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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (2 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (2 years ago)

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#541 4 years ago

Two words. Reading Comprehension

#577 4 years ago

If you go back and actually read what Charlie said, they significantly changed the layout, toys, flow, etc.....not "minor tweaks".

Looking at the video is worthless.

#586 4 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

I've read both threads entirely. Please illuminate us because what I hear from people in the know is contrary to what you say.

I was confused, it was Andrew and Alien that those comments were made regarding the toys, layout, etc..

Yes I agree, it would be somewhat disappointing if that video is representative of what we are going to see in the final product.

#591 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

There are tons of pure fan flow whatever you wanna call it layout games out there, and I have no desire to make pure fan layout game #127. Others can and will do them better than I, so why try to be an immitator?

Amen to that! Different is a very good thing.

1 week later
#768 4 years ago

PM me if you want to sell me your LE slot for my regular.

3 months later
#1196 4 years ago

All I can say is that translite.......


#1209 4 years ago

F YOU Jpop!

This helps wash away your stench!

The fact that an actual pinball machine is coming to back up this AWESOME theme and artwork is boner worthy!

#1210 4 years ago

I'm pretty F ing excited!

That's how you do a theme JUSTICE Stern, and everybody else.

If you can blow away Rob Zombie himself, hell yeah, that alone ought to be motivation to get it right.

The passion of Spooky is coming through and I love it!

1 week later
#1276 4 years ago

How about just letting these guys make great pins that people want?

They feel comfortable making 300 of them without undue pressure and overhead build.

Not everybody is going to get one on day one. So what. Pick one up later HUO.

Pinball is not about "exclusive" or "limited" BS. Really no such thing as an "LE"

#1329 4 years ago

"Spooky have success because they are 100% up front and honest and they bust their asses every day to make a good product and follow up with good custome support. That is truly the American way."


You take risk, have success doing it the right way, you get rewarded.

#1347 4 years ago

I heard game #3 is going to have a DIY option with Ben and Charlie coming to your house and spending a week to help build it for an extra $1k?

#1351 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

No, but perhaps a custom 3d printed version of your dog on the playfield because ya know, that's what people are really clamoring for.

Or maybe it will be Alice in Wonderland, I heard that one was available

#1352 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

No, but perhaps a custom 3d printed version of your dog on the playfield because ya know, that's what people are really clamoring for.

Or maybe it will be Alice in Wonderland, I heard that one was available

#1361 4 years ago
Quoted from CraigC:

I'm more excited to see this game than anything out of Stern. I have no idea what to expect, and that's pretty cool.

I'm loving me some RZ but I'm quite sure you are going to be loving on some Stern in 2016 too.

I'm thinking some great changes are coming.

#1387 4 years ago
Quoted from CraigC:

That's cool. I'm all for having my expectations blown out of the water. Theme alone doesn't do it for me, the cohesive mix of software, design, and sound is what makes pinball machines come alive. I think spooky achieved this on amh in a funny entertaining way and that's why that game is fun. Stern needs to stop writing software after the game is on the line, and start working in teams like Williams did.

Spooky is GREAT. Amazing what these guys have achieved.

I'm sending in RZ check as soon as they announce.

Stern is really upping their game. 2016 is gonna be a great year for pinball.

Not really sure why they don't leak out more of what's coming. Doesn't make much sense.

#1393 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Don't think all these pinball companies won't use that information against each other.

If I were Stern, I'd use such information to make them more appealable versus the competition rather than waiting until it actually comes out many months later and after people have made decisions on what to buy or not.

Maybe Stern and others think there is an endless supply of hobby $$$ to buy future pins?

1 month later
#1524 4 years ago

I'm sure I missed this somewhere. Who is doing the programming for RZ? Will it be deep? Not expecting Lyman or Keith but it is kind of important.

2 weeks later
#2147 4 years ago
Quoted from DefaultGen:

The game has t***s, a**, and a lot of f***ing curse words according to the reveal video. Maybe not the right game for sensitive wives.

This is 1000 F ing % why I'm in. The callouts alone will make this one great!

If your wives are that sensitive then I don't know what to F ing tell you. Take your panties off and man up!

So let's recap:

1) tits and a**, a lot of f**king curse words.............A+

2) Rob Zombie theme and music.........A+

3) Artwork..............A Fing +

4) A NON F ing fan layout, totally different and creative........ A +++

5) Supporting pinball done right and for the love of the game..........A+++

6) Beat Stern on DMD in game #2 by a HUGE amount............A+++

Great job Spooky!

#2149 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Not possible. Unless there's a secret clock feature, the board has no awareness of time. Best I could do would be to make some sort of flipper code while in attract mode.
In settings you could record flipper hits, repeat in attract, which enables adult mode.

Stick to making great code Fozzy, let's not worry about shit that doesn't matter.

Think Lyman and Keith. We want to add Fozzy to the HOF short list.

#2179 4 years ago
Quoted from DevilsTuner:

Charlie you can tell KT I am giving up my spot. So move it down the line. Later fellas

Have the courtesy to send your own email. Later.........

Don't let the door hit you...

#2181 4 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

I'm glad you're all happy with it... But I'm just not feeling it. The art in the middle of the playfield is.... bland, and the layout, while unique" for today, reminds me of 1986 Data East.

Have another jack and coke? (See avatar) What exactly about 1986 Data East grabs you?

#2186 4 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

Nothing at all.

That's what I thought, what about 1985? hehe

If you can remember those days then you don't count.

And I'd rather have a lawn dart stuck in my neck, Will Ferrell style, then post that ridiculous analysis.

Might want to change that ridiculous drunken avatar. Reality versus perception?

#2243 4 years ago

Just listened to podcast. Excellent job Nate and Charlie!

I'm even more excited now listening to Charlie explain the layout. I love different and unique. RZ fits that bill.

I learned Dominos pizza is real! Never clicked on thread because I thought it was a joke.

Matt from Back Alley looks like has done a great job with the toys.

Didn't talk about Fawzma or the code.

18 months to get them all done

It really is an amazing effort from a small group of dedicated people.

#2275 4 years ago

Get the pin Aurich. Play the crap out of it. If you don't like it then sell it. No brainer.

You can never truly appreciate a pin until you get it in home and get a few hundred games on it.

I just left Pinballz in Austin. As usual, bad lighting but got to have fun playing some new and old pins.

TWD pro was horrendously set up. Terrible level.

Walking around looking at a 100 or so pinball machines, you can nit pick all of them to death.

I'd say RZ stacks up damn well by comparison. ST and Tron play field art is atrocious.

#2285 4 years ago

They also removed the ball lock which changed the game play significantly, for the better, per Charlie

#2310 4 years ago

Aurich looks at it as a professional which is why I always respect his opinion.

Everybody sees it in their own way to their mind's eye.

I can't pick out details or flaws very good but I'm just not seeing why everybody doesn't like it.

The more I look at it the more I like it. I really like the color palette and lighting and how it integrates with the toys.

It fits what I personally like. And I hated GOT art.

And again, it's hand drawn art! I think Horley killed it

#2316 4 years ago

Totally agree with Mof, Aurich is 1000% unbiased and he always called it like he sees it.

Been doing that long before he signed onto Alien. I'm sure that art will be great too. And I'm also sure there will always be people that won't like it and can't please. It's pinball!

#2334 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Isn't that part of what Pinside is about? Discussing this stuff?

Hell yeah it is! Love your passion. You are Always respectful of other people and their opinions and you always discuss in a polite way unlike myself sometimes

Keep it up. If other people don't like it it's their problem. Besides, it's always good to come back to earth a bit after a game is announced. I made that mistake on TBL!

As a group, we should be discussing and hashing it out, good, bad and the ugly. It's what Pinside is all about

At the end of the day, we should all be excited about another pin coming into the market for us to choose from

#2346 4 years ago

I have to admit there was a part of me that felt weird yesterday watching grown men squirm over whether they were on the list or not and then racing to be the first ones to send money in!

It was great for Charlie but it seemed like a Black Friday Midnight door buster rush with people trampling all over themselves

#2409 4 years ago

The more I see the art, I think its great, the color palette, the inserts, the whole concept. You have to make it work with a box of chicken and a Robot! I think the cartoony inserts are a perfect tie in.

Maybe they should consult the ST art guy?pp000070.jpg

#2410 4 years ago

Here is another play field art masterpiece to compare against. Rolling eyes again.

Some people may love it?


#2411 4 years ago

Or maybe you like this one by comparison? I think most people would be thrilled if RZ stacks up against Tron, ST and Ac/dc.


#2415 4 years ago

Here's another beauty. Yeah I'd say sell your 300 pins Charlie and move on. It's not perfect but 300 will love it.


#2423 4 years ago

What I'd like hear discussed is who is Fawzma, aka Fozzy, and how good will the code on this game actually be.

And this matters most doesn't it? It does to me.

Notice i didn't put TWD pic up Hazoff, it looks awesome!

#2425 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

TRON and ACDC look 10X better than RZ playfied man. At least there's more balance to the art and your eye travels up the playfield. It's like Spooky rain out of ink halfway up.
It's just annoying that those in on RZ have consumed so much coolaid that they are now shitting on Stern pins that have much more artistic direction going on.

It's a discussion and comparison pal. And Tron and Acdc look like total shit by comparison, sorry. You are "annoyed", that's hysterical.

#2429 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Hell we ALL LOVE GOT and had to accept that art.

NO, "we" don't ALL love GOT. I don't like what I see at all so far. Same old same old. I could end up liking it but I'd never buy it because their are too many other better options for me out there.

#2431 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

So Ice, you want to go on record and state that RZ's playfield is nicer than TRON's and ACDC's? For real?

I think i just did didn't I? WTF, it's not even close, that's the point, throw GOT nasty play field in that opinion too.

#2444 4 years ago

Ok, so the bottom line for me and many others, the 300 that will buy it, is I personally LOVE the cab art and really LIKE the play field art.

It works for me, like I said, exceeding my expectations, because the bar is pretty low from Stern and AMH quite honestly (artwork wise).

Next topic, what is the code and play gonna be like? It's a GREAT theme for me, like TWD, which I loved from day one, and its unique and different which fits my style, so I'm very optimistic.

Yet it remains to be seen. Looking forward to some play video!

#2447 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

The more I look at the playfield, the more I like it. Ok, the art isn't super busy, but it's an oil painting, not a vector drawing. You're going to lose a lot of details in the lights how on a painting. For example, I played a LOTR last night and I tell you that in a dimly lighted room, you can barely even notice there's any art on the damned playfield at all.


It's a piece of "art", not a "vector drawing" that was formed by melting a skittles box and spreading it all over the play field.

I'm beginning to think I've got quite an eye for this art thing now.

The more you look at it, the details, and how it all works together, its different and its really cool.

#2462 4 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

I've never seen a hobby where people will pile in on an unknown project so willingly. Even though its apparent that Spooky can deliver, in light of recent pre-order debacles the behavior is bizarre.

I agree that it is weird to see a running of the bulls (pinheads), to get on board. Look at TBL. Look at any new Stern. "Take my money please"!!!

If you don't think buying a GOT is risky right now before the code gets completed then you don't get the full picture of "pre order".

Spooky can and will deliver a pin, not in doubt, to compare to "recent pre order debacles" is misguided. Will it play great, who knows and that's no different from any Stern people buy AFTER its released.

It's pinball, since when has the behavior NOT been "bizarre".

#2471 4 years ago

This is a forum to talk about pinball

It's like sports and fantasy football. Or college hoops kicking into gear. Whatever you like.

If you are passionate about it, you want to talk about it, break it down, get excited, get upset, whatever floats your boat.

OMG the horror of all enthusiasm and passion. Some people like to act like a bump on a log, some people have diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain (myself in that group)

Either way, I like to argue and talk about it! If you don't like it don't join in.

I see great potential for this pin, like TWD's potential. Hard, punishing and different

#2474 4 years ago

The inserts are great Ben. Having acquired a talent for art appreciation, I "get it". The bold comic book look ties in with the toys really well too.

#2491 4 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

I dont understand the need to bag on Stern for these games. The play field art on both these games are fine & fit the theme perfectly. They also have to deal with a licensor and get approval. RZ art looks fine by me and i'm staying in with my pre-order.
Bagging on the only company that can announce a pin & deliver it in a couple months these days is quite comical to me. Think you can do better? Build it & ship it in less then a year & i'll give you full props.

Please. I own 5 Sterns. I don't buy pins based on how they look. It's an added bonus.

You really can't be serious saying Stern is immune from criticism because they deliver more pins faster than everybody else

In case you missed it, I'm bagging on Stern art to show the comparison to RZ. They have dropped some stinkers and still sold a ton of them. Get the point? The 3 I pointed out suck, and I own one. Along with a widely hated WPT art

Btw, as far as Stern goes, I won't be saying that about their art in the future with what's coming. They listened and have made changes. It'll be great art but still won't overcome a bad game

#2571 4 years ago
Quoted from pinlink:

I am lucky enough to be one of the 300 on the list and have the option to buy one.

Next?....Bye, bye........

Might as well wait for the next "blown away" pin

#2572 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

In the end, the game will kick your ass, and you'll come back for more because you have this burning desire to kick its ass.

I love it............................

My ass gets kicked every day and I need redemption!

#2577 4 years ago
Quoted from 2RustyBalls:

That game is DOA!

That game just sold 300, and you, as usual, are a d*ck...............

#2636 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Playfield art should be designed directly for the playfield. It should work with the features (inserts, scoops, pops, etc) cohesively, not just be a picture pasted on wood with stuff bolted into it. The original PF art may not be the most exciting, but at least it's designed to BE the playfield. Adjusting the color or detail of the image doesn't fix the fact that it's just a picture that wasn't meant to be a PF.


#2747 4 years ago

Yeah, the animation is absolutely sick.

Very cool, different and unique, right down my alley.

#2873 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I offered to lend him the $1,000 until the pin ships. We will see if he accepts.

I know you didn't mean it this way Kaneda, but I'm gonna say it can be construed as pretty insulting on your part to assume that Aurich would need to borrow the $$$ from you.

It could come across as some veiled jab when clearly he stated that if he wanted to do it he could make it work. Maybe read between the lines a little bit.

#2947 4 years ago
Quoted from pinlink:

The first mode that Charlie plays in the video (Capt. Spaulding) looks kind of lame. Seems pretty easy to just keep the ball in the upper playfield and keep hitting the shot over and over and over. Still wish the upper playfield had a spinner, drop targets, or just a ball rail guide and two rollover switches to make the one huge shot into two lane shots.

My biggest concern too, but I'm sure Spaulding will have some classic and funny as shit callouts there.

Hard to figure with 7 minutes of video although understandable with everything they are going through.

Thinking I'm in and will look forward to Jack Danger stream.

#3031 4 years ago

We won't see Kaneda for at least a week.

He's busy scalping Star Wars tickets

#3091 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I make one post. 20 people respond. Who makes it about me? Me or them? Look simmer down people. I actually like RZ and think it's different and will be a blast to play. Just think it sucks Aurich backed out. This was his dream pin.

You don't think offering to pay for Aurich is a tad "weird"? And then continuing to go on and on about it?

1 week later
#3368 4 years ago

WTF, who gives a shit about this "board BS"? OK, nice work

#3375 4 years ago

Who has actually played RZ with recent Fozzy code?


#3378 4 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

Gonna add another RGB connector and pinout the last of the left over I/O.

Can you tell us where this is going to take place? Will it be 5v or 12v? Can't figure out where its going on the diagram?

#3381 4 years ago
Quoted from Buzz:

What's going on with last 10 spots?????

I know, I can't figure out where the remaining of inventory of board spots is going either?

#3384 4 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

It will be 5V like the other RGB Connector except the I/O lines will hook into the Prop side instead of the PIC32 side.

I'm happy that you aren't an Aggie......

#3438 4 years ago

Hopefully Mezel will make a red hot pussy liquor sign mod!

Yeah, I'm thinking the material alone can make this pin great

#3455 4 years ago

Showed my wife the RHPL sign.

She said "that's not going in our house with our 3 girls"

I said you are right, it's going into my converted garage man cave. Enter at your own risk

#3504 4 years ago

Hilton, what has been done to improve build quality?

New shop? Mostly AMH experience?

#3633 4 years ago

Imagine that, NORMAL, business minded people that communicate and don't try and BS everybody. Who would have ever thought that would be possible in pinball?

#3673 4 years ago

:-)Let's try and be a little more positive in 2016 Krapneda!

Take your bi polar contradictory personality and do a pod cast. You obviously love to hear yourself talk.

You can troll yourself and ramble for hours about nothing. It worked for Seinfeld

#3715 4 years ago

Way to go Spooky and Fozzy! Building a great team

And you have the "Longhorn" engineer, what more could you ask for.

1 week later
#3803 4 years ago

Watched the Devil's Rejects last night again! wow

#3814 4 years ago

Wow. Loving a new Zombie flick

#3827 4 years ago

I was just getting ready to ask about the dead flip stream! Awesome, can't wait

#3843 4 years ago

It's brutal and great. Callouts/theme are worth price of admission alone.

Really happy I'm in.

#3883 4 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Game was brutal, but feels amazing when you make your shots.
When you get the game going, it flows.
Brutal = Replayability.

That's why I love TWD. Brutal, but when you get it going it's a thing of beauty

I think it awesome for Spooky sticking to their guns and creating something unique

#3908 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

ball search typically is not after 30 seconds, WAY too long!
Go check out a few other games to get an idea of what a good ball search does.

However, it could be a perfect time frame for catching up on some beer consumption during game play, especially if you have to pull one out of the fridge and open up a new one.

I've got a feeling that with the great attitude of Fozzy and Spooky guys and welcoming the valuable input of guys like Hilton (and myself of course ), we will end up with a pin that plays awesome!

#3913 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Dont let a few people hold you back on the full gore/sex/chaos that the game can offer I would say if Rob approves then it is all good.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Should be all about the SHOCK factor, as only Rob Zombie could appreciate.

Should be standing there saying "F me running" I can't believe i just heard/saw that!

One of the coolest things I anticipate is having friends over and watching them go nuts with the callouts and video.

With all the chaos going on in the game it would awesome to have a mode like HORDE or TABA where the whole mood changes on a dime, creating another "holy crap" moment.

I can think of a lot of creative things you could do with a "Pussy Liquor" mode

#3925 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Generally mode scoring shouldn't be too unbalanced for reasons above.
But, how about this - to encourage all modes being started - once all modes have been started, not completed, there is some sort of high scoring reward?
A big count down jackpot or just a big jackpot collected in some way with some big sounds effects and animations?

And/or once you start all modes you get another cool mini like Escape from Terminus in TWD

#3968 4 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

I have 3 girls under 13 in my house. I hope I will be able to keep this pin and still enjoy it.

Yeah you're F ed.

I've got 3 girls, 21, 16 and 14. My man cave, pins and beer bottle vending machine is how i maintain sanity.

#4037 4 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

I am taking suggestions for colors for the production run

Burnt Orange of course my Longhorn brother! No need to ask for suggestions.

#4071 3 years ago

Wow that's some fast progress on the building. Looking great!

2 weeks later
#4218 3 years ago

Cool looking board work Longhorn, sadly its Aggie colors, at least I don't have to look at it often

2 weeks later
#4274 3 years ago

I love the looks of the play field.

Put it together with the cab art and back glass and its at least a three run homer!

I'm so excited for this pin, anybody know when shipping is expected to start?

#4295 3 years ago

I was at my youngest daughter's volleyball tournament in Cedar Park, a suburb of Austin, and got a chance to cut out of there for a little over an hour of some fun pinball at Pinballz.

Tucked away in one corner, next to a bowler, was an AMH!

Didn't have a ton of time but got four or five games on AMH and like a lot of others have said, it was a blast to play.

I loved the display, callouts and sounds. The shots were excellent and the modes seemed intuitive and fun/funny.

The measure of a pin for a lot of people is the "replay factor". I wanted to keep playing it but ran out of time. It's got a cool "ambience" and immersive feel, even at Pinballz with all the noise and shit going on.

Bottom line, I left even more REALLY REALLY excited about what's to come with RZ. Most people haven't gotten a chance to play AMH with only 150 out there, but I gotta tell you guys, we are in for something special with RZ based on what I've just seen.

RZ will have that fun/replay factor and it will be immersive. I'm happy i decided to stay in!

#4299 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

you were probably 2 miles from me when you were at the tournament. ping next time & check out the collection

Man I'd love too! It was way off of New Hope road. A new venue built by the Austin Juniors VB crew. Are you out that far?

The amazing thing Lab is it doesn't seem to freaking matter where you go or how far out you are, the traffic is unreal always, even up and down New Hope, out in the boonies.

1 week later
#4322 3 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

but I love how much the back glass changes in color like in the other photo

I noticed that on AMH, what a cool feature!

3 weeks later
#4490 3 years ago

What's happening Ladies?

All quiet up north.

Spooky must be attending all the political rallies in Wisconsin.

1 week later
#4536 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

I think when your game is close to being built they ask you if you want any of the mods.

Ok. But what is the deal?

Do we get a coupon for a bucket of chicken at KFC?

Can we get some detail of what is going on? I might order a couple of combo burritos (no onions), crispy tacos and nachos with extra jalapeƱos if its part of the deal too. I'm hungry.

2 weeks later
#4621 3 years ago

How about just getting the upgrades, not whining about it and move on?

It helps Matt at Back Alley who put a lot of work into this and I'm sure the Spooky crew. WTF

#4623 3 years ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

You're the only one whining. And thank you for telling us how to spend our money.
And wouldn't buying extras help as this would make a larger production run?

I'm not whining about shit. You of course are, as usual. Spend your money however you want. You seem to whine, bitch and complain about everything.

Spend $6500 on a pin without a second thought and then agonize over $80 worth of lighting. What a joke.

2 weeks later
#4762 3 years ago
Quoted from HappyDayz:

I am still trying to figure out why this mod was described by Spooky as complex? Drill 2 holes through Robot's eyes through back of head. Insert led's and run wire under playfield as usual for many mods no? Same with radio. If there really is something more complex that ties them into rules or modes and they are interactive then cool. Otherwise, $200? I just want to understand it better.

Because it is. Drill your own if you don't believe it.

1 week later
#4825 3 years ago

Reviews from early adopters?

I'll move up too Think I'm around 130. Anybody wanting to delay having to pay lmk

#4828 3 years ago

LOVE the music and adult callouts. Everyone has ended up laughing out loud at some point during games.

This is probably what I'm looking forward to the most. Should be hilarious

#4868 3 years ago

It's just Spooky trying to do something nice for the early adopters with AMH. Kudos to them and taking care of people.

Why complain and whine about the extra $500? It's a F ing "LE".

Meaning "Limited", as in only 50 made, meaning you'll be able to get your extra $500 back out of it AND then some.

#4878 3 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Really? Why can't we know exactly what is being included with each version? I don't think that's too much to ask and apparently I'm not the only one who misunderstood. Every time there's a freakin' question on here it's 'whining'. Gimme a break.

Because people complain about adding the LED's and other upgrades for a few hundred bucks. Talking about "drilling your own holes".

And its questions with innuendo that somehow somebody is getting F ed.

Why not just happily support Spooky and give the teeth gnashing a rest?

I'd like to know the person dumb enough to trade the "LE" for a "Regular" for $500. You are really just pissed because regulars are getting something similar like the back glass. Give me a break! The pettiness is unreal sometimes. And btw, I'm not referring to you in particular.

Enjoy your pins.

1 week later
#5031 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

RZ tweaked in is amazing.
I set ball save to 6 seconds and tweaked in slings and pops. Also dialed sound in by lowering sub woofer and putting music up to 92.
We probably put 50 games on it yesterday.

What is most amazing about it? Favorite aspects?

How does it compare to AMH?

2 weeks later
#5266 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Pinball is a ridiculous amount of work, and no one is ever going to appreciate that if they haven't done it.

Amen to that, not that i know, but good lord it sure seems like you have to walk through a mountain of shit to make a pinball machine.

I'd say Spooky is doing a great job. Along with Aurich and the Heighway guys!

1 week later
#5342 3 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

At Charlie's age, it's what's known as a romantic evening.

That's too long. A "Spooky 20 seconds".

1 month later
#5645 3 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Don't forget to set the switch speed to fast in the game menus on version 8. It's not set by default, it greatly improves gameplay.

Hopefully this is fixed as default in version 9.

A lot of technical shit lately, how is everybody liking the game play. Looking forward to getting mine soon!

2 weeks later
#5793 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Game has an equalizer inside cabinet. Allows you adjust bass, treble and mid range plus volume. When your Op adjusted his, his hearing sucked. In his defense, you kind of adjust b/t/m based on sound volume. So he may have set those OK but then changed volume - and now it sounds wack. The default setting don't sound good at low volumes imho.

Quoted from Rarehero:

I played this game on Monday (Ayce Gogi in Van Nuys, CA has this & AMH on location) & I noticed that the music sounded extremely muffled...as though the vocals were faded down. Reminded me of the "Karaoke" mode on old CD players. The voice callouts were completely clear, so it doesn't seem to be a speaker issue. Is this how it sounds on everyone's games?

#5811 3 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Cactus Canyon Continued has the reversed flippers in drunk multiball. It is a great feature, would like to see this back in the code too if possible. Now just waiting for #150 to be ready to ship.

Yes, I'd like a drunk multiball too!

#5819 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

You have one every night at your house!


That's why it would fit so well RD! Yes i like to let loose on the weekends. Work can be stressful.

2 weeks later
#5983 3 years ago
Quoted from Playmatic:

Definitely going to watch 31.
It's amazing how Rob Zombie's wife never ages.

Sheri F ing Moon. Sensational.

2 months later
#6639 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Now I have my "old man" reading glasses, and can actually see the ball properly, I'm getting better and better!

Wtf old man.

Keep the updates coming RD. I'd rather hear a gameplay update from your daughter whom I'm sure kicks your ass on a daily basis.

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