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#3353 4 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

It is not like building a house. Think of it more like building a large insulated garage with 2 bathrooms. Their offices will be desks on the workroom floor. Maybe some divider walls but pretty open inside.

I had a 2000 plus square foot shed built, starting with a cured foundation it took them 3.5 days to have walls up and ready for electrify and doors. I'm sure once they get the roof on it will go quick.

#3354 4 years ago

I think the plastic apron looks awesome, nice they thought of taking the technique used to make cool plastics one step further. What's below it gets the job done and the top looks nice. Keep up the good work spooky. Games looks and plays awesome, real smooth shots first ball had good feel and flow, can't wait to play it more when a friend gets his.

1 year later
#7233 2 years ago

On Jungle lord there's a fuse for both flipper that shares with that side controlled magnet. And each magnet has its own fuse.

#7238 2 years ago

I had a motordome that had a factory installed repower flasher harness. Supplied fresh voltage to the flashers.
If the hold is an issue why not offer a harness that supplied fresh separate fused power and a setting in the code to provide 100 percent power. Aka update installed.

#7249 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Does anyone know the game update process and can speak/write Japanese?

Ha ha. The hands on the other foot.

Normally we are getting the bad translations.

#7319 2 years ago

What kind of switch is used on the underside? I know cherry used to make three or four different button weights. Meaning less or more pressure to activate it. Also is portportinal to amperage. Have you ever noticed the button a different color. But those were full sized micro switches.

1 week later
#7402 2 years ago
Quoted from Zsozso:

What will you do when you open the box and find this? You will be alone.

That's not too bad. Inspect the entire thing for further damage. Just some careful gluing and clamping. I have fixed worse.

IMG_4735 (resized).JPG

#7408 2 years ago
Quoted from Zsozso:

Than please fix this too!

Wow you are lucky in what I have seen so far. Both damaged areas posted can be repaired and not seen. That head the repair would be seen on the inside but the external seemed to be pretty good. Of course I would contact spooky about the possibility of purchasing a empty but decaled head. And side rails and apron. Then do the other repair. And have a nice game again.

Along with the vague we also don't know where about you are. Aka. Offer help. If you were close enough. I'd say bring the cab on down and I can fix it in a week. Or if your not comfortable. Find your local freelance cabinet maker and ask for repair. You would have to remove playfeild of course.

#7410 2 years ago
Quoted from Zsozso:

There is one thing I should know: who or what protect us if you open a box at home and find this crap

Contact seller and they should start a claim with the shipping company. Once you have either the seller taking care of repairs or the shipping company compensate you. Next contact spooky to purchase the damaged parts and put it back together.

#7434 2 years ago
Quoted from Titan_Pinball:

If anyone has not had the chance to play this awesome game from Spooky, we will have one in our booth at TPF this year complete with red Titan Silicone rubber, courtesy of blacktoothgrin! Yes, we'll set it for adult mode after all the kiddos are in bed

You should have some pre bagged and prices sets! I'm actually getting a RZ when I return from TPF. May be able to convince me to buy a set!!!

#7471 2 years ago

What are those? Comet?

#7493 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

I've used high quality black electrical tape (doesn't show when wrapped carefully) to deal with rattle and slide. I don't like the idea of the glass sliding out of the game on it's own.

What brand did you use? Do they have it in a LE version like the flipper tape?

#7501 2 years ago

Watched part of the video linked. I would agree that the superpops seems to be on the dmd a lot.
Second. I know there are three switches to get a skill shot. Is there a minor reward for getting one or two of them? Seems like one is hard enough to hit should have something rewarded.

2 weeks later
#7621 2 years ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

What page are the white background instructions posted on?
I can't read the red ones!

With 153 pages things can be hard to find. I'm interested in these also. Since some printers scale things posting dimensions will assist in printing them correctly.
My only concern is the relevance. How much has the rules changed or will change. After some major code updates does spooky release new card images for printing?

#7649 2 years ago

If someone ever figures out changing the music wavs, I'm in. My fav album is American made music to strip by. A lot of cool remixes, that have great rhythm.
? Is there a size/length requirement? What format compression? If they are just referencing the files we should be able to change. Any risk of frying the board or just a reflag if you screw it up? Are hey read off the card or copied to the board?
I'm sure some investigation into the chip responcibile for audio might help with compression questions.

#7658 2 years ago

It depends on how they are accessed. If it copes then to a chip as part of the update or if it reads them on the SD. After you replaced a wav. Did it play the old sound or nothing?
I just bought my game off a friend so... I will be going through the code update procedure soon and get some first hand knowledge.

#7680 2 years ago

Awesome to hear about code development, just got mine and updated code to 19. I agree super pops is annoyingly always on, glad to hear it's fixed.

#7690 2 years ago

I like the concept of infected. Basically your cocky and fail you pay for it. But can avoid it by playing other modes.

#7694 2 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Oooh I'm excited for infected

Maybe you should get that looked at?

#7757 2 years ago

David is basically making a base pinball os for all development and rules to built off of. Then a glitch update can be applied to all fawz-os games.
He doesn't have decades of code like stern to pull from.
Keep it up. Loving my RZ. I'm excited about the content update.

#7806 2 years ago

I want and hate you. Would it come with the precut apron plastic. Id hate to cut my original.

#7899 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I'll let everyone know when its ready.. I'll be posting video of it in action really soon.
I was happy to see today that the mod does not interfere with the update process. Updating the mod will be pretty easy to as it will use a USB drive.

I'm really excited about this. does this have its own microprocessor? Basically getting info from the main board and able to open the door to many more things? Or is it more like a display driver board with its own stored images and animations but taking queues from the main board code?

#7911 2 years ago

I just played a few games in a dark room. The game to the left was on. I have the spooky led upgrade. I had a few real good games. Can read the playfeild and see the action. Is it possibile the factory leds provide more GI lighting?

1 week later
#7985 2 years ago

I have got the brightly colored dirty pool display a few times. Didn't seem to get any reward. I figured it was stating i got I back there with the drop up and I'm getting nothing!!!

#7996 2 years ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

I also noticed that my robot was not moving. Played a game with the glass off and the servo motor runs, but it seems the robot is stripped. Will try to contact tech support on monday.

FYI there is a test in service mode for servos. you can test both the robot and spaulding. from the coin door.

#8013 2 years ago

I put two small washers between the upper pf and rail. One on each screw. This and Titan rubber. A bit more bounce helps keep the ball up there.
I too have e issue of the ball shooting over the upper pf sometimes. Need to put something on the wire form.

1 week later
#8089 2 years ago

Did you unzip the files to a folder on your computer. And then copy them over to the SD card.

2 weeks later
#8310 2 years ago

Keeping in mid the tron arcade mod cost 250 and just looks cool. This adds to the game. Plus Daves commitment to keep adding and improving code I'm sure will carry into his mods. That's the number one reason I'm all in $300 is a deal. We won't get stuck with half coded stuff. Looks cool and can't wait for more. I'm In.

#8320 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

This can play video just fine. What I can't do is include any with the mod. We had the Alice Copper pin trailer playing at MGC on this.
There is more to this mod that just seeing your score/ball, just gotta be patient. New video mode types.. head to head.. sensors..
And about the price.. 350-400 was going to be the original price, but decided on 300. Keep in mind, I am not building 100's of these at one time. At $150 I would be losing money.

Does the apron mod require v20 code?

#8341 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Hopefully a burning desire not to be a douche.

This Happens with any online gaming.

How about a head to head mode where you each have 30 seconds to lock the ball and have to play a mode together. First one finishes get the points!

The PI also has a wired connector. If it's going to be located in the head one could always run a wire to their wifi router. Then it would still be on the same network and wi fi and allow a current score for all players website to be accessed on the pi. Even a break down of how the heck your opponent got his scores.
Could even pull up its website on a tv or computer. Just have it on dhcp and a setting to "show ip if on network" in the mod to occasionally show the ip while not in a game.

#8361 2 years ago

This talk reminds me a lot of doom2 multiplay mode. I remember calling up buddies and direct dialing their computer to play. How about an option to play co-op. If one of you completes the mode You both get it locked on.

1 month later
#8728 2 years ago

I think the quality f the headphone girl animation is nice. Better than the old super pop for sure. In adult mode is this when your not in super pops?

1 week later
#8821 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I was close to buying that one. Glad it landed safe in good hands.

Congrats. That means you will be not posting for a while?

#8834 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

When I read the first sentence my first though was the game wasn't updated right.
Use a windows machine
Format the sd card
UnIp files to computer
Copy file from computer to card ( don't drag files from zip to sd card)

Do you have infected turned on ? I thought this was the symptom of that. When you change your selection does the playfeild lights indicate the mode picked.

I had the same thing. Turned off infected. And then hard re boot the machine (waiting 15 seconds of the game off)

#8869 2 years ago

This past weekend I had the left most fuse blow. I don't beleive it was from the VUK either. I first noticed it after LDG when the HO10K target would not reset.

First time that one blew. Just giving feedback.

#8873 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Blew the damn VUK fuse tonight. So it looks like majority of them are 3A slow blow. Another was a 3A fast blow and the GI appeared to be a 1A slow blow. Does that all sound correct to everyone? I assume these are the 1 1/4" fuses?

I don't know the values but they are the smaller than older pinball size. Called 5x20mm

#8892 2 years ago

I have a question about ball save.
I noticed on some of my other games there seems to be a split second after the ball save light goes off that you can still save it. For example a ball bouncing around in the trough entrance.
On RZ I noticed if it's off it's off.

#8914 2 years ago
Quoted from zombywoof:

I had to have the glass off of my RZ this afternoon. Last night I had noticed some phantom pops from the lower right kicker. Sure enough, the switch was all bent to hell. It was easy enough to straighten it back out and gap it properly. These modern switches are so flimsy compared to the old school ones I'm used to. I have a feeling this is going to get bent back again with use.
While I had the glass off, I took the opportunity to wipe down the playfield, and replaced the flipper rubbers. They were getting a little chewed up at the tips. Good as new, now.
This and a broken flipper spring are the only issues I've had with the game. Spooky is building a remarkably reliable pinball machine.

Personally I didn't think they are flimsy. The opposite. Super stiff whitch makes then a beat to adjust. I think the blades are of a stiffer material.
Just my humble opinion.

2 weeks later
#8975 2 years ago

I recently installed Tims Lamp and Red Hot mods on my RZ. I am very happy with how they turned out. We made some videos of the install process for those on the fence to see whats involved.

Lamp Mod:

Red Hot:

We decided to start a channel with mod install, pinball tech tips and anything related.

#8986 2 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Thank you for doing that, I have both of them sitting on my workbench waiting to be installed. They look really good!

No problem. We hope to have some more fun with it once we figure out our format. I plan on doing a apron mod install when they are done.

2 weeks later
#9111 2 years ago
Quoted from spandol:

I have the same issue, but with my upper playfield. If I select 'What', it takes a few switch hits to even register a hit, otherwise it does nothing. The rest of the day, it works fine. Maybe replacing the switch is the best idea? Very odd.

microswitches have a dielectric grease on the contacts. Maybe this had gone bad and is acting more like a glue. You could always open it up and clean the contacts. Re protect them with a thinner grease. Or liquid de-ox.

#9113 2 years ago

Normally you can just get the switch and reuse the arm and mount.

Anyone swap out the PS fan with a quiet one? What one did you get? Thanks.

#9153 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Owner of one of the first 4 shipped is going to do an installation video. I'm sure he'll be doing game play as well.
And I have tons to do with this and a few tricks up my sleeves.

cad-kid and myself are planning on making the video tomorrow will get it posted and linked here as soon as editing is done. I think i will do two. One just install and a second with extended 3 player game play.
Its been painful looking at it and not installing the last couple days. Side note anyone have issues with the current beta v21? i am going to upgrade tonight.

#9164 2 years ago

We have completed the install video for the Apron mod made by fawzmagames . Please note I always comment on things I would like to see improved. Please don't take this as negative just as some things that will make it even better.

We recorded a entire 3 person game and will be edited and uploaded later this morning. I will post a link here and subscribers will get an email when its live too.

#9167 2 years ago

We just finished the game play video, and by we I mean cad-kid did all the editing and upload. This is a of a three player game, a few modes entered and HO10K. I noticed there is no special display for LDG or Goober. LDG happens enough and would be nice to know what you have to do to open up more jackpots.

fawzmagames looks great cant wait to see what you have in store for it in the future.

#9173 2 years ago
Quoted from cad-kid:

Since the leds are some distance from the artwork we didn't notice any blocking of the light once everything was back together.
Thanks for watching the vids

I had the same thought. Turned it on today and I can't see any dull or wire spots. Now on my GB where wires are hanging closer to the translight, I see those.
I beleive if one were to plug everything in first may be able to position to the left of the heck board in a more vertical position. Because fawzma gave enough wires to mount higher you have a lot of flexibility. I wouldn't mount it to the side because you would be getting close to the front and easier to accidentally drill thorough something important.

1 week later
#9206 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

nice video. do you mind if i use this for tech support for people?

No problem. And thanks again.
We are always open to suggestions for future videos. let us know if there's anything you would like us to video.

#9219 2 years ago
Quoted from mackey256:

Over the weekend I installed the apron mod and it looks great. The directions provided were well documented and easy to follow. I ended up taking off the plastic hangers and mounted it directly to the back box. For those interested, I put it off to the right and took two photos in case you were thinking about where to mount it. (Sorry the one is blurry)

I like your mounting location. It allows better cable management. No worry about running out of cable length. fawzmagames did good by us here.

1 week later
#9283 2 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

Very cool topper!
I thought about buying a latex Rob Zombie mask then putting it on a Styrofoam manikin head and adding some black light up eyes and latex hands reaching over back box. I figured it would scare the crap out of me every time I ran downstairs and turned the lights on so I never went through with it.

Don't do it. I have a james dean full size cardboard cutout by my skill roll. Caught me off guard way too many times.

2 months later
#9635 2 years ago

I haven’t been in this thread for a bit so I apologize if this has been covered. Has there been an update to the apron mod? And how does one acquire and apply?

#9637 2 years ago

Thanks. Just updating tonight for the holiday week.

#9647 2 years ago

I see the thoughts on the apron mod. But my two cents. The LDG is awesome looking but like many toys doesn’t help your gameplay. So the apron mod does still locate information where you are looking and helps with modes. So I’m in the apron mod side.

1 week later
#9672 2 years ago
Quoted from idtattoo:

Digging the apron and mod together. I would love to buy David’s mod with the metal apron. Looks great. Would just need to send it to get the le powder coat.

Heck his Facebook page. Someone did just that.

Anyone use the latest code. V23. Looking for feedback before my NYE party.

#9682 2 years ago

I would like to eventually sub the versions from "American made music to strip by" on mine.

4 weeks later
#9725 1 year ago

In the latest code. If I turn on adult time. How does one activate it?

#9733 1 year ago
Quoted from sulakd:

Are you talking about the feature where you can boot into adult mode with a button combo, or are you talking about the setting that turns on adult mode after a certain time of day? As to the button combo, hold down left flipper and start button when turning on the machine.

I was looking for the button combo that can be held down to enter adult mode. Of course it needs to be enabled in the menus.

#9742 1 year ago

Email spooky tech support. Seriously there here to help.

1 week later
#9750 1 year ago

Is that callout supposed to be reduced or removed? I still hear it a lot.

6 months later
#10038 1 year ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

I'm wondering if anyone here has both the RGB lockdown bar mod and the RGB speaker LEDs mod installed. If so, do both of these mods use the same connection on the motherboard?

I got both my speaker light mod and lockdown second hand and missing the special board connectors. Short answer is yes. If you have the lockdown mod it has two spots for rgb hookup on the breakout board. One for playfeild and one for back box rgb breakout. Lockdown goes to playfeild lights. But you can change it. Some light kits use a different breakout connectors but changing it to a four pin .156 is pretty easy. I had to make my own harness based on the breakout board info supplied by Pinball life.
The speaker light mod was a disappointment. It simply sandwiched inbetween the speaker and panel. I just finished installing my own custom speaker mods. I’ll be selling my original ones eventually.
Here’s a picture of the custom ones I made.

0A2970B8-3735-430E-8020-F69A09B106A0 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#10125 1 year ago

Could RZ use some bug fixes and alittle more polish. Yes. Does it need it no. At least it’s not wheel of fortune code wise. Or Aerosmith pro that advertisedbin the flyer a skill shot that just got added two years after.
Spooky has given us everything advertised to come with the game. They even added two additional modes. The game is great and if they get around to eventually giving a final polish great. Charlie said they will so I’m not worried.

This thread is a club thread and should be talking about high scores mods and other fun club owners are having with their game. I even recently posted custom speaker lights. Then when I checked back I found two pages of companints about code as if you all still had version 18. I’m alittle dissapointed by this “club”.

All I’m saying is this is a hobby we should enjoy and I feel some have let the negativity become its own entity here. Please those of you who aren’t the few with code complaints go enjoy your game. I will.

#10138 1 year ago
Quoted from sleepygtr:

Not meaning to rain on the bitching parade (and some of the points are certainly valid and I hope get ultimately addressed - I don't have the history with it most of you do but happy there is healthy competition for Stern) but changing the subject a bit.... I am now a member of the club and just LOVE this game (just bought it from a friend) even with it's faults. That said, the upper play-field is pretty awful but looks really cool and I think it has potential. In the photo there is a hole for a post - seems all of them have it yet no post? Was this post tried and then abandoned? Many times the ball just drains up there with no chance at all and I think a well placed post would at least allow the player to keep the ball up there longer.... Has anyone tried any innovation yet or do we just accept the fact that the ball will drain with no chance to hit it? I would love spookycharlie to weigh in on this.
[quoted image]

I had a similar issue when I got my game. First it’s important to get everything leveled correct. I then placed two thin washers between the upper playfeild and the right side mount. Tilting it slightly to the left. Most of the time it feeds the flipper or a good nudge gets it there.
I have the light mod and red hot mod. Really happy with them. I did a few videos on install and reviews.


#10150 1 year ago

Don’t cut the wires. Just desolder the and slide the hearshrink over and solder. If you remove the upper playfeild this would be a relatively low risk start on repair. Worst case you destroy the switch. If your afrade to solder on a Pinball you may spend a lot on other people’s service fees.

#10158 1 year ago

I’m still confused as to what lcd ocd actually does. Can either of you explain?

3 months later
#10278 1 year ago
Quoted from dung:

The vuk launches fine. The problem is if you make a shot to the left orbit. A good, solid shot. It will go up, and it ends up bouncing off the side or bouncing off the ramp. In either case a good shot which should go into the vuk tends to come right back down the left orbit. It is very frustrating for people.

I had the same problem. I used a small peice of weatherstripping. The size and position took a bit of adjusting. But seems to work well. Positioned wrong and it bounced it back more.

811E98F8-B9A2-46FD-9E09-06568C8D64BB (resized).jpeg
4 weeks later
#10300 11 months ago

I really like the gas station lamp mod and red hot lit sign mod. Both from Tim’s mods.
We have install videos in this playlist for both. I bought these and enjoy them both. I second the lcd apron is nice. Just hope for alittle more added to it.

#10301 11 months ago

Also for those of you wondering what’s displayed on the lcd apron. We have a couple videos of that in that same playlist.


#10307 11 months ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Frankly, I wouldn't at this point. I did and I regret it completely. It sure feels like the project has been abandoned. I know he *said* he would add more to it, but that feels like a million years ago at this point, and given how swamped he appears to be with Spooky coding, when would it realistically happen?
Maybe more purchasers would put more pressure / incentive to expand it, and I should stay quiet or encourage people to buy it. But I can't in good conscience do that. If you've seen videos of the functionality and like it as is, then by all means go for it. If you are buying based on the potential / prior promises of what it will become, I would encourage you to keep your money.

If your not satisfied and drmark12pa wants one. Why not sell your mod? Boom both end up satisfied.

4 months later
#10324 6 months ago

I wouldn’t worry about the switch until it breaks. They can take a beating.

I’m sure you will have to ask scott how “easy” it was to program co-op mode. I’m guessing it was a lot of work. And the code can be partially reused in acnc. Yes both are p3-roc / pc based systems. As where RZ is heck board based. Both logic processing and drivers all on one board. Therefore the frame work had to be written by Ben to accommodate the few games that used the board. P roc and skeleton has a framework deleloped by the community and used in multiple machines. Homebrew and production. Therefore it’s much easier to add in because of the more robust framework.

1 month later
#10382 5 months ago

Have an extra set of flipper rubbers handy. Mine has red silicone ones (Titan or pinball life). Plays great but the tips rip up quickly. You can take off and turn a few times. But having a spare set is good. RZ is still a party favorite at my house. One game my wife plays and would be mad if I ever sold.
I did make my own speaker light mod as I didn’t care for the square ones. I’ll take a picture later.

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