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Rick & Morty Pinball from Spooky!


10 months ago

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#649 10 months ago
Quoted from GrimDog:

I just wish jjp or stern got this. Spooky games are meh and maintenance is a pain in the ass from what I hear.

Are you kidding?? No company more deserved a home run theme like this than Spooky! "...from what I hear". That right there said it all. Obviously you have no experience on a Spooky machine and live off of heresay. Get some first person experience before bashing an awesome company.

#872 10 months ago
Quoted from Hammer1021:

What difference is there from ordering a game straight from Spooky vs a distributor?

The only difference I found was that if I ordered directly from Spooky, I had to pay CA sale tax, but I found a distributor that did not charge the tax. So basically that's what made my decision. I saved about $600 on my ACNC by going through a distributor. The Spooky team is still there behind the machine 100% with amazing customer service!

#887 10 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Warning: you will probably get contacted by the California Use Tax Board & end up having to pay tax anyway. They get copies of all receipts from the shippers...they’ll see a big heavy pinball machine receipt & get on your case. They may let it slip, but just be aware you might have to pay tax.

Well, so far so good. I've shipped several pinball machines to my house over the past several years and never been hit yet. While they get copies of the shipping receipt, they do not get the invoice that has the actual purchase price of the game on it. If and when the tax board becomes aware of the purchase and go to collect the tax, my understanding is they go after the seller who was supposed to collect the tax in the first place. I could be wrong, but that is how it was explained to me. This is why a lot of sellers (including Spooky) are collecting various state taxes at time of purchase so they do not get hit on the back end.

The distributor I use keeps track of various sales to different states and he explained to me that they will come after him once he goes over a certain threshold to a state. He keeps his sales under the various thresholds and he has never been flagged or taxed. When I bought my ACNC, I was the final game he would sell to CA so he did not exceed that threshold. Seems to have worked out for him over the years.

#890 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

My 21 year old daughter's return phone call when asked if I should buy Rick and Morty.
"Heck Ya! Everybody I know loves that show!"

Its funny, Im almost 50 and my 24 year old daughter turned me on to Rick and Morty back in season 1. I watched it on her recommendation and have been hooked ever since. Neither of my stepdaughters had heard of the show when I started watching it and once they got ahold of it, they love it too.

It seems that several of the non-watchers think that the show is for young people and "stoners" (as one person put it). I am neither and love the hell out of the show. I get that it might not be for everyone (my wife cant stand the voices... lol), but if you haven't watched it, give it a shot. I will say that the first episode of season 1 is not the greatest as they were still figuring everything out, but after about 3 or 4 episodes into season 1, they have it pretty polished and it just keeps rolling.

#1705 10 months ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

So 619 members as of today. How many members are going to pull the trigger in the first 14 days after we see what we see? IF its "insanity" like Charlie said on the high side half the members buy?

The order numbers are not for just Fang Club memberships... That is their ordering system and it is just sequential no matter what is ordered... For example, I joined the Fang Club on 12/4 at 1:37 Pacific and got AB-1062. I ordered a shirt the next day and got AB-1310 for that order. So you cannot gauge how many members there are off of the order numbers since the system obviously spits them out for every order placed through Spooky.

#2280 10 months ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

So to breakdown my thoughts on how this process is working .
Spooky makes 10 games the first week.
5 go to spooky direct customers 5 go to Dist. Im guessing it continues something like that the entire production.
But if 5 are going to dist. and spooky has 5 dist. then each dist only gets one game per week?
The problem is everybody is concerned with position. If you want your game as fast as possible. Which is the better route to take.
The major problem i see with what pinballstar described is you just click a link and pay and then cross your fingers and hope, after you are already locked in. I mean for all you know you may be #550 after you finish checking out and that would be terrible if you were hoping for one of the first 50 instead.
I think this is the concern people are having.
Id like to know my number in line before plunking down a deposit at least a ball park where im at in line.
Its like going to a restaurant, that you really want, and paying the bill before they seat you. You pay the bill and then they say it will be a 2 hour wait. Well i would have just ate somewhere else and came back another day if i would have known that.
So the obvious choice is take your chances with direct spooky sales and click as fast as possible, thats more cut and dry and easy to understand.

A distributor or Spooky can correct me if Im wrong, but my understanding is that the distributors get "blocks" of numbers that they get to sell.. So one distributor might get games 10-15, 35-45, 100-125, etc... Each distributor gets blocks and when they sell, they sell those numbers. Spooky then makes machines and fills the orders as the numbers come up. If you want a lower number and are lucky enough to get one through Spooky or a distributor, then there you go. Personally, I want a higher number because I just do not have the room for another game right now and hope that somewhere down the road, I do... I plan to put my deposit down but will be happy with a 700+ number which means I lose out on the BS edition only because they are made first and that is too soon for me.

#2282 10 months ago

I'd make fun, but my 80's high school pictures aren't any better!

#4091 10 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

I imagine there might be a few Fang Club members that might have missed the announcement and maybe still don't know today was the day. I know I almost did.

Yeah, I was one of them... Got drunk with friends last night (similar story to o-din) and never saw the email. Slept in WAY too long this morning and by the time I saw the email, it was already sold out. I have an email in to Joe at PinballSTAR to see if I can get one of his possible leftovers, but not everyone in the Fang club got one... Ugh!

#4311 10 months ago

Thanks to Joe at PinballSTAR, I can say it now...

You son of a bitch, I'm in!!

I will be at the back of the line waiting 18 months, but I'm okay with that!

#5514 10 months ago
Quoted from zene10:

Whoa! We (3 guys all in on the pin) have a magical number.
3^2=9, 9^(1/2)=3
It's like a double rainbow.
So glad we bought an "Adventure Time"
!Finn & Jake!
Aw Jeez Rick, we just got Rick rolled

Thats my ACNC number... 393.

I dont have my RAM number from Pinballstar yet but I requested the highest BSE available from him so should be 700+ somewhere. I actually want to wait as I bought with no room for another pin.

#5667 10 months ago
Quoted from robotron:

got an email today from pinball star. they gave you till 5:00 pm to let them know if you were going to stay standard. reason being there were very few standards and you would have to wait to the very end. i switched to bse and sent the balance. i dont want to be last. i would have loved to get a very limited std but not waiting 2 years for this. the email said the spots would be sorted out very soon.

I upgraded to the BSE as well as I like look better. I originally ordered the standard only because I wanted to be near the end of the run 18 months out. With the number of BSE's ordered, I was able to get the upgrade and still be almost 18 months out. I requested from Joe to get his highest number BSE so curious to see where I land.

I bought this dream theme with NO ROOM for it and no machines I want to get rid of. So I figure I have a year and a half to figure out that problem... lol

#5686 10 months ago
Quoted from Hold_Fast:

Well now I’m confused. I have an order in for a standard with Joe, and did not get this email about upgrading. I placed my order at 10:07, so maybe I’m at the waaaay end of the list?

Im pretty sure it didn't matter where you were on his list, he supposedly sent that email to all his customers that ordered a Standard. I actually got drunk the night before and completely missed the boat on the announcement and slept in the next day. By the time I realized that Rick and Morty had been released for sale, it was already sold out. I was lucky enough to get one of the machines from Joe that were "double ordered" and he had freed up. I got my machine the next day after they all sold out. So you ordering from him at 10:07 while they were on sale still puts you way ahead of me... lol. I'm one of the weirdos that actually want to be at the end of the line though, so it actually worked out perfect for me. I'm just happy that I will own this machine!!

#5783 10 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Too busy selling Stranger Things machines now...

No, Joe doesn't deal with Stern (at least he is not listed as a distributor on his website).

#5946 10 months ago
IMG9502411 (resized).jpg
#6110 9 months ago

Not me, I asked Joe to slot me in the absolute last BSE spot he has. Hoping for 700+

#6200 9 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I am just now watching R&M show and find it's really good just watched the love potion and the alien baby episodes and some of the funniest things are just in the background (like when the PA announces said: don't go to the flu dance if you have the flu, you don't bring dead babies to Passover). But the episodes are so tight that they feel longer than the half hour run time they have so much that I re-watched a few of the early episode and found more on the repeat viewing.
Hopefully (I am sure) that RM pinball will have a ton of funny quotes and super attention to detail which both Scott / Spooky as well as the creators of RM show with every episode. It's still so early but I am getting more excited regarding the future of this pin.

I am sure that almost every Rick and Morty fan knows this already, but for those that are just starting to watch the show. Watch all of the credits. At then end of the credits after every episode (except the pilot), there is a hidden scene. Most of them are hilarious, and many of them answer questions that came up during the episode you just watched. I know that some people see the credits and stop the episode, moving on to the next one. This is one of the shows that you want to watch the last scene.

I have told people this before that finished season 3 and had no clue. They then went back and watched them all over again.. lol

#6331 9 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

You're about right on the money... The sucky thing is the not so happy people probably ordered in the first 10 minutes but so many orders came in so quickly someone who ordered at 10:03 is like 20 down the list or more... crazy ! Good news is PinballSTAR has no 600's or 700's in our group.. so even the last person is in 500's, if that helps... Probably won't Spooky already warned me most people won't be happy...

Ugh... and here I was wanting a 700+ BSE (not kidding either). My problem of no room for this pinball machine will rear its ugly head sooner than I had hoped.

#6338 9 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I’m sure someone here will happily trade spots with you.

Not exactly sure how that would work... Wouldn't I have to trade spots within my distributor and if his highest numbers are 500, then not much room to trade back. I guess what I am asking is how would I trade my PinballSTAR spot with someone who bought from Spooky when my money and purchase deal is with Joe?

And just something I was wondering, but if someone ordered a Standard from Joe, then it would be in the 700s even though his highest numbered spots are 500, right? I originally was a Standard because I wanted to be near the back of the line. But I upgraded to BSE because I liked the looks of it, thinking I could still stay to the back because so many people ordered it. lol.. My issues are the opposite of most of the people who are complaining in this thread

#6344 9 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Rich if you want to be even higher than my last number of 544 which I gave you email me and we'll work something out with spooky... don't go trading spots you can't do that especially between other distributors / spooky - they can't be messing things up - all of this is hard enough.. but we will work to accommodate what you need for sure... just email me a note and we'll work on it tomorrow for you... you want to go in the right direction at least ! lol

Awesome, thanks Joe!! I will talk to you about it later. I appreciate it!

#6731 9 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Anybody get their Fang Club goodies yet? I understand it will likely be a while but wanted to know if people who joined the club earlier gotten their goodies and what they were.

I joined the Fang Club within an hour of it going live and a day (or days?) before RAM was announced. Haven't received anything yet and from what I remember, it isn't shipping until after the first week of January anyway.

#6940 9 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Educate me... where do you see that?

Its actually 2 clicks (unless there is a faster way than mine! lol).. But click on the Pinsider Blueprint on someone's avatar. Once you are on that page, click the Forum tab. The stats are right there.

#6947 9 months ago

There it is!! The 1 click method! Thanks for sharing that, I didn't know you could click there.

#7127 9 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

This is cool and all, but aren't 99% of people just going to have it all the way on or all the way off?
I guess I just don't personally care if kids hear swearing considering they exist in a world with the internet.

I'm just as foul and all our kids are adults (no grandkids yet), but I will not set mine that high either. Maybe 20-30% so that it draws from everything and throws the really foul stuff out occasionally which will make it funnier since you dont hear it all the time. If it was set on high, the value of the humor would wear off a lot quicker.

Kind of like with Scared Stiff where the call out most of the time is "Shoot the bony beast".. But once in a blue moon, it pulls out "Shoot the bony breast... I mean beast!". No where near as offensive, but funny every time I hear it because it is so rare and random.

#7231 9 months ago

He also ran to the Alice Cooper thread and stated that everyone here got mad at him for simply asking a question. I tried correcting him there as well and he got very smug.

#7235 9 months ago

Here is what he posted in the ACNC thread and I called him out 9 posts later. He is obviously a "last word" kind of guy as he carried it on to the next page. I just stopped giving him the attention he craved.

#7275 9 months ago

My wife found out about my R&M deposit on Christmas morning... oh, and the fact that ACNC was being delivered in a week also. And this wasn't a Christmas surprise. Just figured it was the best time to spring it on her with minimal damage. Always easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission!

#7360 9 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

hawkmoon - Look at the FB picture of Spooky’s warehouse. They are working on 8 machines at one time in similar states of assembly. They don’t “make” two a day.... they make TEN a week. Mathematically, you are correct, but actually, it’s TEN a week.
Big difference.

But his song wouldn't be as annoying if he only did it weekly. It's the daily posting of it that really brings out the responses!!

#7396 9 months ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

I'm probably the only masochist who willingly asked to be last and is happily content.

Nope! Welcome to the club. I asked to be the last BSE on the line and although I am build number 544, they are skipping my game when it comes up and doing it near the end of the run. \

Mine isn't a money issue, it's a room issue. I only have room to squeeze in 4 pins and absolutely no room for 5. But I couldn't pass on R&M, so the more time I have to figure out this problem, the better. Its probably going to have to be between ACNC and Scared Stiff as to which one gives up the spot. But just getting ACNC, I am not seeing how I can part with it. Leaning towards SS going on the chopping block unless I can figure out some other option.

#7398 9 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Have you thought about putting it up for adoption? Because I am looking to adopt an SS.

Well, it is over a year out before I have to make a decision so I have plenty of time to figure it out. It isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If my wife's oldest moves out and gets a place with some room (unlikely), then the baby grand piano will go with her and no more problem. Then I can fit 6 pins! But more than likely, her first place will be an apartment, so the piano will still be here. A pin in the garage might be an option...

#7646 9 months ago

Possible licensing issues aside, I have complete faith in the team developing this machine and their follow through after the fact. Look at how much and how often Scott has provided updates for TNA and how long Eric has been working on and releasing CCC. These are both guys that continue to work on projects they are passionate about, and by all accounts, R&M falls in that category.

#7659 9 months ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

Yah I listened. And it sounds great. If it's a Lyman like experience it's awesome. But ultimately time is expensive at some point, people have to move on. Unless coding is a night time hobby like it is for Lyman, and it's done out of passion instead of survival.
Anyway - as the moderator has noted, lets end it here. Sorry for the derail.

And Eric Priepke is on code. That's what the guy does... nonstop. Have you seen how long he has been working on CCC and how many updates he releases? Have you seen how much new content he puts into that project on a regular basis? Pretty sure this is a guy that was hired to continue his "night time hobby". The guy works endlessly on projects he loves and I am pretty sure R&M will be one of those as well.

#7840 9 months ago

Well, from here on out, start calling it that. guitarded can be responsible for coining the new Brit slang and you can be responsible for spreading it! The two of you will go down in history!

#7915 9 months ago

The powdercoated coin door looks awesome. I think it actually makes the outer space on the front pop more.

Quick question, does anyone have a photo of the coin door with the bill acceptor spot on it? Is the layout of the door the same and the slot is somewhere in the blank areas (seems awefully tight) or is the layout of that door different? I am assuming that they are using the same doors they used on ACNC.

I ask because I am considering the bill acceptor slot for my R&M so I can use it for the upcoming Pinovators volume control and headphone jack. But I ordered my ACNC without the bill acceptor slot and will have to get the option that mounts under that machine. Anyway, just trying to see cosmetically which door looks better.

#7986 9 months ago

The non-bill doors definitely look better, but for the option of having a spot to install the headphone jack and volume control, it is a sacrifice that I will have to make as I would rather have that than centered coin slots. Now just waiting for confirmation from Pinovators that they are designing the Spooky compatible system to fit in that spot.

#8042 9 months ago

Sandra over at Pinovators just confirmed that their upcoming Spooky compatible headphone jack mod will utilize the bill door slot (or you can mount under the pin). So if you want to add that, probably want to order the bill validator slot option.

#8048 9 months ago

Well, our house has no carpet anywhere other than the stairs, so with hard floors throughout the house, everything is loud. The wife has been complaining that ACNC is too loud and I have it set at 1. At 1, it is louder than both SS and WOZ which are right next to it and while others are playing them, they cannot hear anything if a game of ACNC is going on. The firing coils and ball are one thing, but when you have a sound system in a pin like Spooky uses, well, headphones will make a difference for sure.

When no one is home, ACNC goes up in volume, but when others are around, the headphones are a nice touch.

#8050 9 months ago
Quoted from metallik:

Turn up SS and WOZ.. problem solved.

LOL... Its already crazy loud in the house with the pins and slots going. Volume up is not an option.

#8063 9 months ago

More thread-crossing, but for those that have not read the Pinovators thread announcing their Spooky kit that is coming out, someone mentioned being able to match the BSE armor for R&M. Apparently, you can send them your bill door and they will punch it and install their kit on it for no additional charge! Learn something new everyday. Well, that solves that... I will be ordering the bill slot on my R&M and sending it to Pinovators. Here are some pictures of others they have done:

#8117 9 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Can we get back to knocker debate now? This one is even dumber. Personally, the idea of playing pinball with headphones on is asinine. Pinball is loud and proud and knockeriffic! But each to their own. I am tolerant that way.

Trust me, I don't want to play with headphone on. But not everyone has the luxury of a basement where you can flip away all day and night with minimal disruption to the rest of the household. My game room is my front room (formal living room) in a house that has hard floors everywhere and no sound dampening of any type. As it is, I cannot play after others have gone to bed or it will wake them up as just the machine will do that. But if I can eliminate some of the volume while others are watching television or studying for college exams, then headphones are a good way to do that.

Headphones will never be used when I am home alone. Hell, the volume goes up until someone comes home and taps me on the shoulder.

#8127 9 months ago
Quoted from cyberslunk:

I want to apologize to everyone that took offense at my previous post regarding the creators of Rick and Morty. Despite provided evidence, many seem to simply not care and greatly sympathize with these creators and discredit claims by outlets such as The Washington Post, calling them "tabloid clickbait blog posts."
All I'll say is that if anyone wants to see for themselves, just watch the original pilot episode and skip to 4:00 in. I'm not referring to the first episode called "Pilot" of the show, but the one based on Back to the Future.
Check out his pictures of Baron Trump he drew. Or his dexter sketch. Or the texts to the underage girls that surfaced. Or maybe someone knows the episode I was originally referring to, with the kid in bed with two girls. Maybe someone knows the episode. That is what this show is based on.
I wouldn't doubt there are some Spooky/Adult Swim employees here so I don't expect this to go over well but I just want to point this out before people support these guys by dropping crazy amounts of money on this.

Dude, you already were banned from one other thread few spewing this crap, why did you feel the need to bomb everyone's PM box with crap and then come to this thread and do it again? Are you just looking for a Pinside ban altogether? What is your agenda and why do you continue this crusade? Get over it and move on... So you hate Rick and Morty and the creators, go to some other thread and live there.

You are not going to dissuade anyone from spending their money since the game is already sold out. And none of us are going to dinner or hanging out with the creators.. We bought a pin from Spooky pinball based on a hilarious show that you already stated you have never watched. Go away.

#8140 9 months ago
Quoted from cyberslunk:

[quoted image]

Well, since you want to go down that road... I read most of what you sent me. Time I cannot get back unfortunately. There is a difference about making jokes and doing the actual thing, first of all.

As for the "proof of being a pedophile" you sent, you sent some sort of supposed text messages from a self proclaimed "17 at the time" year old who said that Justin Roiland tried to get her to go to parties and hook up with her when he was in his 20's. Since you like definitions so much....
definition (resized).jpg

Might want to pay attention to that last line... That is the actual definition of a pedophile... Not a 20 something hitting on a 17 year old. Inappropriate and mostly illegal? Yes... Pedophile? No...

#8160 9 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Jerry's got more class than that

And the less than Jerry thinks its a kid's show. Just shows how uninformed he is.

#8161 9 months ago
Quoted from ReallifePin:

I realized today how much about this game we don't know. A lot of tidbits here and there but when there is finally a gameplay video or stream almost everything will be a surprise. I'm really looking forward to hearing and seeing this thing in action.

Yeah, at this point, the gameplay video is highly anticipated! But can't stay away from the thread just due to the little tidbits that get posted from Spooky, Eric, and Scott. Love this team!!

#8165 9 months ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Ok.....watched 4 episodes of the new season last night with friends and cigars......laughed our ass molecules off! I get it now! ........gotta start at season 1.... [quoted image]

Seems that you watched enough to see where the show is now. I know too many people that watched the very first episode of season one and never went any further. Suffer through what the show started as and you will see it evolve in the first few episodes to what is has become now. The very first episode is not the greatest representation of R&M. Episodes 2 and 3 are a lot stronger and then it just takes off from there.

Also, other than the very first episode, watch past the credits of every episode. There is always a final scene at the end of the credits that is worth staying for.

#8393 9 months ago

I joined the Fang Club the day it was open and prior to the R&M announcement and prior to owning a Spooky pin. I was just impressed with them as a company and how they run their business and how involved they are with they customers. Shortly after joining, I ordered ACNC and then they made the R&M announcement which I have been a fan of since season 1. Of course then I had to get in on that.

So in my case, I was a Fang Club member first, prior to any Spooky purchase and not for the purpose of getting a R&M or a poster. It was only to support a great company, and now I'm all in with 2 great pin purchases!

#8500 9 months ago
Quoted from rmarmol1:

Yay.... I just got my Fang club merch

Hmph.. I joined first day and shortly after it was announced and I haven't even gotten a delivery notification yet. My drink is getting warm!! I need a Spooky Coozie!

#8605 9 months ago

Yup! Mine was on the porch today too! Using my coozie right now to keep my 805 nice and cold.

#8613 9 months ago
Quoted from DruTheFu:

Received mine today with 2 black coozies.
(NorCal resident)

I got 2 black ones too. All good though, not really a red fan.

#8895 8 months ago

Doh... wrong thread!

#8939 8 months ago
Quoted from rmarmol1:

Well since there’s not much to talk about… I have a couple questions for you current Spooky pinball owners. I’m just curious as RM will be my first Spooky pin.
Do they supply a nice manual?
Did they give you any plastics to hang on your coin door with the key?
What other kind of stuff do they do differently or the same as Stern? Stern is the only other NIB I have purchased.

Manuals are works in progress (just now getting ACNC digital manual), but their customer service is AWESOME and hands on tech support is only a phone call or email away.

I think I got 3 or 4 keychain plastics with ACNC (all different)

And can't really comment on comparison to Stern as I have never bought one.

#8945 8 months ago
Quoted from gac:

Were the keychains just for Spooky or were they specific to the game (ACNC)? Thanks!

At least one was for ACNC, and one was definitely for Spooky (it was Lemmy the ghost I think), not sure what the other 1 or 2 were. I want to say there were 2 for ACNC as I remember picking which one I liked better to actually use. Im at work right now so can't check, but it was nice to have a handful to check from. When I bought my WOZ brand new, there was 1 they sent with it. I don't personally care though as I always get other themed keychains to hang from my keys and just put the plastic ones away somewhere, but it is nice that they are an option.

#9061 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

The rubber bumper pad at the end of the plastic ramp should probably be made of steel.
This game is going to get a lot of plays.
Williams made them steel for a good reason, 50,000 plays blows the ends of the ramps out.
thenotrashcougar are there any off the shelf ramp stops that can be modified/bent/carved to fit this ramp?
Maybe Terry pinballlife has something in stock that can be used?

I would think that a Cliffy will be made for that spot as part of his set for this game.

#9073 8 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Is the real knocker utilized for anything other than Replays or Specials in gameplay? It really is hard not to option the heck out of this game!

Maybe once you finish your 10 adventures on your card, you can finally go to Boob world, which should include knockers everywhere!

#9101 8 months ago

I will say that there is a significant difference in the glass in my gameroom. While the nice glass is very expensive, it also makes a big difference depending on the lighting conditions. I have Invisiglass on my WOZrr, but my SS and my ACNC have normal glass. The SS is not too bad with the reflections from the head and backglass, but the ACNC is pretty brutal with the speaker lights reflecting onto the playfield glass. I had to get one of the "bent plastic" light deflectors for now but plan to get some sort of PDI or non reflective glass for that game in the future. I would definitely upgrade if it was a factory option, but I have no problem ordering it aftermarket if I have to. The only problem with that is then I have an extra sheet of glass that I need to figure out what to do with.

I broke my original Invisiglass on my WOZ a while back and put my normal JD glass on it temporarily for some gameplay while I waited for a new sheet. HUGE difference it made as the normal glass had some bad reflections in my gameroom.

#9160 8 months ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Not sure if it's been mentioned but I didn't see a single sub enclosure box on that video ( as fitted to TNA ), I thought those were going to be fitted to all spooky games going forward? or did I dream that? Did Alice cooper have one?

ACNC does not have one either.

#9192 8 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

I will actually be in the Los Angeles area for work all next week. Last time I was there I visited Ayce Goga and played some pinball there.
What do you think the chances are that they will have Rick and Morty there and setup by next week?

Yeah, I was pretty stoked to see that game #5 in the video is for AYCE Gogi which is only about 30 minutes from my house. I have been meaning to go there and play some of their machines someday... but that someday just moved up! Once they get R&M there, I will have to go flip it a little!

#9327 8 months ago

Curious when that Spooky hoodie "Revenge of the Pinball Monster" was available? That is a great shirt design! I tried doing a google search but can't seem to find anything on it. Found a few cool Spooky designs at Double Danger Pinball though...

#9339 8 months ago

I vote for a gameplay video with subtitles. That way we can watch it muted and not hear any of the game sounds, just read the explanations given by the player/narrator...

#9403 8 months ago

Spooky has a very honest business approach and has always kept their word. I'm not sure money, while nice, is their number one priority. No one here is saying what they can and can't do. What people here are saying is THEY (Spooky) said they will not make any more. In fact, they said if they were to decide to make more R&M machines, they would make a brand new completely different machine. They said this one is 750 and done, period. So not sure anyone here is being selfish. They just actually paid attention instead of coming in and spouting off without doing their homework.

#9491 8 months ago
Quoted from algorhythms:

Hah! Mostly lurking and trying not to fall off the deep end into this hobby. It's a losing battle.

That's how it always starts, but the deep end comes up quick. I lurked for about a year, then finally made an account and lurked again for another year. Pretty soon, it's all over...

#9528 8 months ago

Holy fricken shit!! This is a home run! Absolutely no let-down at all. Ive already watched it twice and already realize I am getting next to nothing done at work today. This game just looks amazing and the theme use and soundtrack is amazing! Only thing that sucks is I will be driving to Vegas tomorrow when the Adult Swim reveal is on. I hope it is available for streaming from somewhere after the fact.

#9664 8 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

An African or European swallow?

1 week later
#10843 8 months ago

What I don't get is the mention that TNA had some bad playfields, then they corrected it, and then jumping to R&M and state that Spooky "appears" to have fixed the problem with hinted questions of trust. Trying to paraphrase the whole suggestive argument in a few sentences here, but why read back in the TNA thread for possible doubt as someone suggested? Are you forgetting that there was another game of 500 units built between TNA and R&M?? Read back in the ACNC thread if you have any doubt. The only "problem" you will really see other than minor adjustments and code fixes is that some numbnuts threw a tantrum (and got his money back) on getting a game where the door lock came unscrewed during shipping. There have been ZERO issues with playfields since Spooky fixed the TNA problem including the ENTIRE RUN of ACNC games. I am fairly certain that R&M will have the same high quality.

#11148 8 months ago

The people that procrastinated when they went on sale and can now not find one without paying a large premium are upset and want to piss in everyone's cereal. God forbid that something be a limited, low-production number release.

#11154 8 months ago
Quoted from c508:

I don't think there was a lot of procrastinating... people were constantly refreshing their browsers trying to get a pin in the shopping cart so they could check out before they were all gone.
Next time I buy a high demand spookycharlie pin, instead of getting a busy signal on the phone or being stuck in browser-refresh-hell, I am going to drive to Benton, camp out in the parking lot, and buy in-person when they show up to start their work day (as long as they're cool with me doing that).

Ok, we can change "procastinated" to missed out. There were some that procrastinated and some that were late to the party. The refresh problems were more about being unable to get lower numbers. I don't think there are a whole lot that had the refresh issues and actually completely missed out on a game as there were still some games (with distribitors) available the next day.

I was one of the folks that actually did not check my email the night before and missed the announcement of the sale time, was busy getting wrecked (as Rick would say) and slept in the next morning only to find out I missed the madness. I was still able to get in the next day at #544.

Point being that the sour grapes now seem to be coming from those that missed the boat all together.

#11181 8 months ago
Quoted from c508:

Weren’t those already marked up from Spooky’s direct purchase price though (in retrospect still a better deal than what people are paying for the flipped PTE (profit-takers-editions))?

I can't speak for every distributor, but mine (PinballSTAR) and a few others I have heard about had no markup from Spooky price. I think they make their money on the front end with a distribution discount from Spooky because most sell for the exact same price as direct.

#11206 8 months ago
Quoted from Morinack:

Archer![quoted image]

The problem with Archer as a theme is that I don't have room for any more pins!!!! Of course, that is my problem with R&M too, but I still bought it. Still don't know how I'm going to solve that "problem" when it arrives.

2 weeks later
#11487 7 months ago
Quoted from JustEverett:

I connected with Joe at PinballStar when buying my ACNC. He was super helpful and a good guy to work with. I think as Spooky grows they probably need a little help on the distribution side. Spooky allocates games to distributors, so I've never understood the "just buy direct" argument. Yes, Spooky could probably make a little bit more money, but without distributors like PinballStar who helped Spooky in the early days, Spooky probably would have never made it. So distributors were key to Spooky when they started, and I think they will be key as they grow.

There can also be tax and shipping differences between buying from a distributor or direct from Spooky. Trust me, I looked into it and where I could save some money, I did. Spooky still gets paid whether you buy from them or distributor. So its a win win. But if I had bought directly from Spooky (twice now), I would have paid about $1500 more total than what I will be paying through my distributor. And that is accurate, I've checked it multiple times.

1 month later
#11898 6 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Wow! That looks really great!

Since he isn't pimping his work, I will... Take a look at his thread and look at the other games he has done. AMAZING work!! One of the threads I follow just for his amazing skills!

#11900 6 months ago
Quoted from Flipper-airbrush:

Yesterday Arrived Rick and morty number 6 in Germany. Next step is airbrush some parts
What a fantastic pinball, I love it absolutely
Fantastic Job from spooky, the Lightshow in incredible.
I made a little video, without glass and topper in action.

In the dark video, it looks like you have the purple powdercoating. So your airbrushing can be done on the powdercoated parts?? I may have to go this route when my game arrives someday. I have always admired your work but didn't have any of the games you do. If you are going to do R&M, I may pull the trigger on this one. The only downfall is the downtime of shipping the stuff to Germany and then the turnaround. Wondering (out loud) how to do this. I would rather not buy a second set of armor, but then I don't want my game down for that long either, especially when new.

1 month later
#12000 5 months ago
Quoted from Airball:

It is not asking much to have a company that received deposits update it’s Distributers and customer base.
This is America not China.

And I'm sure they will in due time. They have always been transparent. But they are not obligated to adhere to YOUR schedule. Maybe practice a little patience...

#12001 5 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Thanks guys, I guess only decision now is do I need a dollar bill acceptor.. hmm..

I don't believe they actually supply the DBV, that is just a choice for which coin door you want. They have one where everything is centered that does not have a spot for the DBV, and it has the "Peace Among Worlds" sticker in the middle. And they have the other option where the door for the DBV is on the left and the coin slots are offset to the right.

The non-DBV looks better, but if you plan to put the external volume control/headphone jack by Pinnovators, or one of the mods that people are developing that use that DBV slot, then go with the DBV door.

#12003 5 months ago
Quoted from Airball:

Patients are a virtue!
But can someone please explain to me why people are against asking spooky a question about a re-opening plan.
For better or worse just a quick update. Is it that painful.
Is it bad to ask questions?

Feel free to ask then. They have a phone number, a facebook page, and email addresses. And when you find out, post what you have heard. But complaining about it here ad-nauseum is not going to get you the info you want any quicker and most of us really don't care as we know that when Spooky is ready, they will start back up and get the machines out the door.

#12005 5 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Is this a common practice in China? What kind of comment is that. Smh.

Yeah, I didn't quite follow that comment either...

#12014 5 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

So,what do you do with this idea???Get on your knees to play that adventure???

Its not playable obviously, but the mod idea ties into the R&M episode "The Ricks Must Be Crazy", aka "Keep Summer Safe". Its a little window to see what powers your pinball machine.

Personally, I will be installing the Pinovators kit.

#12018 5 months ago

Yeah, just because a business is allowed to open back up, it does not mean that they can. Especially manufacturing where they rely on parts from other areas. I am sure it will be happening soon, but they may be limited on what they can put out if they can't get the parts they need once they use up their current stock.

#12033 5 months ago

While I am a first responder and do not work in the private sector, I have a number of friends who own their own companies and have employees that work for them. The sad truth right now is that most minimum wage employees are making way more on unemployment than they did when they worked and are refusing to go back to work. They have reported these employees for their refusal and every single one of them are still getting their unemployment benefits. The reality is that with the unprecedented number of people collecting unemployment right now, the system is overwhelmed and there are not enough people to follow up on this and do anything about it.

I am afraid to see what this handout has done and what effect it will have in the long run. But right now, people are straight up refusing to come back to work and can get away with it. The few that were contacted about it stated a fear for their health if they go back, and the government bought that as an excuse to continue paying them. The majority just keep collecting with no followup at all. Luckily for my friends, there are still people out there that actually want to work and they have been able to hire some new people to take the vacant spots. But even with the new hires, the old employees get to keep collecting.

#12038 5 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Hmm...low income folks are getting a $600 "perk" during a pandemic and everyone is concerned about them "milking the system"?
You are "afraid to see what this handout has done and what effect it will have in the long run."?
Affluent folks get to "milk the system" all day long and no-one blinks.

I think you are combining 2 different posts into one and responding to me. I never said anything about "milking the system". I understand the need for the unemployment benefits during the pandemic when businesses were forced to shut down. The problem I am seeing is that when they made it so that you can make MORE money sitting home on unemployment than actually going back to work and earning a living, what motivation is there to get off the sofa? That is the problem that it has created and what I was referring to. I never said anything about "low income folks" getting a "perk" or made this anything about class, as you have. I have worked every day of my life since I was 14 and worked hard for what I have, but am not really considered affluent. Not quite sure why you decided to quote me with your snide response?

#12040 5 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Instead of baselessly accusing Spooky's employees of milking the system, let's give Charlie and Company the benefit of the doubt here. The WI Stay at Home order wasn't supposed to expire until after Memorial Day, but then the Supreme Court decision threw our State into disarray leaving business's with no time to adjust. I think it's quite possible that Spooky had this date (May 26) in mind as the earliest possible day that they could open and perhaps they still have work to do in order to get the new factory set-up and "safe" for employees to return. My guess is that we'll hear something from Spooky by this time next week, but we'll have to wait and see.

Amen... Not quite sure how it derailed into an unemployment conversation, but unfortunately I bit. None of what I was talking about in that derail had anything to do with Spooky anyway so back on track.

#12048 5 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:'s about class, because only low income folks are impacted by $600. I quoted you, because it was a ridiculous comment (not my interpretation of a ridiculous comment).

You derailed the thread by getting on your soapbox about all the lazy people milking the government.

You may want to read back a little further, it derailed well before that. I was actually responding to previous comments about people not being able to receive benefits after refusing to come back to work and was speaking about actual situations I have first hand knowledge of. Nowhere in any of my posts, or even what you quoted by me, was anything you are accusing me of doing or saying. You seem think you live in my head and are trying to interpret what you think I was saying. Read what @josesjb wrote, he nailed it. Its really not that difficult to understand if you actually read the words and stop trying to put some sort of political slant on it, as if you think you know what everyone else is trying to say.

This is the last response you will get from me on the topic, so keep trolling me if you want. It's really not worth my time.

#12050 5 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Where is everyone getting the pingulps from for this game? I‘ve ordered one from trilogybeer and his work is amazing if anyone is looking for a reference.

I got the neutrino bomb cup holder that toyotaboy made. Won't have my game for over a year, but the cup holder looks great and appears well made. Here is an old post about it for any who haven't seen it:

#12056 5 months ago

For those that don't read the owners thread... Posted by toyotaboy

07868aff420032ca63c01fe958c0a73e0a6f2e01 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#12101 3 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Me re-inventing the wheel to get shit to work. And now it does.

That's ingenious! Does the "long thin clear plastic actuator" that it comes with have a tendency to move and disengage, or are you just solving a problem before it becomes one? It seems to be a great mod to do because if that disc comes loose and spins, it will still always actuate the flipper! Awesome job, now you're thinking like a man Doreau. Sledgehammer would be proud!

3 weeks later
#12145 81 days ago

He has a point... A light year is a measure of distance, not time...

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