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RIP John Kosmal, KOZ

By TheLaw

3 years ago

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#101 3 years ago

Don. You’re going to have to reset those high scores because you’re never going to beat them. When Koz came over to my house for league night, he made a point of setting the high score on as many games as he could. It took him about two games to destroy my high score on BBB. On the other hand, he complimented my play and said that I could dominate the senior division at PAPA. I respected his conviction towards his opinions even when others disagreed with him. Later on, he mellowed some and became more willing to consider the opposite viewpoint. I will miss seeing him around.

#102 3 years ago

so cliche at this point, but.....this year.......FU.
KOZ was a generous supplier of info to this newbie.
sad another giver is gone.

#103 3 years ago

Was very surprised to hear this. I don't know how old Koz was, but I would guess he couldn't be much older than 45 or so, if that. Way too young to pass. We never met in person and our political views were polar opposite so lots of comments being exasperated about the other's views on Facebook, but he was one of the first people when I got into the hobby who added me from the pinball community and was always an excellent cheerleader and promoter of the game. RIP man.

#104 3 years ago

Koz loved to stop over and put up GCs on as many games as he could. One particular day he wanted to complete the spider awards on Scared Stiff. It was the only time I ever saw it completed. Unfortunately I sold the game a few years ago, but I'm sure that score is still on that game.

Here are a few GC scores he put up the last time he was over. I'm sure there are others on my games.

His memory will live on forever as a friend and player. RIP KOZ.

PXL_20201107_162620607 (resized).jpgPXL_20201107_162620607 (resized).jpgPXL_20201107_162722954 (resized).jpgPXL_20201107_162722954 (resized).jpg

#105 3 years ago
Quoted from TenaciousT:

I was helping Koz set up some games at one of the MPE shows . There were half a dozen old beat up games that some worked some did not . I asked Koz who brought this junk ? Koz - thoes are mine ! Me - Ha , thanks for bringing them ! RIP Koz

We had a similar experience when we were techs for one of the MPE shows. We spent a ton of time working on his games .

I was very shocked to hear this. Especially since he was so young and in pretty good shape. We spent a lot of time talking to Koz over the years. He will be missed.

#106 3 years ago

I first encountered Koz on RGP back in the day. I first met him at a Kalamazoo show and hit it off. I helped his team check out and adjust games for the first Pinbrawl as well as scorekeeper at numerous tournaments (Flip Out, MPE etc.) Looking back at PAPA C in 2006 I am reminded of his help. I was in a 2 player tie-break on Surf N Safari against another player (Not Koz as he was not a "C" player lol). The tie break winner plays in the top 4 and is in the money and trophy group. 2nd place in the tiebreaker went home. He asked me if I knew how to play SnS. I said no. He explained very casually where the points are earned and what to do in a high pressure tourney game. Thanks Koz. I need to go down and touch that trophy as a tribute to Koz. The guy knew his rulesets!!

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 12.23.12 PM (resized).pngScreen Shot 2020-11-07 at 12.23.12 PM (resized).png
#107 3 years ago

Being an old-timey-pinball-collector myself, I also met KOZ on rec.games.pinball (many, many, many years ago). We had a number of excellent conversations over the years. He also came down for a couple of my old pinball parties in the mid-2000's.


PHOTO: 2005 Pinball Party!

KOZ and crew (resized).jpgKOZ and crew (resized).jpg
#108 3 years ago

Just read through the thread.

I didn't know the man, but everyone's cherished memories help me feel a little like I did.

He sounded like a genuine, forthright, and giving human being.

Rest in peace KOZ.

#109 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

So sad to hear this about Koz / John. He was always a good friend to me and like others my first introduction to him was out of his big heart / big passion for pinball and an act of kindness. Gosh maybe 15 years ago I reached out to Koz when he ran Pinbrawl at Expo and said I wanted to have my son who was probably 10 years old to compete as a father / son team with me and wondering if that was ok and if he had anyone who hook us up as partners who wouldn't mind a young kid as a teammate. He said absolutely he would love to help and found us Brian and Ethan (probably 12 at the time) Blonder as another father son team to play with. We had an amazing time and made great friends beyond Pinbrawl with Brian and Ethan because of Koz's extra effort to make it a great experience and welcome us with open arms to his tournament.
He was an incredible promoter / cheerleader for the hobby and we will miss his presence even though he has stepped back a bit in the last few years to be with his growing family. Over the years as a distributor and he as a promotor he was always looking for any way to expand the hobby and he couldn't hide his exuberance of the hobby when he spoke. He supported the MI pinball community with his show he started from scratch and that's no small feat.
Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't share my favorite Koz story. We sat next to each other one year at Expo in the Stern seminar. I have no idea why but Koz was just out of it that day - looking a little rough and he fell asleep. Like dead asleep. So Gary Stern starts talking and we are in the 2nd row and he starts snoring. Now Koz was a big guy and he was snoring so loud that Gary was looking over at times and about 2-3 rows of people were losing their shit that Koz was literally disrupting Gary's speech with big honking snores. I kept waking him up primarily because I knew he was a known person in the hobby and I wanted to protect him from any embarrassment he was sleeping and somewhat disrupting the seminar. It was like trying to wake a bear in hibernation... First off he was so big to even make a difference to wake him up I was literally punching him in the arm. He'd grumble loud raise his head then go back to sleep. I think the people around us found me trying to wake him more funny than him snoring. Then all of a sudden after 15 - 20 minutes of this he shakes himself awake in one big burst stands up, his chair get tossed aside and he rumbles out in the middle whoever was speaking. Doesn't say a word to me and just leaves in a disruptive manner. I saw him later or the next day and told him how loud he was, teasing him, etc... and he just didn't give a shit. That was Koz. He was a gentle giant and a giant in the hobby for sure. Your enormous personality will be missed my friend.

I knew john well enough that I took the entire week off whenever he had the michigan expo at oakland university and put in about 60+ years for 4 years straight.
we roomed together one of the first years that I attended to the chicago expo. thank god that was when I was still hitting the bottle rather heavily. his sleep apnea was so loud that my headphones couldn't drown out that snoring lesson learned and I drank myself into a deep slumber the remainder of the show weekend

thoughts and prayers to his wife natalie and their kids

#110 3 years ago

A Go Fund Me for John has been setup as a scholarship fund for his kids, link below.


1 year later
#111 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

A Go Fund Me for John has been setup as a scholarship fund for his kids, link below.

Just wanted to necro this thread, so bummed I missed this as I had no idea John had passed away. I met him at Expo in 2000 and had many lively chats on RGP around the same time. He was one of a kind. I got to see his insane multi-ball skills up close and personal playing H2H with him on a CV at that show, and needless to say he wiped the floor with me. I'd say that session and watching Lyman doing endless 3 way combos on Dr. Who at the same show were highlights I will never forget.

There is indeed, no spoon. Happy trails brother...

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