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RIP Norm Macdonald

By dirkdiggler

32 days ago

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    #13 32 days ago

    Man. This sucks. I saw him several times. Funniest guy who ever lived.

    #57 32 days ago
    Quoted from ImNotNorm:

    For any Norm fans who want to watch some of his stuff there's a YouTube channel that was run by him that I subscribed to.
    Not sure if it will continue on but it's a great place to watch his skits and humour.
    YouTube channel is called "I'm not norm" for those who are interested.
    [quoted image]

    Was it really run by him? I thought it wasn't.

    #79 32 days ago
    Quoted from ImNotNorm:

    Norm's passing is worthy of an avatar change. This day really sucks.
    My wife just told me she was trying to get a Cameo.com video of him for me as a Christmas gift.

    My sister got me a Norm cameo a while back. He couldn't have been more leashed.

    #82 32 days ago
    Quoted from Swainer80:

    Hell, Bob Dole out lived him.[quoted image]

    And Chevy Chase... Who saw that coming?

    #84 32 days ago

    I Will Not Eat A Single Morsel Of Food Until Norm Macdonald Is Dead And Buried

    #93 32 days ago
    Quoted from jayhawkai:

    That kind of topical post, plus the t-shirt promos at the end, make me think it's not Norm's (or Norm's PR person's) channel.
    RIP to a legend. I just bought his book last month and haven't even read it yet.
    [quoted image]

    There's an audio book version read by Norm himself. That's the way to go.

    #98 32 days ago
    Quoted from jayhawkai:

    Instead of reading the book or in addition to reading it? I was planning to listen to it later.

    I don't have the print edition because I never learned to read.

    #111 31 days ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Right? That little stare & smile after delivering what he knew was a huge cringer…like he knew he was doing something naughty, but in a kind of innocent way. He was my favorite weekend update anchor. He’d do the same Michael Jackson punchline every week, and you know he was doing it just to piss off Lorne Michaels…it was so funny. I just watched a compilation of it on YouTube….still funny lol.
    He was the the original voice of Death on Family Guy…for some reason he didn’t want to do it again & the role was taken over by Adam Carolla. Stern used the Norm Death clips in Family Guy pinball, without permission. As a “peace offering”, they offered Norm a pin…he was thrilled with it, and even talked up how much he loved the pin on Leno. He was showing pictures of his house that was for sale…the FGY pin was in the pictures, but he said he’s keeping it.
    When I was in college I thought Norm had a perfect cartoon voice…if you haven’t seen Mike Tyson Mysteries, check it out - he’s absolutely hilarious as Pigeon.
    RIP Norm!
    (How did Artie Lange outlive Norm?!?!)

    My sister got me a Norm cameo video a while back and she mentioned my interest in pinball and he talked about how he was "in" a pinball machine as death.

    #115 31 days ago
    Quoted from ImNotNorm:

    Just curious....but how long was the cameo? I've seen some uploaded to YouTube that Norm did that were 10+ minutes. Only an old chunk of coal like Norm could make a cameo video 10+ minutes long.

    It was under 2 minutes.

    I got one from Dana Snyder (Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) once that was over 10 minutes I think.

    #123 31 days ago

    Norm saying he loves pinball machines

    #136 30 days ago
    Quoted from dirkdiggler:

    Haven't seen that one. Will have to check it out. I can imagine Norm's brand of humor rubs a lot of women the wrong way.

    I think he was banned from the View because he kept saying that Bill Clinton killed a guy.

    #141 29 days ago
    Quoted from ImNotNorm:

    Here you go. His level of trolling on the show is amazing! They couldn't even catch on that he was messing with them.
    "I realized I did something unforgivable"....proceeds to pop a mint. LOL

    Wow... That was depressing. I've never seen an apologetic Norm. He's said way worse stuff on his podcast but it's always in the context of some larger joke. I always thought he was above apologizing for offending people and that's why his career went the way it did. Sad to think he got pressured into this appearance on the View. I mean it's no secret that he hates those ladies but they made him grovel before them.

    #150 29 days ago
    Quoted from ImNotNorm:

    First time I watched it I felt the exact same way you did.
    But then I watched a second & third time and began picking up on Norm's subtleties and the fact that he was completely messing with them.
    The mint part illustrates that. There's another part where one of the View harpies is talking and Norm lifts his nose towards her. To signify she's an uppity snob.
    Also....the second clip of the View with Barbara Walters they make fun of him. And then the same day he goes on to reach the million dollar question on "who wants to be a millionaire?"
    Norm was a genius who I will miss dearly.

    I'll have to watch it again later. I know that Norm does that kind of subversive stuff, but it's usually on his terms. This is a different situation where it seems like Netflix probably pressured him into this and he's doing it for an audience that mostly won't understand the subtext. Most people will just see him saying he was wrong and feel like the woke mafia got another scalp.

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