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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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#1353 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Come on. Everybody knows game #3 is Road House.

I think you mean outhouse: the story of honey dipper dan.

2 months later
#3541 4 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

This is the board that I designed and Ben programmed that runs our LCD.


Its amazing what you guys have done to make the LCD so amazingly awesome. Makes stern look cheap.

#3609 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

No one in the history of Pinball has ever taken an LE backglass out of a pin and willingly replaced it with a translite.... Put the standard translite in a frame and mount it on your wall. Just be happy you're getting an LE which you and only 49 other people are fortunate to have! I've heard of people that were upset about not getting an LE and getting stuck with a standard, but never the other way around. I can now see why Charlie doesn't want to have LE versions in the future. Too many whiners and complainers....

You in on either version, Mike?

#3612 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Yep! Standard #213. After playing it on Sat. I can't wait!

You guys have seen spooky's shop and met him before. What is it that sets him apart from all the other boutique game makers? Spooky has been the only guys to actually start, develop, and ship games without any drama.

2 weeks later
#3991 4 years ago

What it comes down to is parents being a little too over protective and making sure kids grow up in safe space PC environments.

#4090 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

From talking with Charlie I got the impression that they could have easily sold 2-3x the amount of games given the demand for the title. The amount of demand from Rob Zombie fans/fanclub alone would have sold out all 300 games given the number of requests he received. He mentioned that Rob was disappointed that they were limited to only 300 games as pretty much all of his biggest fans were left out.-the games were sold out before they even knew about it. It sounds like there could be the possibility of a sequel RZ game sometime down the road to satisfy some of the excess demand but nothing is for certain and there are several games including Ben's which would be made before that time.

This does raise a good point. From what i've heard is that Rob was disappointed in two things. To him the pf looked sparse and now he is disappointed that nobody outside of pinside was able to get in on this game. The pinsiders love the pf, so the first complaint isn't as big a deal. But the second one is a pretty big problem

Is it really worth it to keep a pin so limited to 300 that you're going to make it harder to get cool licenses? I doubt Rob would be willing to let another pin be made if barely any of his fans could actually buy a pin.What I would do in the future would be to ask the people who bought the first two spooky machines and lock in their numbers, THEN I would add 300. With the current trend of hundreds of people from the previous game buying up every spot on the second game, the only real winner is Spooky. Lots of fans losing out.

#4095 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Impossible to please everyone.
Bottom line is Spooky have to focus on the business first and not over promise and under deliver. 300 creates a true LE game and that is the number they feel they can make. Remember they are a start up and it is still going to take 18 months to make 300.

Its literally possible to please a lot more than 300. the fact that spooky is a pinside retailer instead of a pinball retailer is something he needs to change. Its a shame that only pinsiders got the pin and barely any of those hard core fans that missed out. get rid of these "LE whysnow" numbers and crank that number up to 700

#4153 4 years ago

Basically the whysnow edition is a machine that gets a very limited number of games. The game must NOT ever have the chance to be remade, if it does, the whysnow game is no longer a unique snowflake since everyone can get one. The game is one that not everyone can have and thats the point, if everyone could have it, whysnow would drop out of the preorder. The game must be a preorder.

1 week later
#4197 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballnut3:

(Loading another elitist comment from Lordloss.)

I'm still waiting on my SS Billiards cue ball from your fundraiser.

#4208 3 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Ha. Yeah I never recieved my item either.
After all the noise that was created around the MGC comments last year I just decided I didn't want it.

I'd understand if there was a reason and they couldn't do the rewards... just send out an email. Dont' just leave people hanging.

2 years later
#10102 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

I’ve been waiting for good things. **warning - long winded post**
RZ is fun but it is maybe 92% complete. That last little bit will make a big impact. Notice I am not crying to get the final code, 1 day after the game came out, I’ve waited. Charlie has twice promised the code would be fixed and enhancements would be done, and I believe him, but he didn’t give a timeframe. If he announced a date to make this happen (say Dec 31, 2018) we could cut them slack and let them get things done. But they seem to be operating without a strategy, always running around and putting out fires, which is not efficient or sustainable. It tends to piss off the customer base which have been buying multiple Spooky titles.
I waited six months and it was a breeze. Then I waited a year with no problem. At one and a half years I cleared my throat. Two years in I began to grumble. It is now 2.5 years and I’ve reached the end of the line. We know ACNC is in the hopper, and once released, Spooky’s next game will be here. All hands on deck to get that one working and to polish ACNC. I’ve heard Jetsons is expected to get some meat added, which is great news for the owners, when it happens. Until then it is a promise. You see where this is going? Spooky has become like Stern was - release a game, allow 2-5 years to pass, while customers dream and hope the programming will be completed. Some titles were, some were not.
There is never a good time. As a general rule there should be a maximum timeframe established, say one year. If the timeframe passes, everything else should be dropped until the code done. That is purposely exaggerated because it is only the programmers that are needed for this effort with some part-time brainstorming and support from others. The other 15 employees of Spooky can stay on course doing whatever they do. Status of Spooky Games -
1) AMH - done
2) Dominos- done
3) Jetsons - not done
4) RZ - not done
5) TNA - in production, code is done but somehow continues to get better
6) ACNC - in pre-production and code is being programmed now
7) Scott’s next title - in development
8) Charlie’s next title - in development
How about it Spooky? Oct and Nov should be full bore ACNC, then dedicate the month of December to completing RZ and Jetsons. Give us a Christmas present by releasing a power pack (major code dump to polish a game off). That is three months away, my home was built and I moved in three months later. The beauty of this arrangement is that Spooky benefits just as much from completing the code. Their games are improved and their reputation for building awesome boutique games solidified.
Spooky has found excellent themes, created imaginative games, built them and shipped them - currently producing game #6, they haven proven to be a real pinball company. Some people have a short attention span when buying pinball machines. Heck, what percentage of people own a particular game 2.5 years later instead of trading it away for something else (maybe 50%??). We are at that point now with RZ, so I am venting my displeasure with how this process has dragged out and am suggesting Spooky do a reset to refocus their efforts to complete their earlier pins and move them into their archives.
btw - I hope Spooky has been setting aside one of every pinball machine they’ve produced. It would nice to house the growing collection at their factory, where staff and visitors could play them. But if space was an issue, they could create a Spooky Pinball Museum in the Chamber of Commerce building (hint, hint). City provides the air conditioned space, Spooky provides the games and maintains them. Spooky provides signage and information and the city gets to showcase a business success story.

I wouldnt waste time on jetsons.

3 months later
#10202 1 year ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Super excited! I was in the process last night of trying to trade my RZ for a TNA. Glad I’ll be able to check out this latest update!

Thatll be a tough trade

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