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Rick & Morty Pinball from Spooky!


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#1085 4 months ago


#1204 4 months ago

Am I the only person who’s never heard of R&M?

#1585 4 months ago

Hopefully Stern will show something regarding ST before I need to decide.

I’m not attached to R&M at all but if it’s great game (Scott rules) then I’m super interested. I think Scott brings a lot to the table and fighting as an underdog helps that. The whole David and Goliath thing.

#1616 4 months ago

One thing I’m not super up to date on RM but have watched 3 episodes thus far. But to me this would be a good theme to have some zany mode like I just saw was in an old code of SW (midnight madness) maybe it didn’t make sense in a SW pin because it was just out of place silliness but in a pin such as RM hopefully it’ll have a lot of code nuggets.

#1778 3 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Joined the club and hoping this will be my first Spooky pin! After reading through this thread (well skimming a bit), one thing I was surprised to see were the posts from SpookyLuke. The fact that a pinball company is willing to participate in a conversation with their fan and customer base is just fantastic! I’m just use to JJP who keep their customers totally in the dark. Anyway, hoping R&M lives up to the hype!

Can’t say what will happen with RM but with TNA discussion with Scott had led to code implantation. That’d never happen with Stern.

#1785 3 months ago

I don’t understand the numbering system. I joined yesterday AB-1604

Does that mean already 1604 people in the club?

I’d rather have a mug or a hat than a poster btw.

#1806 3 months ago

67CAED26-0DB3-43E5-868D-B67783001D34 (resized).jpeg

#1834 3 months ago

who's on the code?

#1843 3 months ago
Quoted from Borygard:

Eric Priepke

Did he do CCC code?

#1855 3 months ago

I never saw it before the announcement (not sure if I even heard of it).

#1861 3 months ago

hello Spooky guys, when the game is revealed (for preorder) will there be gameplay video and rules outline and such? Because it's hard to buy without playing a pin but this seems like might have to be the case. I would just like to know as much as possible when it's able to be revealed. Thanks.

#1866 3 months ago
Quoted from mtdouble:

YES we will show the game before we actually open sales. We don't believe in selling a game the customer can not see first.

I see, but wanted to know if we will see gameplay video (rather than just picture of the game).

#1889 3 months ago

14. Last but not least i doubt cartoon network will allow us time to put a whole gameplay stream together but we will get video of the ball rolling through features and show video and call outs as they are obviously a huge part! Full pictures of entire game also.
Hopefully this answers most of the questions! Trying to read them all but there are ALOT.

Quoted from delt31:

Charlie - I know you said we'll see the game before it goes up for sale. Will that be a video or just pics? Hopefully the former.
I'm now middle season 2 - show is fantastic. Tiny Rick!

See above posts. May not get a lengthy stream. But hopefully Spooky can make a video of gameplay. Not just one shot here and there like the teaser video of JP where it just shows solitary shots.

There has to be a midline between a mini teaser video with one shot going in one feature at a time and a full live stream. Hopefully we can get a good feel of real game play and an overview of the rules.

I’d like a video presentation by Scott as well as the rest of the team. This is their chance to take a bow also.

#1929 3 months ago
Quoted from schwarz:

Surely a pic from the underside of the pf wouldn't stir anything up with the cartoon network.

4B8ECDF8-C6C2-49AB-AB12-E2E07E0D0419 (resized).jpeg

#1935 3 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

I saw that, but I wonder how many folks are going to think it is legit leaked pic?

Just kidding around you guys are sharp.

#1968 3 months ago

I honestly can’t make heads or tails of the underside of a PF.

#1973 3 months ago

Less lights than TNA?

#2014 3 months ago

Is it true not two standard slings??

#2125 3 months ago

can someone remind me how fast did ACNC sell out??

#2156 3 months ago

I bet this pin is virtually unknown outside of Pinside. I don’t think regular RM fans although millions are in the same Venn Diagram with pinball buyers. I mean it’s one thing to watch a show but another to spend $7000 on a pinball machine.

I’d bet this is not an instant sell out but will sell out in a few weeks or months.

I realize Metallica LE sold out on first day with extenuating circumstances but most others even GB took a few days to sell out and that was with flippers. Not sure how many flippers are still in force. Wonder if anyone got burned trying to flip Munsters or BK.

There is saturation with lots of great titles out now or shortly.

RM plus Spooky is a bigger draw to me than Stranger Things + Stern. But a lot of people will go ST I’m sure and will get it way sooner.

I like Spooky even tho it takes longer but they don’t rush and don’t cut corners.

#2204 3 months ago

What’s a memory leak?

#2349 3 months ago

I’m trying to find an example where a game sold out Instantly.

Metallica LE did where there was confusion with people getting valid orders revoked because dealers didn’t get the allocation they were promised?

TWD where the premium was not announced until later so people were fearful there might not be a premium. But it was super probable there would be a premium.

GB LE sold out very quick if I’m not mistaken.

MM remake LE sold out fast too but people were able to get refund and many did because of long delays. Now Spooky wisely has a non refundable deposits.

#2358 3 months ago

MM LE remake was in demand initially but then there was a regular edition announcement so no one was as afraid of missing out altogether also since MM had many months delay a lot of people gave back their LE reservation.

#2361 3 months ago

I’m curious when it is announced to Fang club. Will it have a link to order? Also is it preferred to order from Spooky or a distributor?

Can some distributors chime in if taxes will be required?

#2362 3 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

According to pinside there are more than twice as many Pirates LEs than SEs.

Not sure how many Pirates were ever made. Don’t think all the LEs or CEs were used.

#2389 3 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I just hope the game is better than all the other spooky games.
I haven't felt compelled to buy any of them until now.

I can understand this feeling but TNA is really fun, I guess if you want a long story driven pin with lots of modes it would not be fun but shooting satisfaction, sound and vision it’s a great pin.

#2390 3 months ago
Quoted from treborlicec:

750 is less than the total number of Cactus Canyons produced. How is that not limited? There were more Ironman pins produced in the first run and they went nuts in price before the vault. With this game, this is it, no chance for more to make the original run obsolete or less limited.

I’d bet a lot of CC have been lost or destroyed over time.

750 is 200 more than TNA and 600 more than AMH and I see them for sale not for any higher price than new.

#2403 3 months ago

Just wanted to point out one thing that I'm super impressed with is the trailer. I mean the voice acting and content (funny even in just 24 second clip) and hopefully will be well incorporated in the game and during the gameplay. A lot of time we hear a voice actor like in ST which just feels like reading a few pages of catch phrases like "Extra Ball" or "I'm a doctor not a pinball Wizard" all cool but if if the voce actors from RM can bring more to the machine almost like a mini adventure/episode while you are playing that would be really great.

#2405 3 months ago

I actually bought a few games without playing (Tron and XMLE) and I didn't love XMLE but do love Tron and still own it all these years later. Even XMLE tho I sold it and lost money, still had it for like 3-4 years and lost like $1500 on XMLE but still money well spent anyway.

#2411 3 months ago

I started to lay the groundwork for this pin by telling my wife about R&M etc. so she won’t be surprised when I put a deposit down. She said something like you’re getting *another* pin?

#2431 3 months ago

To however is in charge of reveal, can you announce when it will be revealed such as 12/xx at 8pm.

So it’s not just a random drop where some people don’t know about it because they’re sleeping or at work etc.

#2440 3 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

They don’t know yet I think as they are waiting for approval on artwork. But the game will be revealed before you can order it anyways.

I’m saying Spooky should pre-announce when it will be revealed. So that people can be ready to look at it and order.

My point is there was a guy who made Orb for lotR but he would only make a batch of 20 and he’d just put on his web site whenever it was available. So if you weren’t aware it would be sold out before you even know it was on sale.

I’m not saying that Spooky knows when it can be revealed but when they know they could give a pre announcement like Stern does when they have some video drop.

#2443 3 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

They don’t need to pre announce the reveal. There will be days or possibly longer between when the reveal happens vs when you can actually order. So there is plenty of time to digest the reveal before you have to decide if you want to order.

Ok I didn’t know that. I thought as soon as it was revealed it would go live for sale.

#2454 3 months ago

My only question if people think it's not having 2 standard sling shots? I have never played or seen any game with a pop bumper above the flipper. Is that what people are thinking and have any examples of a game that does so? Edit seems like only speculation and that it might have two standard sling shots(?).

#2458 3 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I believe that's what this pin is gonna look like..

that's different to me, any good?

#2488 3 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

When was the last time anyone seen a topic make 3k posts in 2 weeks???

Hot wheels is coming on fast. (j/k)

#2669 3 months ago

What if we order with distributer, how does that effect the spot on line??

#2672 3 months ago

right ramp flap is covering the art, hope that will be adjusted??

#2694 3 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Woo.. ok thank you.. cld get over 8k real quick...

yep (shipping is like $350).

#2697 3 months ago
Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

On sale tomorrow for fang club members at 9 central!

how do the dealers know we are in the Fang club tho because I never got any information about Fang club except that my order was processed.

#2730 3 months ago

right here is says now you can lock a ball, how is that working?

#2749 3 months ago

The reveal video is super vague, no rule explanation or anything much. I was very interested but there is not a lot to go on from this 1 minus video.

#2785 3 months ago

Yes please a rules overview would be helpful. (I am sure it's not like the Jetsons but I have no idea really).

#2787 3 months ago
Quoted from Pensfan112:

Does anybody have the dimensions of it or maybe of Alice Cooper? I need to figure out if this thing would even fit in my apartment with two pins already lol.

should be the same as any standard pin like the two you have.

#2794 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

They are still going to be programming for 18 months adding all sorts of stuff so a rules overview would be senseless. They will have more stuff in it every day. 4 days from now the current rules overview would mean nothing. Game is cool now but so much more to add.

thanks for your informative replies. Just trying to get some semblances of how the game will play. I understand the constraints of the release and am confident that Spooky team will make the most of it.

#2806 3 months ago

I like the horseshoe loop (like on SW very fun), has a lot of neat features just debating if I can buy before playing at closet to $8000 all in (shipping etc).

#2809 3 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

This is the most excited I've ever been for a new pin release.
Can't friggin wait.
Anyone else thinking that as the seasons go on new adventure could potentially be added?

there are 10 adventure inserts but they are not designated as anything static so presumably there could be more than 10 adventures and games can be more unique by having access to different adventures (not simply the same 10 every time). (?)

#2812 3 months ago
Quoted from Mogg:

Are you going to have to sell another brothel coin to Rick to acquire? This is a great title- hopefully I won’t be first in line as I have to make some room.

You can easily step back in line if you have one too early release date.

#2815 3 months ago

can someone explain where the two rightmost lanes lead?

E733C912-07A2-4ACF-9880-20AB5ACAB5A1 (resized).jpeg

#2827 3 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Regarding the rules; It wouldn't be wise to get into too much detail right now, as things are still very likely to be changed and tweaked as we refine what works and what doesn't. In an overall sense, though, I can explain some of the larger pieces and concepts.
- The modes are 'adventures' and are what you'd expect from a mode based game for the most part. We'll have a handful of them in the game to start, but fully intend to add more as we go along. Yes, one of them is Pickle Rick.
- You can open a 'portal' in the garage to travel to other dimensions. In other dimensions, things about the game change. In one dimension, certain parts of the playfield may be worth more, or less. In another dimension, certain features may not work at all. Dimensional travel can happen any time. During adventures or multiballs -- doesn't matter.
- You'll want to visit other dimensions to harvest megaseeds. They don't exist in C-137, and they're very important.
We'll be working on the game for some time to come, of course, and we'll be cramming in as much content as we can possibly manage.

thanks for the reply getting warm for this pin but have a fear of buying before playing. But I am a rules guys and the more rules and the more bizzaro they can be the better.

#2858 3 months ago

My main issue is to hope it’ll shoot well. 9 shots counting the scoop but no stand ups in between so hopefully the shots are wide enough not to feel too tight.

#2862 3 months ago
Quoted from The_Casual:

Every shot in ACNC feels like a skillshot.

What does that mean? I’ve never played ACNC.

#2917 3 months ago

There is no good reason Spooky could not show a real gameplay video. If it’s because of Cartoon Network prohibition they could have shot a video of white wood and/or not shown the display and call outs. But at least I’d be able to see something about how it shoots.

#2933 3 months ago

Nobody told me where the second rightmost shot goes. Not the right orbit the next inner right shot.

Anyone can tell me?

#2939 3 months ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

Does a 180 back to the upper flipper

Quoted from jonesjb:

Feeds the upper right flipper kind of like Jurassic park, but without the ramp.

Thanks. Is that on the video clip?

I really like short inner loops (Quorra on Tron for example).

#2959 3 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

I recommend Butter cabinets for home collectors. Easily the prettiest cabinets on the market. The only thing that came close was the original WOZ ECLE.

I would say if you want to keep it the butter is good but that it might not get that much extra on resale and the decals on TNA are very high quality that I’m getting a non butter if I decide to get it.

#2960 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I think I read more callouts than the standard. Is that correct?

No. Just cosmetic stiff like the armor and speaker cover (speaker light is extra).

#2965 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I read this as the bs edition gets extra sound/callouts...
Price is $6995 .... The Blood Suckers edition is an additional $525 if you choose that upgrade. With no expense spared on the design, many quality updgrades, video, music, speech, and a HUGE custom speech package from star and co-creater of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, we feel this is one VERY special game at a great price!

No. I think the last part just referring to the entire game. No expense spared. It’s not well written at all. Should be a feature matrix or point list. But all games should play the same and same sound package etc.

#2973 3 months ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

The BSE edition is just cosmetic, but the pictures of the purple do not do it justice. It looks way better in real life. Everything else is exactly the same, which the team and I would have no other way.
This is very important.

How does it shoot more like Houdini or Iron Man?

#2989 3 months ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Neither. This layout is really different.
I will talk about this more in detail on some podcasts, but I designed the game to have a mix of fun and unique elements that I personally like. There are some modern style elements, some retro, and some that might be new. The goal was to basically make a game that appealed to a majority of player types and skill levels. There are easy shots, tough shots, and everywhere in between.
Also, when I originally put the pop in place of the left sling, before flipping the game, I gave it a 10% chance of making it into the final layout. I powered it all up and immediately changed my outlook to 90%. The reason I chose 90% was because I was unsure what other players would think, but I was absolutely in love with it. I had a bunch of people play it and every single one raved about how awesome the pop was. So it turned from 90% to 100%. BTW, the pop can make shots up the playfield for you.

Thanks didn’t mean to say the layout was like one of those pins. Just that one pin has imminently makable shots (some harder than others). The other pin was called a brick fest. I’m buying without playing don’t want to get a pig in a poke if you ever heard that expression.

Thanks for reply and I love TNA hopefully RM is as great.

#3151 3 months ago

After too much back and forth I clicked to buy one. (Pinballstar). No idea what number. Hopefully my wife doesn’t kill me.

#3283 3 months ago
Quoted from monkfe:

Did I miss the Butter option or is that done later?

All add ons like shaker and butter done later. When machine is close to being built.

#3422 3 months ago
Quoted from jellikit:

I don't know, the video released yesterday had over 11K hits as of this morning and I think the original teaser over 30K. They aren't all buyers for sure, but not all pinheads either.

That’s just us guys watching the darn thing 50x

#3800 3 months ago

I had never heard of RM before last Friday. But big fan of Scott (TNA) and the whole Spooky team. Just waiting to find out my spot in line got in ay 10:07 EST from PinballStar.

#3956 3 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Okay... there is a puchcard for 10 Morty's... presumably complete 10 modes to finish. Will there be more than 10 modes with a random set of modes for every game? Will there be any custom animations? Will there be Co-op? What will the first mod be? Will any R&M fans pitch a fit over this? What will be the first pinball show where a distributor brings one? Are any of these going on location?

Because the inserts for the punch card have no designation there can be more than 10 modes so games can be more unique each time you hit start.

#4125 3 months ago

Here is my rational and a positive thought to people who might have missed out.

I own TNA (Scott's debut title) and think it's just great. To quote Han Solo "It may not look like much but she's got it where it counts." What I mean is that TNA is kind of a little underdog in it and doesn't have the major budget of something by Stern/JJP but it makes up for it by doing a lot of little things well. TNA was not cheap but it was a good solid pin with a ton of color changing lights and great sound system and custom music and addictive gameplay.

Because TNA is great that doesn't mean RM will be but at least I have a feeling that Scott knows what he's doing and maybe could it be even better? I like ramps and magnets and subways and such and this game has them. just having this doesn't mean it's great but it's got a lot of what I might like. Also having Bowen on the rules (has much possibility) having the voice actors of RM and the assets from the show and the zany nature of the theme, the limited number (I could have done without that rather had it been like TNA) but it is what it is and it did make me buy before I played.

Anyway the thought that people who missed out, this is 1000% going to happen.

-guy is married and his wife gives him the evil eye (he will sell)
-guy gets an offer for +$900 for his game and he will sell
-guy loses job or had medical bills needs out (will happen unfortunately)
-guy gets the itch for xyz pin and doesn't want to wait 10 months (will happen many times over)
-guys play the game and feel like it's not for him (will happen guaranteed)
-guy gets the pin, plays it a bunch and wants to get something else (will happen guaranteed and this will happen before number 300 ships this is 100% guaranteed so people will be able to get their games sooner and they will need to sell their end of the line spot).

#4204 3 months ago

Scott are you also working on the rules?

#4326 3 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

No. numeric display at the bottom is ball save like TNA. Numeric display at the top is used for adventures, in various ways.

Sorry if I missed it but who are you, position at Spooky?

Is this Eric?

#4333 3 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I seen a down vote coming

Don’t know why I’d be downvoted. I said sorry if I missed anything, Is there something more I should have said?

#4344 3 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Yeah, I'm not sure why the pile on. I'm the guy building the code. Design of things is a team effort, lead by Bowen, and I do the implementation.

Bowen seems cool, I love his video tutorials.

#4615 3 months ago

I was going to say co-op mode might not mean anything really for this pin (I mean ll guys on the same team) but team vs mode is fun. I like this on TNA and think it can translate for this pin as well.

#4766 3 months ago

Question: diverter (right orbit shot) can send ball to inner loop (spinner) or to portal hole. The upper flipper shot to the left orbit will always go to the portal??

I’m curious because the shot to the portal from the upper flipper has an insert saying portal ready so I’m curious what happens if the portal is not ready?

#4771 3 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Short orbit?
I think it happens in one of the vids.

I don’t know what short orbit means. Also there is only one video that shows the upper flipper shot to portal. Not sure if Charley mentions this on his video.

#4775 3 months ago
Quoted from planters49:

I bought a BSE version and all I can say is that this game release should be used as a marketing class case study. I've been in the hobby for about 15 years and I've never seen 750 pinball machines sell out so quickly. Also keep in mind that another 30 grand or so was brought in from the fang club memberships.

I recall MM remake LE was on target to sell out not sure but once they announced non limit (standard game) the intensity wore off and people dropped out when there was too much delay and since there was no penalty to drop out.

To be honest I can not understand anyone who got a standard RM because the price of BS edition $520 is quite small and you get the game sooner. In fact if Spooky just sold first 100 game front of the line option at $1000 extra would probably have sold out that.

#4805 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

LOL. after watching all the 'pro' videos I think there should be a mode that limits time to cradle to like 1-2 seconds.

or no hold flipper (disability)

#5008 3 months ago

27497 (resized).jpg

#5010 3 months ago

I'm not worried, ordered from Pinballstar but don't have a number yet. But I have so many other pins it's not a concern to me. just got SW premium that has been out 2.5 years or so it's not a big deal to get a game a little later. IMO.

#5060 3 months ago

come on people, shouldn't make Charlie, Luke etc. feel bad because they made something that is popular and will be a good pin, this is a good story, small company, unknown designer until a few years ago.

Anyway thanks to the Spooky team for making this pin.

It may not be great that people will need to wait but that was spelled out on fine detail from day one.

I suggest just everyone take a deep breath and enjoy the holidays with your freinds and family and be be thankful this pin was even made and you have the ability to afford a pin like this and maybe you have to wait so that's too bad but there are a lot worse things in the world.

Also if wait is too severe there are like 1000 other pins that can be bought now or new pins coming out in the next 6 months.

#5088 3 months ago

To sum up, 15 years ago when I started to collect pinball machines, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd spend $8000 on a pin, I never thought I see brand new AFM, MM, MB being made or games like Woz and SW and TNA and RM etc.. but here we are and now people are complaining they might have to wait? I mean some people just want to complain about something.

#5098 3 months ago
Quoted from wayinla:

I think because there are so few standards, Spooky should produce those first and get them out of the way! I bet there are less than 30, and I’m one of them. Thee weeks and done!


#5249 3 months ago

I guess some people like to be in early like first weekend for a movie. It does not matter that much to me either way. I’m still waiting for my number but I’m assuming it’ll be in the middle somewhere my guess will be 300-400 ish.

However I do share the feeling of not knowing how the process played out with direct and distributer sales muddle the picture.

I guess once dealer numbers come out we’ll have some more clarity.

#5299 3 months ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

The lock can lock up to 4. 2 on each side. We are currently using it in really cool ways as a lock, a movable captive ball, and a fast-ass u-turn. I am extremely happy with how it turned out.

I love this as an inner loop shot too. Hoping it will be open a good part of the time.

#5302 3 months ago

I can’t figure how it’ll lock 2 on each side. Only 2 drop targets correct?

#5394 3 months ago

235E0A06-DE62-402E-AACA-894CBD161027 (resized).jpeg

#5424 3 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

There has to be an available ball to play in case you lock 4 balls in the U turn mech. Maybe the subway ejects the portal ball?

Think scott said only 3 balls can be licked.

#5429 3 months ago


#5450 3 months ago

Will locked balls be shared between players?

#5475 3 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Can’t really comment on licensing; but there is a purge ‘adventure’

You think there might be more adventures than there are Morty mode inserts? I mean that (like JJP PotC) there are various different adventures rather than the same x number each time you play? Just curious because the adventure inserts are not labeled so it doesn't pin you down like for example on Star Trek where you have 6 labeled inserts.

#5487 3 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

POTC doesn't really have different modes. The pin is amazing but that's the one aspect that JJP really over sold. I recall them claiming no two games would be the same or something like one billion different modes, but really all that changes are which combination of characters (shots) you need to hit to complete each chapter.

I see what you are saying about PotC. I was just thinking with so many episodes of RM that it would be nice to have as many adventures and maybe new content as the code evolves. It's not like anything is marked on the PF to lock the code team into just the modes written on the inserts (it's ambiguous that leaves them open to add stuff is all I was thinking).

21C653C7-8C62-444C-8883-AD8F8589A9F8 (resized).jpeg

#5488 3 months ago

Initially I was unsure because I don't really know that much about the TV show but just reading on here from Stott and Eric am getting more excited about the possibilities with this theme and the layout.

#5628 3 months ago

how far along is the rules/code?

#5675 3 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

This is a great point. We need to ask Scott for a recommendation on mirrors vs blades.

nice if there was a mirrored + art like green mirror with swirls.

#5680 3 months ago

can we decide on an acronym?

RAM or RM??

R&M comes out like this R&M when quoted

#5683 3 months ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

I vote RM since R&M does not work well on the site. RAM is just weird looking. haha
EDIT: RM is also better for searching than RAM.

I agree. I was doing both RM or RaM but don't care for lower case although has been done with LotR or PotC (etc)

#5691 3 months ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

Scott has spoken, RM it shall ever be! well at least from me, I don't know what half the damn things are anyway. In my mind JP is joker poker, but evidently not for most of the rest of you.

Now can you tell me what ST stands for?

#5746 3 months ago
Quoted from newovad:

Test, Test, Test.
Yep, it's fixed. Awesome work robin. Giving the people what they want, as always.

Speaking of which shouldn’t there just be one designation for the pin in the database. And why doesn’t BSE have a picture? Also comic SW icon has no picture, whoever’s putting these in the database should add the pictures.

#5763 3 months ago
Quoted from Hold_Fast:

I've been emailing with Joe this morning, he's working on it.

We should all email him, I’m sure he’d love that.

I’m ambivalent regarding my spot so long as it’s in the first 400/500 it’d be nice to get it early but also can wait because I like to spread out my major purchases.

#5805 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I was 3min after. Thought that was good. Crazy that we are looking at seconds.

My wife (and my bank account) might be happier that I was not the first on the line.

#5974 3 months ago

the drops have to be able to stay up because it's said the lock can be used as a captive ball so that you can send the ball around to the other side. (Or am I missing something?).

#6013 3 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

Matches? I think I read somewhere that Scott thinks R&M will be superior to TNA in all aspects... as hard to imagine as that is.

I agree hard to imagine it being better in all aspects. If it is then I’m glad to have go one.

#6015 3 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

Couldn't agree more. The ability to change the theme's color on the spot makes for an entirely new experience during gameplay. It's like you're playing a completely different pin when the colors switch over to something else. I love how TNA switches to different colors during multiball. It changes the feel of the game on the spot. MBr does this too but not to the same degree.
It's crazy how something so simple has such a big effect overall. More companies need to do this. IMO the lighting & sounds have the greatest impact on a pin, so Spooky & Scott in general are doing it right by investing so heavily in these areas.

This is why I have Woz listed as my favorite pin the lights on that are second to none. After STLE I thought full color changing inserts would be the default going forward but it seems like most Stern games only use a few color changing inserts. Funny it’s almost 2020 and people are adding gel colors to inserts on Iron Maiden wtf.

#6029 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Wait until games are rolling out. More code in them. Who knows what all.
Spooky may yet break Pinside.
LTG : )

I can just see it 30 years from now people will remember Rick and Morty because of the pinball machine (like we do with The Shadow).

#6054 3 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

-Every insert is white; 3 balls in play.
-Imagine the pinball is coated in blue paint. As you hit switches, RGB lights associated with each shot changes to blue. The goal is to make the whole playfield blue.
-Once the playfield is completely blue, lights all pulse, and escape through the portal.
-An add-a-ball is added to play, now you have to make all lights green, repeat until only one ball is left.
[quoted image]

I like that a lot!!

#6069 3 months ago

hope it's not too far into the fart/anus humor.

#6099 3 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

I'm sure none of you know who this is but he's a major youtube star with 6 million twitter followers. Pretty cool.

That is pretty cool but looking at those posts SMH people need to get a life.

#6100 3 months ago

will we get numbers from PinballStar before the games start shipping?

C5BC78B9-EA5B-4B2B-BAF3-5CB4AD187626 (resized).jpeg

#6159 3 months ago
Quoted from Pinstym:

I think he's waiting on hearing from his customers who originally purchased regular editions to see if they want to skip the wait and go bse. Might have a long wait.

Anyone that wanted a BS could have ordered one it was all spelled out in advance, now it's a problem why?

#6189 3 months ago

I am just now watching R&M show and find it's really good just watched the love potion and the alien baby episodes and some of the funniest things are just in the background (like when the PA announces said: don't go to the flu dance if you have the flu, you don't bring dead babies to Passover). But the episodes are so tight that they feel longer than the half hour run time they have so much that I re-watched a few of the early episode and found more on the repeat viewing.

Hopefully (I am sure) that RM pinball will have a ton of funny quotes and super attention to detail which both Scott / Spooky as well as the creators of RM show with every episode. It's still so early but I am getting more excited regarding the future of this pin.

#6193 3 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

Yeah this seems really strange to me. Demand is red hot, proclamation of "sold out" in 4hrs, but yet spots are still floating around without mention? Are distributors not permitted to advertise that they have slots left? I purchased #563 BSE this morning. I had thought these were long gone.

Not to be critical but this is something that might be looked into on future sales (with lessons learned) but hopefully there could be a master pool of games and as people buy form Spooky or dealers the numbers can be assigned in order. I mean if someone bought a BS 10 minutes after they go on sale from xyz dealer and get a worse number.

I don't care all that much but as someone who did order within 7-8 minuets (from PinballStar still waiting to hear my number) it just something that doesn't make sense of someone orders weeks later can get a better number (potentially).

#6214 3 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I got some reading to do here on this Topic -- Need Cliffy Notes on this thing

Quoted from epthegeek:Regarding the rules; It wouldn't be wise to get into too much detail right now, as things are still very likely to be changed and tweaked as we refine what works and what doesn't. In an overall sense, though, I can explain some of the larger pieces and concepts.
- The modes are 'adventures' and are what you'd expect from a mode based game for the most part. We'll have a handful of them in the game to start, but fully intend to add more as we go along. Yes, one of them is Pickle Rick.
- You can open a 'portal' in the garage to travel to other dimensions. In other dimensions, things about the game change. In one dimension, certain parts of the playfield may be worth more, or less. In another dimension, certain features may not work at all. Dimensional travel can happen any time. During adventures or multiballs -- doesn't matter.
- You'll want to visit other dimensions to harvest megaseeds. They don't exist in C-137, and they're very important.
We'll be working on the game for some time to come, of course, and we'll be cramming in as much content as we can possibly manage.

#6217 3 months ago

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

For those of you who don't listen to our podcast, let's step back and explain some of this like we did on the show a few months ago.
Spooky has the "take care of those who take care of us" attitude and always offered game sales to previous customers first. When TnA took off and with ACNC right behind it being our #1 and #2 best sellers EVER, our customer base went from about 500 to OVER 1,200.
When you can basically make 500 games a year, that becomes a problem. Good problem, but still a problem.
So, we came up with the Fang Club for those who support us to have a way to be more of a part of all this. Help grow our company, get some cool stuff for your $45 including shipping membership, do special events, cool merch, get some great exclusive video content for you, AND HAVE FUN! Bang for the buck... and FUN!!! Good right?
And yes of course, you can add cool upgrades to games... NOT LEs... Not "standard vs pro vs collectors vs ..." ... whatever. We don't want to do that. Every game you get from us will play exactly the same. If you want to jazz it up some cosmetically, GREAT! We appreciate the support and are happy to do that. (Wait until you see this dimension in BUTTER!!!)
The Blood Sucker, or BS edition (funny initials huh?... kinda like TnA! These things might be on purpose.) is simply a cool upgrade package that we feel is going to give one hell of a bang for your buck and look incredible! Can't wait for you all to see it, and I can't say more yet.
So IF we get to 750 Fang Club members and 750 decide to take the BS edition... there will be 750 BS editions. GREAT! 750 happy people! If 100 BS versions exist and 650 are "just" Rick and Morty games... GREAT! You'll love playing that too. Scott Danesi is an awesome designer and you'll all be happy with what we've done here at team Spooky!
So is it possible we sell more Fang Club memberships than we have games? Sure! Hope it happens... come on in and lets see where this little company starting it's 7th year in business goes! We'll all share the ride and use the money to improve quality even more here and HAVE FUN DOING IT.
Reality is you HAVEN'T SEEN THE GAME YET! Many of you will love it... some of you will walk away... AND THAT'S FINE! It happens on every new game. We really hope 750 of you find this exactly what you hoped it would be from a Scott Danesi / Rick and Morty Pinball machine and it exceeds your expectations in every way. We've done our best to make sure it does!
Spooky's business model is 500 games a year... we're committing 18 months to make these 750 games because we feel that's about the limit of buyers patience to wait should this be a sell out. There's some honest reality.
We're happy, we're healthy, we're glad we have a game coming very soon that excites so many people. 750 units is 250 more than we've ever sold of any title. Big jump up, thrilled at the prospect of that happening.
PEACE (among worlds) LOVE AND ALL THINGS PINBALL... Charlie

#6267 3 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

When we say 750 is the limit we do not lie. Ever. No bullshit edition. We would remake an entire new rick and morty game from scratch before we ever did that.

#6299 3 months ago

C4C095A8-E188-4265-872B-03B526C3B078 (resized).png

#6395 3 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Here is the slapsave podcast with Scott Danesi. I'll key post this.

Interesting listen especially that Steve Ritchie is one of his favorite designers and how Scott lost to John Borg on a game on Tron. Also like how Scott says he’s a middle of the road skill player like most of us but he was able to beat one of Sharpe brothers in a match. Great stories, but also a lot of insight about the game and Charley etc.. Scott has his head in the clouds but his feet on the ground.

#6402 3 months ago

Like to hear an interview with Jack Danger and Bowen Kerins my favorite player/presenters.

#6421 3 months ago

One reason why I wanted this Spooky game besides the dream design team, is due to fact Spooky isn’t making 4 games a year but rather four games every 6 years makes them more focused on this pin, not saying ACNC and the past titles aren’t also being coded but we know that R&M is going to be getting a lot of TLC.

While the slower build pace is not great if you’re stuck near the end it’s great as a whole process to get the most out of this one pin at a time.

I love Stern (insert the “I can’t quit you”. meme) but let’s be honest they can release games every 60-90 days they’re already teasing Led Zeppelin, I can hardly remember what came before Stranger Things (I know Elvira) but the endless parade of pins while great could also lead to a pin getting less love lesser code team or less time to code if the games doesn’t sell that well.

#6603 3 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

RM is the opposite of STh the same week release makes that even more obvious.
Danesi is hungry and full of energy a star on the rise with fresh and creative design. The STh designer got back from retirement decades after his last pin. There is reason he quit probably he was burnt out/had enough of pinball. Now he returned without any spark and light for new ideas. he barely made it to recycle the AFM design with some shallow theme integration probably the worst theme integration ever seen.
It all does not matter much as Spooky is not competing with Stern but other smaller manufacturers like DR and AP.
Happy new year everyone

I would bet STh is on super beta code and will get better, the layout looks ok. I do go back to my point that STh is not that great a theme, I only saw season 1 so far it was ok (not great). Not sure I'd be jumping up and down for that as a theme. It was ok, I'd just as soon see a Twin Peaks pinball than Stranger Things. But Rick and Morty is so much better because of it's nature and funny episodic skits. I just watched the infinite dimension TV episode and there was a heck of a lot just in there like the Two Brothers movie (might have been 60 seconds of the show but you could do something with that with all the fighting cats and old women and disasters packed into that one short clip). That's got as much content as most of a full episode of Stranger Things.

#6950 3 months ago

I have a general licensing question. When Rick and Morty does a parody of another book/ movie like they did with Needful Things (Stephen King book/movie) so do they have to get permission for and pay for the rites of that intellectual property or is there a parody waiver? Just curious.

#6952 3 months ago
Quoted from Jackster:

They can parody all they want. Think family guy....

So they can run into Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker (or do they need to change the actual names and just make it resemble those characters)?

I see this now : (Internet so take it with a grain of salt) How do parody laws work?
In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner.
It’s just odd you can almost straight out copy (parody) a work for free but if you so much as borrow a few notes on a song like Blurred Lines it can cost you millions.

#7010 3 months ago

I think was said because RM is more mode based as opposed TNA which is more grind it out (type) anyway I love co-op mode on TNA but think Vs. and Co-op should be included just to give it a try (it kind of gives something extra at not that big of an expense).

#7038 3 months ago

Hey Charly or Scott can you comment on the fan noise in this pin? (comparing to TNA?).

#7057 3 months ago
Quoted from CKrueger:

I hate loud fans. I'd pay for a quieter power supply that was under warranty. But yeah, NewEgg sells hundreds of case fans that will do the job.

I'd rather pay a bit extra to get from factory (option).

#7074 3 months ago
Quoted from ChrisThePintern:

I’d really love to see a streamer that isn’t jack danger or buffalo do a reveal. Spread the love! Is there anyone else in Wisconsin/Chicago?
Edit: not that I don’t love watching their streams!

What about Bowens for the stream, I hear he's a pretty good player.

#7176 3 months ago
Quoted from garretswinning:

Just terrible[quoted image]

That’s awful, same age a me, you can’t take a moment of time for granted.

#7286 3 months ago

Those are cool. I bought a bunch for my basement gameroom with my other pins like Tron, Iron Man, Woz, TWD etc.

#7290 3 months ago

Displate is great. Have a great selection and search feature. They didn’t have anything for Attack from Mars but I got this one close enough.

1A2B8FFD-A54D-4C22-B36C-E2D00057CC8B (resized).jpeg

#7293 3 months ago

They have a lot of R&M plates.


ED68BA46-6BE3-4894-B551-ABCA3ABF6AA7 (resized).jpeg0BAFF9BB-779D-4533-A1F1-84CF58AC683A (resized).jpeg

#7344 3 months ago

I admit have listened to Chris from time to time. But he’s a snake in the grass.

#7473 89 days ago

Didn’t TNA evolve over time, I mean some had paint around the posts which became an issue some didn’t.

#7623 86 days ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Time Released Code Updates Confirmed!
New content from future seasons to drop in from time to time!
Scott: “As for expandable content and stuff that we’re planning on in the future – we are planning on releasing time released code updates for this thing. So like as new things happen in the season, we’re going to be releasing new little chunks every once in a while. We’re going to be around to support it. Erik [Priepke] is an amazing programmer, Bowen [Kerins] is an awesome rules designer, so we’re going to keep going with this…they’re not going to give up on it.
The time released stuff I’m really excited about, because as new seasons come on-line we’ll be able to get stuff from Cartoon Network we’ll be able to put it in the machine. Erik has built the framework so that it’s a lot easier to implement that stuff.
It’s not going to be a “keep up with the show” thing, but it’s going to be like if something really significant happens.. a cult following happens around space snakes or something. The next pickle rick happens, that obviously has to be put into the machine, because then otherwise you end with something like South Park where you end up just locked in to the first season, you know?”

That’s awesome.

#7750 86 days ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Gameplay Interactive Lighting, and Animated, too!!!!
AWESOME!!! ... a company resetting the standard to where Toppers are Part of the Game! .... rather than an option, at extra cost, for your limited edition game.
I've always believed if you are buying a Limited Edition that any factory topper designed specifically for the game, should naturally be included at no extra cost, as a part of the LE game.
Can't wait to see a few pics!! . Go Spooky!
Thank You!

To be honest AFM, MB had nice interactive toppers included in the LE price. I’m not usually buying toppers on my pins so I love if they’re included. Think it’s bogus Stern selling a $700 topper for SW.

Way to go Spooky rules.

#7752 86 days ago
Quoted from ChrisThePintern:

Spooky “gets it”

Yes they do.

I bought TNA and was very impressed so that’s why I’m a repeat buyer. Stern might have the mass market but Spooky goes the sutra mile.

First saying updates to code as more episodes are made and now the topper.

#7813 85 days ago

Regarding updates, not saying modes/adventures will be added but how cool would it be if it was to happen? This type of theme not like a movie or a arc story TV show which has an ending like Breaking Bad for example. But with R&M every show is a different adventure and could be some iconic moment in the future episodes think of Seinfeld some of the best episodes (Shrinkage, Soup Nazi, Puffy Shirt etc..) take place in season 5-8, there will be many signature moments on R&M in the coming seasons.

#7814 85 days ago

I wonder if the Portal will be a light effect in the topper?

#7823 85 days ago
Quoted from Braindance:

This is my first Spooky purchase, and while nothing has been actually delivered yet, I'm still blown away at their how they are taking care of and interacting with customers. Well done guys, I will definitely be getting a bunch of upgrades as my humble way of saying thank you.

Spooky v Stern is really telling something. Stern does make great pins and I applaud them for keeping the torch burning so to speak don’t know what the Pinball landscape would be like today without Stern (I have bought very many pins from Stern over the years at one point I was 100% Stern lineup) but at some point Stern became a bean-counter corporation. In the dark days, cost cuttings were necessary for Stern (out goes PF support saving a few dollars I suppose) but I’d expect when the good times roll Stern would increase quality and value to go with increased cost. I’m not mad whatever if Stern can sell a Munster LE for $9K good on them, however it could have been much more of a great pin if they had put some more effort (imo) instead fo a rehash of a few other layouts and lackluster rules. BM66 (2x-3x the price TDK with not that much more to it ok LCDs but those are cheap nowadays). I’m almost blown away that Stern started to put PF support in the pro pins (thanks Stern) but then I’m realizing that $6k now pros when LEs were $6700 with mirrored back glass not too long ago.

#7827 85 days ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I hope they can work through their growing pains, since JP2 showed me they are still capable of greatness!

I fully understand agree with you, I just bought SW premium comic my first new Stern since STLE, I’m not anti-Stern (Bought 7 nib Stern and another 6 used) But it’s just that Spooky is small company and you can communicate with the design team and company president that I like so much more pleasant to be associated with and I feel like more than just a money giver, almost like we’re in this together type of feeling. I believe Scott and Eric, Charlie... want to make this a great pin as much for themselves as for us. With Sten it feels like money changes hands and that’s it you get what you get.

1 week later
#8638 75 days ago

Great interview with Scott!!

I realize we have not played the pin but sounds like it's going to be great!

#8681 75 days ago

Scott said they had so much custom speech Justin was losing his voice / had several days recording sessions. I’m betting this will be one of the most epic sound / voice callout pins ever made. I love Justin’s delivery as heard in the promo and teaser videos.

#8687 75 days ago
Quoted from Gorgar123:

No way you can watch this and not come away impressed with the thought and passion that went into this game.

Side note was interesting Scott’s explanation about designers having signature type layouts such as Metallica Iron Man / GOTG but the layout can be tweaked in such a way that they’re different (ish). I have 4 Borg games and had a 5th in my collection they all are different enough. Also for a designer to not making a game different for the sake of being different that might sacrifice gameplay. It’s one thing for a guy like Scott or Keith being different every time so far but if you are like Borg with 30+ pins it’s probably not an easy task to make an entirely unique layout or may feel better tweaking what works well.

#8720 74 days ago

The best news is that the game can be updated with content from the show down the line this will keep the game fresh for a long time and the show lends itself to mini adventures/modes that can be fitted in to the existing game every episode is a potential mode.

image (resized).jpg

#8820 73 days ago

I’m on Hulu premium.

Question does Rick swear more in other versions. I’m sure he swears some on Hulu but I’m getting ‘Bleeping’ as well.

#8822 73 days ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Full swearing comes with Hulu LE (no swearing - just beeping - comes on Hulu pro).

I have Hulu premium and it has some bleeping. Might have been a specific time or they forgot to delete the bleep.

1 week later
#9657 63 days ago

Looks great, but thought to make shots.

#9678 63 days ago

Here's something I've never heard before (maybe first time anyone said it): "You've advanced your pickle and you started multiball..."

#9763 62 days ago

Obviously the upper flipper shots are super important but need to be shot on the fly. That’s gonna be the make or break shots like the SIM on DI.

#9836 62 days ago

Hopefully there’ll be a call out like “Advance your pickle Morty” or “You advanced your pickle”

#10054 61 days ago

I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she was trying to be dumb like Borat or someone similar. Hope she’s not that dumb in real life.

You know when you have a child and they’re in a school play so you go and watch it and you think your kid is great. Or if your child wrote an article in a magazine you’d probably read it and maybe tell your friends she was an author. Or if they were on TV you’d watch it. Well if that was my child I’d never watch or tell anyone about it.

I like that she think tilt is one of the three skills of pinball.

#10176 61 days ago

How about Bowen he's one of the best players in the world and he can't make the shot she called for.

She's like 'can you make any shot I want?'

He's like 'sure' then brick city.

(ps don't get mad, I love Bowen it's go to be tough to deal with people like that girl it'd be enough to throw anyone off their game).

#10269 60 days ago

Off topic somewhat but I played Stranger Things and it shoots ok but the code is horrendous with practically no callouts, I mean was a few like "here's your ball back" when the ball saver is on but otherwise was bare.

Great to see R&M has so much going on in the code even with the few minutes that I was able to watch.

#10276 60 days ago
Quoted from bkerins:

The game you saw was my third ever game of Rick and Morty. And it started with me hitting the garage twice and starting a mode within 15 seconds.

I was just messing with you before, you're my favorite pinball presenter/player (and celebrity) glad to see you getting in on the creative end of pinball designs as well.

Was hard to watch the Adult Swim stream due to camera placement.

#10473 57 days ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Bids are flying up! $2428!
ebay.com link » Rick And Morty Standard Pinball Machine Pre Order Spot

Up for bidding is a pre-order spot for the sold out Rick and Morty pinball machine by Spooky! Heres a chance to get in on this great looking title!

You'll be transferred a pre-order spot for a standard edition Rick and Morty pinball machine, with the initial payment made, I believe its in the 550 range of only 750 machines, requires a Spooky fang club membership to transfer the pre-order spot! Balance of game, and any taxes shipping ect will still have to be paid buy the purchaser when the game is built.

I don't understand the ad shows 'requires a Fang Club membership to transfer this spot.'

That doesn't sound correct, I thought the Fang club was to get an early jump on the order, now that it's been ordered why would the new buyer need to be a Fang Club member?

#10760 54 days ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I call them facts! People started to see this problem at game number 90ish. I was game number 102. Aniraf linked above was #218. Folks with game number 400 where seeing this also (floyd1977). All through the thread there are games from 90s all the way into the 400's. sorry but important to have a balanced view on these things.

But you said totaled play fields. Most have a tiny bit of paint abrasion around the posts that’s way different than being totaled.

#11155 49 days ago
Quoted from c508:

I don't think there was a lot of procrastinating... people were constantly refreshing their browsers trying to get a pin in the shopping cart so they could check out before they were all gone.
Next time I buy a high demand spookycharlie pin, instead of getting a busy signal on the phone or being stuck in browser-refresh-hell, I am going to drive to Benton, camp out in the parking lot, and buy in-person when they show up to start their work day (as long as they're cool with me doing that).

But there were R&M pins available for days from dealers if you checked around.

#11160 49 days ago

I think the whole layering system or giving the first 40 from spooky then layer in 20-40 to each distributor and so on is just too Byzantine and confusing. Could have some dealers with more than they could sell and others with too few.

If only Spooky could have has a more centralized system and micro second transitions so that the sales could be logged in somewhat more fair in a manner where someone who ordered at the same exact time doesn’t end up 300 Build numbers apart.

But however it was handled it still worked out just need patience.

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