The game is brutal, but the player has so many options to ensure extended gameplay. And obviously the music kicks ass. I love it more than I ever expected. Never getting rid of this.

2 months later
#8284 2 years ago

I was running through the tests and noticed my LDG RGB green and blue were swapped, then the next option in the menus was to "swap green and blue" after testing this I realized it only affected LDG, which is what I needed and was the issue. Curious as to what happened here.

Also, when is the robot supposed to move? I haven't really noticed him moving much, except when I go into test mode. Again, just curious.

Keep up the great work Fawzma. Looking forward to V20

#8308 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Ok originally hearing $300 and what video I've seen I figured I could do without. However it sounds like some more coolness could be in the works. Head to head? Like internet connectivity and playing against other owners?

Internet connectivity H2H would be awesome.

#8357 2 years ago

Online play with the add-on board would be awesome and would really set Spooky Pinball further ahead of the game. And if this were something Spooky would continue down the line, it'd be a huge selling factor for me on future machines.

If it ever happens, I would be down to set up a dual live stream with another RZ owner, I have all of the camera equipment on my end.

#8366 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

Anyone else have issues with UV LEDs burning out after a while? They don't seem to last very long (~2 months max). I'm wondering if they are more suited for being driven my PWM rather than simple being on 100%. I'm not using the pinball refinery LED mod, just a set I bought off amazon.

Is it an entire strip that goes out all at once or is it one light at a time? Do you have your machine on 24/7?

I feel like it would be more likely that it is positioned in an area where a ball or something else could short it out, or cause damage to the traces or the LED itself.

I have the Pinball Refinery Kit, but have only had it for around a week. Although most UV LED's last at least 10,000 hours.

I do have to give credit to the PR Kit, one of the strips is attached to a clear bracket to keep it far enough away from the ball. So, definitely some real thought was put into the kit.

Edit: Had a look at the reviews on a few cheap UV LED strips on Amazon. Someone claimed 14 hour runtime, someone 100 hr. So I guess it is at least possible to get low quality UV LEDs.

#8410 2 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Bring back the "coin-slot" animation that Charlie thought was over the top!

Can't be any worse than what I'm imagining it is.

#8414 2 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

And now for a programming break.. FIRE THE CANNON!

I spend my programming breaks playing RZ. I feel like this makes us relatives on some alternate plane of existence.

edit: Kidding, I know you must get those legit stalkers, Dad.

4 weeks later
#8662 2 years ago

Sometimes on v20 the chop rollovers will stop making the sound effect they normally play when you hit them. But the lights will activate on them. Whenever the game is in this state the chop save doesn't function properly. On an otherwise proper chop save the game will go dark, eject a new ball but lights are off and flippers are dead. When it drains you are on your next ball.

Actually, I'm going to start recording while I play, so if things go wrong I can just show you the series of events that lead up to it.

#8714 2 years ago

The updated v20 has been running great. I love the added content and it just feels better all around, with everything from the flipper buttons reliably controlling the chop lights to the updated animations, even just simple things like the way the text moves on the screen makes it feel so much more like a premium product.

I love all of the new call outs and sound effects, but it does feel like I hear the "Move your bra" call out a bit too frequently. (Especially with the game play being so addictive that I just have to keep playing 1 more game, until it's been 20 more games.)

#8758 2 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Quick question:
In the video it says to "drag and drop," but website states,
Do NOT drag the update files from the zip file to the SD CARD."
Which one is it? Thx

Don't drag it from the zip folder. Unzip it to a directory, then drag and drop to your freshly formatted SD card.

2 weeks later
#8890 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Robots are for later.
As for Rob Zombie, if I had to guess, I'm pretty sure his is on V15 forever.

Just from interviews I've seen he seems to be a very intelligent guy. Probably just depends on his level of pinball interest and computer knowledge.

I'm curious what his machine # is.

Also to weigh in on the air-balls off the #2 target, I put a post rubber behind it a while ago when it was first suggested. It completely eliminated the air-balls off that target. Great idea.

#8910 2 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Finally showed v20 who's boss.

Sheesh, haven't had a score like that since a few versions back. I assume you hit all 1000 corpses? That tends to make a big dent in score.

3 weeks later
#8996 2 years ago

It's come a long way thus far. But could still benefit from having more knockers.

#8997 2 years ago

I know there is still a ton of stuff that needs to happen with the code, sometimes games get shut off early around here. And with almost every game I own, if you turn it on while a ball is still in the shooter lane, it knows to eject it ASAP. But RZ claims a missing ball. Even though there is a switch there, it could understand there is a ball there and eject it instead...

1 month later
#9298 2 years ago
Quoted from RobKnapp:

I play lights out or in my dark pinball room . I played RZSSI at a pinhead a home with light on and large widow . The game was light fair to partly cloudy . I think Pin Stadium GI with UV + Flasher mod would really be cool for this pinball .

I usually play lights out, day or night as well, it looked extremely dark with only the factory upgraded lighting at night. I ended up getting just the "Killer UV GI Lighting Upgrade" from Pinball Refinery @ $65 + shipping. Based off a couple of other owners suggestions. It was a huge improvement and looks really good in person, everything is well lit and just seems to fit the look of the theme. Unfortunately, pictures never do it justice. But for the price, I took the gamble, so glad I did. It's a great entry level light upgrade and you can always add the other stuff later, if you feel like it. Probably going to stick with what lighting I have for a while though. (Needed to make sure I had funds for that Fawzma Apron mod)

1 week later
#9345 2 years ago

My 2 yr old son is learning to play pinball on a RZ with adult voice off. Showing him when to flip. His favorite callouts are the ones that rhyme or repeat.. "Step away and let the other 4 play". "we're locked and loaded" And the "Yayayaya" sound. Even if he just see's the face on the DMD without the sound, he'll still make the noise.

1 month later
#9535 1 year ago

Just thought I'd mention, I've been using v22 for a while now, put on a TON of games, haven't had any issues.

4 months later
#9858 1 year ago
Quoted from Brian541:

I've been a little discouraged and just left zombie on the backburner because of all the problems I had but finally got someone with a computer to get mine upgraded to the newest software version today.Wondering what the status of the infected modes are,After the upgrade they were turned off still.Turn them on or leave them off?Do they still have problems?Mine is on route in public if it matters.

I think the simplest answer to your problems is "Leave it off" for now.

8 months later
#10216 10 months ago

Looking forward to RZ updates. I love RZ, but I'm the type that wants to get a high score in the final version of the game. So I feel like I've been neglecting it more than I normally would because of that. Also, I kind of wish the Apron mod was open source, I have a lot of time on my hands and love programming things I have an interest in. This game needs achievements. Actually, would be cool if all Spooky pins had an achievement system.

#10226 10 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

RZ link at midnight - count down to 2019? or before is good too.

It's up on their support page.

#10260 10 months ago

It's interesting to me to see everyone speculating on the price. Because I tend to do the same thing. But this is one I'm keeping for a long time. I love the chop save, I like how easy and brutal the game is at the same time. I like the adult nature of it. I like that it is a machine that took a lot of risks. Charlie got to throw his hat in to the pinball design. Fawzma went from app developer to pinball code. Ben Heck, a person I admire and watched on YT designed the board. And probably most importantly, as a teen in the 90's I loved the music. This game was made for me, not many others, and that's fine. There were only 300 afterall.

8 months later
#10431 54 days ago

RIP Sid Haig.

80 years old and such a sharp mind. We can only hope to be as blessed.

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