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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

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Post #6605 Gameplay and rules video from Spooky Pinball Posted by Jetzxi (4 years ago)

Post #7268 V019 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (4 years ago)

Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (4 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (3 years ago)

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#118 5 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

The first customers helped launch the company. There's 150 plus 150 potential new customers. I highly doubt this sells out asap. My thoughts are spooky gets 200 pre orders and has to show the game to sell another 100. Does anyone remember how hard and how long it took to sell 150 AMH?
I do agree that the LE run is too small and Chuck may want to think about making 100 special editions and 250 regular editions.

Its going to take all of 2016 to build 300 games, Chuck said he hopes AMH will be done by Jan 1, so he'd have to do 6 a week for 50 weeks to build all RZSI, I think the games will sell out well before the first one rolls off the line 7 months from now.

#141 5 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

This Rob Zombie guy... He's famous?

Yep. Apparently he likes the work of some comic artist dude too.horley Zombie guitar.jpg

#142 5 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

< Highly interested in this pin. The theme has a ton of potential. Hopefully I can get a slot before they're all spoken for. I'm in the camp that believes they will sell out quickly.

If you are interested, I'd send an email. I committed yesterday as an AMH #42, I got an email from KT with-in 30 minutes saying I'm in on an LE. BY the end of the show, I wouldn't be surprised if the Texas pinball festival record weekend of near 30 AMH orders wasn't surpassed by the end of Sunday.

#143 5 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Did you buy a AMH? I also emailed at 9 pm saying i wanted a LE and she responded to email her back in July.

Me too, emailed at 7, response 30 minutes later I'm good in LE queue. I'm AMH #42

#290 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

IE: playfield and art will be shown, no $1k deposit needed until then, or am I reading that wrong?

Reading it right.

#494 5 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Agree 100%.
It's retail marketing 101. All stores do it, however I don't see any pinball dudes doing it (until now...)
Spooky has 150 loyal customers already, so keep them onboard by offering exclusive stuff, like
- factory tours
- first access to the new games
- first dibs on T-Shirts etc, before going out to the public
All this creates a very loyal customer base.

Just to agree with you even more....

IMHO Charlie doesn't need dibs for early adopters, its a way to say thanks. Loyalty programs are profit decisions. Spooky's isn't profit driven rather appreciation driven. I don't see a business reason for Spooky to have double or triple the demand for 300 games, when there is already probably 300+ in the queue.

Actions create loyalty: keep promises, be truthful, be $ smart, great games, and ship on time, support after unboxing. Spooky's approach is the wise and best model, and happens naturally.

#500 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I missed it, when can us mere mortals get on the list to buy?

Please search the thread for pinsider "spooky pinball" - Charlie said it many times. NOW would be advised.

#660 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Hmm, are you saying you've seen the art already and it's boobalicious?

Its tittily awesome.

#661 5 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

You guys keep making it sound like a no obligation pre-order, but it's simply not the case. Once artwork is revealed, buyers are obligated to put money down without being able to try it first for fear of losing a spot. Candy coat it all you want, but it is still a high pressure sales situation for customers... like finding a below market value pin on CL that everyone loves to hunt and compete for, but it remains an awkward NIB purchase scenario.

Its ok if you don't want in, but I wouldn't call it "high pressure sales", if your reading that message from Spooky's posts, I think you need to have a chat with Charlie. It is a no obligation pre order, but if you don't put your $1000 down for a deposit to show you are a real buyer, you will likely be out b/c demand appears to be very high. If 300 are willing to put up $1000 based on the art, or a complete packege reveal, but without getting to flip it - I guess you have to pick your risk level. I'm in without much more than buying from Charlie before, and the Rob video, and what I know about the game that Charlie has shared in this thread - and that was way more than enough for me.

1 week later
#753 5 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

I had just missed that announcement about the 30 days.
Thanks for the heads up. I got on the list the day after the announcement. Got cash lined up an a game ready for sacrifice.

If you have concerns or questions, email the source Charlie at spookypinball.com

1 week later
#854 5 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

Not really, they mentioned they 'had' to do it because of it leaking. Yet Stern doesn't 'have' to do it when they leak stuff, they do it when they're ready. That's why I wasn't sure why the leak forced announcement of anything when it doesn't for other manufacturers.

I am bored with speculation here. Why not email or call Charlie and ask? I think he made it pretty clear why the announcement was made when it was. Stern is Stern, Spooky does things differently that Stern - viva la difference. BTW, I like all three, I own Sterns, AMH and WoZ - all for different reasons. I own 70's Gottlieb EMs, 80's Bally, and 90's williams and bally - all for different reasons. Do you expect manufacturers to act same - why would you want them to?

#865 5 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

Good points. Although, I think Charlie himself noted that when they announced AMH they had tons of interest but when they actually started manufacturing the games they only sold one in the first week? So some times the "interest" can be misleading although in the case of RZ I don't think they'll have any trouble selling 300.

I can see why it was slow out of the gate. My feelings on the game completely shifted between Chicago Expo 13 v '14.

I was kinda underwhelmed in Oct 2013 with AMH, shot flow felt "clunky", interesting concept - campy and sarcastic fake TV tie-in, but not all the humor and game story were completed yet. It had potential, but I wasn't feeling it.

In Oct 2014 at Expo, it rocked. The game play was great and had legs keep me coming back. Then Charlie showed me the inside design, the concepts of mostly standard parts, self-3D supply of custom parts, off the shelf power supplies, amps, FF speakers and the sourcing of most all else through Terry@PL, BEn's pinheck board, code and open source concept for .wav files, etc. So I geeked on the inside of the game too. It was a blast to play, and I got the story

Actually seeing 2013 v. 2014 was important for me and was a big part of my decision being a comfortable one to see actually, b/c I saw how far the game had come, and it looked, played and was built solid. More like a WMS/Bally feel, plus it was thousands less that my previous two buys of WoZ and STLE.

I had been in on the hobbit from Nov 2012, and had to get on the list early for STLE with $ in before I even played/saw one.
the AMH was an easy decision.

1 month later
#985 5 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Yep... this is for real and gonna be a blast!


Nice Charlie! Watched Sven since I was 6. Still find a station with his show once in a while.

2 weeks later
#998 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

The display we're using for RZSI:

Finally! A greyscale display, I thought nobody was listening to the forums - but Ben is out in front on technology as usual.

#1009 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I've heard it's hardly changed at all from Pinball Zombies, Chuck wants to put that game out. So I guess we'll just see. I never shot the original, just watched video of it. If it plays anything like the video I'm dropping out, no matter how great the art looks.
But I'm really hoping that's not the case.
I'm sticking to my guns on all new pins. Too expensive? Over it. Not gonna buy a TBL even though I think it looks incredible. Art shitty? There will be no GOT in my garage. Don't dig the theme? Pass on Kiss. Not fun to play with good rules? Not buying, no matter how nice it looks.
There's a whole world of other pins to play out there, at these new prices you gotta give me everything, or I'm walking away.
As for Expo, it's Terry's party or bust I guess, no Spooky at Expo is what I thought.

The RZSI game layout is way different than Pinball Zombies, as I heard from Charlie directly when I was there last Friday. He did not show me anything of the PF, so I only have his word on what he described, but Charlie's word is golden for me.
The main timing issue for a reveal at Expo is the artwork + artwork approval from the licensee. This is not trivial, with lots of unknowns. I will get approved, but perhaps not all tweaked, approved, tweaked, approved cycle will be final in time to get it all on the game for an Expo showing.

It also plays completely different, per CHarlie.

3 weeks later
#1195 5 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Even if they don't have playfield art I hope they can bring a flipping whitewood so we can play it and see what it's like.

Charlie won't reveal anything but a complete, finished game.

#1204 5 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Is there a list for the first 300 people that said they were interested and another standby list for everyone else after the first 300? Or is there just a single big (over 300) list for whoever expressed interest and then when it's fully revealed they'll just take the first 300 from the big list?

Its explained earlier in the thread. A quick recap.
-KT has the list
-The list was over 600 within a month
- I don't think Charlie or KT has shared the size of the list since August.
- Early adopters of AMH got first dibs on the RZSI limited editions
- AFTER complete game is revealed, $1000 deposit to confirm your order
- If one of the 300 decides not to put $1000 down, #301 will be asked

2 weeks later
#1357 5 years ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

Shame to limit it to 300, this pin seems to be a winner so far, no guarantee the next pin will be, so why not make hay when the sun shines?
Larger factory means ability for more staff and equipment
Doesnt make business sense to me.
No one would begrudge spooky for increasing the run and im sure rob zombie would get on board too.

It makes business sense to me. Also, not killing your staff and coders is a wise business move. It took charlie about 75 weeks to build 150 AMH. If he can double production to do 300 RZ in 75 weeks, I think that's really an agressive goal.

#1359 5 years ago
Quoted from RandyV:

That, in turn, creates the situation where there is "pressure" on the potential buyer to make a spot decision (without having all of the sound, buying decision facts in hand) about whether it is more important to have the game or not have the game by risking, what is for most people, a materially large sum of money. The risk being that the game you get doesn't meet you expectations should you get one in the first place..

I don't understand the "situation", I see no pressure or being put on the spot by Spooky's approach. For me, I saw no risk of losing a material large sum of money. The "on the list, but no $" for RZ removes the "pressure". Once the game is final and revealed to all, they ask everyone in 1 to 300 order, are you in? then $1000 to order your parts please, or out? Spooky asks #301. To me, I saw no risk, no pressure - no commitment until you say yes, and give $1000 deposit and thats only AFTER you see the final product. I understand that "seeing" may not be enough information for some. Some may not feel expectations are met, until they can play the game in person, but I don't see a way around that. Many, or likely all 300, will put money up with just the pictures v. needing a test drive. The $1000 is a potential risk, if Spooky can't deliver a game - but I'm willing to take that risk if/when I hand over that cash.

1 month later
#1567 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

I'm curious to see how people react to one feature of the game which somehow hasn't slipped out, considering how many know about it.

For an extra $1000, Ben, Charlie and Rob Z will come to your house and assemble the game?

#1777 5 years ago
Quoted from CraigC:

Looks like the left orbit shot is unchanged from Pinball Zombies.

Quoted from Aurich:

My understanding is they added/tweaked some shots, but it's essentially the same game.

"Similar... but a ton better!" - Charlie

#1898 5 years ago
Quoted from loren3233:

Wow...The LE backglass is friggin SICK.


#1901 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

No sound effects yet but here is the video mode I animated and programmed personally:
» YouTube video
"Run over stuff with the Dragula for points!"

Brilliant - especially the wiper to clear the gore before the next hit!

#1979 5 years ago

Email confirm rec'd. FYI, KT replied in about 45 minutes.

#2043 5 years ago

Re: the comments about "no email yet", my email was "one of the lucky ones on the 50 LE"...
Perhaps only 50 emails went out to the first 50 LE names?

#2676 5 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

So your saying that at $6500 he wouldn't sell out 300 games? How about $7000?

$6495 is the LE. $5995 is regular. At least you added the quantity (other posts were just price). So what if the run was 30 or 3000? AND..... Charlie didn't want to. If you have talked to him, or heard his comments on Spooky - he isn't trying to gouge the pinball community, because he is part of the pinball community. I think we should applaud him for putting more into a game, adding costs of a license, color, Matt's sculpted coolness, and keeping the price exactly the same as AMH.

Why? Because its the Emery's!

#2945 5 years ago

What I like about all the discussion is that we are talking about the game shots and ideas, and we are getting feedback from the coders (fawzma and Heck) and Charlie. Seeing no big OMG comments, just a few opting out due to timing or wasn't what was expected - that shows that the layout, art and gameplay - well... "it doesn't suck" (SRR).

Game design comments are worthless until you play it, IMO. I know Charlie is focused on making it a game he will play for a long time, and if he likes it - I know I will like it. Listening over the years to Spooky podcasts, and having AMH, Charlie and I have similar tastes in games & I' probably like whatever Charlie invents.

I think the 1000 switch hits will be tweaked with code to be "just right". Probably won't see a spinner added - but code can be tweaked with collective feedback from playing.

#3120 5 years ago

LE #42, woohoo! Matches my amh #

#3253 5 years ago

#42 LE
#42 AMH

#3254 5 years ago

Rob Zombie, Bible and atheist - this thread has it all.

3 weeks later
#3813 5 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

The mock-up plastics w/original playfield seem to tie it all together with the cabinet and translite art.


The tombstone really ties the PF together.

#3816 5 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I thought about something like this but didn't want to turn pinball into an iPhone app

I like the few high scores for certain major game goals
GOT has houses, Winter is Coming
LOTR has destroy the ring champion (DTR fastest time)

RZ could have 1000 corpse champion - fastest time (like DTR) or most corpes
The craziest multiball mode - highest score
Mini wizard mode(s) - higherst score
and... that's it

I would only have 2 or 3 based on major game events - I agree too many = iphone app

#3817 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Will be great when you can sync all this stuff to your iphone. Say you have a Spooky or Stern app, when you step up to play, it syncs all the essential data of your game via Bluetooth. The app then tracks your achievements over time, and compares them online to other players etc, etc, etc.
Pretty sure this would already be in development by at least one manufacturer. Not sure if it's possible for RZ.

Dutch did this with BoP 2.0, and likely labowski. It even takes screen shots as you play, and posts your top score (and of others) to a website, as the game is wifi and ties to your personal game # on the site.

#3818 5 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

I have watched the gameplay video on this, and to me the game seems so plain and basic for the price. Am I missing something? Comparing it to an ACDC or MET (Both Premium) this game seems so bland besides the color DMD, which can be added on to both ACDC/MET of course.

You are missing something. Until you see/play in person, and with completed rules, how can you have a true feel?

#3819 5 years ago
Quoted from rockett60:

I guess the truck delivering my AMH between 9am and 1pm tomorrow is just my imagination also.

Lions - what # are you? Must be getting close to the last one of the line.

#3821 5 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

Some tournament players could object to the multiplayer mode curse, but I personally love it. What a cool and interesting feature. And the whole dancing cat idea for family mode is a hoot. I love this ruleset.

AMH Ben listened to tourney players key points, and added setting - no extra balls, no ball save, etc. Points for EB instead.

Fawzma will likely add a tourney mode - no multiplayer stealing, no extra balls, no ball save, etc. Points for EB instead.

#3878 5 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

It's still encoding but here is the YouTube link. As the day goes on, the quality options will get better and better.
Hang tight!
» YouTube video
Here is a quick link to that crazy multiball!

Wow, Jack, just wow. Great job on the vid and commentary as always. Heart races just watching the chaos. Spooky rocks.Charlie, Ben, Fawzma - excellent!!! Code monkey "borrowed" some video game look and feel, rainbow borders, etc. sweet.

#4064 5 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

I like the building updates this was yesterday


Feb 1 done & close to moving in looks realistic.

#4129 5 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

What are you smoking??? Listen I am not saying RZ will suck, heck I am #193, but don't be a f'ing douche bag and call Metallica "boring"??? Considering Metallica Is rated #9 & #10 of all time here on Pinside, I think it is safe to say your "respect" is nothing I give a shit about. Yes, RZ will be inferior to Metallica.......deal with it! I am paying $6000 for one and I am "ok" with it being inferior. Not every pin can be top ten material, that doesn't take away from the company or the game.

Geez, having a personal opinion is still ok, isn't it? I find all the bitching about you like this, I like that, as boring rather than anything worth reading. Just let people have a say of their opinion and move on. Please avoid pounding the same message, that people are idiots unless they agree with your taste and preference? It would make Pinside so much better.

I hope this RZ thread will be more about the game, than a personal quests to convince us its "better" or "worth it".

#4144 5 years ago

RZSI SE (skin edition)
tumblr_nxxo589NP81s3u023o1_500_(resized).jpg spaulding_(resized).jpg

1 week later
#4174 5 years ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

Please tell us you got in on a RZ pinball? Well deserved with tats like that.

I'm in for sure. But these tats are from Sherri's webpage, fans she has met at shows.

3 weeks later
#4294 5 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

See you next weekend, asshole!!

Your posts never disappoint

1 week later
#4323 5 years ago
Quoted from tonyf1965:

Anyone heard when production starts on rz machines? I think the prototype looks like it's going well.

Spooky podcast 3/1: 30 cabs assembled, playfields onsite, most/ all the parts - just need final pinheck 2.0 boards from Texas (they have proto boards, may use those for 2 games going to Texas Pinball Festival).

I think they probably been populating PF for a while, and just waiting to put in the boards.

3 weeks later
#4494 5 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

Got a loose estimate on number 29? I won't hold you to it, just planning a little.

Come to the midwest gaming classic and talk to Charlie directly. I hope to play the game and get an update on production in person.

1 month later
#4719 5 years ago

Is LE #2 the only game that arrived so far?

1 week later
#4812 4 years ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

Le # 10 Has arrived!! What a step up from AMH. Put me in for parent of the year award, first thing the game asked her was why she was playing like a damn clown....lol

Serious question - was she scared by the artwork?

#4814 4 years ago
Quoted from billyboy:

RZ LE #8 arrived yesterday 5/12/16.

I'm #42. The countdown is speeding up!

2 weeks later
#5067 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I think it's both. Most changes are his ideas and vision from the start but I know Lyman has taken suggestions from the Sharpe's and other tourney players regarding score balancing and tournament strategies .

David took tons of feedback on Zombie - he was there watching play for most of the MGC time - every time I walked by he was there talking to players or those who just played. He is very open, and has learned a ton about what people are using as strategies and what complaints or feedback, both from newbies and experienced players alike.

David comes from a gaming background, and Charlie knows a good game of pinball rules - I'm impressed with David's quick learning on how pinball players think. No worries about depth, or glitches - bugs or scoring exploits won't last long

#5068 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Very simple.
1. Collect reports of games shipping and plot the date vs game number.
2. Generate a linear trendline.
3. Use the trendline to "predict" when other games may ship.
Here's a picture:

I'm not really "banking" on anything, and I'm hoping they can get them out faster, but Spooky's own estimate was 12-18 months for all of the games. We're still so early on that any single data point can cause wild swings in the trendline. Without GAP's point, the outlook was much more bleak, putting #300 at 3/7/2018. That's why I say it's too early for it to predict an accurate trend. There's too little data, and we have to extrapolate too far into the future, not to mention that production may not be linear at all.

I'm a numbers guy too. Did the same graph with AMH, and its not linear - the first 75 were at 2-3 per week, the last 75 were hitting 5 a week. The original estimate was shortened by at least 3 months.

RZ will probably start at much higher per week than AMH, and I expect will only go up in the weekly rate as they optimize the new space.

#5069 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Very simple.
1. Collect reports of games shipping and plot the date vs game number.
2. Generate a linear trendline.
3. Use the trendline to "predict" when other games may ship.
Here's a picture:

I'm not really "banking" on anything, and I'm hoping they can get them out faster, but Spooky's own estimate was 12-18 months for all of the games. We're still so early on that any single data point can cause wild swings in the trendline. Without GAP's point, the outlook was much more bleak, putting #300 at 3/7/2018. That's why I say it's too early for it to predict an accurate trend. There's too little data, and we have to extrapolate too far into the future, not to mention that production may not be linear at all.

I'm #42 and KT said this week or next. That will bend the line some!

2 weeks later
#5291 4 years ago
Quoted from HappyDayz:

It's only the transition into the mode I'm referring to. Clunky IMO. Just suggesting things to polish.

Video mode's got Spooky's personality, and that suits me fine . A pause for " loading.... " has Ben Heck written all over it, and if he could have had a nintendo controller pop out of the coin door and used instead of the flippers, that would be there (A BackAlley / Matt mod?) For me, its hilarious to have a throwback to Pole Position, with gore. The Dragula video back in the day probably would have started the video-game rating system way before Mortal Kombat.

Just suggesting things to NOT polish.

2 weeks later
#5417 4 years ago

RZLE 42 has 25 plays already. Direct from Spooky in Benton to Geneva IL.



#5463 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Exactly. I'd love to sell this game to cheap for someone out of principle, but I just can't do that. To go back to the BBB example, if someone bought one for $4,500 and then resold it for $5,000, they would probably feel a little snake bit when the person who bought it off them for $5,000 goes and sells it for $20,000.
I've got a business to run, and want to get people in playing these machines. Selling this game and putting the money into say, marketing, will help bring in more players than having the game just sitting around not getting played much.

This seems pretty bogus and goes against what Charlie asked customers to do when getting into the queue - if you decide you don't want the game, tell Spooky and get the $1k deposit back, and they will go to #301 in the queue. 2 weeks of earnings - that's your sample size? I think this way more about opportunistic profit for you than the pinball community where your profit will go to "marketing ... to bring in more players"?

#5478 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

I did want the game, so I was absolutely going to wait it through and buy it. I had every intention of keeping this game forever just like my AMH. Of course, this was just going off of what I could see in pictures and videos, and now that I've played it, eh, I don't really like it.
Yeah, marketing is important. Most people in my city don't even know this business is here, let alone surrounding cities. People come in and are like, "Woah I had no idea this was here, when did you guys open?". Stuff like that. If I had the money to run some ads and get the word out I'd probably see much higher traffic.

Marketing is a business decision - has nothing to do with selling a game - unless you are saying this is your only source of raising capital. For best coin drop, ask LTG, after all these years, and he's had several Sterns - MM still is his best earning game. I operated too - the location wanted the space back for driving games - so I took them all back to my basement (his drivers earn little if anything BTW, he said he spent $100k - and almost $0 return).

Kudos for operating any location though - its tough, and I'm glad people still try.

This is not about coin drop or locations earnings then - you just don't like it. Trying to double your $, only 2 weeks after getting it, while Spooky is up to #55 or so in deliveries, just seems wrong to me on several levels.

As owner of #42, it just rubs me the wrong way. Since the code is only 0.8, I think its way too early to put a final judgment on it and sell it off, IMO.

#5479 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Give me a break. You were trying to buy up multiple AMH not long ago. Guessing you wanted multiples just for fun
Like you have room to be talking of opportunistic profit. You also were jpops best buddy and assisting with the cover story for quite some time, so not much credibility from you.

Hilton - you are wrong on so many levels.

Since you are falsely accusing me of several things, I will set the record straight - I'll respond - once.
I don't even know you - read my PM and we can hash out whatever you want outside this thread.

Not true on trying to buy up multiple AMH - I have one. A friend wants one, and I tried to find one - no dice.
Jpop in this thread? Don't even. I helped MG get to the NW show - that's it. PDX and I busted our ass, to help those who had $ at risk and for Bill to make a go/no go decision. Cover story? What does that even mean?

I took you off ignore for a total of 4 hours. My mistake.

#5487 4 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Ok guys I think each party in this debate has expressed their view point. Please stop from here on out.


#5488 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

The game will come preadjusted to the default setting, meaning we make sure pops aren't firing when another pop is going off.
You can change the setting then see how things react. You may or may not need the widen the leaf spring gaps.
I do my best to not change too much for those that have older games that haven't updated, so when they do; they aren't like WTF, it was working before.

What were the pop strengths v.7 compared to 8?

#5500 4 years ago

Pingulps RZ splatter and AMH, awesome stuff
Thanks, Doug.


1 week later
#5575 4 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

I'm not in favor of this. I like CHOP the way it is, just my opinion. There's a certain strategy to stage your inlane/outlanes to have a ball save at the ready. The only tweaks I could see is do something different with it during multi-ball. With CHOP enabled during multiball, there's almost always a ball going down the inlane/outlanes and it's pretty easy to have a constant ball save.

My suggestion to David and charlie this past weekend is for a few CHOP options. One is already mentioned earlier - borrow the "hard" setting of KEEP in LOTR, on/off. The other was less reward for 2+ times getting CHOP, maybe be completely off after the 3rd time its collected (settings for this of course). Good players will exploit this easily - I've consistently had games in the 50 mil range, and a couple 100 mil + which would not have been possible with a crippled CHOP setting.

What's really awesome is Fawzma and Charlie are listening - you may not get everything you ask for, but you are being heard. I talked to both of them about suggestions, code work in progress and some of the ideas (some work, some just don't) - and a lot of them I've seen mentioned in this thread.

#5576 4 years ago
Quoted from hooch333:

Actually, I don't think this is true. I was expecting a ball save after multiball numerous times, knowing full well that I had a C-H-O-P "in the bag" so to speak. However, after draining last ball I had no ball save. After it happened a few times I realized that I needed to be more strategic with the feature.
One other really unique feature that I never got to myself, but watched David play, was getting "infected". Everything turns red, and you have to hit certain switches if you try to start the same mode twice....very cool idea! And you can select in options which, if any modes you want this to be used on.
***** I may be mistaken, but I heard if you don't "cure" yourself your game will end. So if this is true I guess that means you could get infected and the game could end on ball 1....wow this is a scary pin!!******

I asked specifically this at the open house, and yes, a failed infection can mean game over at ball 1. Only superbeast has infection default to "on" for the 2nd time through per factory settings. You can turn on infection for any/all modes via settings!

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#5591 4 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

Definitely a good idea so I tried it thanks. Unfortunately, did not work but worth a try.

DMD data cable was not the problem for me either.

I had the same problem, talked with David, and got it fixed with new EPROM code directly written to the EPROM (i.e. couldnt use the update steps when the EPROM had garbage).

So, you have a confused A/V Eprom like I had. Most likely it wasn't formatted FAT32, see Ben's note above.

Even with a correctly formatted, clean SD card, a partial file or two files with the same name - caused for me by an interrupted download which never completed properly - will end with the same corrupted EPROM chip for A/V leaving you at ROM 0.
David explained that the update process read the first RZ0_V008 file and doesn't check file extention - reading the partial file will write garbage directly on the EPROM, and that chip is now hopelessly confused.

Only solution was overwriting the Eprom chip directly from a laptop with a special cable attached directly to the PinHeck board (some risk involved & not an easy path - special cable, carefully follow steps, etc)
Best solution is a newly written Eprom from Spooky.

My understanding is that the update process is becoming more fool-proof in the near future.

#5604 4 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

couple things..
anyone else blow any fuses yet? 10 games in or so I blew out all the left side solenoids.
also, on V7 so its probably moot. the game locked up during 1000 corpses.. flippers went dead, and it just flashed 538 or however many corpses I had and stayed like that well beyond a reasonable time. Had to reboot.. it was the next game that blew the fuse shortly into gameplay.
one gripe.. got a ball stuck in the wires by the rollover area going halfway around the left orbit.. That fact that there are wires that the ball can get stuck in is a bit crazy design wise. I might go in cut the plastics so the wires can be out of the way of the ball.
game is super fun otherwise.

Have a chat with Charlie at Spooky. Talking through these tweaks on the wire form will help both you and the production line.
Charlie@spooky.com. He is scary fast getting back to you - so dont' be surprised.

#5606 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

A checksum could help, but it would be more about detecting if the file structure if contiguous or not.
(2) things get changed during an update. The Propeller code on the DIP8 EEPROM, and the main PIC32 processor on its internal FLASH.
Propeller (A/V) code would be easy. It's always 32k. We could append 512 bytes (one sector) to the end of the update file that would contain numbers 0-255 repeating twice. During the update (which is performed by the Propeller chip as it boots first) we could find the start of the PROP.BIN file, advance the pointer 64 sectors (512 bytes per sector x 64 = 32k) and then check if we find 0-255 0-255 there.
If we don't, then we know that file is not contiguous. We print an ERROR telling users to double check the creation of their SD card.
PIC32 code (the actual game code) is a bit trickier. Its length can change as options are added to the game. We could add a dummy sector to the front of the code that indicates how many sectors long the update is (max 1024 as the PIC32 holds 512K) and then at the end of the update file (past the remainder of course) we put a pattern of 0-255 0-255.
Only if BOTH files pass the "end of file is where we think it should be test" would the system update.
Certainly something we should add, in the meantime, READ AND FOLLOW THE SD CARD INSTRUCTIONS!

The instructions of the spooky.com/game support page are in RED, CAPS, UNDERLINED. Its really pretty simple, but you have to follow the formatting FAT32 to complete clean the SD file pointers and data, and be sure your files to copy are one of each file name, and not partially upzipped, then follow the rest of the steps. My personal experience warning!!! AN INTERRUPTED DOWNLOAD CAN LEAVE A PARTIAL prop.bin or .prog file and copy garbage to the EPROM, even if the SD card is formatted cleanly.

I'm confident Ben/David are adding the file contiguous check to verify the files, and that only one filename is there. Doing that, plus the clean SD format in FAT32, should avoid the corruption written to the A/V Eprom.

#5607 4 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

i update my machines (stern and JJP) from my android phone. i have an adapter that goes from my phone to a female usb port. do we have any ideas if i can use my phone as the vessel for code transfer to the sd card (with a sd usb reader/writer of course). i do not carry a laptop with my (and when i do it is a mac), not do i have windows computers at home (mac/linux household). i service more than just my collection of machines and would like to know if i need to send order pre programmed cards from Spooky instead of being able to do it myself.
Thanks for all your hard work Team Spooky

4 issues -
1) can an Android phone cleanly format an SD card in FAT32 configuration?
2) there is a special cable that can directly connect to the PinHeck board, and the prop EPROM can be written to directly, but this was a cable connected to a Windows OS laptop - would copying files from an Android OS directly would honor the contiguous bytes requirement
3) will that cable have an adapter plug for an Android phone?
4) you can foul the EPROM, and be down on location until you get a new one and presuming you know how to install EPROMs.

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#5919 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Is v12 released yet? The Spooky website says V0012, but when I download, it's still v11 in the archive.
I installed a knocker, and it sounds great. I'd like to see more options to use it for high scores, though. I set my other games for GC 3 credits, HS1 2 credits, others 1 credit.
I also need to work on the lighting. Has anyone changed the GI to different bulbs? What did you use?

Spooky site still claims v12. But just downloaded now, and whatsnew.txt only shows v11 8/9/16 changes & zip contents still RZO_V011.PRG

I decided to do nothing for now & stayed on v10.

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#5989 4 years ago

My LE 42 is for sale

Added over 5 years ago: sold

#6027 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Code change request - What! needs progress memory similar to demonoid or dragula. I have never been able to complete this mode after hundreds of games. If it had memory, then mode would be more balanced and achieveable. Alternatively, you could offer setting of number of switch hits needed to complete what! Either will be an improvement.

I complete WHAT almost every time. 6 qualifying lanes, 3 spaulding bashes = multiball. Maybe I'm missing something - perhaps there is the jackpot collect I'm missing?

#6047 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Ok, I did manage to finish what this evening by digging the ball out of the drain with the tip of the flipper, then getting a rhythm. I also finished Dragula, SB, DCR, AW, and about half of DP. Now, that was FUN!
I played with VUK settings, but it's either too weak or I get a lot of bounce off the rail. I'm not sure what to do with it.

You might try raising the back right leg leveler a couple turns. I found a slight increase made the ball come out of the VUK, hit the right wall, and back into the left lane. hit it back to spaulding, change lanes, repeat. Very consistent. If the bounce doesnt go to the left lane, it comes down the wall, and will kick to the right back onto the flipper - so I seem to find the flipper out of the VUK nearly every time.

If I mess up from there, its user error - but the minor right back leg adjustment made a huge improvement.

#6048 4 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

I took some video of the VUK drop and What mode on my machine. I was playing one handed, so sorry in advance about the motion sickness you may get. Thought this may help
What mode:
» YouTube video
VUK drop:
» YouTube video

play suggestion - be sure to flip to change lanes - saves 3 flips to get to hitting spaulding and reduces risk of missing and having to restart. Consistency timing/speedwise on the left flipp as the ball comes through the left lane will almost always go back to spaulding and drop in the left lane, and then hit spaulding 3 times to open the gate.

Hint on spaulding gate adjustment - I had to adjust both the open and closed positions using settings, if its not open enough the ball can get behind spaulding and stuck on the plastic.

#6109 4 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

By the way, first time I've watched the game being played and really payed close attention to the DMD. Some really wild animations going on there. This is going to sound odd, but I think I saw some testicles being chopped off in the animation

Only one ball gets cut off, the dangling one is "saved" , sick, but accurate !

#6139 4 years ago

Not a fan of the block font on the Facebook test video. Ben's help sounds interesting though, perhaps idea of better clarity, but within the same size limit?

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