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Rick & Morty Pinball from Spooky!


1 year ago

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Post #619 Per Charlie: "750 is the limit. (No BS)" Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

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Post #1157 More Charlie (from Spooky) clarification Posted by SpookyCharlie (1 year ago)

Post #1790 Fang club information Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #1945 Under playfield reveal Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #2109 Ordering info Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

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#1596 1 year ago

Well,I don't know who R&M are,but with this teem, and Spooky's last pins,limited production,I bit on the "Fang club"!!! Only distro close to me is Nitro Pinball is in WA,and he's not taking phone calls

#3264 1 year ago

Got my BSE ordered,now,how long before final payment,anyone????

#3273 1 year ago

AB-2025 here!!!!

#3276 1 year ago


#3308 1 year ago

When I ordered,it said "in stock"????

#3318 1 year ago

Where you at Rai????

#5286 1 year ago

This is just like TBL hassle!! maybe we should table this thread for about 6 Months!!!

#5940 1 year ago


1 week later
#6598 1 year ago

Now thats a lucky Pinhead!!!!

#6757 1 year ago

So,this is kinda drifting;SOOO .750 pins to be made,750 pins,you take 2 down,and pass them around,748 pins to be made! COME ON NOW EVERYBODY JOIN IN!!! We gotta year to burn !!!!

#6806 1 year ago

And you make 2pins,and pass them around,746 pins to be made!!!!

#7015 1 year ago

Well,4 pins have been made this week,wonder what lucky insiders got them!!!!

#7017 1 year ago

Spooky said they make 2 pins a day!! That also said that Wed.was a holiday,and production started Thursday!!That was 750 pins to be made!! 2 on Thursday,2 on Friday746 pins to be made,746 pins,now keep up!!!

#7048 1 year ago

I have Virelands fan in my RZ,that original fan sounded like a jet engine! Worse than the one in GB!! If those fans are that bad again,Pinmonk is gonna do a lot of business!!!!

#7085 1 year ago

Woo Hoo Morty,I'm a test pin

#7172 1 year ago

IN memory of Mr-Gone.746 pins to be made,746 pins, 2 were made,yesterday,744 pins to be made!!!!

#7273 1 year ago

Hello,Fans,744 Pins to be made,744pins,you take 2 down,and pass them around,742 Pins to be made!!!! For those of you outside our Country,and for the benefit of those of you who didn't get to spend the summer at Summer Camp,this song originally was 100 bottles of Beer on the wall,sung 100 times on the bus to kill drive time to camp!!

#7289 1 year ago

No,Doc,I'm not assuming anything!!! Charlie from Spooky previously said they are building 2 pins a day!! I don't extrapolate what words are used,just trust to the basic language thats correct!!If anybody has definitive answers and knows what the f... he's talking about,then,don't crawl up my ass and state it here,or be quiet!!

#7347 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

We consistently build 10 games a week at this point. We very rarely ever miss that mark anymore. We have done 500 a year the last 2 years. We dont plan on breaking that system for now. We have to be very careful as a small company. All of our guys are full time and they count on that paycheck to feed their families. If we get to the point where sales consistently demand we could expand easily. However you just never know how that next title is going to go over and how the market is going to be the next year. We never want to have a day at spooky pinball where we have to walk people to the door because we dont have work for them. It's just not what any of us are about. There are more important things than big numbers.

#7348 1 year ago

742 Pins to be made,742 Pins,they made 2 today,and took them away,740 Pins to be made!!!

#7432 1 year ago

Looking at the play field photos,I see that on the approach to the right ramp,there is a stand up length of naked steel on the left side of the ramp!! there is no rubber on it! When you go for the right ramp,hitting bare metal doesn't seem right!!Can any body comment on that????

#7618 1 year ago

OK,this is starting to sound like the B66 infinite code updating!!! New code every couple months for a year or 2!!

#7951 1 year ago

If you want a dba on a pin,thats gonna be routed,why would you want a headphone mod on it??Unless its going in a Hospital or a assisted living facility!!!???

#8222 1 year ago

I traded a Houdini for a RZ,and never looked back as well!!!!

#8413 12 months ago

If you think that was loud,you should hear the factory fan in my RZ!!!You'd think it was taking off!!! Fixed that with Pinmonks new batch of fans!!!

#8593 11 months ago

Northern Cali checking in on the FANG kit!! Mine also was dropped shipped from the printer!! Came tonight U.P.S.,on the porch

#8632 11 months ago

For those of you who asked,my tape was perfect on my FANG club tube

#8815 11 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Funny part is that dumbass does not realize that many huge IP licenses Stern does, have sold far less than 750 machines.
Beatles would be a prime example

That was a big disappointment! I had money for John's idea of this title!! They should have kept everything quiet until they(Stern) completed the pin and sold it!! The Seawitch redo was a huge dud!!

#8865 11 months ago

About streaming,where I'm at,wi-fi is so slow,we can't get it!! Its 4:445 a.m.here and its the only time I can get good connection!! Direct TV does have R&M ,but we can't get it ,cause you have to have "on demand" we don't!!!

#8979 11 months ago

Is all this gonna go on all year?????Sheeeeeech!!!!

#9210 11 months ago


#9287 11 months ago

Well,so far,no FANG club member has said they have even been contacted with the 3 week build request!!! So,there are 40 pins out there somewhere,doing something,for some insider!!!!

#9329 11 months ago

TO,6S3NC3'Read and TRY to understand> I said/or meant/nothing negative about Spooky as a company!!There have been machines built and we all want to know more about them!! Whats so negative about that??The lucky folks who are the first owners should be proud and happy to share their experience with us!!P.S.> my Brother lives on Long Island,and I'll be there June 1st To the 7th if you wanna continue ranting to me in person!!!

#10271 11 months ago

Oh,ok,I know whats happening now>I'm stuck here in this pre programed alternate universe!!! Bad news is ,my alternate universe portal activator battery just went dead WTF do i do now????

#10699 11 months ago

With all the chat about Spooky PF,I haven't had one dimple on my RZ!!!After 2 yrs,PF still looks like new!!!

#10768 11 months ago

Hay you Pinheads,don't leave the ladies out today>happy Valentines Day to all our Ladies out there!!!

1 week later
#11398 10 months ago


1 week later
#11465 10 months ago

OK,boys,lets knock this off and whine elsewhere!!!

#11495 10 months ago
Quoted from dts:

When I called Spooky about something else on Monday, they said they are in the 50s now.

If true,then,at 40 pr month,seems they are behind by 40!! Somethings not right here!!!

1 week later
#11814 10 months ago

I wonder how this pin ended up#2?? They haven't made that many yet! Also,folks are already making adjustments for better flow!We have asked Spooky to kindly make these adjustments in later runs! GB was a prime example of this!!Also the Milk Can shot on Houdini!!

2 months later
#11949 8 months ago

I thought I read here that Spooky is ready to start back up this coming Monday???

#12012 8 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

A multiverse inside the cab with a window through the DVB insert. harryhoudini I think is planning it. Sounds really cool!

So,what do you do with this idea???Get on your knees to play that adventure???

#12052 8 months ago

Now,the battle of the Pingulps!!!

1 month later
#12093 6 months ago

Great photo O-din,what R U trying to show us???

2 months later
#12190 3 months ago

Cmon #499,

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