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Post #1157 More Charlie (from Spooky) clarification Posted by SpookyCharlie (1 year ago)

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Post #1945 Under playfield reveal Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #2109 Ordering info Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

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#1674 1 year ago

The order number has nothing to do with it. I joined the Fang club 12/5 with a message to Spooky their shipping codes must be off. I was wanting a few coozies and the shipping was like $25. Morgan emailed me the same day that she updated the codes, so I went back on Friday to order a hoodie and some coozies. So I had two order numbers within a day of each other. It's just a sequential system ya bunch of Jerry's.

pasted_image (resized).png
#1980 1 year ago
Quoted from Mitch:

I just hope they dont have all the art removed under the posts like on Alice cooper. Doesn't look right..... but wont stop me from buying it.

Pretty sure I read something from Charlie saying that helps to prevent any pooling or other pf issues around posts if they move the artwork back. I believe it was a post in the ACNC thread. The looks doesn't bother me and if it helps reduce pf issues I'm all for it.

#2078 1 year ago
Quoted from metallik:

Pardon for being OOTL, but what all exactly goes into a Butter cabinet? Is this a super nice cabinet clearcoat like the first WOZ run, or something more involved?

They direct print the art to the cabinet then clear coat over it....it's buttery goodness I assure you.

#2187 1 year ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Let’s play a trick on spooky
Nobody order the game day one
Wait til day 2

Don't listen to randomguyoffcl ...it's a ploy to buy up all 750 day one!

#2189 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I know this is reality...but with a small company just trying to do what’s right...this is wrong.

But in another segment of the multiverse, it is right.

giphy (resized).png
#2199 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Will there be a video mode(s)? If so, what do you think they will be? Do other Spooky games have them?

They will have to solve their memory leak issue first, but Spooky's first video modes would be awesome!

#2224 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

I bet you're a thousand high.

Add butter cab and you're there lol

#3034 1 year ago

Won't load for me...I think their shop is going to crash lol

#3416 1 year ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

Supreme obviously. Crap game still goes for 80k+

But do any Supreme's actually sell for that?

#3418 1 year ago

The real question at this point is who is ordering butter?

tenor (resized).png
#3513 1 year ago
Quoted from jellikit:

I have bought NIB before, but never 'blind' like this. In Rick and Morty, Scott, and Spooky I trust!

With Bowen on rules! and David Van Es on animations! The one shot of the animations looked killer!

#3517 1 year ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

Ya forgot about David, he knocked it out of the park with ACNC, no doubt he'll do it again here.

I did! I bought ACNC and love it.

#3540 1 year ago
Quoted from BackFlipper:

Who is Scott Sanesi who created the additional music? LOL

*Scott Synthesi

#3554 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Actually it looks like they understand the theme & classic pinball art. There are “lines” to each shot with the electricity trails....similar to classic games. And the stuff floating around is accurate to the R&M opening sequence.
Also, I thought TNA’s art looked simple at first, but when you’re playing you realize it’s a benefit - the true art while playing is the light show...and that plays better off simpler art.

I saw a pic really highlighting the arcs of electricity all over the playfield this morning. All I could think is how badass Scott will make that light show!

#3581 1 year ago
Quoted from Russell:

I wonder why Charlie said Pickle Rick won't be on the Playfield?

Me too. Kind of a bummer.

#3690 1 year ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Wasn’t super stoked on the lavender .... until I saw the Hi-Res.
Crushing it!

Same here! Man it pops!

#3855 1 year ago
Quoted from Paul1478:

Seems to me like a bad time to get about 1M in cash into your company at the end of the year (tax). But i am sure they know much better then me and I am so glad they sold out in hrs. Great on SPOOKY!

They are probably an accrual basis taxpayer, so these should all go as customer deposits. Then the income is recognized when they actually ship the games. Right now it's technically a liability to Spooky as deferred revenue. But that's just the opinion of one Spooky fan CPA.

#3863 1 year ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

I am a Spooky fan CPA as well and you are correct!

I'm just hoping mine doesn't arrive until 4/15 because I won't have much of a chance to play it in Q1.

#3980 1 year ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

I hope they plan to use or offer some type of protector for the scoops because that middle one especially is gonna get eaten alive. Also does spooky offer playfield protectors?

It would be cool to have some factory installed cliffy's

#4321 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I do have to say, the whole "you can buy from a distributor and sign up for the club later" is a bit of a lame deal. I know there is no way for them to instantly validate the people who contact the distributors but the whole sign up ahead of time, people in the club get early access, yadda yadda was really just "add $45 to the price" in essence.
But what other title would get less than 24 hours notice of going on sale, need a club membership to purchase and would sell out within hours? Still amazing.

I'm guessing most people who bought from a distributor already signed up for the Fang club. I know I signed up before reaching out to Joe to confirm how the launch would go to make sure I didn't miss out. And given the overload to the Spooky shop, I think it's good they didn't prevent people from purchasing a $7K+ pin because of a $45 fang club membership.

#4328 1 year ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Pages of music speculation and no one mentions Toni Toni Tone!? Purge MB or we riot Scott!

I've been thinking a Mr. Meeseeks MB would be awesome. When Meeseeks gets ahold of the box and starts creating more Mr. Meeseeks is hilarious.

meeseeks (resized).jpg
#4346 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Actually..not going to happen, but it would have been funny if every time you hit the box during that mode you get another ball so you end up with say 10 balls on the pf.

Then when you complete the tasks the flippers die and all the Mr. Meeseeks (aka balls) "die" because the player completed the task. I'm thinking wizard mode here...end of game craziness.

#4355 1 year ago

Can we up that to 15? Don't you guys want to beat Apollo 13 for the most balls in a game?

#4530 1 year ago

Finally told my girl I bought RM last night. She has never seen the show and I was watching some season 1, so I said, "Look Meeseeks and Destroy is the next episode and it's hilarious...just watch it". She's still talking about how funny it was even after trying to be annoyed about it.

GhV0 (resized).png
#5337 1 year ago

Wow...checked the thread yesterday afternoon and come back to see 500+ posts. Interesting.

download (resized).jpg
#5459 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Will locked balls be shared between players?

thenotrashcougar will know for sure, but I'd guess it will be like the first Danesi lock with locks being stealable. It might be a good opportunity for a virtual lock option in the settings.

1 week later
#6400 1 year ago

#235 here! After listening to Scott's interview on the Slap Save podcast, I can't wait to hear play around with the gradients of family friendly mode. Though I'm sure I'll be playing it on 100% adult for a while. Also, Joe at PinballStar is the man. This is my second purchase from him, and he seems to do everything he can to make it fair. Really looking forward to making a trip up to Spooky to pick this baby up in the summer!

#6518 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Pretty sure a lot of hand holding and “good old boys” clubs resulted in kind of everyone on the inside being a distributor.
I respect that Spooky and the distributors around this title kept their original backers close, I just wish I would have been in the loop .
Frankly, I am kind of wondering What would have happened if Spooky had said the 750 highest bids get a machine. I wouldn’t be surprised if some would have sold for over 10k.
Hell, I would drop at least another grand to cut the line right now. I would be even cooler if spookycharlie said “fly out here and help manufacture 5 games and your game will jump 20 in line.” (Or whatever math works out) I can build a few of these bastards on my own dime just to speed this along for everyone.

Add butter to your options....should move you up in the line.

#6521 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

That’s no longer a thing like previous games. Butter doesn’t bump it up.

I can depending on who else orders butter. I added butter to my ACNC and it definitely bumped me up.

#6524 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I believe butters are in house now, so it won’t change your spot much. I do love my ACNC butter!

Me too, but I don't think I'll add it to RM. Mostly because I think I may eventually route RM, and I don't want to worry about damaging a $1K paint job lol

#6527 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I believe butters are in house now, so it won’t change your spot much. I do love my ACNC butter!

Also more to the point, there are 750 units to make with only 10 or so on the line at a time. So I think it makes sense that they will done in batches as they were in the past. But I have heard they moved the butter cabinet production in house, so that could change things too. I still think it makes the most sense that they would do butter cabs in batches.

#6529 1 year ago

After checking back on the ACNC thread, I received my game (#286) about the same time as the standards in the 170-180 range. So it did move me (and a few others I know of in that range of builds) up in the production process. That said, it doesn't mean it will work out the same with RM. There are so many variables, it's impossible to say.

#6541 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Butter cabinets will now be kept in house and built in normal order. No more butter cabinet batches.

Guess I missed this one.

#6694 1 year ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

But yes, the presenter drives me insane.

I have always thought that guy is hilarious. His tone fits the EM Dungeon theme imo.

#6852 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

If you’re buying this pin, you’re not concerned that ACNC has so many serious problems that have yet to be resolved by Spooky?
Sure, this is your dream theme, but so was Alice Cooper for those buyers. Now they’re stuck with a game that constantly resets due to memory leaks and many issues with the mechs. I have two friends with ACNC and no way I was going to even think about buying Rick and Morty until I saw Spooky could finish their prior game.

I've had ACNC since July with no game resets, and I've put about 500 plays on it. It's had less problems out of the box than JJP and Stern games I've seen setup. I have only had to do a few switch adjustments etc. Just typical pinball maintenance. One big plus is Spooky playfields don't look like golf balls after 40 plays (man I would hate to be one of the NST owners posting pf pics right now).

#6857 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

No it is not trolling. He talked smacked to me, then an hour later the game designer tells him he is flat out wrong about his comment on the memory leak fix. So I'll smack talk back. That is not trolling....I did not bait him into any comment, he did that on his own. And he ALWAYS does that.
Whysnow should change his handle to Mando....always getting shit wrong, because it is the way.

1214323017242103178080748455306607736362123njpgoh05dabf517cd432ad858051801fcb005aoe5921a8de (resized).jpeg
#6858 1 year ago

As far as the knocker discussion goes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I love real knockers. To me they harken back to the time of chimes and bells in games. Plus I think it's hilarious when they scare the shit out of someone. I had non-pinballers over playing on NYE, and someone got a match. Of course all the non-pinballers jumped, but then everyone was laughing about it.

#6918 1 year ago
Quoted from bent98:

Plumbus and knockers discussions seem very appropriate for this thread.

How about a plumbus knocker that just makes a half hearted limp fleshy thud?

#7148 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

No, I don’t think 99% of the people will leave it off, I am foul as the next guy, but I think it’ll be funnier to have it at like 40-60% so they are a bit more random, AND funnier

Plus I would think most owners will want to hear all the variety of callouts. I know I will want to hear them all.

#7149 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

would anyone be interested in a rick & morty keychain/bag clip for their machine? I purchased 2 cases for some specific ones but was looking to offer the rest up to people here. $4 plus shipping each
I still need to go through the bags to see what I have, but I should have at least one of each of the ones not marked
[quoted image]

I've been looking all over for a plumbus keychain, but haven't found a good one. I did find a 4" tall plumbus christmas ornament, but that will be a little too big.

#7239 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:Deleted post

Different pinsider...so what's your point?

Quoted from mthirkell:

I just unboxed #146 and there’s no latch on the coin door lock!!! I can’t even play it! Is this a joke? Am I missing something? Would this ever happen in a Stern game??[quoted image]

#7241 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Yes, I know. It's was a missing screw joke with a call back to the broken coin door. Weak tea upon reflection so I've deleted it.


22f6lq (resized).jpg
#7462 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Is it normal for manufacturers to tweak their game once it is in production? I thought parts and games were supposed to be play tested extensively before being manufactured. Fixing software bugs and making code improvements are expected adjustments after the fact, but mods to physical hardware and alignment issues seem better to get right the first time.

The Stern approach seems to be sell first, test on location. Then update code in a year or so.

#7633 1 year ago
Quoted from bemmett:

I don't want to be Mr. Poopy Butthole here but might temper those expectations, there's been 1 major code update on Alice Cooper in basically 10 months. I don't think we can expect code roll outs every couple of months. Here's to hoping it is more frequent though.

I was thinking the same, but I think Spooky has really struggled with the memory leak issue. Plus the rules and monsters are basically complete on ACNC, so less pressure to update that. Sure there are some tweaks that need to be made, but I can't see how they would really expand ACNC like they will be able to with R&M.

#7673 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

A stream with Zach/SDTM would be ideal.

Zach is Sterns hypeman...I'd much rather see Bowen and Danesi playing it in the first stream.

#7685 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Also the last thing I'd call Zach is a stern hypeman.

I've always like Zach and SDTM, but it's starting to feel more and more like he is just a Stern shill. I've never heard him say a bad thing about Stern in all the media I've heard him on. I could be wrong, but it's just been feeling more and more like that to me. I'm sure Stern is the bread and butter of a company like Flip N Out, so I understand. Bottom line is I don't care to see him be the first one streaming R&M.

#7757 1 year ago

Stern vs Spooky
Spooky: We are giving every R&M buyer a topper!

Quoted from ZMeny:

LIVE NOW: Stern Pinball rules designer Mike Vinikour in tha house playing and talking Stranger Things Pinball!
twitch.tv/flipnoutpinball[quoted image]

#7867 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I wonder if Rick will say something about craddling his balls if the game senses you holding a flipper for a while.

We can only hope...

#7991 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Your problem is you used airpods....
on this topic, I highly prefer bt, but really having both options is a no brainer.

^this...I don't even have wired headphones anymore.

#8031 1 year ago

Ummm....uhhhh this thread is going sideways, Rick. Ahhhhh jeezzzz

#8099 1 year ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

Welcome to 2020 fads.

You must not care about sound quality and love to recharge things unnecessarily. But hey, to each their own.
And yes, I know you think they sound great.

I had a pair of Shure SE425s. They sound slightly better than my Airpod Pros, but the Shures were so awful to wear. Constantly fighting a cord that was way to long and draped over my ear. The Airpod Pros get the job done just fine for me.

#8100 1 year ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

Ya I love constantly recharging things and keeping track of 3 additional separate items (2 airpods, charging case), making sure they're all charged at the right times, pairing to the right devices, dropping connections. One ear working not the other. Low bandwidth shitty sound quality, audio drops, pops, cracks. etc. etc.
Or you could just plug in a pair of headphones, simple and easy. But man how do I navigate that horrible horrible 1 ounce cord. It's such a nuisance, shucks
I just got off the plane, didn't see a bluetooth connection for the in flight entertainment? Didn't see a bluetooth jack on my friends keyboard either? Hmm and nothing on most handheld game systems either. Bummer.

Dude you are off your rocker. I lay my airpods on a charger at night and I can wear them as much as I want during the day. I listen to podcasts 4-5 hours a day and never drain the battery. Are you just commenting for the downvotes at this point?

#8124 1 year ago
Quoted from cyberslunk:

I want to apologize to everyone that took offense at my previous post regarding the creators of Rick and Morty. Despite provided evidence, many seem to simply not care and greatly sympathize with these creators and discredit claims by outlets such as The Washington Post, calling them "tabloid clickbait blog posts."
All I'll say is that if anyone wants to see for themselves, just watch the original pilot episode and skip to 4:00 in. I'm not referring to the first episode called "Pilot" of the show, but the one based on Back to the Future.
Check out his pictures of Baron Trump he drew. Or his dexter sketch. Or the texts to the underage girls that surfaced. Or maybe someone knows the episode I was originally referring to, with the kid in bed with two girls. Maybe someone knows the episode. That is what this show is based on.
I wouldn't doubt there are some Spooky/Adult Swim employees here so I don't expect this to go over well but I just want to point this out before people support these guys by dropping crazy amounts of money on this.

Where's thelaw? Can we get this nut bag out of here?

#8134 1 year ago
Quoted from cyberslunk:

You asked for proof and I was banned from the thread. You literally asked for it.

You're psychotic man. GTFO of this thread.

#8139 1 year ago
Quoted from cyberslunk:

[quoted image]

You haven't listed any evidence supporting your said argument. Seems like you are cherry-picking facts to support your conclusion.

Cherry picking (suppressed evidence, incomplete evidence) – act of pointing at individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position.

#8144 1 year ago
Quoted from guitarded:

You haven't made an argument. You have decided to play at slander and liable.
You should get your shit together.
Get it all together and put it in a backpack.
All your shit...so it's together.
And if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere you know?
Take it to the Shit Store and sell it. Or take it to the Shit Museuem.
I don't care what you do.
You just gotta get your shit together.

Wish there was a way to upvote more than once...well said.

#8396 1 year ago
Quoted from TherealDroopy:

Not to switch gears on the poster topic but, I have never bought a nib pinball. I want to pick it up in person as I live only a few hours away. Anyways the shipping boxes look like the machine is on its back (making it taller). I'm curious if I'm going to need a pickup or a trailer or if I can haul it machine bottom down in my minivan. Thanks

If you bought direct, just let Spooky know you are planning on picking it up. They could arrange to not palletize it and leave it out the box.

#8451 12 months ago
Quoted from KingofGames:

I have been patiently refreshing for more than a month.
Now I'm just starting to wonder why they are making us wait so long.
Is the code still a mess that they cant show it with confidence?
Are they waiting for the new topper?
Problem with a manufacturer for a certain part?

It's the beginning of production. As has already been stated, QC and various things have to be done. Production doesn't just automatically go to 10 games a week, it builds up. Once they have a solid product, production will increase.

#8486 12 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

For historical reference here are some key dates from the ACNC release:
Sept. 16, 2016: Initial theme announcement
March 26th, 2017: First game showing @ TPF
March 26th, 2018: Pre-orders open
July 30th, 2018: 1st Deadflip stream (buggy sw, not recorded).
Sept. 11th 2018: Factory pictures showing production games being made, first customer shot video of game setup at home.
Dec. 31st, 2019: Final batch of games produced?
So a loooong period of radio silence between the first showing and orders and the first gameplay stream, and even longer to first games shipped. However, Spooky was also running TNAs at the time and ramping up their production team.
With the well-oiled crew they have now I don't expect anything like these kinds of delays for R&M. However, it's always good to realize that making good pinball is hard, and takes longer than you'd think/like.
I really don't mind, I love the anticipation.

Seems to be an apples to oranges comparison to me. Spooky has said themselves they shouldn't have announced ACNC so early. Overall there were a lot of mistakes Spooky won't make again. In your example it's 4 months between when pre-orders open and the first stream. We are barely over a month past R&M going on sale. I'd guess we have deliveries to customers and gameplay videos within the next month.

#8574 12 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Butter may help resale (if you change pins often).

I tend to think butter is an option for someone who is planning to hang onto a game for a while, and that will likely not warrant a $999 higher resale price. I got butter on my ACNC because I love the art and plan to keep it for a very long time. I don't imagine if I tried to sell it now for what I have in it that I would get that amount back.

#8577 12 months ago

I'd like to put my R&M on location at some point, so I think I'm going to skip the butter on this one.

#8622 12 months ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Maybe you guys can fuck

this got me chuckling...the thought of Chris out here trolling a site he's essentially banned from and some dude bragging about his comments being noticed. What a world?

#8671 12 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Can anyone at Spooky please indulge us with an estimate of how many adventures might make it in the game when released? Is it...

I know...

9ad35052cecea0ff468e2f03476d9e8e385add82 (resized).jpg
#8769 12 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

opened my fang club membership tube tonight and found that I have received 2 red can cozys. is there anyone with a color other than red that wants to trade one? and if you live in/near wayne county in michigan, we could arrange for a meet up
I'd even be willing to sweeten the deal (that's a show-biz term that means to 'add sugar to') and add in a spacesuit morty figure for black or purple cozy

ctyp+mitch+hedberg+jokes (resized).jpg
#8772 12 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I’m not even sure they’ll ship within US or do you have to pick it up? I remember early on that was the case. Not sure about now.

They do ship butter in the US. Shipped my ACNC with butter.

#8862 11 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

What's her take on expensive handbags?

This is my girlfriend...I've learned more than I care to know over the last 6 years about designer clothes and handbags.

#8920 11 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

He's not underrated in this game. He gets his very own Noob Noob insert! Its unlabeled so who knows what it will be used for.[quoted image]

Player: hits Noob Noob target
Pin: "Goooodddd dammmmnnnn"

#8927 11 months ago
Quoted from Westbury:

RIP to this thread...... Hopefully your resurrected with lots of gameplay and positivity surrounding the soon to be game of Rick and Morty Pinball. Sleep well my friend

Who named you judge, jury, and executioner of this thread? LET THE SQUANCHING CONTINUE!!!!!

Versus+series+19+squanchy+rick+and+morty_204ac7_6276983 (resized).jpg
#8944 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

Well since there’s not much to talk about… I have a couple questions for you current Spooky pinball owners. I’m just curious as RM will be my first Spooky pin.
Do they supply a nice manual?
Did they give you any plastics to hang on your coin door with the key?
What other kind of stuff do they do differently or the same as Stern? Stern is the only other NIB I have purchased.

They just came out with the manual for Alice Cooper (with the help of kingpingames). It's a working in progress, but it's a great start. Alice came with 3 different key chains for the coin door keys and some other swag.

#8980 11 months ago

Surely those individuals in the first run have received some information about delivery estimates. Any word?

#9017 11 months ago

Zoom in on the picture of playfield...Pickle Rick clearly revealed under the upper flipper

#9140 11 months ago

Getting close to opening the club! Awesome to see this many games about to ship. I don't I'm alone in thinking that Spooky would only get 10 games done in the first month. They are on track to have 30 out in month one essentially. That's a great start for early in the production run.

#9241 11 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

I think its Clase Azul Tequila bottle, but it could also be a dildo.[quoted image]

Anything is a dildo if you're brave enough...

dqTMWYy (resized).png
#9414 11 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

OMG we have some seriously deranged people here... pinball companies are in the manufacturing business the money making business. Let me start by saying I wasn't saying they are or they are not going to build more games. I was responding to the question if the super bowl ad helped the game. I'm saying yes it does if they're going to sell more games. If they're not planning on selling more games then the superbowl ad means nothing because they have already sold out of all the games. DUH!
How does the superbowl ad help the game if all the games are sold? The people who bought the games aren't going to benefit from the Superbowl ad because the ad doesn't promote the pinball game.
Me saying it will help if he plans on selling more games isn't a bad thing OMG. Secondly, let me say if ANYONE thinks its a bad thing if Spooky sells all 750 then, decides to sell 250 more is a bad thing you are seriously selfish. If Spooky has a major hit on their hands, which it appears they do, who are ANY OF YOU to tell them they can or can't sell more? If he has a license to sell more he's allowed to do that.
I'm in business to make money. I run my own company, and build attractions across the WORLD! If I can sell more of the same attraction I will do so because I don't owe you people anything and neither does any pinball company. Every pinball company or any manufacturing company responsibility is their employees, vendors, and their own future. If they make 750 or if they make 1000 it makes no difference other than some of you believe your game will be worth more if they don't. SO SO SELFISH if you ask me.
Spooky and all manufactures are entitled to make money to benefit their own business. End of story.
The reference to a prediction with a line with a football betting reference was a JOKE! Some of you people are so uptight you wouldn't know a joke when it slapped you in the face. You know betting line, football game, reference to the Superbowl. OMG some of you people need serious help! LAUGH OUT LOUD!
And lastly as to responding to pissing off their fan base... how could that happen? If you get your game and you LOVE IT then how do you get pissed off because they sell a few more games for the betterment of their own company. YOU ARE SO SO SO SELFISH! NO ONE on this site has the RIGHT to tell ANY business what they can or can't do!


#9442 11 months ago

Damn...just went and caught up on the Stranger Things thread, and I'm not sure why. This thread is so much more enjoyable.

#9484 11 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

The thread is a bit sad , but if you want to read some funny stuff look at posts #5537 - #5550 .

LFS showing up was hilarious

#9498 11 months ago

Holy shit this is looking so killer!!!! Time for this thread to cross 10K because the gameplay looks awesome and the video assets before the modes are perfect integration for the adventures. Bravo, Spooky!

#9511 11 months ago

The light show before the multiball is insane! TheNoTrashCougar is a rockstar! Spooky is the coolest place in pinball!

#9527 11 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

The Animations are incredible. So well integrated.
Whirly Dirly, Anatomy Park, Pickle Rick...so much Theme Content!

And that's just from one 3 player game. Looks like there will be a ton of content.

#9610 11 months ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

My curiosity is peaked just for the sheer challenge of trying to play this game. I’m not a fan of the ball save from the pop bumper, but it is what it is. What I am a fan of is it looks and plays like a tough player and will be a fun challenge. Tight shots, get punished for playing on the fly too much, a need bar extreme ball control and flipper skills, looks like a lot of good times ahead.

What do you know anyway, Muriel?

#9617 11 months ago

that is still cracking me up...it will be a while before I drop that one.

#9646 11 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

...but this is going to be hard!

That's what she said

#9866 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

This show encapsulates everything wrong with millennials. My god what a bunch of annoying people
And I made it work so I can see live abs we get this? Bring on pinball

This show is just part of the internet content creation race. Doesn't matter what the shit is, they just shit it out. It's not necessarily a millennial thing. It's more so driven by the companies competing for eyes. And guess what....they got your eyes lol

#9877 11 months ago
Quoted from canea:

Is this show really just someone googling stuff? lol. People will watch anything apparently.

The show is called "Stupid Morning Bullshit"...not sure what everyone was expecting

#9887 11 months ago

Kind of sucks that this thread will cross the 10K mark with something like, "God this stupid morning bullshit show is some stupid bullshit" haha

#9893 11 months ago

Show is dumb as shit, but I think it's good they are revealing it to a show geared toward a younger audience. Pinball needs the next generation, and everything like this helps. Yes, the show sucks balls, but who cares.

#9900 11 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Adult swim just totally failed pinball steaming. A camera from the side????

Agreed. Can't say I'm surprised after seeing the rest of the show. Good news is now that AS is happy, Bowen can do a proper stream.

#9903 11 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Haha. I'll take this bimbo over him anyday.
This is way more entertaining.

LMFAO...god damn. Everyone in my office is wondering why the fuck I'm laughing right now.

#9910 11 months ago

Someone just hit the garage shot...but Bowen said something about a super not being counted.

#9947 11 months ago

I'm not leaving this thread until it hits 10K...which should be in about 10 mins....so open up the club thread!

#9950 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

I wasn’t able to watch the stream because I was working but I was able to listen to it and man was that first half hour painful to listen to… What garbage!
I plan on watching the stream later but only the part where they show RM.
What a shame seems like that was a big waste of time for spooky pinball

Yeah the Spooky crew are champs for driving all the way down to ATL from Benton for that show. But...gotta make the IP owners happy. So thanks Spooky.

#10139 11 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

There was one question that stood out to me. The "how do the lights know the ball is going over them" and he kept saying "switches and optos" and I was sitting there going, come on, she doesn't know what an opto is. She thinks the lights know the ball is touching them. It was interesting to see the perspective of someone who knows nothing about pinball be introduced and ask questions. There's things people with knowledge on certain subjects take for granted thinking everyone knows them.

This stuck out to me too. When I explain how pins work to guests at my house who are very new to pinball, I say "sensors" in the place of switches and optos often. You are right that people have no idea what those terms mean, but sensors translates really well.

#10141 11 months ago
Quoted from taylor34:

I was a little surprised by how much people jumped on you as well. I think in general the rule is that the more something offends you, the more there might be some truth to it...so maybe you touched a nerve? I think the game looks pretty good, but I also don't think offering up some legit comments is a bad thing either. This forum has a bad tendency to get going one way or the other on a subject and shout down all other voices that don't go along with it. Frankly, so few people have played it that I don't think you can make blanket statement either way on this game yet...it's like reviewing a movie based upon the previews. Some people may think it looks awesome, some may not, but there's no reason to attack people either way.

It seems to me the reason people piled on is the rush to judgement on an "uninspired" playfield after two streams.And to then go one to essentially calling Scott a rookie who doesn't know how to build "proper" playfield design, just seem to be drastic overstatements. Again, especially considering noone has even flipped the game themselves. People said TNA was "too simple" etc etc, and now people love it. A rush to judgment on any game is pretty naive in any case.

#10319 11 months ago
Quoted from nogoodnames222:

Potentially negative observation, please don't murder me:
It looks like they did not get the rights to any voices from the show, OTHER than Justin Roiland, right? I am more than content with all the original lines (+ lines from the show) from Rick, Morty, Meeseeks, Mr PBH, etc, just was thinking back to the gameplay vids and don't think we heard anything from Beth/Jerry/Summer? Very possible I'm forgetting/missed something, please correct me if I'm wrong. Also, the potential for Interdimensional Cable references is high considering Justin did nearly all those voices ("I need a god damn Jan Michael Vincent" multiball would be great).

Why had I not considered a Ball Fondlers mode!?

Ball_fondlers (resized).png
#10323 11 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

So the Ball Fondlers thing brings up a question that I had during the SMB stream. I thought I caught someone say something about this on there, but not sure. With the adult/pg settings....is it also mode related? Are there modes you can only get if adult mode is on?

epthegeek we know you're lurking...ball fondlers? adult only modes? My guess is the family friendly settings will only affect callouts.

#10360 11 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

personally, I hope eric doesn't reply to this. I would like to see a lot of things that are just a surprise when playing it in the wild or at home when mine arrives

If you don't want spoilers just drain the thread...problem solved.

#10397 11 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

It's going to be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait.

Bet this spot sells again before it's built

#10401 11 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

If you had deep pockets you could probably make a fair penny cornering the market on these. Buy anything for sale under 3k and sell only at 4k plus. There probably won't be that many pre-order spots coming up for sale...

I'm not sure. I'll stick to pinball for fun and the stock market for investing. My point was that someone buying a slot so far out could get tired of waiting.

#10637 11 months ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Can anyone on here do a good Squanchy and Scary Terry. Maybe Spooky could use some alternative voices like Stern does

Been practicing my "You can run, but you can't hide, bitch" a lot lately. Wondering how long before my gf stops thinking all my R&M quotes aren't funny anymore.

#10639 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

She probably thought that the first time you said it!

If she's still smiling, then I'm not stopping.

#10920 11 months ago

The sound effects on the magna save are awesome

#10925 11 months ago

All the shots are being made. Looking a like a good shooter. Cannot wait to get my hands on one.

#10940 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddict78:

You guys have been pissing for weeks. Just because you bought this game does not make it the cheapest and best game of all time. Alice Cooper has so many issues the only one I played on location was pulled in a month because they were tired of pulling the glass of from stuckys.

You clearly have no idea what the hell you are talking about. I've put 1000+ games on my ACNC and the only stuck ball issues I had was a switch on the frank lock. It's an easy adjustment. Plus in the most recent code update they adjusted the height he raises to to release the balls.

#11146 11 months ago
Quoted from Alwaysbrokenpins:

This release started out bad and is getting worse. If you don’t understand supply and demand you don’t need to be involved in manufacturing license as big as Ricky & Morty. Pissing off more people than you service is sort of a bad marketing plan. I am not really blaming Spooky at this point if the licensors had any understanding about Pinball production they would’ve laughed at the concept of 750 machines.

Could you elaborate? It seems to me that Spooky has knocked it out the park.

#11198 11 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

And had you been a previous customer and weren't saved a spot you would probably be upset too. Eventually I will have to change to the way spooky and pinball star do things, but for now imo can still show special treatment to the people that have supported me.
Sorry it left a bad taste in your mouth, that was never the intent. Glad to hear you got a game regardless.

I was former Spooky customer and reached out to Joe when R&M was released to let him know I was seriously interested. Then when the morning of the launch came, I got the email with the link to make the deposit. I don't think Spooky or Joe need to change anything. This was a freak deal selling out so quickly. I would have to guess that the number of Spooky past customers who really wanted in got in. The people who bought pins those first 4 hours wanted them the most. I can't think of way changing the distribution model could have done anything different given the feeding frenzy.

2 weeks later
#11473 10 months ago

This has been addressed before. I'm sure there are a few buyers out there who have bought every Spooky title. Yes, I'm sure those guys get prioritized and they should, but buying one game doesn't entitle anyone to anything. I bought ACNC, and I never once thought I would have priority access to R&M. I reached out to my distributor before the release to get all the details I could, planned, and when it launched I was ready. @estrader just keeps getting on the R&M threads to whine because he wasn't ready when the time came and he didn't get in.

#11486 10 months ago
Quoted from FYMF:

What's the point of going through a distributor as opposed to straight through Spooky?
Unless a rare 3 hour sellout and you did it as a supply issue why not go straight to Spooky?
Are there advantages I am missing?

I connected with Joe at PinballStar when buying my ACNC. He was super helpful and a good guy to work with. I think as Spooky grows they probably need a little help on the distribution side. Spooky allocates games to distributors, so I've never understood the "just buy direct" argument. Yes, Spooky could probably make a little bit more money, but without distributors like PinballStar who helped Spooky in the early days, Spooky probably would have never made it. So distributors were key to Spooky when they started, and I think they will be key as they grow.

#11490 10 months ago
Quoted from Calfdemon:

There can also be tax and shipping differences between buying from a distributor or direct from Spooky. Trust me, I looked into it and where I could save some money, I did. Spooky still gets paid whether you buy from them or distributor. So its a win win. But if I had bought directly from Spooky (twice now), I would have paid about $1500 more total than what I will be paying through my distributor. And that is accurate, I've checked it multiple times.

Plus think about distributors taking games to shows to get exposure for Spooky. We all know it's a lot of work to move these things around, so distributors are definitely earning the keep. That's work the distributor is doing that Spooky really benefits from. I just think there are some good things that come out of the distributor relationships Spooky maintains.

#11492 10 months ago
Quoted from FYMF:

Thank you. I sincerely didnt know and I appreciate the knowledge

Just sharing my perspective. I'm certainly no expert. I'm sure the distributors and manufactures could list plenty of reasons they work together that haven't even been mentioned.

#11507 10 months ago
FD476965-D39F-412C-AC22-38E5BB67A539 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#11605 10 months ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

TNA and ACNC both have these tabs and I have never had an issue with ball hangups. spookyluke posted earlier that there was an error in cutting the first batch for R&M which has already been addressed.
Adding a washer between the playfield hangers and apron seems like a good option to reduce the potential hangups

The only place I have an issue with hangups on my ACNC is on the small foam pieces near the trough return on the apron. Never takes more than a slight nudge to bump the ball off there if it gets hung up.

#11655 10 months ago

Kaneda posted his review of R&M after playing at Jackbar for those interested. Pretty brutal take on the shots from the upper right flipper (to the point he says he's rather play stranger things in terms of shots). I have multiple people I know personally who have flipped the game and said it's tough, but they didn't bag on the shots nearly as much. whysnow even got called out for hyping the game too much lol. Always have to take Chris with a grain of salt.

#11662 10 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I own the game. 2 hours is not worthy of a review.

Totally agree. At 2 hours, I'm disclaiming my thoughts as "first impressions."

#11672 10 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Anyone that listens to him for a review of a game is a moron.

Annnnndddd this is why people downvote you constantly Hilton. You come out with a blanket statement that "anyone who listens to Chris' opinion is a moron." Come on man. That doesn't add anything of value to the conversation. Your superlative comment is moronic.

#11682 10 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I listen to Kaneda, and value his opinions. But fair enough.

You sir are a moron.

2 weeks later
1 month later
#11945 8 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

As much as I love Rick and Morty I wouldn't do that to my car but obviously he has a sense of humour .

I'm guessing it's just a wrap that can be easily removed.

#12032 8 months ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

What the hell, is it true that employees can refuse work and continue getting unemployment now?

In some cases actually, yes. If a worker has a medical condition that puts them at higher risk of significant complications and they fear for their safety, then they can continue to collect even if their job is offered back. Keep in mind each state has it's own department of labor and makes the final regulations state by state. But I know I've seen this plenty here in Kansas. Those $600 additional federal unemployment payments really brought out the worst in some people. I can't tell you how many times since companies I help obtain PPP funding were told by employees they would rather just collect unemployment than work.

#12047 8 months ago

To me the bottom line is that only Spooky can make the call, and the opinions of the armchair experts on Pinside don't really matter. I don't envy any business owner who is faced with the decisions surrounding reopening. Charlie and the Spooky team's health is a hell of a lot more important than a bunch of pinball machines. I understand the impatience (I was expecting to pick my game up in ~July, now who knows when), but it's not worth pushing Charlie and his family into a dangerous situation.

2 months later
1 month later
#12185 4 months ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

Got my set up today. Moved a few around.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Your line just got me all hot and bothered

3 weeks later
#12198 3 months ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

Congrats bro! Is that standard cab or butter?

Looks like a standard

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