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Post #997 List of Distributors Posted by KingPinGames (1 year ago)

Post #1081 BS Edition Posted by cmack750 (1 year ago)

Post #1157 More Charlie (from Spooky) clarification Posted by SpookyCharlie (1 year ago)

Post #1790 Fang club information Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #1945 Under playfield reveal Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #2109 Ordering info Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

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#508 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

this statement seems to contradict itself
do you actually mean that in order to purchase one direct from spooky that you need to be a fang club member? and if you want to purchase one from a distributor, you don't
inquiring minds want to know

It means that Fang club members have a 2 week head start on getting on the list. After the 2 weeks, sales will open up to the general public. Will be the same whether you go through Spooky or from a Distro.

#526 1 year ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

Cartoon Network, during Adult Swim.
Back catalog is on Hulu (apparently unbleeped).

I watched the first few episodes in Season 1 last night on Hulu and it was still bleeped. Is there a separate version?

#537 1 year ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

Sorry, guess I was misinformed from another post, that's why I hedged my statement with "apparently."
Apparently not?
I know I've seen unbleeped on YouTube but I imagine those were DVD rips that have been since removed.
Edit: I just checked rickandmorty.com and it's there too, for free, but still bleeped.
Dang, unbleeped was even funnier! Guess I need some DVDs. (Or BluRay, but that's overkill for animation.)

I'm fine with it either way. Like lpeters82 said, sometimes it's funnier when things are bleeped. Remember the Tiny Toons character Fowlmouth that swore every other word and was bleeped? Same effect here I think.

#570 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

No bleeps on Netflix.
First 3 seasons.

I checked on Netflix and couldn't find it. I'll have to look again.

#574 1 year ago
Quoted from jp1985:

I doubt it is, maybe he isn't in the US?

Just checked and it's not there.

#1182 1 year ago

93 new posts since a few hours ago...JFC....is this a variant of a buncha guys trying to explain math to one guy again?

#1594 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Yeah I can't wait to see what Scott has in store in terms of sound/light show! I'm sure an external sub will be a requirement for this game to catch the full dynamic range of the sound.

If it's built like TNA and ACNC, it'll have a box in the cabinet (the way it should be) and it won't need an external sub. TNA bumps pretty good, and I have external subs on all of my other games.

#1603 1 year ago
Quoted from twhtalm:

No sub box in ACNC 410, just a big woofer.

Huh...I thought it had a box in it. my bad.

#1909 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Good point... hmmm

Just be careful of the coil counters out there. Anything less than 50 and you''ll never see the end of it.

#1926 1 year ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

I watch a lot of your wrestling on YouTube

We already got a WWE from Stern and WWFRR from DE...so there's that.

#1972 1 year ago

Shit. Now I definitely need to sell something.

#2512 1 year ago

Oh man! Looks GREAT!!

#2673 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Bloodsucker edition includes.
All built before any standard edition games.
Really cool metallic purple powder coat
Custom portal rails
Matching apron and display panel.
Everything else shown is an add on.

Any option to go bloodsucker with the gray powdercoat?

#2997 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

all shots look to be a variety of easy to hard based on width, flipper point of launch, and general geometry. I see some open shots and some tighter shots IMHO (guessing the end of flipper from upper r will take me a bit of time to find; like JP2 shot did)

The upper right flipper shots seem to be very late (for the garage) and very early (for the inner orbit?) I'm concerned the garage shot will be a bit clunky, and the left ramp will be steep and a bit clunky as well. Hopefully I'm wrong, or it doesn't detract from the gameplay. I'm still in though.

#3054 1 year ago

nothing from Joe yet...

#3066 1 year ago

I'm in as well! From pinball star

#5293 1 year ago

Finally. Something worth reading...

#5318 1 year ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

The lock can lock up to 3. We are currently using it in really cool ways as a lock, a movable captive ball, and a fast-ass u-turn. I am extremely happy with how it turned out.

I'm really glad you were able to figure out how to light up the clear drop targets to be included in the light show. Hopefully it's something that can be retrofitted to the TNA drop targets...when you have some...you know...down time

#5720 1 year ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

The locking mechanism is not that complicated. It is a horse shoe loop with 2 drop targets at the openings. There is a center post right int he middle of the horseshoe. There are 2 sets of optos on each side of the mech behind the drop targets and one set of long throw optos in the front of the drop targets and the scoop. The long throw opto set is there to give the software a heads up that there is an incoming ball at high speed. It's actually a super cool assembly that uses all off the shelf parts, which I am a huge fan of. In this configuration, you can load 3 balls into the lock.
The phases of the lock mech can be this:
Open Loop:
Both drop targets down, with no attempt to capture a ball. This will act as a super high speed turn around from both directions.
Ready to capture 1 ball:
When a lock is qualified, the mech will still leave both drop targets down. A ball can be captured by shooting the lock in either direction. This will capture the ball on one side.
1 ball in lock, but number 2 not qualified:
This is a cool situation, both drop targets will be up in this case and will allow you to transfer the ball from one side to another, or use it as a captive ball by putting center post up.
1 Ball in lock, ball 2 lock qualified:
The first locked ball in this case will act as a captive ball and ball 2 can be locked on the opposite side. The drop will be open and ready for the second lock on the opposite side of where ball 1 is captured.
2 balls in lock:
After ball 2 is locked, the balls can act as 2 separate captive balls in 2 separate locks by the up post keeping them separate. Another thing I was thinking about, but is going to make Eric kill me, is that we could allow someone to put a 3rd ball in the lock by hitting one of the locked balls and letting it double stack on the other side with the other ball. Then open up the empty side and ready it for lock 3. This is just an idea at the moment, and not sure if we will use it. This also opens up other cool ways of separating the balls again into a 2 locked scenario.
There are a bunch of possibilities with this thing and we are working hard on making it as fun as possible. Right now, it is very fun to play and has been very reliable. Eric knows his shit. This is just one of the super exciting mechanical aspects of this layout that I love. Well, I hope that was enough for you guys to digest for a while.

Danesi Lock 2.0 > mini projector screen on MM/AFM retheme

#5772 1 year ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Circling back to this one; This is all in the code now.
There's a quick toggle on the front page of the service menu (Enter service menu and hold the launch button and it will swap between your current setting and "off")
There's also a time based option you can turn on and then set a START and END time. In between START and END, the swearing is forced to OFF, outside of that, it goes to whatever your current setting is for the filter.

This is awesome Eric! With two younger kids that will want to play, and be around while the adults play, this is MUCH welcomed! Spooky and Eric FTW!!!

#5773 1 year ago

Also waiting on a PinballStar build number. I need to know if I have to sell a game or not!

1 week later
#6499 1 year ago

When people complain in this thread

#6505 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

peace among worlds?

You got it! Keep it cool and just be glad that:

1 - We have a F*cking R&M machine (seriously, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?)
2 - You're in on one
3 - You've got one of the best teams/companies in pinball building it

There are people that aren't in on one and would be happy to have the last spot in line. I count my blessing when I get them.

#6510 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I am so flipping excited!

I haven't been this excited for a game since TNA!

#6556 1 year ago

Slut Dragon Frenzy where every switch hit has this animation and call out

#6614 1 year ago

I'm ready for my game after a couple hours at Dave and Busters. Cant wait!

20200101_160050 (resized).jpg
#7023 1 year ago
Quoted from ToucanF16:

Just checking the thread after 6 days and find 16 pages of new posts! No way I have time to read that much!

I can recap for you:
"Spooky needs to raise the limit"
"My spot in line sucks"
"Dimples (cant remember it was this thread or the StTh thread but I wouldnt be surprised)
"Knockers are awesome"
"Knockers suck"
(An excuse to insert pic of said knockers)

Did I miss anything?

TLDR: read the key posts

#7049 1 year ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

I have Virelands fan in my RZ,that original fan sounded like a jet engine! Worse than the one in GB!! If those fans are that bad again,Pinmonk is gonna do a lot of business!!!!

It's easy to swap a $10 fan into the power supply. I did it on my TNA. With that said, I think the volume of the fan is a bit over exaggerated. I would do it again on R&M, but it's not a must do.

#7304 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

They have a lot of R&M plates.
[quoted image][quoted image]

I wonder if they can make this one. One of my favorite rants in the series so far.

A1xOpCqS1zL._SL1500_ (resized).jpg
#7448 1 year ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

It does go all the way through and is nutted on both sides. It is a custom machined piece with threads on both parts that protrude through the bottom of the playfield. But in all honesty, the pinball will be destroyed before this post gets beat up.

Glad there's a lot of nutting going on with the flooble crank. I'd be concerned if there wasn't

Hopefully it won't be chewing through balls, and hopefully replacements will be available through your favorite pinball parts supplier in case it needs to be replaced in the future.

Can't do a lot of nutting with chewed balls....wait are we talking about the same thing?

#7490 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballlife:

Wait a minute....
Am I imagining things or is flooble crank code for *penis* in many of these posts?
Please, someone clarify. I hate not knowing.

If it's anyone, it should be you that knows! You're making these things aren't you? Please send maintenance and care instructions for the flooble cranks with each game shipment, please and thank you.

#7632 1 year ago

Anyone that owns a TNA knows that Scott has been continuously updating that game, long after it's been in a completed state. I have no concerns that Scott, Erik, and Bowen, will continuously improve on the code as time goes.

#7639 1 year ago
Quoted from titanpenguin:

My kids would love to see dragon ball, my hero academia, or one punch man pinball. I have to admit, I enjoy watching the shows with them.

Pinball with anime themes would be awesome (OPM is one of my favs) but I've resigned to the fact that the only way we'll see an anime licensed game is through a homebrew. These licenses are the last thing the current buying market will pay for.

#7790 1 year ago

Thank you Spooky! You guys are truly the best!

#7849 1 year ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

250 new posts since I last checked in...I was like oh cool a video
Nope——Free topper

So are you disappointed?

#7949 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Pardon my ignorance, but what’s DBA?

Dollar Bill Acceptor

#7999 1 year ago

My suggestion, instead of speculating whether or not there are spots available, is to reach out to Spooky distributors and they will tell you if there are spots available or not. Not anything anyone says outside of the distributors should be taken as yes or no.

With that said, as noted in the prior post, there may have been some people that "committed" they may or may not have sent in their deposit.

There would be zero benefit for a distro to have spots, but have the hype call it "sold out."

#8014 1 year ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

I reached out to spooky 3 weeks ago and was advised that I was put on a list, but I haven't heard anything else since.

Like the others have said, call each of the distros also, not just Spooky.

#8078 1 year ago
Quoted from twhtalm:

Just received notice for a package scheduled for delivery tomorrow

Crap, I just bought some stuff from Amazon and Ebay, so I have no idea if anyof them are from Spooky or not!

#8093 1 year ago

People are funny. They somehow get offended by things that they don't agree with, or really don't matter. You like purple? Well, you're dumb because clearly green is the better color!

There's another thread asking what the age of the people on Pinside are. It's obvious that no one here is older than 8 yrs old.

#8230 1 year ago
Quoted from SmallyBells:

What would it take to get a factory installed (add-on cost) silicon band upgrade?
Feasible or too much trouble?
It’s seems like a easy upgrade that no company has done as of yet.

I'm pretty sure they use Pinball Life PerfectPlay silicone bands.

#8377 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

in other news, I believe that my fang club membership swag should be out for delivery via ups tomorrow. I just received an email from ups.com with a parcel arriving from Woodword Printing Services out of Dodgeville, WI

We got a notification for something from Woodward Printing also and I was asking my wife what we ordered. Thanks for confirming!

#8384 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

That’s what I was hoping to see. I was actively looking on Amazon for a R&M poster or a cool portal wall “decal” when someone posted the pic of the poster. I would’ve gladly bought a fang club membership if the poster had R&M or more interesting Spooky pinball graphics referencing their pins.
I just found it slightly amusing the poster ended up being a promotional poster for the club I would’ve just paid to join. Didn’t think people would get bent over that silly observation. I have limited wall space, so a poster needs to get my attention, especially at $45 since that would’ve been the sole reason I joined.

The reason people joined Fang Club was to either get in on the 2 week pre-order of their next game (R&M) or to support Spooky, or both. It was certainly not for the poster.

#8631 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I'm happy to give you all something to talk and downvote about today. God knows you're aren't seeing anything game related for months and most won't be getting a game until next year.
You're welcome!
Let's see pics of those posters framed and hung now!

Honestly curious as to why you're here? If to garner downvotes, you're doing a great job!

#8654 1 year ago
Quoted from metallik:

Y'all took his joke seriously?
Nothing in this thread should be taken seriously unless the author has a spooky ghost avatar. Or a bloody cougar.

People have complained about less more loudly.

#8682 1 year ago
Quoted from LoveNeverDiesGuy:

What does Kaneda's D*ck taste like?

Don't answer that!

itsatrap-2-700x500 (resized).jpg
#8999 12 months ago

84787456_2828260787235130_3715845648247947264_o (resized).jpg

"Hard to get good play testing help these days." - Spooky Pinball

#9035 12 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

is the 'target decal set' just an extra set of decals? (a backup set?
hoping to see what the interior graphics look like before having to make my decision

I think the targets are probably blank, without anything on them, so not an extra set per se.

#9401 11 months ago
3o37cc (resized).jpg
#9505 11 months ago

Can't wait to see this after work....!!!!

#9834 11 months ago

Life is good - Spooky Pinball LLC

84852039_2844925122235363_5379856969609773056_o (resized).jpg
#9841 11 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Is this in Atlanta?

I assume so since they're supposed to be streaming in a couple hours! 4PM Central, 5PM Eastern

#10252 11 months ago

A "last chance" ball save akin to TOTO in WoZ. You qualify it by hitting the Jerry target X number of times during regular play, with no other modes running, or during MB.

After the ball drains, Jerry starts playing his app on the screen and a ball is launched into the shooter lane.

You launch the ball and if you attempt to hit the garage shot (flipper switch), you start LOSING points up to 250,000 (starting from zero) until you hit the garage shot (to "escape" doing your science project with Jerry and continue to go on adventures with Rick). If you can hit the garage, you can continue to play the ball out as normal, but lose that amount of points. If you hit it on one attempt on a perfect shot from the upper flipper, you lose no points. If you drain out before the hurryup reaches 250K, you lose that amount of points. If you cannot hit the shot up to 250K, the flippers die and you lose 250K.

If the game does not detect any flipper button presses and you allow the ball to drain, you do not lose any points and you lose your ball.

Obviously it would be disabled for competitive play, or it can be user disabled in the menu.

A compromise between getting a video mode (I hate video modes too) while still including Jerry's balloon game.

#10436 11 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Bids are flying up! $2428!
ebay.com link » Rick And Morty Standard Pinball Machine Pre Order Spot

This auction seems off to me. The owner of this spot should know exactly what number they have, not the "range" as if a guess. I hope the buyer 100% works out the details before payment is sent.
R&M ebay2 (resized).jpgR&M ebay (resized).jpg

R&M ebay3 (resized).jpg
#10441 11 months ago

It's up to 3k now. 10K by 15 minutes...apparently...

#10450 11 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Ummmm....I agree that the markup is impressive but $1500 (the deposit amount) plus tax is not half of $2125. That is “only” a $478 markup. Of course, that figure has since risen since we are now at/near end of auction.

It's a standard, so only 1K on the deposit.

#10456 11 months ago

c***4 waiting on the last second bid....I call 3500 final bid.

#10458 11 months ago

Ended at $3550

#10465 11 months ago

c***4 was outbid within the last 4 seconds. Must be pretty pissed to lose it by $50 lol

#10470 11 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

i had 70 at one point...

Should have thrown them all up on ebay! You're distributing wrong!

#10476 11 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

or am I? one time quick money, or a good reputation and comfortable living for the next decade or two?

I know KP

i'm posting wrong! I needed the at the end of my last post.

#10488 11 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

So if whysnow if is getting #2 (not sure if who is getting number 1 was revealed) then club thread will open as soon as his get delivered?

Can one presume that the game delivered to AS is #1?

#10495 11 months ago
Quoted from kettchxxii:

The Craft Beer Pinball League will have #12 out at the Blue Moon Bar in short order. #19 is going to Geeks Mania as well. So Madison will be flooded.
Thanks for the shout out Hilton.

Three to play within a 10 mile radius. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!

#10584 11 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Just a random note. There has been a seriously significant improvement in the RM playfields. When these get out start checking for dimples its unbelievable how well these are holding up. The ones we have been beating up here are holding up unlike anything we have ever done before. You guys are going to be pleasantly surprised, i know we were.

I'm not sure I believe this statement. I'll need to actually play test your game many dozens of times and inspect it myself in order to validate this statement. Let me know what day works for you.

#10586 11 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

More than welcome to swing by we always have one here! lol

Man, that's tempting!!!

#10595 11 months ago

I think it's awesome that Ron and Spooky are offering these services. Options for consumers are a great thing. This is definitely a first for any manufacturer doing this that I'm aware of (which tbh, is not much). Kudos to both Ron and Spooky!

#10605 11 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Playfield is shipped to K-man and Clearcoated prior to being built by Spooky.

Let's specify that it's Kruzman, not the other "K-man."

#10762 11 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

given that jack is now (apparently) a stern employee, I wonder if they'll see the stream as conflict of interest?

I want to say that early on when Jack became a Stern employee, he also negotiated the right to be able to do his own thing (ie stream from other manufacturers). I may be wrong, but I think it was around the TNA streams that this happened. Can't remember 100%

1 week later
#11300 11 months ago
Quoted from cmack750:

Man....tough crowd. Getting down votes for vulgar humor in the R&M thread?
Still.... If this stopped one person from continuing a serious discussion of the merits of Super Bands vs Titans vs Pinball Life vs generic game rubber in a machine, I feel vaguely justified. Surprised it took this long to get to that topic..... Every other game thread in existence got there much quicker.....

tbh, I had to read it again to get the hidden humor behind it. I think the two downvoters may have taken that post literally.

Personally I hate superbands.

3 weeks later
#11721 10 months ago

My TNA has this foam too. No issues here. Must be a Spooky thing because I never thought anything of it.

20200314_190057 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#11897 9 months ago
Quoted from Flipper-airbrush:

Im think like my Simpsons. Drunken rick on lockbar. Actually I’m looking for good picture[quoted image]

Wow! That looks really great!

#11901 9 months ago

That's really amazing work. I love his take on some of the pieces and the custom rails like the ax and the Batman rails look really good.

1 week later
#11906 9 months ago

From Spooky's FB page:
Almost there... games are ready for the Minions in the new shop and can't wait to get back to them. Work will resume when WI gives the go-ahead. Till then, stay safe and hang in there everyone! We'll keep making a better shop in the meantime.

93179178_3000916029969604_937487778990522368_o (resized).jpg93485927_3000915909969616_6919591900433350656_o (resized).jpg93543732_3000916123302928_3854507623722254336_o (resized).jpg93660179_3000915979969609_2726906738031722496_o (resized).jpg
1 month later
#12053 8 months ago

People are posting in the club thread that they're getting their build sheet requests...so you guys can stop talking about UI benefits and what not.

#12055 8 months ago

Unemployment. IDK, it's what people are using to shorten it. I kinda skipped over most of it tbh.

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