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RIP Barry Oursler

By Haymaker

2 years ago

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#101 2 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

BSD might be my favorite game.
RIP, Barry.

I can’t believe I was thinking of selling my BSD Thanks Barry for all of the great games and RIP

#102 2 years ago

We’re losing so many great designers and players.

#103 2 years ago

Cosmic Gunfight and Time Fantasy
probably my favorite pins of the early 80s era
thanks Barry O
we will miss ya.

#104 2 years ago

Thank you Barry! May you and Donna rest in piece together.

16455839877131233872803532271533 (resized).jpg16455839877131233872803532271533 (resized).jpg16455840564424159417871956516580 (resized).jpg16455840564424159417871956516580 (resized).jpg
#105 2 years ago

Dirty Harry was the very first pinball machine I ever owned. I still have it to this day. I'm raising a glass and playing some DH tonight. RIP Barry Oursler.

#106 2 years ago


#107 2 years ago

Heartbreaking. Barry Oursler’s games all have a unique and unmistakable personal style - I feel as though he really put himself into every game. A beautiful legacy and a terrible loss.

#108 2 years ago

Rest in Peace Barry! We thank you for your creativity and talent that you shared with the Pinball world. Like others here, I have had hours upon hours of fun and entertainment on games you developed. I just listened to the above Podcast for the first time. I was happy to hear that Dr Who was your favorite and the last pinball that you got rid of, because you enjoyed it so much. I love playing my Dr. Who as well. I will think of you every time I play it. I was encouraged to hear you also mention in the Podcast that you thought a remake with the new Doctors should be made. I was hoping you were working on that in your last job. But it was time for you to be laid to rest and no more cancer pain.

2ad5df092a206a92e0443b07e4ef67aab8983641 (resized).jpg2ad5df092a206a92e0443b07e4ef67aab8983641 (resized).jpg
#109 2 years ago

What an incredible designer, horrible news. Was hoping to meet him at TPF next month and thank him for making Space Shuttle, one of my favorites that I plan on keeping forever. Absolutely a huge loss of one of the most iconic designers ever.

#110 2 years ago

A class act and good soul. And while going through a lot over the past few years it didn't stop him from taking time to speak with others about pinball. RIP.

#111 2 years ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

2022 can fuck all the way off.

Yep. Lost my father and father in law 5 weeks apart. Happy joy 2022

#112 2 years ago

Sad news, he was a great designer.

#113 2 years ago

Really sad news. I had a conversation with Barry just a few days ago regarding my newly published article on JY, which turned out to be his last game. Wish I had known about his critical state. JY has meant a lot to me during 25 years, so thank you Barry!

#114 2 years ago

He really understood what it takes to make a fun pinball - so many memories playing his great games. Rest In Peace Barry!

#115 2 years ago

My condolences to his friends and loved ones.

Pinbot was the first pinball game I played.

#116 2 years ago

This has been a really shitty year already with losses, but lets not all forget how fortunate we all are to have the privilege of living our lives at the same time as people like Barry Oursler. More fortunate still that he was still so willing to share his passion with us all at shows and through interviews.

My first "collectible" game I owned was Gorgar. I've always loved Cyclone, and my BSD is currently bolted to the floor. Oursler games always had a unique feel to them. Trademark sweeping loop around the back, and super nudgeable outlanes that feel like an homage to EMs.

Thanks for the decades of fun, Barry. Rest easy.

#117 2 years ago

Met him at expo playing bsd. Very nice humble man. I will play my bsd today in remembrance.

#119 2 years ago
Quoted from Grandelius:

I had a conversation with Barry just a few days ago regarding my newly published article on JY, which turned out to be his last game.

Hard to believe I've been into pinball for 25 years and in that entire time there have been zero new Barry Oursler games. Would've loved to see him at Stern for the last decade or so.

#120 2 years ago

Very sad news.

The very first pinball I ever encountered was a Gorgar, in 1980/81. I played it from time to time, even if I really didn't understand it. I tended to gravitate more towards the video arcade games, as one did in the early 1980s. But that was the start of Barry's subtle influence on my pinball exposure.

Many years later, PinMAME was a thing, and one of my favorite games in it was Bad Cats. I've always been a cat person, and I loved the silliness of the game (especially that audio clip - you know the one). PinMAME is probably what got me started collecting, and to this day I have a Bad Cats that I really need to finish restoring.

More recently, I had the opportunity to meet Barry in person at TPF. By this time, of course, I knew very well who he was. He and several others (I believe it was Dennis Nordman, Steve Ritchie and one or two others) were signing translights/backglasses at the time, and I lamented the fact that I hadn't been prepared and hadn't brought my Bad Cats backglass up for him to sign. Barry gave me his personal phone number and told me to call him after the show. I did, and ultimately met him at his house in San Antonio where he was kind enough to sign my Bad Cats backglass for me, and also we chatted about pinball and other things for a while. We talked about pinball machine design, we talked about Python, we talked about his TARDIS-style cat tree, we talked about how someone tried to rip him off by inflating the condition of a BSD that he tried to buy. He told me that BSD was his favorite among his own designs and that it was really the one game he wanted to keep around for sure.

I've been hoping since then that he'd have an opportunity to put out another design or several. I'm sad that won't happen, but reassured that his legacy is secure, nevertheless.

#121 2 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

We hosted one of these fundraising tournaments. Very sad to see him go RIP Barry

Quite honestly, it was my most favorite day of pinball in the last 15 years! There were so many awesome moments and memories at that tournament. I was very happy we were able to raise money for him. It really felt like we did something special and also had fun doing it. Barry was and always will be a pinball legend in this player’s eyes!

#122 2 years ago

See you on the other side my friend, RIP

#123 2 years ago

I had a chance to meet Barry at Pintastic, what a wonderful person and talented designer. His creativity has brought smiles and enjoyment to many. Space Station is only pinball that has given me seller’s remorse. RIP Barry, you’ll be missed.

#124 2 years ago

I step away for a few days and we lose another one. Very sad to hear this news. I spent some time with Barry when he worked at Heighway. Picked him up from the airport and spent a few hours chatting about his life and career. Such a nice fella. I'm very lucky to have collaborating on 2 projects with him - Queen and Playboy. Games that were never finished, but the experience was invaluable. Farewell my friend.

#125 2 years ago

BSD will never leave my collection.
I will always love his ramp diverters in all his games.
His Space Shuttle saved pinball for everyone.
Hope to see his unfinished games soon.
I will miss you Barry. Glad I met you at TPF and thank you for telling me the reasons regarding lightning flippers.

#126 2 years ago

What! That is all U can say when I read the thread. My favorite designer passing away. I was saving up my money to buy his next game from American Pinball. I am glad he found his way back into the hobby again after the layoffs. Now he can join his wife he lost years ago and deeply loved. My regret is not having met him and thanking him for bringing me happiness for many years.

#127 2 years ago

Gorgar, Space Shuttle, Comet, and Pinbot are all massive achievements that shaped pinball in huge ways, as well as being some of the first games I seriously got into, along with Barry's other System 11 titles. To say nothing of BSD, one of the absolute best 90's DMD games, and IMO the best horror-themed pinball ever.

RIP Barry, thanks for all the great times.

#128 2 years ago
Quoted from yancy:

Hard to believe I've been into pinball for 25 years and in that entire time there have been zero new Barry Oursler games. Would've loved to see him at Stern for the last decade or so.

Very unfortunate indeed. He had some really cool themes he was working on at deeproot. It’s a shame companies like deeproot and American pinball just absolutely fumbled (to put it nicely) what could have been some more amazing games.

Assuming these designs do exist in some form or another, they could be resurrected by another company. But there just might be too much bad blood in those waters to be worth while trying to acquire that IP and those designs.

We’ll miss ya Barry. I know you’re rocking away to loud music and loud pinball up there. Till we meet again..

#129 2 years ago

Sad news. Cyclone was the game that got me into pinball while attending University. Then the first game I got for my home was another one of his classics: Gorgar.

#130 2 years ago

Barry Oursler was the very first name I ever learned when I started digging deeper into the world of pinball. Back in the early days of the internet pinball database, I remember searching who had designed my favorite game PinBot and discovered Barry's name (along with his creative partner Python Anghelo). I wasn't surprised to learn that he and Python had designed a ton of my favorite games - Comet, Grand Lizard, Bad Cats, Cyclone, Police Force... the list just went on and on.

Cyclone was the first machine I ever played when I was 3 years old. I have amazing memories of playing this game in an arcade with my dad, but I never would have imagined getting to learn about and meet the designer of the game many years later. When I met Barry at pinball expo, he was quiet, friendly, and humble. I had him sign my Cyclone flyer and it made my inner pinball geek very happy!

Rest in peace Barry Oursler. Thanks for the incredible games over a long pinball career!

PS - I think this thread should be pinned for the next week so the pinball community can continue to remember Barry and his contributions to pinball.

9 copy (resized).jpg9 copy (resized).jpg
#131 2 years ago

Sending prayers of peace and comfort to his family and loved ones. I didn't know him personally, but I know that he was a lovely person and made amazing contributions to San Antonio pinball and of course the pinball community in general with all of his legendary games. RIP.


#132 2 years ago

Seems like the family needs some help with medical bills due to some issue with having his medical insurance revoked.
I tossed a few dollars at the fund. Hopefully we can all step up as a community by sending some assistance to his family.

#133 2 years ago

My beloved Jack*Bot, had it about 15 years I think, one of the 7 pins I still have that are my keepers.


273844841_596998538555386_3598805674685024863_n (resized).jpg273844841_596998538555386_3598805674685024863_n (resized).jpg
#134 2 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Barry was the genius behind a third of my collection -- obviously my favorite designer.
My whole heart is sad -- I wish I could have expressed to him in person -- my appreciation for how much joy his games bring to people.
I want to thank Caucasian2Step for his long-form interviews with Barry, where he unknowingly conveyed my appreciation for Barry for me. They are great interviews with so much joy and enthusiasm -- you can hear what a nice and unassuming guy Barry is. He had to have appreciated those interviews immensely.
Barry, thank you for all the joy you brought to people.

Where can one find these interviews?

RIP Barry

#135 2 years ago

Man... f*** cancer. It's what got my dad a few years back too. Barry will always be a legend; he designed soooo many of my personal favorites; too many to list. Rest in peace.

#136 2 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

BSD will never leave my collection.
I will always love his ramp diverters in all his games.
His Space Shuttle saved pinball for everyone.
Hope to see his unfinished games soon.
I will miss you Barry. Glad I met you at TPF and thank you for telling me the reasons regarding lightning flippers.

Don’t leave us hanging, what did the man himself say regarding lightning flippers??? Did we receive his permission to throw real flippers in our games and huck that crap?

#137 2 years ago

I talked with Barry 4 days before he passed for an episode of Pinball Profile. It was to congratulate him on being hired by American Pinball. His wife Kathy has asked that I release the episode, so I will do this weekend as a tribute to Barry.

#138 2 years ago

Episode 337: Thank You, Barry Oursler

Sadly, we lost a pinball legend this week. Barry Oursler, 70, had just been hired by American Pinball and just 4 days prior to his passing, we discussed this, plus his amazing catalogue of machines. Barry was so excited to talk about his new venture and more. With the blessing of his wife Kathy, here is our last conversation.
Rest in peace, Barry...and thank you.


#139 2 years ago

RIP, Barry designed my favorite pinball mech with the DW Time Expander.

#140 2 years ago

Haymaker Can you add the go fund me link to the first post so people know it's there?

#141 2 years ago

Man, this is not what I came here to see... but alas, mortality is a bitch and so is cancer. When he reached out in 2014 I didn't hesitate to donate to help him out and can only be glad that he wound up with many quality years after the fact.

Space Shuttle was the game that got me into pinball, and looking at the list of Barry's creations, they are all stand-outs that are with fun and unique features that play well. Such a shining light in the history of pinball.

Mark Twain's quote "Let us endeavor so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry" fits Barry well.

#142 2 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Haymaker Can you add the go fund me link to the first post so people know it's there?

Done. Thank you, good call.

#143 2 years ago

RIP Mr. Barry Oustler: Bad Cats, Pinbot, Space Shuttle, I played all of those games and still they have a special place for me.

#144 2 years ago

I donted to the fund this morning. Thanks Jeff!
Call me crazy but if they need to raise 14k still or more why don't they sell his Dracula, Dirty Harry, or Dr.Who? from his personal collection here on pinside? Do you know what Barry Oursler's personal BSD would go for? They are sitting on a gold mine.
If anything his drawings or plans of games that were never built collectors would love to own to keep his name alive. Seems like this stuff is always pitched out when it could be great for charity? I would love to own a CAD of a game design and have it framed on the wall.

#145 2 years ago

I just read this. I have 4 of his games: Cyclone, Comet, Jackbot, and Grand Lizard. I remember going to the arcade as a kid pumping quarters into Cyclone and Comet. I got to meet him at SFGE back in 2014, what a true class act! I don't think he gets the recognition he deserves for saving pinball (Space Shuttle) and producing great games. Thank you for the great games. I just played my Cyclone in his honor.

#146 2 years ago

Barry's memorial service was last night. The funeral home has posted it to their facebook page the audio is a bit low it sounds like they're using the camera's boom mic to pick up sound. Working on my BSD as I listen


#147 2 years ago

Ah, jeeze.
Barry was the reason I collect pinball. In 2017 I got re-married after being widowed, (at 65) and I found that Lauren was a pinball fan. She is also a die-hard Doctor Who fan, so for her birthday our first year I bought her a Doctor Who pinball. A grand-slam home run.
Thanks to Oursler's great game, she was over the moon, and I got to itching to fiddle with these cool machines, and bought my first project, Firepower.
30 games here now, 6 of which are Barry's: Doctor Who, Time Warp, Gorgar, Time Fantasy, Solar Fire, Star Light. The ones I love the most...(after Firepower ;-} )
So Thank you, Barry, you have impacted my life in such a great way, and Happy Wife, Happy life!!
Please donate to help - the link is in the first post.
Love to all.

3 weeks later
#148 2 years ago

I just wanted to bump this:

**Barry Oursler GoFundMe: Please Consider a Donation**


Last weekend at the Texas Pinball Festival I had the opportunity to meet Barry Oursler’s widow, Kathy Urtiaga-Oursler, along with her daughter Kelly Urtiaga. It was their first time attending a pinball convention without Barry.

Barry was well loved by the pinball community and made countless contributions to the hobby. He has designed many pinball machines over several decades, including Gorgar, Space Shuttle, Comet, Cyclone, Hurricane, Pinbot, Jack*Bot, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Junk Yard, and many more.

Barry passed away on February 21st, 2022. Kathy shared while in the midst of battling cancer in 2021, Barry abruptly lost his income and his health insurance after the Deeproot disaster. The medical bills were no longer covered and his medicare wouldn’t go into affect until February 1st. They put off as much treatment as they could until after February 1st, but the family still endured hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills.

On top of the grief of losing a husband, this is an overwhelming amount of debt.

PINBALL COMMUNITY: Barry Oursler gave so much to this community, let’s come together and give back to help our own in their time of need.

PLEASE consider helping Kathy and Kelly out with a contribution. ANY amount will help.


274252038_10229882757918130_1039583720462553316_n (resized).jpg274252038_10229882757918130_1039583720462553316_n (resized).jpgR.f8bbd3e743257eec7345a12c6c4ce375 (resized).jpegR.f8bbd3e743257eec7345a12c6c4ce375 (resized).jpegbarry-oursler-san-antonio-tx-photos91 (resized).jpgbarry-oursler-san-antonio-tx-photos91 (resized).jpg
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