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RFM: "Hillary, come here! You gotta see this!"

By kjm8888

5 years ago

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Post #2187 Links to updating the game code using windows 7 Posted by ForceFlow (1 year ago)

Post #2295 Adding the missing slingshot spotlights Posted by Lhyrgoif (1 year ago)

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#2728 8 months ago

I didn't see it mentioned - sorry if I missed it....but if you are using an original P2K computer (haven't gone to Pinbox or Nucore) - which I understand can run Jim's 2.X software - what is the method... or is it that a PUB card is the only manner to upgrade an original P2K computer?

#2730 8 months ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

Here’s how I did it with a win10 64 bit machine with serial port, serial cable, and null modem:

For clarity.... your definition of a null modem is likely a small 'dongle' to put inline at the end of a standard DB9 serial cable - however, I have a null modem cable - which should (since it is female on both ends) go right from the RFM to a PC serial port.....is this correct?

#2733 8 months ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

Here’s how I did it with a win10 64 bit machine with serial port, serial cable, and null modem:
Make a new folder: c:/p2k
Download fupdate from https://brianpeek.com/downloads/projects/fupdate.zip and extract to c:/p2k
Download v2.10 software update from mypinballs.com and extract it to c:/p2k
Power up RFM - just let it boot up normally - don’t use coin door buttons - just normal boot up, open coin door, connect null modem to port at coindoor, connect serial cable to null modem, and other end of serial cable to computer.
Run command prompt as administrator
Type: cd c:/p2k
Type: fupdate -fpin2000_50070_0210_ COM1
RFM should start updating!
Sit back and watch the progress bar till complete!

Worked like an f'n champ!!! Thanks so much......and thanks to Jim for an amazing update (v2.1).....for Jim's info the RAM was 32MB and it is an original P2K computer....

#2753 8 months ago

Not to give too much away (it's early on for us) - but if everyone can be a bit patient - we've begun making the magnetic reed switches - they are lighter, smaller (in depth) and more sensitive than the originals....we are getting parts together to begin the build (we've only crafted prototypes)...the originals were all hand built and we will have to take the same route...hit me up on private mail so I can begin to get a count....thanks!

#2755 8 months ago

Additive...but shoot me a PM - we'd like to get molded bodies instead - sounds like you could be our man on that...we have the design already.

1 week later
#2790 8 months ago

Hey gents....I've finally joined the club...picked up an HUO RFM last night......

To answer the the 'safe' question - I've already upgraded a friends to v2.1 (I'll be doing mine soon) - he has 32mb RAM - original hardware - no issues...

And finally - thanks for the inquiry into the MRS remakes....I should finish up the first 25 this weekend....I've got to admit - it is labor intensive as they have to be built by hand....so we'll see how this all turns out......

20190517_195327 (resized).jpg
#2824 8 months ago

Since it caused me great headache - wanted to pass along the CORRECT rubber kit for Revenge From Mars. The manual is long known to be wrong (shocker) and thus most available online retailers kits - are also wrong. Observationally, I don't think I've seen an RFM with a proper kit ...so here it is!

RFM_Rubber Kit001 (resized).png
#2827 8 months ago

More progress....working out the efficiency in building them and had to get a more proper Molex crimper...piece of advice - that cheap crimper you see nearly everyone has... sucks - spend the money and get the better one (like Ed as at GPE) makes a world of difference....it's stunning....I picked this one up on eBay for $35....they sell for 3Xs that new - but when you have 1 good crimp out of 5 and go to 5 out of 5....its worth it....

20190524_121638 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2884 7 months ago

I reviewed a 3 year old post from osudrummer, but wanted to re-ask since a lot can change in 3 years...but what is everyone doing to replace the fluorescent bulb with an LED in the translite? RFM is the latest in my collection and that deal is annoying.....thanks!

#2887 7 months ago

Couldn't have been easier....the LED T8 bulbs at Wal-Mart are meant to work with ballasts/starters.....so you simply twist in the LED bulb and you are done.....there were 2 choices...cool white or soft white - I went soft white - to me a little softer in the translite is a nice thing.....bulb was <$7......

#2902 7 months ago
Quoted from WhiskeyTango:

Can't wait for the looms to be done so I can feel it in action!

Me 2!

#2913 7 months ago
Quoted from robotron911:

Awesome. The "Boom Shaka Laka" was cracking me up.

Would be cool if you could put a "pause" feature ala twilight zone... For those that never have seen it... You cradle the ball with a flipper... Hit start or maybe the extra ball button.... And it holds the ball there until you release.... Always thought that was an awesome feature for home use

#2916 7 months ago
Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

don't burn out an flipper coil with that. Coin door ball saver is kind of the same think. also I think on newer strens you can just enter the menu to pause the the game.

Not a problem at all for applejuice to implement ....you won't burn a flipper coil....since this isn't a Stern - not sure your suggestion is relevant - and I'm not sure what a coin-door ball saver is in your reference...either way - a game pause ala Twilight Zone would be easy to implement and a fantastic feature - I've got kids - can't tell you how many times I wish I could have paused the game....

#2933 7 months ago
Quoted from cougtv:

I have pub cards for 1.2, 1,6, 1.8 and 1.9 available for free use at York if you bring your game for free play!

Get that v1.2 and update that to v2.1 and bring that - and now we're talking....v2.1 simply is superior to all prior versions.....

#2938 7 months ago

Hello! I wanted to provide an update to my MRS project. I've been quiet a few weeks as I resolved to step back and improve my MRS even further as I was not satisfied until the sensitivity greatly exceeded the original MRS'. After I hand-built 25 prototypes and tested all of them...I felt the design could be better - that the range wasn't maximized - so after many weeks of tinkering - last night I succeeded and will now modify the 25 and complete the lot. I gotta say, these things are difficult...it has taken months to find the right combination of components and a lot of tuning....

20190618_095305 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2960 7 months ago
Quoted from applejuice:

The Shaker &amp; Knocker Loom install instructions for my loom product is here:
Please read the instructions carefully.

Reminds me I need to pay my invoice - will do shortly....what about connection/setup of a knocker?

#2962 6 months ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Connect the knocker as shown in the instructions

In the instructions (the pdf link above) - I only see the shaker noted for installation......where are the instructions for the knocker?

#2964 6 months ago

Wasn't sure if you had detailed the parts/pieces you used for your knocker set-up...coil...bracket....good location...etc....I was looking more for that....

#2995 6 months ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Installed my knocker... Repurposed a bally knocker from water damaged bally Star trek:[quoted image]

You have it striking the metal housing? I was going to ask where folks were installing theirs.....

1 week later
#3025 6 months ago

MRS Update: I decided to go back to the drawing board to squeeze as much sensitivity as I could from the form-factor before calling this project a success. And to that end, I succeeded....and have 8 completed switches....I've got reznnate for 3 switches and I'd like to get another 4 switches into folks' hands so they can kick the tires on these before I complete more switches......so shoot me a PM - I've got 4 I can ship - but I don't want them squirreled away, but I want them used in a game or what have you....

Here's a pic of #3 (of 8 )

20190713_102858 (resized).jpg

#3032 6 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

congrats matt
those look just like the oem reed switches. I replied to pass for now since I was just looking for back-ups and would rather see others truly in need of them and that can provide feedback back to you. I would think that there have to be a few RFM owners in need as well (since that game uses 3 of them

Thanks.....they are the same in 2 dimensions (length/width) but about half the thickness and weight......I got switch #9 done last night - they are tricky bastards to build....just me, a solder iron, a magnifying glass and a table top "helping-hands" rig....and a shit-load of patience.....but man am I happy when I get one done.....

#3034 6 months ago

MRS Update: I've got 11 completed....1 I'm going to keep...the other 10 are going to: reznnate ricochet applejuice rygar j_m_ robotron911 .......I'm going to build another 10 shortly.....I've got to figure out shipping (shouldn't be more than $6 in the US) and picked up some small boxes to ship with (realized quickly I had no medium by which to ship - I didn't want to do bubble envelopes - so I scored some 3x3x1 boxes.....)

#3047 6 months ago
Quoted from SpaceWar:

Excuse my ignorance about these but where are these switches used in RFM? I've read about the last 10 pages of posts and came across your project but I'm unfamiliar what these do.

They were used in various WMS pins....RFM being one of them....there are 3 in RFM....all located in the ball lock lane....the MRS went unobtainum some handful of years ago...

#3048 6 months ago
Quoted from Sonic:

MRS Update: I've got 11 completed....1 I'm going to keep...the other 10 are going to: reznnate ricochet applejuice rygar j_m_ robotron911 .......I'm going to build another 10 shortly.....I've got to figure out shipping (shouldn't be more than $6 in the US) and picked up some small boxes to ship with (realized quickly I had no medium by which to ship - I didn't want to do bubble envelopes - so I scored some 3x3x1 boxes.....)

I've got 8 accounted for to wiggy07, applejuice, reznnate, ricochet & j_m_ this means I've got 2 left.....I haven't heard back from rygar or robotron911 - but it's first come first serve - so just shoot me a PM with your email and mailing address....and I'll send payment info...

I've got everything ready to go....


#3054 6 months ago

I've got pretty much everything nailed down (still need an email J_M_ ) for the first 10 MRS'......at this time MRS' are $25/unit and domestic shipping is $4.50 whereas shipping to the UK is $15....I presume Australia and Canada will be a different price - I'll work on that next....

I have another 15 units partially completed - just need to finish them off in the next couple weeks....

1 month later
#3146 5 months ago

Hey guys..... The first run of MRS' are done.... All but one switch has been purchased..... So I've got one left for sale... Just shoot a message if you want it... I'll be taking a brief hiatus then start making some more by November..... If no one here is interested in the remaining switch I'll post over at the CFTBL group for use with the bowl mod.... It's $25 for the switch plus $4.50 for shipping in the lower 48....

#3150 5 months ago
Quoted from dashv:

What is this? I may be interested.

Just go to the top and type MRS (just like that) for the "Find In Topic" search bar and you'll see posts from this particular forum as to the MRS....there are 3 in RFM and others in several pins like SC, CV, CC, SWEP1, NBAFB & NGG...it is also used as a popular mod in the CFTBL whirpool to garner more spins....they went unobtanium a few years ago and I simply started making them....

#3157 5 months ago
Quoted from Zitt:

No. Don't do that kid.
Go to
titanPinball.comand use their database to get sizes and build your own. You'll be happier; as many times, these kits are on the shelf so long they already dried out.

And look at this post for the proper rubber kit - everything else you will find is flat out wrong....

#3165 5 months ago

Just cleaning up the work station - thought I'd snap a pic...an original WMS MRS, an original DE MRS and an original M&M Creations MRS.......more to built again soon, I promise...

20190828_165421 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3184 4 months ago
Quoted from johnstewart:

@sonic these are your creation?
These "MRS"es are switches that detect the ball traveling over it?
I have seen your mention of these... but I didn't see in the thread any info as to they're actually used on the game; I'd like to check mine to see if they're still good. Where in RFM are they used? And are making more soon?
Thank you all for your help!

Yes these are - they are replacement MRS' - magnetic reed switches - that are found in a handful of pins - including the 3 in RFM - 3 are clustered together straight up the middle of the playfield for the ball lock - underneath the playfield.....they went unobtanium a several years ago - so I've remade them....I'm working on making more soon.......

4 weeks later
#3255 3 months ago
Quoted from mjfisher:

I received my new reed switch replacements from Sonic. They are great! They seem more sensitive than the original (the magnet seems stronger as well but might be just my imagination). Finally i can collect a saucer on Martian Happy Hour

Thanks Mick! They are more sensitive - that's the main goal...when putting them together they go through a series of 3 sensitivity checks before they are considered good - last of which is hooked up to my Creech for final checks

#3257 3 months ago
Quoted from johnstewart:

sonic do you have any more available?

I've been currently working on a variation for Creech's bowl - it's a form-fit solution to the bowl...I'm trying to get some of that demand out of the way - then back to the standard MRS....and working on mass-production avenues....

#3261 3 months ago


1 month later
#3338 75 days ago

Just got v2.2 loaded - thanks to Jim for a job well done - you've truly made RFM a more valuable pin by making it's playability even better....remember to support Jim and his efforts by buying the loom for the knocker/shaker or heck anything else he has on his site (like my blackout board!) for sale....thanks again Jim - love the drunken flippers....great touch!


2 weeks later
#3376 59 days ago

Hey guys - I'm back to making repro MRS' - I took some time to work on a different MRS for the Creech whirlpool and just switched back to making repro MRS'.....let me know if you are interested - I'm putting a list together!....

#3380 59 days ago
Quoted from P1nhead:

This is a post in error - he is referring to CFTBL.

Nope, not a post error - you can look a few threads back in this forum to read more about the MRS'....our RFM's contain 3 unobtanium switches known as magnetic reed switches (MRS) - earlier this year I reproduced them to make them available to owners of pins that had them such as RFM....CV, CC, SWEP1, NBAFB, SC & NGG....as well as I had made a custom MRS to fit on the Creech whirlpool - this eliminates the Cherry switch on the bowl to allow for a contactless motion in the whirpool (i.e. more spins!)....so I'm back to making a new batch of common MRS' (not to be confused with the custom Creech one) in the event someone with an RFM needs one!

#3382 59 days ago
Quoted from wayout440:

What the heck is MRS?

Simply use the "Find In Topic" function at the top and type MRS you'll see all the threads on the discussion. Your pin has 3 of them.

#3385 59 days ago
Quoted from Sonic:

Simply use the "Find In Topic" function at the top and type MRS you'll see all the threads on the discussion. Your pin has 3 of them.

#3401 57 days ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

i should get a NULL MODEM cable next week, but what about this way :
install a HD in the P2000 computer, with an OS on it + the update software + code
connect a KB and /or a mouse
change boot startup sequence in the BIOS, start on the HD
launch the update from the HD
... !?

I've done it both ways....but damn is having and using a PUB card ever so easy and faster and less hassle...just some advice - own an RFM or SWEP1, own a PUB card....90 seconds of work and you are done...

#3403 57 days ago
Quoted from TicTacSeth:

Hi all, new RFM owner!
I’ve got a wire that popped out of one of the connections in the back of the playfield, and I don’t have whatever piece crimps to the end. Can any one identify what I need from the pic?[quoted image]


#3405 56 days ago
Quoted from BobBilbao:

Interested! if you can send them to france in a cheap way..

I've sent quite a few to Europe....they are always $15 USD.......whether it's 1 or 4....

2 weeks later
#3448 37 days ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Just go to my site - https://myPinballs.com
And please donate if you use the software
As I said via pm the latest version is v2.2 released on 31st October this year

As I've posted before - please support Jim's efforts - he took a pin that you could easily get <$3K and, from my perspective, altered the code such that you'll see RFM's going for $4K......the simply superior v2.2 code and added features like 'true' knocker and shaker motor are amazing.

1 week later
#3466 26 days ago
Quoted from P1nhead:

Any update on when the MRS reproduction will begin? I had no issue with mine until today - diverter would not trigger for about 15 games, then it is all back to normal. I am assuming this is because at least one of the MRS is on its way out (diverter triggers just fine in settings menu).

Back in production.....just PM me to be put on the list.....they are hand-made - so it'll take a few weeks to get to you.....(Plus everyone wants typically 3 an order...some even more - just shipped 4 to a customer today - 10 to a customer not too long ago!). In addition to the MRS-R (R=reproduction) I also make an MRS-CFTBL for the whirlpool in Creech.

#3470 23 days ago
Quoted from BobBilbao:

How much would cost an invoice to France for 3 of them?

It's been pretty darn consistent....to Europe or Australia is $15.....

2 weeks later
#3473 9 days ago

Working on the next batch of MRS' - PM if interested!

MRS-R (resized).jpg
Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 11.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 10.00
Cabinet - Sound/Speakers
Gweem's Mods
Machine - Wanted
Santa Clara, CA
$ 45.99
Lighting - Interactive
Lee's Parts

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