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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

4 years ago

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#43 4 years ago

I may have to make this my first NIB.

#205 4 years ago

I don't care how this plays out, this is my first NIB pin and I'm all the way in. Hope to get an LE.

#218 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Can people who have put their name on the list for a game say whether it's the license or just Spooky's rep that has lead you to this decision without even seeing any art or a playfield drawing?

Bit of everything here. Loved AMH, big RZ fans, was looking to make a purchase.

#350 4 years ago

sin of Onan multiball? game ends if you don't finish...

#392 4 years ago
Quoted from Damonator:

I'd be in for a Bible Adventures. Alex Horley art and Stryper soundtrack.

Meh, I think DeGarmo & Key would be a much better fit...

Quoted from nephasth:

How many are on "the list" so far?

I'm on the "interested" list, not being an AMH owner.

#412 4 years ago
Quoted from Damonator:

What?!! It needs to rock - Stryper would be the tamest choice. Memphis May Fire would be another good choice.
I think this is a hilarious tangent in the RZ thread though. I'll stop now.

One more and I'm done too, as much as I'm enjoying it: the original Bible Adventures was only sold in xtian bookstores, so I have to insist we draw from that well for the soundtrack.

So.... Bloodgood, Vengeance Rising, Tourniquet, Deliverance? So much hairy fun out there.

#564 4 years ago

Since the limited quantity seems to be such a sticking point for some, I thought I'd 'splain my own reaction to this announcement. By the time I got to actually play AMH, they were nearly all spoken for. When they were officially all gone, I realized that I genuinely wished I had immediately gotten on the list once I realized not only that I liked the game but that the limited nature virtually guaranteed a much slower rate of depreciation. Then the RZ theme kept getting kicked about and while I thought it was very unlikely, I loved the idea and so did my wife. We're both big music nerds and had already been leaning towards a music-based theme for our first NIB purchase. In between all that, I watched the drama unfold here on Pinside with all of these small guys trying to get into the game and while I enjoy Stern's current lineup for the most part, as a former small business owner I really loved the idea of going with a small manufacturer and the only one I trust with my $$ is Spooky. So when the announcement dropped, I looked up from the laptop and yelled, "Honey, Rob Zombie is gonna happen. Get on the list?" Dozen or two minutes later, I got a reply from KT noting my interest. If this were an open-ended project without a track record, my usual reticence would have kicked in and I'd still be on the fence - and I suspect many others would have as well. Instead, Spooky can kick out the jams knowing they simply have to deliver. It's an envious place to be if you want to build pinball machines instead of spending your energy trying to sell them. Their consistency sold this title as much or more than their choice of themes. I don't have deep enough pockets to speculate in this hobby and this is exactly what I want.

#567 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I guess nothing to do but wait and see.

lol no, this is Pinside... we have to argue viciously while we wait and see.

#729 4 years ago

Cost, budgeted. Space, cleared. Anticipation, palpable.

2 weeks later
#856 4 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

Does that really matter? Stern stuff leaks forever before it becomes reality sometimes. Game of Thrones has been rumored for over a year now. KISS was rumored forever. Hobbit was rumored with JJP before it became reality. What difference does the leak make with when you announce it?

Yes, it really matters. Why else would you ask that question unless it did? Unless I'm missing something, the issue was people thinking the game shouldn't have been revealed until it was further along.

#858 4 years ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

and when "people" have their own successful pinball company they can make announcements whenever they see fit!

Precisely. I've never seen a forum so overloaded with armchair CEOs.

#868 4 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

Seemed like a pretty innocent question to discuss IMO.

There's discussion and then there's just pure speculation that's not at all based in reality and serves no purpose. I for one thought the reveal and timing made complete sense based on my extremely limited understanding of their operations, capacity and strategy. No question Stern would have done it differently, but I'm not really captivated by their output right now. JJP either, for that matter. I want a Spooky product and if I can manage two, a Heighway as well.

1 month later
#1027 4 years ago

Have any non-AMH people heard back on whether they're on the waiting or interested list?

3 weeks later
#1208 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

What?!! No bevel & emboss??!!!

Didn't there used to be a button for that, like in PS 2.5.1 or so? Back before layers...

Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Is anyone else nervous about the list??? I sent an email and got a simple response that I was added, but I would feel better if there was something more formal??

Is a confirmation email from KT laminated on the fridge enough? That's what we're saving for.

3 weeks later
#1422 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Boo, hitting others to the floor is lame. At the ska shows I go to we knock each other around, but make sure no one falls, and we help them up immediately if they do.

Yeah, I'm with you there. It's fun to pogo around and even straight crash into each other but you don't knock people down on purpose and ideally we pick up anyone who goes down. I still bounce, just more slowly.

1 month later
#1640 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

We have one for people to play in Madison, WI.

Yup, there's one out for play in Linfield, PA. We bang on it all the time, it's a big part of the reason we got on the 'interested' list for RZ.

1 week later
#3274 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

If you wanted to make it "true to theme", the right way to go would be a double height abacus.
With a small abacus in the apron for the ball count.
And you have to play the machine in robes. And sandles.

And LE models customized for differing theologies... Maybe a predestination version that shows you your final score when you push the credit button and then you play it down to zero... Catholic version puts your ball in purgatory to compensate for all those terrible shots you made? Resurrection add-a-ball?

#3276 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

When you drain, the machine stones you to death.

Only in the Old Testament modes! In the New Testament modes, you just repent and get your ball back.

#3321 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballlife:

On topic...... only 10 left and they will be gone in a matter of days. It would be sooner but Spooky just wants to be sure people get asked in the correct order.

...and I would assume hold back one or three for charity/fundraiser type events. Seemed like a few of the last AMH went that way. Makes sense to me, they should bring substantially more in that context.

#3323 3 years ago
Quoted from JoeinNJ:

A little read while we let Spooky build our games.

Damn, that looks interesting. How is it?

1 week later
#3538 3 years ago

Thank you, those pictures helped a lot. This game is blowing me out; the wife agrees, RZ is our grail pin.

1 week later
#3847 3 years ago

Loved it. Watched through some of the stream, at 1:36 he gets Dragula video mode... DMD does a nice pixelated dissolve to a loading screen and then we're treated to a first-person driving game and I notice the steering wheel is reminiscent of the sprites in the 80's Accolade game Test Drive. Mode completed, we see the screen border do a rainbow effect that reminds me of one of the old machine code monitor cartridges (not Super Snapshot, which is the only one I ever owned) and then boom, there's the Commodore 64 cyan on blue with "SPOOKSHOW BASIC V666", "READY." and a flashing cursor.

So, my only question is: how hard would it be to change the font on that last screen?

Spot on, gentlemen.

#3852 3 years ago

That would make sense. They were speculating a misaligned sensor could be to blame. Whysnow had a good point: a ball search would have fixed it.

#3854 3 years ago

I hadn't even considered that... I figured the ball would have had to cross at least one switch between plunge and left orbit to saucer but now you've got me wondering.

#4039 3 years ago

This seems like a perfect application for a CMOY amplifier... 9V battery lasts a long time in those but wouldn't be hard to tap in somewhere, I'd imagine.

#4074 3 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

I mean who wouldn't. If there is a chance to hear 4 grown men stand around it singing Hangin Tough.......well that's just a win.

One would think that, but... About a year into dating my now-wife, I got a call from a much younger girl I used to run around with who found herself for whatever reason with two dozen tickets to see the NKOTB/Backstreet Boys tour stop in Hershey. We called everyone we knew but only came up with five or six souls willing. With Seinfeld levels of irony in tow, we proceeded to get trashed in the parking lot and jump into the fray. Sorry to say, almost no enjoyment was had. I wanted it to be funny, I wanted to secretly enjoy it a little but no... Most of us ended up going back to the parking lot in retreat, aside from the retired-pro wrestler gay guy and the young'n who supplied the tickets. They came skipping back much later with huge grins and bags from the gift shop, apparently they hit Chocolate World after the show in elation.

And that, gentlemen, is why I can't wait for my RZ to get here.

#4080 3 years ago

Just picked up tickets to see Rob Zombie play nearby in May. Any chance the translites will be available by then so we can try to get one signed?

#4083 3 years ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Wife and I will be there too.

Jesus, a Pinsider meet at the Giant center... I'll wear my JR's Cycle shirt, bet you know some of my friends who're up at Trexlertown all the time.

#4086 3 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

Almost all phones have NFC built in. Could use that instead

Bump your phone on the glass in the bottom left corner and log in on the machine? That would be pretty far out. I always had the impression the range on those was almost non-existent though.

#4136 3 years ago

I love blondes and brunettes for different reasons and wish I had one of each in the basement, even though my wife would probably spend as much time on them as I would. Feel the same about Met and RZ.

#4138 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I need to attend one of your "parties".

I recommend backing the hearse in, just in case.

1 week later
#4189 3 years ago

please don't feed the Kanedas, the rest of us are trying to ignore over here

#4200 3 years ago

I'm still waiting to hear any sort of estimate on when translites will be available... I wanna take one with me to get signed when RZ comes through in a couple months, already working on arrangements to make the meeting happen.

3 weeks later
#4296 3 years ago

I'm fortunate enough to have an AMH on location at a pretty cool bar near both home and work, but right now my wife has a jihad against one of the bartenders (something about a white Russian, i think) so we're* kind of boycotting the place.

* i plan my escapes carefully

#4315 3 years ago

I sense me hitting up a flat sheet laser cutter.

1 week later
#4337 3 years ago

Lol, yeah that one word does not make this game tilt one way or the other when it comes to family friendly. I'd worry more but mommy works bluer than this machine most days so that ship has already sailed.

#4363 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

and that's me in the blue v neck

Your turkeys are done.

#4373 3 years ago

Wheeee ha! Thanks for the great pix, can't wait to get my grubby paws on one.

2 weeks later
#4511 3 years ago

What about the LED boom box?

#4520 3 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

Pretty sure that is the 'radio' mentioned in the upgrades
Definitely will want to add them to mine. Oh the wait

Argh, my eye skipped the word both times I read it and I was like, "Greeeeat, one more thing to buy..."

Because I will want them too. It's a no brainer.

#4527 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Yes, post #4348 from TPF showed a picture. They did not mention anything about the chicken so I don't know if that is the standard pop bumper lighting or the chicken LE.

I thought they said the one at the show was a prototype stuck on with velcro so the pic isn't much help there. It's the same guy making the mods as made the toys themselves, right?

#4538 3 years ago

My best guess would be that they're waiting to ask if people want the mods installed on their game right before being built rather than all at once for a couple of reasons:

- details may change
- Spooky doesn't need to know what you want until your game is being built
- KT has plenty to keep track of already

2 weeks later
#4612 3 years ago

#179 will have all the upgrades

#4636 3 years ago

One thing I haven't heard suggested is that the aftermarket mod/upgrade might require you to send your "core" toys back, like you take an alternator or battery back to the auto parts shop. Sure, if the extra $40 means I get a second set of toys I can do whatever with - hot glue them to my desk at work even - then yeah that seems like a better deal. But aren't expectations running a bit high here considering this was just announced? Production is happening at an incredible pace compared to some other 'boutique' titles out there and they had to build the fricken building first.

More pertinent, I can't imagine there will be an unlimited supply of these mods in stock down the road. They know exactly how many machines will be out there and if initial demand isn't high, I wouldn't expect them to make a whole pile of extras for everybody who balked at $40.

1 week later
#4712 3 years ago

We've been loving the new album, listening to it a lot and have tickets to see him in less than three weeks. Would love to take a translite along to be signed but there'll be chances to do that again in the future.

#4765 3 years ago

Yeah I got a couple games in on it too and was really getting a kick out of it. It's rough though - my first game was ~75M but my second one didn't even clear a mil. Kinda begs for spots too, but I think there might have been a problem with the GI on this one. Seemed like very little on the southern half of the playfield was lit at all.

#4794 3 years ago

I almost bought one of those at Allentown, they really looked cool. Told the wife she should wear it to pinball league. =)

#4801 3 years ago

Oh man, that show looks badass. We have tickets to see him on the 22nd and Kayte told me over the phone today that my translite was going in the mail so I'm getting ready to strap on my groupie kneepads and get this fucker signed. Playing it at Allentown made the whole thing real and I can't wait for mine to get here. In the meantime I also scooped up a PZFTG translite signed by Charlie from Joe at PinballSTAR so yeah, we're on fleek over here.

#4810 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:



#4853 3 years ago
Quoted from HappyDayz:

Wait, what? The standard RZ will come with a screen printed backglass and not a translite? That is not what I heard previously. Who told you this? Kayte?

That's what I've always understood... Both standard and LE will come with their respective backglasses and translites would be made available separately. Not sure where you got conflicting info.

#4880 3 years ago

To put it in perspective, there will be more DSPA LEs than RZSI LEs and they're already spoken for as well.

1 week later
#4983 3 years ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Was at his show last night in Hershey, PA

I was too... had a great time but did not manage to get my translite signed. Ran up a $90 beer tab though!

#5028 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Can't wait to unite my RZLE and AMH next week as well!

Is that legal in your state yet?

#5050 3 years ago

I've played around with a number of those "cheap Chinese" amps and they're really impressive for what they are. I intend to try adding a CMOY amp for a headphone jack in my RZ so I can drive some decent cans and I've used the Lepai amps for various projects in the past few years. The audio quality they're capable of is significantly higher than you're ever going to be able to appreciate considering you're using a pinball cabinet as a driver enclosure. You could spend a lot more than the $20-ish these amps go for but unless you were going to put a lot more thought into the cabinet construction, I'd be surprised if you'd ever hear an improvement.

Would be interesting to try though... if the trend of music-themed pins continues, I could totally see a side market for the high-fi audio equivalent of Pinball Refinery's services. The Clair Brothers of pinball, anyone?

1 week later
#5159 3 years ago

Piggybacking on that, should I store my translite rolled up as it came shipped or should I store it flat? I left it in the tube hoping to get it autographed at the RZ show but security guards and complacency conspired against me. I'll try harder next time but until then?

#5161 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Translites, cabinet decals, cabinet repainting stencils, and anything else of this nature should ideally be stored flat.

Thanks, I had a feeling that was the answer.

#5168 3 years ago

Looks like a pair of spots was added at the near end of the right wireframe but they're not on in the first pic. Guessing maybe a strip of LEDs on the underside of the backbox above the playfield? I like to play in the dark and I love bright pins but I'm gonna go slowly on this one... too much light might take away from the spooky factor. I did pick up some spots just in case though.

1 week later
#5284 3 years ago

I doubt mine will ever go on location but I've been thinking it would be cool to put it in the local indie music store that raised me for the week around Record Store Day each year...

#5299 3 years ago

Lookin' awesome, Doug!

1 week later
#5403 3 years ago

Wow, that FS thread was a complete shit show. Totally understand where you're coming from, WaddleJrJr.

1 week later
#5532 3 years ago

Fingers crossed for mine by Halloween! =)

1 week later
#5592 3 years ago

It would be nice to have a program that could verify the contents of the SD card after the files have been copied over but I'm sure it would be more complicated than simply comparing checksums. I knew files could get fragmented on non-volatile memory the same as they do on a hard drive but I doubt I'd have anticipated that issue either. Glad you guys are getting the kinks out!

#5601 3 years ago
Quoted from RavagedUnicorn:

That would still work. Pinheck would also read the chucksum from a specific location. If you write the data or checksum anywhere else, it'll fail the check.

By using a common format (FAT32 in this case), they are making it very simple for anyone to copy the data to the SD card. However, in that scenario any checksum would be read on that higher level format whereas the actual memory locations would be determined by the low level format (using hard drive terminology as I'm from a decade behind this technology). So a checksum comparison would be handled on the PC through FAT32 unless a program was written to analyze the low level format, which is orders of magnitude more complex. The alternative would be to use an image of the ROM and then have some sort of bootstrap that writes it to the EPROM, but I have a feeling that would introduce its own set of problems - and I'll flat out guess having Pinheck do the hard math just isn't an option. It would need not only the processing power but also the RAM to do the work in; I'll bet a case of beer that Parker isn't trying to hear that.

#5603 3 years ago

Does that mean the issue is the file being contiguous rather than where it's actually located on the SD card?

Sticker in the head? RTFM

3 weeks later
#5860 3 years ago

I remember optimistically requesting that number...

2 weeks later
#5973 3 years ago

Probably doing it in that order to generate more controversy for the theatrical release. I pay zero attention to when movies come out but I do want to see it, especially if it's a evil as you make it sound.

2 weeks later
#6217 3 years ago

A Motorhead pin would pretty much be impossible for me to pass on. For the sake of my budget, I hope that's not next! I'm still trying to set aside enough to take the family to Kiwi Pincade in the next year or two.

1 week later
#6287 3 years ago

I liked AMH the first time I played it (#22, I think?) but mostly because it felt so DIFFERENT from all the others. Raw, but different. There's a much later example on location near me and I've been playing it since it arrived. No doubt that it has matured greatly and once dialled in is a blast to play. It's not an easy game but it sucks the quarters right out of my pocket, which is why I didn't hesitate on RZ and have no regrets about staying in on it. I only got a few plays at Allentown but expect mine to be here before the end of the year and I'm all but standing at the end of the driveway in anticipation.

#6301 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

Coin taker had them at the York show and was there last one. Not sure if there getting more or not.

You must've gotten there before me because they were gone when I checked.

1 week later
#6361 3 years ago

I think you have to specify a working coin door for starters, not sure if there's an additional charge for those mechs.

#6380 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I would recommend getting the knocker and shaker from PBL for RZ. When your game is getting close to being ready you can have them drop shipped to Spooky for factory installation.

I didn't realize that was an option, good to know! I was about to order both but would obviously prefer factory installation...

Keeping my fingers crossed for the coolest Christmas present ever.

4 weeks later
#6600 3 years ago

Maybe a product/brand recommendation..? Not knocking anyone's source but I would think a roll of tape would be a good candidate for Amazon Prime free shipping.

edit: shoulda waited a few minutes

#6608 3 years ago

That's awesome, Dave. Sounds exactly like what I was hoping for and mine's not far behind. I'll be puttin' in for a day off when that call comes!

2 weeks later
#6706 2 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

My routed RZ was down briefly after a robot servo issue, but thanks to Charlie sending a new part and his below helpful video about replacing the robot servo, the machine is earnin' and rockin' again.

One near me just went on route and has what I'm assuming is the same issue. Is the new part the same or is it more substantial?

IMG_0773 (resized).JPG

#6710 2 years ago

Gotcha, that makes sense. I was picturing air balls lobbed at the robot breaking it or something rather than a screw coming loose. Is this the sort of thing that a new owner might want to check after a hundred or so plays? Because I'm all but standing at the end of the driveway waiting for mine... I ran right down after work as soon as I heard Jay had his out.

#6750 2 years ago

Sweet! Does the OCD make much of a difference on this game?

#6755 2 years ago

Got the call today, it's gonna be a spooky Christmas.

#6759 2 years ago
Quoted from tmontana:

Not showing as an stl file for me.

Did you unzip it?

1 week later
#6878 2 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Maybe you should have discussed this a year ago and not put down what was supposed to be a non refundable deposit. Especially considering you asked for a custom made game with mods.

Maybe he just found out he had young children at home or something. I don't get it either.

#6895 2 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Shouldn't get rewarded for balls draining.

How about if you drain your balls at the wrong time, the game reverts to family mode?

#6899 2 years ago

Laseriffic also has the fluorescent orange plastic protectors for the slings and return lanes:

I have a feeling they'd really pop with the UV GI upgrade.

#6901 2 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

Why did Laseriffic stop selling the toppers so quickly? I know they moved at one point but Spooky wasn't even at a 3rd way of their run before it was done.

I wondered that too when they were out of stock but they appear to be back in stock now... I think their price is reasonable but I'm just not into that topper at all.

#6923 2 years ago

I don't recall if it was in this thread or the email from Spooky regarding the toy mods but somewhere they did make mention of needing the Pinheck power tap for any additional mods. For anyone not driving a topper, it might be more beneficial to locate the tap under the playfield where the three pairs of black and yellow wires from the toys come together. When my game arrived I noticed that the green LEDs in the robot weren't working and found that those yellow and black wires came together in a single IDC plug. The pair from the robot must have been on top of the stack because when I seated them a bit more firmly and squeezed the plug, the eyes lit up and have been good ever since.

Does anyone know offhand what voltage the GI runs at? I keep meaning to take a meter to it and check, have a few ideas I'd like to try.

#6927 2 years ago

Same here, I've yet to have a stuck ball that I had to take the glass off for and I had a house full of cymbal-banging monkeys playing it nonstop over the holiday. Hadn't noticed the A/end thing but I too use only two initials so I'll pay attention next time I get my name up - it might be fixed in v16 already.

#6935 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Pitch +\- can significantly impact frequency or infrequency of stuck balls on any pinball machine. Those with stuck balls may consider adjusting pitch and see if still occurs

Indeed, this happened on my first two games before I bothered to adjust anything. Fortunately I was able to push the ball into the shooter lane from underneath with the coin door open and just pick back up where I left off.

IMG_0230 (resized).JPG

#6978 2 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

If Spooky is aware that V016 of code could cause a coil to overheat and that is a potential fire hazard are they obligated to issue a recall notice immediately?

Obligated by whom? It's not a baby crib (CPSC) or a Ford Explorer (NHTSA), it's a pinball machine.

#6981 2 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

Per their own handbook " It applies to you if you manufacture, import, distribute, or retail consumer products." (P.2) I would think manufacturing a pinball machine would qualify.

Pinball machines are hardly retail or consumer products. I'm curious though, did you have a comparable product in mind that you've ever heard of being recalled?

#6991 2 years ago
Quoted from Brickshot:

Is a coil overheating even a fire hazard?

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

A coil will only get so hot before it becomes a short and pops the fuse... same as every game ever made basically.

Quoted from Brickshot:

I kind of thought my government had some rules and regulations around companies manufacturing a product that could burn my home down.

You certainly are intent on this fallacy. Genuine concern or just stirring the pot?

#7006 2 years ago

I agree, we've been playing the heck out of ours. Enjoying the audio quality it puts out too, although I told the wife next party we have I'm gonna try dropping a line out to a powered stage monitor. I think I have a 1000W Behringer that will fit under the cabinet nicely.

1 week later
#7077 2 years ago

I was playing last night, properly tuned and celebrating Rob's birthday, and realized I could see what Herg was getting at with the LEDs. Maybe I'll need to get an OCD board down the road... There were a couple other things I noticed but I forget now what they were.

edit: Oh yeah... I've seen now a couple times if you have a multiball going for whatever reason (completing a mode, add a ball) and you send one up the left orbit just as you lose the rest of your balls, there's no limit to how many times you can bash Spaulding. Granted there's not a lot of points in it but you could chop wood up there all day if you wanted.

#7097 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

OK, found a bug I don't think has been mentioned yet. While having a couple friends over to play, one got the lowest score of the day and chose two initials and then a space. The game hung when he chose the space. I took a pic (below). We couldn't get it to recover without a power cycle. I didn't try recreating it, but will each time I get the chance.

I always choose 'end' after my two initials but the other day my wife put it in for me and used space instead. I was sure it hung and power cycled the machine whilst grumbling about it but later I tried to re-create the bug and found that it actually did continue without a cold boot, just took longer than usual. This was on v16 fwiw.

#7109 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

It's a product sold over mail/phone/internet directly to end-consumers... for consumption by said end-user. Dunno what else you'd call it

Just gonna assume you're joking. You noticed the context right?

#7130 2 years ago

69 (resized).jpg

#7157 2 years ago

I've been noticing something odd with the display the past week or two. I tend to leave my machines powered on and pretty consistently when I grab my first game after work, it seems like the display frame memory has gotten corrupted or something. Either the entire display will be blank or there will be multiple layers of text over top of each other with a big box in the middle that stays blank. Playing through a game or two doesn't fix it, only cycling the power seems to do the trick - problem stays away until the next day... I can take more pictures but essentially the score and text layers seem to show up but no graphic modes.

IMG_0868 (resized).JPG

#7165 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

This is happening in attract mode that sits for hours with no interaction, right? How many hours are we talking?

Most commonly it would have been sitting from my last play around midnight until I get home from work around 5pm but last night I cold booted the machine and then experienced the glitch 2-3 hours later. I don't always notice it right away but the telltale sign is when I send a ball up the left orbit and nothing happens. I've learned that it's on the mode display screen and I can blindly select a mode and continue but from that point on the score and other text boxes will persist on top of each other and if I get to the high score entry screen the letter selection box in the center will be black.

#7167 2 years ago

It did it again today and I paid more attention, noting that the skill shot animation is also missing when a new game is started. Rebooted and the attract mode video is doing this:

Any ideas? I'm starting to wonder if I don't have some sort of data corruption on my memory card.

#7180 2 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

This happens on mine sometimes as well. I don' think it only occurs from sitting a long time. It happened on mine when I quickly exited from the menu the other day. It has happened on other occasions as well.

Yeah mine has taken a turn for the worse, now does this in between games pretty frequently. Kills the sound and graphic animations and now has started randomly scoring that damn laughing skull. I had over 110 million on my first ball before I noticed... Hoping tonight to have the time to redo the SD card.

#7183 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I'll wait to see the results from your card being redone. Also make sure you don't have any stuck switches (especially in the lower lanes)

Yup, flashing it up to 18/7 from 16/6 did the trick on the video and audio glitches. Switch 33 was stuck as well.

I really do appreciate you being here for us David, even on the simple stuff.

#7242 2 years ago

I'm almost positive it's 16AWG.

Has anyone else noticed a lot more shooter lane switch errors on the latest code?

#7307 2 years ago
Quoted from Dutts:

I bought the official pinblades and believe me they are far from custom fit.

I didn't realize the"official" ones were available yet... are these from Spooky or the ones from Tilt?

#7315 2 years ago

Oh hey, how'd y'all know what I was working on today? I haven't found a spot where the guide needs adjusted yet but the ball will sit up on this switch if you send it there slowly enough. I've gotten good at sending a second ball up after it to knock it loose, only dropping the playfield glass halfway down and leaving the coin door open so I can return my ball to the shooter lane and resume my game. I think the one on location near me has been down for the same issue the past week or two.

IMG_0338 (resized).JPG

IMG_0344 (resized).JPG

#7316 2 years ago

See how the switch isn't quite centered in the lane? I'm wondering if a little ball spin makes it bind up on the switch, because when it's in there good I can't shake it loose. That's the next adjustment I'm going to try.

If you're going in, it's much easier to disconnect all the upper playfield and ramp wire connectors under the playfield before you start turning screws. The red/orange/black wires to the clown servo don't seem to be easily disconnected. Same with the LDG lighting but it unscrews from the assembly.

#7332 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

A horizontal switch i a designer error in a pinball machine. i hope they don't do that again.

Same thought crossed my mind. Those slots in the ball guide lead me to believe they intended the switches to be parallel to the playfield at one point.

#7362 2 years ago

That backglass reflection though! lol

#7374 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Why is your drop target so twisted in the slot?

Keeps the ball from hanging up on it if you get behind it without knocking it down. Earlier builds were square and often needed tilting to get a ball unstuck; now the ball search pings the drop target and the ball just rolls out and down to the right flipper.

#7375 2 years ago

And this guy got rounded down with a needle-nose, seems to have the stuck ball issue solved. Will need to play more to be certain.

IMG_0923 (resized).JPG

IMG_0925 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#7544 2 years ago

By the way, this is what my inner orbit switch looks like now, tweaked. It has been working perfectly, no stuck balls and registers every hit.

IMG_0961 (resized).JPG

#7586 2 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Ok cool thanks. I'm kind of diggin them and want to try them on my other games.

Yeah, I really like how they play too. I had a new set of SuperBands to go on it but decided against.

1 week later
#7661 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Can you be more specific? Changing songs is an important factor whe I buy a game. I love RZ and would just like to cycle some new tunes to keep the game fresh.

This is back to the issue where people were bricking their boards because they didn't follow the flash instructions to the letter. I think what David is saying is that you'd need to be very deliberate in the order of your steps when trying such an operation. What I take from that is that you'd want to extract the files destined for the SD card into a folder on your computer, make the WAV file changes as desired and then copy the whole mess onto a freshly formatted SD card so that the files would be contiguously written. Can't just replace the files on the card itself or they get fragmented and then the flash process fails.

#7666 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Some amazing lighting on this RZ!!
» YouTube video

That's pretty cool. What are they tied to?

#7679 2 years ago

I keep adjusting the VUK switch lever but it's still only about 98%. I'm trying to decide how much bending to do due to the tight space for movement versus just gluing a rubber pad or something to the end of the lever so the ball pushes it down further. Anyone else?

#7747 2 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

I don't own a RZ (wish I did), but I'm picking up a translite that I'm going to display in my horror-themed game room. Does anyone know the dimensions offhand?

Funny you ask, because I noticed the other day that the Pinball Zombies translite is smaller than the one on my RZ but the LE translite I have is actually larger. Made me curious if the guys with LE machines have a cut down version of the art or if it was reduced in size a little bit or...?

#7753 2 years ago

I was going to build a light box and mount the LE translite on some glass so I could swap between it and my standard backglass but once I realized I'd have to cut it down I put the idea on hold. The Pinball Zombies translite is even smaller so it would need some sort of a frame built around it to actually put it on the machine.

#7773 2 years ago

My best guess is they shipped almost 100 Zombies since Christmas. The run should be pretty much done in a month or so, I would think.

Pretty extraordinary considering a little more than a year ago we were looking at construction photos of the building they were built in. I love it when a plan comes together.

#7776 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I finally hit the 3 way skill shot!!! I didn't realize it just gives you an extra ball. I assumed it just LIT the extra ball target. Nice surprise.

It took me over a month of owning and playing RZ to hit that, have only done it three times now all told. Recently replaced the black rubber with translucent using the sizes listed on Spooky's site and they're soooooo close but not tight enough to pull off the 3-way, even with the glass off. I'm going to try a size smaller next.

Quoted from ChrisS:

Even just the speaker grills would be bad ass.

I have every intention of hitting my local laser cutter up for a quote to reproduce those. They look sick.

#7809 2 years ago
Quoted from tonyf1965:

New code version 20. Greatly needed. What about the switch problem middle loop.
Ball sometimes hits it bounces back.
Needs an different style switch.

Two screws to take it off the underside of the playfield, two minutes to bend it with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Haven't had the problem since. I posted a picture earlier in the thread of how mine is shaped now: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rob-zombies-spook-show-international/page/151#post-3641371

#7861 2 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

Enjoy your game when it arrives. I think the only reason to worry about the robot is if you see it not turning properly during game play or not turning at all. And if you see it "quivering" rather than turning--as mine was--then investigate. If there is a robot problem, the video hyperlinked earlier in this thread is extremely helpful if you have to do any maintenance or replacement.

Okay, so my robot hasn't turned at all in a while. Now what?

IMG_1047 (resized).JPG

#7905 2 years ago

Location is rough for this game because it needs to have the volume turned up and there's not a lot of middle ground. I keep mine cranked and just turn the amp off for late night playing.

Quoted from Cheeks:

I've ordered a lighting kit from Pinstadium and will probably add mirror blades.

Pls take pictures of the install, I want to order both of these but my wife says the game is perfect as is and told me to keep my cockbeaters off it.

1 week later
#7994 2 years ago
Quoted from herg:

With the power off, try to turn it gently by hand. This will ensure that it's not hung on something.
Next, I would check the servo wires to make sure they're plugged in and that they haven't been cut. They do run close to the pop bumper ring.
If all of that looks good, you may have a failed servo that you would need to replace.

Yeah it was cranked up hard but I wiggled it loose until it would spin back front. Wires were all good, powered up and down a couple times over say ten minutes and he slowly walked back counter-clockwise. Played a game, same deal and eventually locked back up again. Feels like it's gonna strip if I dick with it much more so I'll hit 'em up for that servo.

1 week later
#8075 2 years ago

I think it says far more about the other manufacturers and their merry-go-round of delays and surprises that Spooky can drop jaws just by being competent.

The fact that they're kind and passionate about pinball as well is icing on that cake.

#8139 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I would like to try out some different rubbers on mine. What bands are on there from the factory (seems sort of like superbands?) and what else is worth trying besides the Titan rubber and traditional/regular rubber?

I believe Pinball Life PerfectPlay is what comes from the factory. I usually put SuperBands on my games but on RZ I like the way those PP bands play. I'm intrigued by the idea of putting thin bands on though...

#8183 2 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

Really? I've only had the game for about a month. Does it go through rubbers that quick?
I have noticed my left flipper rubber is starting to get pretty chewed up too.

The stock flipper rubbers wear fast but you can rotate them for months. I was going to throw something else on but found I really like the way they play so I guess I'm getting some more next time I have a PL order together.

#8205 2 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

You must not have gotten far enough to hear it

Reminds me of the old joke:

"Man, I'm kinda freaked out that they're putting serial numbers on all the condoms now. What's that about?"
"Serial numbers on condoms? Never seen that before..."
"Oh, you must not be unrolling them far enough."

1 week later
#8267 2 years ago

R&L was great here too - I was still at work but they dropped the pallet on the walk by our front door, exactly where my wife asked them to. She said they were super nice and kept going on about "best Christmas present ever!" (it showed up a couple days before xmas). She said she didn't have the heart to tell them it wasn't a surprise.

#8269 2 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

PM me with any questions or email me at info@pinstadium.com if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to help. Here is a discount code for RZ owners that will give you a free flasher option upgrade: RZOWNER

Is this deal still good? I tried it but it looked like it only gave half off the flasher upgrade now.

#8311 2 years ago

Yeah, I'm in too. It's not like $300 one way or the other changes how much I will pinball.

#8318 2 years ago

It's all a bit nutty if you step away from it and pretend you're not a pinball junkie.

#8322 2 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

Does the apron mod require v20 code?

Hypothetically, since neither is available yet, were you planning to install one but not the other?

3 weeks later
#8502 2 years ago

That's a good thing to check first. This game is fast enough at the normal pitch, raising it makes a number of crazy things start happening more regularly.

1 week later
#8716 2 years ago

Thank you David, I am super tired at work today because of how awesome the new code is.

#8786 2 years ago

Yeah that VUK is a pesky one, I've tried a number of things to get it to work reliably. This is where I am currently:

IMG_1191 (resized).JPG

#8792 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

I would take a look under the mini playfield to see if the switch pins are touching

Good to know, I haven't had it off in a while but you're describing my symptoms - VUK switch will register for a while and then just... not. Sometimes it works again on the next game, other times I pull it out and try to adjust it a bit. Glad to have another vector on the problem because the game plays fantastic otherwise.

1 month later
#8980 2 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I recently installed Tims Lamp and Red Hot mods on my RZ. I am very happy with how they turned out. We made some videos of the install process for those on the fence to see whats involved.

Thank you for doing that, I have both of them sitting on my workbench waiting to be installed. They look really good!

2 weeks later
#9106 2 years ago

CHOP saves sould be called out with that distinct sound effect from Robert Palmer's 'Simply Irresistible'. You know the one.

#9114 2 years ago

Go to more RZ shows, I have way too much hearing loss to notice the PS fan. lol

#9152 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

Last night while I was installing the apron I used a meter on my H switch. It is definitely a mechanical issue. I had no current flowing through it until I had depressed it about 10 times, then it started working and worked perfectly every time after and through the handful of games I played after.

Very interesting. I've noticed that many times my VUK switch won't register the first couple hits and then work perfectly after that, which would be consistent with what you observed.

#9165 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

the pop bumper appears to have become very insensitive. I re-gapped the switch. Hopefully that will fix it.

I need to do this with all my pops, they're not nearly as sensitive as I'd like them to be.

2 weeks later
#9247 2 years ago

Has anyone come up with a good way to protect that switch on the underside of the upper playfield so it doesn't get mashed by the ball until it shorts?

1 week later
#9282 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

The three seashells

I know! Just the other day I thought of that topper and spent half an hour searching Pinside and Google images trying to find it... lol

1 week later
#9317 2 years ago

Finally blew my first fuse and when I went to replace it, I noticed the ones I'd ordered from PL didn't look quite like the one that was blown:


Are these the correct ones?

1 week later
#9340 2 years ago

Mudflaps It's in the menu under coil adjustments -> loader coil.

I'm on the v21 beta code and the double feed problem is much better but still kicking two out now and then. My coil is at 8.5 right now.

#9342 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

The closest I can find is Ball Loader in the coil menu. Is that it? It’s set to 8.5.

My bad, yes that's it. I get that seasonal short-term memory loss thing from time to time.

2 weeks later
#9388 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

I agree. The Pussy Liquors sign mod looks great too.

That’s my favorite of his RZ mods so far.

#9396 2 years ago

Memmer that time you asked Stern for help in a forum and they replied immediately? Me either.

Spooky & Fawzma FTW

1 month later
#9552 1 year ago

I totally get the desire for higher resolution, but I also have to say that I really love the homage to classic 8-bit graphics that they loaded up this game with. It takes me right back to my Commodore 64 days every time and personally, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Now let me get my apron mod installed, that could very well change my perspective on the matter...

2 weeks later
#9654 1 year ago
Quoted from lamihh:

Can anybody post a pic from his shaker motor position please?

This is where the factory put mine. Haven’t tried it anywhere else.

CC6D954A-EC15-4CBF-BF2A-05C921B64BE2 (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#9741 1 year ago

I've been working through some switch issues and have all of them registering consistently now, but now that I have it back together I can't get a game started. When I push the start button, it just goes to the "loading..." screen and sits there. Tested all the fuses and they're good, re-flashed V22 also but no love. Of course the solenoid test menu still doesn't work. Any ideas where I should look next?

3 weeks later
#9773 1 year ago
Quoted from sulakd:

Middle of a game tonight and left flipper lost power and then a minute later all coils. Found one fuse in backbox, looks fine. [...] Could it be related to coils, or is there a fuse somewhere I should be looking for? Thanks.

I’m chasing fuse issues right now too. Servo fuse is a 3A fast on the top of the board, left of center. Bottom right corner has the 3 solenoid fuses, also 3A but slo blo. To the right of them is a 1A for the GI and two 1A for the flashers, mounted vertically. Don’t mix them up.

693819B3-F7DF-455C-A200-37DB7ECD24EF (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#9868 1 year ago

I've got the opposite problem right now, all my switches are registering and all coils fire in test mode but when I push the start button the game just sits on the "Loading..." screen and never kicks a ball into the shooter lane. I've flashed the code a few times and Spooky tech support wants me to go over the coin door switch wiring again but I don't get why it would work in test mode and not in a game if that were the issue.

#9870 1 year ago

Thanks Chris, I'll do that. Lately just been too tired when I get home from work to fiddle with it much - at work right now actually. This past weekend I went over it briefly and didn't see any problems but I didn't go so far as to actually test continuity with my meter (like I knew I should). Tempted to short the switch for now just to see if that makes a difference.

1 year later
#10472 30 days ago

I'm grateful for whatever we get, it's not like they're returnable and most of us knew or now know the caveats to buying boutique. I got frustrated and didn't chase a switch issue for MONTHS even though the troubleshooting process was straightforward (and Chris was very patient with me). Once my mind had cleared, I powered it back up and it worked fine.

Would I have bought it again? Well, yeah. I love the theme, think the art is second to none and the complete inappropriateness of it is fucking hilarious. It's a cool game and while I have all sorts of other fantastic pins I can play on location nearby or in friends' basements... well, this one was the one I wanted.

Besides, I still believe Charlie and Kayte love pinball as much or more than I do and this shit makes me happy. I wish them continued success.

I sure as shit wouldn't trade it for a Munsters.


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