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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (2 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (2 years ago)

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#1122 4 years ago

Great to see the little guys knocking the art package out of the park. So much better than just generic graphics and bad photoshop jobs. Was there any clue if the same artist is going to do the cab and/or playfield?

#1188 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That's the old version, there's a big drop Shadow glow around each character and the logo now.

What?!! No bevel & emboss??!!!

1 week later
#1342 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Come on. Everybody knows game #3 is Road House.

I sure hope you have the Sam Elliot Double Douche comment as a callout!

1 week later
#1386 4 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

Also, kind of off topic but I haven't heard Bone Thugs N Harmony in quite some time:
» YouTube video

I don't care how off topic that was, I really LOL'd.

1 month later
#1735 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

My point is, Lawlor's game is going to sell more units to more people. Spooky has set a limit for themselves. 300 units. And that's all.

Jack will be lucky if his company doesn't break before they get a chance to show Pat's design on the Internet. Besides, it's apples to Oranges. Rob Zombie has a huge fan base and Spooky could sell a lot of these if they chose to. Look, almost everyone loves Pat, but keep that shit in another thread and let us enjoy Spooky's success, please.

#1753 4 years ago

This is the most excited I've been for a release in 3 years. And I'm not even a RZ fan. I'm just excited with the potential of the art package and also the uniqueness of the layout. Tried to play KISS and GoT and there isn't an interesting shot on either machine. Only 2-1/2 hours til release!

#1785 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Before this goes ape s**t, and yes... I'm a nervous wreck today, I'm going to give my one and only PS gameplay explanation. Jack Danger will be in our shop on Jan. 15th and we'll explain it fully then and along the way on our podcast.
Yes, this is at first glance VERY similar to what the original game was intended to be... it starts with 3 fast flow / control shots and opens quickly (if you don't suck) to 5 flow shots. THIS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE ORIGINAL GAME!!! It's still chaotic and random if you lose control of the ball, as I intended. There is now an auto-launch, up to 7 ball multi, with the physical ball lock gone so we can feed fast multiball action, and a hell of a lot of insanity in this configuration. Can't talk about all of what we changed / added yet... but it's far more than it appears.
I'm tired of fan layouts... it came out better than I hoped, is super hard to beat, has way more coils than AMH, and the build quality is more reliable and better all around. She's loud, vulgar (out of family mode), and bad ass fast & evil.
If this is getting ripped to shreds in 3 hours, then that's on me. Either people DO want something different game play wise, or they think they do and really don't. Time will tell. Again, if you are on the list and it doesn't look like it appeals to you... please, pass it to someone who will enjoy what it is and let it go down the list... which is VERY long.
Either way, we did our best to make this something really cool. It was an absolute dream theme for me, and I hope we did it justice.
Peace, love, and pinball people... it's only pinball.

Try not to get too down if people start to dump on it initially, Charlie. We do have a tendency to point out all the negatives first on Pinside. I have no doubt it'll be a hit and it'll sell out.

#1930 4 years ago

Now, I just need about 600 people to pass and I'm in!

#2093 4 years ago

I'm hoping that Alex Horley will be making the pinball Expo rounds selling art. Had a great time with Donnie at TPF and Houston Expo following Metallica. I would love to be able to get some prints of Alex's stuff.

#2141 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

It's odd... we tried that area in a whole lot of configurations. Lane guides just kept feeding the flipper and it was way too damn easy. Posts here and there made it to hard to complete the lanes and open the Spaulding gate shot.
So out of frustration, I stripped it completely off... put 1 post like you see now with zero intent of leaving it that way. Played it for giggles, and suddenly, it was fun. Feed to the flipper is consistent if you hit solid shots, but you can also backhand those lanes which is good for you, AND can be bad. Nudging became important up there for the 1st time.
I beat myself up over it 100 times and left it knowing full well it was gonna get pointed out today. But, the more ya' play it, it just feels right.

For what it's worth, I absolutely love the mini playfield on the Shadow and all it consists of is bouncing the ball around the perimeter of a completely barren rectangle. Don't beat yourself up too much. If it's fun, it's fun.

#2295 4 years ago

I think the playfield Art is a little sparse, but it surely wouldn't be causing me to lose sleep. No other pin has had that much hand painted art and I, for one, think it's amazing. I'd gladly take anyone's spot that is out because of the art. I mean, the guy painted this all in oil, he didn't do it all in a digital editor where he could cut, rescale, rotate and move elements of it. He basically had to one shot this. Probably up against a deadline too. I think it deserves props.

Aurich, man, that Alien art package better blow everyone away or your super critical analysis of Horley's stuff is going to come back to bite you.

#2301 4 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Personally, I think Aurich will back up everything he has every said with his work on Alien. I think it is easy to label someone like Aurich as a negative nelly, but the kid has not let us down once. Not only does he know pinball and is Passionate, but God gave his a very good "artists eye". He understand composition and color arrangement very well. He has already proven himself in my book.

I hope my post doesn't come across as too critical, it wasn't intended to be a jab at Aurich. I could be wrong, but it just seems to me he has a big problem with it because he is an artist himself, is a big fan of the theme, practically pitched the same title to Charlie earlier and no doubt had his own vision of what it should look like. I often find that I am critical of art with which I have a stronger connection to subject matter. I don't claim to be an artist of great skill, but I understand the feeling of something being a lot different than your artistic anticipation.

#2445 4 years ago

The more I look at the playfield, the more I like it. Ok, the art isn't super busy, but it's an oil painting, not a vector drawing. You're going to lose a lot of details in the lightshow on a painting. For example, I played a LOTR last night and I tell you that in a dimly lighted room, you can barely even notice there's any art on the damned playfield at all.

The rest of the game is so busy, that the middle kind of balances it out. I think that if the group of inserts in the middle were shifter up about an inch and a half, or there a couple more inserts somewhere in the negative space between the tombstone and all the hardware in the back, it wouldn't look sparse at all. Watch the video again, when you're viewing the playfield from a player's perspective, as it was meant, and not an overhead shot, that negative space disappears a bit. Kinda like Michaelangelo had to paint God and Adam's arms unusually long so that why'd appear correctly on the curved dome of the Sistine Chapel. Though, to a less extreme extent.

Edited for example. Look at this pic, which is a little extreme on the angle, but illustrates my point. For crying out loud, Horley pays his bills with his painting skills, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt of knowing and accounting for the proper viewing angle of his work. image.jpeg

#2658 4 years ago

I thought for sure that Hitler would have chimed in about the damned playfield by now. Ugh! Now I'm waiting on two videos! Chop chop, Charlie and Adolf!

#2755 4 years ago

Reminds me a lot of Stargate. Multiball and add-a-ball galore. Looks like you got some good flow in there and some wackiness too. Love the pop at the ramp entrance and it doesn't look like it punishes you too bad for missing the ramp. I absolutely love the robot. Cool tracking effect and the way he shakes had me laughing. I really dig the robot.

The upper playfield did look very slow to me, not sure what I think about that yet. That's about the only thing I'm kinda meh on. I think the real players are going to be turned off because it's not a super fast fan layout that you're in control of more often that not. But I applaud you for the different design. I have no doubt that 300 people are going to want this.

What little sound I could hear over you talking sounded good and the light show was great. I can see why the inserts were kept to a low count, the ambient lighting is good and changes frequently. I think 25+ inserts would detract from that. And you know, the playfield doesn't look all that sparse with the light show and action going on. I think y'all did a great job on this one. Wish I would have gotten in line. I'd be sending my deposit.

1 week later
#3265 4 years ago

I'd be in for Bible Adventures if the gameplay is good. I'd definitely be in if it got re-themed to History of the World Part 1

2 weeks later
#3688 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

The mock-up plastics w/original playfield seem to tie it all together with the cabinet and translite art.


That looks great. I like everything but the graphic on the mini playfield. I also think that once the three inserts are added, it would make that playfield look a lot less barren.

1 week later
#3794 4 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

Price is staying the same it's been set and not changing

Pretty sure he meant people who are in on it will be flipping them NIB over MSRP after they take delivery.

#3797 4 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

Oh yup your right thats what i get for drinking this early

No worries, but now I'm always going to remember this day as the day you made me stick up for Kaneda. ☹

#3801 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

For that I'm gonna PayPal you $5! PM me your email to claim your prize!!!

Just roll it into your preorder fund for Aurich for whenever he decides to unblock you and take you up on the offer.

1 month later
#4272 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Right way up for those on phones....


Looks even more amazing than it did previously. This game is going to be beautiful.

5 months later
#5882 3 years ago

I have bamboo skewers that I glue into stripped out holes and then snip off flush after drying overnight. These things are tougher than the original wood and I have to drill pilot holes in them to get the screw in. I'd do this method before longer screws every time. Normally, a ramp is held in place by a real post and these tiny screws are just to put a little pressure to keep that ramp flap flush. And they're usually screwed in at an angle. I wouldn't run a long screw all the way through to put a nut on the other end.

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