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Post #619 Per Charlie: "750 is the limit. (No BS)" Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #997 List of Distributors Posted by KingPinGames (1 year ago)

Post #1081 BS Edition Posted by cmack750 (1 year ago)

Post #1157 More Charlie (from Spooky) clarification Posted by SpookyCharlie (1 year ago)

Post #1790 Fang club information Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #1945 Under playfield reveal Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #2109 Ordering info Posted by SpookyLuke (1 year ago)

Post #2509 Sales Info and Play Reveal Video Posted by Borygard (1 year ago)

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#1073 1 year ago

Due to how fast this thread has taken off, so many repeat questions about the fang club, what it gets you, how it works, etc. Most have been addressed multiple times throughout this thread. Maybe the OP @MEuRaH can create a key post that links to the provided information about it so that people can reference it?

Just about everything was covered by @SpookyCharlie in the Fang Club Thread. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/spooky-fang-club#post-5234790

#1077 1 year ago
Quoted from floyd1977:

Yeah, but that link still refers to a Blood Sucker's Edition of Haunted House Party. I still don't know what Blood Sucker's Edition is or how that applies to Rick and Morty.

Haunted House Party IS Rick and Morty. Pre-Announcement codename for the game.

#1081 1 year ago

Although not "all" BS Edition features are fully announced this is what has been. We are talking all cosmetic stuff. Note that in either case, the playfield features will be the SAME (From SpookyCharlie in the Fang Club Thread):

So about this "Blood Suckers Edition"...

It's FUN, and it gets YOUR game some unique upgraded items that will leave you the envy of all the other monsters in your mausoleum! We want to give you something special for believing in us. The side armor special cut design and colors will be a cool combination only available on the Fang Club games. The plaque will be laser etched and placed directly in the center of your super weird apron coated in the same gross vein metal color as those one-of-a-kind side rails. There's even a few surprises we can't even talk about yet... but we think these games will be super creepy fun and collectible for years to come!
All Fang Club Members will get the chance to buy-in on our games 2 weeks before it opens to the public! You can choose a regular game or Blood Suckers Edition, but please note: ALL BLOOD SUCKERS GAMES WILL BE BUILT IN ORDER, AND BUILT FIRST!
In fact, if you buy a Blood Suckers Edition in the first 48 hours of sales launch, your game will even get another special little graveyard ornamental item AT NO EXTRA COST!

The Blood Suckers Edition game sales will close 4 weeks from the launch date, and NO MORE WILL EVER BE SOLD AFTER THAT! Really... we mean that. No games from the vault, crypt, coffin, or any other plan of resurrection of the dead.

Question: Does that mean I will get a lesser game if I DON'T take on this B.S. edition?
Answer: The standard games will have ALL THE SAME PLAYFIELD FEATURES AS THE B.S. edition (that's, Blood Suckers, folks). We don't believe in giving you a lesser game play experience in ANY of our games.

#1087 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Do it's just all about armour...ok.

1. Edition-specific armour/colors.
2. Custom plaque.
3. Possible other "goodies", unannounced. But no additional playfield features.
4. BS Editions ALL built first, so if you want your machine quickly, BS Edition is the way to go, and those will be built in order too.

I won't even pretend to know the line/build capacity for the game....it may overlap ACNC at first for the last few of those and if so, that may slow it down to start...plus just the ramp up time for a new machine.

As an ACNC owner, what I CAN say is that it took a while for machines to really get rolling. Once they did, it seems that they were cranking out about 50/month. Take that for what it's worth....just my experience.

#1092 1 year ago

In the past, Spooky has worked off of an al a carte pricing model. Basically, there is a base price, and then you can add whatever additional things you want. For ACNC, base price was $6450, but could go up to 8k+ if you added EVERYTHING (plastic protectors, powdercoat, lighted speakers, shaker motor, art/mirror blades, knocker, target decals, coin box, bill-accepting coin door, and butter cabinet).

IF that model remains the same, I'd say that whatever the base cost is, the high end (fully loaded) would likely be around that additional + $1500..... + the cost of BS Edition if you go with that. I thought I saw/heard somewhere that the BS Edition was going to be around $525 extra or so.....

#1102 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

The game is limited to 750.
Of those 750, some may be BS editions which have a custom trim package if the customer requests it.
That’s it. Not too complex.

Yes.....actually pretty simple. If you want to get one absolutely, positively, get into the fang club AND be ready to commit/make a deposit early. If you want to spend a little less and don't mind waiting a little longer, just commit to the non-BS edition.

I think the biggest struggle here is for Stern/JJP buyers. Spookys model cannot be directly compared to them.....so don't try.

#1137 1 year ago

Look....Spooky is a small pinball manufacturer that doesn't (and can't) operate on the same economies of scale as a large manufacturer like Stern.

Spooky puts out maybe 1 game per year. They take their time to try to make the best game they possibly can. They have the resources, manpower, and capacity to do that....but only by limiting the number of games they make.

What if they said they wouldn't cap the number made....or they increased it to, say, 2000. Would you be happy, knowing you were able to get a machine, but that they can't make it for you for 3-4 years? I doubt it. What if, after a few.months, the game was a bust, but they "pre-sold" 2000 of them? Now you have 1500-1800 unsatisfied customers who are trying to get out of their deposit or not making full payment when the time comes. And many of those customers wouldn't come back to Spooky again. Any way you slice it, that would be absolutely devastating to a company like Spooky.

Simple matter of fact:. They are making changes to the way they handle things to help them create additional brand loyalty and develop a sustainable sales model that will drive future revenue. And if everyone wants good competition to drive better future IP and machine titles, them sticking around helps the community as a whole.

The sales model isnt driving FOMO. The title is. Kudos to Spooky for doing what it took to land it.

#1747 1 year ago

Man.....if Pinballaholics Anonymous ever needed a case study for the development of a 5 step program, this thread would be a good candidate. 1000 posts stuck in the "Confusion/Anger" stages. Let's just all admit we have a problem, already!

#3004 1 year ago

SpookyLuke : Pricing aside, will there be an add-on option for powder coat like there was on ACNC, and if so, has it been determined what color(s) will be available for that, since the BS Edition color seems to be dedicated to that version? And if so, would the speaker panel be powder coated as well?

Personally, just not a huge fan of purple and since the standard trim and legs is identical to ACNC, would still be nice to switch it up if a more appealing (to me anyway) color will be made available.

For those that havent seen the standard grey/black veined trim in person, it is VERY nice.....

#3014 1 year ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

How do you go with the two buttons?

ACNC Trim doesn't have lollipop rails, so shouldn't matter.

#3018 1 year ago
Quoted from brucipher:

I have an extra set of blue armor from ACNC (have both regular and blue - prefer the regular on ACNC). How do you think that would look on Rick and Morty?

My immediate gut feel says "the blue is too dark", but would be interesting to see......

#3407 1 year ago

I'm in on a standard build and waited 30 minutes into the frenzy before ordering......there are going to be BS Editions still being built come 2021 as it is and I'm not too keen on trying to receive a NIB machine in the dead of winter.

Congrats Spooky.

#3781 1 year ago
Quoted from Mogg:

I’ve got at least 6 months to hide this from my wife

Payment via PayPal credit with deferred interest gives me 6 months to figure out how to break the news

#3799 1 year ago
Quoted from P1nhead:

Get the wife into R&M... then casually bring up in conversation how awesome it would be to own a R&M themed pinball machine. When she excitedly chirps in the affirmative, tell her the wonderful news! Problem solved.

Maybe once she affirms she is OK with my pinball habit in the first place, I can give this a shot

#3957 1 year ago

I'm really happy I will be getting a machine. Love Spooky, my ACNC, and R&M as a title. That said, I also kind of wish it hadn't quite been a full sellout, just to keep the long-term hype and sales shenanigans a little more honest. With a full sellout, a lot of people whose primary experience with new machines is by seeing/playing them at game shows are never going to get the chance. No inventory to keep sellers honest from a pricing perspective, and plenty of over-inflated ratings based on the vast majority of raters also being owners. I'm sure plenty will make it on route, since the theme is a gold-mine for ops and barcades, but I love talking to fellow pinsiders and real pinball enthusiasts and having some shared game knowledge.....but maybe less opportunity than normal for that to happen in this case.

But in any case, it's good for Spooky and at the very least, I'm all for that.

#4461 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Or charge $750 for a topper.

Toppers are a perfect example of Spooky's SOP. They are much more interested in building something fun than using opportunity to just turn it into a cash grab.

The just recently released the interactive brain topper for ACNC that color syncs with play and can actually follow shots in some cases. Hand built and 300 bucks. Find me anyone else doing that. Total respect.

#4939 1 year ago
Quoted from nogoodnames222:

I got a standard because
1. I wanted a middle-of-the-run game (like 250-500 ideally) due to possibly moving in the next few months, and drastically underestimated how many people would get BSE's
2. I much prefer the standard grey armor to the purple. Figured I'd save the 500 bucks, and now that the standard is the rarer game I'm guessing the resale value for the two will be close to the same too (as I'm sure at least some others feel the same as me).
I'm a little annoyed at being a year and a half away from playing R+M but oh well, I'll still be just as excited the day it shows up. I'm just glad I got one coming

I too went with the "standard package" for many of the same reasons. Since most people here are going to be new to Spooky, I can tell you that the non-powdercoated hammer-finish rails/legs/apron are MUCH nicer looking than what you think of as standard. And the purple just didn't do it for me.

I actually wanted back of the queue........ Gives me plenty to time to come up with the payment in any way I want, ensures the code will be mature and my first experience with it at home will be as good as possible, allows spooky to self-correct any manufacturing bugs/issues before mine comes up and also ensures that when it's time to pick my final options and make payment, that every option they will have will be available to me up front (the last one may or may not apply to R&M, but it did for ACNC, where target decals, speaker lights, topper where not available to purchase with the machine until later in the run).

Plus, if I had bought a BSE just to "skip the line" and ended up having to wait 14-16 months anyway, I'd have not been happy......

#5025 1 year ago
Quoted from scruffypinball:

Didn’t feel right. I’ve taken the add down.

You decide that selling a low spot for twice what you paid minutes after the spot order was announced might be "taken the wrong way"?

#5041 1 year ago
Quoted from crazytown:

Regardless of your number it sucks to get excited over the hype of a new machine. Just to find out that you are just going to have to wait and wait ... would be nice if some how these companies could make the machines before they start selling them .

People are delusional. The make-rate and overall timeframe were provided with total transparency. 90% of the people who buy try to skip the line and everyone starts putting stock in web cart transaction numbers being the end-all-be-all...... Now everyone's upset that their foolproof plan to get a game quicker (which again, was the same plan for 90% of everyone) didn't pan out.

Take your number. Trade up or down. Get out or wait. That's all there is to it.

#5250 1 year ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Just WOW! .... I assume #750 would be a Special BSE.... but that means <40 Standards!
Spooky Super LE!

I don't have my number yet, but with a standard on order, I really don't need it. I know pretty much exactly which month my machine will be made

#5258 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Well whatever you 'know' is wrong lol because I have just about every game in the 50s (51-59) and I haven't slotted anyone yet so you're getting bullshitted... So... don't believe everything you hear. We are still sorting out our orders and hope to have our slotting done by Monday.

Be careful what you say Joe. Next time Spooky has a high-profile title, you'll have 750 people trying to order from you first and then bitching at YOU when they don't get a low number......

#5271 1 year ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

And yes I know I said I wouldn't post on this anymore

You're right. You did say that......

1 week later
#6192 1 year ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

Lets be real the only reason Joe offered people the chance to upgrade is because he gets a bigger kickback for every BS sold plain and simple. He isn't doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

You must not have bought from Pinball Star because Joe already addressed this to his customers via email..... That he makes the same commission whether BSD or not.

#6203 1 year ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

I did. Got my receipt and everything. If he's sending information out to people who purchased from him well please tell him id like to know the same information as other paying customers.

Joe sent that email, I believe, only to customers who purchased a Standard Edition, giving them the opportunity to switch to a BS Edition AND retain their spot in line (based on time purchased) within a limited amount of time since his site/PayPal links limited the number of BS Editions he sold (so he didn`t oversell and leave people out in the cold by selling more spots than he had). This essentially allowed his customers that didn't get a BS Edition due to the PayPal link constraints to still be able to get what they wanted.... With no extra commission to him. In the spirit of fairness, that seems pretty fair to me.

End of the day, I stuck with my standard edition because that's what I wanted and was well aware of the wait. But I hope you end up with a low number, man. At least then, I won't have to hear you talk about it any more once he sends them out.

1 week later
#7158 1 year ago
Quoted from mettle64:

In for a Standard.... #587
Any Standard buyers with a lower number? I went through a distributor so it must have been simpler to leave the original number from that allotment than rearrange.
I've been assured that all of the BSEs will be produced first even with my (relatively) low spot number.

#545 through #550 are all Standard Editions. Again, all will be built after the BSEs.

My GUESS is that standard Editions will be built in spot number order as well, just after the BSEs are done.

#7162 1 year ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

My GUESS, is that the standards would have been shuffled to the last build numbers...

I know 545 through 550 to be standards by fact, not a guess. Mine is one of them.

Doesnt really matter HOW the shuffling occurs, as long as the builds are still in BSE order first though.....with distributors receiving allocations and blocks of numbers to assign, and there NOT being a centralized "master" aggregation of builds, distributors were pretty much free to handle this in whatever way makes sense and retains "order". Considering that 90% + of the builds are BSEs, shuffling numbers to give a centralized appearance doesn't matter too much unless there are people out there trying to crazily document the entire build order across spooky and all its distributors.

Oh wait......

#7226 1 year ago

Since I've seen a few people raise the issue/concern about ACNC memory leak/reboot issues when talking about Spooky game reliability (even though Scott confirmed that issue was already proactively addressed for R&M) .....

@FawzmaGames just posted this yesterday on the ACNC Owners Club thread regarding new code release:

"I am running some final tests at the shop before betas go out to select people. The memory leak is history, you'll be able to play till your fingers bleed."

Nice to see them keeping their eye on the ball for prior games even with so much activity surrounding R&M right now.

1 week later
#7937 1 year ago
Quoted from Calfdemon:

Quick question, does anyone have a photo of the coin door with the bill acceptor spot on it? Is the layout of the door the same and the slot is somewhere in the blank areas (seems awefully tight) or is the layout of that door different? I am assuming that they are using the same doors they used on ACNC.
I ask because I am considering the bill acceptor slot for my R&M so I can use it for the upcoming Pinovators volume control and headphone jack. But I ordered my ACNC without the bill acceptor slot and will have to get the option that mounts under that machine. Anyway, just trying to see cosmetically which door looks better.

This is the bill acceptor door that was used on ACNC


#7998 1 year ago

For a home environment, if you want Bluetooth just buy a cheap Bluetooth transmitter and plug it into the headphone jack. If you want to switch to standard headphones, unplug it. Problem solved.

I use one of these to sync audio from a projector to a pair of Bluetooth outdoor speakers for movie night on the patio. Works perfectly.

amazon.com link »

#8006 1 year ago
Quoted from jfesler:

On the topic of Bluetooth headphones for games: sounds great for a single game in a "collection". But in a larger collection, moving from game to game would suck with the pairing process.
I'm more interested in wired jacks. People can bring their own headphones. "Pairing" is just insert. It also means no requirement for batteries, unless one chooses to use noise canceling headphones.

In a home environment with a portable device similar to the one I posted a few posts back, since the transmitter is just charged when you aren't using it, connecting to a new machine is as simple as just unplugging the transmitter from the machine you are done playing and plugging it into the jack of the one you move to. No need to turn anything off/on or to re-pair your headphones/devices at all.

#8009 1 year ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

I reached out to spooky 3 weeks ago and was advised that I was put on a list, but I haven't heard anything else since.

Keep in mind that is Spooky's list. Each distributor is going to have their own. Sounds like any availability still around will be with a distributor so best bet is to call around to them specifically to see if you can find one.

2 weeks later
#9039 11 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I think the targets are probably blank, without anything on them, so not an extra set per se.

That's how ACNC was. The decals were an extra option so I imagine that's the same here. If you buy one set, they come pre-installed.

Spooky will definitely sell you multiple sets if you want a backup for if/when they wear out.

#9085 11 months ago

Ready for the game room wall....

IMG_20200129_175112029 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9935 11 months ago

It's a shame many people here are dissatisfied with the stream... Any person who caught it that regularly watches the show probably thinks its the best thing they've ever seen.....flashing lights are pretty cool when you are high....

#10004 11 months ago

10k one month after Christmas

#10008 11 months ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

"It's fun for like 5-minutes."

You just defined the attitude of everyone under 25..... for everything.

#10333 11 months ago

Maybe as an idea for a mod: A Meeseeks box with integrated LED that can light/flash whenever a new Meeseeks is created or maybe interact in some way based on existence of new/old meeseeks?

#10337 11 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I think that’s already in the game.

Via LCD/Inserts.... Sort of. Not via a physical toy/mod, right?

#10343 11 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

There is a meeseeks box in the game on the right by the upper flipper. There is a RGB controlled LED in there also. Is that what you mean?

Doh! Missed that completely. Thanks for pointing it out.

#10346 11 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Rick and Morty Standard Edition Spot bid up to $1800 with 24 hours left to go!
ebay.com link » Rick And Morty Standard Pinball Machine Pre Order Spot
What will the final price be? Will the seller collect?
Not mine.

I like how the seller is stating that it's # 550(ish) out of 750.... But conveniently fails to mention that it really won't be built until probably 700+ other machines.

#10347 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

BS edition, check.
Knocker, check.
Shaker motor, check.
Art blades, check.
Bill validator door, check. (to add Pinnovators headphone jack later)
Honestly I like the look of the black door better than the purple.
I also don't feel that a clearcoated cabinet is what I need.....
Anything I'm missing?

Plastic protectors, Lit Speaker Panel and target decals? Coin box if you wanna route it..

#10358 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Lit speaker panels!
Yep, i gotta have 'em!
Coin mechs and a coin box?
Maybe i can add them later?

Pretty sure the mechs just come with. The coin box is an add on.

#10850 11 months ago

Your wife calls you Daddy? Awesome.

#11290 11 months ago

The type of rubber has no impact on how much your balls bounce when you are getting down to it. That has more to do with age and frequency of use.

#11299 11 months ago
Quoted from cmack750:

The type of rubber has no impact on how much your balls bounce when you are getting down to it. That has more to do with age and frequency of use.

Man....tough crowd. Getting down votes for vulgar humor in the R&M thread?

Still.... If this stopped one person from continuing a serious discussion of the merits of Super Bands vs Titans vs Pinball Life vs generic game rubber in a machine, I feel vaguely justified. Surprised it took this long to get to that topic..... Every other game thread in existence got there much quicker.....

1 week later
#11467 10 months ago

For the "priority access to future titles" thing to hold true, Spooky would have to guarantee that they'd make at least as many games as previous customers with every title. We know that after ACNC, they had over 750 previous customers. Let's say, just for the sake of argument, that with R&M half of their purchasers were "new". That would mean that they'd have to guarantee making at least 1125 of their next title. Follow that same general logic and the title after that is 1688....then 2531....then 3797....then 5695.....

All from a company that uses "bootique" in their company tag line.... And has never produced a run greater than R&M's 750.

You can start to see why they had to change their method to allowing supporters a good chance at a game. If you did what you needed by joining the fang club, and were excited enough to pull the trigger on the title, you got one. In the future, that may not be as easy if the title gets people equally as excited.

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