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RFM restoration and pinbox install instruction

By arakissun

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

P70505-175310 (resized).jpgAfter many tries of reinstall Ubuntu on different system(about 7) I have the one that I think is stable and the emulator work.

The system is HP DC7800 E6550/2GB/160GB
Here is how I atached the PC.
Used the original backbox wooden plate.
Use 19" LCD and made bazel for it(sorry no picture of this)
Made custom wall mount.
Use LED strip instead the original lamp for the translite(more efektive,more live,low power,lower heat,cheap) and attached it in +12v rail from the PC PSU.
Use two chains that will hold the wooden plate for future services and of course if it need to be remove the whole plate is easy.Just detach the chains.
To use original speakers bought Lepy 2x40W+1x60 RMS and PC PSU that is more efective than the recommended 12V/5A adapter(don't buy this)

The emulator.
This thing is so creazy until I do i t work correctly.
After many many tries here is the right type of the installation.Tried it on 3 different type of system to be sure that is the right method.

After the standard installation from torrent CD it go to the Fatal Error 4.Of coruse if you boot directly to the game select screen no ned to this steps.After this must be done(you must have internet connection)

sudo sed -i s/us.archive.ubuntu/old-releases.ubuntu/g /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo sed -i s/security.ubuntu/old-releases.ubuntu/g /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update
May stuck on 99% at package 32,but will quit afte a while and you can continue with these commands:

sudo su
apt-get purge lxdm
mv /etc/lxdm /etc/lxdm.orig
apt-get install lxdm
cp /root/pinbox/scripts/pinbox.dekstop / etc/xdg/autostart
rm /etc/init.d/pinbox(very important line,if not the emulator will not boot directly to the game select screen)

Now the game boot to the select screen.With pressing F1 key you are in GUI and can change the boot order to RFM or SW1 from Pinbox configuration.

Printer configuration(from BIOS):
Port 378

HDD(used some partition manager of Windows):
GPT partiton

Screensaver deinstall:
sudo apt-get remove xscreensaver

Now it left only to find a way to remap or something else the power button.
I want when I press it to quit/power off the PC.
The sitaution now is this:
In Ubuntu GUI,no problem,it shut down,bet when I'm in the emulator(the game is running) nothing happen when I press it.
I must press F1 to go to GUI and after that if I press it the PC turn off normal.

The idea is if I can remap somehow power off function/button to work like F1 button.
If it was Windows,no problem,but Ubuntu is hard for me.
Any ideas?P70505-155556 (resized).jpg

P70501-105446 (resized).jpg

P70501-113221 (resized).jpg

P70501-113228 (resized).jpg

P70501-114808 (resized).jpg

P70502-162006 (resized).jpg

P70502-190443 (resized).jpg

P70502-191244 (resized).jpg

P70503-121136 (resized).jpg

P70503-132238 (resized).jpg

P70504-114110 (resized).jpg

P70505-175304 (resized).jpg

#4 2 years ago

It have it like torrent file.

#6 2 years ago

Write me PM if you have any questions.
I will post my progress of restoration here.
Between is there some source for the insert decals?
Or I must made they?
I think I can made them,alredy did this before for SoF.

#8 2 years ago

I have two solutions for this thinbg.Will post it today .

#9 2 years ago

After hard fight with Ubuntu this time it win,but not so.
I just try to remap Power button to function like F1 or F1 to work like Power Button but with no luck.
The idea was with one button to turn off the PC,when you are in the emulator.
So I made the backup option-with old mechanical keybord with DIN connector to PS/2 to work on this PC.
First I was thinking that will be easy,because just solder with the Power Button,and when you press Power Button press and simultaneously F1,but this didn't make the trick,because the system form 10 tries,only 2 times shut down normaly,the others somehow it auto Power ON the PC.Looks like there was have some constant activity of the keyboard or something else.Because without F1 soldered with Power ON button,there had no problem.
And I just took F1 button from the keyboard and put it underside the cabinet next to Power Button.
And now no matter which button you will push,I just push both,no need to remember which one is,it first quit the emulators and after that with one more push both turn off the PC.
After that mount the keyboard in the backbox and mount the amplifier and PSU for it.You can see and both buttons-F1 and Power between both of them.

P70512-182225 (resized).jpg

P70512-182230 (resized).jpg

P70512-184757 (resized).jpg

P70513-092948 (resized).jpg

P70512-194630 (resized).jpg

P70513-185306 (resized).jpg

#10 2 years ago

Begin today to make some clean up,changed bulbs,star post,targets and rubbers.
Before and After pictures

P70516-122359 (resized).jpg

P70516-122407 (resized).jpg

P70516-122403 (resized).jpg

P70516-122413 (resized).jpg

P70516-145647 (resized).jpg

P70516-175716 (resized).jpg

P70516-175722 (resized).jpg

#13 2 years ago

Because like PC expert will tell that this type of shut down,directly,it's nor good for the PC and it's Hard Drive also and for OS.
It's call stress shut down and can damage many things and of course OS sooner or latee.

#15 2 years ago

What do you mean breaking up-complete cut or something like distortion?

#18 2 years ago

I read for this sound problems.
Have it on Asus P5VD2 mainboard.
But with current HP DC7800 don't have it.I played several games for test.
I found these HPs for 30 US$ each,so I bought 3 PCs and install the system on them to have it for spare.It was miracle to run it on this old Ubuntu,so I don't now after a year if this will be possible anymore.
And yes someone posted that is sound driver problem and he put some old Creative Sound Blaster and it worked.

#19 2 years ago

I checked the spec of you machine and it's AMD,which is not so recommend.Try to find INTEL C2D based system.If you can find DC7800 it's the best choose for me.

#21 2 years ago

Ready,exept the insert decals,but I will try to make my own in near future,because I cannot find anywhere for sell.

P70520-101646 (resized).jpg

P70520-155405 (resized).jpg

P70520-101701 (resized).jpg

P70520-155411 (resized).jpg

P70520-155741 (resized).jpg

#24 2 years ago

How to add this?Sorry,I'm not good in Ubuntu.

#26 2 years ago

I'm not paranoid,just this is my work and had and still see many HDD or Mainobards dies with this type of shutdown.
And yesterday too from a client after explained me how he shutdowned his machine before come to me for repair.
May be you have the luck,I don't want to risk anything,until it's HUO machine.

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