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Post #1157 More Charlie (from Spooky) clarification Posted by SpookyCharlie (1 year ago)

Post #1790 Fang club information Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

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#83 1 year ago
Quoted from Russell:

Was "Haunted House Party" just a diversion?

Seriously...Scott comes out and said he hates how people put there name in the title then in the next breath says the next game is "Scott Danesi's Haunted House Party?"...with a "?" in the slide show. I assumed everyone was in on the joke.

#396 1 year ago

Citadel_Pinball (resized).jpg

#411 1 year ago

I get that Rick and Morty is not for everyone...and that's okay. I find it to be an interesting show because it blends high-brow, yet somewhat geeky references with low-brow humor. If you don't enjoy low-brow humor, or at minimum can't look past it, then it's probably not going to be a show for you. I would also say that you have to be okay with absurdity or randomness. In that way it actually reminds me a lot of Monty Python.

Quoted from bluebomber:

Millennial checking in! I will be switching these machines off at locations that have them so I won't have to hear the terrible audio they will spew.

I think I'm also technically a Millennial, though I don't really feel like one. I didn't have internet access until college and didn't get my first cell phone until after graduating college. I think I grew up learning how to do things the hard way, but then also learned how the instant access to information could make that easier. Anyway, maybe just leave instead of turning off a game you don't own.

#447 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

Cartoon pins are an untapped gold mine.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Scooby Doo
Justice League
Pinky and the Brain
GI Joe

Stern can also retheme Batman: The Dark Knight, again, this time as Batman: The Animated Series. Of the three, that would be the version I'd be the most interested in. It was a legit good show.

Quoted from Coindork:

We have ours set to 9:00 so it gets pretty vulgar after the kids are in bed.

That's awesome, I never new that a timer was an option. I wish that was on other games.

#484 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

This theme is not for me as I have no connection to the property

Maybe try to think of it as an funny unlicensed game about interdenominational travel hosted by an alcoholic Doc Brown.

#530 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I watched the first few episodes in Season 1 last night on Hulu and it was still bleeped. Is there a separate version?

This might be weird, but I actually think I prefer it with the bleeping. It was the same thing with South Park. I watched it on TV and though it was funny, but then watched the DVDs and though they were less funny with all the swearing. I'm not quite sure why that was.

#599 1 year ago
Quoted from Frax:

it feels like it's REALLY REALLY early for a game based on it to be coming out.

I think you focus on the main themes with a few small payoffs for the shows big fans. I was thinking about what you absolutely have to have: Rick, Morty, alcohol, portal gun, and the space cruiser. I'd also toss out Mr. Meeseeks, which seems like a great collection feature like the diamonds in Congo or ghosts in Ghostbusters. Maybe an add-a-ball multiball. I honestly think everything else is optional, but they should at least reference: Jerry, Sniffles / Snowball, Get Schwifty, Council of the Ricks, Pickle Rick, Evil Morty, Mr. Poopybutthole, Birdperson, and Scary Terry.

pasted_image (resized).png

#629 1 year ago
Quoted from fumbleflippers:

So what happens when 1000+ folks join the fang club expecting a spot?

The first 750 will be happy, the remaining +250 will be disappointed in not pulling the trigger earlier.

#646 1 year ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Get those stamps Morty![quoted image]

Very smart way of doing the playfield artwork. You are not locking your programmer into any specific modes.

Quoted from o-din:

You just come on over here and become one with us hipsters for at least the evening and you will be more than welcome to partake.

Say's the guy who probably introduced Suprime to a bunch of Pinsiders. The pinball machine was seriously my first introduction to the brand...and I'm considered a Millennial.

#845 1 year ago
Quoted from Hammer1021:

What difference is there from ordering a game straight from Spooky vs a distributor?

I think I can sum it up, by ordering from Spooky you get awesome service from a great team and with a Spooky distributor you get awesome service from a great team. That's about it. I think everything is the same.

#934 1 year ago
Quoted from ViriiGuy:

Compared to...TwilightZone

If that is your point of reference, perhaps you should clarify your original post.

pasted_image (resized).png

#1437 1 year ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

I learned my lesson with TNA and ACNC.. I’ll wait, there will be some early adopters itching to sell their deposits for numerous reasons so no need for a fire drill to jump in. Too many good titles coming out in 2020 to worry about missing out. I’ll be a buyer, I’m just not going to play the hype game.

I remember this happening with ACNC, but people were paying a premium to jump the line for TNA. Knowing how much time Scott spends perfecting the physics on his games, I expect this to be a great shooting game. I would like to wait, but I'm not going to lie the FOMO is real.

#1488 1 year ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

Most people don't realize how good Charlie's photoshop

What's photoshop?

2106fc3e9e92dfcafb4cbe8562fd5daa90a6daa3 (resized).jpg

#1532 1 year ago

Hope they don't sell out before I have a chance to play the game. I don't know how so many of you can spend thousands on a game you haven't had a chance to flip. Looking at TNA it wasn't a game of interest. Then I played it and it was amazing. It became my first NIB.

#1633 1 year ago
Quoted from The_Casual:

Well, it's an interesting business challenge from Spooky's perspective. Do they ostracize the current Fang Club members who were supporting the company before this announcement or do they disappoint their new 1,000+ prospective customers?
If they keep this membership as a "paywall" of sorts, the 750 games will only be sold to the Fang Club members. Many of which joined solely to access the pre-sale.
It's tough, but it's a decision that Spooky is going to have to make.

You are overthinking it. You have to be a member buy January 7th, 2020 because the goodies will ship out January 8th, 2020.

Quoted from Airball:

Order number # AB-1131 ? Is this a place holder?

It probably has to do with when you signed up for the Fang Club. I'm # AB-1066, so I'm guessing I was the 66th order to be processed. Which seems crazy, because I was in as soon as I saw the posting...before the Rick & Morty announcement.

EDIT: Confirmation email from Spooky is time stamped Wed, Dec 4, 4:05 PM.

#1653 1 year ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

When i wanted to know how many members were in the club...get this....I called using a cell phone...ring ring..." Hello Spooky Pinball how can i help you" and they answer any question you have.

With them posting that they are "a million emails behind", I think many of us just don't want to bother them. Yet, I'm genuinely curious how many people have joined the club. I do think FOMO does have something to do with that interest, but I'd be interested either way. Selfishly, I hope there are exactly 750 member in the club when they announce so that, as a member, I know I have 14-days to decide if I want to join or not. I know some of you don't, but I have a hard time committing to spending thousands of dollars on any machine.

#1672 1 year ago
Quoted from Capn12:

I'm sure those are just invoice numbers to the Spooky store, not necessarily Fang club orders only.

I agree, but I would also think it's safe to assume the vast majority of these orders have been Fang Club memberships.

#1792 1 year ago
Quoted from mettle64:

This is accurate.

Seconded. I swear we're getting trolled by both sides of the Fang Club numbers discussion. People are posting numbers because they are a general indicator of how many Fang Club members there might be at this point. That doesn't guarantee anyone a game, nor is the order important. The lowest number we've seen has been something like 1061. The highest number has been 1604. Some of these were undoubtedly orders for shirts, but it's probably pretty safe to assume that we're in the 500s for Fang Club members.

#1812 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinbaltz:

So, what happens if a fang club member orders a BS edition and decides to sell their spot? Will they be able to sell it to a non-fang club member?

After you put down your deposit you are soul-bonded with your game.

#1908 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Good point... hmmm

Has the show grown on you? I seem to remember you saying "not you too" or something like that when we were talking about the show a few years back.

#1927 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

I watch movies and shows most people think are boring and stupid... however i do recognize a clever well written show show when i see one! Rick and Morty is clever as hell and if customers are into it i am happy.

Fair enough. It's not like my favorite show or anything, but agree with your assessment of it being well written.

#1966 1 year ago

No Danesi Lock...I'm out.


#2042 1 year ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I should have remembered that one, I owned one lol. So I guess this is either going to have an upper playfield or it is going to have a really strange flipper at the back

...or maybe it's something really cool that [you] don't even know about.

pasted_image (resized).png

#2128 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

can someone remind me how fast did ACNC sell out??

At the pace of this thread it should surpass the number of posts in the Alice Cooper thread by this weekend.

#2168 1 year ago

I'm sure they contacted Adult Swim.

#2178 1 year ago
Quoted from jellikit:

But based on the name they were thinking it was something else...

Why do you say that? Scott knew he wasn't actually designing "Scott Danesi's Haunted House Party". It's like Return of the Jedi originally had the working title of Blue Harvest. Also when the whole Godzilla drama was going down, Charlie said that while they didn't get that license, a license he personally would have loved, but they did get the license they needed. I have to assume that was Rick & Morty.

#2186 1 year ago
Quoted from jellikit:

It was a joke about the meaning of Adult Swim, nothing more. I forgot the smiley face.

Oh, yeah. I didn't pick up on that at all.

#2265 1 year ago
Quoted from bent98:

What does the BS package usually include ?

There has never been a BS package. I'm hoping it's just some different trim and a different backglass, so I can save the cash without feeling like I'm missing out.

#2287 1 year ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

I'm full of them, Rob!

Charlie Bon Jovi (resized).jpg

#2753 1 year ago

Haven't checked the thread for a day and a half, what did I miss?

#2766 1 year ago

Good, back to bed.

PS: We went skiing on Saturday and Sunday and my body is pretty damn sore.

#2813 1 year ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

I’m going to get rewarded for hitting a post? Awesome! I am very good at hitting posts .

Now if they can just add a half ramp bonus.

#3395 1 year ago
Quoted from BoJo:

Then people wouldn't be able to flip. Not me personally but the flipping will be strong on this one. Once it officially sells out I wouldn't be surprised to see low number spots get put up for sale within the next week or two for those who missed out out don't want to wait over a year.

We should start a bet as to what is the first excuse. I've got my money on something generic, like "unexpected bills".

#3409 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

What do you think... stronger second hand market for Rick and Morty or Supreme?

Supreme defies all logic.

pasted_image (resized).png

#3573 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Apologies if this has been asked already, but does anyone know if this machine will be "R" rated with its callouts like the show? Or more family friendly? Or maybe selectable in the settings??
That could be a make or break feature for some. Myself included.

It has been addressed, but the answer is that it will have an "R" rating and then, I assume, I f*&k*#g lot of beeping.

#3637 1 year ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

Hey Luke, so how many standards are being made that they are sold out?

I'm not the right Luke, but I'm pretty sure you can still order a standard. They probably just pulled it online because it's too hard to regulate online and phone order when you have so few left.

#3730 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

I bet Stern is really happy they stole Godzilla - lmao
Karma is a bitch - nice to see the good guys at Spooky come out on top of an initially disappointing situation.

I hope we eventually get a good Godzilla game. It could be really cool to destroy Tokyo. I'm worried they will just sit on the license.

#3733 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I hope we eventually get a good Godzilla game. I think it could be really cool to destroy Tokyo. I'm worried they will just sit on the license.

#3741 1 year ago


...now back to work.

#3876 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Tossing that around now. We have been playing alot here and it is pretty loaded with fun stuff already. We will decide soon.

Tough choice...does Pinside want early code so they can complain about the code or wait for better code so they can complain about the wait?

#4039 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Sold Out Awesome. So what is the next title Spooky? lol

Rick & Morty 2.0

#4055 1 year ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yeah, but what he wants to buy, sell, flip, set on fire, give away, piss on is nobody's business but his own.....

I think there is a middle ground here. He's free to do with it whatever he wants, but we're also free to judge him for his actions.

#4316 1 year ago

Charlie also confirmed the Pickle Rick in his last video. Can't wait to tear apart some rats.

giphy (1).gif

#4353 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

So is another Tna run out of question for the next two years?

Rick: "Come on Morty it's simple math even you can understand: 2 x 12 = 24, 18 < 24."

pasted_image (resized).png

PS: I'm just having fun. I don't know if they will do another run, but I'd think it's possible depending where they are at in the development of their next game and how many people they have on the list for another batch of TNA.

#4504 1 year ago

In terms of adding toys, I know some don't like to think about that type of thing until they see the finished game. I happen to enjoy the thought process. It's a bit like planning a trip. The planning process is part of the fun. Anyway, I like these from Kidrobot:

pasted_image (resized).png
pasted_image (resized).png

It would also be cool if someone could mod up a projection portal in the garage. Maybe something along the lines of Revenge From Mars. Hack up the cheap portal gun?

pasted_image (resized).png

#4519 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I'd say the garage possibly too, but the center shot makes more sense.

Cosmetically you can do whatever, but based on what's on this version of the playfield the spinner charges up the "portal" which is used to change dimensions with a shot to the garage. Based on the video from Charlie you can change dimensions even when you are in a mode, so to me the garage is the portal. The center shot is the ship which seems to be used to start the adventure modes. Either way, a portal mod would likely need to tap into the top light on the "Charge Level" or the green piece on the toy portal gun -- voiding your warranty.

PS: I hope they can get creative with the scoring for the dimensions, so there isn't a cookie cutter way to play the game.
pasted_image (resized).png

#4529 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I will shit on the floor if this song isn't in there.

Seems like it would be an obvious adventure mode. It starts with, "Show us what you've got". Shoot timed shots to Get Schwifty, eliminating the other planets in Planet Music. Maybe have multiplier in there when you sacrifice the "unwantables" -- thief, goth, movie talker, J. Pop (Sorry, but something pinball specific might be cool).

pasted_image (resized).png

#4533 1 year ago
Quoted from Lounge:

To all the pissers pissing about a million different opportunities to do some whiz-bang shit with some plastic toy that will make the game so much better.... buy an arduino for $20, a couple wires and lights then tap into a few switches and program your own “must be in there or I’m gonna be pissed” mods.

I think there was only small percentage of comments about a "missed opportunity". Most of us are just excited about the possibilities of doing exactly what you are suggesting.

#4564 1 year ago
Quoted from wesman:

It also would have been neat to see the portal gun sway and move akin to STNG.

I'm not a huge fan of cannons, but I see how that might have been a clever way of opening a portal. There is always "more" though and at a certain part you have to prioritize. I mean, I also want an interactive spinning portal in the backglass.

#4567 1 year ago
Quoted from bounoun:

Did Stern design the playfield art ? My lord, could this be worse than Star Wars?

Find the parasite.

pasted_image (resized).png

#4583 1 year ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

There are already dimensions that alter flipper behavior - but they don't pile on all of this sadistic nonsense. Cripes. Are you doing ok? Can we help?

I would think players should also want to visit different dimensions.

#4772 1 year ago
Quoted from guitarded:

I’m curious because the shot to the portal from the upper flipper has an insert saying portal ready so I’m curious what happens if the portal is not ready?

pasted_image (resized).png

PS: I believe the actual answer is the ball returns to your left flipper, just like when the portal is ready. You just wouldn't change dimensions.

#4774 1 year ago


#4787 1 year ago

The dimension idea I've like the most is a electromechanical dimension, where the lights turn to warm white and the sounds are all chimes.

#4792 1 year ago
Quoted from ReallifePin:

decreased the strength of the pop and sling

Yeah, that seems appropriate as well.

#5171 1 year ago

spookyluke spookykt Let me know if I need to bring over some drinks.

PS: The same people complaining about getting a late game would be the first to complain if they got an early game with early code. With some people you just can't win. They aren't happy unless they have something to complain about.

#5284 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

We should start a bet as to what is the first excuse. I've got my money on something generic, like "unexpected bills".

We have a winner:

"one is going on route near me so this is not a must have at home"


#5323 1 year ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

I can't either, and I'm the one that would have to build the logic to make that happen.
Three in the lock is not as much of a problem, but to get to 4 we'd have to have 3 on one side for at least some amount of time and then the game wouldn't know where that ball is, which is always bad.
So, yeah, there are 4 detectable ball positions in the thing; but filling all of them would be problematic. Sorry Scott.

That was my thinking. I figured either side could hold two with a third on the opposite side, but once in that state, I couldn't figure out how to get that fourth ball in place. It was bothering me that I couldn't figure it out. Thanks for clarifying.

Quoted from f3honda4me:

So I had a really nice talk with Kayte at Spooky and let me start by saying how awesome she is. She explained a lot more stuff about the ordering etc, and it made perfect sense. I encourage anyone else who, like me, was genuinely wondering what happened to go talk to her or Spooky (be polite!).

Thank you.

#5417 1 year ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I think Spooky should ride the FOMO hard.
Games 1-10 are $20,000. Game 11-20 are $15,000. And so on until maybe 50 when it becomes regular price.
Might as well turn all that whining into cold hard cash.

I can't see them doing that, but Spooky might continue the tradition of auctioning off their final game for charity. They did that with TNA and RZ.

#5439 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Do you think Spooky will release an official topper down the road?

It might be a little bit trickier with a licensed title.

#5751 1 year ago

R&M or RM >>>>>>>> RAM

1 week later
#6665 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

It’s 2020! You still use checks?

Paying with a check instead of a CC puts a little extra cash in Spooky's coffers. It's basically like handing them an extra $100.

#7139 1 year ago
Quoted from flecom:

is it possible to have the START end END time chance the swearing to a lower %? say 40% during the day and 100% after 9PM? all or nothing seems a bit harsh

That seems very specific. I think most parents are either okay or not okay with their children hearing explicit content. I can just imagine having a machine on route and getting a complaint from a parent about an explicit line. Not sure it's going to fly that there was only a 10% chance of the machine playing that line.

#7150 1 year ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Test playing the prototype R&M![quoted image]

Whoa...you could play Jerry's Game with all those buttons.

pasted_image (resized).png

#7305 1 year ago
Quoted from twhtalm:

To throw another wrench in the discussion, the guys making the machines work 4 10 hour days a week.

.00416 PPM (Pins Per Minute)

#7456 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Also I heard a rumor that the game comes with a death Chrystal that you can tape to your head as to avoid ever making a damaging shot.[quoted image]

It's probably already been brought up but the Death Crystal seems like a pretty obvious Morty Adventure. Shoot the lit shots that lead you to Jessica.

#7740 1 year ago

Wow, I was expecting it to be a fancy key chain, poster or something minimal.

1 week later
#8643 12 months ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Maybe you guys can fuck

Quoted from PoMC:

Stay classy, my friend.

Maybe you guys can make love ... Fixed it!

1 week later
#9804 11 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Or fire it at the pop like a man and hit the rebound on the fly.

Call your shot: right flipper, top of the pop, nothing but right orbit.

pasted_image (resized).png

#9924 11 months ago

That was pretty rough, but I'm glad they had a chance to show off the machine to a totally new audience.

#9998 11 months ago
Quoted from cmack750:

It's a shame many people here are dissatisfied with the stream... Any person who caught it that regularly watches the show probably thinks its the best thing they've ever seen.....flashing lights are pretty cool when you are high....

The regulars seemed board by pinball. There were comment like, "It's fun for like 5-minutes."

#10078 11 months ago

I watched it again this morning. It was much more enjoyable when I just skipped right to the pinball segment. I think I was just somewhat annoyed with the chat banter between some of the pinballers complaining about the show, which I found to be disrespectful, and then the non-pinballers complaining about pinball. Turning off the microphone that seemed to be setup right near the flippers would have also helped.

EDIT: Sorry, I missed your post. I should have quoted it, since you were saying the same thing.

Quoted from gliebig:

Watched the stream again on my puter without chat and enjoyed it a lot more. Can't wait to flip this game!

#10105 11 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

The guy programming the game hates video modes with the burning fire of a thousand suns; so the outlook isn't great.

Sounds like the perfect person to implement Jerry's Game video mode, where you press the flipper button to get points. Maybe something like the Bone Fish in Fish Tales where during gameplay balloons randomly float across the screen and you need to press the launch button for 100 points per balloon. Rick makes fun of you for doing such a mindless task for minimal points.

#10116 11 months ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Sounds like the perfect person to implement Jerry's Game video mode, where you press the flipper button to get points. Maybe something like the Bone Fish in Fish Tales where during gameplay balloons randomly float across the screen and you need to press the launch button for 100 points per balloon. Rick makes fun of you for doing such a mindless task for minimal points.

Quoted from epthegeek:

The player is Morty; not Jerry.

If the mode is good, I think you could still insult Morty by having Rick call him a Jerrry.

#10126 11 months ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

With Human Music playing during the mode! And a secret both-flippers cancel that actually awards more points than playing the mode out would!

I think I like the idea of it not being a mode, but just a random occurrence that forces you to take you hand off the flippers in the middle of the game. More like an easter egg then anything else.

#10130 11 months ago
Quoted from FYMF:

In the beginning of the stream the host Sally tried to say it was the only machine in existence and then corrected herself after looking over to the Spooky folks.
I'd be willing to bet with a contractual agreement in place with Adult Swim they already had/have close to 30 plus machines already done and will be doing a large initial delivery run.

I think you might be reading a bit to much into it with the whole "contractual agreement". Spooky has show pictures of a number of games made, but not delivered. If I were to guess it's because they are still working on implementing more code and functionality.

1 week later
#10775 11 months ago

I like a lot of Stern games, but they are their own worst enemy. To keep this on topic...I'm excited for the stream on Saturday. Should be...

pasted_image (resized).png

#10817 11 months ago

It sucks that it happened to you...it sucks it happened at all. Spooky said they know what happened and have corrected it. I hope my faith isn't misplaced, but I really do trust them more then any other company in the industry.

#11185 11 months ago

Wasn't it Beaker and NOVA (or perhaps an earlier version) that played at Spooky? That was awesome!

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