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Rick & Morty Pinball from Spooky!


10 months ago

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Post #1081 BS Edition Posted by cmack750 (10 months ago)

Post #1157 More Charlie (from Spooky) clarification Posted by SpookyCharlie (10 months ago)

Post #1790 Fang club information Posted by SpookyLuke (10 months ago)

Post #1945 Under playfield reveal Posted by SpookyLuke (10 months ago)

Post #2109 Ordering info Posted by SpookyLuke (10 months ago)

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#382 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

I bet this is going to kill it on location. Every location.
Will 750 units be enough?


#533 10 months ago
Quoted from chooch:

Whatever price they were considering likely just went up considering how people are tripping over each other to send money now .....

Sounds more like the way stern operates...

I would reluctantly give it a miss if it was from stern, due to inferior build quality essentially. Given it is Spooky, I'm on the list!!

#581 10 months ago
Quoted from ThatOneDude:

LOL, maybe that's the logic that Stern uses to pick themes. Find something that was popular when the majority of the pinball community was shitting in their diapers and wait to release it when then pinball community is shitting in their depends.

Meanwhile Spooky Pinball selects a theme that seems to cause punters from all walks of life to simply "s#it on the floor"!

#784 10 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

After Adult Swim, R&M is a Hulu exclusive. It’s not on Netflix.

In Oz the first two seasons (at least) have most definately been shown on Netflix Australia. Maybe not in other countries...

#792 10 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Then they double the number, which is bound to happen. Every barcade is going to drool over this.

It seems reasonable that if Spooky get more than 750 fang club members ordering a BS edition (No, Not a bull shit edition o-din lol) , then one or other rule would have to give?


"We would remake an entire new rick and morty game from scratch" ... like, a sequel?

I would say for everyone to be happy it would have to go the way of more production and capacity, sooner rather than later. Or else a change to Fang Club policy?

#793 10 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

.... And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid

*Nothin' personal kid

#794 10 months ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Where did the other 50 go?

It's a glitch, in another reality Spooky anounced 700.... also, in another they make 1500...

#797 10 months ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Can I interest you in a cybertruck?

Is that kinda like a cyber-root ?

#801 10 months ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I’m pretty sure a large group of the Fanbase cannot afford pinball machines.

That is true for sure... However, another large group of the fanbase likely can (and may well) afford it. This group probably also gets that the humor in RaM is really not so much about coarse language...

Then there is the people playing them on-site, providing some younger interest in pinball that might not have otherwise existed.

I have noticed this even with my TNA... under 20's seem to walk up to it and play it, when the older machines did not attract their interest. I think with TNA the simlicity and vibe plays a large part, with RaM the theme will do it....

#810 10 months ago
Quoted from BoJo:

It's not on Netflix in the US. I have the app and just checked.

We're not in the US ...

... more places exist, and Netflix runs R&M in some of those places. Easy

#978 10 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

As an operator of every Stern game in the past 5+ years, they should often be used as an example of what NOT to do.
Most recently... don’t use cheap ass screws for flipper plates (drilling multiple snapped off screws is not fun on route) and done use those shit coil stops.
Flipper parts are the most important in the entire game. stern has royally Fd that up for the past 1.5 years.
Finally got to the point that could stops need to be stocked in bulk and we bought a pile of spare flipper plates to make it easier to swap on the fly rather than drill on location

Missing one of the very important factors for many when comparing with stern offerings; My TNA playfield doesn't resemble the surface of the moon, not full of Craters. Same can not be said for most stern playfields.

"Dimpling is normal!" .... stern Craters? ... still the running joke of pinball in this century.

#980 10 months ago
Quoted from ViriiGuy:

I wish it were Stern and not Spooky... And only because I would like to see this table hold up to being Routed.. And produced in larger numbers. With that said, I will be buying a gently used, second hand one, in the next year or two.

Pmsl ... ROTF!

It isn't all that easy to find a TNA to buy right now .... and that is an unlicenced theme without an existing pre-established fan base.

Good luck with that anyway ....

I'm So glad stern are Not the makers of this. If they were I would have to reluctantly give it a miss, based on my experience with poor build quality/materials. Maybe they would make more units.... BUT most of the features such a title deserves would be cut out, removed, ditched; so would just be a disapointment for too many fans (check Star Wars).... Quality and Value over Quantity for this title, Absolutely!

#984 10 months ago

Would be fascinated to know how many new Fang Club members have been added above the old loyalty program, just in the past few days....

If loyalty program members were automatically rolled over to Fang Club, there might already be >750 in the club.... ?

#1011 10 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I don't think so, pretty sure he said on the podcast that was the point of the fang club.. he can't possibly fullfill all previous customers (even though some are repeat).

Wow so that is +200 in 2 days!?

... 10k by christmas?!?

#1032 10 months ago

Evidence of the themes popularity is the plethora of pinsiders now updating their avatar to RaM!

Seems we have to go back to Alien to find group behaviour anything close to this, for a theme....

#1094 10 months ago

This "Blood Sucker" edition vs "Limited Edition" thing really is bringing some confusion/bewilderment at this point. Understandably so.

Hopefully there will be more clarity and explanation about this sooner rather than later.

ie. Can you really Pay to join the "Fang Club" and yet still potentially not have a game available? ... I certainly hope this is not how it will work should demand severely outstrip supply.

I guess we'll find out soon enough ......

#1097 10 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

It's "Limited" to 750 units; not really a "Limited Edition" - there will only be 750 total games.
The Bloodsucker Edition is a version of the game with several nice upgrades rolled in, some of which are only available to members of the Fang Club.

That is the way I was understanding it, however if the numbers don't add up and there wind up being more paid members than games, there will be some pretty pissed off punters. That's all.

The limiting to 750 (ie. LIMITED EDITION) sounds like it has a good chance of causing some headaches for this particular title.

As I figure the only way to know seems to be wait and see. A little concerning though.

No wonder people are confused, the BS edition is meant to be the Limited Edition, right?? ... yet now there are suddenly Two Limited Editions. Makes no sense.

eg. Say 2 weeks after release there are 800 orders. In the first 750 orders 400 are BS editions, and 350 are regular Limited Editions, and then the last 50 (chronological FC orders #751-#800, within the cutoff time for ordering BS editions) include BS edition orders, does that over-ride and push out regular order numbers before #750?

Just looks like it has the potential to become a bit of a mess unless something gives. ... ?

#1100 10 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

The game is limited to 750.
Of those 750, some may be BS editions which have a custom trim package if the customer requests it.
That’s it. Not too complex.

What about the leftovers in the "fang club" that could have paid and potentially be left with no game?

No it does not look so simple at all (yes could well get technical, messy and Complex!) now that there are Two Limited Editions and no regular editions, for an obviously hot title.

Makes no sense.

#1104 10 months ago
Quoted from Coyote:

I believe that the "Blood Sucker" edition IS the "LE". But, I may be wrong.

See, Confusion.

#1108 10 months ago
Quoted from frolic:

I wonder why the announcement of 750 total made? I understand that is fueled partly by what Spooky can manufacturer in an acceptable time frame, but it seems otherwise intended to drive FOMO.
The TNA model seems more healthy. Announce a number you're going to make "right now" and maybe we make more later, maybe we don't.
Throw in the Blood Suckers as the actual LE, and seems like a good plan. I understand this decision has already been made for this title, but I question it.

My sentiments exactly.

#1116 10 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I am not sure why so many people are completely incapable of reading the posts and understanding what is very clear?
750 total games. That is it. No more and no less.
You want a game? Then you should probably join the gang club to have a shot. Sounds like they will sell out and the gang club members have the first possible shot at them.

So you can not order a BS edition (within the prescribed time frame) if the orders have reached 750? ... even if half of those below 750 are regular Limited Editions? . It has the potential to turn contradictory.

Probably won't happen, but could. What if it does happen? ? ... it seems some shit will hit the fan one way or another.

The "Limited Edition" decision seems to lack fore-thought in some ways, perhaps.

#1120 10 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

FOMO is how pinball survives. Stern sells LEs thru FOMO....everything else they sell is gravy. Jack’s model doesn’t inspire FOMO. AP’s doesn’t either.
That being said, Spooky is doing this because they know what they can build in a time frame. They’ll have guaranteed cash to pay everyone for a known amount of time. What they’re doing makes sense for their small business.
TNA was different. That was almost like a bonus game while ACNC was really their main game on the line.

Doesn't mean playing on FOMO isn't a questionable way to go about it.

If there is demand for 1000+ regular editions, why not be using that as a launchpad to expand capacity a little?

.... boutique or not, still there to make money, so why leave a heap of money laying on the table, along with disgruntled paid up Fang Club members??. Expanding capacity a little isn't going to turn them into a hotdog manufacturer. They can still do the same work, and have the same values, and still be "boutique". Boutique does not require everything to be limited edition.

Production capacity may be "limited", that is all. Also capacity is certainly a variable to an extent.

#1126 10 months ago

Indeed Go Team Spooky!

But, there Are Definately aspects (given the theme popularity) that very well could get "messy" and certainly "complex". I'm sure that is not desirable.

I'm hoping that is simple enough to follow.

There are questions that have no answer...

#1132 10 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I think you’re jumping to a lot of conclusions here. We don’t know there is demand for 1000. It’s highly doubtful there will be 750 Fang Club members. Pretty sure anyone joining Fang Club just to get a R&M will be able to get one.
Keep in mind, as with every Spooky game - buyers lose patience. If it does sell out, you’ll see people selling spots or even early buyers selling their game to chase the next shiny. Anyone who wants a R&M will be able to get one. However if you’re worried - join the Fang Club & order one.

I said "IF"!

Yes, It IS possible!

No, that question has Not been answered!

Thank you!

#1133 10 months ago
Quoted from Borygard:

Rarehero summed it up pretty succinctly.
If there are more Fang Club members that want a game than the 750 available, then some will not get a game.
If all Fang Club members want a BSE, then all 750 games will be BSE.
Rob Anthony
Pinball Classics
Quality Board Work - In Home Service
borygard at gmail dot com

That Would be pretty dissapointing.

Would there be Refunds for Fang Club membership, for these people whom might get pushed aside?? ... I certainly hope so.


#1140 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Joining the club is for a poster.
It's a fan club.

Despite this, many many people will join understandably thinking this will secure them a game.

It should be made clearer that this membership does NOT (apparently) secure them a copy of RaM.

#1147 10 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Ok - it’s pretty simple.
Spooky are making 750 machines. It’s a number they are comfortable making. They don’t want people waiting 2 years to get their machine.
All 750 machines are the same playfield and gameplay.
If you want to become a Fang Club member, you get an earlier opportunity to buy one of the 750 machines. You also have the choice to upgrade your machine to a Fang Club Edition for $500 (ish) which will be the same game, with upgraded armour and maybe some other trinkets.
Spooky are clever enough not to sell 1000 Fang Club memberships - or the shit would hit the fan.
PS I have 9 people on the list for R&M in New Zealand. I can’t think of any other new pin that sold more than that down here, outside of Metallica and AC/DC.

Fair points, now getting (after the umpteenth time checking out the website) that the Fang Club Memberships have "in stock" along side. Of course meaning this could well eventually (perhaps soon) read "Sold Out".

Oh well, the Quick or the Dead!

I know it's painful, but thank you to everyone helping to clarify some things for everyone that really are Not all that clear to see or find, and Are slightly confusing.

Bearing in mind also that "international" fang club members are asked to pay US$95 for their membership.

#1149 10 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

why would the fang club ever sell out? If they sell 751 of them great... if they sell 2,000 of them, great. People might actually want the schwag. When you buy a Stern fan club, that's not guaranteeing you anything either, maybe you like the shirt?

Please refer to post no. 1139 .....

See, there is confusion and various "understandings"


#1240 10 months ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

Spooky pinball is a business, that would have to make a profit on every machine sold. Why don't they expand their capacity as Rick and Morty done well could easily sell more than 750 units. World wide into the thousands
This is a license that will appeal to non pin heads.
Spooky will regret this low number in the future.


Was starting to feel like I was the only one seeing this.

#1245 10 months ago
Quoted from russdx:

Trying to get big to fast is a quick way to kill your company, it's a big risk. They already said they are upping from 500 to 750 units with this game. Obviously playing it safe, which is a pretty good way to play it in this industry. Hopefully the next game will be 1000 units etc....
Way I see it any way.

I agree, really.

Even so, it's just that (given the overwhelming intrest in the theme) it seems like there is prime opportunity to potentially expand with a degree of safety (even just a little more)... however that Option is counted out, to an extent, by making the standard game strictly limited Before any production, or even release (rather than undefined like TNA).

I get that there are benefits to the limit of 750 like the "limited" factor, known capacity to produce, or even licence requirements as has been mentioned. But, there can be risks as well. It's fair that limiting the number is a good idea, for several reasons, but couldn't most of the risks of undefined production numbers still be managed to an extent by ending the run or placing a cap later, at an appropriate time (as with TNA)?.

It could be said that "limiting" options can also be a risk in some ways. The only real benefit appears to be the "limited" draw factor. Isn't RaM providing plenty of "draw"?

Having blurted out all these barely informed thoughts, of course Spooky knows their business best, and I believe there would be good reasons and that they do know what they are doing.

I don't know, just saying I find 750 a bit baffling given the theme and interest. But that is probably understandable, since I have limited information - I don't know. Seems like a few are saying they're Pulling Away from JP2 or E3 and looking toward RaM, though, for example. That is pulling numbers from stern however you slice it. New customers, even.

I'm a pre-existing customer. I love their spirit and vibe. I hope for their continued success in what they want to do. I'm a supporter and I have joined the Fang Club!

Anyway, 750 Rick and Morty pinballs it is!

Thank you Spooky!

#1247 10 months ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Fang Club member (international too), so it was the best USD$95 spent.
Got my name down with everyone under the sun to make sure I don’t miss out. Wish it was simpler, but the thrill of the chase is just so exhilarating.
So working backwards on the Christmas 2019 release, this means two weeks beforehand makes it this coming Wednesday (Dec 11) - will Fang Club members get an email to say Yay or Nay for a R&M on that day?

errr, 2 weeks... starting from the release.

If the release is Christmas the 2 weeks goes til early January. Going Forward!!

#1251 10 months ago
Quoted from twhtalm:

Will spots be handed out based on membership number or on response time during the first 2 weeks?

"Sales Launch"(Christmas). For 2 Weeks (to about 9th of January?).

Blood Sucker Editions available as option for any/all of the 750 games, only during this time. Unsure how the BSE Numbering will work, or if this can be chosen.

2 weeks after the Launch, the game will then be available to Non-FC buyers, and BS orders/sales also Close! .

I really hope I have that correct.


Quoted from Fang Club thread.

"All Fang Club Members will get the chance to buy-in on our games 2 weeks before it opens to the public! You can choose a regular game or Blood Suckers Edition, but please note: ALL BLOOD SUCKERS GAMES WILL BE BUILT IN ORDER, AND BUILT FIRST!
In fact, if you buy a Blood Suckers Edition in the first 48 hours of sales launch, your game will even get another special little graveyard ornamental item AT NO EXTRA COST!"

#1253 10 months ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Everyone is going on about how they should staff up and build more games faster.
But what happens when RM is done? Now he has staff he doesn’t want to fire so he’s forced to build that larger number of games going forward, to have the higher overhead, having to maintain that much larger company.
They operate at the scale they’re happy with and feel is sustainable. Despite its current popularity, pinball isn’t a growth industry. Staying small is the smart play - 500 machines a year is a sales target that is sustainable for when the bottom drops out and there’s only demand for boutique games. It’s enough to pay the overhead and hopefully make some profit. Why get greedy?
Think of it like any hobby business that isn’t mainstream anymore. There used to be blacksmiths on every corner, but now horses are a tiny fringe hobby so there’s a small group of low volume blacksmiths. That’s Spooky.

The wild card here though is that this really doesn't seem to be a "tiny fringe" type Theme, unlike Spookys previous themes. "Tiny fringe" is a fair statment though when producing less mainstream themes like ACNC, TNA, RZ, Octoberfest or Houdini. RaM could be made in the kinds of volumes Stern or JJP produce, not a Spooky "volume" theme really.

But still I agree, in essence. Most glad also that it is being made by Spooky. Ultimate!

I actually was thinking (hoping) a week or two ago that RaM was going to be one of DRs surprises. Obviously I was wrong, kinda glad about that too somehow....

#1263 10 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

So how do people think this is all going to play out for game storyline?
Will there be episodes featured as modes?
Will the game essentially be its own episode/ adventure and a completely unique storyline?
Characters as shots on the pf?
I see so many fun directions this could go!
I really hope the storyboard for this has the show creators involved also.

I rekon between Scott and Bowen they are going to hit the layout integration for a Six!! ... but having the authors in on the whole thing would give it that edge, I hope so too!!!

#1272 10 months ago
Quoted from CKrueger:

At first I thought they were making a mistake by calling this table a limited edition and telling us they won't make any more R&M tables, ever. But think about it:
750 units at <=10/week is 75 weeks of building R&M. If they start on January 1 2020 and manage 10/week solid throughout the whole run (clearly not possible) the last table would roll off the line June 11, 2021.
Spooky has said they don't want to hire a bunch of staff intending to have a string of megahits and then have to lay people off when one table doesn't go stratospheric. So, 10/week is their business model, and at that rate 750 total units should carry them 1.5 years. One would presume they intend to keep designing pinball tables, and it's a safe bet that by the time 750 rabid R&M fans have their tables that there will be MORE hype for whatever's coming next.
Consider the options:
1) Limited run of 750: They will easily sell 750 tables with a combination of rabid fans, gotta-have-it collectors, and FOMO. When they're done they tear down the production line and start making their next thing. Nice and clean, and they're nearly guaranteed to sell 750.
2) Limited run of 1500: They MAY sell all the tables. But they have to hire a bunch of people to do so, and suffer the giant HR hassle of temporary staff. No-shows, walk-offs, and staff who are either bad at making pinball tables or are good but take a dozen tables to learn their trade. I'll pay extra for the "Non-Temp Edition", please.
3) Build 750, but leaving the door open for future runs: People will play wait-and-see, like many of us do with Stern releases (like I'm VERY glad I did with Deadpool, and wish I had with Ghostbusters). They might sell 750, but there won't be a rush. And a couple years from now when more people want R&amp;M, their production line will be busy with their newest table. Spooky added uncertainty to their 750-unit run, and gained a PITA later to re-tool to build a few more tables for those that weren't sure they wanted a R&amp;M.
Knowing that Spooky can make 10/week makes this 750 unit limited run a very wise move, IMHO.

Yeah, it is a smart move for them...

Just on the capacity vs staff/employee numbers, it is possible to get *some* capacity improvements without additional staff/employees. There are other ways, of course still with various degrees of costs. Squeezing out a consistent 15p/w, at the usual great quality, has them all done in less than 12 months .... Is the next game ready in time though, if they were to do that with no additional staff?. But also, isn't it partially an efficiency saving from initial cap. investment/cost, and roll it over.

Also, 750 and leaving the door open: Wait and See? ... in some respects why not? ... if they are confident it is a great game, some people want to test first then buy after that without the pressure, FOMO. It can sell on it's merits that way. TNA people realised is a great unique game, eventually, and now demand is still there.

#1317 10 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

I love all the jibber jabber about paying the fee for the fang club.
Because $45 to join is sooooo much money.
You're literally talking about the price of a pizza and a case of beer.
Seriously, we collect toys that in most cases cost several thousands of dollars.
Some of you make it sound like joining the fang club is a financial burden where you would need to get food stamps or eat ramen for a couple months to get your finances straight.
Anybody bitching about $45 isn't going to buy the pin anyways, so who cares.

Would people in the US still be fine with it, the affordability for a "chance", if it was US$95 ... like it is for us overseas?

The cost should have been averaged for everybody I think. US$60-50 whatever no matter where you are.

Over seas we already pay a financial and time penalty, this seems to kinda give the tyrany of distance a boosting slap in the face.

#1320 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

And like most clubs it’s in No way mandatory to join so why the issue. KingPinGames did not refuse to sell you a game? Nobody is Forced to join the club so to speak in buying an LE or CE or other OEM members only product. They created a platform for those Interest (not necessarily invested) in their company and team. I’ll get a game but I would have joined anyway by my choice.

Mandatory to join if you want a game and the incredible happens and this sells out 750 games in 10 days.

This is where it looks like it could potentially get messy, the limited thing. The potential for a run of a very popular and in demand title that is only available to "Club Members" ?

Will these be selling for 20k by the end of 2020? . Who knows.

#1323 10 months ago
Quoted from Coyote:

I would. I like Spooky as a company. I was impressed when I saw their location and was given a tour. Have been impressed by the service and openess of all the employees there.
I didn't buy the Fang membership just to get a lead in the next game. (In fact, considering their previous releases, I was expecting it not to be a theme I really liked, so I the 'advance preorder' wasn't even a benefit for me.)

So you agree it would be fairer if Everyone, including US, had paid $60 and subsidised Overseas Supporters, so that all got to pay the same priced membership?

That would have at least made the membership pricing a bit fairer I think.

#1327 10 months ago

Thank You!. I seriously Am one of the few who appreciates a grammar check!

#1330 10 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

Joined the Fang Club earlier. Can anyone confirm how this works regarding payment? I see you can purchase a ACNC with a 1K deposit right from the Spooky site. How does it work after that? Full payment upon completion of your game? Regular intervals of 1K or so til paid in full? If the stars align, hopefully this'll be my first Spooky title.

Pay 1k and the game is Yours and gets built. Not refundable, but if you change your mind you can pass that deposit/order to someone else.

Once Your game is in a box, pay the ballance. Your game is then shipped.

It works.

#1336 10 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

No problem.
BTW, if people live in a distant land that is ruled by tyranny, they should probably move.

Not ruled by tyrany Lol .... the distance from pinball central is the tyranny.

Would not choose Any Other Place in the world, not even for pinball.

#1338 10 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

That joke clearly went over your head.

Possibly.... but Pinball tyranny is No Joke!!

... err, I mean Tyranny is no joke!

It's all good mate... some jokes just maybe don't translate, like rooting .... either that or some days I get a bit like an australian sheldon cooper. .... just don't get it ?

#1342 10 months ago

No, "ballance" is correct english for me (my country) thanks

"balance" is an americanised spelling of english.

Similar with "colour" ... which you guys spell wrong by skipping the "U"

Same with all those words that are meant to have an "s" but you throw a "z" in there instead... like "randomise", correct!

al fyne eneyweigh az long az i kan undastand wert da messige iz!

#1349 10 months ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

What are you talking about? Both Brits and Yanks spell it "balance."
You guys are bad enough with the extra letters everywhere, don't start making up new ones!

That is only because they are being "re-educated" to follow the "correct" spelling. Definately British spelling of ballance has the double.

You're right though, each region has their own quirks, and Aussies are as bad as anywhere!

Try reading South African "english" sometime!

#1365 10 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Why should anyone subsidize your increased shipping costs because you live overseas?

Why shouldn't everybody pay the same?

Nobody is more *entitled* than anyone else.

By your amusing theory someone in California should pay more for membership than someone in Wisconsin. That is dumb.

I am happy to support Spooky by joining the club, I must say... maybe If I had a money tree I wouldn't be raising the question of the alarming difference in price for a handfull international members.. I dunno.

I'm in the Fang Club since Friday already anyway, so I'm not raising it for my own concern.

#1370 10 months ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

... USA is better...

Typical ... Lol

Some day the penny will drop ha ha

#1373 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Because we are not socialist.

By this logic clearly Socialist within US, judging by the membership being averaged across the US ... $45 ....

But it is somehow not okay to do that globally? ... when as you say an insignificant quantity, means it could have been $50 for anyone on the planet, so that other parts of the world don't need to pay more than double, which is blown out of proportion anyway, as already pointed out.

When you finally work out the value of kangaroo feathers we will charge tripple for you to import them, okay?


Bloody seppos

#1386 10 months ago
Quoted from Crumbalimb:

I agree with you totally.Spookey can absorb any additional shipping cost or whatever the reason is to charge more for the out of country customers.Spooky should be making enough profit from US customers to easily absorb what my guess would be is around 4-5 thousand at the most.
I suppose if spooky put a reason for the price difference their may be a good reason for it.

If "international" members just happen to be getting hypotheticaly one or two special secret extra nick-naks, swaggy pirks or decoder rings? .... well the Additional US$50 becomes fair and reasonable Extra Cost, even expected, you know to help make good efficient use of the super premium freight parcel expenses, and that, and what not. etc. ... ... even like being Glad to be paying the significantly more money! ... More Stuff! ..... wink, nudge lol

#1391 10 months ago
Quoted from wlf_:

Just a thought, if you are whining about having to pay $45 or whatever to join a club, maybe a NIB pinball machine isnt in your budget?


It is principle

I'm already in, to add to the collection.

Throwing money around on random stuff without question? ....

Maybe you *should* inform yourself better.

#1394 10 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The irony of this sentence is strong.

Depends what language you read it in. I supose I should have put one "T" in "better"? Lol

Hey look! .... there is an Adventure Card on the Playfield! , which 10 eps will they be? .... maybe talk about that?

#1396 10 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The only reason it was a problem is you were ragging on someone for not being informed, while at the same time demonstrating a lack of information about the basic rules of English, i.e. being uninformed in a different way yourself. It was very ironic, which made it funny.
Carry on.

Well most of the post was blatantly incorrect, completely uninformed and plain stupid. I'll correct it.

#1420 10 months ago

Two buttons on the Right side of the cabinet.

Will there be a Mr. Meeseeks box on the playfield? ... a target/button maybe?

Given the Launch Button, no plumbus shooter mod, so one of those on the playfield! Lol

#1487 10 months ago

It certainly looks like it could be a pop bumper in the left slingshot...

If it is, that's Awesome!! ... Love it!

#1491 10 months ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Who did it first ?

I don't think "JD" was first. But that is just my impression. Doubt it could be proven either way anyhow...

Maybe they just came up with the idea at the same time by chance?

Does it matter anyway, whom tried it first?


#1495 10 months ago
Quoted from Airball:

If You join fang club then buy Rick and Marty pin in the fang club time line does that mean those will be built and shipped first?

Only if you get the "Blood Sucker" upgrades. All Blood Sucker Edition upgraded games will be built First. Blood Sucker option Closes 2 weeks after Sales Release.

#2115 10 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

Awesome thank you. Just to be clear though, I don't "have a distributor" and although I'm sure most are on the up and up, I'd rather just order from you guys direct since giving some random person 1500$ isn't exactly my idea of a stress-free purchase (hope you understand).
You're saying distributors have an allocation and that allocation already has a set place in line out of 750 based on when they sell it? How many games are gonna be available on the webstore directly?

Here (Australia) we only have an importer (which works just fine for my situation) and as far as I am aware there are no Official "distributors". The thing I am curious to know now that some dealers here are saying they have lists of 30+ buyers, they say they are simply going to order from spooky just like "everyone else"... so it sounds like they plan to log on and somehow add +30 games to their cart and pay +30k deposit in one hit?

I can only assume these games simply come from the limited direct Spooky order numbers?

Clearly it isn't the same as TNA. Starting to wonder if we should be on these unofficial lists.... ? SpookyLuke

#2480 10 months ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

Here's my best guess a the bottom for R&amp;M (with image mirrored to reflect a top of playfield view)... and basing lanes upon the lane switches...[quoted image]

I think the pop will be shielded from the inlane side. Just exposed to the centre playfield side.

Looking at the image from the trailer video, that pop appears to have a plastic over it ... I imagine something still shaped similar to a slingshot "island"... prevents that issue as happens with Cyclops mentioned by LTG.

#2486 10 months ago

When was the last time anyone seen a topic make 3k posts in 2 weeks???

#2490 10 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Hot wheels is coming on fast. (j/k)

Personally for me Hot Wheels does nothing. It will be interesting to compare though....

#2790 10 months ago



#2882 10 months ago

Rick : "I'm having multiple jackpots."

... a HH poke back from Rick?

#2892 10 months ago
Quoted from zucot:

Am I the only fang club person left that never got an email?

Besides the "order confirmation" e-mail after paying more than a week ago, I have not had any further Fang Club specific e-mails as yet. International though, not sure how much differently it works for us...

Gates open at 2am here .... only 8 hours from now

#2894 10 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

NO! I did not get an E-Mail as a an honorable fang-club member.

Been in contact via e-mail? ... if not, it's probably a good idea to send one off soon?

#2901 10 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

I am starting to get really concerened when you will have received yours.

I'm not really worried about the fang club info e-mail in itself, because I have had a concise e-mail exchange direct with Spooky.

If you have not been in contact with them direct, I'd advise you send an e-mail to the awesome crowd at Spooky.... now!

Check the "key posts" and find an e-mail address.... as "international", sending a personal e-mail is a good idea.

#2903 10 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

I dont know (either) if that alert E-Mail we missing is really neccessary to nail in a fang RM order.

As long as you got the "Order Confirmation" e-mail, you are a member. You should be able to see extra goodies when you login to the web store. All good

#2975 10 months ago
Quoted from rai:

How does it shoot more like Houdini or Iron Man?

.... neither! ... I hope! Lol

#3012 10 months ago
Quoted from brucipher:

I have an extra set of blue armor from ACNC (have both regular and blue - prefer the regular on ACNC). How do you think that would look on Rick and Morty?

How do you go with the two buttons?

#3266 10 months ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

$750k day for spooky

+Mil if they're mostly BS ...

#3301 10 months ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

100 orders in the last 8 minutes between me and a friend

Could be a dealer allotment between your orders as well

#3324 10 months ago
Quoted from Beebl:

Your math is off more like 6mil if they sell out today.

The post I quoted was about todays payday. It said 750k. I was pointing out that this is only true if they're All Standards. They're mostly BSE meaning more like a Mil... read back a little further. Lol

#3335 10 months ago

750 Rick and Mortys spoken for in an hour... ... wow!

Go Spooky!

#3355 10 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

spooky website is still showing in stock[quoted image]

I was going off Bowen saying less than 50 left, and the burn rate...

#3358 10 months ago

So, if two thirds end up being BSE... the last to order may still be in for a 12 month wait even with the BS priority,

#3399 10 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

the BSE and standard editions are still available on the spooky webstore for those still on the fence

Both editions will still be available, even if there is only one machine left.

#4022 10 months ago
Quoted from Morinack:

“In fact, if you buy a Blood Suckers Edition in the first 48 hours of sales launch, your game will even get another special little graveyard ornamental item AT NO EXTRA COST!”

Graveyard Ornamentals for Everyone!!

#4058 10 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

It will be a hot seller the first 3-6 months of production or so... then things will fade slowly away...just to many new pins coming out that have potential to be amazing. Just not enough room and money to go around to sustain things.... u will be able to get things down the road for not blown up prices if you missed out today .

A bit different this time maybe. Alot of themes to come still won't have a patch on R&M. I mean, Stranger Things? , seriously? . Just as it is for plenty of other people, Stranger things is a Lame nothing theme for me. Personally quite glad it's going to be chucked together by stern, tbh. Nil interest.

The response to coming themes after this release will be viewed through a slightly different lens now too, I'd say. It's a humour theme pin, which there are not enough of in my opinion. Manufacturers would do well going forward I think, to work at some themes that have Laughter at their core

This would have to be one of the most On Fire topics ever for pinside? ... 4000 posts in 12 days? ... what topic has beaten that??

#4237 10 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

Amen ... rumor has it Stern passed on R&amp;M
bet they are kicking themselves in the ass now......

Maybe not so much... if they'd done it there would have been no lights in the toy, two flippers only in an italian bottom, 3 bumpers up high, on a fan layout, with no real actor callouts and a softwood playfield.... yawn!

...and then it wouldn't have had the hype, and would have wound up as another lame cookie cutter riding merely on a theme and some code. Would have simply ended up being the flop they predicted it would be. Ironic.

Thank you Spooky Pinball for doing something cool and different with a great modern theme!

*Also Thank You Adult Swim for getting together with a pinball maker clearly passionate about PINBALL!

#4257 10 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

It would be fun if there was a "beep" mode too, where the swearing was there but the game beeps it all out, as opposed to "clean" callouts only.

As long as they are "beepgate" beeps from TNA

#4295 10 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Because the inserts for the punch card have no designation there can be more than 10 modes so games can be more unique each time you hit start.

I hope there are more than 10 episodes/modes. Especially with so many seasons still to come, code can be updated to include newer seasons. Imagine 20-30 "included" mode/adventures and you only get to play a random 10 adventures in any one game or "round". That would be frikin brilliant!!

#4325 10 months ago
Quoted from SkillShot:

What does everyone think the 10 adventures will be?
Pickle Rick
Meeseeks and Destroy
Keep Summer Safe
Lawnmower Dog
Get Schwifty
These standout to me, but haven’t seen all of them yet.

All of them, I hope.

#4329 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Pinside now has variant options for all models, even Premium / LE from Stern, which has the same gameplay. There is one game, but the alternative versions show up. I think it is a good thing, allows to more easily distinguish when searching for a game to buy or sell.[quoted image]

But it is not a different model or variant. It's the "head of the queue" option, that is tied to the candy armor package. Oh and a Blood Sucker Plate that probably 80% of all games have... yeah okay maybe Lol ... but will one get a different top 100 place than the other??

Yeah so really the "Standard Club" is actually more like the "LE Club"

#4342 10 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Don’t know why I’d be downvoted. I said sorry if I missed anything, Is there something more I should have said?

Ahhh it's Okay

What we all Missed when starting with Pinside generally:

1. Read More Before posting/replying

2. Top of the Page there, "Key Posts" + "Search"

3. Clicking Username (in a post) gives some basic instant details... easier than postsing

#4347 10 months ago
Quoted from JustEverett:

Then when you complete the tasks the flippers die and all the Mr. Meeseeks (aka balls) "die" because the player completed the task. I'm thinking wizard mode here...end of game craziness.

Do we know how many balls are in this game?

Not including the captive ball


#4354 10 months ago
Quoted from Dano:

The R&amp;M Project Pinball raffle just went live if you want to have some fun watching that sell out.

WOW!! .... the penny just Dropped!

What a way for Spooky to raise some Extra money for Project Pinball!!! ... Hype off the back of this Sell Out Game, as well as the generosity of good folk = Fantastic Boost for P.P.

"Ride those coat tails, Morty."

#4469 10 months ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

All art and printing on the game says copyright 2020. Games start delivering in Jan, 2020. I suggest the change in the Pinside entry. (Mods) robin

I thought the same thing. Putting "2021" on the Standard is stupid. It was released and sold in 2019, as a 2020 title. Why does it assume to say 2021? .... Spooky could feasibly ramp up production a little by mid year? (making the standard game listing Bunk, and in need of correction, anyway). Spooky would only need to get One Non BSE out by Dec 2020 to make that Pinside entry obviously incorrect.

My ACDC VE was Built in 2018, but first produced/released/listed as 2017... Can we get a new entry for the 2018 production of that please?

FWIW there should not even be two entries. It is an armour upgrade with a name, no more "Limited Edition" than the games built without the armour. It is not a variant, just another option/upgrade available for any one of the full lot of 750 "L/E's". They are All LE's, No "standards". Amalgamate them to a single entry.

#4571 10 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I will shit on the floor if this song isn't in there.

hmmmm ??

Well, if get schwifty IS in there ... well far out! that will be S#it on the Floor!

#4590 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Can we start a Rick and Morty club thread now?

Aparently having the game listed in pinside, and people owning them, is not enough...

Also dumb that there's two entries for one game... because of an armour upgrade??

#4655 10 months ago

Pickle Rick moving to hide Underneath the upper flipper...

#4666 10 months ago
Quoted from Manic:

Looks like my kid was right... "today's humor is all POOP jokes"

The "poop jokes" in RaM are merely a surface layer. Obligatory attraction for the kind of demographic that follow the more mindless kinds of toilet cartoon "shows". For the fans whom totally get it, the real belly laughs come from an underlying much deeper level that not everybody seems to follow.

Not all RaM "fans" appear to get the subtle deeper messages, or humor... of course everyone is different

"today's humor is all POOP jokes", I tend to agree generally (and don't get much of a laugh from the mindless toilet humor/sick crap).... but this is what makes RaM different among most of todays rubbish, RaM is much more than just its trimmings of juvenile poop jokes.

#4670 10 months ago

On the portal, I can picture an effective simple way of implementing a "holographic" portal mod at a point along that shot.... and I think it would actually create a fantastic effect and look Awesome!

Possibly two... entry And exit!

#4674 10 months ago

I'd say it is a mag "plate", electro core, that rattles the momentum out of the ball as it "re-enters"? ... thanks to the pickup by Zablon and Lounge.

I was too distracted around that point of the video, laughing at Ricks pisstake monotone quote Lol .... "I'm havin' multiple jackpots"

#4675 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

Cool let’s do this.

Need to see more of how that part of the game is constructed for how hard/easy it will be to impliment... but something about that portal lane/shot/garage, how it is laid out, almost seems like the idea I have in my head is something like what might have been planned at some point in concept/design. Looks like it would fit almost toooo well!

Could understand it being cut due to its potential to blow out the BOM. If it could work the way I imagine, it would look spectacular! ... on re-entry perhaps as well!

Might require the nullifying of a couple of Scotts gazillion RGB lights though!

Q: I assume if you make a shot to the Unlit portal, that the ball still emerges from the re-entry?

Also watching closer, it looks to me like that is more than just a space ship on a spring... does anyone else think that looks like it is animated by a coil or something from below?

#4682 10 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Trying to view the launch video again and it’s giving me a YouTube “Video Unavailable - removed by user” message. Anyone else getting this?


Go for the one at the top of This page... link changed, maybe because of being sold out, who knows...

Without the magnet that fast kickout would send the ball Way too fast down the inlane. The super fast kickout I assume is just for portal effect.

*Edit: NOT a magnet, but is something mech for slowing the ball. Striker plate that the ball is lanched at, for instance.

#4684 10 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Looking at the under playfield pics it shows that it is just a plate screwed in from below.
Not a magnet, just a plate that the ball hits to slow its momentum.

True! ... kickout must be Aimed to "rattle" then I suppose.

Coil up the top is diverter. Can go to garage or loop I think it was. Scott has posted about it somewhere in the thousands of posts.... I think there may also be some sort of coil hiding in there for the ship ...

#4689 10 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

How does the antigravity (magnasave) device work? Is it....
A. Once charged, you can push it to activate the magnasave, where it turn on and holds the ball for a fixed period of time (like 4 seconds)?
B. You charge it up like a battery, and stays on when you hold the button in as long as there is charge while it drains? If you press it for half a second it pulses using just one bar of the charge, if you hold in for 3 seconds, it holds the ball and uses most of the charge.
C. Other

I guess "B"

Charlie says in the video the flooble crank charges the Anti Gravity...

#4699 10 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Pretty sure I read from a prior post that the pin will have five balls. I wonder if it will pre-stage one (or more) balls in the secondary portal trough before or after a game, similar to how STTNG works?

post 4348 page 87

Asked how many balls besides the captive ball : Five

I assume this means 1 in the portal and 4 in the trough.

#4804 10 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

The way they've said they do it is in batches with the distros to keep it fair. So if there are 4 distros plus Spooky, you'll go behind at least #'s 1-69 from all 5 sources which nets you a spot around 350. Someone correct me if I've got that wrong.

I believe it is 2 "sources" (all/any distributor, and Spooky) ... 375 to each.

5 to direct Spooky sales, and 5 to distributors (all) per week. Roughly.

#4810 10 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

i was around order 70 on the site and just got a message that i'm around 350 in line, dunno how the math works out on that. kinda bummed but oh well.

I think the mistake is to assume invoice numbers in any way reflect the order of machine numbers. It probably depends heavily on how long various people had to spend in the cart or checkout. ie. If you spent a long time going through the process in the webstore you could maybe have a Low invoice number but a very Late position for production.

Forget the invoice numbers.

#4992 10 months ago
Quoted from Tiki_Pinball:

I don’t think it should add up. Our order numbers vs place in line do not include the distributor allotment. Or bs vs reg editions.

Doesn't include any of Spookys Own "allotments" either (non website ordered/international), which came out of the Spooky 375.

#5011 10 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

So you ordered in the first 10 online but you're 122. That means they are doing at least 100 distributor/friends up front. Then they're doing like 50 online, 100 distributor, 50 online. or something like that. Only way the numbers make sense here.

People will insist on talking as if International does not exist. Which leads to their confusion .

Calculating delivery by the invoice number Will Not Be Accurate, Seriously!.

Get your Build Number for that.

#5199 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Did anyone here receive an automated email with an invoice attached today rather than the Squirrel / KT email? I paid on Monday morning like everyone.


#5217 10 months ago

Just WOW! .... I assume #750 would be a Special BSE.... but that means <40 Standards!

Spooky Super LE!

#5547 10 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

5500 posts and not one coil count yet!
I'll take a shot at it, from bottom of the PF to front:
Ball trough 1
Ball shooter 1
Left and right flippers: 2
Left pop bumper: 1
Right sling: 1
Right outlane magnet: 1
Left portal exit upkicker: 1
Top right flipper: 1
Left and right controllable drop targets : 4
Centre upkicker: 1
Danesi lock 2.0 uppost: 1
Rear orbit diverter: 1
That makes 16... What a ripoff!

Does the space ship have one? .... seems like something moves it from below, maybe the centre upkicker?

#5614 10 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Given the location and shape of the "traffic cone" that the spring comes out of that's what I was thinking. A really long post would hit it.

I guessed it was working like the bird in Flintstones, but with the flex part as in the flat base of the cone (fixed by 2 offset rivets) instead of a hinge. A small upward firing coil kicks upward causing the ship to "jolt", in this case side to side.

#5632 10 months ago

Paid my BSE deposit invoice this morning direct from Spooky. Havent been told my number as yet, but based on the Australia container being somewhere mid 2020 I would guess an international container block or allotment would fit in between 170 and 250 there somewhere.

Awesome! .... Get Shwifty!

I'm Pickle Rick!!

#5701 10 months ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

Scott has spoken, RM it shall ever be! well at least from me, I don't know what half the damn things are anyway. In my mind JP is joker poker, but evidently not for most of the rest of you.

Yep, and there are plenty for me as well! Lol

SS is Definately Space Station, not Sharpshooter as people always seem to assume assume

AS is Alien Star, not Aerosmith

SW is Seawitch, Not Stellar Wars

#5708 10 months ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Holy shit, I am no dictator... Fuck it, I am going to call it HHP now. HAHA!

RM was too brief anyway ... what happens when American Pinball releases Ravernous Mermaids??

#5736 10 months ago

Unless Hotwheels is a working title for Ravernous Mermaids, RM is simple!

#5827 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

This again? Just when I thought we had moved on from the folks whining about the production capacity....

It didn't move on though did it. Quotes a guy from a few posts earlier calling Spooky "dumb" for rejecting capitalism.

Capitalism is the truly dumb shit Lol

Along with the guy thinking he can run a Boo-tique pinball company better than Spooky does. If you want a capitalist pinball company that only cares about money, then go buy a stern box.

#5829 10 months ago
Quoted from The_Casual:

FYI, you’re still describing capitalism.

Lol .... you didn't read it did you. It's about life and people.... not "money".

Capitalists .... just as bad as the other extremist dirty "C" word. You guys are funny!

#5831 10 months ago
Quoted from The_Casual:

That’s not what capitalism is my man.

I don't think you know do you.

It absolutely is... money... and Greed.

Your post confirms alot.

Sorry, as you were.

#5833 10 months ago
Quoted from zene10:

"C" word?
What's wrong with C-note?

As long as it isn't "The Brown Note"

#5835 10 months ago
Quoted from The_Casual:

FYI, you’re still describing capitalism.
Ninja edit:
an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Ahhh ... so a potentially monopolistic system?.

All adds up here

#5836 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Is this coming from the guy who wanted the USA buyers to subsidize his international Fang Club shipping fees? That would be a better description of greed.

Turns out we had our benefits in the end. I retract any complaint I had about paying more than double for Fang Club.

Thank You Spooky Pinball!

#5839 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Is this coming from the guy who wanted the USA buyers to subsidize his international Fang Club shipping fees? That would be a better description of greed.

Is this coming from the guy calling Spooky Dumb just because they choose not to "capitalise"?

#5841 10 months ago
Quoted from Thenewguy1337:

Is there any news of a gameplay steam? Does it have playable code yet? Would love to see it in action.

I guess they want it as complete as possible.... I don't expect to see anything before NY.

#5842 10 months ago

UNCgump called Spooky business plan "Dumb" which led to an entirely reasonable post by pinzap.... which was then flamed by doers.

I quoted the wrong person as calling Spookys business plan "Dumb". My apologies kermit24.

If we want to get to depths of political systems go start a capitalist v democracy pros/cons thread in "general".

Thank you to Pinzap for posting that enlightening read!

Merry Christmas!

#5845 10 months ago
Quoted from The_Casual:

Your affront to capitalism is just odd, do you live in China or North Korea by chance?

Your "affront" to democracy makes me wonder if that is where you are from?

That was a rehtorical question. Also similarly Dumb!

Can understand you misunderstanding. Understandable, but also odd. lol

The topic is Rick and Morty. Back to topic hey....

#5847 10 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

He sounds like a College Freshman.

Is that really where your College Freshmans come from??!

No wonder they need to be "re-educated"

#5849 10 months ago

Here's a thought: 4 ball lock. 5 ball wizard multiball

-Locking one ball on one side, then a second on the same side. Now two on one side.
-With the post up, locking the third ball in behind the vacant drop target/side.
-Two on one side, one on the other side, post down. Need to "knock" all 3 balls to one side.
-With the Closed Off loop, the game logic Could Maybe reliably know that there are still three balls trapped within the horseshoe?, just All on one side (acknowledging the "ghost" ball in the three high position).
-Post Up (when logic "loses" the third horseshoe ball = all 3 on one side). With the fourth ball, knocking drops does not let them fall or release multiball, unless the balls are All on one side with post up. Then only the Vacant lock will drop.
-When there are three balls on one side, and post Up, hitting the Loaded side does not release, but hitting the empty side lets the fourth ball in and locks it there!
-So three balls now on one side, one on the other side. The game reads three balls in the horseshoe, but logically knows where the fourth "ghost" or "lost " ball actually is.
-Now there is a 5th ball only left to play with, which pops out of the portal re-entry!

Start 5 Ball Portal Multiball!! - by hitting Either target which causes them both to drop.

Success would be: Releasing 5 ball multiball with first Jackpot being to restore the "lost" (Morty) ball to the top portal (before MB end). If you have only 2 balls left then the jackpot ends the multiball, no super jackpots. The One Time there would be an intentional unclosed portal loop. To restore the staged ball from the wizard 5 ball multiball.

Fail would be: Not releasing 5 ball multiball before draining. The game drops the single ball from the horseshoe, then you get a hurry up to restore equalibrium to dimensions and continue your game, perhaps a MB restart chance? .... Portal before time is out or the universes all end! (game over).

I know it might give Eric and Scott nightmares to create code for this to work.... but just thought it was something that could be pretty cool!

#5851 10 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

College professor.

Or pig ? Lol

Aren't there pigs or professors in RM?

"Don't think about it (Burraap)!"

Yeah the topic is RM

"Maybe fixate on that, (UrrruP) Morty."

#5853 10 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Here's a thought: 4 ball lock. 5 ball wizard multiball
-Locking one ball on one side, then a second on the same side. Now two on one side.
-With the post up, locking the third ball in behind the vacant drop target/side.
-Two on one side, one on the other side, post down. Need to "knock" all 3 balls to one side.
-With the Closed Off loop, the game logic Could Maybe reliably know that there are still three balls trapped within the horseshoe?, just All on one side (acknowledging the "ghost" ball in the three high position).
-Post Up (when logic "loses" the third horseshoe ball = all 3 on one side). With the fourth ball, knocking drops does not let them fall or release multiball, unless the balls are All on one side with post up. Then only the Vacant lock will drop.
-When there are three balls on one side, and post Up, hitting the Loaded side does not release, but hitting the empty side lets the fourth ball in and locks it there!
-So three balls now on one side, one on the other side. The game reads three balls in the horseshoe, but logically knows where the fourth "ghost" or "lost " ball actually is.
-Now there is a 5th ball only left to play with, which pops out of the portal re-entry!
Start 5 Ball Portal Multiball!! - by hitting Either target which causes them both to drop.
Success would be: Releasing 5 ball multiball with first Jackpot being to restore the "lost" (Morty) ball to the top portal (before MB end). If you have only 2 balls left then the jackpot ends the multiball, no super jackpots. The One Time there would be an intentional unclosed portal loop. To restore the staged ball from the wizard 5 ball multiball.
Fail would be: Not releasing 5 ball multiball before draining. The game drops the single ball from the horseshoe, then you get a hurry up to restore equalibrium to dimensions and continue your game, perhaps a MB restart chance? .... Portal before time is out or the universes all end! (game over).
I know it might give Eric and Scott nightmares to create code for this to work.... but just thought it was something that could be pretty cool!

For mods... a holographic of the spinning portal, on the portal lane/shot, so that the ball disapears into it would be a bit speccy if done well!.

Activates only when the portal shot is lit.

Who out there is into doing the quality digital/displays/video kinds of mods?

Also is there any way the Portal Gun could ever indicate the current dimension, in the game being played? ... a mod to replace the sticker with a little display?

#5856 10 months ago
Quoted from Iwasthebruce:

You mean Communists, right? Lol

"Well, I was aiming for Cronenbergs, Morty .... but er, whatever the people want to fill their imagination with is (BrRRaurrP) fine. Don't worry about it."

I'm sure capitalism isn't really as bad as it looks....

Rick and Morty has lots of imaginary concepts, as does this amazing thread! . Fitting really, and even in some ways, on topic

#5857 10 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

I wonder if three balls can fit between the drop and the post?

Good point, I kinda wondered that too.... looking at the placings of the opto cut-outs, it looks like there would be room.... ?

#5859 10 months ago
Quoted from Mitch:

This has been covered by spooky. It can but there are no optos for a third ball on one side so the game would lose track of the ball and not work.

Well true, but there does not need to be an opto there for logic to be able to determine that there is a third ball on that side (given the right conditions), as described in the 5ball theory.

That is why I posed as a question, "reliably"?

With drops locked up, it is a Closed System. If there Were three balls being detected, then one gets knocked to the other side, the logic assumption is that All 3 are now on the same side (unless of course optos are playing up, which is a problem anyways). So two balls only are being detected now, with the software/logic "knowing" that the third ball is there but obviously not detected (hence trapping it with the pin to ensure it Stays there, while 4th ball is locked).

So, the software Raises the post to ensure they stay there, flagged as the one side definitely having three balls. On to next phase: Lock 4th ball in vacant side.

Yes, it would require a pretty specific sequence of shots to be able to set it up, for the software to "know". Confined to a "mode" even... hence proposing it as a Wizard "mode".

Just throwing ideas out there

#5863 10 months ago
Quoted from fnord:

I like the theory but I don't think you can rely on it. I can see the one ball not getting knocked over completely, maybe it just makes it to the top of the horse shoe, the computer thinks it's gone over. It then drops the Target on the "empty" side. With the target down the third ball dribbles out making it think the 4th ball entered the horseshoe and the whole thing is off.

That isn't fully the theory I was writing out there though, not quite. The vacant bank drop must Not be allowed to drop at all, untill After 3 ball a side pin is raised, and time confirms it after pin raises. Then and only then can the vacant bank target drop when the 4th ball is aproaching. Lock side drop is forced to stay up if it is hit (or maybe not, as a kind of "fail"). This is what I meant by "closed system", if the drops are forced to stay up untill after three balls on one side is "confirmed" (by time, allowing for "dribbles"), then the situation you describe is no longer possible really.

Considering the scenario, as you describe; If that happened it would pass the empty side optos anyway (in the outward rolling sequence, thereby potentially "knowing" (with code) that the ball did not go all the way or stay there (get captured there 3up). But the key thing is the vacant drop not being allowed to drop until after this "confirmation delay". So, the code should not be allowing the "vacant" target to drop at all until the third ball being on the other side is Confirmed (by "time"). After x seconds the pin is raised. Still no empty side optos triggered during a given time?, THEN after this next time period allow vacant drop/lock to become open when the 4th ball now aproaches it (long opto).

I think the "almost made it" ball behaviour can well be acounted for, I think. Might involve some fancy code though

If it can't be reasonably done then it can not be done. Can't hurt to throw the thoughts out there anyway

#5972 10 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Keep in mind that the drops are stock parts so they can't be locked in the up position. But they can drop and immediately reset, so that's basically the same effect.

They can certainly be made to "not drop". The opto in front can trigger "up" solenoid before the ball even hits the target. It does not have to be dropped for the raise coil to be able to "force" the targets to stay up. So they definately can be locked or forced to Stay in the up position, in that way. This can even be done with plain drops that do not have the auto drop feature (providing there is a switch in front of it).

#5981 10 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

We'll need Spooky to chime in on how the drops work, forced to stay up or drop and immediately reset. But either way the locked ball could be knocked to the other side.

Remember, one of the things different about DL2.0 compared with TNA is that TNA does not have an opto in front of (before) the first target. It is this long opto that makes it possible to have the target "forced up" (before the ball actually strikes it).

Not sure what you mean about "EOS switch like a flipper coil"? ... unless you mean a switch to show position of drop... but all drops, even basic type, have a switch to indicate if target is up or down...

#6014 10 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Yes, that’s actually a good point, especially this early in the release.

The ideas topic has its pro's though. This thread is so very long and covers such a wide range of topics (some not even relevant), more specific topics that aren't 100's of pages deep does make things easier some ways. There is a mods thread as well, but code/game ideas is still a kinda different thing. If people want to they will use it, if not they won't.

#6017 10 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

At least until Pinside lets us start the Owners thread

Scott has started the official thread. It has just been locked until he gets his game, or the first one is delivered at least.

#6019 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Are they starting from the real first one or the first pinsider one?

This one:

Entirely appropriate!

#6027 10 months ago

To be remembered as "That time when Spooky nearly broke pinside!"

#6064 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

."You gotta put the pinball deep inside your butt Morty"

" ... When we get to customs, I'm gunna' need you to take these seeds into the bathroom, and I'm gunna' need ya' to put 'em waaay up inside your butthole Morty.... put 'em waaay up inside there, as far as they can fit!"

"Awwww geez, Rick!"

With the clip playing to start the mode! Lol

Or could be an Alternate reality/dimension mode... where Rick is trying to do the Seed smuggling.... but every time a Seed goes in there it Falls Right Back Out again! Lol

#6131 10 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

I wonder how you select your morty for each adventure. What does your morty enable/disable? Does the morty effect things the same way or different to the dimension? Maybe if you sync your morty with the dimension you get better awards?
Hoping for 100 mortys and 50 dimensions. Wishful thinking?

100 Mortys, 50 Dimensions, 30 Adventures, and a Dozen Ricks x Infinite Mr. Meeseeks !

#6175 10 months ago
Quoted from TherealDroopy:

I had never heard of this, might not be to hard to implement.[quoted image]

This is also the principle used for Pinball2000, as well as the Theatre in Dialled In. My bet is (by the arangment of the garage) that this could have even been something that was being considered for inclusion in the game. The garage arangment is conducive to having a Portal graphic spinning in the actual playfield portal. Easy to see how it could blow out the BOM though as well.

Would we want a holographic portal if it were at the expense of the spectacular RGB lightshow?

Especially if it can easily be modded in later by those whom really want it.

#6181 10 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Can someone please get harryhoudini on this?

I did send a PM... it could probably do with a little diagram for the mod thread too...

*edit: Added a diagram to mod thread-

#6190 10 months ago


Quoted from TherealDroopy:

Not wanting spooky to sacrifice what they have, not saying that at all. Im thinking it would be easy for us to do if we wanted. My plan is play the crap out of it and look for ways to make it my own.

Didn't really mean you were saying that

More answering question and adding broader comment.

Just exactly as you stated though, one might guess that Spooky took this same view, if they Were considering something like this. It is something that can be left up to modders that want it. An option that, if excluded, would not take anything major away from the ball interaction or gameplay. The RGB sacrifice comment was a rehtorical question really I suppose. If I had to choose factory Holo-Portal or More RGB, I'd still go More RGB.

I'll still add a mod like this as well, though!

#6215 10 months ago

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!

#6252 10 months ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

i can barely remember yesterday's productive excitement of imagining the portal mod .....[quoted image]

Link to the mod thread, Animated Garage Portal

#6325 9 months ago

So listening to the interview it is now clear that the portal trough has the ability to (mechanically, switches) lock balls. Unclear how many, but safe to say at least 1.

#6330 9 months ago
Quoted from monkfe:

I thought he said it didn't, but might in the future?

Can't change mechanics once the game is produced. ...

Just saying, Scott stated in the interview that the trough CAN (potentially) lock balls. In a mechanical sense, meaning there is more than one switch in there. I don't think it sounded like he meant it was already coded in... just that it is a posibility.

#6332 9 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Sorry, haven't been able to keep up with this thread. Can someone point me to an image where you're seeing this? I'm not following where people are talking about.

In the Key posts, some of the first images released give a reasonable view...

219ea97e423e3d202df9a78b5d06093e479283c1 (resized).jpg

6daeac23025d75d3f02cb3fe85800b61dfaff74b (resized).jpg

#6351 9 months ago
Quoted from TherealDroopy:

From the podcast it sounds like the callouts and ability to adjust randomness of vulgarity is going to be great.

Love how the "Family Mode" or "vulgarity" setting is a Percentage! ... and sounds like it can be turned on and off by simply opening the coin door and hitting the start button.

#6364 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

If the garage floor is makes one wonder about a projected image...otherwise they could save money and make it not plexi, just no plexi. What does Spooky have planned?!?

Indeed, dreaming up possible mods for the portal might be irelevant if the production game turns out to have something like this actually incorperated anyway...

Also the idea I had doodled up there is for a Reflected image. Not a "Projection", nor "4D" (whatever that is). The Reflection appears in "nowhere" space (over playfield "portal" hole), a bit like a hologram but not. Just a reflection of the garage ceiling (which the player does not see directly).

#6463 9 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

How would the game know you’re bricking shots? The only way a game knows how to respond to anything is by switch hits.

Immediate precursor to the ball search of shame! ... Easy!

#6646 9 months ago

Some of the seps in here really get the cackles going!

Oblivious! ha ha

#6667 9 months ago

When did this become the stranger things thread??

Ohh yeah.... trolls. Soz

#6669 9 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Yep, no matter how incomplete they are, they keep pushing them out.

Heeeey, take it easy there.... flippers work, slings, trough, launcher, theme .... that's complete enough to site isn't it?.

#6748 9 months ago
Quoted from JustEverett:

I have always thought that guy is hilarious. His tone fits the EM Dungeon theme imo.

I like the segment. I find it interesting. It also demonstrates a degree of eloquence that I can appreciate, and which is unfortunately lost on too many people these days.

#6823 9 months ago
Quoted from mbasnight:

Man I’m sad that mirror blades aren’t a default add on. Guess I’ll be screwing them on myself!

Mirror blades with a couple of bits of planet or portal art on them...

#6878 9 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Because as you said everyone dislikes it .
This is one of the most stupidest things I've ever seen posted on pinside and I have seen a lot of stupid shit .

Hey c'mon.... that's a big call Lol, stupidest?.... have you seen some of the stuff on here mate??

#6894 9 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

This would be a much more interesting conversation if we weren't.

I thought we were talking about hooters? ? Lol ... and real vs fake ?

There's an idea! .... an option for a pair of Real Hooters!

#6897 9 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Sorry couldn't help my self , any excuse .[quoted image]


Nice buttons on that shirt though! Lol

Back to horns... I mean hooters.... errr, I mean knockers! (Buuarrrp!!) , Morty.

#6997 9 months ago
Quoted from melumga:

Any official word on whether there will be a co-op mode?

Co-op mode is awesome!, I hope it is included eventually.

#7002 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

If I remember right, co-op mode isn’t included with this pin. Not sure of the reasoning, but I think this was mentioned by Spooky.

Adding to this (from memory)... not included, but no reason why it couldn't be implimented. Not ruled out, but not on the drawing board at this stage either.

It makes sense to focus on the essential game code first.

#7004 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

They made it sound like it wasn’t included for a reason...something with the way the game was meant to be played maybe? Not sure. Really, co-op mode is really easy to program. It’s just essentially more balls per game, just split between multiple players.

Reason was, I think, that TNA and ACNC were more linear, or something. I think from memory it was specifically Not counted out anyway, for RM. Maybe it is undesirable to have co-op breaking "continuity" for this specific game. I don't know really.

Hence my original post... " I hope co-op finds its way in there" kinda thing.

People playing our TNA love the co-op/teamwork mode, as opposed to the competition. It gets used alot!

#7006 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

They could just make a 6 or 9 ball game and everyone plays 3. Not sure what the normal max is.

Also the co-op feature allowing team vs co-op. But I guess as you describe we can do that manually as well, even on most modern games. Set balls per game to 6 then start a 2 player game. Player 2 and player 4 alternate in the P2 game, giving them a "co-op" score from 3 balls each, vs players 1&3 as P1.

#7052 9 months ago
Quoted from KingofGames:

Aaand that's the way the news goes.
Are we "collecting" catchphrases?

... collect at the "Rick" target , "Lionman! ... or, whatever."

... or maybe that one will come out when H.S. entry is "JUSTIN R" ? Lol

#7078 9 months ago
Quoted from scruffypinball:

I’d really love to see a streamer that isn’t jack danger or buffalo do a reveal. Spread the love! Is there anyone else in Wisconsin/Chicago?
Edit: not that I don’t love watching their streams!

I'd much rather watch Bowen Eric and Scott do the first gameplay video, for my preference.

17th of January 2020 at 16:20 .... cos I rather not get up at 04:20 in the morning to indulge Lol

#7103 9 months ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

If I've learned one thing, it's that before you get anywhere in life, you gotta stop listening to yourself.
Good for you, Hilton, maybe if someone had actually answered my question I wouldn't have come to that erroneous conclusion.
But I still wonder, now, how they're going to reconcile build order numbers with all Standards being built last. Not that the resolution really matters, but that particular horse I do not consider dead. It's a straightforward question. I did email Spooky about it and the response was a non sequitur and didn't answer the question. Much like every time I've asked about it here.
It is funny how easy it is to rile some of us up (e.g. not even trying, just asking a question). If it was made clear somewhere and I missed it, please feel free to point it out. I feel like I should be the one using the emoji.

I didn't think it was rocket science? .... you know, start at 1 ... then through to 749.

Wait though, it starts to get Heavy right here: Then, All the BSE are first to be built, begining with No.1. Then when All BSE are built, then the numbers following that are the Standards.

But then all people can do is complain that it's taken a couple of weeks to get the numbers of the machines sorted out. Sheesh, 1st world problems hey!!

Imagine how much whinging there would be if some of these people missed out on something important or life saving!!

#7114 9 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

That is interesting as there was someone was going off in the other thread that the artist from the show did not work on the art for the game and was why the colors were wrong and that the art seemed random. I'd say if they stated it was the actual artist, it was him.

I didn't know there was two RaM threads blowing up!? lol

What is this other thread?

#7161 9 months ago
Quoted from cmack750:

#545 through #550 are all Standard Editions. Again, all will be built after the BSEs.
My GUESS is that standard Editions will be built in spot number order as well, just after the BSEs are done.

Maybe... do you mean they will have the build numbers reallocated to reflect being after BSE?

My GUESS, is that the standards would have been shuffled to the last build numbers...

I mean, if this is Not the case... then why would such delay be needed in letting people know what their numbers are? ... If numbers were not being re-alocated to suit build order, then I can't see any reason why anyone placing their deposit would not have been able to know their number straight away.

I havn't been informed of my build number yet (not that I'm bothered, deposit paid, container sometime after mid year).

I'm interested to know my game number, but nothing to do with time. I'll find out eventually.

#7216 9 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

So we could also have a “Kirkland” Meeseeks lit shot... So cool![quoted image]

... and he divides your shot scores!! Lol

#7220 9 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Great integration as the meeseeks want to fulfill their task and die ASAP. So I'm guessing you need to hit them quickly for more points and if you wait too long they change color to let you know they've been around too long and will be worth less points.

.... and maybe not only worth less points, but they might not be able to be simply "left lying around". Like, you still NEED to collect the salty meseeks... or else they multiply, to become a playfield full of low scoring Pissed Off Meseeks shots!!

... the more there are the more the shots are divided and the worse the situation gets. Perhaps ONE of the salty meseeks shots (the original?) Completes the meseeks "request" and makes All of the pissed off meseeks cease to exist.

#7252 9 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I just want to know if it is going to ship with the projector.

What projector?

A projector would suck balls for a portal. It requires a solid screen to put the image onto, and the ball couldn't pass through.

I hope to see a reflection of the portal. At least then a ball can disapear through/into it!

The lightshow for the portal sounds like it could be quite good though!

#7291 9 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

No,Doc,I'm not assuming anything!!! Charlie from Spooky previously said they are building 2 pins a day!! I don't extrapolate what words are used,just trust to the basic language thats correct!!If anybody has definitive answers and knows what the f... he's talking about,then,don't crawl up my ass and state it here,or be quiet!!

Errr .... On Average mean anything to you? .... or a little thing called Context?

What you ARE doing is misquoting... or repeating a selection of someones words, Out of Context!

Happens a bit on pinside

#7292 9 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Displate is great. Have a great selection and search feature. They didn’t have anything for Attack from Mars but I got this one close enough.
[quoted image]

That somehow reminds me of Ned from Raza!

#7295 9 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Are you just assuming Spooky is making 2 pins a day based on their 10 pins per week estimate?

...and in this case 2 is wrong as well anyway, since there are 7 days in a week... so instead of saying 2 each day, saying 1.428571428571429 pins per day (on average) would at least be kind of correct

#7299 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I assume that hawkmoon isn’t being 100% literal. I think it’s a humerus way to pass time until people get their game. IMO.

I was commenting on the false information, essentially misquoting Charlie. Calling out that "building 2 pins a day" as a standalone quote, is basically wrong. That particular post was in a Serious tone, not humorous.

#7426 9 months ago
Quoted from metallik:

RZ is the only music pin I own that didn't need an audio upgrade.

The sound system (and sound of) TNA is absolutely phenomenal!. We all Love it here! ... Second to None!

It's also going to make Rick and Morty Pinball sound Awesome!!

It is all so Exciting!!!

#7429 9 months ago
Quoted from P1nhead:

I was curious why someone would down-vote Charlie's explanation of his production model (even if quoted by someone else).
Apparently when you attempt to quote a post without original text that was nothing more than a quote of someone else's post it will not include the post. I was attempting to follow the rules of attribution (and make it easy to follow because no quote or attribution was there, then people would be asking what post my reply was in reference to).

Downvotes are about the post, not the quote. The posters comments are no longer there.

#7564 9 months ago

Quote from Rick in the show:

"I always wondered how plumbuses were made!"

#7569 9 months ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

Does the game come with a pin-plumbus-holder?
I did notice this game does not have a spooky sub box of death inside. I’m sure it still sounds great just not TNA booming. Anyways. I had a great mod idea. Microverse sub box. More like the one in the first miniverse. Green glowing. Solid glued plexi and a plate on the end for hookups.[quoted image]

Hopefully the machine has a Plumbus Docking Bay!

2020-01-12 15.51.44.png

'You know, Morty... it goes in the bill slot so (BuuuaRp!) the owner gets Free Play when they stick their plumbus in there! . Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!'

#7570 9 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Who's going to be the first to post
" I saw 50 new posts and thought there was going to be some news but it's all talk about flooblecrank , when are they going to show some game play. "

But now we've already moved back on around again to plumbuses!

... and pretty soon I guess things could even start to get a bit ... Schwifty in Here!!?!

#7573 9 months ago

Has this thread been a "hot topic" the entire time it has existed? ... over 5 weeks?