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ROAD SHOW CLUB (Hard hats required on site)

By webdiddy

8 years ago

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#2808 4 months ago

Just joined the club yesterday. I've been wanting this game for a while and I was able to score a pretty sweet one. No broken plastics, fully working Red and Ted and no mark on the fish! All it needed was a good cleaning. I don't think the glass has been off for several years. Nothing left to do but play! (for now)

Question. What do you guys generally set your buy in to? I have it set at factory currently which is like 5 buy ins. Feels like cheating?


#2814 4 months ago
Quoted from Axl:

zero buy in. Its your game, do what you want. Bragging rights for scores is excluded when you have buy in

Agreed. I'll leave it on for tonight as I'm still learning the rules and the shots. Tomorrow it goes to zero buy in.


#2824 4 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Question. When I'm done playing a game and it goes to the screen to find a match number......it is completely silent. After that Red will say he sign off and the theme music plays again. Is there a setting I'm missing that makes the game go silent while it checks the for a Match number? Ive noticed in others game play videos that it usually is playing some music while it searches for a match number.... Thanks for any help

My game is the same way. Seems tame compared to my later wpc95 games. I'm just assuming that's how it is. It's also like that in the virtual version that I have on Steam.

#2835 3 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Today I found out that by re-seating the cables and all wires on the sound card, fixed this problem for me....go figure

What does it sound like? I've only owned this game for a week and I've never seen it in the wild.


#2836 3 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Today I found out that by re-seating the cables and all wires on the sound card, fixed this problem for me....go figure

I'll give this a go. Thanks for the follow up.

#2855 3 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Am I missing something? I've only had this game for about 3 week and Yes this is a difficult shot, I have made it a handful of times already. I notice it is a Super Jackpot shot that alternates from Ted to Red and then back to Ted etc during Ted "Paycheck" multiball. Is mine different or not understanding your post?

Same here. I just got my RS a few weeks ago and have made that super jackpot shot multiple times. Am I mistaking this for another shot? Start multiball. Hit jackpot in Ted's mouth. Then use the upper left flipper to hit Red. Then the jackpots alternate.

1 week later
#2867 3 months ago
Quoted from Scoot:

I imagine everyone has done this at some point when working on Red or Ted, right?
[quoted image]

I haven't had to touch mine yet but when I do I'll be sure to take those selfies and share. Great fun.

#2885 3 months ago

Does anyone have a link to the original instruction cards? Yes I'm talking about the ugly off white ones.


1 week later
#2918 3 months ago

Well Red developed a lazy eye tonight while playing. I removed her hat, face and back of her head and realized one of the crank arm rivets was broken off and the eye link wire was missing. I located the wire and was able to order the crank arm from Marcos. This will be the first time removing either Red or Ted. If anyone has any tips or advise I'd be happy to hear it.


Also I couldn't resist the obligatory selfie! Nightmare fuel.

IMG_0770 (resized).jpeg
#2928 3 months ago
Quoted from Piso:

I like to share with you this fix. My Red eye crank was badly worn in one direction, she just loves to look at Ted! I could have just bought a new crank but sometimes repro are bad quality and I like to repair things. I 3D modeled and printed an exact replica of the crank in PLA but for some reason, after a bit of games, the crank always bind up and not center again. I tried everything (new spring bar, new eyelids), seems like PLA has too much friction once it get warm. So I created this. It is just a simple insert that can be press fitted in the original crank. You just need to grind down the prongs and push this in. Have put some good games on it and it still works perfectly. Happy to share with you my STL
Here is the link:
[quoted image]

This is cool. I just had to order the part myself from Marcos. One of the metal eyelets that the link wire connects to broke off. I haven't removed the existing crank yet but I'm curious to compare it the "new' one and yours. Thanks for sharing.

#2935 88 days ago

Today I successfully repaired Red's lazy eye. The removal and repair was a little simpler than I was expecting. I have to say analyzing the removal and repair process had me prepared for the worse. Thankfully it was relatively straightforward.

Here's the culprit!

66725250418__0B353108-9E62-4EEF-99B5-FE98599816AB (resized).jpeg
#2944 85 days ago
Quoted from razoraustralia:

A protector under that plastic is a must! The end of that plastic is unsupported and gets hit quite often. Good luck with your search.

You can get that protector along with sling protectors from Marcos. I just installed these on my machine last week.


#2948 85 days ago
Quoted from Lhyrgoif:

Regarding that skillshot plastic, I'm really annoyed it's held in place by a single screw. When I added a protector plastic beneath it the ball started to get stuck under the protruding plastic. I wish there were a secondary mounting point in the upper part because if it were I could add a few spacers there to raise the plastic a few millimeters.
I'm considering drilling a hole in the ball guide beneath it and rivet a spade bolt to it (pointing upwards) and drilling a hole in the two plastics above to add a secondary mounting point. Anyone tried this or something similar?

I think that's a great idea. When I installed my protector last week I couldn't believe how floppy the top section of that plastic is. Mine has two mounts though and it's still floppy.

IMG_0808 (resized).jpeg
#2962 83 days ago
Quoted from MyParagon1979:

I just saw a local road show. Would be my second machine. Ted and Red totally rebuilt, he changed the gears from plastic to metal, mechanically it looks great. Tiny playfield wear by the city pop out. Cabinet with mild wear. Only question, he said occasional fuse will blow????? I didn’t ask details, didn’t sound like a regular issue. I saw one connector with minimal burn. We agreed $4,300. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Sounds like a good deal for that price. Good luck with the stairs. I would wish that on no one. Sorry!

#2964 81 days ago
Quoted from MyParagon1979:

I got follow up on the blown fuse. He had DMD issues and someone on pinside advised to pull off the ribbon connector and reattach. When he put it back on it was one header off and he blew the fuse.
I’m picking up my new friends (Ted and Red) on Saturday morning. I’ve got 4 men and a Dolly lined up for the stairs. I’m excited for my new pin and will hit y’all up for ideas once it’s home. Also, I’ll send plenty of photos!

Awesome! Congratulations. One of my favs.

#2967 80 days ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Almost ready to go back in.
[quoted image]

Looks great. Such shine on that playfield! Love the orange Titans or Super-bands. I put them my flippers. After seeing yours I think I'm going to replace the rest of the rubbers as well.

3 weeks later
#3065 57 days ago
Quoted from BRW84:

I just joined the club yesterday! I have fond memories of playing Roadshow at a diner near me back in the early 2000s, but I never anticipated owning one. However, a friend reached out to me this week to tell me her husband had a pinball machine cluttering his garage and he wanted to get rid of it. It was filthy and had stopped working. Apparently it started life at a biker bar, then wound up in a warehouse where it languished for at least a decade. Her husband's father bought the warehouse and gave him the machine. He played it until it died, then eventually decided to unload it. He had nothing in it and just wanted it gone; I hesitate to say what I paid for it, but suffice it to say I got a hell of a deal. It's going to take a lot of manhours to get it working again, but it's cleaning up very nice so far, as you can see in these early before and after pics. I'm sure I'll be hitting up this thread for advice.[quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Playfield looks decent. Minimal fish wear. Congrats on what looks like the deal of a lifetime.

#3069 57 days ago
Quoted from Scoot:

I have never seen a RoadShow apron NOT show rust and black paint chiping off.

I was worried about my future RS after reading this thread. Once it arrived I was relieved. My apron has minor bubbling but no visible rust or ruptured bubbles. Nothing I need to worry about for now. Maybe if those bubbles ever get worse or break open. Fortunately the apron decals are available.

IMG_0930 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#3101 37 days ago

Random question. My DMD is starting to go. Takes time to warm up. The bottom row and top row are barely visible. While I like the color DMD's I'm also partial to originality or what I call the designers intent or capabilities within budget. I guess I could get a color DMD and set it to orange? They are cheaper than new/old DMD's. Thoughts?

2 weeks later
#3124 20 days ago
Quoted from altan:

In case anyone has not installed a ColorDMD on Roadshow and would like to read about the process (with lots of pictures), I added a bunch to my site. I might be in the minority, but sometimes I'd just rather see the text and pictures rather than someone doing a video.
... Altan

Just ordered one of LED versions for my RS. Arrives on Thursday. Perfect timing!

Thank you!

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