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Rob Zombie's Spook Show International

By Russell

5 years ago

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Post #6177 Spooky mentions game #3! Posted by SpookyCharlie (4 years ago)

Post #6605 Gameplay and rules video from Spooky Pinball Posted by Jetzxi (3 years ago)

Post #7268 V019 changelog Posted by FawzmaGames (3 years ago)

Post #7366 Common trough issue caused by flipper switch description Posted by snakesnsparklers (3 years ago)

Post #9017 V21 Changelog Posted by GhostThruster (3 years ago)

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#33 5 years ago

its gonna be awesome WHITE ZOMBIE lol

#34 5 years ago

lets face the facts if your not a amh owner you wont get a le but im ok with that never been big into the LE ver of games

#125 5 years ago

this guys art is awesome check it out that pinball well be sweet looking

#211 5 years ago

I have faith in spooky to do this pin right. I think its a perfect theme game for them and i'm fan of robs movies so for me its going be awesome. I like his current music but still prefer white zombie tunes Anyway keep up the good work spooky and everyone should stop the negative stuff untill we see working game.

#233 5 years ago
Quoted from renodakota:

Thank you for getting Sid Haig involved.

yes and don't forget to get your tasty captain spaulding fried chicken

#321 5 years ago
Quoted from boustrophedonic:

I wonder if this launch was given any thought at all. I bought my AMH from Joe, so when I saw the announcement, I emailed Joe to secure my LE. He emailed back & said the I got a machine. Today I got an email from Joe asking if I was interesting in buying a RZ pin. I replied that I already received an email from him that said I was in on the LE. To which he responded that Spooky allocated them zero LE's so I was tough out of luck. So I'm out, there's no way I'm shelling out $6K get to get shoved to the back of the line after I thought I was getting an LE for two days.
I don't even know where to start with Joe. But Charlie, please, next time pick up the phone before announcing a product so that your (only) distributor knows what the heck your game plan is & doesn't result in screwed customers. If Joe had simply said, "no, you need to contact Spooky for an LE", then I would have been easily in time to get on the list. But now I'm unhappy & you lost a sale.

I must say Joe is a good guy and goes out of his way for his customers. I'm sure both spooky and joe are going crazy with all the emails.

#354 5 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

You really think every single AMH customer would be a repeat customer? We had a lot of people upset AMH didn't have a "family mode"... and it is very mild in the adult humor department with cute kooky ghosts as the villains. I had one guy cancel his AMH order because of this, and he told me to take him off our sales list because we "obviously don't care about people with children". Offering half the games as LE's isn't limited... it's half the run.
Look, we underestimated the demand... sorry. Our intent was not to create drama, it was to offer something special to those who supported us when we really needed it.
We had taken AMH to shows, waited until it was close to production ready... had over 100 people on the "I want it" list. When we sent that initial email out for sales, in the first 2 weeks we sold 1 game... Think about that... 1 GAME. After we poured our entire life savings and 2 years of insane amounts of work into this, with no plan B if Spooky failed. Know who bought that game? Joe Newhart. Then he took it to shows, and started to help sell them to help us. Not a "show game"... HIS OWN PERSONAL GAME.
We could be avoiding this by having no distributors and no LE's. We talked about just selling direct on this because we have sooo many distributors asking us all the time to give them games, and realistically at this level you can't afford to give up that much. At the end of the day, we couldn't do that to a guy like Joe. He busts his ass, he donates tons to charity, he puts games in children's hospitals... he cares... a LOT about pinball in general.
I'm glad we did this the hard way. Just makes me appreciate even more where we're at now. Really, it's all going to be the same playing game... our intent was not to cause drama. Trust me, I freakin' hate drama like you can't imagine.
Let the first world problems go... please. Buy it because you like the game, the theme, the art... whatever it is you enjoy about this game. Don't buy it because it's "limited". The 250 regulars are going to look bad ass, play just as fast and crazy, and be missing NOTHING where it matters... IN THE GAME.
Whew! Now I feel better. Go play some damn pinball!

I think this thread needed that charlie well said now im go play some

#468 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:



#471 5 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

I'm not... that's for sure!
Again, when Rob requested Alex, I thought... "oh crap, there goes the license. We'll never be able to get that guy". We did, and I'm still shocked and amazed.
Please for the love of Jebus, forget the LE thing. We did 50, they went faster than we could ever have anticipated, end of story. Both games are going to be identical in every way... One will just have a different bad ass art package, while the other will have an equally as bad ass art package, but more of them.
We're not holding back on this... Some of you are going to have to lock it in "family mode" and leave it there. It's all about the horror, metal, art, and crazy world that Zombie has created. I freakin' love it!
It's just a dream to be working on this game at all.

Thx Charlie for all you do.

#520 5 years ago

I don't see why so many are all going on about only 300 made. Its simple if you think you want the game send a email to kt its that easy. Once you see the game then make it final or cancel it b4 you put down the $1000

#522 5 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I think buyers have to pony up $1000 once the art package is revealed, not once the pin is revealed. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Again, we're not asking for a dime up front. You want your name on the list? Do so now... they will be OFFERED (not sold) as received. This will ONLY happen after we've shown a completed package. Then it's $1,000 down to reserve your spot, and NOTHING until your game is done. You will at least see it before you buy it. I'm not "pre-order" money taking, or expecting anything sight unseen.

If you read his quote above he says $1000 down once you see the completed package (not just the art)

#530 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Good question. I guess it depends on where the final game is revealed. If it's at a show or party where you could play it that would be cool. Hopefully it's at Expo.
Also, my example was just a random movie off the top of my head, but you have to admit, this would make a great Spooky game!
Chainsaw Hookers!

you beat me at the reply lol but i 2nd what aurich said

#539 5 years ago

There only making 300 period what does it matter anyway you can still can get one now if you want one...

#550 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

And on a brighter note......The AMH dmd is a green xpin led dmd. Wonder if they're planing for a colour LCD for RZ?

indeed we need happy thoughts. i would think they make it red or white would work with that game.

#554 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

All this talk of 300 games is boring. It's a limited edition, it's not gonna change because you think you know better than Charlie, just let it go. Find something else to talk about. Like what the art might look like! What about Pinball Zombies *did* you like? Chuck wants a game with some wicked randomness if you miss a show, the ball is wild. If the rest of the layout works that's not a bad thing!
5d75bbe9ab8d6fffb8b012cc99903c54.jpg tumblr_moeclk4M871rg9i0ho3_1280.jpg

indeed awesmome art

#601 5 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We made a title announcement before it completely leaked anyway. We took a no obligation, no money down, interested parties sales list. Don't like it once you see it? It cost you an email and nothing else. If that upsets you, we're really sorry, we did our best. At least we aren't on page 400 discussing how to get your email back via attorney.
I personally wouldn't buy any game sight unseen, unless it was a dream title that I was completely enthralled with. I can think of maybe 3 things total... Rob Zombie is one of those for me.

Thx charlie and well said I'm rob fan and was white zombie fan too so this is going to be awesome. I got see rob live years ago he puts on a awesome show.

#615 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Make 300 games. Someone doesn't like it? Too f***ing bad. Don't want to email for a spot with no obligation? Deal with it. Don't like how the game plays? Don't buy it.

I been saying the same thing as above

It can't get any more easy to get on a list with no risk

#662 5 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Its tittily awesome.

i love that word tittily

#690 5 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

No, it's not. It's getting closer to 300 every day but we aren't there yet. When it comes time to show the game and take deposits, some are going to pass and spots will open. I guarantee it. The same thing happened in a big way on AMH. I expect the attrition to be less on this game, but it will still happen.
If you are interested in a game, email and put your name in. No risk, no money, no obligation, no drama. Deposit of $1,000 when we show the FULL GAME. Nothing more until the game is done and ready to go to you. Don't like the game? Then it cost you an email, and we'll thank you for the consideration and hope you like the next game we do.

i hope everyone reads your post this time

#695 5 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

This is my fear as well.

It be fine they have a family mode

#697 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Maybe the return of the modesty decal?

that be funny and awesome

#743 5 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Wow, I thought the reveal was right around the corner. I guess I can stop checking for updates several times a day.

I figured it would be awhile it takes time to get everything worked out. I rather them take there time and wow me with the final demo.

3 months later
#1107 4 years ago

Its bull crap

Quoted from rotordave:

It's on the Internet man, so it's gotta be solid.

2 weeks later
#1266 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

what I got out of that talk:
playfield art will be done in 2 weeks, with another week to populate a playfield before it's shown.
Playfield art by Alex is sketched, then watercolored, then oils, then dried, then scanned. Also rob zombie contributed to some of the art?
There are 700 people total on the waiting list
RZ will be easier to do code updates
There will be nudity in the dots, but there will be a family mode
The ball save is something new that hasn't been done before
The new manufacturing building will be 5,000 square feet

I got pretty same thing from the talk. It's going to be a awesome game

#1287 4 years ago

Its good for them to set it at 300 because they don't want to rush the builds or fail to meet what they promised.

#1317 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Well after getting the first good nights sleep I've had in 2 weeks and walking around like a zombie at Expo trying to keep myself together yesterday, it sure is fun to wake up to a bunch of people freaking out over something that isn't gonna happen.
There will be 300 Rob Zombie games. Period. Do I hate thinking we could have sold more and grown our little company a little further? Yep... a little. But my word is my word, the contract is for 300, and that's double the number of games we made / sold on the first game. Once we figure out how to build 300, we'll build bigger numbers if the demand exists on whatever game #3 is.
Until we show it, take the deposit, and ship the games... nothing is officially "sold out". We'll go down the customer list in order. Some of you will hate it, start a thread in here about why it sucks and how it could have been so much better, and not buy the game. Others will see it, like it, buy it, and be happy they did. Personally I'd rather see people who like the theme & game play buy it so I don't have to hear about how something I've killed myself to make and care a lot about, is the worst thing ever put together by man.
We don't do everything right... we never will. I'm not going to screw you out of your money. You buy a game from us, you'll get it... and I don't want to make you wait years to do so. We're making lots of improvements in build quality on this, and putting up a new shop to get production moving quicker. These are all huge risks for my family, and we're not going to pre-sell kickstart crowd fund a damn dime of it. We do it by building games and working hard or we don't do it at all.
I'm going over to the Greg Freres appreciation thread... that's MUCH more interesting to me.

Well said Charlie now im go play some pinball

4 weeks later
#1443 4 years ago

yep no reason to rush it. when its fully done we well see it

#1446 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Not even slightly the case. NOTHING gets priority over RZ getting done.
I appreciate everyone's patience... it's all down to the playfield art. I saw it yesterday again, and we're almost there. Once that's done, you'll see it... full game, production ready. Crazy concept I know.

Awesome I rather wait for kick ass pin than have it rushed. I'm guessing it be ready to show end of the month maybe a black Friday reveal

#1450 4 years ago

awesome so i might be right for black friday reveal But agan no need to rush it and i would think it just couple weeks max

#1472 4 years ago

Awesome I wonder if it be reveled b4 turkey day lol

#1477 4 years ago

its gonna be awesome i still think it be a black friday reveal

#1491 4 years ago

Its gonna be awesome can't wait but i don't want them to rush. Still hoping for black friday reveal

#1495 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I hope so, I've been waiting in line in the cold for days now

Haha Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and I'll sit on my ass order the online deals b4 I stand in line lol Anyway back to pinball and drinking

#1501 4 years ago

screw the turkey i want tasty captain spaulding fried chicken


#1514 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Well, no exposed nipples, at least.
"Hair bras" and blood will still be a no go for some homes, I'm sure.
My favorite is the side cabinet art, it's sooooo bad ass.

Your right some well skip because that content but i don't see many buying it for family friendly location.

Hope we get black friday reveal

#1526 4 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Why? Reserved spots are already held in the order they were received. It won't be a mad dash to see who gets them deposits the quickest to get earlier spots in the run.

David Fawcett (FawzmaGames) and this is his first pinball game. Can't really comment on the code yet as it hasn't been released, but I hope he does a good job I'm looking forward to it and don't have any hesitation due to the new programmer.

Ben is also is over seeing the programming too so i'm sure it well be good. They would of not picked david to program unless he was good

#1534 4 years ago

Hope on the spooky pod cast tmrw they say when it well be reveled

#1546 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

spooky 69 is out:
Playfield is populated and being played tested, to be revealed in next few days?

From what i took from the pod cast is that there going to get the details worked out in few days. But does not mean it be reveled untill they 1st gotta get the ok from rob on the final packaged 2nd take pics/vids ect. So it could reveled in few days to couple of weeks.

I hope its this week

#1549 4 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

FYI: Dead Flip's Jack Danger sent his supporters an e-mail update yesterday stating that the RZ pinball stream will be happening "very soon". So, I expect that we should see something within the next week.

That is awesome and I great way to show off the pinball

#1569 4 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

Rob Zombie pinball stream reveal has been moved to 1st or 2nd week of January. Jack Danger announced this today on his Dead Flip stream.

So i guess this means we wont see it till next year ? Maybe rob wanted them to change some stuff 1st.

#1574 4 years ago

Awesome just seen the facebook post too

#1576 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

That's awesome! Maybe that's the new thing they're delaying it for, I think I remember as of Expo it was still planned to be mono-color DMD.
I wonder if there will be a purchasable add-on for AMH to have the Color DMD added.

I asked that same question they said not at this time. So hopefully there add it later

#1607 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

16" LED backlit LCD panel simulating 128x32 "pixels" at 256 colors. Uses a custom PCB and FPGA, connects to pinHeck system via standard DMD cable.
Animations now run at 30 FPS (instead of 15 FPS on AMH, now it has a smooth look like BOP 2.0) or the system can run (2) different video streams as transparency layers at 15 FPS (great for video modes)
There will not be an AMH conversion kit.
More info soon! Yes the livestream is in January, but the reveal is a lot sooner than that, I hear!


I think that's a good way to go for a DMD and much cheaper than a color DMD. Its like the DMD extender from Dr pinball.

Keep up the good work spooky

#1618 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Don't know if I agree? 300 isn't really that low and it's not like there won't be some resold eventually. it's not a shame in any way. it's a blessing that it will exist at all!

Indeed 300 is double from there last game and that's the amount there comfortable at. I think spooky well keep getting bigger as there doing good pins the right way.

#1637 4 years ago

its gonna be epic

#1654 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Anyone else like, "Man even just a corner of the apron makes me want one!!"


#1685 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Excited to see this Charlie and congrats on the new office (even if it does not have a roof yet )
Can you share more details around the expected timing of notice/reveal to commitment/deposit request in order to maintain a spot in line?
I would like to be able to plan accordingly for when my 1k RZ deposit will be needed.


#1720 4 years ago

I'm glad i'm off work tmrw ill have my popcorn ready

#1724 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

No, Spooky is doing Space Shuttle 2.0 next.

I want to see Bill Paxton Zombie Adventure

#1725 4 years ago

Ill sell you my spot for 100 billion dollars lol


#1729 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Pat Lawlor + JJP = broken internet

That be awesome if spooky breaks the interwebs GOOOO Spooky

#1795 4 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Can you clarify now(and likely save yourself and KT 500 e-mails and calls), will you all send out an e-mail to those of us with a pre-order and if so when, explaining the next steps to either secure our reservation or let it go. Basically do we need to contact you all or will you contact us and if so by when? Thanks, looking forward to the reveal!

I think there going give us all that info at the reveal

#1822 4 years ago

It's BAD ASS Way to go spooky

#1920 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:


I have to agree with that Its awesome

#1951 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

LE backglass

The LE backglass is awesome but i still like normal one better.

#1991 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Can we get a HELL YEAH for Matt at Back Alley Creations for the incredible playfield sculptures ???


#2076 4 years ago

Deposit sent

#2122 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

It's odd... we tried that area in a whole lot of configurations. Lane guides just kept feeding the flipper and it was way too damn easy. Posts here and there made it to hard to complete the lanes and open the Spaulding gate shot.
So out of frustration, I stripped it completely off... put 1 post like you see now with zero intent of leaving it that way. Played it for giggles, and suddenly, it was fun. Feed to the flipper is consistent if you hit solid shots, but you can also backhand those lanes which is good for you, AND can be bad. Nudging became important up there for the 1st time.
I beat myself up over it 100 times and left it knowing full well it was gonna get pointed out today. But, the more ya' play it, it just feels right.

Keep up the good work charlie it sounds like it well play real good. Cant wait to see it in action

#2173 4 years ago

I can't stop watching the video been trying to see all whats going on.

#2276 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You're totally right of course. And you know I respect you a ton, and I hate to be negative. I'm just having trouble shaking it because I really wanted to be in on this. It's such a great idea, and you guys did so much right.
I'm still thinking about it. I know you'll have no trouble selling my spot if I give it up.

Wait till the game play is showed. After what charlie said on pod cast about how it plays makes very happy I like how its going be different than other pins. The art might not be perfect all around but i still think dame good def best cabinet art i have seen on a pin

#2339 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

$20k by Christmas?

I doubt it......

#2420 4 years ago

This thread has gone crazy. I love it so far can't wait to see it in action and i love that it's different not same old layout. Good job charlie

This is simple don't buy it if you don't like it and

#2437 4 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Is there a point to all this belly aching? This is a small, boutique pinball maker doing things different. What are you expecting especially given what AMH looks like? I thought the home brew feel and exclusiveness was the big draw. If you don't love RZ don't buy it. Plain and simple.

#2714 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Reading some of this... is making me dizzy, so I'm just going to stop. ART: Rob said what he wanted, where he wanted it, and Alex did a beautiful job. This was Alex's first ever pinball machine, and I think that makes what he did even more impressive! It's all done & approved, end of story.

Well said charlie keep up the good work can't wait to see the game play.

#2720 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

You all are getting a tad bit crazy in this thread lol


#2776 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Here you be fine pinball people... more fuel for discussion. I kept the vast majority of "adult" stuff out of this one, but there is one video clip you may or may not have heard about I'm sure will stir things up. It's bound to be considered the best or worst in the history of pinball!
Really... it's gross, and if you are offended (or cringe a lot), I don't blame you.
Doesn't show a ton of the gameplay, but a few of the cool features / modes. We'll leave the professional set up & video to Jack Danger on Dead Flip, Jan. 15th live from the new Spooky Pinball LLC world HQ!
» YouTube video

Love it looks awesome Can't wait to see more keep up the good work

#2978 4 years ago

Anyone know if we get like build number to know were we are in the query ?

#2990 4 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Can't wait to play this at MGC Hopefully Spooky will bring one and at least 1 or more others will show up!

I hope there is one at allentown next year

#3104 4 years ago

Did anyone see that louewired reports that Spooky Pinball is even working on a website that will show you where you are on the build list so you stay up to speed at all times ?

#3109 4 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

Game numbers are in! woohoo

indeed found out mine today too

#3235 4 years ago

Zomg this thread is quite now lol

#3289 4 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:


#3317 4 years ago

can we please stay on the topic

#3320 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballlife:

On topic...... only 10 left and they will be gone in a matter of days. It would be sooner but Spooky just wants to be sure people get asked in the correct order.

indeed Thx for all you do for pinball I so far love the perfect play flipper rubber there awesome

#3333 4 years ago

Got this for Christmas


#3335 4 years ago

Since thread is super silent i wanted to give it a bump

#3365 4 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

Going over the board with Ben at the moment before I route the new test connector (edge connector labeled J12). The PHAM (PinHeck Add-on Module) area is 3" x 2.2" and has connection to the PIC32 (main MCU) I2C lines and 3.3V, 5V, and 12V. Gonna add another RGB connector and pinout the last of the left over I/O.


That pic is my new wallpaper

#3419 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

On AMH high scores were saved on an EEPROM.
RZ they will also be saved on an EEPROM though now we have 2 of them.
RTC you can set the time then the game will do certain things depending on it. It stores its state via a coin-cell Lithium battery (like a PC)

That's kool Ben your awesome

#3431 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

With the new EEPROM additional highscore tables are certainly possible. I may not have it in on release, but it is on my todo.
I changed the way multiball kicks happen so stacking those is possible now. The problem is that in most modes there is a danger of having multiple balls out. I will evaluate which can be stacked and go from there. Main modes will never stack though. Same for corpse and LDG; those submodes will never stack with each other.

Awesome dude keep up the good work this game well be awesome

#3513 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Both translites are kickass.

Yeah both are but i like normal one better.

#3591 4 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

so i am in on this and now i know a lot of you guys have played it. not sure what number i am or anything like that since i bought from joe at pinballstar and he said he would look into it. here is my question - is this thing going to feel, offer up, look, and sound like a classic bally/williams or a modern stern? no need to look at what i have because it is the typical addams, mb, mm, acdc, met, both star treks, .... I only played a little of amh at allentown so i couldn't really get an accurate feel for a spooky game. any input would be much appreciated. thanks, ant

I'm also getting mine from Joe at Pinball Star and I'm also still waiting on my official number.

I have played amh and love the game currently in process of getting mine. Haven't played rz not sure what its like compared to stern/wpc act. But it well be awesome and hope its as challenging as amh.

#3596 4 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

awesome. i remember we played amh together. you were telling me about getting a tron from automated. this was a few years back. glad you are getting amh. enjoy!!

Hey dude I remember that it was my 1st pinball convention I think too.

#3635 4 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

The two companies that failed were run by people that lived in an alternate reality. The Spooky people are normal, honest people with theirs heads screwed on straight. Charlie recognizes his strengths and weaknesses and acts accordingly.

indeed spooky does it right and it well only get better from here Spooky Rules

#3692 4 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

Just got my number - 120. Yes! I like it. Lol.

Mine is #110 YaY

#3713 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Greetings Pinside.
Ya'll have been so nice and receptive to Mr. Fawzma... that as of today, he is now the FULL TIME PROGRAMMER AT SPOOKY PINBALL LLC!!! Like he gave notice to his day job, and took a career in pinball. Who does that?! Clearly he's crazy.
Can't even begin to describe what a HUGE step this is for our company (and hopefully David too).


congratulations go drink a beer (not a fosters)

#3714 4 years ago

From there Facebook Nice pop bumper for RZ


#3752 4 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

None of you guys are worried that this title is made by a new company with no experience making pinball machines either? Just trying to see how this machine is a day one purchase at $8K+. Seems risky. But that's just my opinion of course.

I guess the AMH i played was a ghost pinball..... Your also wrong about price and everything else but maybe you should go get a game from zidware

#3777 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

I've been working with Roy Eltham to improve the A/V kernel, to achieve more speed for the double-high version.
Audio is always given priority to the SD card, the display has to request sectors from it. So enough audio running (like all 4 channels) and the display frame rate can take a hit. Never happened on AMH, probably wouldn't on RZ, but with 128x64 it did.
We did a ton of optimizations and now we have a double-high display running at 71 FPS. We can apply these same tricks to RZ and ensure its frame rate is rock solid!

That well be kool

#3784 4 years ago

Now that looks sweet


#3792 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Any more shots?

That's the only new pic they posted on facebook. The red/black look real good in that game.

#3793 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Adding to this. There will be games for sale as games will be flipped for sure. How much over MSRP is still up in the air.

(Corrected) lol I'm sure some well sell for 7+ at some point just like AMH I don't see going too high right away.

#3795 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

Pretty sure he meant people who are in on it will be flipping them NIB over MSRP after they take delivery.

Oh yup your right thats what i get for drinking this early

#3798 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I meant how much over MSRP people will try and flip NIB for. It's gonna happen for sure

Yeah i fixed my post Yup def gonna go up in price that's for sure.

#3800 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

No worries, but now I'm always going to remember this day as the day you made me stick up for Kaneda. ☹

...... You did your good deed for the day

#3832 4 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Tune into tomorrow (Friday 15th) around 5PM CST to see Jack Danger hanging out with the Spooky Pinball crew to go over their newest creation.
Watch as we play LIVE, and learn how to play along with Jack as he asks what the hell to do on the game.

It's gonna be awesome

#4016 4 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:

Prototypes have been ordered. The two protos will be red PCBs. I am taking suggestions for colors for the production run we can do anything besides black and white. Those are really hard colors to repair in the future if something bad happens.

Do them in Red or Orange would be nice

#4025 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

Ok, been updating the game with suggestions I've seen on here the past few days.
I have the skillshot game info display working for when you hold both flippers.
What does everyone want to see? Ball# Player# Modes beaten?? Keep in mind there's only so many lines of text that can be shown. I can do multipages pages if need be.

Um ball and player but modes beaten would be nice too

1 week later
#4149 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballlife:

Give them a chance to grow at a pace that doesn't put them out of business. Don't worry, the 700 pin run will happen, just not on RZ.

I agree they need to grow at there owe pace. That's good business sense

1 week later
#4176 4 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Anybody have any ideas for mods using the PHABULOUS (PinHeck Addon Board / User Logic Optional Universal Slot) or a headphone jack?

Head phone jack would be awesome

#4187 4 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

He's gotta be drinking. Lol. Good for you kaneda if indeed you got one.

I'm drinking

#4198 4 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I thought you couldn't back out after deposit was paid?

I'm sure you can back out with no problems because they have a long waiting list.

2 weeks later
#4266 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Right way up for those on phones....


Thats so awesome and looks better too

3 weeks later
#4351 4 years ago

love the mods

#4487 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

As long as boards are in house, games WILL ship in April. We've got them piling up right now in the new Spooky world HQ.

So i'm number 110 i think so i should have mine by end of the year ? HAHA keep up good work charlie your games are def worth the wait

1 week later
#4502 4 years ago
Quoted from LonghornEngineer:
Moar Pinhecks. Our fab here is turning out Pinhecks for the RZ run.

Awesome love the led added to board

#4535 4 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

So are they going to announce this mod deal?? I am in for one and know nothing about it?

I think when your game is close to being built they ask you if you want any of the mods.

#4537 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Ok. But what is the deal?
Do we get a coupon for a bucket of chicken at KFC?
Can we get some detail of what is going on? I might order a couple of combo burritos (no onions), crispy tacos and nachos with extra jalapeños if its part of the deal too. I'm hungry.


#4540 4 years ago

Got to say i'm 110 so i got await ahead of me but i know spooky and it well be worth the wait. I wish could come to mgc but that did not happen this year Def doing allentown and replay fx hope a rz can be there to play. Anyway spooky keep up the good work you guys kick ass in every way

2 weeks later
#4651 4 years ago

Ill also be in for all the upgrades too just waiting for my email from Joe (pinball star)

#4657 4 years ago

From Spooky FB page it has begun


#4661 4 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

Its so nice to see a small pin company actually ship games
you got to love spooky

Spooky is doing it right and has best customer service for a pinball company

#4675 4 years ago

I hope have mine by end of the year game number 110

#4685 4 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

Loving this game!
Charlie and crew from Spooky KICK ASS...what a bad ass machine! LE# 2 baby!!!

Looks so bad ass Good to see game 2 in homes can't wait for mine.

#4688 4 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

I'm in for all the mods. Looking forward . . .

yeah i think worth 300 for all mods from factory. I'm sure there be other mods that can be added later too

#4691 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeHogue:

Any interest in trading a RZLE plus some cash for an excellent condition Big Bang Bar?
PM me.

zomg the offers have begun

1 week later
#4761 4 years ago

Got to play RZ at pinfest today. It was fun and it well kick your ass lol Also is house of 1000 pop up target was all ways up ? Is that normal as ball would get stuck behind it.

#4771 4 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Believe you and I played this together!
The ball was getting awkwardly stuck up behind the drop target.
I liked the movement of the ball in the game...felt, to me, very much like a smaller Black Hole. Audio was down so we couldn't really hear it...and DMD looked very dim as compared to TBL. The game has a very flat (dimensionally speaking) feeling.
Would enjoy getting some more time on this game...not sure it's ultimately one I would reach to own, but interesting nevertheless.

Hey Yeah def need more time on RZ and yeah TBL def played way better than last time i played it. I think RZ well be good once you understand it all.

#4773 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Happy my wife and got a few games on the Zombie. Gameplay wasn't our cup of tea though, but would've like to play it in a quieter environment. Anyone else think the display needs to be brighter? AMH seemed very dim too.

Yeah I would like see the display brighter but I think there going for a dark feel for the game.

#4791 4 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Where can a fella see these Spooky shirts? I would like to buy a couple.

Email KT there awesome shirts

1 week later
#4896 4 years ago
Quoted from hooch333:

The longer I read this thread the happier I get about my decision to get the original art package on my AMH! Spooky's first true LE art package....only 10 out of 150 made.

I got the original AMH backglass also and i'm going have it framed plus i also got pinball zombies translite signed

I think it's awesome that spooky is selling the le as a translite but i love regular rz back glass better.

#4900 4 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Is there any way to make sure all Rob Zombie and America's Most Haunted pins have someone knowledgeable with Spooky on hand at all future shows? I was more than disappointed with the poor maintenance, terrible setup and lack of volume on the games I tried to play at Allentown. If that was what I had to base my purchase on, I'm sorry, but it was that bad... The games look awesome and I enjoyed AMH when it was setup properly and I could hear it. But when I saw that and RZ at Allentown, it was like someone set them up and just left them go... Seemed like a kick in the nuts to those who worked so hard to make those games, for them to be so seemingly neglected during a major show. Not to take away from Spooky or single them out - this isn't a DP thread but Big Lebowski seemed to have a similar fate there as well.

I was only there friday but it was very busy and loud so unless you have head phones i don't think you could hear much. RZ played fine for me and i know that joe at pinball star was running around mad busy when i was there.

#4923 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I just hope that this negative bullshit this forum fosters doesn't start treating him like some Stern code debacle. Let Spooky execute their vision, and if it's not for you? Don't buy it.

Aurich well said

Anyway from what i played of it i think it's awesome and plays fast with old school feel. Just like amh your have to beable to play it for awhile b4 you understand it which you can't do at pinball shows.

#4985 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Swami sez, 7/31. But Kayte knows better than Swami.

So i'm #110 so i would think by oct/nov

#4988 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

11/16, but really it's too early to see an accurate trend.

yeah i figure by end of the year for sure but hope is sooner

#5010 4 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

No harm in asking folks to post their number when they get it.......Worst case is everyone should have them within 18 months but a couple have posted that they had to back out or swap for a later spot because they were not prepared for the final payment of their game. I am in the middle at 159 and before they even started shipping I guestimated mine could be as early as Oct or as late as Jan which is fine. But I asked Spooky how the timeline was looking.......the response I got was earliest could be end of summer.........No way am I taking that as gospel that it is going to happen that quick but if it does that means production will be ramping up.........
The "then what" is some folks need to come up with the cash LOL!!!! I assure you there are several still figuring that out.......but there are plenty in line ready to buy if someone cannot.

That would be awesome if there coming out faster but well see once they get close to 100 out the door then ill start to make funds are ready asap.

#5041 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

Thanks for the pics. A bass amp!

Yea, not as much wiring as I'm used to seeing, looks clean... and only one service rail. Stern should take note of this... costs of the playfield support are cut in half, and much better than the pegs.

I 2nd that the stern pegs suck

#5049 4 years ago
Quoted from roc-noc:

Please engage your brain before posting on the Internet.

I 2nd that and tons of electronics are made in china anyway. Yeah they could go out and put in a $$$ amp but if they did things like that get ready for hobbit pricing

#5115 4 years ago

i like the video mode

#5134 4 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Because we can't get hi-def images on our display... so Ben Heck made the video mode look like a retro NES game. David & David put the effects and Dragula (8-bit version) music together... personally, when I saw it (I had no idea how it was going to be) I freakin' loved the Dragula NES sound! Ben did an awesome job on that mode, because Ben is awesome like that.
Game #36 is done and in the box for those keeping score. 5 more games from #24 to #31 are on the dock waiting for today's truck. The rest of the 50 LE's are on stands in final testing.

WoW you guys are kicking ass at that rate ill have mine end of summer

1 week later
#5182 4 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

Most of the day for RZ... The ball and a half I was able to play was alright. Couldn't hear shit though. Is there a lot of weld splatter on the site forms of production run games?

Yeah it's hard to hear the music at shows but you really can't judge the game at a shows because you don't get anuff time on it.

#5204 4 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Had the opportunity to play mine this weekend finally....At first I was NOT impressed. I just couldn't get into the game. But it's quickly growing on me, and the more I learn about the rules, and the shots, it's a winner. With that said, I'm having a few issues with mine. Everything set factory except I had to turn the back VUK up to 10 just to get the ball up to the upper PF. Things I'm experiencing:
1) The ball trough seems to randomly 'click', or at least that's where the sound appears to be coming from. No balls are spitting out, but during play I can feel/hear a click in this area. All trough switches operate fine.
2) The back arch has caught my ball a half a dozen times. I have the levelers in the back all the way up, and the ones in the front all the way down for fast play.
3) Due to the above I've had to tilt the game to try and dislodge the ball. If you tilt the game and a ball is missing from the trough, the game locks up. I remember my AMH does this too and it was on the list for Ben to fix.
4) My opto on the upper P/F at Cpt Spaulding doesn't appear operative. Or semi operative. It's strange. In switch edge test mode, the switch shows as the 2nd most right column, 3rd switch from the bottom, but there is no text nor audio to indicate it's made. It will flash with finger or ball in the matrix indicator, but that's all. During game play it never registers, so currently, I've never seen Spaulding move. Servo works fine in test mode. I've sent word to Spooky about this issue but no response yet. I traced that opto pair back as the blue/red, black/red wire, and the blue/black, black/black wire and they are on the connector on the Opto 4 bank. Can anyone confirm that Opto 1 and 2 banks are unused....Seemed odd that these optos were connected to the 2nd set, not the first.
5) On my game, on the upper ramp switch, there's electrical tape wrapped around it to keep it from shorting out against the upper P/F screw behind it. Is everyone's game like this? Thinking there should have been a rubber switch cover for this.
Even without Spaulding working, I've completed three or four modes and broken 100Mil a few times. I'm getting the hang of the game, but looking forward to getting some of these issues resolved.

Kinda sucks your having issues out the box but spooky has best/fastest customer service but maybe backed up because there just getting back from the pinball show. When i got to play RZ at pinfest i also noticed that i could never get it to registers either. But please let us know what spooky says about it.

#5263 4 years ago

Charlie keep up good work we all know building pinball is not easy and did you see the new trailer for 31 it looks awesome

FawzmaGames does RZ let you put a custom messages on the dmd like a stern or wpc ? I think that would be a good add

#5278 4 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

I heard that, ASSHOLE!!!!!

Always love your colorful words Spooky needs you on there podcast more offen

#5294 4 years ago
Quoted from M055781:

I received my game a week ago and I haven't had time to post my experience. I wanted to give a big shout out to the spooky pinball team Charlie, KT and Mr. Fawzma you are the man! I had an update issue well more of an operator error issue on my part. He was able to fix it through emails and phone calls late at night. I really feel he went above and beyond to get me what I needed to play my game, thank you David! I don't really want to give a full game review now because I have less then 31 games on it but a few things right out of the gate:
Besides the game kicking ass and being totally brutal, what is the GEIN cards and what do they do when you collect them?
I know it has been mentioned earlier, I agree, the house of 1000 corpses should have a sneaky award if the target is up and you sneak your ball around or at least a call out from Sid saying, "you sneaky bastard" or something. Also, regarding the house of 1000 course's target, I will hit it and then a second later it pops back up it doesn't seem to stay down very long.
Mentioned before as well but the highest scores displayed should have commas inbetween the zeros, i,e, 100,000,000, if those could be added would be sweet. When you get a high score, is there any way to have that creepy music with the laughing play louder? It sounds cool but it's just so quiet it would make it more enjoyable.
The game set up well and I've had no issues, no air balls, living dead girl is amazing, and captain Spaulding has great detail. The whole game is one bad ass package with incredible art. I will be adding some lighting to brighten it up a notch. I can't wait to figure out what else this game can do and see how the modes progress.

Looks awesome you need get the topper for RZ

#5311 4 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I'm 52 and was contacted last week saying mine was being built this week.

Awesome hope you review it on your podcast once you get and play it a bunch.

#5325 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Picked up #43 today.

WoW looks so bad ass can't wait to get mine

#5355 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

I came away from that session with even more ideas and suggestions.

Can you add some thing so we can put custom message on the game DMD ?

#5375 4 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

RZ #55 shipping tomorrow.

Awesome there halfway to mine

1 week later
#5454 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

I've gotta say it's a very solid shooting game. I love the playfield and the shots are incredibly satisfying to hit.
I'll write up a full review eventually to explain my thoughts and why I'm kind of meh about it overall.

I think it's too early let it go as the code well get much better

Quoted from bigd1979:

All just opinion tho.... i actually didn't care for amh or rz but if i had to choose it be amh bc the gameplay and rules are better imo. Love the rz theme/ band / movies tho but the gameplay just isn't for me and many others i know agree. I highly doubt anyone will pay 13 k for one as there are many better games sitting at 8-9 k not selling .I really hope people dont start selling them with these crazy price tags ... its a real shame the hobby has turned this way ... i for one wld just sell it for around what i had in it but people can do as they choose .

I agree on the crazy prices but some are paying it too. I'm the other way i like RZ better than AMH But again i'm a horror fan and rob zombie fan.

#5480 4 years ago

can we please not ruin this thread with bunch of BS

Quoted from jalpert:

Baby steps I guess. I've been running "full bore" with nothing but fun and excitement. But, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't want even one person installing the update and then having all their switches freak out.

So should switches be adjusted when you 1st get the game b4 you turn up the power I'm guessing by time i get mine it might be ver 9 or 10

#5484 4 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Ok guys I think each party in this debate has expressed their view point. Please stop from here on out.

#5485 4 years ago
Quoted from FawzmaGames:

The game will come preadjusted to the default setting, meaning we make sure pops aren't firing when another pop is going off.
You can change the setting then see how things react. You may or may not need the widen the leaf spring gaps.
I do my best to not change too much for those that have older games that haven't updated, so when they do; they aren't like WTF, it was working before.

Aright thx dude

#5524 4 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Had left flipper fuse blow. Anyone else had same issue?

I have thread open about it see link. I think there still trying figure out the issue. Some amh's also have had this issue.

#5526 4 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

It seems my upper flipper was sticking. I had upper Playfield off last night to fix a shorted switch and apparently didn't put flipper back perfectly. All is good and fixed now.

Awesome mine seemed to stop with eos adjustment on the amh

#5530 4 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

I called Kayte today about getting a LE trans and asked what # they are on. She said they are closing in on the late #70's this week. I think it pretty cool that they are right on track with 17 games a month.

Yeah there really cranking them out pretty fast I'm guessing mine in September guess i need get the $$ fast....

2 weeks later
#5669 4 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

Just got my request from KT this week for the remainder balance on #79, and just sent out the check. She says my game is in playtest now, so I believe it should be ready for shipping in another week or two if all goes well. BTW, the shipper is listed on the invoice as R&L Carriers and the cost for shipping to Pennsylvania is $260.77. For $5, Charlie also remembered to add a wiring harness for a bill acceptor (thank you, Charlie!) because I mentioned to him that this game will be routed. I'm not suggesting how these details on my game will apply to yours, but I just figured I'd share the numbers in case they're useful to other pinsiders.

Awesome Joe

#5682 4 years ago
Quoted from mamawaldee:

I had typed up something like this for those for-sale ads many times and didn't post because nothing good would come of it. You summed it up nicely. I'll be getting my RZ next year sometime and seeing this many for sale creates an initial fear that I bought a piece of junk.
Either the game sucks real bad or WAY too many people bought for speculation.
I thought myself lucky to be on the original list at #295. After the reveal I got bumped up to mid 240s, as others dropped out. It would be a shame if 40-50 games were bought for pure speculation, but even that doesn't explain the LE's for sale so quickly. Seeing the number for sale today is ridiculous.
One of the new ads has a ratcheting-upward price structure as time goes on...$9.2k for a $6.5k game that hasn't finished production is a vulgar display of greed. People should refuse paying more than list price and starve out the speculators. But they won't.
This behavior is a microcosm of why everything we buy is becoming so expensive.
I'm probably in the minority nowadays that thinks you should not buy something unless you intend to use it.
And after you use it, it should sell for less than when it was new.

We all new this was going to happen after what happened with AMH I'm sure bunch of RZ were sold to make $$ and you really can't blame them either. I also think there well be bunch that go up for sale because some won't like it. I personally like how plays and like the throw back feel from the 80s

#5709 4 years ago
Quoted from wierdeer:

Just got offered a spot in line for this Awsome game. Apparently someone backed out and I was next in line to put deposit down...(lucky me) Soooo stoked paying deposit Wednesday morning!! Been a Rob Zombie fan for 25 years

That's awesome

#5710 4 years ago

Has anyone installed the mylar on RZ ? it it easy never done that on a pinball yet

#5725 4 years ago

WoW dude your kicking ass on the code

#5736 4 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

#79 is on the truck.

That's awesome ill be visiting soon

#5739 4 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

From Spooky's FB page today when someone asked about what number they were on...
"Spooky Pinball LLC - Hard to say.. ships when customer is ready for delivery, so some go sooner than others. 100 plus built. "

nice come on 110

#5741 4 years ago
Quoted from JOESCHALL:

Just got the phone call from the shipper. RZ left spooky on Thursday evening and will be delivered to my residence in central PA on Monday afternoon. Not bad . . .


#5745 4 years ago

I was told i should have mine in September

#5753 4 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Bit of a distance problem, besides I'm gonna win that raffle game

Gotta buy your ticket 1st I might buy a 2nd one

#5771 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

agree. confused. Was #110 delivered already?

no not yet i was told next month

#5773 4 years ago

Per Fawzma Games on FB V11 be out soon to fix a fuse issue.

#5817 4 years ago

My RZ is supposed to ship in a few weeks

#5821 4 years ago
Quoted from jints56:

This game is much better than I expected. great job Spooky!!
Does anyone know if standard Williams mirror blades fit this pin?

Just wait i'm sure they well make some for RZ

#5827 4 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Yeah, life hurts sometimes, my fault, but need to get out and move on for awhile. Will be back on podcast soon.

Sucks you gotta sell but sometimes life throws you curve balls and you gotta do what you must for now. Been there b4

#5833 4 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

I know I use Bonny flippers on any pin I can get away with it but what can I say,and also the post lights looks very nice

I had them on my AMH they do fit either but i'm stick with black flippers for RZ

#5856 4 years ago
Quoted from Buzz:

Thank you Spooky Pinball. This has been the best pre-order, I have ever experienced.#90 is on its way to CA.

Awesome enjoy mine is coming soon too

#5859 4 years ago