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RIP Terry Ritchie (Who-Dey)

By zaki

1 year ago

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#101 1 year ago

Fucking 2020 this shit has to stop.

RIP Terry, great guy gone way too soon.

#102 1 year ago

We texted a fair amount late night during the “Nightshift”. No words. I’m truly bummed. The pain of 2020 continues. RIP Terry

#103 1 year ago

Damn this was a punch in the gut. I had to read the post twice just to make sure I read it right.

RIP Sir. So young and it makes me sick knowing you were so anxious to retire, just as I was able to recently. We are about the same age and I could relate to you, especially your view on working shitty hours and your love for the Munsters pin. I chatted with you once in a Pinside email and I liked you so much I automatically invited you to come to my house and play some pins. So sad we didn’t get the chance.

#104 1 year ago

Rest In Peace Who-Dey, you will be missed!

Edit: just saw that Terry’s avatar was changed to read “In memoriam”
very nice Robin thank you for that.

E79BDBD0-A8D3-4801-9DAD-0D87155FB666 (resized).jpeg

#105 1 year ago

Like many others I didn't know him personally and/or agree with everything he posted, but you couldn't help but respect his enthusiasm for what he believed in. Losing fellow Pinsiders like him and KOZ so close to each other is a sobering reminder of reality. He will definitely be missed.

#106 1 year ago

Well that just sucks. Sorry to hear it.

#108 1 year ago

I will miss WhoDey for his insight and passion for the hobby, as well as his love for Munsters. RIP. Prayers for his loved ones.

#109 1 year ago

Over 11k posts and still 83% approval, he will be missed. Who’s going to keep the Covid thread from going off the cliff now??
Not a fan of his pinball choices, but a big fan of his contribution to this site.


#110 1 year ago

Terrible. So sorry to hear this, may be rest in peace.

#111 1 year ago

We recently spoke about his interest in Elvira as he was considering that or JP for his retirement pin.
What a major bummer - real cool guy.
Rest In Peace.

4ECD78A3-0D89-4D3C-BC0B-62AA0008CABF (resized).jpeg

#112 1 year ago

Sorry to hear this. With this happening so suddenly to someone so involved here, it sure helps put things in perspective.

#113 1 year ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

Sorry posted myself before I found this - known him since Feb 2015. Hell of a nice guy!
[quoted image]

You have always treated him right Scott. You always got him out bind. Thanks for being there for my friend!

#114 1 year ago

Just awful, awful news.
Terry and I had messaged a number of times over the years and he was always such a nice guy.
He was so passionate about this amazing hobby of ours.
He will be sorely missed.
Man, so very sad.
My heart goes out to his family and friends.

#115 1 year ago

Just heard the news from another friend and had to come to Pinside to check out the thread.

Who-dey’s passion for pinball showed in all of his posts!! He was an asset to the pinball community and will be sorely missed.

Rest In Peace Terry.

#116 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

We recently spoke about his interest in Elvira and JP for his retirement pin as well.
What a major bummer. Rest In Peace.
[quoted image]

That was his dream machine! I miss him so much.

#117 1 year ago

After thinking about how much this has affected me, I had the saddest thought of Terrie not being able to do what we talked so much about... and 2020 brings me yet another sad tale. I know he is probably not caring too much about it anymore where he is going, but he might find more peace there than from where he left. RIP Who-Dey, once again my favorite Pinsider.

#118 1 year ago

I can’t deal with this pain. He got me and you don’t. So who ever down voted him. You can eat a hairy ass dick!!! Period!!!!

#119 1 year ago

RIP Who Dey

#120 1 year ago

RIP Terrie, and Fuck You 2020!

#121 1 year ago

Fuck you 2020

RIP Who-Dey

#122 1 year ago

Life is fragile.
Cherish your time here and cherish your loved ones.

#123 1 year ago

Very sad to hear this news. We had our differences but he was a man of conviction and good heart. So sorry for his friends and family; you will be in my thoughts.

#124 1 year ago

Oh man...this sucks!! He was very passionate and outspoken!! His love of Stern and Munsters was always on display. He reached out to me when I was exposed to COVID and it meant a lot to me. I am really going to miss his posts and his enthusiasm.

#125 1 year ago

So sad.

I came to know him "electronically" after a lengthy PM exchange following a moderation. That was 5 months ago. We came to an understanding; he told me he would be retiring by the end of the year, and I was trying to convince him to visit Europe after that (hoping at that time that there would be sweet deals for travelling in 2021) and that I would be happy to show my favorite spots in Paris.

#126 1 year ago

Very sad to hear. Condolences .

#127 1 year ago

horrible news. Had plenty of discussions with him over the years. He will be missed.

#128 1 year ago

This is awful.....When I joined Pinside a little over 3 years ago I could always count on Who-Dey to make me feel welcome and made this such an inviting hobby. He was in every thread and even though I never met him and we only replied to each other in forums a couple times, he always felt like a friend. I always enjoyed his posts. Not because I agreed with every single one but because he spoke with such passion and honesty that you just respected how he lived his life. You could tell how much he loved Ghostbusters and Munsters. He was able to show personality thru text which is not an easy thing to do and very rare. It's so hard to understand how someone is thru texts or emails but the way he wrote and conducted himself it was like he was in the same room as you. It's amazing seeing everyone's posts here remembering him and how so many shared a similar feeling of not agreeing with him but how he was such a stand up guy and it didn't matter. That right there brings you back to the real world in how similar we all are and that we are not as different from each other as we think. The dude was oozing with passion and had no problem being friends with everyone. Pinside will feel lonely without him.

#129 1 year ago

RIP Who-Dey, this is shit news, I always enjoyed your posts. My thoughts go out to family & friends

#130 1 year ago

Sorry to hear that.
A very active member of this community.

#131 1 year ago

Terry and I never met but I knew of him through his posts, that he lived not too far away and that he was about a month younger than me.

Condolences to his entire family.

His passing should remind us all to be more kind, love each other regardless, pursue what makes you happy and take each day as a gift as none of us knows when it will be our last.

#132 1 year ago

My friend.

90922441-75BD-443A-A8B6-3FB0CFCA2F9F (resized).png
#133 1 year ago

So sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.

#134 1 year ago
Quoted from Gunnut40:

My friend.
[quoted image]

I miss moderating him already... I'll use you as proxy

Sorry for the bad joke - I genuinely miss him.

#135 1 year ago
Quoted from jlm33:

I miss moderating him already... I'll use you as proxy
Sorry for the bad joke - I genuinely miss him.

It’s 4:50 am and I can’t sleep. Miss him already. I am going to grab a cup of Joe and play some pinball. Wife’s awake too. She liked him too. He said the funniest stuff. He always wanted to know her opinions on what ever nib game I bought.

#136 1 year ago

R U fucking kidding me !!!

He was a good guy and I spoke with him many times on the phone just talking crap.

VERY sad news .... RIP my friend.

#137 1 year ago

I don't know what to say or where to start .
I'm so shocked , upset and sad .
Who-Dey - Terry is/was my best mate on pinside .
We would message each other all the time to see how each other were going and just talk crap .
One message would turn into 30 or 40 , 5 hours later .
We said if either one of us got to each other's country there will always be a room ready for each other and our partners .
I will treasure all the messages we sent to each other and with how popular he was on pinside , I feel privileged that he had time to message me as much as he did .
I upgraded my pinside account so I could send him pictures , the cheeky bugger found a way he could do it , without doing that .
He had a heart of gold , loved his partner Deborah and Jake , his Basset hound .
I wish I could upvote all the nice things being said but I just feel too flat .
You'll always be in my prayers buddy .

IMG_20201105_201701 (resized).jpg
#138 1 year ago
Quoted from jlm33:

I miss moderating him already...

I was sitting here very upset but that made me have a good laugh .
His tombstone should read , the mods can't get me now

#139 1 year ago

Rest In Peace Who-Dey..
I did not know Terry, but I wish I did! (In fact I do not really know anyone on this site)
I came across Who-Dey's posts a lot and a lot of times they made me chuckle
He contributed a lot to the site and looking at the comments above, he was a great guy.

As we say in Dutch: Rust in vrede Terry


usa_today_9044585.0 (resized).jpg

#140 1 year ago

Just seen this news, in complete shock here! Spoke with him via pm a number of times super out spoken super honest dude with a huge love for pinball and an even bigger love for munsters pinball.

Rest in Peace man!

#141 1 year ago

Saddened. Hoping pinsides shining star finds that silver ball rolling around in heaven and finds a way to post about it.

Who-Dey = pinstar

#142 1 year ago
Quoted from tp:

Saddened. Hoping pinsides shining star finds that silver ball rolling around in heaven and finds a way to post about it.
Who-Dey = pinstar

I’m sure Who-Dey has already found the Munsters Premium in heaven and is jamming out on it as we speak!

#143 1 year ago

Traded quite a few messages with him. We had very similar tastes in games. Discussed work too and how we each were looking forward to retirement. I am sorry he didn't get to that day and I was so surprised to learn of his untimely passing on. A big loss to his pinside buddies and community.

Rest In Peace

#144 1 year ago

Terry and a friend. His Munsters and Metallica pic he texted me last few weeks or so.

1A9DB9A1-0422-4EA7-A1C5-697B0FE88CB8 (resized).jpeg37F78F2A-C470-414A-9D97-A3C920189E75 (resized).jpeg70590D9E-E8DF-4AFF-A10B-9C526E210892 (resized).jpeg9796E5F1-A95D-4544-8AEF-93D1EAA1140B (resized).jpegCEDFB45A-C207-49D9-B5E2-ADEE6D69DAE3 (resized).jpeg
#145 1 year ago

I’m going to visit Debbie this weekend to support her. I will show her your kind words. I’m sorrry Terry would tell me to man up! I miss him so much. I can’t stop crying.

#146 1 year ago

Hang in there Robert! And thanks for looking out for Debbie.

#147 1 year ago
Quoted from Gunnut40:

I’m going to visit Debbie this weekend to support her. I will show her your kind words. I’m sorrry Terry would tell me to man up! I miss him so much. I can’t stop crying.

Please tell her I am so sorry. It’s jason. I broke down on the phone with my boss this am. Can’t help it. Usually stronger.

#148 1 year ago

Terrible news. Pinside just lost an important member of the community. Thoughts and prayers to friends and family.

#149 1 year ago

Well this is sad. Not much to say that others haven't said. He and I didn't agree on some issues but he was the kind of person you can argue with and still be friends with.

We even had each other as friends on our Playstations.

#150 1 year ago

Very sad to hear of this. I hope his family and close friends pull closer together. Rest in Peace Terry.

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