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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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#40 4 years ago

My name is David Fawcett, and I'm doing the code. I've been working with Chuck on this since the beginning of the year. I don't know what I can say or show yet though, so I'm leaving it at that.

#109 4 years ago

I'm here and watching everything. Basically, everyone want's the new game to not suck. Point taken

#111 4 years ago

And Ben did rub off on me a bit, I have a new favorite beer!

#228 4 years ago

I won't comment on what's going into the game or not. Just know that I am doing my part to make this super fun.

I will accept suggestions from pin fans on what they like to see in a game (play mechanics wise) and can adapt. I did swipe an AMH (think it was Bens to be honest) so I know how things should fit together. It has certainly helped.

#243 4 years ago

Warning - do not take AMH code and dump to any other game.. you might fry something. Don't ask why I know this.

I don't have an answer about open source for this, good question though. If it does go open source, I'll be putting it out on Github most likely.

#292 4 years ago

I'll sign each one if that matters to anyone My signature.. not Robs.

#501 4 years ago

Progress is being made!! Getting more and more modes added in.

#509 4 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

To me, this is another great example of why Spooky Pinball is great - they talk to us and we get updates. Now, of course, no good deed goes unpunished...so...can you give us some general info on the intended depth of the code? I am sure I am like most buyers in that I really like the idea of deep code with multiple wizards modes and different scoring strategies for my home games. Is it wrong to get excited by a game based upon the number of inserts on its playfield? Call me a masochist, but I love the challenge of a looming wizard mode that I may never see, as long as there are mini wizard modes and other mid-way awards for "good-but-not-great" play. Anyway, care to share general programming ideas/modes/goals etc with us?

Unfortunately, I can't say anything about what going into the game.; not till its first shown. I'll tell you this though, damn.. probably can't even do that. Anyway, your concerns are well received.

#510 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

And simple things like the Do or Die countdown 35 million jackpot in Iron Man just make games addictive. Hint, hint

Please send me an Iron Man for investigation

#512 4 years ago

Sorry Chuck, just added another idea to the doc, if you like it.. you've got your work cut out for you lol

#698 4 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

If the playfield has some sort of character bash toy named kevin or john, I'll be on the buyer list for sure.

note taken

1 week later
#775 4 years ago

Fortunately this thing isn't fake, I've pretty much been glued to this thing every non day job hour I'm awake. I wake up in the middle of the night to take notes on things I think of. I can't wait till the new SFX are ready, these ghost moans are driving me nuts. I really should change those up. Listening to the music over and over doesn't bother me as much though.

#818 4 years ago

Updates on my progress with code on RZ will be at www.facebook.com/FawzmaGames

#823 4 years ago

I thought for sure it would have hit 100.. just stopped at 92. (@93 4 minutes ago, Thanks Wayne!!)

Lets just say I have enough pics and videos to clog up Youtube and Facebook lol. I can't share anything at the moment. I can say that the DOT guy is sending in some really nice stuff. With each update It makes the pin that much more enjoyable to play and watch. I still have AMH SFX running. Once that's out of here and the real stuff is in... I can't wait!!

Anyone who has seen this pin in the form it was in, forget what you saw! Even if you saw it in the past month, forget it. It didn't have any of my code running on it

Side note.. I need to get out of the IOS business so I can focus on Spooky.. any taker

#827 4 years ago

Color? Chuck never told me about color.. All I have are reels.. do they make color changing reels? I'm kidding.. in my prototype they put a fish tank in the DMD spot. they thought it would be funny.

#867 4 years ago

On a lighter note, those with AMH's / Pinheck boards who use the USB port... a usb port protector.


2 weeks later
#880 4 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

Based on what I saw when I picked up my AMH I don't think RZ is ready for public consumption yet. We all know what happens when things hit the internet before they are ready. It's going to be similar layout to PZFBTG but lots of cool stuff being worked on to improve it.

Please for the love of everything evil!! Chuck does not have any of the code. Between now and the 1st I'll be heading there to load up the machine you saw, with the first copy of the game. Even then, I'm using quick mockup graphics and place holder sounds for everything. BUT the game and all the modes are playable and then some. There's stuff in the game Chuck doesn't know about yet (rather busy coding than documenting

Keep up to date at http://www.facebook.com/FawzmaGames/

#884 4 years ago

2 days ago Spooky got some of the first code. I go back Saturday with even more goodies, and not just Minion toys!!

#886 4 years ago

Just curious but before you were given the honor of programming this game, what was your experience playing pinball?
- I just knew you had to keep the balls above the flippers

Were you familiar with typical "mode" rules and scoring strategies?
- I was no expert that's for sure. While I waited for the machine to be ready, I did my research.

How fast did you have to come up to speed?
- Hours to a day maybe , I was handed the AMH code that night and was back the next day or day after doing tests.

Or did Spooky pretty much hand you the rules they wanted to see and anything extra you thought of you could add?
- I have main rules, then I'm injecting what I think the game should due based on the layout.

#891 4 years ago

I'll fall into the all of the above category, I'll do all the great things you say, plus make it fun and bug free

This is a team effort. I am not programming something and saying "this is how it is, ship it like this."

#911 4 years ago

I knew what was meant. My only goal is to make sure its better than Avengers j/k

#969 4 years ago

Ben is the R&D department lol

1 month later
#1025 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I have offered my 'asshole services' to fawza where I am happy to tell him how mush his ruleset sucks and what sort of pinball related tweaks he may want to make

Just to clarify, Whysnow has no idea what the rules are. He offered to give his opinion as other have. At this point in time, I can't reveal any rules, please don't ask for them. I prefer to keep this gig.

#1030 4 years ago

By expo it's fair game. Spotted cow works

3 weeks later
#1207 4 years ago

Lots of code so far, with more to go. Kinda neat to see how it went from no code to what it is now.

1 week later
#1275 4 years ago

I'd prefer to work on more than one game every 5+ years

#1370 4 years ago

no worries on code. There's tons of it!

#1373 4 years ago

The game will not ship with halfassed unfinished code. It will be the game. Updates will come as I get more feedback and continue. Ben spoiled everyone and I'll simply follow his lead.

#1377 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

A bit unrelated to what you were posting there, but have you spent much time watching pinball tournament coverage? If not I highly recommend doing so because it'll really help you get a better idea of how to analyze your code, scoring, and strategies to make sure they'll hold up and be diverse in a tournament environment.

Just being a smartass when I say this, but why would I make this game do what everyone else is doing? Can't we just make a fun game and be happy doing it

Honestly though, this is a team effort. I am only one piece of this Spooky puzzle. If the guys in charge don't like something it won't be added. If they want something, it gets added.

1 month later
#2148 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

I suppose with code, all things of this nature are possible. I'll leave that to Mr. Fawzma.

Not possible. Unless there's a secret clock feature, the board has no awareness of time. Best I could do would be to make some sort of flipper code while in attract mode.

In settings you could record flipper hits, repeat in attract, which enables adult mode.

#2492 3 years ago

I'm here watching the nonsense.

Quoted from smassa:

Think you can do better? Build it & ship it in less then a year & i'll give you full props.

Funny, I was going to say this till I read it.

In fact, quit your day job in the process and risk everything to make it more interesting. Something I still can't pull the trigger on.

I gotta get back to working on this. I could be a smartass and make the game play like crap so certain people will make up their mind faster

#2501 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Fawzma, any chance you could give us a brief outline of the ruleset? Maybe explain how some of the modes work as well as some of the sub modes. I really hope there is some risk/reward built-in as well as the ability to stack modes and multiball together. Thanks!

I can after the gameplay video.

#2555 3 years ago
Quoted from pinlink:

I'm also worried about this being the first pinball done by the coder, but that concern could go away tomorrow with the video.

Curios what this being a fist pin has anything to do anything? Rules are laid out, and I work to those rules. The designer verifies I'm doing what they have envisioned. I can't exactly do it wrong. I am making sure all bugs are worked out, and all key pinball elements are included. Trust me, this isn't a "my way" project, I have people to answer to. Granted, I have put spins on things that Chuck and Ben never thought of, but again they either approve or disapprove.

Ben and I have made a lot of changes to the way his system works internally based on certain features that have been added. The way the video mode work is one of them.

I also had to work on decoupling his AV processes, to put more of the work on the game code side. This will make future games MUCH quicker to get done. I'm pretty sure I spent more time getting those parts worked out, than the core game code.

In the end, the game will kick your ass, and you'll come back for more because you have this burning desire to kick its ass.

#2562 3 years ago

Something else that's taking a lot of my time are the tools. I have a custom lightshow and video converter/editor. Not having to do this again will save tons of time.

#2596 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Are you a Pinball player and do you have any favorite games/rulesets? Are there any games for which RZ's rules are similar to?

I've played, but don't have a collection. I have done things in RZ that when Chuck and Ben saw it they said things like.."oh that like in so and so". That so and so they mention, I've never played. If I never play another game, and I keep making more; I'm pretty sure I'll do things that have already been done. I really didn't want to play too much so I didn't purposely do what someone else already did.

My job is to make my "boss" happy. If he likes the game, then I did my job.

Once players have the game, if they have suggestions, they can post on the forum on my website.

For favorite games:Centaur, AC/DC. AFM, Space Shuttle, and RZ

#2646 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

and dominos is expected to become the first pizza pin, thus completing a full circle

I see what you did there

#2664 3 years ago
Quoted from Sly_Old_Devil:

Question is will the gameplay leave you hungry to play some more 10 minutes after the last game?

I think everyone who plays has their favorite mode. I have mine.. my kid always plays a certain one. I know I've seen others gravitate to theirs. Heck, my version doesn't even have all the goodies. So I get to pretend its there

#2672 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I hope you are working to refine and balance the modes so favorites are not merely based on what is the most lucrative for points and more because of what you enjoy playing???
I have one important question concerning code. Is there a plan to continually take on feedback from the game owners and tweak/improve code like Ben has done with AMH over time?
I think that is very important to know.

for the favorite thing, I have something that helps combat that.

As for feedback, I'll take and work with it as long as it comes in. I don't want this game ending up in a "Kiss" type thread.

#2757 3 years ago

1000 corpse mode plays different in multiplayer vs single. Like Chuck said there's corpse stealing in multiplayer. In single player, there are targets at the top right you hit to increase your multiplier on the switch hits.

#2774 3 years ago
Quoted from renodakota:

Can i buy you a beer?
You deflect dog shit comments very gracefully.
Everything you've said about the RZ rules has been on point.
It sounds like you, charlie, and ben agree about the rules working well.
No matter what pinside says.
I may be paraphrasing but you said you were told what to "shoot" for.
You took it ran and asked for feedback, they agreed or critiqued it.
others will pick at you being new to pinball but I find that ungodly refreshing!
I can't wait to play it

LOL too funny. At my day job I had to learn that skill. I really am open to suggestions. I can add whaever to code.. I just can't solve the spinner issue

#2833 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Then you should be thankful you're not on the list.
(Coding suggestion ... When you hit corpse 66 scream "dirtbag!")

Sorry, that line wasn't in the script.. we might need Ben to do the voiceover for that

#2834 3 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

House of 1000 Corpses looks like a ton of fun. Is there a setting to pick up where you left off, or is it starting over every time? Or can you not replay it once you do it once, so it's all or nothing?

It will carry over, I originally had it set to start from scratch. If I have to, it will be a user setting.

#2854 3 years ago
Quoted from CraigC:

Agreed, MM, AFM,

possibly configurable too? house of 500 corpses doesn't quite have the same ring....possibly have combos give 2x,3x,4x switch hits?

There are two targets you can't see (from video) that are assigned to do that.. get one and you get 2x corpse, get he other and you get 3x corpse.

#2856 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Any super jackpots with call outs to be coded?

There are.. Superbeast has one for exacmple. There is a "sneek attack" feature. you can only claim super jackpots if you beat the mode that way. Otherwise, you only get normal jackpots.

#2868 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

or maybe he slept with someone in management (looking at kayte here ) just kidding, of course

lol, quite honestly, I never heard of Spooky till someone I worked with came in blabbing about RZ and how they needed a programmer.

#2915 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

But it has also been said you can 2x or 3x the switches, so in theory it could only take 334ish switch hits.

True story

#2916 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

I would agree that with the multiplier it won't be as tough as it sounds. I would, however, really like to have something to shoot for (other than just multiplier targets) during the mode. Trying to keep 7 balls alive while shooting at a particular target will probably be near impossible, but once you're down to 3 or 2 balls, what do you do to keep collecting corpses?

If it's a switch, you get corpse.

I could pick a random switch and blink its light, and that one switch could be worth more then all others. I'd have to test for balance of course.

#2927 3 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

I suggest that you get a switch multiplier based on the amount of balls currently in play.
This will definitely make it so the player focuses more on "frantically trying to stay alive".

Then it would have to be renamed to house of 2000 corpses

#2939 3 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

Also, while I'm making requests: please add multiple high score tables like one for each mode (ala AC/DC or Met) - the more HS tables there are the more the home player has something to shoot for when playing. For example, a high score table for most points scored in each mode, a Killer card champion (most killer cars collected), a corpse champion (most corpses), Chicken and gasoline champion, etc. This adds a lot of extra bang for your buck as a player without the programmer having to add more rules to the game.

Adding to my todo. Poor EEPROM won't know what hit it.

#2954 3 years ago
Quoted from bridgeman:

Can you put the code in for a spinner and then we can install one ourselves??

I'll put it on switch[6],5

I'm kidding though, so don't bother messing with the switch matrix

#2974 3 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I also have argued for a while that it would be awesome if after a game was over, it said something like your score - 10M, average score - 13%, your score was better than 33% of the games played on this machine - or something. The larger the high score table, the happier it'll make people.

So you want analytics

#3161 3 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

#192......Perfect!!! May all the bugs be worked out by then.

Its down to just a couple. There aren't any game interfering bugs though. I'm just working out the differences between my version and the one that will be released.

I do have a bug/feature request site set up. Once games are in customers hand they will have access.

#3241 3 years ago
Quoted from RavagedUnicorn:

Sorry if I missed it, but, Fawzma are you doing the dots too, or just code?

Just code, you don't want my dots, they would be stick figures.

#3243 3 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

did you do the video mode on GOT?

yes, and I got a lot of flack for it; so I got fired and now I do Spooky stuff

That was a joke for those that don't get jokes. I have nothing to do with Stern.

#3304 3 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

I played it 2 weeks ago, the game is badass. Maybe you can trade somebody your Hellcat for one? Not me though, I don't like the white one..........now maybe if it was orange you'd have yourself a deal.

A lot has been fixed/added in those 2 weeks.

#3402 3 years ago

I'll be doing a overview of Deadcity Radio later tonight.

#3413 3 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

man I love spooky
and these rule updates are great
Fawzma seems to be on top of it in the code department

thanks.. What! mode will be for tonight. Things start to get trickier

#3421 3 years ago

I think PHAT would have worked to.. PinHeck Add-on Technology

#3429 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Looking good!
So, 2 questions.
Will there be high score tables for these modes?
And, is anything going to be stackable/modes/multiballs?

With the new EEPROM additional highscore tables are certainly possible. I may not have it in on release, but it is on my todo.

I changed the way multiball kicks happen so stacking those is possible now. The problem is that in most modes there is a danger of having multiple balls out. I will evaluate which can be stacked and go from there. Main modes will never stack though. Same for corpse and LDG; those submodes will never stack with each other.

#3435 3 years ago


Demonoid is up. Going to try and do more today. Got stuff to do this weekend.

#3437 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

So if I read it right, if you make the two sets of three lanes and start bashing cpt but lose ball from the upper pf you lose all progress on the six lanes and have to start over? Or just start over bashing the cpt? Seems very similar to tv on tspp.

yes, you'll have to hit those lanes 6 times. 3 each side.

If you fail, you start from the beginning. Once you get into a rhythm it's easy enough. Same thing for captain.. you screw up and exit the wrong way when the gate is open, you are screwed.

#3439 3 years ago

the article was updated, I did miss a feature of demon mode.

EDIT** - There was something I missed, this mode has an add a ball feature. In overtime, ever 12 seconds the add a ball light will blink. Hit the switch to add a ball. Max of 4 balls on the play field. The timing will increase depending on how many have been ejected.

#3442 3 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

I don't know if this has been stated or not, but can there be more then one ball on the upper playfield?

Yes, you can get a couple up there. If you some how have more than one up there than you can control it. But if you have something going on down at the lower, its tough to deal with. So you end up having to decide which ball means more to you.

#3446 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

This sounds like an awesome mode!
So, does it start in total darkness and then light gradually is added as each switch is hit?

I'm conflicted with that because if you don't indicate whats remaining, you'll get frustrated trying to figure out why the mode hasn't been beat.

#3449 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

you could cradle the ball and peek at the screen which would flash where the remaining ones are?

I like this.. if flipper/s is held for say 3 seconds.. assume you are holding the ball.. then turn off all the lights.. flash whats left.

#3462 3 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

What do you do with the girl when you catch her?

I've tossed an idea around about something we could do to make the catching part a little dramatic.. I have some ideas and it ties into giving the overtime mode a bit more to do.

Crap this reminds me.. I forgot a piece about this mode that leads into "feels so numb" infection mode. I'll update the overview and post the edit here in a bit.

#3463 3 years ago
Quoted from Playerone:

So what if it was the reverse scenario, you start with all lights on and work your way to complete darkness, that way you'd see what shots are left.

The RZ call outs clearly say to turn the lights on, so I'm limited to doing the opposite.

#3464 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Question on the skill shot: It appears to be random as far as bouncing off the left upper sling, then right upper sling, then robot pop bumper. Is there any timing or skill involved?

Skill shot can be completed by plunging the ball with just the right amount of pull.

#3465 3 years ago

The overview was updated with missing info


Totally forgot about this. This mode has an infection mode (Feels so Numb). In fact all modes have it, but this one is on by default. There is a user setting to turn infection on or off for each mode. Infection mode is a way to stop people from replaying their favorite main mode over and over. What this means is, after you beat a mode and you play it again; if you fail the mode you go into infection mode.

Everything goes dark and a green heartbeat/pulse sound/light starts playing. The DMD will have an infection meter that goes from 0 - 100% . This is a timed (about 70 seconds) event where you have to hit 3 lit targets in a random order. If you fail to complete the infection mode, everything dies; forcing your ball to drain.

One twist to this mode, (it's user settable) that is, your flippers are reversed.

#3469 3 years ago
Quoted from Excalabur:

Fawzma: What aren't the inlane switches included in Demonoid?

I don't think you want to try and go for the outlanes to beat this mode, think about it.

#3476 3 years ago
Quoted from Excalabur:

Inlanes aren't outlanes Making people get the inlanes is more than fair.
But giving one ballsave each side for the outlanes would be Super Neat (you get a ballsave if you haven't hit that switch during the mode), and having to get both to finish. Maybe on the 'infected' version?

much better compromise. I've noted this as a feature request. I'll add after I'm done bug hunting.

#3477 3 years ago
Quoted from Excalabur:

I'm not sure if pinheck is setup for this, but having the flippers reverse in the other sense (depressed button = flipper down, released button = flipper up) also seems like it'd hurt your brain. You'd have to make sure you both protected the coils and didn't activate ball search at the wrong time, but it seems cool.

Technically this is possible. I bet this would feel more normal that hitting the flippers only to realize the opposite side is firing.

#3483 3 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Do you have to hit every switch, or just so many? It'd be fine if it was lit if you didn't have to hit every switch. I just don't want to be aiming for an inlane to finish a mode or make it required. Hitting them takes a level of skill most people don't have, and the other way to hit it is luck, lots of people don't have the skill to nudge that well.

The thing is, the ramp is a switch you have to hit, which feeds into the left inlane.

#3566 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

A headphone kit would be a must add mod for me if you make them! Otherwise I'm going to be stuck playing the game in "family mode" while my 2 year old son is within earshot distance.-or on low volume after he goes to bed. And this isn't a game I'll want to play on low volume

What do you plan to do for the adult themed graphics? I don't think we have a video out option

#3568 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

There are a few things I plan to add to my personal game:
1. new plastics (I dont like the art on those and plan to make something a bit more my taste) I am not art inclined but hope to figure something out.
2. a spinner tied into the rattle bonus switch? Plan on putting the spinner on the upper pf right hand side. I have never seen a spinner on an upper pf and it will be fun to try and mod the game to add this somehow
3. Coin door to accept a bill validator. With 10% of AMH on route I am guessing a similar % of RZ may see route. If putting it on route it will need a DBV slot

Spinner on the rattle switch may not be a good idea. I have that bonus stuff and other things tied to that because of how the ball gets in that situation. One hit of the spinner and you max out everything related to that rattle.

#3718 3 years ago
Quoted from aingide:

I searched a bit and couldn't find anything, so apologies if this has already been answered, but are there plans to support achievements on this platform?
Leaderboards are fantastic, but achievements would extend the life of a home game tremendously...a few dozen goals ranging from hitting every target in a single game to beating the wizard mode on the hardest difficulty.
Would probably be difficult given all the variation in settings, but maybe there's a way to do it where they're only applied if you leave everything on default or harder?

I thought about something like this but didn't want to turn pinball into an iPhone app

#3722 3 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

FawzmaGames. Instead of achievements on a phone say like it records the high score of different things. Like number of zomibes killed or items collected. So you have a Score HS list and a HS list for all the items collected.

With the new/added memory you guys are doing. I was planning on something like this instead.

#3729 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Sweet. I think the high score section of TWD is the model to look at.

Send me one and I'll make it happen

#3759 3 years ago

Last main mode review up, American Witch http://www.fawzma.com/rob-zombie-pinball-american-witch-overview/

I'll need to write up something about the submodes.

#3772 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Fawzma >> this game is pretty tough which is cool.
Any chance of some mini-wizard modes being added? It is cool to have some fun and unique rewards as you beat a subset of goals in the game.

I think I'll have to meet you half way on this. The two submodes already give a 5ball and 7ball multi ball.. adding in another wizard may seem like overkill?? What I could do is open up new bonuses/strategies/rewards. I really want what we have so far in peoples hands to get feedback as it is.

We also have to remember we only have so much speech/inserts. So anything added will have to be DMD only with voices done some other way.

Quoted from MikeS:

Can you explain how the mode restarts work. I know if you fail a mode you have the ability to re-select it again and continue where you left off. Charlie also mentioned something about becoming infected if you fail it after the third attempt?

If you already beat a mode and you fail by either by draining, or running out of time; I'll make it so you can pick up where you left off. Once you beat the mode, all bets are off. Right now Superbeast is fully operational with the infect mode. If you beat it, then play it again and fail; you go into the infection mode. Infection mode is user adjustable per mode.

Quoted from Whysnow:

I am sure that just like AMH there will be the ability to put the game into "tournament mode" in the settings which will then get rid of randomizers and make things more "fair"

Yes, I agree. tournament mode setting is in, but we'll need to come to an agreement what stays and what goes at some point. I'm adding a note to my tracker to remove the bonuses I already have while in tournament.

#3783 3 years ago

There is a hurry-up related to What!.. after beating What! get back to the upper playfield to shoot the gate.

Add bonus, try and get that and red hot done at the same time. It will test your multitasking abilities.

I'm all for adding the extra fun stuff, but I really want to make sure the core game is bug free at the moment. Save the suggestions till you play it.

#3890 3 years ago

I've added a ball search which will fire the VUK if no switches are detected after 30 seconds, and will keep kicking every 5 seconds.

In last nights case, the VUK switch goofed up and just sat there. In the real world if this happens, it will kick out and the game will still work. But, if that switch really is bad, you simply won't be able to start any main modes. I'll add a audit item for operators so they can see if its being fired.

There was a bunch of stuff that wasn't shown that you'll have to discover.

I do have more plans for adding depth to other modes related to the upper playfield. In fact, there are already a couple in there that are hidden.

#3898 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

ball search typically is not after 30 seconds, WAY too long!
Go check out a few other games to get an idea of what a good ball search does.
Off the top of my head:
After 7-8 seconds with no flipper engaged (i.e. no ball search when someone is trapping a ball) then the game cycles through ALL of the coils a few times to try and free a stuck ball. Best practice would be to fire the coils where a problem would most commonly occur (i.e in this case VUK) and to fire in a pattern that is most likely to free a stuck ball the quickest.
Honestly, go play MORE pinball and pay attention to some of the things that are common features in coding. There is a whole litany of things that are expected and common in todays code that are both good for on route and for home play.
I love that you are a pinball novice as you have some great novel ideas but the game needs a swift kick in the ball saver to get some more commonplace code feature in place.

Try not to take offense when a setting isn't the way you want. Just say, "hey make it x instead". 7-8 seconds it is, discounting flipper holds.

As for 1000 corpse, that mode could easily be turned off during tournament. Maybe, it could be turned into something else during tournament. That's if Hilton and Ben agree of course

#3902 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Every time you hit both targets you could add to your pf multiplier by 1X up to a max of 5X. As your timers get low you can hit a target (maybe the 3 target on the right) to extend them. This would bring a lot more strategy into stacking mb with modes. If this was done it would balance the playfield shots out more as its currently more left/ramp oriented.

What you are saying is

Use those top right targets to increase score multiplier. clearing those targets increases multiplier by 1x. At the same time, they are timed and as long as you keep it refreshed (hitting them); you keep the score multiplier.

As of right now, your score is multiplied by the balls on the field. I could make it say when you are in MB, you will need to clear and keep those targets alive to earn the MB scoring bonus. But only up to the max balls on field.

#3903 3 years ago


#3911 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

The ramp needs to do something like Ben said maybe have so many ramp shots you could start a mode where the 5 glowing shots open up for a cool mode and score points per shot would be awesome

I had actually considered using that ramp to start dragula. Maybe if you spammed it 3 times, the mode starts and you get a head start on getting DRA, then finish it off 4 more time. This way, if you are in a rhythm you get rewarded.

#3927 3 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Guys, Fawzma has been great! Can we please be polite when asking for things or better yet pointing out things. Very few of us know what goes into coding a game like this. Based on how infrequent Stern updates are, I assume it's a royal pain in the ass. What we don't need is the community taking a real Hard working, energetic coder, who is working his ass off and make him into someone who views the pinball community as a bunch of whining assholes.

too late

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

The sooner he learns, the sooner we can all get back to acting normal.
:Remove the tie, loosen the belt and drop any feelings of guilt

If you think something needs to do changed, tell me what it is and why. Leave the extra nonsense out.

#3928 3 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

As for code suggestions, which a lot has been covered so far, could you add some text that says what player it is on the skill shot screen?

also what is the point of the killer cards besides points? do they have any mode associated with them or if you have them do they help with another mode(s)? like items for powerdown in JM

I noted that skillshot issue.

Killer card completion is required to beat the murder ride.

#3943 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

when priority of other animations allows it, can the system show all 4 player scores in the corner?
It is always nice to get glimpses of scores when playing multple player games.
Also, cant remember of the top of my hear but during skillshot screens, doe the scores for all players pop up? In competitive play it is nice to be able and see where things stand as you are planning or changing strategy to make up points or be the rabbit.

It was mentioned above about the skillshot and player number, I'll fix that. Scores on the other hand, I'll have to see if there's room to fit that in. Unless people don't care about scores overlaying the animations.

#3945 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Do the inserts blink when a mode is active? I had a difficult time telling which mode was being played if I didn't watch it being selected.
I'd suggest using UP to earn a bonus towards whatever mode was being played. It could be played or ignored. If you wanted to emphasize risk reward, you could require player to actively chose whether to play UP or not with a flipper select. If they decided not to play, then no further action or points will occur and the mode continues on lower pf. But if player choose to play the UP, there are two outcomes, either player succeeds and earns a reward, but if they try and fail they earn negative progress (opposite of what the reward was). To make things more challenging - during one mode only, when player decides to play UP, it becomes a two ball MB the one that will launch on UP and another that spits out to lower pf. The UP must be accomplished at the same time the lower pf was being shot - ie keeping both balls moving.
Keep up the good work. Software looks great.

In what! mode, after beating it you'll get a multiball. You have to shoot the UP gate to complete the hurry up. If you complete red hot, you get another. focusing on where the ball is at is tough when you have to shoot the gate with multiball. I've done it a couple times and feels good when you get it.

Dead city and Dragula has something like this. In dead city if you collect the chicken in overtime, the chicken on the UP blinks to go collect that.

Dragula has something similar where you collect enough car parts, Rob tells you the dragula is fully upgraded. Get to the upper playfield to collect the gas.

Those are just a couple things that didn't get shown.

Superbeast infection (feels so numb) never got shown either. That's basically it's own mode to.

#3946 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

What people suggested for that when I brought AMH to a tournament was allowing them to hold in both flippers to make the scores show up.

I'd rather do that than clutter the screen. I'll make a note.

#3952 3 years ago
Quoted from CraZyMuffin:

It seems like the mode timer shouldnt start the countdown until the ball leaves the upper playfield. There was a lot of "let it drain off the upper playfield because the timer is going!"


#3955 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

I'm on the side of people who favor the timer actually counting down up there. I'd rather just let it go and get to playing the modes rather than flipping it around up there for small points. It's just more fun to have the ball in the main playfield where it's actually in dagner, rather than being in the risk free upper playfield.

I don't want to seem like a flip flopper. My original intent was to force people out of there and get the mode going.

What I could do instead is; if you complete the switches, you get something added to the mode of some sort + resets your time.

#3970 3 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

We never could figure out why REV5 never liked Macs

I think you need to get a PID added to FTDI bundle so Mac know what its looking at. something you work out with chipkit or something. There are also configuration settings that I have no interest in messing with related to FTDI.

Almost like the chip you are using isn't recognized as an OEM type device.

#3981 3 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

A headphone jack would only solve half the issue. Would be ideal to have separate modesty/adult settings for both sound and DMD animations.

I can change adult setting to be

family voice/family vid
adult voice/family vid
family voice/ adult vid
adult voice/ adult vid

#3982 3 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

that would make them think their mother was trying to get them do some housework/homework!

too funny

#3995 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

This is an adult game and is marketed as such. Family mode is good though.
On this note, where are the ' there will be plenty tits and ass' ? Only balls so far

Its being addressed lol

#4024 3 years ago

Ok, been updating the game with suggestions I've seen on here the past few days.

I have the skillshot game info display working for when you hold both flippers.

What does everyone want to see? Ball# Player# Modes beaten?? Keep in mind there's only so many lines of text that can be shown. I can do multipages pages if need be.

#4067 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Love the progress - reminds me of the speed of the Boston Flippers!

There even more progress. Stopped by today and now there is framing for rooms.

I updated the machine there with the latest. Really liking the skillshot instant info feature. I'm going to add one for when you are in play. Holding both flippers will tell you what you can do to progress. If you aren't in a main mode, it will tell you where to go. If you are in a mode, it will tell you what's left to complete.

#4069 3 years ago
Quoted from yancy:

Just FYI, the pinball standard is to hold one flipper for instant info, then use the other to toggle through info pages at your own pace. Nothing wrong with trying something new, just wanted to make sure you were aware. Thanks for all your updates & openness!

point taken

#4072 3 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Watched the whole JD stream live. Looks brutal but fun. One suggestion."There goes another ball" at drain is heard WAY too often. Also the balls getting cut off is WAY too often.

We are coming up with other ball save animations. There is also a % chance you get some other bonus besides the ball save.

There are more voice clips to add for the ball drains. Sid Haig has a ton (34 to be exact) I'm adding.

#4078 3 years ago
Quoted from Playerone:

I'm on RZ #44.
How about the option to enter your name at the start of the game?
A ten digit log in for each player on ball one would solve this.

I often thought about this, and since its something that isn't normal, I wanted to do it. But who knows what kind of flack I'd get for it

No way on the code. I have it set up where you can hold the flippers on the skillshot and it will tell you important info about who's playing. Force people to use this feature, and you'll never play with another player's ball.

1 month later
#4345 3 years ago

The game is basically done. We made a last minute change in the way the game will update. Other than that, the game will evolve from now till the last game ships. Anyone who played the game prior to Texas and suggested a change/fix; they are in there.

There are a couple extra things I want to add in but it will have to wait till later. Everything else I'll get feedback on.

When you get your game you'll want to go into the options and play around with settings. Lots of extras I didn't want to have turned on by default.

#4385 3 years ago

I really hate the name entry. That's not the final version.

Wizard mode is in, but again I have temp placeholder vid clips.

I am also super bummed that there is a ball drain bug of some sort and without being there it's hard for me to know how/when/what's causing it.

#4409 3 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Yeah there should be some music pounding during the ending/name entry for sure. One other question: it seemed in the earlier video the game just sort of limped into the massive multiball. Maybe I missed it but shouldn't there be some kind of fanfare/light show before the multiballs? Not something as drawn out as TAF where you eventually want to be able to skip it but...something?
Sorry if this is already there and I missed it.

We'll come up with something for multiball shows. I was really hoping for a bug free weekend, then I could focus on flare.

#4410 3 years ago
Quoted from Law:

I played this game at the TPF and it demonstrated major game-breaking bugs in multiplayer. My AMH demonstrates similar problems with ball tracking between players. The new game also has the same really bad audio tearing problem.
Charlie seemed unconcerned and said Ben would fix it, but I didn't think he was working on the new game?
They really need to get these issues worked out, it's been years.

Ben was able to fix a thing or two while he was there but I have another update I will be testing that should tackle this once and for all.

As for audio, the "tearing" is addressed. I do know there are a couple clips that should be redone as I can hear the scratchiness. What Chuck could have been referring to is the Pinheck AV side of things, which Ben has commented on.

#4427 3 years ago
Quoted from parabol420:

Hi fawzma, I played the game this weekend at tpf, it was a lot of fun. I am in on #212 and can't wait to get my game.
One concern I have is with the large amount of air balls caused by the stand up targets. It got so bad that I lost 4 balls during my 2 game plays, due to an air ball flying across the whole table and into the drain. I know this is a design issue and up to he spooky team to correct, but I wonder if you could in some code to help this.
I was thinking something similar to Indiana jones, where if a ball falls into the trough, but not a single outlane switch was activated, the game recognizes it was an air ball and kicks out a ball save for the user. Is it a possibility that something like this could be added?

Let me talk this one over, I see where you are going with this and it's possible. Something else, each flippers power can be controlled. Maybe they needed to be turned down a tad.

#4428 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

You can say that again!
On a more serious note, how would you be able to tell the difference between an airball and a center drain?

I have code that tells me what switch was hit last. If you drain without lanes, I can read the last switch and see if its a pop, center target, LDG targets and drop target. I would more than likely put this in as a user option.

#4431 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I watched and played RZ a lot this weekend and didn't see a single ball jump the flippers. FWIW.
also FWIW here's my my feedback from what I could tell in crappy convention environment:
1) multi-ball start flare for the coffin add a balls would be cool. maybe it was there and I didn't notice but I see the other poster's point
2) mix in more variations on the callouts- "one out of three" (on the skill shot) got old extremely fast. so did the knocking on the coffin during the add a ball targets
3) there were times when someone would cradle a ball and look up to shoot what was lit and seemingly nothing was lit?
4) early strategy seems imbalanced towards spamming the coffin add-a-ball.
5) ramp not worth enough outside of modes- however I will say that one strat I just thought of was to hit the ramp four times to spell CHOP which seem to provide a mid ball, single ball, ball save. neat.
Everything else was great, simply gorgeous in person. Loved the game, felt fantastic to flip, ramp and orbits very satisfying. Flipper rubber a little bouncy for my taste. Game could have been a little steeper. The 4, 5+ multi balls were super fun and something great for pinheads and non pinheads alike.

1 - will work on it more
2 - is a partial bug and he's says 1 out of 3 when he's not supposed to, coffin hits give indication of how many you got before your next ball. Maybe we can change the sfx to something else wen that mode isn't available.
3 - that was a last minute change related to in-game info. I was afraid it was causing some screen issues so I took it out, then changed it to show you what modes were beat on the PF. I missed adding in what shots were available.
4 - not sure what can change without going against the original design
5 - Center ramp outside of modes is used for raising hands out of the grave. if you shoot the right orbit before raising the 6th hand you don't get the maximum point award.

#4442 3 years ago

did anyone have their game go into ball search?

Where was the ball?

Was it a stacked ball in trough?

Was it multiplayer or single?

#4444 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Single player. Ball stuck on top of plastic between the two pops on left and the wire form ramp. Saw it happen two times on games I was playing and once just watching someone else's. Never saw a ball search trough related issue.
Also random code idea I saw several times an inner orbit shot be made when the drop target was still up. I think you should add in a sneak shot award or value for making that shot with the drop target up, like dirty pool on afm or sneak in bonus on cftbl. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Thanks for the feedback

Yes, dirty pool is on the books. Just working out what video clip to use with it.

#4446 3 years ago
Quoted from fluffybunny:

I think I know what issue your referring to. I was 1 group behind the one that had the problem and was helping KT try and locate a missing ball.
The original issue was with a multiplayer game 2 player if I remember right, and the ball got stuck somewhere on the right side of the playfield not sure exactly where as I didn't see it. Game went into ball search cycled through a couple of times and the ball never came out, went to tell KT, came back with a key and the ball came out right as we were starting to get the key in the game. Couldn't catch it with a flipper and not sure if it hit anything but then the ball drained. The game kept searching in ball search for a ball. It was not able to kick it out. This is where my memory gets fuzzy because a lot was going on, but at some point we tried to kick a ball out manually to see if we could get the ball search to stop, but that didn't work and I think that is where the balls got double stacked before it went out into the shooter lane. Charlie came back at that point and emptied the trough and we had 7 balls, put them back in the game and everything worked well.
The key was though at the beginning that the ball drained after cycling through ball search multiple times and it didn't detect the drain, kept cycling in ball search.
Hope that helps. I'm not on pinside a lot but I am a AMH customer so if you have any other questions get with Charlie or KT they have my email. I'm Richard from Arkansas.

Good description.

I went ahead and updated it so the deadswitch check resets after the 3rd cycle/ball kick. This gives you about 7-8 seconds to hit another switch. Will see how it turns out.


#4450 3 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

I fully understand that but the give a ball back because it wasn't fair the way you lost it feature on AMH is the worst part about that game. The last think I want is another game with that programmed into it.

thats the great thing about user options turned off by default

#4453 3 years ago

Good news, I can reproduce the ballsave/new player bug.

I can reproduce it by draining the ball right after a launch, no other switches get hit, straight drain with the ball save light on. Did that many people really do that?

Technically it should have saved the ball but the drain seems to be competing with the save and the drain wins.

You of course don't see this in a one player game, or its not as noticeable. I'll have this worked out (tonight) and before MGC for sure.

#4455 3 years ago

This is what I get for fixing something that wasn't technically broke. I ended up cleaning up the drain/ballsave code after spooky had a bunch of people over.

In any case, it looks like this is fixed now. I'll be testing in MP for a couple days then I can move on to other things that do need fixed.

Now when you drain on launch you get the ball back and it stays on your turn. Now to decide if I reward points for that behavior and fail out your skillshot or take away your save timer.

#4456 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Do slings/pops count as switch hits? it seemed like at least those were being hit before the bug was occurring? Anyone else have a better recollection? (Wish I was still there "testing"!)

There's a chance you might have thought you hit then, but not hard enough to trigger the first hit. I need to add a check in the ball save to see if you hit any of the 3 shots prior to draining and end the skillshot.

edit.. i've already fixed this and don't want to go back, even if you hit the first sling, its a valid skillshot attempt. my messed up code would have had the same bad behavior if you drained right off the first sling. This is due to the logic that says the ball save stays on while in skillshot.

#4461 3 years ago
Quoted from Law:

The behavior I saw on three or four out of six balls between my wife and I was along these lines, my apologies if this is inaccurate, we only played it once:
Two player game
Ball save is lit (pretty sure it didn't matter if it was during drain or not, but was at least once)
On draining with ball save lit, ball save animation is played. Flippers are frozen. Plunging to the drain (because the flippers are disabled) puts the ball back in the shooter lane, pretty sure ball save animation was played again and a ball was kicked into the shooter lane. Now it's the next player's turn and a second ball is ejected to the shooter lane (two balls in shooter lane).
Charlie said something like this was cumulative over hundreds of plays and went away for a while after reflashing the game, then came back. Not sure there.
One other suggestion - I got the ball past the center drop target (without hitting or dropping it) and up and around the center ramp, was pretty disappointed that didn't provide any kind of award or feedback.

Quoted from jlm33:

Like a "You're cheating, Doctor Jones!" quote, a la Indian Jones. Someone has to scan Rob Zombie's lyrics to find an appropriate quote!

As for the double balls; it happened to me last night before I fixed the save bug. I think this is the combination between the way I am doing ball stack protection and the unfortunate bug happening at the same time. Things got so flaked out with timers that it was trying to do a ballsave + new player load + anti stack routine.

As for cumulative stuff, I never really bought into that when I heard it. I think he ran into string of player that didn't trigger this. I'm pretty sure I have it figured out now and the logic should never let the player change while the save light is on. I'll be testing in multiplayer up to MGC, and I'll be there to fix whatever crops up as well.

We are working on the sneaky path stuff, just need to find the right sounds/videos to play along with that.

#4464 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Fawzma, thanks for putting so much into the game and taking the feedback. I hope it continues to be done constructively for you guys and know that a lot of us pinheads are just trying to help, hope we don't come off as too big of jerks and that we show appreciation.

not a problem, if I didn't get feedback the game wouldn't be what it is today or the future.

#4468 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

At least keep the option open for no zero point ball save like AMH had. I don't like the whole plunging and dropping all day to get a safe trap off the plunge. I do it myself on games often since well, with many games you'd be dumb not to, but it sure gets boring and I'd rather that behavior be treated more like draining (which is what it is) rather than being infinite free time.

I could set it so on the 3rd round if you do a straight drain, it will auto plunge the 4th time.

#4480 3 years ago

Wizard mode rules are in, but video clips are temporary to say the least and the ending isn't complete.

I'll make note about including instructions with the mode select, and I added the use of the start button to start the mode. Otherwise, You can still hold the one flipper in, then hit the other to start.

1 month later
#4724 3 years ago

If anyone has their game and would like to test the sdcard/machine update process send me a PM

1 week later
#4830 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Hoping some have volunteered to test the upload process and that it works seamlessly.
Are the major modes you've outlined before, completely coded and are they in the released version? edit - I reread thread and as of last month, right before games started to ship, code was complete and was being shipped with it.
Guess I undervalued fact that Spooky is shipping its second game with complete software.

There was a heated debate about the update process as I am of the opinion that the updater program is the way to go.

For those that are comfortable with running a program and letting it do the work for you, you have that option. Or, if you prefer you can download the full zip file like before and do the format/copy yourself.

One change that will happen with the game is the way corpse stealing works. Right now 1000 corpse mode behaves differently when you are in single player mode vs multiplayer.

Current version in 1 player - clear top right targets and get 2x/3x corpse multiplier
Current version in multiplayer - clear top right targets and steal 50% of corpse from all other players that have corpse collected. There was something else that went on as well. If a player stole corpse from you, you are "corpse cursed". If you beat the mode before clearing those top right targets, half the jackpot went to the player that "cursed" you.

New way in 1 player - stays the same
New way in multiplayer - clear top right targets, for each switch you hit, you steal 1 corpse from everyone that has a corpse.

In a perfect world, I'd like to have multi player features in all modes (disabled in tournament mode)

#4832 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Has the scoring in 1000 corpses been toned down at all? Seemed pretty insane in the DeadFlip stream how someone could a crazy score in seconds of multiball, way more than they could get from completing multiple modes.

Yes, no more 100 million scores for getting that mode started.

#4917 3 years ago

The core main modes and submodes are all complete. Now its a matter of finishing the wizard mode. The code is done on it, just need to clean it up. Modes will be tweaked and additions will come over time. My main concern is to make sure there are no game breaking bugs.

Version 5 is up for those using the updater. Manual updaters will have to wait for the zip file to be uploaded.

#4924 3 years ago

Thanks guys!! I have no problem with the negatives, 15 years of listening to that kind of crap at my last job, this is cake.

Keep in mind, this game does not lend if self to the "traditional shots". We had to think outside the box and do things a bit different.

As for stacking modes, because of the way the modes work, stacking would be dangerous. Most modes have negative shots. Being in multiball when those modes start would cause you to fail immediately.

BTW, for those using the updater, you'll need to redownload the rzupdate file. I now include a what's new file with the update. Just extract the exe file and overwrite the existing one. One of these days, I'll make it self update.

#4926 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

feedback = "crap"
"so disappointing"

negativity = "crap"

feedback = "cool"

#4942 3 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Maybe 299. I value my ears too much

Power setting is adjustable

#4959 3 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

Yes there are Super jackpots. High score to date on this machine is 54 million. I would like to see an Extra ball incorporated into the game at a certain score or getting three modes completed.

Made a note of this.

#4984 3 years ago

The upper playfield flipper becomes available when a ball shoots up from the VUK.

If you are up there after starting a mode and its NOT What! or Demon mode, the UPF is used to increase your jackpot multiplier. only goes up to 4x, after that the flipper is disabled to force you to continue with the mode.

If you are in What!, its used to complete the lanes for chicken and gas.

Demon mode, you'll need to hit both lane switches, this is the only time you can not roll those lanes with your flipper.

If you are up there and somehow get off the UPF (behind the flipper) the flipper will disable when you hit a switch on the lower PF.

1 week later
#5063 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

yo Fawzmagames, suggestion, I don't know for sure from my handful of games on an earlier version of code, but glancing at pic above, may I suggest anywhere where there is scores, use comma formatting.
###### vs ###,###
Thanks... this wait isn't getting any easier!

I'll add this to the wish list.

#5072 3 years ago
Quoted from loren3233:

Is there a way to turn off the automatic launch feature from the shooter lane during a multiplayer game?
We had a few balls launched while we were waiting for the player to return to the game for their turn.

Check your lane switch. I actually have code that prevents any auto launching from happening until the skillshot is a success/fail (3 tries).

And are you talking about when a new ball is loaded and waiting?

Also, what version are you at?

#5074 3 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

Did you get the skill shot possible?
I haven't figured out the right set up. I've haven't even been able to get it with the glass off rolling the ball into the sling.

You usually get when you aren't trying

#5083 3 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

I don't have my game yet, so maybe RZ already does this, but...it could be programmed to have a skill shot much akin to The Hobbit rollover skill shot, which awards partial points for hitting "some" of the shot. Which is to say, if you hit the 1 it is 1 million points, if you hit 1-2 then its 3 million points and if you hit 1-2-3 its 10 millions points (or whatever scoring as I have no idea yet what the scoring is like on RZ - my only point being that the point award is exponential).

I did have this on an earlier version and has since been changed to its original design (what we have today). It's all or nothing with this skillshot.

#5085 3 years ago
Quoted from loren3233:

Is anyone one having an issue with a ball getting stuck behind the drop target and it not being able to clear during the ball search?

I put the drop target in the search routine anyway even though it won't clear it. Give it a nudge.

#5118 3 years ago
Quoted from HappyDayz:

Again. Not complaining. I love the video mode as well. It's not the mode. It's only the transition into the mode I'm referring to. Clunky IMO. Just suggesting things to polish.

I tend to agree with this.

The issue is "8-bit" music needs to start as soon as the mode begins. Right now when the playfeld does it animation and show instructions, it still playing the normal music.

Adding this to V007 update, thinking by the time the mode really starts, the good part of the beat starts.

#5119 3 years ago
Quoted from Playerone:

Dig the flashers on the PF that interact with roadkills...

Not the flashers but the RGB, I can add flashers to the effect.. note added

#5121 3 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Is there an option to turn off those fake dots to make the display look like a DMD? If there isn't, there should be.

There is a settings to change the shape of the dots.. one of them is a square setting.

#5143 3 years ago

1 - in the works
2 - i'll be adding another opportunity when you complete 3+ modes and or get a certain score
3 - Will fix
4 - currently you can only play this mode once per ball. I'll have to consider a way to re-qualify with the same ball.
5 - one solution then would be to reduce the score on LDG in this case. I do have plans for collecting things while in all modes, which will be presented during EOB.
6 - I'll look into this more.
7 - Already has open adjustments, will look into full close adjustments.
8 - I can add this in.

Quoted from btw75:

Software wishes/bugs - using v6:
1) progressive skill shot - since the shot is more of a "luck" shot, maybe giving a progressive reward would be nice - a few points for #1, more for #2, and lots for #3.
2) Extra ball - the only way I've gotten it lit is to make the skill shot. I don't think the skill shot should award that in the first place, but I hope there is another way.
3) I completed Dragula mode then opted for the video mode, but the insert did not light.
4) 1000 corpse multiball - after I went back to single ball play I couldn't start it again - the drop stayed down and could not get locks.
5) Scores need lots of balancing. You can do lots of hard work for virtually no points. Right now there seems to be no insentive to do anything but the Living Dead Girl add-a-ball.
6) Jackpots, and more scores in general, need to show up on the DMD. Without taking the glass off it's really hard to figure out how you are scoring!
7) more movement adjustment for spalding in the software to set the close and the open position would be nice.
_8) individual sling strength control would be good too - The bottom slings are too strong and create airballs but I don't want to dial back the others.

1 week later
#5175 3 years ago

chop save uses the save timer setting in the menu system

#5177 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Would it be possible to separate the two? I'd like for my game on route to be set with a generous ball save for new players, however I don't want the chop savers to be incredibly long as well, because game times would get too long.

You want the initial ball save to be separate from chop, correct?

#5221 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

What really threw me is that in switch edge test mode, only the blinking box shows the opto working. No text on the DMD or no audio saying "Last switch made" like all the other switches.

Has to do with the way the those tests work, its not really part of the switch matrix. I'll make a note to include the optos as part of the last switch hit indicator.

#5222 3 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Same here. The only way I know Spaulding works is from running the servo test. There doesn't seem to be any in game indication that he is being hit or otherwise activated. I figured maybe he was only active at certain times... There really needs to be an audio and/or visual queue for every switch in the game, whether it's active or not.

I can add a SFX for when you hit the spaulding gate, maybe even wiggle him when he gets hit.

#5223 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

1) The ball trough seems to randomly 'click', or at least that's where the sound appears to be coming from. No balls are spitting out, but during play I can feel/hear a click in this area. All trough switches operate fine.

I think what you are hearing is how the trough is preventing stacked balls.

When a ball ejects, the coil holds until the ball lands on the lane switch. If it doesn't after a couple seconds, the coil drops and refires quickly to prevent another ball from loading. This also rekicks the ball if it didn't make it out all the way. If the ball sits on the trough, the refire causes enough vibration to get the ball to either roll onto the lane or back into the trough to rekick.

1 week later
#5302 3 years ago

V008 updates so far, going to start working on the alternate highscore table for individual goals before I release this

Fixed - Dragula - Upper PF flipper corrected to be enabled when the collect gas option is available
Fixed - Tilt, Gate Opto, Exit PF Opto, now shows text when those switches are activated in Switch Edge test.
Fixed - Spooky minute should only start if the menu setting has it turned on
Fixed - highscores in attract mode now have commas
Fixed - Left outlane was killing all timers for no reason
Fixed - Corpse mode score was not being killed like it was supposed to
Fixed - End of corpse mode wasn't setting main mode status properly, mode start indicator now working properly

Update - Added gate servo adjustment down
Update - Increased startup delay to 3.5 seconds, giving more time for prop to load code
Update - More tilt code tweaks
Update - Skillshot earns 50k or 100k depending on how far into the combo you get
Update - During skillshot, player number and ball count scrolls on bottom left corner
Game Settings -> Show PL.BALL can turn this feature on or off.
Update - Left and Right outlane kicks a ball out when save timer is on.
Update - Spaulding will jerk a little any time you hit the gate, not just in What!
Update - Name entry, player show PLAYER1-4 instead of P1-4, the player score is shown in bottom right corner
Update - Bone rattle bonus changed to go with the way EOB bonuses are displayed
Update - Ramp hand can be collected more than one time per ball, and in any mode

Added - Holding start button for X seconds will reset the game to title. This is a setting in "Main Settings"
Added - Dragula part collection has an EOB bonus, total collected will go in its own high score table
Added - Ramp hands has an EOB bonus, "high fives" or "hand jobs" in adult mode, highscore table for this coming
Added - Bash King EOB, bash spaulding as much as you can for bonus. Will go toward high score table

#5330 3 years ago

Current list of features being fixed/updated/added in V008

Fixed - Dragula - Upper PF flipper corrected to be enabled when the collect gas option is available
Fixed - Tilt, Gate Opto, Exit PF Opto, now shows text when those switches are activated in Switch Edge test.
Fixed - Spooky minute should only start if the menu setting has it turned on
Fixed - highscores in attract mode now have commas
Fixed - Left outlane was killing all timers for no reason
Fixed - Corpse mode score was not being killed like it was supposed to
Fixed - End of corpse mode wasn't setting main mode status properly, mode start indicator now working properly
Fixed - Spaulding gate adjustment fixed in loadsettings() to set max setting to 12
Fixed - Gate servo code cleanup, removed hard coded values
Fixed - Servo driver routine cleaned up
Fixed - Player graphics / Skillshot timing cleaned up.

Update - Added gate servo open adjustment down
Update - Added gate servo close adjustment up and down.
*NOTE* - Turn on machine and set gate to open in servo menu, turn off machine.
Unscrew gate and reposition gate to full open, should be about a 1/4 gap
Screw gate back on and turn on machine. Now the gate will close but not as far as before
Go into servo menu and adjust the close position
Update - Increased startup delay to 3.5 seconds, giving more time for prop to load code
Update - More tilt code tweaks
Update - Skillshot earns 50k or 100k depending on how far into the combo you get
Update - During skillshot, player number and ball count scrolls on bottom left corner
Game Settings -> Show PL.BALL can turn this feature on or off.
Update - Left and Right outlane kicks a ball out when save timer is on.
Update - Spaulding will jerk a little any time you hit the gate, not just in What!
Update - Name entry, player shows PLAYER1-4 instead of P1-4, the player score is shown in bottom right corner
Update - Bone rattle bonus changed to go with the way EOB bonuses are displayed
Update - Ramp hand can be collected more than one time per ball, and in any mode
Update - When viewing alternate goal table, the goal will blink

Added - Holding start button for X seconds will reset the game to title. This is a setting in "Main Settings"
Added - Dragula part collection has an EOB bonus, total collected will go in its own high score table
Added - Ramp hands has an EOB bonus, "high fives" or "hand jobs" in adult mode, highscore table for this coming
Added - BashKing EOB, bash spaulding as much as you can for bonus. Will go toward high score table
Added - Card Member, EOB bonus for collecting cards
Added - Ramp hand alternate score table
Added - Mechanic alternate score table - beat dragula mode, and collect parts
Added - Killer Card "Card Member" alternate score table added - collect as many cards as you can

#5333 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

What exactly is "Spooky Minute"?
Fixed - Spooky minute should only start if the menu setting has it turned on

When feature is on, the game goes into a mode at midnight where all switches are work 666k points for one minute.

#5335 3 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

Haha that is too cool

Yeah, for the person who gets it in a 4 player game

#5337 3 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

So, the update is out?

Not quite, I have someone testing it out before I make it public

#5350 3 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

That is a GREAT video. I learned a heck of a lot. The guy playing and talking did a hell of a job explaining things. Fawzma coded the CRAP outta this game. Really took it to a whole new level.


I came away from that session with even more ideas and suggestions.

#5354 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Bug report: Coins inserted during the match animation don't register

Good catch, I needed to change how that worked anyway so you can skip it. Adding note.

#5356 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

Can you add some thing so we can put custom message on the game DMD ?

I could reserve a vid file name for this purpose, then use a setting in menu to use it or not.

#5360 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

That video is AMAZING! Must watch 4 sure.
Hope one of the ideas FAWZMA came away with was this ->
Hi Score screens need overhaul - pick better fonts, adjust sizing and add lots of color. Maybe have screen showing Grand Champ, followed by one with GC and top 3 scores on each corner.

Font system doesnt work the way you might think. I'll figure something out to have different fonts load in somehow.

With the alternate score table being used, GC on high score will be coming next.

#5383 3 years ago

Testing a couple bugs that were found in V008, once they check out, I'll look for a couple more testers. If all goes well, I'll release.

#5386 3 years ago

I'll PM the link to you when it's ready

#5425 3 years ago

v008 beta is only supported through my site till its ready for general use, then it goes to spookys site.

fawzma.com upper right corner for v008 support

#5433 3 years ago

Lol thx Ben, I'm trying not to work 7 days a week.

I was hoping to squash as many bugs in v008 before I start adding new content. It's already at about 50 changes with this update.

#5435 3 years ago

Read the notes about the Spaulding gate. If it seems like the ball is getting hung up in the gate while in close position, there is a setting to close that gap now.

#5442 3 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

OK perfect thanks. Maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks again for letting me and others know how easy it is.

You have to format the Sd cards, deleting or overwriting files on them will cause problems.

If the spooky site doesn't say to format, and I think it does (there is a format screenshot). I'll update the spooky site to stress the format process. This could explain some odd behavior that's been reported recently.

#5457 3 years ago

Version 8 is going on all the games on the line starting today. We did find a bug related to the gate which was fixed, as I knew why it did what it did.
I'll start moving official download stuff over to spooky side, and start working on version 9. Version 9 will be mostly content and game play tweaks.

as Jalpert said there was a change in the way pops and slings react. The reaction will be quicker now, but not full bore. This is to limit too many false switch hits on unadjusted switches. When you are ready, you can go into the MAIN SETTINGS and and change POP-SLING SPD to fast, then readjust your switches.

#5482 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

can we please not ruin this thread with bunch of BS

So should switches be adjusted when you 1st get the game b4 you turn up the power I'm guessing by time i get mine it might be ver 9 or 10

The game will come preadjusted to the default setting, meaning we make sure pops aren't firing when another pop is going off.

You can change the setting then see how things react. You may or may not need the widen the leaf spring gaps.

I do my best to not change too much for those that have older games that haven't updated, so when they do; they aren't like WTF, it was working before.

#5489 3 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

What were the pop strengths v.7 compared to 8?

Strength is a user preference. I am referring to rampdebounce or switch reaction time.

Before if a ball hit a pop too fast, there was a chance the code wouldn't fire because the pop switch wasn't on long enough (16 micro seconds)

Default now is 5 or 6 micro (slow) or 1 micro (fast)

#5491 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Awesome that this is user selectable and adjustable. For those of us that don't mind fine tuning switch gaps I'll go with the fast mode

If I get too many complaints about the change, I'll make an original, slow, fast setting

#5495 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Speaking of video mode, is there any strategy or goal to the current mode other than just hitting as much as possible? I see no penalty for not doing something, and the length of time given seems to change.

actaully. depending on who you hit, you get more time added.

Max out your jackpot multiplier at the beginning of the mode (upper playfield) and your video mode points are multiplied by that.

#5504 3 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

I forget...was the secret handshake mode ever implemented for changing between Adult/Family mode. I have to change it quite often, and it would be nice to do without going into the service menu. Also, has anyone else noticed that the Video Adult portion is semi-broken. If you change it to Sound/Video off, and then back to Sound/Video on, only the sound reverts back to Adult mode. The only way I can get it to go back to Adult Video is to specifically select Sound No, Video Yes. Then Sound Yes, Video Yes.

I'll be looking at the adult mode stuff., not sure how or why that changed. And flipper code was removed as it was buggy as hell. I'll rework that solution.

#5520 3 years ago
Quoted from multibrawlr:

Another idea-- what if they had a thing for home owners where you could hold both flipper buttons and get the "radio" to listen to music tracks, like ACDC?

Already in, holding the flipper for 5 seconds starts it, keep holding it to skip through. After letting go and holding again stops it

#5521 3 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Cool, I wasn't sure if it was 'final' beta for rev8 yet.

V8 is being shipped. I'm moving it over to spooky

#5546 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:I suggested to him to make your 2nd, 3rd etc CHOP ball save harder to achieve so you can't "abuse" it.

I think what I'm going to do instead will be after the 3rd or so, when you hit the lane, if the light is on, it will go out, if off, it goes on. This will force you to think a bit more about how you work the system. Another trick would be to have left and right flippers only control those sides.

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

for at least starting all modes'?

I can come up with something.

Quoted from Whysnow:

Fawzma > is there a general idea of how you think for "cues" on what are options to shot for?
Do you have generalized rule cards yet?

I have learned a ton between RZ and Dominos. I am planning on making it much more obvious as to what you need to do. I think Charlie has some cards that can be printed, but don't quote me on that.

As for the save, I've watched as people play, and CHOP is working as intended. Players have learned to load up the save in order to take a dangerous shot. As for changing geometry, it's not needed. I learned long ago when I started that a ball save was needed in RZ due to the open pops and sling action. Way to many times you get SDTM or in an outlane. I figured this was a nice alternative. If someone doesn't like it, change the save time to 2,1, or disabled and you no longer have to worry about ballsaves Dominos has the same geometry, and ball times are quite long since you don't have pops in the middle the playfield and an extra pair of slings.

#5551 3 years ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Fantastic idea! But, instead of after the third time, just have this happen during multiball. That way it will be much harder to get ball saves with all the flipping going on.

fair enough

#5552 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I noticed that after the final ball drains, they player is allowed to immediately cycle the DMD screens through/ over the match sequence.
Maybe program in a delay before the player can cycle screens? It is odd to have frames overlapping.