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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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#80 4 years ago

< Highly interested in this pin. The theme has a ton of potential. Hopefully I can get a slot before they're all spoken for. I'm in the camp that believes they will sell out quickly.

#133 4 years ago
Quoted from CraZyMuffin:

Theme sounds awesome! Hopefully the gameplay will be just as good. Sent Kayte an email earlier today with no response yet... hoping to get in on the LE list. Any word if any spots left yet?

I sent a message to Charlie earlier yesterday with a similar request. Not sure if that's who I should message or not. No response yet. Seemed like they were getting a lot of messages, so I'm not surprised. Initially it sounded like non-AMH customers should wait until July 4th to message, then I read what sounded like an e-mail list already established for non-AMH.

#150 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

If you are interested, I'd send an email. I committed yesterday as an AMH #42, I got an email from KT with-in 30 minutes saying I'm in on an LE. BY the end of the show, I wouldn't be surprised if the Texas pinball festival record weekend of near 30 AMH orders wasn't surpassed by the end of Sunday.

As noted, I messaged Charlie yesterday, but I also just now messaged KT with the copied message. Have essentially asked to get on whichever version is available once I'm considered (LE preferred). Though with these production numbers...it's really more like LE and LE+.

For an interesting side note, I posted this on the forum 11 days ago

Quoted from Medisinyl:

There are many bands I love that would make for terrible pins as there wouldn't be much well known toy theme and such to go for. I'd be highly interested in bands known for horror theatrics. Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, etc.

#159 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We're thrilled that Sid Haig agreed to do the custom speech for that character! Having both Sid & Rob doing dialogue is more than we ever could have hoped for. !

Saw Sid Haig during a Devil's Rejects panel at Spooky Empire. He's very down to earth and hilarious. Huge plus to have him on board

#175 4 years ago

No mention of if I'm in the running for an LE or not (I can accept prior customers getting all of these), but just got this message from Charlie : "You just joined the list, and you will see the game before you have to put down a dime. You like it, great! You don't, that's fine too.

Crazy huh?! Thanks!"

#177 4 years ago
Quoted from wonderpuddle:

When did you email? Charlie or KT or both? I emailed minutes after the announcement and was told no list until July. Hopefully they added those of us who emailed earlier to the list as well.

I emailed Charlie earlier yesterday after I read about a list forming (initially I held off as I read what you just noted about July 4th). I emailed KT today after it was suggested here that that's the better e-mail to use for such a request, but heard nothing from that one (Charlie copied KT on the email).

#220 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

It's hard to say whether the run on this game is due to the license or due to good will generated by them making AMH first.
Can people who have put their name on the list for a game say whether it's the license or just Spooky's rep that has lead you to this decision without even seeing any art or a playfield drawing?

Again, this is a post of mine from less than two weeks ago:

Quoted from Medisinyl:

There are many bands I love that would make for terrible pins as there wouldn't be much well known toy theme and such to go for. I'd be highly interested in bands known for horror theatrics. Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, etc.

While I've had the chance to play one game of AMH and found no negatives, for me it's definitely the theme combined with Spooky's positive reputation thus far.

#288 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

Any chance you have an idea of how long we will have between seeing the artwork/layout before we will need to deposit the 1k?

Was this in reference to that in the previous post?

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Once we show the playfield and art, deposit of $1,000 confirms your game, NOTHING more until your game is done. You've got a couple months at my best estimate. .

#343 4 years ago
Quoted from jkdblaze:

Has it been mentioned why some of the obvious songs are missing?
Thunder Kiss '65
More Human Than Human
Super Charger Heaven
Black Sunshine
Don't fit the theme? A licensing issue (Rob/White Zombie)? Builders choice?

I would assume adding WZ tracks would have additional license hurdles...though we could all pick our favorites. Meet the Creeper would be my #1 choice for the machine, but that's irrelevant.

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We had a lot of people upset AMH didn't have a "family mode"... and it is very mild in the adult humor department with cute kooky ghosts as the villains. I had one guy cancel his AMH order because of this, and he told me to take him off our sales list because we "obviously don't care about people with children". .

I suppose people that make films like "Saw" don't care about people with children either. Seems ridiculous to order a pin with "Haunted" in the title and then having a complaint like that. That parent wouldn't take their kids to see a horror film, and they have the same control over what pins they're exposed to. Gorgar is scarier looking than AMH...hell, Funhouse is scarier looking that AMH.

I personally love horror (have since I was 3 or 4) and would be part of a market that would appreciate a very adult oriented horror pin (adult in horror level...nudity would be a negative). Entertainment is quite subjective, and you can't please everyone :p

#398 4 years ago
Quoted from Damonator:

What?!! It needs to rock - Stryper would be the tamest choice. Memphis May Fire would be another good choice.
I think this is a hilarious tangent in the RZ thread though. I'll stop now.

Yeah, the tangent has dragged a bit...but for Bible Adventures, why not bands like Testament and Exodus?

#454 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We're not holding back on this... Some of you are going to have to lock it in "family mode" and leave it there. It's all about the horror, metal, art, and crazy world that Zombie has created. I freakin' love it!

That's exactly what the RZ fans want to hear The horror, metal, and crazy world is all "art" from Zombie.

Something Bill Moseley said at the panel I saw referenced how overwhelmed/sick he felt over the scene where he sexually assaults the guy's wife(in DR). As he was aside, Rob came over and sympathetically told him something to the effect of, "art isn't always easy."

#460 4 years ago
Quoted from Pahuffman:

Apparently Rob Zombie is going to be directing some sort of Groucho Marx movie. What's the deal with this?

Well, Rob does name his characters based on Marx Brothers stuff (at least 6 characters from House/DR are named from Marx films), and I know Rob's friend Alice Cooper was good friends with Groucho. Some ties can be made...

#470 4 years ago
Quoted from Jabbles180:

The more I read about this games the more stoked I am that its even in the design que.

Even though I emailed the day after it was announced, the more "stoked" I get about the game, the more I worry the "list" could have possibly already been long enough to keep me from having the actual chance to buy it (considering the percent of AMH customers that jumped on it out of 150...then the many more that might have gotten in early).

I just watched some gameplay footage of AMH and am actually somewhat disappointed that I didn't pay attention to it when I could have played at TPF (having recently gotten into pinball, I wasn't aware of what it was or that it was so limited). I played it once at the Jacksonville expo, but my mediocre skills led to quick ball times. Watching the video of it, I'm highly impressed with the display graphics, and it seems like it would be amazing in the dark in a home environment.

Just adds to my faith that this game will be amazing. I would have wanted a RZ pin from any manufacturer, but it seems as though Spooky may very well be the best for the theme.

#476 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Have you heard back that you're on the list from KT yet? If not double check that they got your email, you should get a reply. I talked to Charlie in the last day or two and there were still slots left, just filling up fast.
I think there's still time for anyone to get in on this now, once the art is revealed my guess is interest will spike, and the rest will vanish.

Thank you for this information (relieved). I should be more than fine then as they did get me on the list. Was just worried after I heard how slammed they were with interest that the list had already gone beyond 300 slots. "Well over 1/3" of the 150 AMH owners placing interest seems like a staggering figure when considering the 1000s of pinheads around.

#479 4 years ago
Quoted from Snowyetti:

Can anybody put out a pinball that's done before taking money am I on another planet

Yes, but for such a small/early business, the $1k deposit "after seeing the game" sounds incredibly reasonable to me. NONE of them can put out a pinball before "spending" money.

#559 4 years ago

Just a "reminder" for those that clearly never bothered to read the thread. Running it in circles at this point... Can't wait for real updates though

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We do have it in place should the need arise that we can extend the contract to complete the build, but we can't extend the contract for number of games sold.

2 months later
#999 4 years ago

Looks awesome to me If the rest matches it will be the best looking pin in a very long time IMO.

#1014 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I expect the art to be epic. I've heard good things about the toys. The dots are going to be sweet.
The two big questions marks for me are
a) the rules, which are just totally unknown since it's a new programmer
b) the playfield layout
I just wasn't crazy about the Pinball Zombies layout, to put it nicely. Didn't do it for me. They've made some tweaks, question is will they be enough or not?
If the gameplay doesn't match the art then I'm out, it's gotta be both.

Admittedly I wouldn't have considered buying PZFBTG in the original state for even a third of the price, but it did have some features I like (3rd sling/mini playfield/look of the ramp), and I could easily see it being something great with even a couple improvements (sounds like there may be many promising changes). It just had awful playfield art and gave a sense that something was missing in the layout.

The theme, Horley on board for art, Sid Haig callouts, etc. push it into a realm that lends me to believe they really need to screw up for me to back out. They'll sell out regardless with the limit, but I expect some potential buyers may put their money towards Alien instead. Rather frustrating that such powerhouse themes are coming out around a similar time frame (bit too much money to buy both). Alien may be easier to find to buy in the future though.

I'm just glad Stern isn't doing either of them.

#1033 4 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Have any non-AMH people heard back on whether they're on the waiting or interested list?

I had messaged them as soon as I saw the announcement (within a day) and got a response that I was on the list in a couple days (they were bombarded at the time). I have no idea how they are handling the list currently.

Can anyone confirm that 6 and 7 ball multiball modes are still the plan?

#1039 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I asked Kayte which # I am. She said there are no numbers yet, and said its just an interested list until game is revealed and deposits taken.

As long as they're being offered in an order relative to the responses they got (as was originally noted from them somewhere), then however else they handle the list is fine by me.

1 week later
#1059 4 years ago
Quoted from RavenBlackthorn:

Cabinet art?

Certainly appears to be. Coloring seems to be in this style from Horley:


3 weeks later
#1248 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Are these pins sold out now?

I don't believe anything has been "sold" yet, but the interested list has been well beyond 300 for awhile now if I've understood correctly.

#1281 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Plus RZ isn't a hard limit of 300 like AMH was. If things go well, he could always extend the contract.

This seems to contradict this previous post from Charlie (any clarification?):

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We do have it in place should the need arise that we can extend the contract to complete the build, but we can't extend the contract for number of games sold. 300 is double what AMH was, so this is a BIG jump for our facility and team.

#1296 4 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I don't see a conflict. As I understand it, contract says they can sell/build 300 games in two years. If it takes them longer than the two years to build them all, the contract can be extended to complete the games that have been sold, but cannot be extended for the purpose of selling more than 300 games.

Exactly as I read it. The contradiction is that Ben is now saying that 300 isn't a cap as it had previously been stated (that they could actually make more than 300). In other words, the vast majority of people on the list are likely under the impression that there is a cap at 300. Many of them may not care if things change, but the fact that many will makes it something that needs clarification before money is exchanged. Either way, I'm thrilled a RZ pinball is getting made in any quantity.

#1314 4 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Same question, why? Why does the number of non LE games influence their purchasing decision? Why do people need to know if production is capped before they pay, and why is it unfair to make more?
It's back to this notion that we have to feel special for owning a hard to get pinball game, it's so lame.
Tell me people want to know the run is continuous so they can wait and play before they buy, but that's not the discussion. The discussion is people having their feelings hurt because their non LE pinball machine went to the line for another run. I can't figure out a single reason people would have a problem with that, except that they want to own something others can't have.

It doesn't matter...UNLESS a definite number is claimed earlier and then it changes. If it wasn't stated that the contract didn't allow for more than 300 to be made, then there would be no discussion. I don't think anyone here is outwardly complaining if they make more than 300, or would fault them for maximizing profit, it's just a communication change that can worry people spending $6k on a toy (and some people are interested in collecting expensive toys for their rarity).

Ultimately I'd hope the majority of buyers genuinely like either Rob's music or his movies and are not in it for an investment. I had noted this as a dream theme of mine before any announcement and still can hardly believe it's actually happening.

1 week later
#1423 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'm excited for the reveal.
Rob Zombie has a game. Isn't anyone on here a friend of his who can go play it and report back?

I was under the impression he only got to see the game for a moment. There was a post that made it sound like they were delivering one for him to keep, but I don't believe that was the case.

1 month later
#1645 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Am I the only one that is disappointed by reading that? I hope you can turn them off.

I was hoping there would be a video mode, so thus far, yes

Aside from that, to dissect the image a bit further, it appears as though the ball save/extra ball insert reads as, "Rock Again."

#1771 4 years ago
Quoted from DefaultGen:

Exciting, yeah the left orbit and 2 pops there haven't changed. Looks like something spooky is on top of the rear pop bumper.

The Phantom Creeps robot came to mind first, but there's not really enough showing to tell.

#2005 4 years ago

I personally love the playfield art. I've always been a bit of an insomniac, and as a 13 year old, I heard Dragula for the first time on the radio in the wee hours. Somehow I managed to get my mother to take me to the record store the following day to get Hellbilly Deluxe. I loved the horror theme, but always hid the album from my father as I didn't think he'd approve of my owning it if he saw the cover. That alone was enough to have that album artwork imprint on me in some way, and the playfield art is rather reminiscent of Rob's appearance on that album, yet even more menacing now. And really, that area of playfield art is all I really notice when playing a game anyway (especially with a fast game+lighting, etc). Looks like there is plenty going on in the upper playfield to distract from it being a bit barren art-wise up there.

#2389 4 years ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

On a side not note many games with one ramp are fun, ok with no fan layout but like ramps in pins for the most part. Old games in the past had ones ramps but today's games need more. I still hope the game is a home run.

People seem to think TSPP is a great game. One ramp...one VUK to a mini playfield...same as RZ. But RZ's left orbit can go to one of three places, going to the upper playfield, or into a Rudy's hideout sort of area that can start a mode , or out another orbit (more specifics in the podcast). I believe I also heard the robot can follow the ball, which I always find to be a neat feature. It sounds like this machine really has a lot more going on than meets the eye or has been revealed yet (dots, callouts etc.), and to have what sounds like the best skill shot in all of pinball (and spaced out pops/extra slings), there needs to be a bit less going on in some parts of the playfield.

#2593 4 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I actually like the playfield art, but what are those black streaky lines in the lower middle...smoke?...trees? I seriously can't tell.

I believe it's Rob's hair flowing up in Japanese horror fashion. Makes it look rather menacing and ominous/ethereal in my opinion, as if he's dead (below his tombstone) and rising from hell to orchestrate the madness in the pinball machine.

Otherwise, it seems like some of the complaints here are coming from people that don't understand the source material. It's a pinball forum, but this game wasn't designed to satisfy the average pinhead.

Those complaining about comic-book style inserts may not be aware that RZ's Spookshow International...is a comic book.

With the moving Phantom Creeps robot, this machine appears to capture the look of being at the artist's live concert better than any music pin to date...and it's on top of a pop bumper (never been done before?) and interactive in gameplay (follows the ball too I think) and on the DMD, which takes it over the top IMO.

The witch on the playfield is very similar in appearance to the witch on the American Witch single (and if anyone cares to know, "The End of the American Witch" is also a book in The Lords of Salem).

I agree with those upset over the disparity between the cab art and the rest of the game, and I'm under the impression the cab art may have all been prior art done by Horley, so perhaps *if that is the case*, it may have been a necessary measure to keep costs within reason. I don't know all the facts, but I do know for certain that I've seen some of the cab panel art elsewhere. Still pretty awesome art.

As for those complaining about it being a $6000 machine, I can also agree it doesn't look like a $6k game on the surface. I may say it looks like a $4k-$4500 game + newly designed color DMD screen + Flipper Fidelity speakers + 300 limit + amazing source material. RZ fans will easily drop $1000s on a $20 movie prop that didn't even have much impact in one of his films (11 hours left on what would otherwise be a piece of junk, and it's at $1600 already : ebay.com link » Original Skull Mask Prop From Rob Zombies The Lords Of Salem ).

It's already apparent that many people would feel lucky to have the opportunity to buy this pin at $6k, so it makes little sense to complain about the price, when price is often determined by supply/demand, and clearly the supply doesn't come close to meeting demand. It would make more sense to praise Spooky for keeping the cost at $6k despite the license, Horley, the 300 limit, etc. Alien has already seen price increases since initial deposits were being taken.

The list goes on... From my perspective, they crammed a lot of the large world RZ has created (from more sources than many would know he's been at the helm of) into one machine, so inherently there will be some clash, but at first glance here, it looks like they've pulled off some impressive things.

#2604 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I *think* what you're thinking of is this similarly themed but different RZ art Alex did:
I'm not inlining it since it has naked breasts, so don't click that if you're not in a safe place for that.

No, but what you linked is also on the front cabinet (bottom left of that image is on the right side). Here's a few others (the last one isn't exact, so perhaps it's a new version on the machine or something that was done prior):

Exact graveyard here is also on the left plastic in the machine -

#2633 4 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

after playing AMH yesterday I'm in
Though i'll wait for the gameplay video before I send my reply email and check( do I just make the check to Spooky Pinball LLC)
but the build quality on AMH impressed me and it was fun as well
Art is amazing(even the playfield is starting to grow on me) but the layout on RZ is what I love. I love the pop bumpers and the Slings on the sides
I feel like a kid when I bought Hellbilly Deluxe at a flea market behind my dads back(he would hate the cover and I was like 11 or 12)
oh and the wife approves and was even telling her friends about how cool it is
can't wait for my first NIB

Interesting, as I posted this here recently:

Quoted from Medisinyl:

I personally love the playfield art. I've always been a bit of an insomniac, and as a 13 year old, I heard Dragula for the first time on the radio in the wee hours. Somehow I managed to get my mother to take me to the record store the following day to get Hellbilly Deluxe. I loved the horror theme, but always hid the album from my father as I didn't think he'd approve of my owning it if he saw the cover. That alone was enough to have that album artwork imprint on me in some way, and the playfield art is rather reminiscent of Rob's appearance on that album, yet even more menacing now. And really, that area of playfield art is all I really notice when playing a game anyway (especially with a fast game+lighting, etc). Looks like there is plenty going on in the upper playfield to distract from it being a bit barren art-wise up there.

Otherwise, I too was impressed with the perceived build quality on AMH and how it plays. I've played 3 of them now. Initially I didn't pay much attention, but after being on the RZ list, I made more of a point to get a feel for it with my last encounter.

#2675 4 years ago
Quoted from pballinhd:

Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #68
43 minutes in . . .
Charlie talks about Rob & Sherrie wanting more in the game (10 more things à la carte).
Sherrie wants to accessorize the game.
Involving Alex Horley & Matt from Back Alley Creations.

Goes on to suggest these add ons may be purchasable in the future and that the current bill of materials should cause the machine to cost more than $6k, but they aren't increasing the price.

#2688 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

I thought this was frowned upon?

I'm going to assume that you're the child in your avatar with your recent string of posts, dirtbag66.

#2716 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Jp is also 2k and the Dino eats the ball ..... just saying lol

I expect the NIB price on JP would be closer to "apples to apples."

#2814 4 years ago
Quoted from urbanledge:

does it bother anyone else that the inserts are not centered to robs face?

His chin is right in the middle of the flippers. Looks like the head may have a slight left angle. Gives a sense of movement, especially with the flowing hair. If everything was perfectly straight and lined up, I expect Rob would instead look quite static (Elvira in eatpm for example...looks frozen...Rob looks like he could come up to get you). The slight off centering is a benefit IMO.

Otherwise, I love the sling action from 3:54-3:59 or so with the ball going all over the place from the chicken bucket to the robot. Somewhat confused about the scaling on the screen. Everything looks perfect except for the the ball #, and in this case, "free play." It's cut off a bit unless that's because of the camera angle and you'd see it better at normal play height.

#2835 4 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

House of 1000 Corpses looks like a ton of fun. Is there a setting to pick up where you left off, or is it starting over every time? Or can you not replay it once you do it once, so it's all or nothing?

I can't speak with any certainty, but the fact you can steal corpses from another player lends me to think you can re-enter the mode (if so skilled) and continue where you left off (similar to killing Dracula in BSD perhaps).

EDIT:...and some seconds too late on my post :p

#2843 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Dirtbag66 is a troll but there's a kernel of truth in there. There's a whole lot of "kumbaya" back-patting going on in this thread for a game only a handful of people have seen or played. People on Pinside tend to go all-out with their emotions and sometimes it can get a bit saccharine and off-putting. Everything in moderation, folks.
Spooky has my deposit, but let's hold off on the slobber and calling it the greatest game ever made until a few get delivered and we can get a more varied review from multiple sources. It would be nice to have a discussion about a game without it turning into a downvote festival.

I don't think anyone is particularly gushing about the game as a whole here. Most seem to see the limitations the game has, but are praising the differences and innovations that could make it a great game to compliment a collection. It's easier to be blatant about the positive aspects than the negative ones when communicating through text that could be misinterpreted.

With MET in my collection, there are many games that don't seem to be worth buying that are otherwise good games...I see a fan layout, 2 ramps in a similar position, center bash toy..then other stuff that isn't as neat as inline drops, etc. and it ends up looking like a bad compliment to the collection. With RZ I'm seeing things that none of my (albeit limited) collection has.

#2847 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Go back to page 37. Looks like gushing to me. And that was BEFORE the gameplay video!

And if you read beyond the first line I wrote, you'd see how I interpret their enthusiasm. I don't like everything about any game in my collection, but they're all great games for various reasons.

#2917 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

If it's a switch, you get corpse.
I could pick a random switch and blink its light, and that one switch could be worth more then all others. I'd have to test for balance of course.

This sounds like it could be promising, though if implemented, it may be best to limit the bonus switches to orbits and the ramp, etc.--switches that wouldn't easily be hit automatically with the pop/sling action. With the orbits, it may give the sense that you're collecting these extra corpses from a location you can't see.

#2920 4 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I don't think 1000 corpses is unreasonable if it is achievable during a great game and leads to a reward worthy of the effort. It would be interesting to hear if anyone on the team has achieved this in a real game.

It didn't look unreasonable at all seeing how fast the corpses were racking up. It just may seem a tad dull if the entire mode is comprised of hitting random switches. It works for something short like Bats/Rats in BSD (the layout also helps where aiming for pops can be a goal), but may feel a bit too much like just trying to keep balls alive until 1000 is hit if there is nothing special to shoot for.

#2958 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Someone else mentioned "even Rob says there's nothing in this game"...

Nothing that user has posted has been of any value. Responding to them is just "feeding the trolls." Even this post is likely guilty of that now :/

#2970 4 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

I'm building a house this summer and would prefer a little time, personally. I'm dragging my heels a little but I'm still leaning toward pulling that trigger. How cool would RZSI, Met, BSD, and Centaur be right next to each other? \m/

As mine will also be paired up with Met and BSD, I suppose I'd think it's very cool (Freddy instead of Centaur in my case though for relevant pins).

Quoted from ZenTron:

... and annoyed some folks earlier on in this thread.

Yes, I remember. Respectable come around post

#2977 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I'm officially on the waiting list. So...some of you guys keep dropping out please.

Good luck Unfortunately...sounds like you'll need it :/

#3017 4 years ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

it needs an f'ing magnet too. i love magnets.

I also love magnets, but aside from a magna save type feature, I don't see anywhere on the layout to really care about a magnet this time around. It already has lots of stuff to make the balls go crazy, and to stop the ball on a magnet would only slow down what appears to be a game that can pride itself on how fast the action is.

A spinner however does seem like a bit of a missed opportunity, but 7 ball multi and multipliers gets part of the way there. Adding rotating orbit/ramp corpse bonuses as suggested previously (and possibly taken into consideration) would allow me to ignore the lack of a spinner, but I was surprised how much I liked spinners after getting BK.

#3021 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

there is plenty of randomizing gameplay elements

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

And I loved those pop bumpers on RZFBTG - never seen such fun use of pops for a long time.

This moment is a perfect example of how crazy the pop/sling action is (chicken pop, then right upper sling, to LU sling, to right side of machine, to LL sling, to RL sling, to LU sling, to RU sling, to Robot [with a nice metal clink sound at the end of it all]):

EDIT: Hmm, the link is set to start at 3:55, works if I put it in the browser, but changes in my post.

#3057 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, not many hours until the wait list is opened up.
Wonder how many spots will be available?
Going to guess 57.

I'm under the impression you know, but for those that care and don't see FB, Charlie noted that (at least ?) 80% of the 300 are in.

#3260 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I am probably the only one who doesn't love RZs cabinet art. I really like the playfield art.

I too don't "love" the cab art (great art, just not my preference, and it doesn't match anything else) and really like the playfield art. As it will be wedged between other machines, it doesn't really make much difference anyway.

1 week later
#3443 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Hopefully Mezel will make a red hot pussy liquor sign mod!
Yeah, I'm thinking the material alone can make this pin great

I thought somewhere it was mentioned that there would be two signs or something with the game--a RHPL and a Red Hot Kitty Lover. Not entirely sure what I'm remembering.

#3676 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Let's not have short memories now. People's feedback made Hobbit look so much nicer. It's hard not to see what could have been when you line them up side by side. Spooky owns all the art. I think Aurich said it best...you need a designer to help guide the artist on how to lay stuff out.

Poor comparison when the real playfield is washed out (as the whole photo is) and all the plastics are eclipsed by lights underneath (makes the mock up look far bolder side by side). Plastic integration is far better on the mock up, but I prefer the real playfield otherwise. I tried to fix the left photo a bit to make the playfield a bit more equal.


1 week later
#3958 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

What I could do instead is; if you complete the switches, you get something added to the mode of some sort + resets your time.

Something like this sounds good as a risk/reward route. Even if it's generally best to just let it drain (only having a small UP bonus), if the ball is going to pass through the UP, it may be nice to know that it's at least possible to get some value out of it if the player chooses to risk time loss.

EDIT: Though ultimately I agree with waiting on certain code changes until players have had hands on experience.

#3986 4 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

You could disable the flipper, but then non pinball people will think the game is broken. If the ball is going to the mini, it should do something.

It could be neat if starting certain modes would cause a lightshow and DMD animation of something disabling the flipper (while laughing) to force a drain, as if the game is attacking you.

#4081 4 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Just picked up tickets to see Rob Zombie play nearby in May. Any chance the translites will be available by then so we can try to get one signed?

I was wondering the same as I too have tickets to see him.

#4156 3 years ago

From Spooky FB. Skulls look great, though the Spaulding eyebrow makeup looks to be taller than any screen variation I recall seeing (with the hat).


#4158 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I think the Spaulding is all good since it is small and further back. Sometimes good the over excentuate features

You may be right. They did get the color better this time around, though it should be an easy repaint if desired (he's a bit too clean looking, though again may look fine in the machine).

#4162 3 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

I watched Devil's Rejects last night and I gotta say that the Spaulding figure looks spot in to me. What an amazing movie... I forgot how good it was and had to watch again... 1000 Corpses tonight!

I'm realizing now that what I'm seeing with eyebrow makeup is that it is too tall for when he wears the hat. I believe we're used to seeing short eyebrow makeup with the hat and taller makeup only without the hat, and this is a bit of a combination. Nitpicking, I know :p

1 month later
#4318 3 years ago

I don't think that's actually an LE. Still the same prototype game (with the LE backglass [or translite]). The other photo they posted shows that it has the old playfield, armor, etc.

#4331 3 years ago

/\ They're still putting it together (for anyone shocked to see missing pieces).

#4336 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballkim:

Pussy Liquor here.

Agreed. Rob Zombie and family friendly aren't the best match. In this instance, the toys and art are far less friendly than the words pussy and liquors. Someone may legitimately prefer seeing kitty lovers in their machine, but I don't see how it makes any difference in family friendliness when considering the whole package.

1 month later
#4717 3 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

It is true only 1 of the 12 songs on the new one exceeds 3 minutes... but Hellbilly Deluxe averages under 3 minutes per song as well

That's perhaps a deceiving way to look at it. Hellbilly has 8 songs that are over 3 minutes, and they're all good.

1 week later
#4805 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:


Pinball Zombies from Beyond the Grave. The game RZ eventually became.

#4862 3 years ago
Quoted from HappyDayz:

I didn't want to say it myself, lol, but I was thinking the same thing. $500 difference for the custom-cut armor and a small LE plate I guess. Maybe the LE's are coming with a shaker too? If nothing else, they get their games first I guess.

Getting the game first is a big one I'd think. Just overnight shipping on a small item is a huge price difference, and getting the game a year+earlier than many is significant.

1 week later
#5004 3 years ago

Do we know if RZSI will be at SFGE? I see that Charlie will be there, but see nothing certain on any Spooky games.

2 weeks later
#5208 3 years ago

Got to play the game over the weekend. Too early to make any real comment on gameplay, but there was nothing I disliked about the game, presuming some code changes are still to come. The only improvement that I think must be made after my limited experience with the machine, is to add points and an image/animation (or at least title [i.e. Dr. Satan's Hollow]) for making the left inner orbit shot without getting the drop target down first (I recall this coming up here before). It happens often and feels like a flaw when it doesn't recognize it.

Otherwise, the backglass looks amazing (edit: as revealed below, it's possible it was just the translite I saw). It looks great it photos, but apparently those don't do it any justice. Even right up close the image has depth and looks like a painting. Can't wait to see the standard now that I know it too will be a real backglass.

#5210 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Can you clarify where you saw the backglass? There were a couple of shows going on and I believe the game at sfge only had a translite.

If so, it's the best I've seen (and you absolutely may be correct). It didn't occur to me with all the LE armor, etc. that I could be looking at a translite, especially when I perceived it as looking different from any other translite machine. It was at SFGE, and I'll now assume it was a translite unless told otherwise. Very interested now to know what the real backglass will look like if that wasn't it.

2 months later
#5834 3 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

I know I use Bonny flippers on any pin I can get away with it but what can I say,and also the post lights looks very nice

Nice, I'll be doing the same, but mostly because I bought these flippers for TWD, installed them with milky clear bands that matched the rotting flesh, thought they looked awesome...then the crossbow jammed up against them and the glass had to come off :p Too tall for that machine, but they look like a good fit for RZ

1 month later
#6362 3 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

For those watching numbers, excited to say I got email that mine is on line and should be ready in 3 weeks. #150! Super excited!

Ditto for #149 here No intention of selling anytime soon

1 month later
#6679 3 years ago

Just got my game a few days ago. Managed to blow the left flipper fuse, so perhaps that issue hasn't been worked out yet (came loaded with code V15). No big deal as it was cheap/easy to acquire from Radio Shack. Gorgeous game otherwise. Still haven't had a chance to really get into the rules yet, but I'm confused as to why the game seems to ask for initials every single game (for low score). I couldn't find a way to shut that off, though it seems to suggest it should only do it daily, but it keeps registering scores as the lowest even if they aren't. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

#6682 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

The worse scorer of the day has to register their initials.

I've already had someone claim offense and refuse to do so :p

1 week later
#6719 3 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

I just realized where Spooky mounted the 2 spotlights for additional lighting. They are under the apron by the trough shining back up the center playfield. One of the LED's wasn't present so I lifted up the playfield to see if it was somewhere in the cabinet. I didn't find the LED but I did find the extra gas station plastic

Haha. Took me a bit to discover where the loose LED went when my RZ arrived. Game did seem very dark though. Turned out that the one fell out, and the other wasn't on/well seated. I ended up putting warm white LEDs that fit far more snug (the factory ones kept falling out/getting too loose to light). Warm whites also looked way better with the Scared Stiff flippers.

#6757 3 years ago
Quoted from tmontana:

Not showing as an stl file for me.

Just noting that the file worked for me and the print came out great. Still need to install it though.

RZ GUIDE (resized).jpg

#6779 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

I'm curious to see how it works for you.

It could fit a bit better on the rails, but I tested it to an extent. I was previously running my VUK at power (4), but that could at times lend the ball to not making it all the way up the tube, yet it would allow use of the upper field when it did. At power (5) the ball would come up the tube too fast and make the upper field unusable (but always make it up the tube the first try). The 3D part added on power (5) does help make the upper field usuable a good chunk of the time, but perhaps not quite a "fix" compared to power (4) without it. I may mess with a bit of custom shaping/fitting and see how it works then. It may be that there is an easier way to achieve the same effect (non 3D print).

2 weeks later
#6928 3 years ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

or fix the design flaw that's causing the random ball to get stuck (hopefully before mine gets built)

Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Are you guys referring to the LDG ramp and/or the wireform after it? I have never had a ball stuck there, just fyi.

I too haven't had a ball get physically stuck or even see anything close (at ~6.6* pitch). Darn fast ramp usually . #149.

#6938 3 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

Played a few games on an RZ right out of the box yesterday. We saw a few small issues.
Hardware related, the speaker wires to the upper 2 tweeters had pulled out from the amp in the lower cabinet (presumably during shipping or lifting the upper cabinet up for the first time) resulting in only bass. Easy fix, but still. Pop bumper (bucket of chicken) was randomly firing every few seconds on its own without being hit. Ball ejecting onto upper playfield rolls right down the wireform 9 times out of 10. No chance to save it. These are all just small things fixed with small tweaks but just mentioning it for Spooky in case they can make small changes to future games. We also witnessed a person hitting what appeared to be all 3 steps of the skill shot but only got credit for the first step. Need to look at that one a little more to see what happened. But more than one of us saw the same thing.
Software related (version 16 came on the game), a few very minor things. When you're entering your initials for a high score there is no music playing? Just the clicking sound as you move through the letters? Really feels like some song should be jamming at this time. Also, after entering your 3rd initial, it doesn't go to "end", it just takes your first 3 initials entered and you have no chance to correct your 3rd initial if you made a mistake. Lastly, there is no "Ball Saved" animation? The ball just flies back into play? I think you really need an animation or at least flash the words 'Ball Saved!' on the screen.
Game really rocks though! A lot of fun.

As I had similar switch issues (to your chicken pop) on both (100%) of my NIB Stern's (perhaps exactly the same with a machine gun pop on MET out of the box), it's certainly not limited to Spooky having this happen on a new game.

The VUK power level can be set in the game. They have noted a 4.5 (5.5, etc.) setting will be in the next code update (as you note having 16, you may already have access to this). On my machine, power 4 can be too weak and 5 can be too strong. For whatever reason, the game seems to have broken in and the upper field is now usable the vast majority of the time (on 5 at 6.6* pitch). I could still see 4.5 being an improvement in consistency on my machine (would be interested to know from those that have access to 4.5).

On the music, I agree. It should also have something for the extra ball (during "shoot again" when it goes silent).

There is "Ball saved" text, animation, and callouts (at least in adult mode there is that I recall). I'm still on V15 though.

#6940 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Another bug maybe with v15, but I don't recall anyone else mentioning it and it's pretty obvious, so not sure.
After downloading v15, yesterday, I went into Game Settings and changed Video Adult On and Audio Adult On. Main Settings are Auto Adult Mode Off and Adult Mode time Disabled. Played a game, and it was as expected. Today, powered up, and playing a game, the witch mode showed the cat. Audio was still adult. Went into the main and game settings to verify, and everything was still the same. So not holding the flipper shouldn't have set anything, right? And the Clock shouldn't do anything, right? I saw this before on earlier versions and the only way to get the dancing witch back was to Switch Video Adult Off and then back On. Is there some other setting I'm missing or not understanding?

[EDIT: I see now that you're saying it goes to the cat every time (?). If so, then I have not experienced that. It would be the girl every time the next time thus far.]

I occasionally see the cat and occasionally hear audio things that I assume were made specifically for the non-adult version. My presumption was there's a mix to offer less repetition. I don't at all mind seeing the cat every once in a while as it gives a sense of deeper code (whether there is more to find like that or not).

In fact, it would be awesome if you get the "crappy" cat version (with non-adult audio) if you start the mode with a score under "????" (or similar prerequisite), then of course the adult version with a good score/prerequisite (and a way to turn it off in settings). It would perhaps feel like a reward that way (many video games have implemented this sort of reward for...a long time :p [certainly as far back as NES/Metroid]). It would likely have to be noted in the mode select or something (i.e."x" unlocks adult/nude version). If it were in an arcade/bar, that tease alone may get multiple more plays out of it I would suspect (if it's seen/known).

I suppose while I'm making suggestions. As it stands, LDG girl doesn't feel like a mode at all (I know it 's not polished yet). It's mostly a distraction from the game right now IMO as it starts when I'm trying to accomplish something else, then I can't continue my goal. On all of my other machines (even the old BK), getting multiball generally allows me to continue the vast majority of my goals in multi, LDG shuts off mode access and H1kC progress (+ drop reset) and isn't fun on its own. I could see something like BSD Castle Jackpots (alternating shots) being interesting to beat LDG mode and make it feel like a mode. Shoot the ramp (or random lit shot) to light the inner orbit under LDG (H1kC shot) to collect (another animation for that would be nice if possible with light show), and have to complete this a few times (have a setting) to win the mode. Recently I was able to repeat that inner orbit shot 5 times in a row and it was rather fun to do (most of the time it isn't easy to get a clean shot on with multiball or the drop target). Would be nice to use that shot more in the game somehow.

#6943 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Don't hit the LDG targets and it won't start.
If you do hit the targets and it starts, either:
A/ play and take the points because points are good
B/ let the second ball drain
Can't see a huge issue with it to be fair ..

I understand those options. Of course we should never feel like (B) is an option. I suppose my main point was that it is very easy to start and successfully complete/light LDG by merely wailing the balls back up the playfield with no engagement with the mode, thus it lacks "feel" IMO. It would interact well if a shot through the H1kC shot locked the ball for a moment to see the LDG light animation (that I never notice other times during play), again, with a trigger for that shot so that there was less chance to randomly beat the mode every time. It's easy to forget the LDG toy is even there or part of that mode.

Side note: I've noticed during American Witch that it can be rather confusing what to shoot for (the DMD is often times little help past part 1). There are times where callouts seem to tell me to start over and hit the targets, but then I can still hit my main shots and can complete the mode without doing so, or vice versa the times that I'm certain the callouts are telling me to hit the ramp during part 2, yet I do have to hit the targets to continue and the ramp shot does nothing.

#7012 3 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

Number 183 is in the house....

Quoted from ATLpb:

I'm also putting mine next to my TWD

Quoted from bemmett:

Is there any other place to put it really? Well next to an AMH as well is even better.

What a coincidence...

20170105_140441 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#7073 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

I don't want to spam this thread, but I just put together a video this evening.
» YouTube video

Hard to tell what it looks like in person from the clip. It's likely a bit better, but RZ has the best looking stock LED fade/smoothness I've seen (non LED OCD, etc.). I wouldn't expect the difference to be as noticeable as it is on older games with LEDs (I could be wrong). Certainly too much ball action on this game to notice anyway :p

3 weeks later
#7209 2 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

GLAD TO HEAR, YOU ALL ROCK, I want RZ to never be done, so much more this game can be!
I had asked about extra songs being put in as well, any chance that can happen???

I know Stern did it with at least Metallica, but I doubt it will happen with RZ. Would really like to be able to swap songs as I can with Stern games (would appreciate a PM if someone knows how [early on it seemed like some thought we could]). Even just swapping What for Meet the Creeper would make me happy :p I pretty much cringe every time What plays.

1 week later
#7311 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

Anyone else with a RZ have any issues with the ball getting stuck in the orbit behind the drop target? For me, it only happens when it circles the orbit very slowly. It also get stuck HARD. I have to lift the pf in order to free it. Any suggestions? I think it might be getting hung on on a switch but I haven't checked that yet.
Similar to every other NIB pinball I have bought, there are a small number of tweaks required to get the game dialed in. Some folks freak out over this (drama queens) but I just make the adjustments and go back to playing.
Starting to understand the rules a bit more, and as expected, the game keeps getting better and better. The taunts by Sid Haig are hilarious...Hands down, this game has the BEST call-outs of any pinball to date (IMHO).

I've never had a ball get stuck in that orbit, but I have had a ball (multiple?) smash one of the switches under there, leading to all the prongs touching and causing issues with the upper playfield at times (WHAT? would only start on a 2nd attempt, gas or chicken not always registering, etc.). Fixed after lifting the upper field to bend the pins back.

2 months later
#8079 2 years ago

From FaceBook: "well over 100 new callouts added..."

#8157 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

From FaceBook: "well over 100 new callouts added..."

FB Update: "I'll have to double check, but after tomorrow, there will be about 175 new callouts on Rob Zombie. Still have a few more modes to revamp, so that number will go up." -- Fawzma Games

#8160 2 years ago

Again for those that don't see the Facebook updates:

"That was an extremely close guess at how many RZ callouts were added.

Today's compare is 172 new SFX files from V019. It is technically over 175 since I deleted several test files.

There are also 30 new video clips, but some are slight variations to account for ball counts and such." -- Fawzma Games.

#8173 2 years ago

From Fawzma Games FB:

Progress on Rob Zombie V020
LDG and HOTC modes need to be looked at still.
Fixed - Start to hold feature (when disabled) would end a game as soon as it was started
Fixed - Added more checks to resave settings when loaded settings are outside the normal value
Fixed - Ball save video plays when save activates on outside lanes
Fixed - Mode select flipper handling improvements. Much easier to use both flippers to select a mode
Fixed - Drop target will reset to correct position at the end of modes
Fixed - CHOP lane shifts works properly
Fixed - Using a space in your last initial works properly now
Fixed - Added a delay between name entry and match to help prevent match animation from not playing
Fixed - Reduced time between drain and extra ball eject and shows "PLAY AGAIN" instead of full animation
Fixed - Boombox switch was giving way to many points
Fixed - Ball search makes it through complete cycle without triggering a switch by mistake, deadswitch check increased with relation to search time set
Fixed - PF animation would hang during last score info
Fixed - added rampup debounce to VUK switch
Fixed - added rampup debounce to Drop Target
Fixed - If you drain with drop target down and didn't lock ball, sneaking in behind drop target would gives
a lock credit on your next ball, then bug out the mode so you couldn't progress.
Fixed - Jackpot value increases now account for the multiplier
Fixed - Dead City, Some switches did not award point in MB
Fixed - Upper right sling did not award point if its the first switch hit in skill shot
Fixed - What! mode time refreshes when you roll over UPF switch.
Fixed - What! in bash mode, clips from first part of mode would play when the shouldn't
Fixed - What! mode total was being added to score when mode finished, effectively doubling your points in error
Fixed - Center ramp is worthless once superjackpot is ready, this includes the left inner lane, prevents ramp spamming in tourny
Added - *NEW* mode start hurryup "Quick Lightning" light up lightning targets outside of a main mode to start timer. Get to VUK to start a mode in time to collect points award
Added - Stop post added to ball search routine
Added - When game ends, the screen is dumped to last scores
Added - Menu setting to turn off/on the free play text - Main Menu
Added - Ballsearch time adjustable between 8 and 20 seconds. - Main Menu
Added - Last game score(s) now are part of the score tables as you hit the right flipper in attract mode
Added - PF RGB flashes when ball save is activated
Added - Game can be played with missing balls. Machine has to have at least 2 balls in the trough
Added - Game Over clip + music
Added - Dragula videomode into lightshow
Added - Shaker goes off with the Rev's in video mode intro
Added - Shaker when demon mode ends
Added - What! movie screen countdown added to start of mode, plus something extra
Added - Callout, if start pressed and no coins inserted (family and adult versions)
Added - Demonoid, voice countdown starts at 5 seconds remaining
Added - Demonoid, voices at certain points in time
Added - Lightning switches, causes lightning effect on lower RGB
Added - Shaker on thunder effect
Added - When in a mode, VUK triggers Spauldings entrance vocals
Added - Murder ride callouts for starting, and when collecting
Added - Replay value increases each game if a player reaches replay value. Replay value resets to normal when last game doesn't reach goal.
Updated - Replay value option in Game Settings, increases by 5 million instead of 10 million
Updated - Upper flipper temporary disabled when you get the JP multiplier to 4.
Updated - Chop animation would play even if lane was already set, animation will play only if the lane wasn't completed already
Updated - Servos are powered down during drain to help reduce chatter
Updated - What! mode instructions play completely at first start of mode
Updated - SuperPop animation priority lowered
Updated - Inner right obit switch added to What! mode complete check
Updated - Dragula pf lights updated to only show what shots are required for mode
Updated - Dragula ramp light blinks when one ramp is left to hit
Updated - Dragula, 3,2,1 more to go callouts added
Updated - Dragula video mode now has a car rev'ing/taking off SFX with running engine sound
Updated - Dragula Added timer to videomode/jackpot selection piece of the mode.
Updated - Dragula MB, jackpots are claimed but center ramp and stops when SJP is ready
Super jackpots start on center ramp then move around the next round
Once SPJ is claimed, parts collected resets.
Super jackpot activation takes more and more jackpot shots to get to the next round
Updated - Reduced drop target power in ball search. This will prevent the target from resetting all the way when it should be down
Updated - Dragula, MB score display now shows jackpot value, ball#, score
Updated - Dragula overtime, collecting parts advanced jackpot. center ramp collects.
Updated - Dragula overtime, coffin targets now collect car parts.
Updated - Player initials autopopulated and set to end position for each score table
Updated - Deadcity, which target to hit animation added
Updated - Deadcity, MB score display now shows jackpot value, ball#, score
Updated - Deadcity, little rocker added as a collectible in MB
Updated - Deadcity, MB mode lights updated to stay on instead of going out when targets are hit
Updated - What! mode rewrite. After collecting RH or time running out on RH, mode goes into spaulding hurryup (if not collected). 30 seconds to collect displayed value.
Updated - What! MB now shows current jackpot. Advance jackpot multiplier on coffin switches. Increase jackpot by shooting through spaulding gate
Updated - Demonoid, remove upper playfield switch requirement. Only 15 switches required.
Updated - Demonoid, in MB jackpot advanced on each switch hit. center ramp collects displayed value. Super jackpot resets switches
Updated - Demonoid, jackpot multiplier advancement added to start of mode. Increase your jackpot multiplier before getting into MB.
Updated - Demonoid, add a ball light changed to blink instead of pulse
Updated - Superbeast, Rob calls out superbeast sneak attack MB if used instead of normal MB callout
Updated - Superbeast, SJP locations limited to outer orbits and center ramp
Updated - SuperBeast, in MB, advance jackpot but dropping drop target. Timer starts up and you have 20 amount of seconds to increase JP value by completing right inner orbit
Updated - Superbeast, MB JP starts at JP multiplierx2 due to difficult of increasing jackpots
Updated - Superbeast, updated the same as previous modes when in MB. shows JP values..etc. jackpot collected from center ramp, supers from random places
Updated - American Witch, updated the same as previous modes when in MB. shows JP values..etc. jackpot collected from center ramp, supers from random places
Updated - American Witch, in adult mode, dancing witches are only used.

#8219 2 years ago

This game is certainly getting some interesting (and unexpected) updates (at least between the update below and the apron screen).

From FB : "RZ is getting custom messages. You'll be able to create 10 - 30 second messages, 5 second increments.

You'll eventually be able to submit an image you want to use for your message, and you'll get back .vid files to replace on your SD card.

Fully animated message will have to come through me for processing, This is a perfect opportunity for operators to display something special. Think food/drink specials, etc.." - Fawzma Games -

#8268 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Apron mod test video is up at facebook.com/FawzmaGames

This link should go directly to the video:


1 week later
#8380 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

No offense, but this has always been one of the dumbest arguments. For whatever issues there are with JJP games, they have nothing to do with the low scores. Similarly, what makes AFM great has nothing to do with the 27 extra zeros in the scoring.
If you want to make certain shots / sequences worth more points within a game's scoring spectrum, that could add excitement. However, just multiplying all scores within a game makes no sense. Seriously, put a Post-It on the DMD and you can add as many zeros as you want.
Not trying to be a dick, I just couldn't understand this concept any less.

I generally agree, though I saw an old factory tour video that notes a psychological factor that makes people feel like they are doing better with higher scores (compared to previous generation games, etc.). So, yes, it's nonsense, but it manages to trick some people.

However, there are some occasions where the higher scores add to a game. "Thirty!" Wouldn't be nearly as interesting a callout as "Thiiirrrttyyy Miiilliioon!" :p

2 weeks later
#8481 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I feel strongly that any early seller that sold due to code is going to regret it.

Agreed. I just got mine running V20 with the Apron mod as well. It already feels like a whole new game. I trusted the code would eventually be polished (based on AMH and David's/Spooky's communication with owners), but I'm impressed with how far it's going--it may very well end up "bolted to the floor" with BSD .

The short/early review is that the RZ "world under glass" feels like it's coming together where I didn't sense that in the earlier code (it's now less predictable and the details that felt like they were missing are being filled in). Adult mode is of course way better (and more diverse on callouts, etc. [as far as I can tell]) than the family mode that was running at SFGE (not sure if either were switched late at night this time around).

#8486 2 years ago
Quoted from bman46:

I was discussing this with my wife. Are there any other games that have the amount of callouts/taunting as RZ? She says it's her favorite because of that.

Freddy has a chunk of insults/threats ("I'll break your fingers next time"), but RZ is more fun, diverse, and in your face with them.

2 weeks later
#8787 2 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

Updated a friends machine this weekend. On a 2 player game when the shooting to the VUK the ball just sits there until the game performs a search for it. This doesn't clear up after the game is over. We rebooted the game and just played 1 player games.

I would take a look under the mini playfield to see if the switch pins are touching (there's one that can get whacked by the ball through the murder ride/LDG loop). I ended up putting some heat shrink on the pins so they couldn't touch anymore and I haven't had a problem since. It was something that started out as intermittent, and eventually became an issue every time.

EDIT: I'll note that mine would happen in single or multi player and was an issue well before the new code for me (pretty much day one back in Nov.). I'm still using the V20 that was at SFGE currently, so I can't comment on the newest V20, but at least some of the VUK issues could be solved by separating said pins.

#8793 2 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Good to know, I haven't had it off in a while but you're describing my symptoms - VUK switch will register for a while and then just... not. Sometimes it works again on the next game, other times I pull it out and try to adjust it a bit. Glad to have another vector on the problem because the game plays fantastic otherwise.

Yep, there were many times I thought I fixed it with other adjustments since it could disappear for a bit (presumably before the pins got completed melded into each other). Also, I couldn't get the VUK switch itself to fail in the switch test while trying to figure out the issue.

#8800 2 years ago

Saw someone else use this figure in their machine (not sure where now, but thanks for the idea ). I added a red chest LED to mine (slightly recessed and sealed with clear hot glue as a diffuser). The LED flickers like a heartbeat. Pop rivets are visible through the feet, and I intended to paint them, but I kinda dug the look once I saw it (I removed the clear shield and permanently modified it). The head is also not attached to the figure joint as the face would have been nearly impossible to see (again, hot glue helped there...then paint to blend).
RZmod (resized).jpg

#8803 2 years ago
Quoted from Thanatos:

I've been at v19 since I got it in April, once in awhile the VUK needs to try 2 or 3 times to get the ball up. Should I go look at the UPF switch I have seen mentioned before updating to v20, or would that be something else?

Have you adjusted the VUK coil strength? increase it by .5 increments until you no longer have an issue. Mine did this when the code didn't have finer strength adjustments (alternative being too strong at the time), but has been very very consistent since that update.

The switch issue that has been noted is responsible for the ball sitting in the VUK and doing nothing until ball search, which is different than what you are describing.

4 months later
#9439 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

I saw that as well. Hopefully it’s more boobies & more crude callouts!

I've been hoping for more gore with a title based off of House of 1000 Corpses, from a guy that has his movies re-edited time and time again to get the rating reduced to "R" for theaters.

As it stands, TFTC wins out in that category, but I feel like the theme that gets inspiration from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes should be significantly ahead in that regard.

And while I understand the reasons why songs can't be switched on this game, I feel like this game would be considerably more popular if they could (even if there were a cost to do so).

#9441 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I guess you just haven't figured out how to switch them yet

Correct. I attempted with the Stern method to no avail. PM a brief pointer in the right direction? (would be much appreciated if so). One of these days I hope to learn how to code. As much as I like much of the material Rob produces (songs, films, etc.), the track "What?" drives me nuts each time I hear it And there are many that would fit the theme better IMO.

#9453 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Looks like the new code is up per Spooky's FB page! Appears V22 is a huge and almost final update except if any bug fixes are needed.

Looking forward to it. Just downloaded, but not sure if it will get updated until tomorrow night or so.

#9506 2 years ago

Had something strange happen on mine (no fuse issues yet though). Right when I should have locked ball 3 for H1kC, it stopped the ball on the post, then started the Lightning Round thing, dumped my ball out with no lock awarded, and proceeded to keep flashing for the Lightning Round even when the time was up. Upon draining the ball, the game didn't respond and went to ball search until it popped another ball out. Ultimately the game could probably do without the lightning shot all together IMO (seems tacked on and lackluster compared to the rest of the game).

Quoted from hAbO:

Maybe we can ask Oliver aka oga83 who did the Pinbrowser app to see if he would look into it. I've tried replacing sounds with new callouts a few times to no avail. I have both H1KCorpses and Rejects ripped and created tons of potential call outs in prep but...

It's definitely possible. Have to make sure the file type, bitrate, etc. match.

#9507 2 years ago

...and just now on a two player game...player 1 had two balls load into the shooter, then on my player 2 round, I got to play a few seconds before the game acted as if the ball drained and killed flippers, etc. More double shooter lane balls after that.

Never had such things happen before the new code, though the first games on the new code mostly went well.

#9509 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Make sure balls are loading to the shooter lane on the first kick (increase load strength) and make sure the shooter lane switch activates reliably when a ball sits on it.
If neither happen in about 8 seconds a new ball will try to load.

Can't get it to repeat at this point. So far isolated to the game with the Lightning Round (starting at the moment ball 3 lock would have been awarded) that ended up in not recognizing the ball drain (only time that's ever happened). Not sure the lightning round thing actually had anything to do with it or not, but it coincided in this case.

#9538 2 years ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

Just updated!
No issues, except Weird ball trap under rear upper playfield. Their is a deadzone under there. The ball must fly up there and hop a rail and get trapped in a void. I can pull it out with a magnet. Anyone got a fix for that? Or has it happened to them? Code seems good here, no fuse issues etc.

I haven't had a repeat of the issues I saw before, but I do have this happen occasionally as well (always have). It only happens when shooting the inner loop from the right (unless you didn't mean the inner loop?). Also, I've always had issue with my orbit switches not registering a really fast ball (most noted that a fast red hot shot won't start Goober/finish AW, and not locking H1kC with a shot that's too fast). I have some switches I'll try in there soon (been working on a mod for the game and will likely do so soon after it's finished).

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#9561 2 years ago

It'll likely get it's own thread soon with video, etc., but this is a peek at the mod I've been designing over the last few weeks for RZ. Living Dead Girl Mausoleum--tint/mirror when off/inactive and an infinity mirror lightshow when she's hit/moans or flashing during LDG mode (triggered by the factory lights it replaces). With pink the color fades out to red on hits/flashes. Hard to photograph accurately with the mirror tint and LEDs. I really wanted the LDG to pop and be noticed when hit and give more life to the mode--I could hardly notice the LDG lightshow with the stock panel and lights.

RZ111 (resized).jpg
20171210_111402 (resized).jpg
20171207_181606 (resized).jpg
20171208_174421 (resized).jpg
20171210_111414 (resized).jpg

#9566 2 years ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

I like it! Any eta for production?

I'll get more photos and details/video up by tonight or tomorrow and open up sales around that time. I have parts ready in advance to build a couple of these, so some could feasibly go out this week if there is interest (however, after this weekend there will be a delay in all of my mods until after Christmas). There's a lot that goes into this mod (on top of the 24+ hour print with all the parts per mod--by far my largest print of any sort to date). Easy to install though (I created clips to replace the factory nuts so no fiddling with a screwdriver/wrench in the tighter space). Planning to list it at $199+$6.66 shipping.

#9574 2 years ago

Uploaded a clip (I can never get these lighted mods to look as cool in video as they do in person ). Going to get this up in the shop soon.

#9575 2 years ago

I'll get some more information and photos in a thread soon. For now, the sale page is live for those that want to get their order in: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/shops/1104-medisinyl-mods/01413-interactive-rob-zombie-mausoleum-mod-living-dead-girl-

Again, I will be limited on how many I can produce this week (sounds like I may have more interest than I can ship this week), but I will get right back to whatever I can't ship after Christmas. Any customers that order this week and don't get a mod shipped this week will be notified with a refund possibility if you'd prefer to step out of line.

#9578 2 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

That's an ESSENTIAL mod (dammit) Someone buy my RZ before I go and sink another $205.66 in it.

Some hilarious reactions in here :p I've started a mod thread and will update there. Feel free to ask any questions there.

#9580 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

This mod is really cool! Tough to think about spending another $205 on this then potentially another $330 for Fawzmas apron mod if he adds more cool stuff to that.
In the end im sure my “new Pin” fund will be $550 dollars less due to you assholes creating cool mods for RZ!
I really want to add Walking Dead to my collection one day damnit lol!
Please continue to make cool mods for this game because they continuously get better each time!

I've been telling myself to design a simpler, cheaper mod (make my mods available to more people), yet I just had to get a wild hair and make my most ambitious mod yet for the most obscure machine

EDIT: I'm hoping for something more added to the Apron mod as well (though it's still a neat add-on as it stands). It felt essential before the DMD/code improved to show information on the DMD that was integrated better on the Apron mod early on, but now I have less reason to notice it.

I did notice that during H1kC mode on V22, the Apron mod stopped tracking until the mode was over. I'll have to pay attention next time I start it to see if it does it again.

Though I do have one friend that prefers RZ over any other just because of the Apron mod (He has some vision issues and looking down 100% helps).

And yeah, TWD is worth owning for sure. Somehow it took a couple months to really take hold, but it would be hard to part with now (going on about 2 years).

#9586 2 years ago
Quoted from sjf2112:

i just updated to v22 and my VUK, Right Pop, Knocker, etc. are no longer working.
I'm assuming it's a fuse. What fuse is it? They all look okay and I can't find a fuse chart.
EDIT: I think it's F1. I just noticed a small line on the Wire to Board Chart. I'll test it.

When my VUK went out (last year now), it was the switch under the mini playfield right above the murder ride shot (contacts smacked together--pulling them apart brought everything back to life [I placed something to keep them from contacting again, but don't recall exactly what now]). Worth looking at if you're still troubleshooting (at the right angle with a bright flashlight, you may be able to see if it's the case without even lifting the upper playfield).

#9588 2 years ago

Everyone that ordered a Mausoleum mod before the cut-off will receive tracking numbers within the next few hours. Got them all completed and tested. The ordering option will open up again next week with the next run shipping the first week of January (would aim for sooner if I'm able).

I posted this pic in the mod thread during the night when taking progress shots...got creative with mirror placement Seems relevant enough to this thread

EDIT: All packages shipped and orders updated with tracking info

Spooky (resized).jpg

#9611 2 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Hi, my name is Charlie, and I endorse this message.
Holy wow is this thing COOL! A bit of a tight squeeze but works and looks fantastic! Installation was pretty easy too.
We actually tried something similar on the proto, but flat ran out of time and had to get moving. Being 100% honest, this looks better than what we had anyway.
Great job Greg!

Thanks a ton! It's incredibly rewarding to get designer approval I was pretty stoked just to get your order request....and I don't believe I've ever used the word stoked before, ha ha

I've had a few order requests since this first run, so I'll repeat here that ordering will open back up on Pinside on the 22nd with orders shipping in the first week of January or sooner if possible. For those that want to secure orders sooner, I'm willing to offer information through a PM.


#9651 2 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I see the thoughts on the apron mod. But my two cents. The LDG is awesome looking but like many toys doesn’t help your gameplay. So the apron mod does still locate information where you are looking and helps with modes. So I’m in the apron mod side.

I'm on the side of BOTH Though as noted, I too hope for something to be added to the Apron mod as it used to have information that wasn't on the DMD, so I no longer look at it, yet I have a friend that still likes to use the screen alone, so it's been worth it to me. LDG mod does add to the fun factor and significantly to the aesthetic (feel feel to call me biased ).

I do appreciate all of the positive comments, and thank everyone that has ordered so far. I updated in the other thread that the 2nd run sold out last night. Currently taking pre-orders for run #3 (to ship the 2nd week of Jan. or earlier).

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#9684 2 years ago

As requested by "jeffspinballpalace", I've designed a fix for the issue of balls falling back into the cabinet. This ball stop mod installs with no permanent modification. I hope it can save some of us from losing a ball during a stellar game As an added bonus, it helps take some of the warp/droop out of the shooter cover and holds the angle better.


EDIT (Mod thread): https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rob-zombie-ball-stop-modfix-medisinyl-mods#post-4151432

20171230_234638 (resized).jpg
20171231_004634 (resized).jpg
20171231_004546 (resized).jpg
20171230_234806 (resized).jpg

#9687 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Great job Greg. Simple yet sturdy solution to a real issue and elegant too. Your RZ mods demonstrate that you should have been hired as a consultant on the original design team. Just ordered the ball stop, this mod should be considered a mandatory upgrade. It belongs on every RZ, especially those on location.

I couldn't ask for better feedback than that Thank you!

#9709 2 years ago

Copying this from my ball-stop mod page so that more people know the issue will be resolved if they have the same clearance as the customer below (photos showed a fit that was quite a bit lower than my machine).


"It's been brought to my attention that one of my customers on this mod had a different clearance than my machine, leading to the auto-plunger hitting the base of the ball-stop. He was able to fix this issue on his machine with some washers under the lower apron area, but I don't expect anyone to have to do that.

Please let me know if anyone else is having this issue, or perhaps chime in to confirm fitment on your machine.

I'll be re-working a slimmer version, so future orders will have more clearance. Thus, I can either send a new one out at no charge or offer a refund to anyone with a clearance issue (I did worry that my machine wouldn't be 100% the same as others). Sorry to anyone this may affect."

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#9720 2 years ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

LDG installed and looking awesome! A previous post wanted to know if you had to choose between the LDG mod or the LCD Apron mod which would you have. I would choose the LDG. The Apron mod is very cool but not alot of interaction during game play yet. LDG looks like it belongs there from factory and the interaction is fantastic.

Awesome machine, and I appreciate the recommendation. The side-art with the mausoleums ties it in even further. I've been debating what to do with that "Zombie" stand from the McFarlane set. I have a mod in the works that will fill up that back section, so I won't be able to put it there (may have if I saw your use earlier), but it does help fill that area out (I was hoping to cut/mod mine and have it arching over one of the habit-trails if there's room [with LEDs added to the eyes]).

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#9727 1 year ago

Now with their own thread, I've opened up an order page for the Gas Station mods. This includes the 3D pumps and lighted awning.

Order page: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/shops/1104-medisinyl-mods/01466-rob-zombie-gas-station-pumps-and-led-awning-medisinyl-mods

Mod Thread (with some additional photos): https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rob-zombie-3d-gas-station-pumps-and-awning-medisinyl-mods

20180121_104618 (resized).jpg
20180121_192149 (resized).jpg
20180123_094656 (resized).jpg
20180123_095625 (resized).jpg
20180123_124129 (resized).jpg
RZAce (resized).jpg

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#9744 1 year ago
Quoted from mamawaldee:

Hi guys, I know there is a series of posts on fixing the airballs off the center target, if someone could be so kind as to direct me to them. My game didn't have this problem until I moved it recently to a different spot downstairs.
Now its doing this often and rather violently, airballs flying off the target all the way back to the shooter and then down into the cabinet. Hitting the glass a lot too. I have the flippers dialed down to minimum power.

I bought these off an eBay seller, and perhaps they have something to do with my lack of airballs (I used to have airballs that hit the glass, but don't recall if they stopped on their own or it was after these were installed): ebay.com link » Rob Zombies Spookshow International Pinball Target Cushioned Decals

Otherwise, I have a mod/fix available to deal with the issue of the ball falling into the cabinet (seems to be common). https://pinside.com/pinball/market/shops/1104-medisinyl-mods/01437-rob-zombie-ball-stop-mod-fix

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#9757 1 year ago
Quoted from Hougie:

I'm taking mine to Louisville Expo next week. I'd love to have v23 on it.

On the LDG mod, if you haven't done so already, it's advisable to flip the light-board so that the factory SMDs face AWAY from the sensor (as noted in the mod-thread, this prevents the sensor from dropping too much resistance and burning up [an issue that was brought to my attention after run #2 shipped, but only recently "solved"]).

Just want to make sure it survives the Expo (that adjustment should bullet-proof it), and I hope it helps add a bit of excitement for those that get to experience it at the show

#9762 1 year ago

Unfortunately it sounds like that is fan art. Had me excited

#9765 1 year ago
Quoted from hAbO:

I think I saw Sheri mention something about the movie on her page somewhere. She's trying to start her t-shirt line up again when mentioning it.

Nice. I wasn't doubting it may come up, but that poster didn't end up being the proof I thought it may be (admittedly that cover didn't quite look like Rob's style).

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#9813 1 year ago

For those interested, I've released one last RZ mod that can be viewed here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rob-zombie-interactive-spine-tunnel-medisinyl-mods

Interactive Spine Tunnel :

20180329_205555 (resized).jpg

20180329_205524 (resized).jpg

20180320_221519 (resized).jpg

#9817 1 year ago
Quoted from Artimage:

Now that Bowen is working for Spooky on rules is he going to look at RZ too?

Sounds like that won't be in the cards, but the game is mostly good as is. The only 100% necessary update is for bug fixing, but I agree House of 1000 Corpses mode needs work to feel right and add some sort of completion flair as previously suggested (perhaps a final collection shot at the inner left orbit to allow the post to catch the ball for an animation sequence).

However, as LDG seems to be the featured mode (it has a center target/toy and will be started by new players far more often [before they even know the left orbit starts modes]), I feel like more should be going on with it. It would be far more exciting to have a more significant end goal of sorts that could be acquired once. Even something as simple as collect "x" jackpots (but not made easy), then having all the left inner orbit lights flash when ready, and as suggested above, having the post stop the ball, light the LDG with a solid light, then an animation and reward (a neat award could be to bring up the mode select screen to pick a [left orbit accessible] mode to light/skip toward Hellbound [Murder a Mode? ]).

#9839 1 year ago
Quoted from mamawaldee:

Medisinyl, does that spine have blood on it? I can't tell.
If not, could you add some blood spatter?

I added this pic to the main mod thread earlier while the run #1 parts were drying. "Oh yes, there will be blood" [unpainted piece in the middle]

run1 (resized).jpg

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#9848 1 year ago
Quoted from pindude80:

I am 99% sure it has code 22 on it, but will make sure I pay attention to it when it is booting up. I don't have as much problem with the left loop shot as much as the right loop Red Hot shot, that one is narrow, but honestly I like a variety of shots in games- some tough and some easy and I feel this game does that well.

Pretty sure I'm on V22 as well and get the same issue--makes the game unplayable IMO (happens often enough to me to not have confidence in the game).
Supposedly V23 beta fixes this issue. I never had this issue before the current code and have debated going back to a code version that ran stable.

This issue has certainly come up several times for other people, though if some people aren't getting it at all, then perhaps I should dig a bit deeper as Jeff suggests.

Once the code seems final, I've been planning to put in custom callouts (and perhaps edit some of Rob's to make them more menacing)

EDIT: I also have an issue with balls getting stuck in the inner orbit when coming from the right side (never have an issue from the left side). I can't see what is causing it, so I'll likely be pulling some parts out of the way to get it sorted out on mine when I have time. This issue didn't always exist for me.

1 month later
#9872 1 year ago

To anyone that has had issues with their ball getting stuck in the inner orbit (from a Murder Ride shot):

I finally got around to swapping the inner orbit switch to this rounded style: https://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=535 (same switch I use on my Spine mod). Switch responds every time now and doesn't trap the ball at all (it progressively got worse for me to the point where it would get stuck and not shake loose nearly every time). On rare occassion, the original switch wouldn't register shots either (miss locking a H1kC ball), but so far so good with the new one. [my guess is that the sharp angled factory switch was ramping the ball into the air from that direction...something I can observe on my SoF when the ball goes up the inlane Shatz style].

As I've seen several posts of people pulling their ramps to figure out why this is happening to them, perhaps this route is worth giving a shot

I had to cut some of the plastic off a nearby switch base to get this one to fit, but otherwise the factory holes are the same and it's a quick swap.

As my Red Hot shot doesn't always like to register either, that one will likely be next.

2 weeks later
#9879 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Cabinet or glass? If latter, anti-rattle tape?

Quoted from DarkTruth:

Can you guys lend some ideas on the sound settings? I can't figure exactly what to set where. Bass vibrates cabinet in a bad way.

I had to tape mine as the glass rattle was bad. An external sub is also a big upgrade on RZ and can allow for less bass from the cabinet.

#9890 1 year ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

He needs to fix the attract noise. Super annoying.

It can be switched out. Currently mine is Call of the Zombie.

#9899 1 year ago
Quoted from mjalexan:

That link appears to be broke. do you have the p/n for the switch or a fresh link? thanks


EDIT: I notice the link works in my original post as well, but not in the quoted version for whatever reason.

1 week later
#9915 1 year ago

Perhaps old news to most now, but I didn't know Trejo would be in the next H1kC film until RZ posted this on FB (just a moment ago).

Trejo (resized).png
2 months later
#10130 1 year ago
Quoted from sleepygtr:

Not meaning to rain on the bitching parade (and some of the points are certainly valid and I hope get ultimately addressed - I don't have the history with it most of you do but happy there is healthy competition for Stern) but changing the subject a bit.... I am now a member of the club and just LOVE this game (just bought it from a friend) even with it's faults. That said, the upper play-field is pretty awful but looks really cool and I think it has potential. In the photo there is a hole for a post - seems all of them have it yet no post? Was this post tried and then abandoned? Many times the ball just drains up there with no chance at all and I think a well placed post would at least allow the player to keep the ball up there longer.... Has anyone tried any innovation yet or do we just accept the fact that the ball will drain with no chance to hit it? I would love spookycharlie to weigh in on this.
[quoted image]

Yes, the post was originally planned, but through playtesting, they decided it functioned better and was more fun without it.

A well set-up machine should have the upper playfield feeding that flipper nearly every time (adjusting the VUK strength is one easy option to explore, and also what fixed the same problem for me).

#10133 1 year ago
Quoted from sleepygtr:

medisinyl THANKS! great call... Do you recall what yours is set to? Also just placed order for a gas pump...

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Otherwise, it may be 4.5. Before they introduced code that allowed half steps, the VUK was either too weak at one step (struggled to get up the tube), then too strong on the next, causing the ball to miss the flipper. Ever since that change, I've had a very reliable upper playfield. If that doesn't fix it, pitch and side-to-side level may be worth double checking if you just set the game up without too much tweaking.

Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

medisinyl makes a nice gas station mod and 3D gas pumps for the upper playfield if you want to spice it up a bit
Does anybody else's upper PF appear to tilt slightly to the left in comparison to the main pf? I ensured that mine is sitting on it's supports but it just looks a little crooked. Maybe it's just normal.

Mine seems to be slightly tilted as well. Perhaps it's part of the design to better feed the flipper or prevent a hang-up somewhere?

And thanks for the mention

2 months later
#10178 1 year ago

Having a hard time copy/pasting everything on the phone, but I now have all of my Rob Zombie mods for sale until Sunday night. Any purchase also includes a FREE ball stop mod if you don't have one already

#10180 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Cool add, I’d say 100% of the 300 pins made need this. Guessing you’ve sold 50 ball stops???

I agree, and I've actually given many away for free with orders (especially when I was a day later on shipping than quoted). Must be in at least 50 machines for sure.

#10182 1 year ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

tell me more. I just got my machine

If I were at my computer (I'm away for the holiday), I'd post links to everything I offer for RZ, but the store link near my screen name should help you find them if you're interested.

As for the ball stop, factory RZ machines have a slight flaw in that they are missing a ball stop that is present on most other pinball machines. This leads to an issue where the ball can occasionally fall into the cabinet. I had this happen to me day 1, but it was Jeff that suggested I design a simple solution to the problem. My ball stop installs cleanly with no permanent modification.

Below is a photo that shows the Mausoleum, Gas Station, and Spine mods that I offer. All currently have some degree of a sale for this weekend and shipping automatically combines in the Pinside shop.

I noted it in the Mausoleum thread, but others here may find it interesting to know that the Mausoleum is now in over 20% of all RZ machines, and the other mods also did quite well. I'm very proud and thankful to Pinsiders for that (and still can't believe Charlie himself was the first to get on board [can't wait to get my ACNC!]).

20180329_205524 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#10198 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

If anybody has FB check out Spooky's page. Looks like an end of year surprise may be coming

spookyrz (resized).jpg
5 months later
#10318 7 months ago
Quoted from pbu:

I've had a lot of trouble keeping the center ramp switch from snapping. The ball slams into the thing pretty hard so it seems inevitable that it would, but given my game is HUO and I don't play it constantly, it seems like they should last a bit longer. When I first got the game and each time I've replaced the switch I always find I have to bend it to get it more in the path of the ball and to get it to fit through the slot in the ramp and move freely. I suspect that bending it is what's causing it to take so much abuse, but if I don't it's really hard to get it to register hits.
Does anybody else have this problem? Any recommendations?

I've been progressively switching out the old, unresponsive or problematic switches to the rounded Sega style I used on the Spine mod, and that resolved issues I was having.

I've never had an issue with the center ramp switch, so it's still the same.

Quoted from davijc02:

Really miss seeing this thread pop up with new comments. As of late I’ve been playing my game a bunch and having a blast with it.
With Spooky having yet to post the full V24 changelog I’m hopeful they might have one more surprise code update down the line.
Potentially with “3 From Hell” coming out later this year some awesome quotes might be able to be had and someone smarter than me implement them into the game.
Also still hopeful one day the apron mod will be revisited and fully coded. I’d love to have one.

I had hoped there would be a code update worthy/motivating enough of some deeper audio update work that I had intended to do for at least my game. At this point I'm no longer anticipating the game getting the advancements hinted at earlier on, and I know it isn't in Spooky's best interest to pursue.

I wonder if they could at least add co-op modes as they are in ACNC. That would help a lot. While I still have some ideas to mod my RZ with, it doesn't get much love these days with guests, so my motivation is reduced. ACNC however has done a complete 180 on guests showing up to play pinball (hadn't really had any friends care about pinball in over two years). IMDN has been a complete dud for guests. Co-op teams update on ACNC is tons of fun with 4 people.

I've often considered selling my apron mod.

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#10332 5 months ago
Quoted from Artimage:

Hi all, the switch in my VUK doesn't seem to register anymore. It had intermittent problems and then about a week ago it stopped registering entirely. Same in test mode.
Any suggestions on how to debug this issue? I vaguely remember this being a problem for some others, but this thread is a monster and searches haven't helped me.

There's a switch under the upper playfield that can get hit by the ball near the murder ride...if the pins are touching, it can cause several issues, and I believe the VUK is one of them.

I had to pull those pins apart and insulate them (didn't replace the switch), and things were fine again.

#10341 5 months ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Biggest waste of money I spent on a mod. So much potential and promises. I love my RZ but wish this was more .

Quoted from FawzmaGames:

This can play video just fine. What I can't do is include any with the mod. We had the Alice Copper pin trailer playing at MGC on this.
There is more to this mod that just seeing your score/ball, just gotta be patient. New video mode types.. head to head.. sensors..

Guess we just "gotta be patient" Can't say I'm not disappointed, but I realize this has nothing to do with Spooky.

Somewhere we were assured development would continue, but I believe that was a ways back. Wouldn't mind a status update one way or the other, but I'm sure Fawzma has been busy.

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