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Right Trough Switch

By Spyderturbo007

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

I turned on my DM last night to play a few games with the wife and the report / credit dot thing came up. I went into the menu and it said Right Trough Switch. Does anyone know where I would find the Right Trough Switch? I pulled the glass and went into the switch menu where when you push something it tells you which switch you triggered. The problem was that I can't seem to find the right trough.

Also, once you view the report, does it ever come back again? After messing around with it, the credit dot disappeared. We played 4 or 5 games and it didn't come back again.

Any ideas?

#2 9 years ago

If a switch is not activated for like 90 ball launches, then the machine assumes the switch is broken or not adjusted correctly. On games with hard to make shots, those switches often give a credit dot and are usually fixed by just activating it.

The ball trough is the mechanical piece where the balls rest after you drain and before they get launched into the shooter lane.

The right trough switch throwing a dot and correcting itself is kinda strange in that the ball is always touching it and problems there usually result in the game double launching balls or reporting a drain while a ball is in play. It may just need adjustment.

#3 9 years ago

Where is the switch? I think my game has optos in the trough, so would that still be listed as a switch? I think there are 4 or 5 optos in there, so would this be the one all the way to the right? I'm still new, so my knowledge base is very limited.

#4 9 years ago

Yes, yours has optos and new trough opto boards so they "should" be fine. Not sure without going into a machine myself, but the far right trough opto maybe is the trough jam? Do you remember what switch number? You can always pop the balls out and wave something in path of the opto to see which one triggers that one you saw. Any “spirited” nudging or happened to have the playfield up for some reason before? If it went away the problem cleared but I’d still be checking over connections at the opto boards for the trough and make sure you have good connections on the switch connections on the bottom right of back box.

#5 9 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

Do you remember what switch number?

I don't. I'm going to take a picture of it if/when it appears again.

Quoted from dmacy:

Any “spirited” nudging

I tilted it the other day by accident. I was a little overzealous having Demolition Time lit on the 3rd ball and losing it down one of the outlanes. While trying to save it I tilted it. It wasn't anything crazy or anything.

I was trying to level it after I played it the last time. There seems to be more gap on one side between the cabinet and playfield than on the other. Maybe lifting it up and putting it down so many times jarred something out of alignment. I was having an issue with the level because the inserts throw off my level. I would get it level, but then the playfield posts (Whatever they are called that snap in when you lower the playfield). I've also been having issues getting off the lockdown bar. It's really hard to pull up.

Perhaps all this messing around I did messed something up?

#6 9 years ago

LOL! That shouldn't have done it.

You can loosen up the "U" shaped brackets that rest in the lock down bar receiver so that the playfield is better centered. The brass slotted screws on the receiver can be adjusted up and down to make a tighter or looser fit. If the playfield is up you can turn these screws and see how it operates to make the bar fit tighter or looser.

I don't think you messed something up unless you did the right before you had played and noticed the credit dot. As long as it is reading in test and acting normal, you should be ok.

#7 9 years ago

The trough may have divots starting to form and the balls are becoming magnetized causing the balls not to roll smoothly. There is a plastic insert that can be installed on the bottom of the trough to allow the balls to roll smoothly again. I think Marcos sells these for about 8 dollars.

#8 9 years ago

I'm pretty sure Dave (dmacy) told me that the boards and trough were replaced right before I bought the machine from him.

Good to know about the lockdown bar. I was beginning to get concerned that there was something way out of alignment because it was so hard to get off. Nothing looks out of place, but it really takes some force and wiggling on the left side to get it off.

Quoted from dmacy:

If it went away the problem cleared but I’d still be checking over connections at the opto boards for the trough and make sure you have good connections on the switch connections on the bottom right of back box.

I'll check the connections for now and let things be until it throws the error again. If it happens again, I'll report back with more detailed information.

#9 9 years ago

Trough has the plastic spacer fix in it so no divots in a month or two I hope!

#11 9 years ago

You thought of everything when you fixed up that machine, didn't you?

The wife and I probably have close to 1000 games on it since I bought it from you.

#12 9 years ago

Geez, I'm just shocked you played it so much and glad you guys are having a blast. Good for you!

2 weeks later
#13 9 years ago

The error is back. It came up after me replacing one of the flaky LEDs, which apparently isn't the issue. I guess it's the socket that needs replaced. Anyway, fired it back up and got the credit dot. Report says "Check Switch 31 Trough 1 (Right). If the playfield is down and all 5 balls are loaded the trough board shows the following LEDs.

This is the board closest to the back box:

Jam - Red
#1 - Off
#2 - Off
#3 - Off
#4 - Off
#5 - Off
#6 - Green

Board closest to the coin door:

PWR - Red
LED1 - Green
LED2 - Green

If I remove all 5 balls, all LEDs on both boards are lit. As I drop in each ball, it's corresponding LED shuts off. So other than the light that says "Jam" everything appears to be working the way I would expect. Please keep in mind, I'm still learning how this thing works so I could be way off.


#14 9 years ago

I'm stumped. I put it in switch test mode and removed all 5 balls. Dropped them in one at a time registered all 6 switches including switch 31 which was flagged as bad. So according to switch test, everything was fine. After exiting the mode, the credit dot disappeared and all appears to be normal.

Anyone know why the game would act completely normal, throw a switch 31 error, test fine and then suddenly disappear?

3 years later
#15 5 years ago

Did you ever figure this solution out? I’m getting that error on mine

#16 5 years ago

Actually no, it went away by itself and never came back. Sorry I can't be more help.

#17 5 years ago
Quoted from Maskell:

Did you ever figure this solution out? I’m getting that error on mine

Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Actually no, it went away by itself and never came back. Sorry I can't be more help.

look in the manual on the switch matrix chart and see what switch 31 is and where its located on the playfield.we will go from there

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