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No one calls this topic a favorite.

By PinballMikeD

3 years ago


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#1 3 years ago

Listening to Paul's Boutique right now.

#2 3 years ago

Very sad. RIP MCA.

#3 3 years ago

The beastie's, especially as a new yorker, were a huge part my life, throughout several different stages of it.

I still remember how difficult, but satisfying it was to memorize every single lyric to 'Paul revere'

They always did everything as a team, and This unfortunately marks the end of their career. They will be missed.


-jon - reciprocal nyc

#4 3 years ago

Tonight with crafty girls I will fight for my right to drink brass monkey through a whiffle ball bat while eating smurfs, space cakes & white castle fries bumping around town in a range rover.

It's what he'd want.


#5 3 years ago

I have 30 tracks on my iphone, listened to them all the way home yesterday. I have every album, huge fan.. I just hope the other two continue on and find a reasonable replacement. Cancer is a bitch.

Mashup artists (like party ben) are going to be doing mixes dedicated to them.

#6 3 years ago

I'm an old fart but liked and respected the BB. Of course my sons loved them. They did a lot for Music and Society. Tragic that MCA was taken away Young but He accomplished so much in His Life.
RIP MCA and condolences to your Family and Friends.

#7 3 years ago

Make some noise if you hear me.. You guys need to check this out by the Beastie Boys. Its 30 min long and has over 20 celebrities in there, you gotta just look for them » YouTube video

#8 3 years ago

My name is MCA and I still do what I please.

#9 3 years ago

"I got more rhymes than I got gray hairs, and that's a lot because I got my share."


#10 3 years ago

Such a shame. I was raving last week about how good Paul's boutique is.... Such a shame

#11 3 years ago

» YouTube video

» YouTube video

Just amazing music videos. They were ahead of their game. RIP MCA.

#12 3 years ago

Huge fan here, and was really sad to hear about it. Thought it was a little weird that he didn't show up for the Hall of Fame induction last month too. RIP MCA. Im sad there will be no more bboys albums.

#13 3 years ago

"Tipping one to my homie"

As soon as I get home from work.


you were the man

#14 3 years ago


Big fan. Went to their Ill Communication concert back in '95 with my brother and don't remember a heck of a lot aside from having a great time in the nose bleeders. Maple Leaf Gardens was smokey! It was hella smokey before we got in.

Back in college, I worked at a nightclub and some of the best times was driving home on the highway at 3:00 am in the morning, barely doing 60 in my '70 beetle, after a long night of bar assisting, sparking up a small j, and cranking Body Movin'. Good times.

#15 3 years ago
Donnyman said:

You guys need to check this out by the Beastie Boys. Its 30 min long and has over 20 celebrities in there, you gotta just look for them

WOW.... Thanks or the link... That was AWESOME..... I have a huge eclectic musical taste and it always seemed like the Beasties were always able to cross from genre to genre seemlessly.... Tough loss here for sure...

#16 3 years ago

Nature sucks,,, the ones that deserve to live, get shorted out of fluke chance..

BB influenced so many artists,, true trailblazers.. no doubt...

I remember in grade 9, I was obsessed with Licensed to Ill.. I dubbed my buddy's BB tape on a double tape deck boom box that I got from radio shack... OMG,,,, lol .. I used to blast "Fight for ur Right to Party" in my room.., and I used to fight with my parents cause they thought I was gonna be a degenerate, if I kept listened to the BB.... haha........

Maybe, it was all the Iron Maiden posters on my wall, (Aces High, Powerslave and #of the Beast) that they thought I was possessed by the devil.. lol

RIP MCA.... ..... thanks bro..

#17 3 years ago
leaffan67 said:

I was raving last week about how good Paul's boutique is....

Noted by many as one of the most influential LPs ever, for many genres. For many years my answering maching had 5 piece chicken on it.


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