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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

5 years ago

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Post #7268 V019 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (4 years ago)

Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (4 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (3 years ago)

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#163 5 years ago

Also I am working to make RZSSI easier to update than AMH. Basically you burn a new SD card and it does the rest (like SPIKE)

#208 5 years ago

Standard BG has Rob lording over the characters, arms outstretched. Characters from his movies / videos around him, a giant moon, a huge werewolf and other stuff. Living Dead Girl, Baby, Spaulding, the axe guy...

LE BG is Rob driving the Dragula towards camera, running over skeletons and the characters jumping out of the way. More of an action shot.

They both look BAD ASS. I'm sure Chuck will post them when ready - the standard should be pretty close.

#209 5 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Standard BG has Rob lording over the characters, arms outstretched. Characters from his movies / videos around him, a giant moon, a huge werewolf and other stuff. Living Dead Girl, Baby, Spaulding, the axe guy...

LE BG is Rob driving the Dragula* towards camera, running over skeletons and the characters jumping out of the way. More of an action shot.
They both look BAD ASS. I'm sure Chuck will post them when ready - the standard should be pretty close.

*can't call it Dragula as that is a separate license, but it is a Dragula-like vehicle

#336 5 years ago

Don't worry when we make Game #3, Bible Adventures, demand won't be so high...

#422 5 years ago

White Zombie is a completely different license that would have compounded the difficulty, time to license, cost, # of approvals, you name it.

As for switching songs on a licensed game? Don't post about it here or put videos on YouTube, or pinHeck will no longer be open-source and we'll encrypt the files.

#452 5 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Why is this not a problem for Stern? There's tons of posts here and videos of songs being swapped out on their games and they don't give a crap.

It's our first licensed game, I'm just being overly cautious.

#495 5 years ago

No boutique or even Jack is anywhere close to Stern as far as production. Some cash up front gets the ball rolling.

However Spooky still develops the game out of pocket, license and artist fees paid for by games going out the door.

#516 5 years ago

Spooky knows how fast they can make games. Licenses are set to a certain amount of time. 300 games is how many they can safely say they can make in that amount of time.

Spooky isn't making promises they're not sure they can keep. One can't complain about other boutiques screwing the pooch, then wonder why Spooky is bring conservative with estimates.

#728 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Did Ben write the script? Is it 15 pages of ball jokes?

We had 30 pages of ball jokes, thank you very much!


#740 5 years ago

Hopefully Expo.

1 month later
#894 5 years ago

I interviewed David over the phone, we met several times in the spring, then in May I handed off to him the New Pinheck System Framework. So while he'd doing the rules and troubleshooting, the underlying framework is "all Heck" and derived from AMH (just cleaned up massively) It's all libraries now, which gets us one step closer to making pinHeck available as a 3rd party platform.

Whysnow's right the only complete game I made before AMH was Bill Paxton and its rules were SUPER simple. But I learned a lot, learned a ton more on AMH and feel if I ever did another game the rules would be even better. Plus David - like myself on AMH - has something to prove and that nets you the best work.

Going down to Benton this weekend for a status update and to give David all the new tools I've added for audio-video, such as layer transparency, audio looping, precise video controls and more!

#959 5 years ago


The display we're using for RZSI:


2 weeks later
#981 5 years ago

So... what's the over and under on when Pinball Life Open House overtakes Expo?

I'm gonna bet 3 years.

#983 5 years ago

Haha, Dan probably said the same thing about MGC when it moved from a VFW basement to a high school gym.

1 month later
#1093 5 years ago

Not shipped to Rob per se, rather he's in Chicago for an event so Chuck took it down to show him the progress.

#1138 5 years ago

Haha wait til you see the side of the cabinet! It's GLORIOUS!

#1187 5 years ago
Quoted from DefaultGen:

It's still under development...


Looks good! Ship it.

We can fix the art with a code update.

1 week later
#1277 5 years ago

Overfunding causes a lot of crowdsourced projects to fail.

A business model that may have worked on a 50k project to sell qnty 100 $500 3D printers completely goes out the window when you get funded for $1,000,000 and now have to build 2000 of them.

Chuck can't jump from 2000 sq ft to Stern - he has to have manageable growth. Biting off more than he can chew is a good way to end up in the weeds

Plus RZ isn't a hard limit of 300 like AMH was. If things go well, he could always extend the contract.

#1279 5 years ago

Chuck is going to roll with it at 300 because that's a safe number. We don't want people to feel left out, but also can't over promise and do something even worse which is fail to get the games done.

Small runs - it's still boutique after all.

#1285 5 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

This seems to contradict this previous post from Charlie (any clarification?):

AMH was a hard stop at 150. RZ is set to 300 within 3 years.

One was a promise to spur sales, second was a safe estimate of capacity knowing full well they'd all sell.

If building more RZ becomes an option Chuck will explore it. Until such time he's not going to promise more games than he can build within the time he has.

Whereas with AMH it will never be made again, period.

#1290 5 years ago

Wait for the reveal. When it's time for cash on the glass, that's the real list.

#1301 5 years ago

Over-promising is what causes crowdfunded projects to fail.

Let's say you want to build 30 $500 3D printers and do a 15k Kickstarter for the funds. And then you make 1 million! (and yes, this happens a lot)

Now you owe people 2000 printers. Instead of doing it in your garage on weekends with friends and family, you'll have to rent space, hire people, start an LLC, the whole she-bang.

The business model has completely changed but your price-per-unit didn't. Sure you get better economies of scale for components but labor (the real killer) is going to be far higher.

This is the point where poorly-run Kickstarters go 1-2 years over schedule and run out of money (since they're having to use money to build the business not the product)

Chuck is choosing not to have that problem (because he has plenty more just building games!) He may piss off people who don't get on the list, but more importantly he's making sure people who do get to put down money will get their game in a timely manner.

You can't compliment Spooky for succeeding thus far, and them beg them to make all the mistakes their competition has.

#1325 5 years ago

Chuck mic drop!

Now we can move on with our lives!

#1333 5 years ago

Come on. Everybody knows game #3 is Road House.

1 month later
#1462 5 years ago

165 pixels sneak preview!

#1487 5 years ago

Unlike AMH, we went into this one planning a selectable Adult Mode. There are "clean and dirty" versions of almost every line. This applies to many animations as well.

#1505 5 years ago

It's called "Red Hot Kitty Lovers" in family mode, both the speech and Dots change.

Again, we went in from the start planning a family mode, because in adult it will be the most profane, bloody pin by a country mile.

#1511 5 years ago

Well, no exposed nipples, at least.

"Hair bras" and blood will still be a no go for some homes, I'm sure.

My favorite is the side cabinet art, it's sooooo bad ass.

1 week later
#1550 5 years ago

I'm curious to see how people react to one feature of the game which somehow hasn't slipped out, considering how many know about it.

#1602 5 years ago

16" LED backlit LCD panel simulating 128x32 "pixels" at 256 colors. Uses a custom PCB and FPGA, connects to pinHeck system via standard DMD cable.

Animations now run at 30 FPS (instead of 15 FPS on AMH, now it has a smooth look like BOP 2.0) or the system can run (2) different video streams as transparency layers at 15 FPS (great for video modes)

There will not be an AMH conversion kit.

More info soon! Yes the livestream is in January, but the reveal is a lot sooner than that, I hear!

#1619 5 years ago

The entire A/V system of pinHeck runs on a 80MHz microcontroller with just 32K of RAM.

AMH was a 128x32 display with 16 shades. That means 4 bits per pixel, meaning 1 byte can hold 2 pixels. Total screen RAM is 2K.

BUT it needs double buffering, so a second 2K bank copies the first and that's actually what gets sent to the DMD. This way you don't "see" the display being drawn.

Rob Zombie in color:

256 colors requires 1 byte per pixel, "only" twice as much. So we have the 4K to build a frame (2K + 2K from before) but now lack a second 4k for the buffer.

The trick was to build the frame on the MCU RAM, then clock out the RAM using the DMD cable to the FPGA. The FPGA itself has 2 buffers, one is the frame being loaded in from MCU, the other is what's currently being drawn on the screen.

Once the MCU has clocked out all the data (4096 bytes) it pulses a line to set a flag on the FPGA. When the FPGA is done drawing a frame to the LCD, if it sees that flag, it swaps banks for the next draw, and we see the new frame.

Since this data transfers only requires 3 lines, we have 4 spare on the DMD cable to use (the other 7 are all ground) These can set parameters and load banks. Therefore, dot shape and brightness can be controlled via the in-game menu, rather than buttons on back on FPGA.

It may be possible to stretch pinHeck even further, either as more vertical dots to use up the screen, or double resolution like MMR. This would require scan-line double buffering and other tricks I'm not going to bother with for the time being. I'm not sure how far we can push it before it run into bottlenecks either with the MCU or the SD card (RZSI runs up to 7 streams at once already)

This display should be fine for RZSI, Domino's, the other game Chuck is working on, and maybe a few after that.

#1756 5 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

I hope this game is nasty, vulgar, bloody, offensive and rockin'.

It is.

#1792 5 years ago

how mani pinballz does teh game come with?

#1896 5 years ago

No sound effects yet but here is the video mode I animated and programmed personally:

"Run over stuff with the Dragula for points!"

#1946 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Can someone photoshop the game's title onto the side of the cabinet? Curious as to why they left it off...

Oh that came up in discussions. At the end, was decided art was so bad ass we didn't want to put anything over it.

#2008 5 years ago

The insert light graphics and the "directional trails" around them were done by me.

Alex is very old school (oil painting then scanned) and this is his first pin, so we handled the more precise elements of the PF features for him.

#2022 5 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

To me that's one of the most remarkable things about the artwork - he's a present day master of an art media that is very hard to work with compared to today's digital age of tools and the undo button.

Haha yes Chuck actually sent him full size patterns of the PF to draw on. Very old school! If we're fortunate enough to work with Alex again, the procedure can be fine tuned further.

#2469 5 years ago

Toyotaboy brings up a good example:

Pins usually have a different art style on the PF than the rest of the art package. It's super evident on early 90's Data East, most of the 90's B/W, but became less obvious once we got into the modern "Photoshop Collage of Stock Images" age. By "PF art" I mean posterized, simple colors, outlines on most everything, no shading.

If you look at the "gold standard" Metallica the entire game is done "PF" style. Zombie Yeti's art style is also "PF art" making his games look cohesive. Even AMH... some say "it was bad, but better than RZ" well again, that's because it was in a more traditional PF style - simple colors and outlines.

Alex Horley does not paint in that way. So while the BG and cab may be what "everyone wants" applying that style to the PF isn't as universally loved. Because subconsciously we're used to a different look.

That said, I agree it could use more detail. As-is it doesn't match the density of the rest of the art on the same machine! I can't speak to that decision, only Chuck can.

I can however speak to my flow art and inserts. I wanted the inserts to "pop off" the background, almost like a 3D effect. Most inserts are just white text, black online, straight font. I wanted energy, and a unique look for each mode light (staying within the "3 font rule" of course) They have a bold, lurid, comic-book feel I knew Rob would like. We could desaturate them to fit the background better, but they would look worse when actually lit (washed out)

Shot trails - well, they're hand-drawn at least! (Wacom) Alex had trouble visualizing them (first pinball!) so we considered them part of the "insert layer" and added them ourselves (with Alex's approval) Unlike the inserts, I believe we could tweak their saturation to blend into the background better.

#2875 5 years ago

The GI is already miles beyond AMH.

Spotlights would help even more! (and I wish AMH had some

#2883 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'll loan you some money to buy spotlights.

At what interest rate?

#2935 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

good idea but I would suggest a coded mutiplier.
7 balls in play = 1.7 switches per hit
6 = 1.6
5 = 1.5
Still keep the 2x and 3x pf switch possibility.
This would definately incentivize a very fun and frantic player stragety that changes based on how many balls in play.
7 balls in play and I am just trying to keep it alive while also smash a 2x pf at some point. As balls drain then more effort gets put on grabbing the 2x and 3x pf.
The exact numbers of 1.? per ball in paly would need to be tweak over trail and error but a VERY cool concept.

This is a really good idea it will scale the MB to be more about time spent than actual switch hits. Then once 1k is achieved the number of active balls can act as a multiplier on the jackpot to reward you for keeping them active.

I'd still think 2-5 corpses per switch + inverse ball multipler is a good start - 1000 is a LOT of hits. Really it comes down to testing / gameplay especially since the game shoots faster now with clearcoat than the whitwood.

#3245 5 years ago

Parker and I are trying to figure out how to squeeze a double-height color dot display on our ancient hardware for Bible Adventures.

#3249 5 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

You're going to need the extra height to show the scale for the "David vs. Goliath slingshot attack" video mode

Well, there's also this thing called "panning the camera"

If you miss Goliath he "steps" 3 shots in either direction, the shaker rumbling on each!

#3264 5 years ago

Wow, Bible Adventures is selling faster than AMH already.

#3283 5 years ago

Old Testament only. It's not a redemption game.

#3356 5 years ago

The new pinHeck board has a Shaker port in addition to the unused Knocker port that was on AMH.

#3370 5 years ago

This board has plugs for a shaker and knocker.

We can put them in code ahead of time, yes, good plan!

#3387 5 years ago

Edge connector = faster testing = games ship more consistently.

I also had Parker add the real time clock as the Adult Mode Active during X hours idea somebody had on here was killer! Which also of course could allow Midnight Madness.

#3417 5 years ago

On AMH high scores were saved on an EEPROM.

RZ they will also be saved on an EEPROM though now we have 2 of them.

RTC you can set the time then the game will do certain things depending on it. It stores its state via a coin-cell Lithium battery (like a PC)

#3526 5 years ago

We're adding an RTC so you can set Adult Mode to auto-enable during certain times of the day.

#3543 5 years ago

15.9" 1920x1080 LCD with 40 pin dual-channel link, pretty much the same as a ColorDMD.


#3622 5 years ago

2 secret keys of success to learn from Spooky:

1) Design game on your own time & dime.
2) Compute BOM before announcing price.

#3775 5 years ago

I've been working with Roy Eltham to improve the A/V kernel, to achieve more speed for the double-high version.

Audio is always given priority to the SD card, the display has to request sectors from it. So enough audio running (like all 4 channels) and the display frame rate can take a hit. Never happened on AMH, probably wouldn't on RZ, but with 128x64 it did.

We did a ton of optimizations and now we have a double-high display running at 71 FPS. We can apply these same tricks to RZ and ensure its frame rate is rock solid!

1 week later
#3906 5 years ago

An idea I had was when the ball is VUKed into UP for a mode you could try and clear the chicken and gas targets to add a bonus, jackpot increase or multiple for whatever mode you started.

Ramp: could advance the dragula jackpot so even if you spam it, you have to be in the correct mode to actually collect on it.

Or ramp,if hit X times, starts dragula mode. It's the most obvious shot and his most popular song, seems appropriate.

#3917 5 years ago

All games should have what I would call a "dumb dumb" shot. Something a noob can spam and it will accomplish... something.

The ramp being one way to get to Dragula would be a good choice.

#3962 5 years ago

RE code updates, they will be much easier on this than AMH.

Basically make the SD card, then stick it in the game and wait about 4 minutes.

#4079 5 years ago

Get a 128 byte RAM RFID card to store your name,etc and slap it on the glass when its your turn. Put the reader under the plastic apron, and the plastic becomes useful!

#4167 5 years ago

I still test at home on my ancient, through-hole Rev 1 board

4 weeks later
#4286 5 years ago

Bryan, were you given knee pads when you helped build the pyramids?

1 week later
#4328 5 years ago

pinHeck board has 2 channels of RGB drivers on it. In AMH these were the left and right sides of the cabinet (though the separation isn't really noticeable)

The color changing backglass was a last minute hack, Chuck just tied it into one of the lines. Neat effect, but it forces it to follow one side of the cab lighting. (I wanted controlled spots, though Kingpin's mod will sort of bring that back)

On RZ the effect is a lot better. One channel is backglass, the other is cab. Thus the backglass isn't forced to match the cab's color. Backglass can stay white most of the time (looks best) and just flash colors for effect.

1 week later
#4404 5 years ago

It's an audio overmodulation issue, caused when too many sounds are layered

On AMH if you turn Music and SFX both down to 25-50, then turn up your amp, it should improve.

Rob Zombie, yes there was a condition in which a CHOP awarding a ball save would act as a ball drain instead of a save. We've let the programmer know.

#4411 5 years ago

David found the fix for audio clipping while working on Rob Zombie. I will apply it to the next AMH update as well.

I honestly don't understand the amp either. I'm sure Chuck does maybe he can do a write up.

2 weeks later
#4519 5 years ago

The prototype chicken was attached with velcro, the production chicken is on a spring (like Spaulding's head)

The "chicken LE" or whatever they're calling it has a warm, glowing light underneath!

3 weeks later
#4698 5 years ago
2 weeks later
#4833 5 years ago

Making the SD card works the same way it did with AMH. Make sure it's a fresh format, FAT32, 32 kilobyte allocation size. This can be done with Windows or Mac.

Download the latest ZIP file, and extract the folders to your computer first, THEN copy them to the freshly formatted SD card and stick it in the machine. Hold the PROG button during startup, or use the menu to select Update on Next Boot. It takes about 3-4 minutes.

OK so WHY this specific update routine with the SD card?

Remember "Disk Defragmenter?" So what happens is, files aren't always contiguous on a disk especially if you overwrite or add files. One half of a file might be here, and the other half is somewhere else.

In a file allocation table, the "path" to complete a file is called a cluster chain. It points to the start of a file, how much of it is there, and at the end is a vector leading to the next cluster. You must "follow" this to get the entire file. Defragmenting reconnects file parts and makes them all contiguous. This is less of an issue with modern systems as you're not actually moving a read head across space to find the next part of a file.

Problem is, pinHeck doesn't use a "proper" file system and thus can't follow cluster chains. On boot, it scans the DMD and SFX folders, each of which contain up to 26 folders (A-Z) which contain around 50-60 files each. The directory sector for each folder is stored in RAM, so when a file is called, the system never has to "deep dive" through folders to find it. A "DAA.wav" file is stored in SFX/_D folder, so based off the first character, we know exactly where to start looking. We also never store more than 64 files in a folder, meaning the most files we ever have to search through looking for a match is 64 (and we only have to compare 2 characters as the first character is the folder pointer) Worst-case file seek time is 5ms which is 6 times faster than a single frame of video

The disadvantage is that we need a predictable "flat" file structure, which is why you must format an SD card before putting files on (but fast format is OK!) When you copy files to a blank card, everything is laid out nice and neat in contiguous order.

David and I discussed making a "pack" file - which would be a single file with out own directory structure inside (PC games do this) but that would be down the road.

It's also possible that we've optimized enough other stuff that we could "afford" to follow cluster chains again. But for now, this is still a massive improvement over how AMH was updated.

1 week later
#5011 4 years ago

Ben Heck Show on the road in Berlin!

Anybody know if there's any pinball in this town?


#5023 4 years ago

"We must save the Brandenburger Tor!"


#5032 4 years ago

Felix confronts Hilton's German doppelganger.

"Why doesn't your game take Euros? "


1 month later
#5432 4 years ago

Maybe people could give David sub wizard mode ideas at the open house?

2 weeks later
#5580 4 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

UGH, I screwed up in putting in the new code I guess and now the DMD just says "RAM0"
Any ideas?

Format the SD card BEFORE copying the new data to it.

#5586 4 years ago

For speed (and cost) sake our system assumes a "flat" file system. We copy files to the SD card via FAT32, but pinHeck accesses it mostly like sector-based memory.

When you delete files you're not actually deleting them, just removing the pointers. (this is why "erased file recovery" programs are possible) But they're still on the disk, which means new data writes around them (fragmentation)

Formatting (even just "quick") actually removes files. When you copy the files onto a fresh SD card, they're all "put in a straight line" by default.

The intern who's hear on Thursdays has a Mac, I'll do a test SD format before he leaves.

#5587 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

For speed (and cost) sake our system assumes a "flat" file system. We copy files to the SD card via FAT32, but pinHeck accesses it mostly like sector-based memory.
When you delete files you're not actually deleting them, just removing the pointers. (this is why "erased file recovery" programs are possible) But they're still on the disk, which means new data writes around them (fragmentation)
Formatting (even just "quick") actually removes files. When you copy the files onto a fresh SD card, they're all "put in a straight line" by default.
The intern who's hear on Thursdays has a Mac, I'll do a test SD format before he leaves.

#5602 4 years ago

A checksum could help, but it would be more about detecting if the file structure if contiguous or not.

(2) things get changed during an update. The Propeller code on the DIP8 EEPROM, and the main PIC32 processor on its internal FLASH.

Propeller (A/V) code would be easy. It's always 32k. We could append 512 bytes (one sector) to the end of the update file that would contain numbers 0-255 repeating twice. During the update (which is performed by the Propeller chip as it boots first) we could find the start of the PROP.BIN file, advance the pointer 64 sectors (512 bytes per sector x 64 = 32k) and then check if we find 0-255 0-255 there.

If we don't, then we know that file is not contiguous. We print an ERROR telling users to double check the creation of their SD card.

PIC32 code (the actual game code) is a bit trickier. Its length can change as options are added to the game. We could add a dummy sector to the front of the code that indicates how many sectors long the update is (max 1024 as the PIC32 holds 512K) and then at the end of the update file (past the remainder of course) we put a pattern of 0-255 0-255.

Only if BOTH files pass the "end of file is where we think it should be test" would the system update.

Certainly something we should add, in the meantime, READ AND FOLLOW THE SD CARD INSTRUCTIONS!

#5605 4 years ago

OK let's say you have a file that's 1k long. And on the disk there's 1k of space after it, then another file starts.

If you append 2k onto the first file 1k will fit, but then you'd run into the next file. FAT32 jumps to a new location and continues the file there. This files pieces are called a cluster chain. This jumping around can slow down file seek, defragmenting a drive puts files back into contiguous lines.

pinheck doesn't follow cluster chains. It assumes all files are contiguous from their starting point. Which they should be, as long as the files are copied to a formatted card.

Please note, when you download a ZIP of the SD image, extract it to a folder on your computer first, THEN copy the files to the root of the SD. Do not copy the ZIP to the SD.

#5614 4 years ago

I tested creating a card with a Mac the other day. Seemed to work, but then again I didn't do the actual update process.

I can try that out as well.

#5662 4 years ago

Dynamic trio.


1 week later
#5783 4 years ago

I have that same kind of Ford Focus. It can fit things even larger cars can't thanks to the the very square tailgate opening.

1 month later
#6096 4 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

By the way, first time I've watched the game being played and really payed close attention to the DMD. Some really wild animations going on there. This is going to sound odd, but I think I saw some testicles being chopped off in the animation

Well of course that's the Adult Mode ball save animation.

#6115 4 years ago

The issue here is people want a better font for the small numerals?

David I can help with that...

4 weeks later
#6353 4 years ago

Dave when you play AMH I'm sure you'll agree that it's one of the top two best ghost-hunting games available.

4 months later
#7572 4 years ago

Working on some things at Spooky. Including a list of notes for Rob Zombie code!

Hope David and I can have a code/rules jam session later this spring. "Choose how you wanna die!"

IMG_20170310_162939 (resized).jpg

#7595 4 years ago


if (player holding button AND end of stroke switch closed) { //Is player is cradling the ball?
don't do ball search;

2 months later
#8331 3 years ago

It's time to work on RZ code and listen to Meatloaf!

#8353 3 years ago

Rob Zombie Dream Team Go!

IMG_20170527_181512 (resized).jpg

#8388 3 years ago

Spare no detail!

14961855116942086033409 (resized).jpg

#8390 3 years ago

Yes we are creating new splash screens to show jackpot values and also the value of major shots in every mode.

Plus more boobs in adult mode

#8396 3 years ago

Updating a lot of stuff, and we ain't lyin', man!

14962405097711047516424 (resized).jpg

#8404 3 years ago

Yes improvements to the animations are part of this as well.

Been working on this for seven days straight now feel like my brain is going to slide out of my head...

#8413 3 years ago

And now for a programming break.. FIRE THE CANNON!

149636641597358102887 (resized).jpg

#8419 3 years ago

You can never have enough skeletons!

1496418205030938794482 (resized).jpg

#8425 3 years ago

I traced the skeleton and made his parts for "width 128" so they'll work in close-ups and scale decently to put several on screen. It's for the wizard mode.

Spent 9 days straight working with the Davids on v20. I think people will be quite happy with what we've accomplished!

See you at Southern Fried!

#8459 3 years ago

New code is on the games here in Atlanta! Get a taste of v20!

Also there's an AMH, Jetsons and TNA.

3 weeks later
#8608 3 years ago

The update process will improve with AC, but for now hang in there with us for RZ! Some tips:

Format SD card with Fat32, 32k/cluster. (if you only get the fat option such as with Mac that's fine)

Create a temp folder on your computer and copy the content of the zip file to it.

Then copy the contents of this folder (not the folder itself) to the SD card.

Thus SD card should contain the DMD and SFX folders along with a PRG and BIN file.

Do NOT copy the contents of the downloaded Zip file directly to the SD card.

8 months later
#9819 3 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

I really hope that they allow a fresh set of eyes to take a look at the game and add some more to it seeing how it technically isn't finished yet and atleast 1 more update will be needed to finalize things

This already happened last May when David van Es and I spent a week at Spooky helping beef up the modes.

Spooky needs more programmers but who is going to move to Benton when they can drive up the road to Epic and start at 75k right out of college?

#9822 3 years ago

Also need to keep in mind at one point David F was programming THREE games at once. (RZ Dom and Jetsons)

I'd suggest the owners compile a list of bugs and fixes and perhaps David can visit them after they get Alice Cooper rolling out the door.

But realistically they're gonna be full-tilt on Alice probably until the fall.

3 months later
#9993 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

A cautionary tale to others ... not having a dig at you ... but everyone keeps taxing the power supplies of pins with all these mods. Not the way to go.

Yup those PSU's have maybe 30% overhead at best. Eventually you'll cause things to brown out.

#9995 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

And nobody likes a “brown out”.
And the old power supply boards are even worse.
They’re not designed to run anything else. And after 20-30 years of work, they can hardly run the CPU board ...

"But it's plugged into the wall! The power available is infinite!"

#9999 2 years ago

"Low-power" LED's are like low-fat cookies.

Individually they might not be much, but eat enough and you'll still get fat.

4 months later
#10192 2 years ago

When it comes to hiring creative talent (like more programmers) Spooky has a location problem.

Nobody wants to move to Benton. It's 3 bars and a gas station. If you're a single dude enjoy the sausage fest. If you're married your wife will be bored out of her mind and have very limited employment options.

We've suggested numerous times setting up a "creative shop" in either of the desirable cities myself and Van Es live in so we could supervise but that fell upon deaf ears.

1 week later
#10208 2 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Lol!!! They do! But they stop beer sales at like 10 or 10:30 on certain nights... the bars don't have that restriction.

Granted one of the bars has some of the best pizza you'll ever eat....

9 months later
#10465 1 year ago

It's written in C++ and programmed to the board using a fork of Arduino that works with Microchip brand microcontrollers.

There is no operating system per se. There's a main housekeeping loop and within its tasks a "your game" function is called that executes that specific game's logic. The board functions are accessed with calls to the "pinHeck" library.

The video processor is pretty funky but communications with it are all handled with library functions so programmer doesn't need to worry about it.

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