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RIPOFF WARNING / Poor TX-SECTOR, I was ripped off :(

By eXidy

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I purchased a game from an pinball "company" called ANDERSONS ARCADE in Dothan Alabama this last week and to my surprise it was a complete turd. The guy described it as a mint condition, nicest game he's ever owned and all it needs are "two rubber rings". He also claimed it had "NEW BOARDS" and "NEW TRANSLITE" (bought fresh off ebay).
I told the guy that im originally from Florida and I know how humid it is, so I have no interest in any games with any sort of water damage... he assured me he "only smashes games with water damage".

When I received the game, I found the following problems:

1. Lots of water damage and swelling.
2. Rust/Oxidation inside the game.
3. Mildew.
4. Smells like a swamp.
5. Wear spot on the playfield.
6. Wouldnt start a game.
7. 2/3 of the lights were burnt out.
8. Blown Fuse.
9. No flippers worked.

I explained to him that I can fix the game, but I cant remove the water damage and mildew.

I have since asked him for some money back and he has since ignored me and wont respond to my messages. Luckily I paid with a credit card and filed a claim against this guy just this morning.

Sorry for the bad pix:

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#2 6 years ago

That is bad water damage...sorry to hear you were screwed by a pinball "company"...note to never buy from this guy if this is the cream of the crop

#3 6 years ago

YIKES! Sorry to hear about that!

#5 6 years ago

Wow, what a POS. Nail him!

#6 6 years ago

When I first got into the hobby I bought a Part Me Zone off of Eprey from Florida, some yellow spraypaint and creative photography made this mushroom farm look CQ.
NEVER buy a game unless you can look at it in person.

#7 6 years ago

Sucky! I'm assuming he lied about the "new boards" too?

#8 6 years ago

No new boards and the translite had webs and water stains

#9 6 years ago

Sorry to hear this. Ive seen the ads from Dothan, Alabama before. Thanks for the warning.

#10 6 years ago

Yikes. That IS a turd. Keep us posted...

#11 6 years ago

Definitely going to watch this thread. Glad you paid with plastic and can dispute. If this was a cash deal you would be looking at a bigger hill to climb!

#12 6 years ago

What "arcade company" would not have 2 rubber rings in stock?

I hate credit cards, but in this case, I'm loving them!

#13 6 years ago

That's his best game owned-yikes!!!!!-Joe

#14 6 years ago

Looks like he forgot to smash that one. I hope you get 100% refunded for that pile of junk, and thanks for getting the word out about this company.

#15 6 years ago

Wow, just wow.... Some people are just plain scum. I can write off a "bit" of negligence on overlooking something but it is painfully obvious he just straight lied his ass off to you about every aspect and then slapped ya in the face afterwards too just for fun. I hope this guy gets whats coming to him. I hate when people blatantly screw over others and just think they can walk away free & clear. Not on my watch...

#16 6 years ago
Quoted from fattrain:

it is painfully obvious he just straight lied his ass off to you

True. It's one thing to 'fudge' the description - quite another to completely mis-represent it alltogether.

#17 6 years ago

wow, that is just sad, that guy is a real scumbag, get your money back, lucky for you it was a credit card, hope it all work out for you.

#18 6 years ago

Make sure you have a respirator on when you spray that game down with bleach and don't bring it inside, it is loaded with black mold spores.
That isn't a game it is toxic waste.

#19 6 years ago


He has it listed as though you can still buy it too.

This is just some jerk with a few 100$ CL games he's trying to get more money for.

#20 6 years ago

Its a real sham that douchebags can take a beautiful hobby and give a black eye.

#21 6 years ago

Keep on him for a refund Jon!

#22 6 years ago

Any Pinsiders near Dothan, Alabama have any direct dealings with Andersons Arcade? Would like to hear what the local community thinks of this jerk.
Maybe Sighkedelic has some insight?


#23 6 years ago

I wonder if this is the guy with constant ads for pins and vids on craigslist out of Dothan/Wiregrass area. He had a TxSector listed for I think $2500. All of his pins are always wayyyyyyyy overpriced. I recently 'competed' with someone from that area for a pin and i'm pretty sure it was him. If so, he really tried to lowball the guy. Ended up the guy let me buy the pin even though he had to wait a couple of days and time was of essence for him. Definitely will avoid but would not spend that kind of money without better/actual pics, and likely not without seeing unless the seller had a well-known good reputation.

#24 6 years ago
Quoted from tracelifter:

NEVER buy a game unless you can look at it in person.

Though I agree, I also like the idea of finding someone of good repute from here (pinside) to take a look at it locally for you before the purchase, if possible. After some time, people that you figure you can trust start to be apparent, though it was easier a couple of years ago.

To the OP, sorry. Wow

#25 6 years ago

The seller took sneaky pix, cropping or using angles that hide damage.

#26 6 years ago

Make sure to take lots of detailed pics. Document everything. Days and times you communicated or tried to comunicate with the seller. Get a full refund. Take this pod out of the hobby for good. Get a layer. Contact the d.a . In the sellers home county. We need to put down these bad sellers once and for all. Let it be known if you mis lead people you will go to jail.

#27 6 years ago

This is so sad. I am a firm believer what comes around goes around. Some people will handle things in different ways. You are going thru the credit card company (probably the best answer).....others?

He should watch his back. You do this enough, it can be a rough world out there. We aren't talking about five or ten dollars.

#28 6 years ago

Get a full refund and request he have the game picked up.

That will make his total out of pocket cost for shipping the game over $800 - much more than the game is worth.

#29 6 years ago

Thanks eXidy for letting us know how Anderson's Arcade treats some of their customers.
Hopefully by sharing your story with us, it will help keep some of us from getting burned by this ashhole.

This is the address and phone number I see listed for Anderson's Arcade when clicking on the squareup dot com market link that Pen found and provided us above.

3119 Clayborne Road, Dothan, AL 36303


#30 6 years ago
Quoted from eXidy:

The seller took sneaky pix, cropping or using angles that hide damage.

Yep, that's what they do.

Would love it if we could get to the point where everyone posts a HD video of the pin. Way harder to hide this stuff that way.

I know that will never happen, but it's nice to dream..

#31 6 years ago

This is the wording under their return/exchange policy when you click on it:

"No refunds . Exchanges only."

#32 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

This is the wording under their return/exchange policy when you click on it:
"No refunds . Exchanges only."

VISA has a different policy, lol.

#33 6 years ago

Yes, that doesn't mean anything when it's a rip off. Visa will take care of it...if they can get to his account. Please keep us posted...

#34 6 years ago

One excuse after another with this guy.

He mislead me, lied to me, sold me a POS as "nice" and "working".
his policy doesnt mean squat, because I didnt sign any receipt.


#36 6 years ago

ripoff is right..sorry that happened to you. bull to the $hi™ man!

#37 6 years ago

"New to Me" that is crap

#38 6 years ago

A better question would be why do you have 21 unread txt messages :-p

#39 6 years ago

Mayfair and Pinball Resource have new TX translites in stock.

#40 6 years ago
Quoted from fattrain:

A better question would be why do you have 21 unread txt messages :-p

Glad I wasn't the only one thinking that

#41 6 years ago

Wow, thank goodness he took your Credit Card as payment, if it was cash you would of been SOL. Was that done on purpose because you had reservations about the guy?

Charge back that mofo and feel no guilt about it, he totally mislead you. Punks like that give honest dealers a bad name.

#42 6 years ago

lol at "new to me". what a piece of human garbage!

#43 6 years ago

--double post--

#44 6 years ago

Here is some good news:

After bleaching and using some fabrese inside/outside the mildew smell is gone
I went ahead and fixed the game. Yes, I replaced the 2 missing sling rubbers it needed, fixed the flippers, several broken wires, adjusted the pop bumpers, waxed it and replaced **MOST** of the bad bulbs with LEDS.

Played a few games, plays well now. Gonna see all this goes then ill do a real shopping/cleaning.


PS. F**K that guy


#45 6 years ago

What did the original pics look like? That thing looks awful. Isn't it illegal to knowingly ship black mold?


#46 6 years ago

I don't think bleach really kills all the mold. I'd be cautious about bringing that thing in the house.

#47 6 years ago

Heh, here is a nice pic of the mushroomed plunger


#48 6 years ago

Take him to peoples court ! I have yet to see a episode involving a pinball machine. These pictures talk

#49 6 years ago

Looks to me like you just fixed his pinball. You're right, he's scum. If you follow through with the charge back, that machine is his. I personally would have waited.... let him choke on it.
Glad it looks like Visa will make it all right though!!
That's one of the few machines I've never played.... wish I could find a nice one here.

#50 6 years ago

Why would you fix it if you filed a claim? Send that water ridden mold box back to that loser...on his dime..

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