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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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Post #6177 Spooky mentions game #3! Posted by SpookyCharlie (3 years ago)

Post #6605 Gameplay and rules video from Spooky Pinball Posted by Jetzxi (3 years ago)

Post #7268 V019 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (3 years ago)

Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (2 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (2 years ago)

Post #9409 V22 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (2 years ago)

Post #10228 V23 / v24 changelogs Posted by snakesnsparklers (1 year ago)

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#130 4 years ago

so when should we expect a layout? sometime in july?

#245 4 years ago

Kayte told me I'm on the list. So does that mean I will get a game? If the le's are gone then should I assume I'm one of 250 standards? Anyone know anything more about this list and how exactly it might work?

#349 4 years ago

A bible game would be...biblical lol

I actually think it would be awesome!

Also, kaneda shut up, don't ever tell someone to charge an extra thousand for a game. They already expensive enough...

1 month later
#878 4 years ago

Nothing until October I'm afraid

#913 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I knew what was meant. My only goal is to make sure its better than Avengers j/k

Lol shots fired

3 months later
#1436 4 years ago

More Sherri the better

1 week later
#1454 4 years ago

Yep let's keep the zombie thread clean of hobbit and mmr drama

Ps zombie is gonna be fucking awesome!!!

1 week later
#1482 4 years ago

Got to be any day now. So excited!!

#1518 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I appreciate being able to turn off adult modes. When I have a garage full of Girl Scouts or my daughter's soccer team I do try and remember to turn off the swearing on Metallica at least.
But if I buy the RZ game that's pretty much the only time I'll utilize it, otherwise that sucker is staying in adult mode.
( at "hair bras")

Umm a garage full of Girl Scouts?? Hmmm kind of like the garage full of cheerleaders from 1000 corpses? Something you wanna tell us about yourself?

#1523 4 years ago

I hope we get a warning before the big reveal, such as the date or hour even.

#1535 4 years ago

Literally has to be any day. Especially if they shipping in a month and wanna get those deposits lined up

#1540 4 years ago

well if they are produced in January they should ship pretty soon thereafter

1 week later
#1690 4 years ago

Anyone remember if the plan is 300 units in 2 years or 3?

#1726 4 years ago

That's awesome you will know your number in the order. Unlike the gongshow of hobbit and mmr.

#1853 4 years ago

The video is not available for me! Don't forget us Canadians

#1856 4 years ago

Got my email at least though

#1971 4 years ago

Charlie, how many multi balls in this? Is it just the one and you use add a ball to get up to 7 balls?

#1972 4 years ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Anyone know if the $1,000 deposit is refundable?

I don't believe so but it is transferable.

#1986 4 years ago

Charlie; will there be anymore details or gameplay videos released before next Fridays deadline?

#2020 4 years ago

Positive that the original plan was to have 30 days to decide not 7.

#2105 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Just showed the video to my wife and we both agreed on two things.
1) Looks awesome and would be cool looking to have even not knowing if the game is fun.
2) The Extra Ball call out is a deal breaker.

I love sherri moons call out! The more of her voice the better...fap fap fap

#2107 4 years ago

everything is final, production starts in January

yeah it does look sparse, bash cpt til he moves, sometimes it goes in hole sometimes it drains down to bottom right flipper

#2375 4 years ago

Clearly not. 17k posts in 3 years is about 17 posts per day on average.

#2377 4 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

We should rename this thread to Aurich's thoughts on Spooky's new pin

For sure. How many fucking times do we need to hear how he's on the fence blah blah blah. Time to put the keyboard away for the day.

#2538 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Staying out of the conversation now, I think I said enough, but for the record I took no offense to anything Charlie said to me.

You may return once the gameplay video drops.

#2539 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Would you pay $6k to put that up in your game room?

Bye Felicia!

Seriously though. Go find another thread.

#2649 4 years ago

Txs for shooting us a gameplay video Charlie. Really excited to see more of his the game plays.

Any chance of showing the rule set?

#2758 4 years ago

looks pretty fucking cool to me. for a one ramp game looks pretty fun to shoot. animations obviously awesome. lotsa multiball. I like that 1000 corpses mode, great idea.

wish it had spinner, drops, second ramp, also I hope the ball doesn't end up in the upper playfield too much, that looks like it will get boring fast

definitely better than average machine and very unique layout which is cool for a change

#2782 4 years ago

Ok there's just one more question we all want answered...is aurich in or out?

Also spinners spinners spinners...please fucking please

#2888 4 years ago

Aurich still hasn't said if he's in or not.

Also kaneda, no one wants your money.

And Charlie, not too bright, some of these recent sterns are just too much to take. I have lost sight of the ball due to too much lights flashing all over the place during a multiball.

#2890 4 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

Wow the freaking ignore feature is awesome. My first ignore. Aurich = Poof!

Ignoring is for <edited>. I've never ignored anyone nor will I. No matter how much they flash their money and try and give it away nor if they average 17 posts per day lol.

#2910 4 years ago

If you watched the video, the hits seemed to be going up quickly, as if there was s multiplier of some kind. Looked doable to me in 1-2 try's.

#2971 4 years ago

So is there a specific time deadline such as midnight Thursday to decide by?

#3014 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Thanks, can I have a spinner on mine

Kidding not kidding

Seriously needs spinners somewhere. How can you have a 1000 switch hit mode with no spinners?? Wtf

#3087 4 years ago

The playfield art is really growing on me too. I think less is more in this case.

Pretty sure kaneda has a man crush on aurich, why else would he try and lend him money or obsess over him?

#3101 4 years ago

She hopes to get build numbers finalized this weekend. Waiting on 31 people as of yesterday around lunch

#3251 4 years ago

I truly hope bible adventures becomes a reality. I would definitely buy.

#3285 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Old Testament only. It's not a redemption game.


I'm def in for otba

#3334 4 years ago

Oooh I want that shirt

1 week later
#3456 4 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

Sneak attack!!
Superbeast mode is the fifth main mode of six.
In this mode you are the beast trying to catch a girl in the woods. The DMD shows a first person view of you in the woods hunting a girl down. As you progress, you are shown weaving though the woods till you catch her.
The goal of this mode is to hit the center ramp 5 times without hitting any targets. Hitting pops is ok. If at any time you shoot the left orbit and you are able to fall into the secret passage, you can insta-beat the mode with a “sneak attack”. Hitting the ramp resets the fail counter.
Beating Superbeast earns a 2 ball multiball (subject to change). In overtime, shoot the ramp to collect jackpots. Super jackpots are only enabled if you used the sneak attack. Shooting the inside left orbit earns the Super jackpots.
More goodies will need to be added to this mode as it feels kinda empty the way it is.
Interesting side story about this mode, the original videos depicting the beast/girl chase was a 2d side view. The beast was in the middle with the girl on the left side with woods/fog scrolling in the background. This idea prompted the request for dual layers to be used in the Pinheck system.
Normal video is played at 30FPS. When you are using 2 layers, they are then run at 15 FPS. This dual layer system is used in the Dragula video mode.
The 2d side view stuff may come back, but in some other mode perhaps. You never know. Maybe I can use it to indicate how close you are to jackpot/superjackpots in Superbeast overtime mode. Perhaps hitting the targets you weren’t supposed to would get the beast closer and add to the jackpot. Better yet, maybe use the pops instead to advance the jackpots and beast.

What do you do with the girl when you catch her?

#3576 4 years ago

I'm in for a spinner mod

#3625 4 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

Guess I am one of the last lucky ones to get in. Sent my $1000 deposit and told I am in the 290's... Guess that puts me somewhere in 2017 maybe June? Long time to wait but glad to be in the club.

Congrats! If you can't wait you can check out mine in Nov/dec of this year.

#3642 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

These translites are like starring at two perfect breasts, trying to decide which to fondle first (with consent of course). You can't lose either way.

Have you even touched a tit before?

1 week later
#3805 4 years ago

I don't find sherri annoying at all. I really enjoy her laugh.

#3893 4 years ago

Less balls and more titties please

#3895 4 years ago

Playfield art looks great in the video. I can't wait to play this game!

I hope that 1000 corpses scoring gets more balanced. He got over 100m in about a minute. All the other modes only give a few million.

#3972 4 years ago

Sounds like this game is in really good hands. Really excited for this game. Spooky putting jjp to shame on how to start a pinball company.

#4146 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

WTH does this even mean?

I don't know. But it's provocative. It gets the people going.

1 week later
#4188 4 years ago

Kanedas gonna kaneda

2 weeks later
#4258 3 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

You don't have time to install protectors? Do you even have time to play? I'm serious.

Why are you in this thread???

1 week later
#4312 3 years ago

Damn that looks sick, lucky le owners

2 weeks later
#4376 3 years ago

Any new videos of new code and animations and call outs?

1 month later
#4595 3 years ago

I got the email and signed up for all of them. Figured why not and they come pre installed.

Plus if the cdn dollar gets stronger it's like they are free in a way.

1 week later
#4663 3 years ago
Quoted from zero:

I just received notice that LE#1 is on the truck tomorrow! I'll post some notes when I get it, unless someone in the US gets theirs before I do .

Are you bringing it to yegpin?

3 weeks later
#4948 3 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

For those that have received their RZ, could you please post your game number here so it can help those waiting have a an idea where they are in game production. I am number 159 and was told earliest could be late summer. That sounds extremely quick.....but it sounds like production is going well.

159 should be in the winter sometime imo, 18 month build so add 9 months to the start date should land you in January or february.

I'm right behind you at 164.

2 weeks later
1 month later
#5749 3 years ago

Almost halfway to mine. One day I'd love an amh to go with it

#5752 3 years ago
Quoted from spandol:

Whysnow is a great seller. He has a NIB AMH for sale.

Bit of a distance problem, besides I'm gonna win that raffle game

1 month later
#6085 3 years ago

I think spooky will install the shaker and knocker for a small charge. I'm considering adding them to mine too.

1 week later
#6173 3 years ago

Please bible adventures

1 month later
#6443 3 years ago

Love your enthusiasm and write up! Got me even more jacked up to get mine.

2 weeks later
#6587 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

I guess if you want a Rainbow Brite themed artwork pin, there's options out there for you.

Like woz

Txs for the comments, sounds like a great game, mine is coming up soon, really excited for it

3 weeks later
#6698 3 years ago

my game is coming up soon. just wondering if most people added the knocker kit and shaker motor from pinball life?

is the shaker well implemented or not really necessary?

#6703 3 years ago

Txs guys. I will get both or neither as I need to ship from pinball life to spooky.

Reading back it seems the game shakes enough on its own so I'm leaning towards skipping both. I only own one game that shakes (mmr) and it's not really a must have for me.

1 week later
#6786 3 years ago

I'm interested to know this too.

1 week later
#6865 3 years ago
Quoted from jkdblaze:

After several discussions with my wife, we have decided against having this game with a 5 and a 1 year old. I'm a huge rock and metal fan, and I don't want to have to keep this game covered up, etc. I have contacted Spooky to see about giving up my spot for number 198. So anyone thinking of getting in should contact them immediately. This one is on the build line and has the "mods".

Maybe you should have discussed this a year ago and not put down what was supposed to be a non refundable deposit. Especially considering you asked for a custom made game with mods.

#6910 3 years ago

No offense, but imo draining your balls as strategy to collect switches is stupid.

1 week later
#6994 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I would rather have a wizard mode with bugs in the early code than none at all! Thanks for your work.

Hellbound is still better than are you a god lolol

1 week later
#7084 3 years ago

Had this happen last night too. Couldn't find the ball lol so I just put another one in.

2 weeks later
#7208 3 years ago

So I haven't messed with the wires re the phantom tilts, don't at this point? Code will fix the problem?

#7274 3 years ago

Excited for the phantom tilts to be fixed

1 week later
#7352 3 years ago

Any idea when we will get some more info on the display? Ie. Scoring, be nice to know how much shots and jackpots are worth.

1 week later
#7420 2 years ago

19 is awesome. I'm really excited to see what's next. I'm ready for some more call outs and gameplay code.

#7421 2 years ago
Quoted from Zsozso:

No I did't drop it. As Charley said it was dropped down from somewhere up from the high. I just wanted to show you how I carried the pin, not so high, the van is small (this isnt the first time for me carrying) It means its impossible for me to drop it this way down.
That "cage" is for glass, while i am a glazier! But unfortunately the glas was not broken

Don't move pins while high might be the lesson here...

How much $ is the repair gonna cost you figure?

#7429 2 years ago
Quoted from Zsozso:

You know its not mainly about the cost. Fixing the problem sometimes just a good will nothing more. But I also wanted a perfectly new machine for myself, and for my friends. You know this is the only RZ in our country.

Yeah for sure it would be nice if shipper stepped up. Hopefully they still do.

Hopefully a couple hundred bucks fixes things.

#7448 2 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

Also what is Spooky Minute in the setting do?

I got it once. Cool music started and switches appeared to be worth 666k. Not sure if it's random or set to a certain time though.

#7468 2 years ago

Must be almost time for ver20

#7496 2 years ago

I bought a shaker and returned it. Turn up the sub and it shakes plenty already.

#7503 2 years ago

Light eb plus 1m points for all 3

#7513 2 years ago

yep. not heard of v20 yet?

3 weeks later
#7671 2 years ago

Nice! Lots of great fixes there

#7683 2 years ago

Does it make sense to not be able to select a mode again once it's completed?

#7693 2 years ago

Oooh I'm excited for infected

#7723 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

I think Charlie mentioned only a small amout of callouts they have available are in the game at this point.
Hopefully we'll see more of this soon.

I'm curious why they couldn't all be put in right away? Why the slow rollout?

1 week later
#7860 2 years ago

Friday would be a great day for a code drop

#7913 2 years ago

Sooooo code update tomorrow? Got a tournament on Saturday be great timing...

1 month later
#8293 2 years ago

Twice what it should be, that's a shame. Way too much for me.

1 month later
#8729 2 years ago

really loving the new code, totally different game now. hopefully a ruleset will follow cuz I don't know what half the stuff is anymore

#8770 2 years ago

Played the game a lot yesterday. Feels like a complete game, so much going on. Really happy with how it's coming together, great work guys!

1 week later
#8813 2 years ago

Isn't that just spooky minute?

2 months later
#9177 2 years ago

Anyone think the price on these will go back up or are they likely to settle at 5k?

2 months later
#9410 2 years ago

still running 19, gonna get the 22. sounds awesome.

1 week later
#9487 2 years ago

Just updated from 19 to 22 last night and had several ball kick out issues. Thought something wrong with my trough but I’ll try upping coil power tonight. Hope that fixes it

#9489 2 years ago

Love this new code! So damn cool. Always liked the game but wow it’s so much fun now. Hopefully the haters shut up now.

Maxed out the coil at ten and no more trough issue.

49m only 3 modes complete

1 week later
#9536 2 years ago

I haven’t had any issues either and I’ve played tons of games too.

1 year later
#10244 1 year ago

I’ve always felt it’s been a fun game but I had hoped for more. Really regret buying it nib. Most money I’ll ever lose on a game when I finally find someone who wants to buy it. I feel rz also drove down the price of Amh, they were reselling for 6500 before Rz came out. Won’t be buying spooky nib again if ever.

#10250 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Thank the stars you didn’t buy a Hobbit then.

Had a deposit on it until almost the last minute. Dodged a bullet there!

#10251 1 year ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

Wth does any of this have to do with a code update? You lost money on a boutique pinball and are upset about resale of a game that came out years ago after 20 or so new entrants came to “market”? Play the games man!

I play my games lots. I’m not upset about amh price, simply stating a fact that as the tide turned on rz Amh prices dropped at least 1k.

I expected to lose a bit on rz as I paid taxes and shipping but I’m going to lose 3-4K when I resell and this will seriously make me choose my nib purchases more carefully in the future.

I’ve always enjoyed playing my rz and still do but i can’t help but feel burnt watching the prices plummet. That being said I would happily pay 4K for a huo one like many have.

Just hate being the bag holder.

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