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RFM: "Hillary, come here! You gotta see this!"

By kjm8888

5 years ago

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Post #2187 Links to updating the game code using windows 7 Posted by ForceFlow (1 year ago)

Post #2295 Adding the missing slingshot spotlights Posted by Lhyrgoif (1 year ago)

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#237 5 years ago

LEDs that I've seen in this game tend to really overlight the PF. Frankly, the majority of LED treatments on games overlight PFs and make them look like a LiteBrite.

3 years later
#1908 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

correction, never, ever toss your CRT <period>
there are many people in the community that can breath new life (myself included) using the proper tube from a 19" tv. not any tube will work, but based on the impedance of the horizontal and vertical guns, a like or near compatible tube from an older television can restore an arcade machine or in this case, a pinball 2000, CRT
plus, if there is an issue with the existing tube, it's much easier (and safer) to ship without that big, glass brick saving the cathode ray tube's yoke and rings will allow nearly any television tube to be used

This x 100 MILLION!!!! I have done tube swaps on supposedly "trashed and broken" CRTs. Rebuild the chassis and HV. Viola! Essentially a brand new monitor. Though its getting harder and harder to find donor TVs for tubes now.

#1910 1 year ago
Quoted from Zitt:

I have a broken neck on my "now backup" CRT for this beast.
I'd love to buy a "known good" CRT from someone so I could tube swap and get the back up working.
Any interest in helping me source a donor tube?

Look on CL, LetItGo, etc. for 19" RCA or Westinghouse TVs that were made in the 80s to mid 90s. The odds are high that the tube from the TV will work. Stay away from Japanese brands, particularly Sony, as I've never found any that were compatible. For reference, the swaps I do are in GO7 and WG 46xx series monitors.

9 months later
#2286 1 year ago
Quoted from gearheaddropping:

Yes, the mapping stays after total shutdown, etc. I am not sure about how mapping is handled on the host machine after the USB-&gt;NULL cable is pulled. This might need a remap to port 1 in Device Manager after it is reattached.

Jesus, I understand virtually nothing you posted. I'm an idiot.

#2305 1 year ago

Screen printing shouldn't have horizontal lines across the reverse side. From the picture you posted, your looks like it does. I could be someone's attempt at a one-off. I've never seen a screened glass with those marks. It may be nothing, but is is highly unusual.

Either way, welcome to the club! It's an incredibly overlooked title based off of both the technology and the great integration of the theme with the game play. I prefer this to AFM. I had both and I sold the AFM.

2 months later
#2484 11 months ago
Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

Anybody have a RFM topper they would sell. Similar to either of these?[quoted image][quoted image]

Good luck. I posted the same thing six months ago and haven't heard a peep. The manufacturer was going to see if they could do another run, but haven't been able to locate some of the materials.

1 week later
#2518 10 months ago

For two games on the same platform, RFM and SWE1 could be more different. RFM is novel, fun and funny. SWE1 is irritating, repetitive and uninspired.

1 week later
#2528 10 months ago
Quoted from robotron911:

Good luck. I posted the same thing six months ago and haven't heard a peep. The manufacturer was going to see if they could do another run, but haven't been able to locate some of the materials.

No longer in the hunt. I found a new, in-the-box topper! Yeah!!!!

#2530 10 months ago

I got lucky. One from the manufacturer was found leftover on a shelf in storage.

1 week later
#2548 10 months ago

Where did you find PUB cards? I've had no luck and I'd like to update my RFM.

1 week later
#2576 10 months ago

Any timeline on when the looms will be ready for shipping? No pressure, just curious.

1 month later
#2740 8 months ago
Quoted from Zitt:

applejuice Why take it to PM?
I think it should be a group conversations. Why not start a new thread in the appropriate forum here on Pinside?
I'd participate especially if you can post the current timings as you understand them.
Hell; I might even be convinced to pull out my oscilloscope.

If you disagree with his methods, then do it your way. But it seems a bit disingenuous to question how/why the OP is doing this when he is the one who has been turning out the updated code, wiring harness, saucer lighting mod, etc.

1 week later
#2773 8 months ago

Art blades on this one aren't too bad. And counter to the opinion of "usually no blades in Williams era games" is that they weren't even conceived of during this era of manufacture. Or LCDs.

I don't think I would ever try mirrors on these. The playfield would trash these pretty easily since there's not alot of forgiveness with the ramp so close to the side and I'm not sure if it would effect the image projected on to the playfield.

#2792 8 months ago

I don't have the 2.1, but I did get the 2.0 pub card from Whiskey Tango and installation took all of 5 minutes. Completely painless.

#2794 8 months ago

Anyone having issues with the microswitches in the two top lanes? Before I did my teardown, the left one basically never registered. I replace both microswitches with new ones and made sure the wire form had plenty of extension into the lane. If I manually depress them, it registers and I can hear the microswitches click. But during an actual game, they miss registering about 25% of the time. I re-adjusted the wireforms with no luck.

Also, anyone get the pop bumpers with good action. I did a complete and total rebuild on all three, including polishing the metal rings, and they are still clunky. Stronger coils? The ones that are in are to spec.


#2797 8 months ago

Anyone need a sheet of used pf glass? I replaced mine with NOS. This sheet is in good shape with a couple of small scratches at the very top of the mirrored portion. I never noticed during play, but my OCD won't allow it. $50 picked up in Commerce, MI.

#2799 8 months ago

I've only been able to source "Next Gen" art. The difference is that the Next Gen stuff has a rough, pebbly appearance whereas the original was smooth, glossy. The actual art looks perfect, as I recall, it's just the texture that's different.

#2801 8 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

Yeah I accept that “Next Gen” is what it is and all that’s generally available... I just see them anywhere from 249 (eBay) to 289 (various pinball shops)... a little afraid to save a buck to be sure I’m not getting someone’s own version of a “Next Gen” product.

I bought mine at Expo for $125 directly from the vendor.

3 weeks later
#2912 7 months ago

Awesome. The "Boom Shaka Laka" was cracking me up.

1 week later
#2949 7 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:


Senators receive classified briefing on UFO sightings

Prices for RFM are sure to skyrocket!

4 weeks later
#3056 6 months ago

Very much appreciate your work, Sonic! Looking forward to getting the switch. I'll definitely be in for more when others have had theirs shipped.

3 months later
#3331 72 days ago

Original DuckSan monitor available. Virtually no screen-burn. I can see just the slightest ghost of burn-in from the credits but have to look very closely. I was going to recap this and replace. I had a NOS Wells that I dropped in instead.

$200. I would prefer not to ship this, but can at buyer's expense.

3 weeks later
#3411 47 days ago

I have a PUB card with a past version of the RFM software update. Can I reprogram the PUB? If so, does anyone know where a tutorial is? I've searched Google with no luck other than a German YouTube video that I can't understand.

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