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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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#362 4 years ago
Quoted from jkdblaze:

Has it been mentioned why some of the obvious songs are missing?
Thunder Kiss '65
More Human Than Human
Super Charger Heaven
Black Sunshine
Don't fit the theme? A licensing issue (Rob/White Zombie)? Builders choice?

As long as it stays open sourced like AMH you could probably add those songs in yourself.

I'm more excited for the horror aspect of the game than the music. I like the music but The Devil's Rejects is one of my favorite horror movies of all time! Never would of thought I'd ever see Captain Spaulding in a pinball machine! Hopefully they'll work Sheri Moon in as well

#363 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I'm in the same boat, I'm not an LE guy (If I owned a stern, it'd be a pro not even a premium). I signed up for LE, and sort of glad I did because I think I'd like staring at a "dragula" on the backglass over Rob Zombie's mug, but won't know until I see it. Sure maybe the LE might have a higher resale value in the future, but not sure I'd ever sell either.

It would be nice if they made both versions of the backglass art for sale in translite form so that owners could swap them out if they needed. Plus more money in Spooky's pocket for translite sales which would be a great thing! Even if I don't buy the machine I would buy both of them just to hang on my wall!

#364 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Don't worry when we make Game #3, Bible Adventures, demand won't be so high...

I think Zombie Yeti could make the Bible Adventures theme cool! Just look at what he did with Alice in Wonderland. So many possibilities with the theme. I would buy one!

#652 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

Sounds like a rhetorical question...I have or can play all of the latest releases from Stern/PPS/JJP and then purchase each NIB directly from the manufacturer.

You can't on some of the LE versions. Kiss LE and Met LE were sold out before anyone could play them. Hobbit and WOZ LE versions were/are also sold out long before release. The thing with Spooky is that all their pins are basically LE's because of the limited nature of being a small pinball company.

I think they're going about it with the right approach. If Spooky were to wait until everyone had a chance to play a complete version before placing an order they would have to hold some kind of lottery for people to order games as there would be far more demand than there is supply. At least this way everyone has a chance to get one. Sure, there's a little bit of risk as you have to put $1000 in before playing one but chances are that risk will be worth it.

#657 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Personally $1000 is the edge of my "F it" threshold. More than that and I'm gonna balk at putting it down with too much uncertainty.
But $1000 and under? Sure, it's money, I'd rather not lose it. But if I do, well, that's life. I'm not gonna throw it away, but for a company like Spooky, who has a real track record, and people I know and believe in behind it? With real character and principles that have been on display for a long time? I'm in for that.

I guess that's what I'm saying, $1000 is under my anxiety threshold.

Yeah I think $1000 is just the perfect amount for a pre-order. Any more than that and I would lose patience in waiting and wish that money was spent on $1500-$2000 game instead. I think if they went any less than $1000 deposit people would hold on just to be speculators, even if they weren't all that interested in following through once it was released. I admit I was tempted to do this with Skit-B as they initially only required $250 down payment and no other payment until your game was built. That $250 gamble could pay off big time if the game was as mash success... Glad I didn't in hindsight!

2 months later
#1052 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Yes we added more flow, toys, mechs, and some great other surprises, but... it's still a wild non "fan layout" type of game. If it fails horribly, then so be it... we can make a fan layout game on #3, and at least we took the chance and stuck to my vision for 1 game. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Not the first time, won't be the last.

I appreciate the fact that this game is not going to be another "fan layout" game and will truly offer a unique playing experience over anything released the past 25 years. With that being said I am anxiously awaiting a look at the the changes that were made since I last played the original prototype that I played at MGC a couple years back. I really liked seeing the pop bumpers being used as a randomizer and a return to a more simpler layout of years past, much like Black Hole but much of the layout just didn't shoot well. The left orbit shot and the upper playfield were my biggest gripes. -neither were satisfying to shoot for me. I don't think it would take a lot to make the game fun to play. I'm really hoping that they add in more early 80's SS elements. Would like to see a more unconventional bottom half of the playfield vs. the standard Italian bottom. Something like Centaur or Fathom where you had ways to save the ball from the outlanes to encourage more nudging since you will likely need it with the chaotic nature of the game. Also, if the mini playfield isn't more fun to shoot I hope they scrap it and add in some spinners and drop targets.-inline drops would be ideal! My vision for the game would be a Classic 80's Bally layout updated with a modern rule-set and a ramp. Would be great to see some physical ball lock saucers. If it were my design I'd make the left orbit lead to an inline drop bank at the back of the game hiding a ball lock saucer (like fathom). Maybe put a 2nd ball lock saucer on the far right (like Taxi). The final game would be a cross between Fathom, Black Hole and a system 11. Add in a bash toy and it will be unlike anything we've seen before. Also, I can't remember if it's been stated in the past how many balls the game would use but I think anything more than 3 would be overkill for a game as chaotic as this.-Maybe 4 ball multi-ball for the wizard mode? Keep the rules fairly simple/fun with some strategic elements and I think it could be a winner!

If you guys want any input on gameplay/rules I'd be happy to help out as I'm only about 70 min from Benton. I've been playing pinball a long time and also play competitively so I'm sure I could help out in that regard. I just want the game to be awesome!

2 months later
#2278 4 years ago

I really like almost everything I see but I'm still on the fence until I see a gameplay video. The art first and foremost is incredible! Yes, the playfield isn't as well done as the cabinet/translite but it's still cool and dark and unlike anything we've seen before. I'm a huge fan of Rob's movies even to the point that my Fantasy Football team name has been "The Devil's Rejects" since the movie came out. I've seen all his movies a bunch of times and dig his music as well. I'm sure the voicework will be incredible and hilarious and bring a lot of enjoyment to the game.-It's got Captain F'n Spaulding for cripes sake! The only part that's holding me back is the layout (and not knowing the rule-set)... I played Pinball Zombies at MGC a few years back and just wasn't feeling it at all.-and the new layout really doesn't look that much different. And no, it's not just because it's not a flowy fan layout. I've owned quite a few classic games in my line-up with varied layouts such as Centaur, Flash Gordon, Paragon, Dolly Parton, and Black Hole. I appreciate seeing something different than the norm. But at the same time there's not really that one target or feature that sets it apart. I do enjoy the pop bumper randomness which reminds me of my Black Hole but I really wish there were some spinners to rip, or inline drop target banks, or vari-targets or even some cool ball-save gates/mechanisms. It just doesn't seem like there's much to shoot for. -the upper playfield seems really barren as well. With that being said I could be totally wrong but won't know until I play it. I honestly think the original proto at MGC just has me a little spooked (no pun intended) since this doesn't really seem all that much different.

Since I love almost everything about the game (albeit not sure on layout and code) I'm leaning towards staying in and rolling the dice. It's not like I have to keep the game if I end up not liking the gameplay. That's just a gamble you have to take when you can't play a game before buying.- Although I do live only about an hour from Spooky World Headquarters and would love an opportunity to play one before committing I also own a tripod and video camera and could help out with a gameplay video for others if need be?

#2290 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Well to compare:
There's an added drop target behind the robot, a target removed under the upper playfield to make room for an extra lane, the standup target to the left of the middle ramp is wider (making the shot tougher), and the guide rails on the upper playfield have been removed and a post added, and of course a ton of toys have been added (especially the rotating Spaulding). Even these little things can completely change the way a game plays, and Charlie wouldn't release anything unless it played good. I'm honestly still on the fence and I'm not really sure why. I must have watched the promo video a dozen times in the last day.

The changes made are definitely for the better. The game "needed" at least one drop target. And the layout is more flowy now. And I think anything is an improvement over the original mini playfield. I just hope all these things alter the game enough to make it fun. It wasn't terrible in the original design but had some weird geometry issues with the shot placements. The left orbit shot to the mini playfield didn't come off the flipper like a typical shot and it took me quite a few games to get a feel for it. The game shot completely different and was much more difficult than the AMH that was sitting next to it.

#2296 4 years ago
Quoted from bridgeman:

This sums up everything. 300 being made which fits perfect with the niche pin it is. If you're on the fence then you probably don't have the deep connection like myself and the quote above. If you have to anguish so muck over it than I would say it may not be your thing. Let it go to someone in line with the connection.

Ha! Derek may be a RZ fan for life and a true fan but that just means it will last 3 months in his collection vs. 2 like all hundreds of other games that are the "best ever" that have passed thru his collection action... I'm just joking with you DRock!

#2414 4 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

It's hilarious that people think they know what features are missing or lacking from a game they haven't played or even seen in person.

But many of us have played the proto from a few years back which is about 80% the same. I just want to see a full gameplay video to insure that the changes they made improved the gameplay significantly. I think the rest of the package is there and I'm 100% on board with the art and theme but just hoping the gameplay and ruleset pull the game together.

Its all a moot point as it sounds like we'll get to see gameplay on Monday or Tuesday which is all I need to make an informed decision.

#2499 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I'm here watching the nonsense.

Funny, I was going to say this till I read it.
In fact, quit your day job in the process and risk everything to make it more interesting. Something I still can't pull the trigger on.
I gotta get back to working on this. I could be a smartass and make the game play like crap so certain people will make up their mind faster

Fawzma, any chance you could give us a brief outline of the ruleset? Maybe explain how some of the modes work as well as some of the sub modes. I really hope there is some risk/reward built-in as well as the ability to stack modes and multiball together. Thanks!

#2591 4 years ago

Does the LE come with a translite or an actual backglass? Either way they should probably keep that as an exclusive for LE buyers.-and no I'm only on the list for a standard. As far as which looks better I'm on the fence.. Both look fantastic!

#2592 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Curios what this being a fist pin has anything to do anything? Rules are laid out, and I work to those rules. The designer verifies I'm doing what they have envisioned. I can't exactly do it wrong. I am making sure all bugs are worked out, and all key pinball elements are included. Trust me, this isn't a "my way" project, I have people to answer to. Granted, I have put spins on things that Chuck and Ben never thought of, but again they either approve or disapprove.
Ben and I have made a lot of changes to the way his system works internally based on certain features that have been added. The way the video mode work is one of them.
I also had to work on decoupling his AV processes, to put more of the work on the game code side. This will make future games MUCH quicker to get done. I'm pretty sure I spent more time getting those parts worked out, than the core game code.
In the end, the game will kick your ass, and you'll come back for more because you have this burning desire to kick its ass.

Are you a Pinball player and do you have any favorite games/rulesets? Are there any games for which RZ's rules are similar to?

#2597 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I've played, but don't have a collection. I have done things in RZ that when Chuck and Ben saw it they said things like.."oh that like in so and so". That so and so they mention, I've never played. If I never play another game, and I keep making more; I'm pretty sure I'll do things that have already been done. I really didn't want to play too much so I didn't purposely do what someone else already did.
My job is to make my "boss" happy. If he likes the game, then I did my job.
Once players have the game, if they have suggestions, they can post on the forum on my website.
For favorite games:Centaur, AC/DC. AFM, Space Shuttle, and RZ

Thanks! I'm excited to hear more specifics about the rule-set after we see the gameplay video. Since you're somewhat of a pinball outsider maybe there will be some cool new rules/ideas that haven't been done before? As far as your favorite games go those are some of my favorites as well. If you "borrow" ideas from some of those than we should be in for a treat

#2616 4 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

I really like the top art for the playfield but looks too much like the translite.

Agreed. If it were my decision I'd go with the top art for the playfield and then use the Dragula art on all of the translites.-best of both Worlds! But overall I think the current artwork on the playfield is just fine and think Spooky should just roll with what they have. That is both Charlie's and Horley's vision for the pin and we should respect that original vision. If people don't like it they don't "have" to buy it. I'm just waiting on the gameplay video/explanation of rules to make my decision. I'm really happy with the art/theme from what has been shown!

#2768 4 years ago

Looks fun and chaotic! Animations on the dmd are sick. Nice job in creating something completely different from the norm!

Are there any main multiballs in the game besides the modes? Are you able to stack modes together or with multiball or are you limited to running one thing at a time? What does card collecting do in terms of gameplay?

#3019 4 years ago

Thinking back to when I played the RZFBTG prototype a couple years back I can tell you that there is plenty of randomizing gameplay elements and magnets would just be overkill. The pop bumper alignment puts a ton of action on the ball and the game also has 2 upper slingshots. I think the game is going to be a real ass kicker and will keep you on your toes! There's really not many "safe" shots on the game besides the ramp and sometimes the left orbit. Even some of the inner loop shots and targets leave great potential to put the ball in a dangerous spot. With that being said I agree that the lack of a spinner is a missed opportunity. But Charlie has spoken already on that.

#3247 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Parker and I are trying to figure out how to squeeze a double-height color dot display on our ancient hardware for Bible Adventures.

You're going to need the extra height to show the scale for the "David vs. Goliath slingshot attack" video mode

1 week later
#3507 4 years ago

I was lucky enough to get to see and play the game today as well. Thanks Hilton for inviting me along and thanks Charlie for being such a gracious host! It was cool running into GAP as well and getting to share some 4 player games.

As for the game itself I had a blast playing it and found the gameplay both challenging and refreshingly different. The mode rules were easy to understand but difficult to pull off. There were 5 of us playing today and I don't think anyone of us completed a mode on the first attempt. I really like that there is mode continuation and some things in the rules that haven't been done before. The sounds, call outs and animations that are there so far are great! Lots of language and f bombs and I will definitely have to keep this in family mode while the kids are around. The code already shows great progress and will only get better. Hoping that Fawzma keeps an open mind for suggestions and tweaks like Hilton mentioned. As far as the look of the game I thought it was amazing! I was never much of a fan of Backalleys WOZ molds but the toys on this game are incredible and show a high degree of detail. I also thought the playfield art looked great in person. It looked like an oil painting and wasn't muddy looking at all up close. Overall getting to see it in person eased any doubts in my mind and I can't wait to play the game again and wish Spooky the best for moving to the new factory and getting these built! Thanks again Charlie!



#3529 4 years ago

As far as the translites go I think both are incredible and its tough to pick a favorite. The LE has great action shot and has really vibrant colors but I think I like how the standard translite depicts the characters better and it also depicts the horror aspect of the theme better. The good news is that the translites should be available to purchase and we'll be able to swap either into our games. The actual LE will have a backglass vs. A translite which will keep that edition more special.

The art really has to be seen in person to get the full effect. I agree with Sean that the translite lit up looks remarkable! Print quality on the cab and playfield was super clear (non pixilated) and high quality as well. It's amazing that such a small company can do so many things better than some of the big companies. The display effects on the dmd are also above and beyond what were used to seeing. Here are a few other pics I took with my phone from my visit today.







#3560 4 years ago

Keep in mind that this is the prototype game. There are a few differences between this and the production game. A few of these things Charlie mentioned when we were over are.

-The skull pile on the upper playfield is not final.-he showed us the production one and it is much bloodier and more detailed.
-the ramp on this game is just spray painted, the final one will have a much better finish.-Also there is an improved plastic ramp cover.
-bucket of chicken will be more lively in production (will be on a spring).-on the proto game the chicken was velcro'd to the bucket
-the production plastic in front of "Living Dead Girl" is different than what's in the game.

I know he mentioned other things but I can't recall them right now. As for the upper playfield art I think it's just fine for what it is. I'm glad it's not super busy and I like that it doesn't detract from the rest of the game. And I'll say it again, Matt from Backalley really did an incredible job on the toys! The robot is probably my favorite but the attention to detail on the Captain Spaulding bobblehead, skull pile, and living Dead Girl is perfect. And seeing the chicken bounce up and down when the pop bumper goes off is a great effect.

#3563 4 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

If they don't do a headphone kit, I'll look into making something that will work with it. Getting my hands on a friends amh soon. Looking forward to my robs zombie game

A headphone kit would be a must add mod for me if you make them! Otherwise I'm going to be stuck playing the game in "family mode" while my 2 year old son is within earshot distance.-or on low volume after he goes to bed. And this isn't a game I'll want to play on low volume

#3570 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

What do you plan to do for the adult themed graphics? I don't think we have a video out option

Graphics are absolutely fine so don't hold anything back for the sake of being family friendly He's just at the age where he parrots everything he hears and my wife wouldn't be too happy if he started dropping F-bombs around the house.

#3571 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

There are a few things I plan to add to my personal game:
1. new plastics (I dont like the art on those and plan to make something a bit more my taste) I am not art inclined but hope to figure something out.

Just don't desecrate the game by turning it into some kind of Phish/Rob Zombie hybrid machine like I know you'll be tempted to do

I agree that a spinner would be awesome on the upper playfield as long as the mod was reversible and made sense with scoring.

#3581 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Does the audio amp in AMH have a 3.5mm out? It has that 3.5mm in which has been giving me some problems, keep forgetting to get back to Chuck about that.

I don't believe the amp (I think they use a Lepai model) has a 3.5 mm out.-only in. The output would most likely have to be done on the board itself.-and I think only Ben/Parker would know the answer to this since the it's a new board. It would be great to have this option factory direct!- I know I'd pay extra to have one installed.

#3590 4 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

so i am in on this and now i know a lot of you guys have played it. not sure what number i am or anything like that since i bought from joe at pinballstar and he said he would look into it. here is my question - is this thing going to feel, offer up, look, and sound like a classic bally/williams or a modern stern? no need to look at what i have because it is the typical addams, mb, mm, acdc, met, both star treks, .... I only played a little of amh at allentown so i couldn't really get an accurate feel for a spooky game. any input would be much appreciated. thanks, ant

The game feels very solid to play. Good flipper feel (more wpc than Stern), snappy slings and pops, etc. Gameplay/layout reminds me of mid 80's Gottlieb in that it is quite unconventional (exposed pops, upper playfield slings, non fan layout, etc). It's a great mix of old/new and is one of the most challenging pins I have played. There aren't many safe shots and it is easy for the ball to get out of control. Deadly stand up targets and lots of horizontal action! Hitting the "1" and "3" standups is incredibly difficult. Left orbit shot is further off the right flipper than you think it would be. It also takes a strong shot for it to reach the upper playfield vuk. Inner orbit shots are tight, etc. The only easy shot in the game is the middle ramp. I felt like I was fighting against the game most of the time I was playing it and while there is a possibility for flow, I wouldn't call it a flow game because all it takes is a slight miss and the ball goes out of control. It's definitely a game that takes a handful of warmup games before you start getting a feel for where the shots are. Hopefully when Jack from Deadflip goes out to play it he gets a good half hour warmup on the game before going live or he may be in for a World of hurt

#3594 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Is this something Spooky told you? I'd love to have both, but I haven't seen any information that would make me think that they had decided to make them available.

Yes. Translites for both versions will be available for sale in the future per Spooky. I'd imagine that nearly all game owners would purchase an alternate translite and I can also see these being a huge seller for the non-owners as well! I think this is a smart business decision as it brings in extra revenue to Spooky which is essential for a growing company. So yes, please everyone buy at least one translite It also sounds like there will be licensed mods coming our way as well but I'll let Spooky spill the beans on those when the time is right.

#3603 4 years ago
Quoted from CraigC:

LE's will have a backglass, as well as different side armor, official plate, apron? some other changes.

And best of all, they get their machines before the rest of us! That alone is worth the extra $500. The trim/backglass is just the icing on the cake.

#3604 4 years ago


#3608 4 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

It's also an issue where if an LE owner wants to get a standard translite, they wouldn't be able to just drop it in. They would have to get custom glass cut and possibly more.

No one in the history of Pinball has ever taken an LE backglass out of a pin and willingly replaced it with a translite.... Put the standard translite in a frame and mount it on your wall. Just be happy you're getting an LE which you and only 49 other people are fortunate to have! I've heard of people that were upset about not getting an LE and getting stuck with a standard, but never the other way around. I can now see why Charlie doesn't want to have LE versions in the future. Too many whiners and complainers....

#3610 4 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

You in on either version, Mike?

Yep! Standard #213. After playing it on Sat. I can't wait!

#3615 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Easy. He is from Wisconsin.

That means a lot coming from a FIB

I can't speak for the others having not met them but Charlie doesn't over promise and under deliver. He doesnt sit on your money for years on end and break promise after promise, and he doesn't publically belittle the competition. He's just a hard working Wisconsin guy and gets the job done. I have a lot of respect for the way he runs his business!

#3618 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Hey facker. Spent 3 months in WI every year since born and now proudly call it home for over a decade, i am pretty much a FWB.

Once a FIB always a FIB but you can still be my friend. Oh, and BTW the Bears still suck!

#3619 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Tron LE Translite for Tron Girls Translite

Lenticular translite And it was not unique to the LE. Pro had it as well.

#3623 4 years ago
Quoted from RazerX:

I honestly don't care about having a LE, but I do want the LE translite/BG artwork in the game just cuz it looks so bad ass.

If you wanted to switch with someone I know GAP is #51 and would gladly pay $500 to trade for your LE and get his game sooner he's even in the same city as you. in all reality no one is going to put their RZ LE backglass on the wall in favor of a standard translite like the other poster suggested. Artwork is badass like you said! Standard is great as well. Glad we standard owners have another option and Spooky has another revenue stream to pump money into their business! We all win

#3637 4 years ago
Quoted from jkdblaze:

Betelgeuse seems to simply be asking what he is getting for spending an extra $500.00, not to mention that it was supposed to be a "thank you" to the original supporters of Spooky. I personally fail to see how that makes him a "whiner or complainer". We haven't really seen any benefits to the LE so far other than the backglass (or is it a translite) and now it looks like it's available for everyone to purchase.

From talking with Charlie he mentioned that 130 of the 150 AMH buyers were also in on RZ. That means that 80 of these early supporters were not rewarded with the opportunity to get an LE and are getting standards instead. And the LE weren't always the earliest AMH buyers. I'm not sure if that's fair but its reality. I just want to point out that if Betelguese is questioning if paying $500 extra is really worth it that there are many standard buyers that would gladly trade places with him and jump to the front of the line and get special trim and backglass. It's not just a matter of the dollar figure of these accessories but getting to own an even more exclusive game that will always be more valuable and sought after. Didn't really mean to call him a complainer and apologize for that but rather hope that he realizes that he is fortunate to be among this small group.

#3658 4 years ago

You guys are making way too big a deal out of the playfield artwork. Wait until you see the game in person and you may decide you really like it. Yeah it's different than what we may be used to but it's cool and beautiful in it's own way. I like it a lot after seeing it in person and I know the other guys (and gal) did as well. Never once (even behind Charlie's back) did I ever hear anyone say anything negative about the art and honestly the thought never crossed my mind. And just wait until you see what the translite artwork looks like in person and lit up in the game. Spooky is going to sell a ton of both versions! Anyone have any recommendations for lightboxes? I'm definitely going to have to get one!

#3669 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Well, 300 total to be exact.

I'm talking translites not games I could see them easily selling 500 translites alone!

#3770 4 years ago

Fawzma, thanks again for the write up! The modes all sound fun and a bit different than what were used to.

Can you explain how the mode restarts work. I know if you fail a mode you have the ability to re-select it again and continue where you left off. Charlie also mentioned something about becoming infected if you fail it after the third attempt?

I agree with the others that some mini wizard modes and sub goals would be nice to have! Based on the difficulty of the machine the primary wizard goal may be difficult to achieve so its nice to have some smaller goals to achieve along the way.

#3829 4 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Tune into http://Twitch.tv/dead_flip tomorrow (Friday 15th) around 5PM CST to see Jack Danger hanging out with the Spooky Pinball crew to go over their newest creation.
Watch as we play LIVE, and learn how to play along with Jack as he asks what the hell to do on the game.

Looking forward to this! As someone that's played the machine my advice is to get some warm up games in as it takes a while to get a feel for the shots. Also don't be afraid to feel out the tilt. It wasn't until my last game that I realized there wasn't one . Hopefully Charlie remembers to install the tilt bob. I imagine the call outs for tilt warnings are great!

#3900 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Yes, balanced scoring is a must. Looks like WhySnow has got the bit between his teeth now, so I'm sure he'll be down at the factory making it happen

As long as Fawzma is willing to accept feedback and suggestions I think we'll be just fine regarding score balancing and making sure the rules/software are great! I think what's there looks like a ton of fun and I think he's doing a great job especially considering this is his first Pinball ruleset. I think once collectors start getting their games and soliciting feedback via Pinside (dedicated rules thread) the code can really get the polish it needs to bring it home! Guys like Whysnow can be a big help as well. I know he gave some great suggestions to Ben which were used in AMH and made it a better game.

One big plus I already noticed and like is that the upper playfield flipper is disabled during single play modes except when in use. One thing I'd try to do is incorporate those playfield multiplier targets on the right side of the playfield more. Ideally it would be great if you could utilize them at all times and put them on timers like the Bell on ACDC. Every time you hit both targets you could add to your pf multiplier by 1X up to a max of 5X. As your timers get low you can hit a target (maybe the 3 target on the right) to extend them. This would bring a lot more strategy into stacking mb with pf multiplier. If this was done it would balance the playfield shots out more as its currently more left/ramp oriented.

#3905 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

What you are saying is
Use those top right targets to increase score multiplier. clearing those targets increases multiplier by 1x. At the same time, they are timed and as long as you keep it refreshed (hitting them); you keep the score multiplier.
As of right now, your score is multiplied by the balls on the field. I could make it say when you are in MB, you will need to clear and keep those targets alive to earn the MB scoring bonus. But only up to the max balls on field.

Yes I'd keep the balls in play multiplier and use the timed pf multiplier in addition to it. If you are in 2 ball mb and have 2x timed pf multiplier you would then have 4x pf multiplier until that timer expires. You can extend the timer by re clearing the targets and adding another 1X. I think this would work well for most modes but for the sake of score balancing I would make it so that in 1000 corpses mode it only multiplies corpses..-not playfield because that would make it extremely unbalanced since its a 7 ball multiball and already is worth a ton of points.

#3907 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

An idea I had was when the ball is VUKed into UP for a mode you could try and clear the chicken and gas targets to add a bonus, jackpot increase or multiple for whatever mode you started.
Ramp: could advance the dragula jackpot so even if you spam it, you have to be in the correct mode to actually collect on it.
Or ramp,if hit X times, starts dragula mode. It's the most obvious shot and his most popular song, seems appropriate.

Nice ideas Ben! For the upper playfield idea I would just make sure that it's only used on some modes so it doesn't get used too much. Maybe it could be used to as an alternate way to spot a target in Dead City Radio?

As far as the ramp goes I think the ramp would be too easy way to spam points if you assigned bonuses to it. My suggestion would be that for every 5 consecutive ramp shots you start a hurry-up which is would light up a random shot for a timed hurry-up bonus.

#3922 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

All games should have what I would call a "dumb dumb" shot. Something a noob can spam and it will accomplish... something.
The ramp being one way to get to Dragula would be a good choice.

I like it Ben. Since the game is tough and the ramp is really the lone easy shot having it start Dragula after 3 to 5 ramp shots (should be a service setting) would make the game more approachable. I would make it so the re-starts of Dragula mode are only done at the left orbit though so you can't spam it all game. I would then switch the ramp over to qualifying and starting hurry-ups after 3-5 consecutive ramp shots.

#4018 4 years ago

I like red. This is the Badger State after all

#4028 4 years ago

If youre doing an instant info screen you'd probably also want the Corpse count, # of killer cards, and # of extra balls, and other stuff like that which you can page through.

#4029 4 years ago

Also, Fawzma I want to thank you for all the hard work you've put into the game! I really like where you're going with it!

Gotta say that the modes you put in are both fun and unique and I like that some of them have continuation built in as well as great rewards (like multiball or video modes) for actually finishing them! A welcome change from some games where all the modes feel similar that you can time out. You're doing great and I appreciate that you're open to suggestions as well!

#4089 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I agree with Eggbert on this one. The waiting list for the game is a mile long still (I know, I'm on it and have zero expectation of making the final cut sadly). As far as pins go this one seems like a good bet not to lose any value given the limited numbers.

From talking with Charlie I got the impression that they could have easily sold 2-3x the amount of games given the demand for the title. The amount of demand from Rob Zombie fans/fanclub alone would have sold out all 300 games given the number of requests he received. He mentioned that Rob was disappointed that they were limited to only 300 games as pretty much all of his biggest fans were left out.-the games were sold out before they even knew about it. It sounds like there could be the possibility of a sequel RZ game sometime down the road to satisfy some of the excess demand but nothing is for certain and there are several games including Ben's which would be made before that time.

#4091 4 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

This does raise a good point. From what i've heard is that Rob was disappointed in two things. To him the pf looked sparse

I haven't heard this before but I do know that the playfield art itself was exactly what what Rob wanted as he called the shots on that. He wanted his face between the flippers and a giant tombstone with this name on it along with the other elements that are present.

As far as making more than 300 games I'm sure Charlie would have loved to do that but I think he wanted to keep the production more manageable. 300 is double what they did for AMH and I think he would rather grow his business slow and steady then have it balloon into something that's tougher to manage and assume more risk along the way.-Not to mention how long it would take to build that many games. I think it's just a matter of Spooky picking a theme with a lot of demand and getting a great artist behind it that put the demand far above what he was comfortable doing. It sounds like Rob would be on board if they wanted to do a sequel some day, so maybe that unquenched demand will be met?

#4112 4 years ago

I've played both games and wouldn't say either one is "Inferior" to the other. They are just different. RZ is the tougher game and plays unlike any other pin but Met is a tried and true fan layout with solid rules but plays like a lot of other games. Both are great for what they are. I'm excited for RZ and had a blast playing it! I think it will end up being one of the best multiplayer games out there due to its brutal nature and "Corpse stealing" and I can't wait to play dollar games on it! The sound package and display graphics are unlike anything we've seen before. I like Metallica but would rather own a RZ because it offers a more unique playing experience and is different from what we've seen before. I can play Metallica on route, at shows, or in a bunch of my friend's collections whereas RZ may be much harder to play/find If I didn't buy one.-although I do have several friends' buying them.

3 months later
#4748 3 years ago

How do the back glasses look in person? Are they mirrored?

1 week later
#4919 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

The core main modes and submodes are all complete. Now its a matter of finishing the wizard mode. The code is done on it, just need to clean it up. Modes will be tweaked and additions will come over time. My main concern is to make sure there are no game breaking bugs.
Version 5 is up for those using the updater. Manual updaters will have to wait for the zip file to be uploaded.

Are there any multi-balls that are independent from the main modes/sub modes? Can you stack any of the modes/sub modes together or stack a multi-ball with a mode? I would love to have some discussion on general strategy from some of the owners that have had the game for a while. Is there decent risk/reward in the game? Do the multipliers play a large role in the strategy? I can't wait to put some time on one and figure these types of things out!

#4922 3 years ago

I agree that David has done a fine job on code. I played the game back in January and had a blast! Modes were all unique and fun. Game was challenging and brutal. I'm just anxious to learn more about strategy. Game seems plenty deep considering how tough it plays. I'm just hoping it has some risk/reward and forces player to make some strategic choices possibly including some stacking. Would really love to see a top player like KME or Bowen put it through its paces and see it's potential! So far from the videos I've seen the best games have only 1-2 modes started and have barely scratched the surface.

Jetzxi, how do you approach playing it? Are there certain modes you gravitate towards? Have you found any good strategies involving the playfield multipliers? Is 1000 corpse multiball still the ticket for huge points or has that been balanced out with the other modes? I just want to hear some discussion or maybe a kickass gameplay video while I wait patiently for my game! Thanks in advance.

#4931 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I think constructive feedback by owners and those who have game time on RZ is really important as code is still evolving.
The thing with code/rules is that a few tweaks, a new idea etc, can utterly transform a game. What Lyman did with Metallica is a great example.
So, while a game is still in development and changes can be made, a forum to discuss this seems pretty sensible.

+1000! Pretty much all of Lyman's games are disappointing at release. I wouldn't want to own an ACDC, Met, or TWD on initial release code. The magic happened once feedback was received from top players and rules were tweaked to bring in the risk/reward element and scoring balanced between modes. As long as this is done on RZ I think we'll be in great shape! I think in Lyman's case it's a given that his will happen since he's a highly ranked player with tons of game programming experience. As long as David is willing to listen to experienced players and take suggestions we should be fine.

#4940 3 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

So what you are trying to say is Lyman needed feedback from other players to make his games great? I think you are off on this. I'm pretty sure he has ideas about what he wants to do with the code but just needs time to work it all out & with Stern pulling him in too many directions at once it generally causes a delay in getting the code to where he intends it to be.

I think it's both. Most changes are his ideas and vision from the start but I know Lyman has taken suggestions from the Sharpe's and other tourney players regarding score balancing and tournament strategies . If he sees tourney players abusing a scoring strategy/exploit he will at least try to correct it. I know Dwight listens for feedback as well. He put KME's suggestion for switching the flippers back via the captive ball during mass hysteria multiball in GB.

Since David is new to the hobby and not a tourney player I hope he will at least listen to ideas from the community. I think the framework of the rules/general vision should be all him but suggestions to balance rules/reduce exploits should be considered. For example if 1000corpses MB is too valuable maybe try to reduce the scoring a bit and bring up scoring in other modes via multipliers. As long as the code is somewhat balanced and has some risk/reward I wll be happy!

#4962 3 years ago

What kind of Bryan Kelly crap is that... Love all the new sound quotes and game looks much more polished overall! Thanks for the video Mike!

#4963 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

please make it select-able for the user. i.e. user can set to 50, 60, 70, off, etc...
EB on ruined a few games also so best to have it as an option for the user with default as off. I assume there are other ways to earn an extra ball but not sure as I dont remember ever getting one in the times I have played. I like the complete 3 modes option also. Good suggestion.

Agree that any incremental scoring EB should be adjustable in settings. Maybe there could be a way to tie an EB in with the killer cards that are collected?

1 month later
#5384 3 years ago
Quoted from u2sean:

Alright, RZ #57 (I had the number wrong...d'OH!) will be getting picked up at the Spooky Open House and be out in Madison shortly after that for a while - right next to AMH so both Spooky games can be played. Hells yeah - really looking forward to this one!! Thanks in advance, Team Spooky!

Awesome! Thanks Sean. Can't wait to play some RZ on location! So the big question, is Alt-Brew ok with adult mode or will it have to be turned onto Family mode? Either way it will be sweet to be able to play one soon!

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