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Road Show Project:

By dbpbandit

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

I recently started work on this "Red and Ted's Roadshow" and thought I would try my hand at documenting it.


The game is actually in pretty good shape and by that I mean the playfield has very little wear and for the most part it's complete. The cabinet is also it good shape, it's solid and not to many scratches and dings, it should clean up really well.


Initially the game would not start, one of the reason for this was due to the gate not functioning so it would not eject locked balls out to drain. Also, the start button was not working and several lose connections.


Red's mouth is not working but I've narrowed that down to the motor control board. The 5.6 ohm resistor on her side of the board is missing. I'm hopeful that it just "fell off" and was not "cut off" to deal with some other issue.


As you can see from the pics, this game has had some quick fixes performed during it's life. A lot of duct tape patches and a few connector bypasses directly to the boards. I'll get this all cleaned up prior to tearing down the playfield for a complete shop job on the playfield.


I don't have a lot of free time to work on this so updates will be slow. I especially want to document the process of removing and re-working each of the animatronic heads. They both work (with the exception of Red's mouth) but they need to be disassembled and cleaned so they work smoothly. Currently the eyes get stuck in one position or the other.

Tune in latter for more progress and updates.

#3 5 years ago

I'm going to try and get some work done on it this week. Some of the parts have begun to trickle in. The first item on the list is to get Red's mouth to work.

#4 5 years ago


I only had a short time to work on this last night but I made a lot of progress.

I was able to get the gate to work again. What I originally thought was an electronic issue turned out to be a mechanical issue, sort of. On this game there should be a "tab" on the bracket that keeps the gate from going in to far, this is missing, it has broke off at some point.


The reason this was not working is because the shaft is not inside the coil sleeve far enough for it to be pulled in. My first thought was to pull the entire bracket and weld something to it in place of the tab. However, after thinking about it for a while and deciding that that was a poor design to begin with, I came up with my own fix.


I just added several rubbers the the gate, now it can only go in so far and it works every time. I really don't see any reason why this is not a good idea so if anyone has a comment I'm open to suggestions.

The next item on the list was to replace that missing resistor on the motor control board and hope for the best. After replacing it and re-flowing all of the header pins, everything now works as it should. Now that I know everything works I'm going to go ahead and replace the other one as well.


Now the game is playing 100% and both heads are working as they should. It was nice to play a few games on it last night.

The next item will be cleaning up the wiring and replacing the connectors so I can take care of those wires connected to the back of the board. I'm going to try and get to that tonight.

#5 5 years ago

Last night I spent a few hours dealing with the burnt connectors and the re-routed connections.
What a mess....


After I got the connectors replaced and was able to get the board out of the game I was able to clean it up. I replaced the header pins on one of them and was able to clean up the others. While I had it out I re-flowed all of the pins and checked it out for any other cold solder joints.


Another item checked off the list. However, I did find a couple more areas that will need some attention but that will be for another night.

#7 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballdoctor1:

Did someone put those connectors on a barbeque ?

Yes, I think they did.....

I just prefer these connectors, I've never had an issue with them. I replaced the male connectors on the one that was really bad but the others are in really good shape. I did however re-flow all of them on the board.

I'm planing on getting more done this weekend so I'll be updating this soon.

1 week later
#8 5 years ago


So I finished more of the wiring issues but I found a problem that I missed earlier. Some of my GI's and the top jet bumper lights are out. I've got no voltage at pin 8 on J121 (Wht-Or) I replaced the header pins and rechecked everything but no luck. I have a feeling it's the BT138 but I don't have any on hand.


While I'm waiting for the parts to come in I went ahead and begun the tear down of the play-filed. After taking a ton of pics, (then a ton more during) I finally got it down to the playfiled and man is it gritty. You can't tell from the picks but you can feel the grit on it. On the plus side it's in great shape and it will clean up great.


I still need to pull Red and Ted to rework and clean up their inter-workings but I will get started with the initial wipe-down and cleaning later today.


#10 5 years ago

I started cleaning a couple of the under play-field parts yesterday but I got a wild hair and decided to work on Red instead. The unit was fairly easy to remove once the pics and notes were done. The motor assembly needs to be removed first, then you can pull the rest of the unit out from beneath the playfiled. One note, if your like me and you put the screws back in so you don't have to worry about losing them, you must remove the screw's that hold the face and the back of the head on. If you don't you cant pull the unit out, it's a very close fit.


Once I got the unit out I took more notes and picks. It was filthy and even after a lot of cleaning and scrubbing you can still see traces of dirt and grime that do not want to come off. Most of it will never be seen so I'm not worried about it.


I cleaned and touched up what I could and got everything working as it should again. Putting the eyes back together was a bit tricky but I finally got everything back where it belongs. Looks 100% better now and Ted is next.


Ted should be about the same but I'm going to have to deal with removing the dozer assembly first since you can't get that unit out intact. More on that latter.

#12 5 years ago

OK, next update......

Worked on it for a few hours last night and got a lot done. I'm going to go into a little more detail on how to remove Ted since it's a little more involved than Red was.

You must remove just about everything from the playfield to even get to Ted. Once you have the ramps, hat, face and back of his head removed you will need to remove the bulldozer if front of Ted.

To do this you need to locate the c-clips on each side of Ted's head (red arrows)


you will also need to remove the "Frankenstein" bolts (that's what I called them) that the bulldozer shovel connect to (green arrows)


Next, you will need to disconnect the bulldozer push rod from the cam on the motor (underneath the playfield) In the pic, the red arrow is pointing to the spring that keeps the rod on the cam, remove it and then you can remove the bulldozer from the top of the playfield.


Next, you will need to remove the bulldozer motor assembly from the bottom of the playfield. While you have this out, re-flow the connection on the motor board.


You will also need to remove the ball track from under Ted as well. This includes the gate coil bracket. It's the only way to get enough room to pull Ted out and it should be cleaned anyway.


Now you can remove the motor that drives the mouth and then remove Ted from the playfiled. Here are a few "before" pics.


This part was exactly like Red, very straight forward. I didn't have to do any touch up on Ted like I did on Red but he does have some chips missing from around his mouth. You wont be able to see them when the bulldozer shovel is in place so I'm not worried about it, besides, once the ball starts hitting him it would just chip it again. Here are a few "after" shots, it looks so much better.

Installation is the exact reversal of the process. Take lots of pictures and take lots of notes. Also, don't forget to mark your connectors in whatever way you feel most comfortable with.


After I got him put back together I ran him through the test and everything works great now. His eyes and eyelids no longer get stuck in one position or the other.

After that I went ahead and did some initial cleanup of the playfiled around Red and Ted and also installed some of the GI LED's. I haven't replaced any of the rubbers or cleaned any of the posts yet, that's next on the list.



Stay tuned, more to come.........

#15 5 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Hey if you get a chance take a pic of the eye shut solenoid mounting thats the one thing thats not on mine .if you can take from the back of the head that be great. I was going to order the parts to fix it but not sure on the screws that hold the solenoid in or what other parts are used

bigd1979, here are some more pics of that area. Let me know if you need something more specific and I'll try to take a few more. Not as east to do now that they are back in the game but I'll give it a try.


#18 5 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Nope that perfect looks like 4 screws hold the solinoid in 2 on each end .just need to find the correct screws I believe I have everything else

I'm glad I was able to help. If you need anything else just let me know.

Quoted from Don44:

I just recently stripped a Road Show playfield and rebuilt the heads. Make sure you get everything back on before you put the ramps back on. If you forget anything, including running any wires back through the holes to the top of the playfield, you will have to remove the ramps again. I did.

Thanks for the tip, I've learned that the had way as well. Too many of those "o-crap" moments. On the plus side, I can remove and reinstall ramps on several games in record time now. :^)

#19 5 years ago


I was able to spend a few more hours this weekend and made more progress.

I started the upper play field clean up in preparation to get started putting things back together. Cleaned, waxed, re-rubber, etc. I also enlisted my Daughter who was visiting this weekend to do some of the cabinet touch-up. She's great with a paint brush, way more steady handed than I am. Here are some before and after shots:



I also installed the first of two Cliffy protectors.


That's it for now, I won't have much time to work on it this week but I'll get back to it soon.

3 weeks later
#20 5 years ago

It's been a while since my last update, life and a mission trip took over for a few weeks.

I was able to spend some time back in the shop and made more progress.

I finished up the Cliffy installations and started putting things back together. Lots of plastics and the first ramp.

I will get more finished this weekend but it's starting to come together.








1 week later
#22 5 years ago

Quick Update:

I've got the playfield re-assembled and it's looking really nice. Red and Ted made it through "chemotherapy" but not without a few side-effects...



The MCB has issues and I've been working on this for the past few days. Ted's mouth moves very slow and is not traveling the full distance. Red works fine but she can't seem to keep her mouth shut. I have another thread for troubleshooting this issue:


More updates soon.

#23 5 years ago

Things are moving along slowly but surely...

I'm still working on that MCB but I had to step away from it for a while.

I refocused my energy on the GI lighting issue that turned up after I cleaned up the previous tech's crappy repair work on the main board. After I removed his re-routed connections some of the GI's quit working. It looks like part of his repair was to fix the same problem I was now faced with. After a lot of troubleshooting I found that there was a bad trace between the fuse and the rest of the circuit. I added a jumper wire and now all of the lights work correctly again.

Now it's back to the MCB......... To Be Continued......

1 month later
#26 5 years ago

Hey folks, sorry this thread got delayed. I had a death in the family a few weeks back and everything in my life got put on hold for a while.

I finally finished this one and delivered it this weekend. They were very happy with the final project, that always feels good.

To summarize, I finally resolved the issue with Red not keeping her mouth shut. It turned out to be a couple of transistor on the driver board (sorry, can't remember which ones) I also came across a few other issues that were resolved fairly quickly.

I ended up doing a partial conversion to LED so there is a mix of incandescent lamps as well. It looks very nice, bright and fresh without being to overwhelming.

This was a pretty big job, RS is a very complex game but it came out great and once the game was playing as it should it was a very fun game.

I'll get a few pics of the final product latter and post them. Until then, I hope this thread will prove to be useful to others working with RS. I will be starting another project soon and I'll document it as well. Below is a hint of what game it is:

2014-08-05 19.10.26x50.jpg

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