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#5241 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Hilton... it's REALLY short sighted of you to think you know everything... the loudest voice in the room is rarely the smartest. Come work here for a few months and see how hard this all is.

He needs to learn how to STFU once in a while. Was, re: TPF, Expo, etc.... constant nagging has reduced the value of Hilton's opinion to about nil..

3 weeks later
#5460 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

I've got a business to run, and want to get people in playing these machines. Selling this game and putting the money into say, marketing, will help bring in more players than having the game just sitting around not getting played much.

Two weeks? Need more sample time. The code isn't even complete yet. Have you checked audits, is the game too hard? Lots of reasons it might not be earning...

1 week later
#5561 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I think what I'm going to do instead will be after the 3rd or so, when you hit the lane, if the light is on, it will go out, if off, it goes on. This will force you to think a bit more about how you work the system

Mmmmm nice, keefer's infamous 'bitch' mode from lotr returns.. cool The other idea was done in centaur. You could progress from 'normal' to 'centaur' to 'bitch' to 'bitch+centaur' after each successful save... 1st is easy, second not too bad, 3rd wtf??, 4th $@%#$%^$!

1 week later
#5596 3 years ago

A checksum confirms what the data is. Sounds like pinheck is also specific on *where* the data is.

#5612 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

pinheck doesn't follow cluster chains. It assumes all files are contiguous from their starting point. Which they should be, as long as the files are copied to a formatted card.

..which relies on the OS doing the copying to do so contiguously. I guess the Mac fails because it likes to add its metadata files to the destination? Or does it not copy contiguously?

3 months later
#6557 3 years ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

but all 30 members of my league unanimously feel that it suks,

Uh, no. I played it at PBL party this Expo and liked it. Have never said it sucked.

#6560 3 years ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

Eh, ok. Every person I've asked this far say they dislike it. How could you even see the ball?

It was pretty bright upstairs at PBL. If I got one, I'd just add the stadium lighting like I did to WOZ

3 months later
#7428 3 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

The dealer lied to you , that box is clearly severely damaged . I would think that that picture of it in your van is proof that it was damaged in shipping , dealer needs to get in contact with the shipping company ,it should have been insured. If the dealer won't work with you ,you need to contact a lawyer .

I was curious so did some sleuthing. The dealer in question is Pinball Universe. Threads are here:


Looks like just what he said.. forum mod took the side of PU, is assuming Zsozso is lying and threatened to ban him if he mentioned it again. Base on his pic of the box above, I can't see how the hell they think he's lying, but whatever.. it's their forum. I'd definitely steer clear of Pinball Universe until this is sorted out, though. Damage like that really looks like a shipping incident. I don't think an individual or a group could even lift the game high enough to drop it and cause that, and you wouldn't get that damage from simply tipping it over accidentally.

This post is pretty old, but comment about packaging is interesting..

#7435 3 years ago
Quoted from Rappelbox:

You are referring to the wrong company! Pinball Universe is German based company and only about 3 years old. They put very much effort in supplying only the best games and their service is outstanding!
The tread on flippermarkt has been closed due to the lack of facts/pictures and the will to answer very specific questions regarding transportation.
anyways, I hope for both sides to come to an amicable ending.

The picture of the game in his van is pretty damning. The box is still in original strapping but is significantly damaged - the game was almost certainly broken before it was loaded into the van. Also, it is more likely that the catastrophic damage we saw occurred with a mishap involving forklifts, tractor trailers, loading docks and containers, rather than handtrucks and a van.

I hope Pinball Universe Germany is willing to work with him. If all shipping claims are denied, perhaps Spooky can send a flat-pack cabinet at reasonable cost to help rebuild the game? I can't even imagine the poor guy's disappointment opening that box while surrounded by friends eager to play...

1 week later
#7573 3 years ago

Awesome news! Looking forward to the end results..

2 weeks later
#7676 3 years ago

Awesome! The ballsearch time adjustment will be much welcome.

Any chance at adding difficulty progression to LDG, make it require more shots to start it a 2nd/3rd/etc time? Or is this release just bugfix?

There's a bug with CHOP lane change on left side, might have been related to (and fixed with) the mode-select bug?

Also bug when entering space as last initial (Pat's "AX_" sets this off)

I am willing (and jonesing) to test this release for you if you want, LMK

#7678 3 years ago

I cut the ballsave time from 15 to 6 on my game; that reduces the excessive multiballs. It also seems that chop self-disables at some point during Ho1K corpses.

The multiballs following modes can be lucrative - Demonoid and Dragula - can exploit the ramp after trapping up on right. You have to make sure to collect 4x jackpot from Spaulding to make it worthwhile.. if you blow out the UPF, shoot left orbit to try again before finishing the mode - not worth finishing these at 1x jackpot unless you're Hellbound. Mind the timer though! Also most post-mode multiballs have other shots that are worth big points.. Demonoid - relight all the lamps again... What! - shoot the pussy liquor shot for ? millions (ramp resets timer), also the hurryup on left. Radio - keep collecting 1-2-3 for characters and points... Dragula has the car parts if you skip video mode for the multiball instead, these go into bonus so play Dragula early.

Biggest reason for crap mode scores: not getting 4X from Spaulding, not hitting LDG to boost JP during ensuing multiball, not focusing on mode-specific shots during multiball. The rules are pretty complex - check Fawzma's blog for mode details.

#7712 3 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I'm testing a higher vuk power in ball search only to see if I can clear out a stack in VUK.

WOZ will fire the crystal ball VUK softly but rapidly in succession if it can't clear a jam.. something like this may help RZ, if firing rapidly could cause one of the balls to bounce back over the little ramp and into the main playfield area again.

For those having trouble with the VUK clearing just one ball, make sure the plastic ring the ball sits in is not cracked or warped. Buddy here had an LE with a cracked collar, and the ball sat a lil off center and failed the kick 4/5 times. Might be worth replacing the collar with a metal one if the plastic wants to crack.

#7736 3 years ago

The red one in the left orbit strobes when you need to shoot the left orbit to start a mode. They both flash during a multiball. MB ends = flashers go off.

2 weeks later
#7976 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

I sent Charlie an email about a week ago concerning some potential call outs that's that I thought should be included. He replied back letting me know I should be happy when they get to the massive update this summer. No specifics were given but it does show the dedication to getting the code polished up and making this game a true beast.

Huge summer update sounds awesome, but it would be nice if we could get an interim update in the short term. The rules as they are now (v19) have too many exploits and scoring imbalances. I'll play to try beating the modes, but playing for score is woodchopping to the extreme right now...

#8033 2 years ago

That list looks great! Looks like almost all the bugs got squashed, looking forward to trying it out!

But, I'm concerned there's nothing listed that addresses the problem of trap on right/shoot left ramp til your fingers fall off during multiballs.... yes this is a SLOW way to get points at the moment but it's too safe to NOT use during competition. Also hope the What! mode progress saving is operator adjustable, as the mode was already pretty easy to beat without it. Also concerned about "Updated - Inner right obit switch added to What! mode complete check" .. if this means the inner orbit can now score the pussy licker shot (completing red hot), this is disappointing as that was one of the few difficult objectives in the game, and thus extra-satisfying when you scored it. Despite it's speed, this game is already pretty easy.. please don't make it a giveaway!

#8035 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

This is being nipped in the bud. You can spam the ramp all you want to get super jackpot loaded. Then the ramp becomes worthless and you collect super via the inner right orbit.
I haven't noted it yet since I'm revamping all the modes to make sure rewards/points are awarded correctly. Dead city is a perfect example, 3 of the key shots never awarded any points.
The what mode innner orbit thing is related to a bug that wouldn't let you progress past the first round of the mode.

Sounds f'n awesome man! Hadn't noticed Dead City issue but would explain low scoring there.. I think I've triggered the What! bug once or twice. Sounds great on the SJP. Might want to consider using the left orbit or maybe HO1K inner orbit in multiball to definitely force the player to unload the right flipper.. using just right inner orbit could lead to ramp/ramp/ramp/inner orbit and possibly regaining control on left without ever having to flip the right side... but yea, really looking forward to release!

#8045 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Is anyone actually able to hit the Gasoline switch? I literally think I've rolled over that switch once. I have removed my upper playfield before, so did I maybe not align the upper flipper properly? Did I read someone say you should be able to cradle the ball up there? If so, my alignment is definitely off.

Yea you can hit it, it's not too hard once you know how, but requires a slow feed thru the chicken lane, and you have to flip early at it. Too early and you hit the post separating the lanes, too late and you shoot wide right. It's tricky but not impossible. Try to get it immediately on the feed from the VUK. Remember, you want to lob a slow roller down the left, so don't go for the gas right away, shoot around for spaulding and try to rattle it in a way that it feeds back slowly, then pop the gas.

Hint for keeping the ball alive up top - the post on the right side of the exit will nudge balls into the flipper - if you have a ball hugging the right wall and flip just as it hits this post, you can dig it out and save it just about every time. The balls that get away will be the ones that don't hug the right wall, but you'd be surprised how often you can dig out a ball just as it's trying to drain.

1 week later
#8135 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Now after thinking about this and it could be done in a final version; I could make it so you complete the mode then it exits back to normal play(no MB at the end). Then you start another mode, beat it then get back to normal.. rinse repeat. After two or more modes completed, the mode select option could have a "Metal Multiball" option that gets you into MB with jackpots worth however many modes were beat.

I agree that you shouldn't allow any stacking of modes, since each is unique and they can't really play together. I'd prefer allowing LDG to be brought in to any one mode, allowing the player to finish the mode while playing LDG, but boost the difficulty of starting (and especially repeating LDG) so it can feasibly only be used a couple times a game.

I really do like the idea of having one 'mode metal multiball' that can be invoked as a mode, allowing the player the choice to build jackpot values by doing well in the modes themselves. Kinda reminds me of SST rulesets with nuking planets... nuke as many as you feel comfortable before starting MB.

Or, keep each separate end of mode multiball, but make them all 2ball, limit the chop saves, and base scoring on how many modes have been completed. Make them short but good bonuses for completing modes.

Quoted from jgentry:

When I got mine I found the flippers to be pointed up a little to much for my liking which made the left orbit extremely hard to hit with enough power. I straightened out the flipper bats to a more B/W setup and the left orbit is still not an easy shot but it's a ton easier to make. I can usually start 4-5 modes and at least complete 2-3 each game now.

Definitely this.. make the flippers align with the inlane guides and that'll help left orbit shots. Mine were also pulled up a bit on receipt of gae and the left orbit was extremely hard because you had to shoot as the ball rolled off the tip.

2 weeks later
#8290 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

The RGB on LDG have swapped green/blue on some machines. The menu option is there to correct that.
Robot moves when hit, moves towards the upper playfield when a ball lands in the VUK, and reacts to the skillshot. I have ideas I want to do to utilize the robot more, but that won't be till after v20.

Sounds like y'all got some mislabeled LED strips (pinout isn't correct)...? Doug from speakerlightkits gave me an LED reel once because it was mislabeled and he didn't want to fool with rewiring around it.. must be a common problem. Kudos for discovering and compensating in software! I'll check my game to see if it's setup correctly.

1 month later
#8571 2 years ago

Awesome news! Turn that code loose... great way to start the holiday weekend (for the US at least)!

#8592 2 years ago

Yep, same experience w/infected and mode start, sent dave PM.

#8596 2 years ago

Having some weirdness with modes... figured I'd just post here since I'm sure Dave is checking the thread, and to share and see what others are finding.

Infected is disabled. Played a few modes in the game, finished superbeast and couldn't start a new mode after its multiball. Mode start was flashing but shots to the VUK would simply turn the robot and kick out to the upper playfield, where I could shoot and complete the rollovers, but that's it. I eventually started the G.OBER mode and finished it, then was able to start a left-orbit mode again. Picked American Witch and finished it, got the multiball and eventually drained out. Game acknowledged MB end ("That's it!") but would still say "shoot ramp/right orbit for jackpot." Now shots to the (lit) mode start would turn the robot, and score lightning bonus if lit, but no ability to start mode and ball sat in hole til ballsearch. Drained trying to start LDG to see if that would change anything.

Gotta say, despite the couple bugs, this code is a HUGE_ leap forward. Bunches of new features, almost too much to shoot for and keep track of, the sounds and grafx are much, MUCH improved.. shooter groove loops are seamless, tons more voices and effects, game filled with unique target/lane/bumper sounds to let you know what you hit w/o looking at the display (essential during LDG and modes) .. new grafx for lots of the features, much better scoring balance, good movement of Supers to eliminate ramp looping... and some massive knockers to boot. Not the replay variety either! This game is finally playing like it should be, and rates right along Stern's current lineup in terms of polish and quality. Don't hesitate to upgrade despite the issues mentioned here, it's WELL worth it.

#8598 2 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

Another issue I've had is where I shoot mode start and ball will just sit in VUK until ball search. No mode start or anything. Only way I've been able to resolve it is by turning the game off and back on.

Yea, I finished my last game at 30M and started a new one, and was in the same situation. Power cycle clears problem. No biggie, need this debugging time to figure out all the new features anyway.

#8615 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

And for those having problems I hate to sound like a broken record, are you sure you updated the card the correct way? Every time I talk to someone with oddities it's one of the following
used something other than windows (chromebook is the worse offender)
Didn't format or didn't format FAT32/32kb
Files were dragged from the zip folder to the card
Any of the above will do something odd in the game. With how much was updated I'm sure the new common issue caused by the above has changed.

Hi Dave,

Infected is off. I did the card update exactly per the instructions: copied the files out of the ZIP to a new folder I created on desktop, formatted the card fat32, 32K clusters, then copied the files from that folder to the SD card. Used Windows, although it was Vista.. only laptop I had with an SD card reader. I had network unplugged and made sure the system was idle before starting the copy. I can try reprogramming the card again if you're pretty sure the problem is on my end. First, I'll try a factory reset, then not turning on Infected to see if that changes anything.

#8617 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Hate to say it, but it's vista.

Ok.. I have an SD card reader that I can plug into a win7 box; just uses internal USB header so a little screwdriver action required. Will format, recopy and reprogram. When copying from temp folder to the card, should I do the folders in any particular order? Should I copy/paste instead of dragging?

#8620 2 years ago

Leach, did you use a newer version of Windows than Vista when updating?

#8622 2 years ago

Just did a factory reset and left all the settings standard... played a game, mode start stopped working after 2 modes and playing GOBER. Wondering if it occurs after starting the GOBER mode, as that locks out mode start while it's running... maybe doesn't reset a flag afterward? I drained the GOBER without finishing and problem started after that. I'll still try reprogramming the game, but if Leach is having the same issue when using Windows 10, I'm not sure that'll work...

#8645 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Think I figured it out.. don't have a machine to test..
Start goober
but drain while still in goober mode.
You shouldn't be able to start a mode from the VUK..
IF you start goober again, but beat it, everything will reset like it should. If someone can test that and let me know. I 'll get an updated PRG file for it to be tested.

Pulling the glass now, back in a few.

#8648 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Think I figured it out.. don't have a machine to test..
Start goober
but drain while still in goober mode.
You shouldn't be able to start a mode from the VUK..
IF you start goober again, but beat it, everything will reset like it should. If someone can test that and let me know. I 'll get an updated PRG file for it to be tested.

Dave, think you nailed it. Game acted exactly as described when I just tested it. Glass off and did just the actions listed above and got those results.

To be specific: Started game, hit switch to cancel skillshot. Looped ramp then right orbit to start goober. Made a goober shot, then drained. Ball 2: switch to cancel skill, shot left orbit: hung ... ballsearch.. hit a couple switches, left orbit again: hung. Ballsearch. Looped ramp + right orbit for another goober. Finished goober. Left orbit: mode select happened properly. Did not start any multiballs or anything else except above.

#8650 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

generating a new PRG file and will get to you with instructions on what to do with it

Sounds good

#8689 2 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

I'll second this. I can't seem to get the sound quite right so would like to hear others settings on that box inside the cab.

I got it sounding really nice. Try:

Left little knob (bass/sub volume) - set to your desired BASS volume level.. game may sound muffled til you complete rest of adjustments; that is fine.
Right little knob (bass/sub crossover) - turn up (clockwise) for low volume levels, turn down for high volume levels. Too much low end shakes the cab badly if you crank the volume.

Left big knob (treble) - set all way up (clockwise) for clear backbox sound (but you can hear a little artifacting in the audio)
Middle big knob (backbox bass) - set pretty far up for full-range sound from backbox.. back it off a bit if you really crank the backbox volume so they don't get too much bass.
Right big knob (backbox volume) - set high enough to balance against the left little knob (bass/sub volume). Readjust bass (1st step) if needed.

In the game, set the SFX around 80% and the music around 60%... I like the music loud, but too loud drowns out some of the quotes. Adjust to your liking after playtesting.

#8733 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Trying to update to v20, but when trying to format my SD card, it says it is write-protected. I have tried moving the little switch on the card to both positions multiple times, but I still get the same error. Any advice?

Make sure it's in the disabled position, then make sure it's not being pushed back to write protect position when you insert the card into your writer's slot. It's easy to brush the edge of the card against the slot edge and inadvertantly move the slider back to write protected position.

#8751 2 years ago

Had a pretty good game on new code.. completed 4 modes and LDG, and really rocked the post-mode multiballs, also played HO1K twice and wound up w 1470 corpses. Game is just damn fun, so much better overall, and feels complete now.

One thing that does still bother me is the scoring imbalance with HO1K.. almost half my score came from that multiball, but the time spent in it, and skills required to start and play it--even twice-- are so much lower than time/skills spent in the rest of the game. May I suggest a scoring change: for HO1K, award 1 million points immediately for every 100 corpses collected, then, say 20 million for the 1000th corpse.. maybe boost the scoring (1.25million/25million? ) for the next thousand, etc. Still the most valuable goal in regular play but doesn't overpower the rest of the game as much.

Also, are the UPF callouts now tied to which switch you hit? I'm hearing lots more chicken, and hardly any "don't block the pumps asshole!" type calls.. the design of the UPF means you'll hit the chicken probably 10x more than the gas, so hoping the gasoline calls can be had from either switch.

Sorry for the nitpicks, but that shows just how f'n good the rest of the code is now

rz (resized).jpg

#8752 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

That seems to be normal now I have gotten video mode quite a few times on the new code and it has done this every single time . Getting to choose another mode after completing the video mode was one of the reasons to go for the video mode instead of multiball . Don't know if this change was intended or not .

FWIW, I did like the old way, since MB tends to be worth more points... I'd shoot for VM to get a jump on the next mode while sacrificing the higher scoring.

#8754 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

This makes sense, didn't think of scoring this way

I do also gotta say, I *really really* like the post-mode multiballs now.. the Super JP popping up in different places keeps you on your toes.. with how fast the ramp returns the ball, you got less than a second to identify the Super and either aim to a different shot on the right, or setup a transfer to shoot towards left, all while trying to maintain some semblance of control. The utter chaos that the playfield provides with the 4 slings and exposed pops make these roving shots very challenging (and satisfying) to nail on a regular basis. Awesome work

#8783 2 years ago
Quoted from rockfantasyman:

i winziped onto the sd card . i really do not understand any other way to do this the game is working though . for some of us not so computer savy this whole thing seems complicated

It's not very complicated, even for non-savvy users.

Make a new folder on your desktop. Right-click -> new -> folder. Call it RZ20. Now download and run the update file from Spooky's site. When Winzip asks for a place to extract the files, point it to the new RZ20 folder and let it do it's thing. Most users won't have Winzip... if the downloaded zipfile just opens to show the contents, copy all the files from it and paste into the RZ20 folder.

Now insert the SD card. Open Computer (go to file explorer and click your PC - you'll see the SD card there). Right click it and select Format. Make sure it's formatting FAT32 with 32K clusters (the default).

Once that's done, double click the card to open it in a window (should be empty). Double click the RZ20 folder on your desktop to open it in another window. Click to highlight all the stuff in RZ20 and drag it to the card. Once it's done copying, the card is ready to be ejected and installed into the game. Use the game menu as indicated to update the software.

#8801 2 years ago

If anyone is having issues with the VUK fuse blowing, check that switch under the upper playfield. My VUK stopped working.. checked and the fuse was blown. Checked the switch and sure enough, the front tab was mashed into the middle tab. I'm betting this intermittently shorts the matrix and causes the VUK to lock on or rapid fire, blowing the fuse.

I bent the tabs apart, but it looks like it'll need an L-bracket (small coil stop?) right in front of the switch to protect it as a permanent fix.

4 months later
#9407 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I won’t repeat what others have said but going from v20 to v22 when released is big difference. I’ve added several new ways to score some big points.
Plus you get the benefit of bugs being fixed.

Yea, there's lots more shit to do in .22, scoring is more balanced.. lots of tweaks and small fixes. Absolutely no reason to hold off upgrading.

1 week later
#9451 2 years ago

I assumed the game was already doing that - adult mode using ALL quotes; family mode removing the vulgar stuff. Definitely need to make all the sounds available in adult mode, since mode owners will run the game that way anyway.

1 year later
#10461 5 months ago

I would hope another update is coming; there are still bugs in the latest version. Had one instance where display said P1 was up when P2 was the actual player up. It corrected itself once the ball was plunged, but that kind of stuff needs to be fixed.

4 months later
#10514 20 days ago

Oh yea, you can score this skillshot in many ways, as there's no timer...

My best one was: plunge to Skill 1 (upper left sling), caromed off a post to a trap on the right flipper. Post passed to left flipper, then deliberately rattled a right orbit shot that fell into the upper right sling (Skill 2) which rebounded into a pop for the finishing shot.

2nd best effort was a game where I scored a triple skillshot the normal way, then scored a second one plunging the EB earned from the first one.

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