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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (2 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (2 years ago)

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#2625 4 years ago

I'm going out on a limb and going to say it....... OMG, they certainly out-did themselves on this one. AMH was impressive for a 1st pin, and then BAM!, they release this. Just....WOW!

We are witnessing the beginnings of something that is going to get MUCH bigger. 20 years from now when there are Spooky pins build out of a large factory and found EVERYWHERE, remember that we were around when it started small and talked about it on Pinside. Go SPOOKY!!!!

4 months later
#4643 3 years ago

I've installed my fair share of LEDs in playfield toys... The time and effort required to DIY isn't worth it when you can get them already installed in your machine from day 1 and they look perfect!

I'll be sending in my "heck yes" for the light up toys on the RZ I reserved.

This game is going to be Spook-tacular.

1 week later
#4697 3 years ago

I'm #204.....so I have plenty of time to work on mod development for this game... I enjoy the challenge of taking an awesome game and making it look even better.

3 weeks later
#4933 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Thanks guys!! I have no problem with the negatives, 15 years of listening to that kind of crap at my last job, this is cake.
Keep in mind, this game does not lend if self to the "traditional shots". We had to think outside the box and do things a bit different.
As for stacking modes, because of the way the modes work, stacking would be dangerous. Most modes have negative shots. Being in multiball when those modes start would cause you to fail immediately.
BTW, for those using the updater, you'll need to redownload the rzupdate file. I now include a what's new file with the update. Just extract the exe file and overwrite the existing one. One of these days, I'll make it self update.

YES!!!! The 'thinking outside of the box' design of this game is what led me to opt in for this game...

I love the fact that we can now update code in pins which gives the programmer a chance to make the changes the want/need. I would like to see more informative feedback, and less emotional feedback when it comes to code. As a programming myself, I am not interested in why someone doesn't like my work...I am interested in any well thought out suggestions they may have that would make it better. That's useful information.

Much respect for the pinball programmers....ALL OF THEM...

3 weeks later
#5226 3 years ago

Being polite doesn't diminish the quality of your feedback...It actually makes is clear and more efficient to process. People are not pinatas.


#5230 3 years ago

I still have yet to play a RZ yet. Is there going to be one at the Pintastic show in July?

I have played AMH on location....no complaints... whoever did the audio on that game REALLY knocked it out of the park. Sound quality and effects are top notch.

3 months later
#6234 3 years ago

I'm curious to know, who works on the actual design of the playfield? Is it a group effort?

#6264 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

If you like the look, the metal and the plastic together is fine since the metal ones keep the plastic ones from touching the cabinet. I agree not to use the plastic ones as the only line of defense, though.

I replaced all of mine with clear plastic ones that I embedded LEDS in, so they are purely for decoration. RZ will likely get red.

3 weeks later
#6383 3 years ago

Is there any game play videos online that have the "family mode" turned off? I have only played it with family mode on.

1 month later
#6625 3 years ago

I downloaded the code and just listened to some of the "audio call outs" on RZ.... I lost count of how many different call outs use the 'F' word. This title is going to be a HIT at my pinball parties.

4 weeks later
#6820 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Anyone with cold feet (or just curious) that is in the area is welcome to come and play mine. It's a very unique game, and some people may not like it because of that. That's a big reason that I love it, though.

I'm buying one exactly for that reason....

1 month later
#7110 3 years ago

I definitely have to try taking a pic of the UV leds. In my experience with UV leds...like UV, it seems dark unless there is something there to react to the UV. I assume Pinball Refinery is using 5050 strip leds (UV). Does it really brighten up the pf area that much? I'm not a doubter, Pin Refinery puts out some good products. I am more curious as to how/why the UV leds make such an impact.

1 week later
#7184 2 years ago

When you get to work in the morning and your husband decides to tease you by sending you a pic of what got delivered after you left this morning. #longday :p

rzpin (resized).jpg

#7197 2 years ago

I was #204 and it was delivered on 2/1.

#7216 2 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

Just wait... Someone will sell their spot in the waiting list or have a game for sale two months after its released. It always happens.
I've never seen a hobby where people will pile in on an unknown project so willingly. Even though its apparent that Spooky can deliver, in light of recent pre-order debacles the behavior is bizarre.

Play AMH..... I'm not surprised at all by the support that RZ received.

#7271 2 years ago

ok, new to RZ here....Is there a txt doc that explains all of the modes that I can review? These tend to pop up after a game has been out for a while.

Seems to be a lot happening in this game, especially during a multi-ball. I find I enjoy the game more when I have a better understanding of the rules.

**That left orbit shot is critical, and not easy to hit (for me).

#7310 2 years ago

Anyone else with a RZ have any issues with the ball getting stuck in the orbit behind the drop target? For me, it only happens when it circles the orbit very slowly. It also get stuck HARD. I have to lift the pf in order to free it. Any suggestions? I think it might be getting hung on on a switch but I haven't checked that yet.

Similar to every other NIB pinball I have bought, there are a small number of tweaks required to get the game dialed in. Some folks freak out over this (drama queens) but I just make the adjustments and go back to playing.

Starting to understand the rules a bit more, and as expected, the game keeps getting better and better. The taunts by Sid Haig are hilarious...Hands down, this game has the BEST call-outs of any pinball to date (IMHO).

#7314 2 years ago

Thanks.. Looks like all I need to do is adjust the guide a little bit..

1 week later
#7385 2 years ago

A damaged RZ or any NIB pin makes me sad... keep us posted...

#7386 2 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

Yes I have a Polk 10" powered sub on mine. It rocks, I turn then internal ones almost off. It makes to much vibration in the cabinet and sounds like poop without a proper box. Subs are made for enclosed cab's not pinball machines. Anyone who tells you different is selling them for money!

Unfortunately, game room rules at my house strictly forbid anything under the pins, so no external subs for me. I will agree that you can get a lot more low frequency punch in an external sub which is built for proper low frequencies. I have added amps to a couple of my pins, but I cannot create as good of a sound as I can with an external sub. However, I am very happy with the audio on RZ right out of the box. It beats all of the other Stern machines I own and is on par with my WoZ which sits right next to it. Just my opinion...I am not an expert. I hope Spooky can continue delivering pins with Flipper Fidelity speakers installed. I put them in all of my pins, so it was nice to see them already installed.

#7460 2 years ago

So I did a RZ launch event last weekend for my pinball meetup. RZ was played almost continuously for about 6 hours. The only issue was a ball caught under a sling, but this was my fault because I put in star post leds and have yet to install the tighter Titan rings I purchased (they came in 1hr before the event started). Everything else was perfect, and the crowd LOVED the game. Most of the folks have never played the game and there were a few funny reactions from the call-outs.
You can check out the video on twitch (twitch.tv/flipoutnh)

#7462 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

What version used?

I had just updated to V19 a few days prior.

#7465 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballkim:

personx99 what star post LEDs did you use? The ones at pinball life say they will not work on spooky games.

I have used those from PBL in the past and I think they would work on Spooky games. However, in this case, I used those from my new favorite LED provider, CometPinball. They are not only less expensive, they offer "matrix" plug n play for "easy installation". I totally hacked apart the connectors to make them more efficient (less wire) and I used a much smaller wire which is easier to conceal (nobody likes a wire mess, and the folks at spooky did a great job dressing the wires in RZ). I used the red LED star posts to create a deeper tone of red on the pf. I did not want a "super bright" playfield.

FYI, for those who like to "mix it up", substitute warm-white 4-smd leds in the smaller round inserts. Because the inserts are multi-color, the warm white has an interesting effect on the insert colors as well as the overall look of the pf. The "chop" inserts really show with warm-white. As always, leds are personal preference...I just wanted to share my experience.

#7474 2 years ago
Quoted from Dutts:

Has anyone ever tried the Fire effect LED? Might look good under the slingshots/ pop caps

Heads up on "fire effect LEDS". They work, and the effect is good. However, they are using red and yellow leds, which are the least bright of the led colors (especially yellow). You would see a great reduction in playfield illumination. These leds are great when you don't need a lot of light, but want the "fire effect". {Just my experience and my opinion}

**this does give me and ideas for a "brighter" fire led using the 5050 strip leds... to the laboratory.....

#7475 2 years ago
Quoted from Dutts:

I couldn't see star post led's on Comet website. Do they go by a different name?

post lights.... Product code: MTXPOST

#7492 2 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

What are you guys doing about the glass rattling? It's pretty bad on my machine with the sound at a decent level. Anti-rattle tape? Where might one buy that? Home Depot?

I've used high quality black electrical tape (doesn't show when wrapped carefully) to deal with rattle and slide. I don't like the idea of the glass sliding out of the game on it's own.

#7507 2 years ago

Love the skill shot on this game....but dang, those orbit shots are not easy-peasy.

#7537 2 years ago

Hellbound?!?!? I'm not even close... I have a hard enough time with American Witch. Avoid the slings.....not easy, but a fun challenge.

#7547 2 years ago

Are the hi-scores limited to 3-chars like JJP or can they be set to 10-char like Stern?

#7598 2 years ago

The pile of skulls plastic is a little lost when the machine is on (its a dark pin, which is perfect for the theme). Soooo, I added some "hidden" overhead UV leds and painted the bone areas not covered in blood with a clear UV reactive paint. Image doesn't show it as well but the skulls and the fact that they are covered in blood really POP with this mod. I thought this was a really great plastic that should show more while playing the game. The UV leds are great because they don't throw too much visible light on the pf.

20170314_224606 (resized).jpg

#7600 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Looks good! Which UV led strip did you use? Looks almost identical to the strip in that area that's included with Pinball Refinery's UV-GI kit. Got a link to the clear UV paint?

Not pinball refinery's, but they would work just as well I assume. I mounted a couple of strips to the underside of the plastic "pf glass guide". It was easy since that piece is removed with with screws. Make sure you glue the LED strips. The adhesive on those won't work.

Link to the paint:
amazon.com link »

Painting hint: Less is more. put very little on your brush and do more of a dry-bush technique. Gives it a gritty/rough appearance when glowing (just my opinion...I'm only an engineer who never took an art class in school, lol). Also, you can always add more paint. Best part is when the machine is off, the painted areas don't look painted.

#7612 2 years ago
Quoted from Deafcon:

I'll be getting a RZ soon, has anyone put in illuminated flipper buttons?

Yup. White. Uniform standard on all pins in my collection. RZ is no exception.

1 week later
#7701 2 years ago

Thanks fawzmagames . Much appreciation.

#7702 2 years ago

I decided to light up the FC&G sign. EL panels aren't "too bright" like LEDS so this isn't distracting in the upper play field. An easy mod to do because EL panels are easily cut. Fits directly to the back of the sign. I was even able to punch through the panel for the screw holes that hold the sign to the post. Plugged in the 12v inverter and we are all bright n' shiny.

friedchix (resized).jpg

#7751 2 years ago

I hosted another tournament over the weekend (I do one every month) so RZ got another 7hrs of play. I was concerned because I had put on a fresh coat of caranuba wax prior and it was playing fast.
Results: ROCK SOLID for the entire event. Folks pointed out how smooth it played. No problems at all.

I'm hosting another event next Sunday which I will be streaming on Twitch. I'll have some of the best players in the New England area flipping on it from 12-6pm. Check it out: twitch.tv/flipoutnh (sorry, no BowenK. He was invited, but will be at PAPA)

#7769 2 years ago

I just listened to the last Spooky podcast. I enjoyed the interview with the animator, David Van Es. When I first saw the infamous "ball save" on RZ, I was SOLD. Never before has there been a pinball machine this edgy. Then, once you see the rest of the animations, you realize Spooky recruited "THE RIGHT TALENT". I don't expect all games to have the "content" like Rob Zombie, but I would not be surprised to continue to see some "edgy" content and not the same old boring content we have been seeing for the past couple of decades on other pins.
Now I am REALLY jazzed to see what they are cooking up with the Alice Cooper pin..

#7788 2 years ago

Been away from home all week. Looking forward to playing lots of RZ with some friends this weekend. Some have never played the game so I will have to crank up the volume a bit so they can hear all off the colorful metaphors.

#7841 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Didn't realize you could search just this thread for 'drop target' so have read what people have done.
I am not that great at making mods but it seems like there is room behind the drop target to stick something like a small wedge so that when ball gathers behind target it would then roll to the right?
I might have a go at making something.

Before you try that, I would check to see if the game is leveled. The drop target is already set at an angle so that the ball rolls off of it.
I had the ball get stuck there too, but after leveling the game, it has not happened since.
Also, consider a coat of wax on the pf and the balls. It reduces friction, so the ball will roll easily at slower speeds. That, and it makes the game play super smooth...like I can backhand the ball into the VUK smooth.

#7849 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

It will include info that allows you to not need to lift your head. Such as mode info, balls, players, scores, corpse count, etc..
The system itself will be able to talk to other games, so head to head games.
Was also thinking while in tournament play, I wanted to be able to have the system plugged into an external TV to show even more info. I'm also thinking way out there, that its possible to use the camera module to do live views on one side of the screen, then show stats/data on the other half.

I dream of a pin with a wifi server that supported JSON. Query for current player score/stats, audits, etc.... You would see all sorts of 3rd party tourney display software popping up.

#7869 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I think what I have to do is make LDG progressive. Because once its beat, it takes more hits of those targets to get it started.
Or, once the mode end, don't let it start again unless you complete some other task.
H1KC does carry over.
mudflaps mini-wizards are still on the table

Yes, I rarely start H1KC because of LDG. It's a great shot too. Unfortunately, I am not, so even with the increased hits required, I usually end up in LDG. (I used to have the same issue with WeaponX MB in my XM until I replaced the giant bash toy with the Newton ball mod.)

I would be happy with with a lock-out on LDG until another task completes. Would certainly be great for competition play.

#7916 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

Anyone know what display setting that is? It looks so much sharper than mine. Are the colors adjustable because mine seem a bit washed out compared to that.

I'm using the "hi-def" pixels settings on mine. Hardly hi-def, but much better than the default (IMHO).

#7917 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Short video with UV flashers.
ยป YouTube video

I could not add the LED strip down the playfied since have mirror blades. I would end up seeing the strip, and that is the last thing I want showing. I added a light socket to "back light" the Red Hot sign. I can clearly see it in reflection on the mirror blades. I plan to encase it in heat-shrink tubing to minimize the distraction. (Silly, OCD non-sense I realize, but I light to see light, just not where it comes from).

Those UV flashers though.....nice.

1 week later
#8019 2 years ago
Quoted from herg:

As others have said, try adjusting the coil strength. On mine, I still couldn't find a happy medium, so I made a 3D printed bracket to slow it down. That works well on my game, but other have tried the same one and said it didn't work for them. If someone comes up with a reliable solution, I'd love to hear about it.

I have the 3D bracket as well. I took it off because the zip-tie was not tight enough (haven't put it back on yet). I had turned down the power on the VUK, and mine seems to work fine. Yes, it shoots it out and you have to react quickly, but that is like rest of the game. For me, the frustration is being one shot away from finishing "What!" and losing the ball down the ramp. Oh, and the gasoline switch always seems to be the last one to finish in DP mode. It's right there.....but not so easy to hit.

1 week later
#8099 2 years ago
Quoted from herg:

You mean, like this?

My Tron makes some weird electrical interference that was getting amplified through RZ's sub, so I've swapped WW and RZ since this picture was taken.

or like this.

rz_woz (resized).jpg

#8102 2 years ago
Quoted from herg:

IMO, RZ and WOZ are a great 2 game combo. They're so different that between the two of them, you get a lot of variety. Going directly from one to the other is kinda jarring, though. Kinda like getting out of a hot tub and jumping in a pool, in the middle of winter.

Y'all have good taste in pinball.

herg, my friend had me do the hot tub to swimming pool, outside, in Montreal, in February. It was the strangest feeling. He said it was supposed to pull the toxins out of my skin...I called "shenanigans"

#8105 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

So, does Dirty Pool actually award a lock, or just show the message? I've finally seen the message a few times, but have never noticed it increment H1KC ball lock. I've gotten the message after having locked 2 balls as well and it didn't start multiball.
ALSO: does anyone else have the Shaker? When is it used? I installed the Shaker a week or so ago, and I swear if I wasn't trying to figure out when it was shaking, I would NEVER know it was even installed. Has the code not really been implemented yet? I didn't see any settings for strength, only the on/off. If this is all I can expect, I feel I completely wasted $100.

The sub shakes the machine enough for me so I never put in a shaker. Besides, my cab is slightly wider than a standard cab so the glass has quite a bit of lateral movement once installed.

#8159 2 years ago

Had another event at my house. 40+ people drinking horchata and playing pinball. Rob Zombie is still a hit, despite the difficulty for novice players. Free-play helps. People keep going back to it. You hear "just one more game...." lol No errors/issues throughout the entire event. Proof that a smaller manufacturer can make a solid game that can stand up to many hours of repeated plays.

#8193 2 years ago
Quoted from bman46:

Just got word that my Rob Zombie shipped. I'm quite excited to say the least.
Since i'm a newbie I was wondering if anyone had instructions on setting this up once I got it. Does it come with assembly instructions? I know it sounds stupid but everyone's knowledge on a topic has to start somewhere and I knew you were the people to ask.
Thanks in advance.

Be excited, and if you get stuck, ask questions. Sometimes I am a bit surprised at how helpful some people can be on these forums. Good times ahead for you.

#8222 2 years ago

Sid Haig call-outs never get old... "Put your name up on the board and go f*** yourself"

1 week later
#8358 2 years ago

Anyone else have issues with UV LEDs burning out after a while? They don't seem to last very long (~2 months max). I'm wondering if they are more suited for being driven my PWM rather than simple being on 100%. I'm not using the pinball refinery LED mod, just a set I bought off amazon.

2 months later
#8954 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Look down in the cabinet , I once had an airball go over the shooter rod cover and fall down into the cabinet.

This happened often on my RZ. An airball would send it right into the cabinet by the shooter rod. Solution: I correct the airball problem with the post sleeve solution mentioned in this thread (works well). I also create a custom plastic protector that will prevent the ball from ever getting to that area.

#8961 2 years ago

What are the best strategies for tournament play for v.20? (i.e. how do you rack up the most points as quickly as possible)

2 weeks later
#9081 2 years ago

I finally completed 1K corpses with 1001 corpses. Woo hoo! I did not think I was going to make it...

Pussy Liquors is still a tough shot to hit consistently.

#9087 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Nice! Feels pretty good to get there for sure . Did you have to get to corpses multiball twice or did you get them all with one multiball? I usually need to get corpses multiball twice to collect enough .
Yeah that right orbit is the toughest shot in the game , I got the left one nailed down, but the right one not so much .

In a rare occurrence, I got it on the first attempt @ 1K corpses. I usually don't try for that mode because it isn't my favorite. Scores pretty well though. I will definitely be trying for it when playing it during pinball league. Normally, I go for modes, especially Goobr. I think this was a clever addition to the game.

1 week later
#9125 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

I really feel it is a mechanical thing. I've ordered a few more switches and I'll try replacing my two inner lane switches, and the outer loop and see what happens. If it clears it up, I may just replace all the switches. There aren't that many and it annoys the crap out of me when a shot doesn't register.
I actually think this may be happening with my upkick to the mini playfield also. Sometimes the ball is sitting in there and the game doesn't see it, but it usually works just fine.

Not discounting the possibility of a mechanical issue, but if it were, I would think more would fail at some point. Also, I would think we would have heard more reports of mechanical switch failures. I only replaced the "inner orbit" switch with a Stern rollover because a slow moving ball would get hung up there.
I'm going to keep an eye on switches not triggering. Not always easy in this game.

Question for owners: Do you adjust the flipper and/or sling strength at all? Just curious. I'm thinking about adjusting the upper flipper strength, but I don't want to make it "too easy" to complete the 'What!' mode.

2 months later
#9387 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I have Tim's other mods and they are great, I would love to see some video of this in action. I will probably end up getting one.

I agree. The Pussy Liquors sign mod looks great too.

1 month later
#9544 2 years ago

Did anyone notice the backbox and cab RGB leds start getting really active (blinking) on v22?
My robot stopped moving after I updated too.

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