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RFM: "Hillary, come here! You gotta see this!"

By kjm8888

6 years ago

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Post #2187 Links to updating the game code using windows 7 Posted by ForceFlow (2 years ago)

Post #2295 Adding the missing slingshot spotlights Posted by Lhyrgoif (2 years ago)

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#286 6 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Well, I attacked Mars today and won. Score was just over a billion. Figured I'd get one quick game in before taking the kids to a birthday party and wound up with a 25 minute epic adventure. They were yelling at me to hurry up!
Since picking this one up, I've added RGB saucers, green t-molding, new legs, new corner brackets, green superbands, green spotlights, and lots of little tweaks... plus a cow tucked away in the corner.

With all that new stuff it sounds like your gonna keep it for a while.

1 month later
#375 5 years ago

Just got my RFM today and having lots of fun with it. Hooked up a sub to it and it really makes a difference. Where's the club, I'd like to sign up?

#377 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

This is the club.....

OK great, funny title though.

#381 5 years ago

Where does it say on the game which monitor is in it? I have the vid amp and would like to put it in.

#384 5 years ago
Quoted from altan:

I've added info about the video amp to my web site. Maybe that will assist you.

Thanks, what's your site again.

#388 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinfidel:

Hi guys.
So, I finally got my RFM all up and running. I'm just waiting on that decal set. But I had to put it back together to play it. I mean, those decals are supposed to be here next week, what if they get delayed? I can't wait that long. LOL
Anyway, I installed the tube light and I tell you, it's a MUST have. Not only does it burn a lot cooler but it shines perfectly across the entire translite without reflecting off the PF glass. Additionally, it hooks right into the existing ballast. No modifications or connections are needed. AND, once it's in, you can actually turn the whole light and point it where you want. I actually have mine pointing about 60 degrees upward. It's perfect. Doesn't blind you either. You will love this light.
Here's the link...
amazon.com link »

I just ordered one for my new RFM. It really helps to read all the old posts when you buy a new game.

#389 5 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I put a 40 watt car stereo amp in mine and the audio is mind blowing. Since this title pioneered hitting virtual images, the sounds are critical (and totally make the game). I own both games, and think they are both great. No doubt that RFM is the better value, but it's unfortunately built on a platform that never took off. Hopefully Nucore will be resurrected...
I always look forward to the crazy "Mystery modes"...Martian autopsy, aerobics, bowling, etc.
IMG_8512.JPG (Click image to enlarge)

I know this is an old thread but I have an amp/eg lying around and was wondering where you got the 12v from.

2 weeks later
#398 5 years ago
Quoted from altan:

Did you guys know that WMS is still using the AFM / RFM branding on slot machines?
... Altan

Yeah, I was telling a friend about the game and he said he saw a slot machine like that. Crazy.

#399 5 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Love my RFM! now with new rubbers, CPU fan/power supply, sf update and a good tear down and cleaning of the playfield its amazing. Added LEDs and LED translate kit, also upgraded the speakers and the limited edition laserrific topper. Under cab strobing color changing strip for effect too. Just rec'd last RFM NOS playfield PPS had for future - only problem its a prototype pf with some different art (figure I can live with that though.....)

Cool, you going to clear the pf?

#401 5 years ago
Quoted from boogies:

Has anyone posted a simple way to navigate menus with the glass off?
This vid shows how-to very simply.
» YouTube video
Would love to know if this unlisted vid is useless (common sense), or worth posting (good idea)

That works very good.

#409 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinfidel:

Hey Paul. Just saw your post. Did you get it yet? Any issues? Thoughts?
I had NO problems with mine. Then, others bought it and had issues. I bought a second one a month later for Mancave and mailed it to him in Australia. His worked no problem as well. So I'm curious about yours.
Thanks in advance for the update.

I got mine from the Amazon link per your post #124 Looks like their QC is a little lax.

#410 5 years ago

Is there a simple way to get the composite video out for a tv topper?

#413 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

tv topper?
If you are trying to run external video, the refresh rate of the existing monitor is way too low to be usable on todays tv's.... (assuming your tv has a VGA input)
Youll need two things to make this work with a TV:
1) A Y cable to split the existing video signal (one end to the existing monitor, the other connects to the converter below)
amazon.com link »
2) A Converter to convert the signal to something usable
About $30 total.

Thanks lurch, that's very doable.

Quoted from boogies:

You would also need to someohow fix the mirrored imaging

Now that's the hard part, I forgot all about that. I can do that easily when I'm editing a video but doing it live is the hard part.

#418 5 years ago
Quoted from SilverUnicorn:

Just turn the TV around.

Why didn't I think of that....dang you b smarts.

#419 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

2) Check your monitor, you might have the option to do this there (some older LED's have this)

I have an older 4x3 Samsung, I'll check it out.

#444 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Knew i had some downtime at work today so i decided to bring in the CPU to clean today. Yes i know im OCD. While i was at it..... upgraded RAM to 256, new chassis fan, new network card, and re-organized the cables so they dont block the CPU fan.
computer1.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
computer2.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
After: (i can almost see myself in the reflection!)
computer3.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
computer4.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
Still working on re-organizing the cables.... more pics to come.

Darn nice thing to do. Does the bigger RAM speed things up. I think I have a spare stick of that lying around. Where did ya get the fan, on line?

#446 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Most people have said it makes the graphics smoother, though the consensus seems to be that anything over 128Mb seems to be a waste (as there is no real performance boost and because of the BIOS checks adds to the boot time) but id figure id give it a shot.
The fan i got locally for $5. I will poke around on amazon to see if i can find the right one for ya.
This computer case is a horrible design. The only way for air to get in is through the cracks around the housing. Its the real reason for all the Power Supply and CPU issues. Do yourself a big favor and get a set of these:

Thanks much, I'm a real babe in the woods when it comes to computer stuff.

#449 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Just joined the club... Now I just need to fix the monitor!!!!!
Has anyone put Monster Green balls in RFM? Will have them in the machine soon.

Welcome, I don't have them in, I do have different colors as captive balls in other games and they are fine but as main playing balls they may not last very long. Let us know how they hold up.

#465 5 years ago
Quoted from Crashnburn:

It's a manual hot tub. The bubbles are self generated.

1 week later
#486 5 years ago

I've never seen one, let's see what ya come up with.

#490 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I am thinking either yellow or clear.

I'd say get both so ya don't have to pay shipping a second time if ya don't like one.

#492 5 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

I have like 20 bulbs out.

Are they really out or do you have leds in them?

#494 5 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

Got my monitor fixed today by my buddy and I have to say, fun game. Now it's time to make some mods!

Here's one I did, mounted a 7 led strip to a piece of stainless steel strip and screwed it to the underside of the pf so when the flap lifts up to make the jump shot it light up the pf a little, it's not very bright.


#500 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Just for future reference..... my monitor turned out to be a Wells Gardner 19k7203
I did manage to get it bolted in place without modifying anything. Picture looks great very bright! However, noticed that something wasnt quite right.... im missing Green!
Damn it!
After some googling, it appears this is a common issue where transistors on the neck board go bad.
Ordered some new transistors: NTE85 and NTE2508 Will replace and update this tomorrow.
Again, Just updating in case someone runs into this in the future.

Damn your handy, wish you lived by me.

#501 5 years ago
Quoted from Eddie:

I installed the Martian Ambassador in that spot and he looks real good and is not overbearing.
Martian addition.jpg
During gameplay with glass on you can just make him out
Martian behind 3d saucer.jpg

That looks really good. Would a spot light with a single led light him up a little better and not be overpowering?

#503 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Thanks! I dont think of myself as handy, just unafraid to dive into something (even if i dont understand it).
Ive learned Google is your friend in these situations.

There is no way I'd do something like what you are doing.

#507 5 years ago
Quoted from Eddie:

I didn't want him to be a distraction from the screen animations thats why I didn't light him but that is my preference.
Maybe with a colored Led it could work well.
Depending on whats on the screen at the time determines how much you can see him.
If you look for him you can clearly see him, he just doesnt jump out at you which I like.
He is from the Mars Attacks figures but he still goes with the machine color wise, a perfect fit.

I understand your reasoning, I was just wondering.

#508 5 years ago
Quoted from Eddie:

You do understand that lightning flippers are 1/8th shorter than standard flippers and they will affect gameplay?
Just thought I would mention it in case you were not aware.

That doesn't sound good.

#511 5 years ago

I have the lightnings on my game and I can't tell the dif. Of course I never played the game with stock flippers. Maybe that's the reason I have so many center drains cuz I'm missing 1/4th inch of flipper.

#513 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

OK, so i was over at arcade-controls.com and arcade-museum.com poking around to see what the standard troubleshooting is for these CRT's.
Typical troubleshooting appears to be (in order):
1) cold joints (fix: re-flow all joints on neckboard)
2) bad connection at neckboard and tube (fix: remove neckboard and re-attach)
3) bad transistors on neckboard (fix: replace Q80x transistors as needed)
4) bad transistors on main chassis board (fix: replace Q30x transistors as needed)
5) bad tube (fix: attempt to 'rejuvenate' otherwise, replace entire chassis/tube)
I went home and re-flowed all the joints on the neck board. Put it back together and re-installed. Powered her up, heard a buzz and then everything came back to life!!!!! I will wait a few days before calling this fixed, but ive got my Green color back now!!!!
For future reference, here is the official flow-chart for the 7203.
(for some reason the preview image dosent seem to work for .pdf's, so just click the image)
K7203_13_19_inch.pdf (Click image to enlarge)
And here is the schematic for the chassis:
WG-K7200.pdf (Click image to enlarge)

Nice job, I know who I'm gonna call to come and fix my monitor when it's givin me trouble.

#515 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

LOL, cause apparently it WILL eventually give you troubles. Let me know if there is anything i can do to help when the time comes. Im not an expert by any means, but i will help if i can.

Cool, how much you charge for a house call.

#517 5 years ago

A dome flasher plastic too, that's gonna be a tough one to find. You may have to make one and put your own art on it or something. Good luck.

#519 5 years ago

That was quick lurch, your a good guy. Zimmer, I hope you live in the US. That would be a good plastic to make a protector for.

#523 5 years ago
Quoted from Zimmer:

thank you all but I think I'll stick with what I have rather than support a company that is screwing over our buddies across the pond.

Really nice of you to do that.

1 week later
#545 5 years ago

Interesting, is the light 6.3v or 12v? Try to light the whole tower.

#548 5 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

6.3v hooked to the GI, it actually flashes here and there. I may look for a brighter one.

Try a 12v 8 smd flex, that would spread it a bit or if you could disguise a uv led strip somehow.

#551 5 years ago
Quoted from izzy:

A friend installed the video amp on my game. Made a world of difference.
thanks Mike

Which monitor do you have?

#552 5 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

will have a plug and play kit to light up the stroke of luck hole when the flasher goes off.

Beat ya to it.

#554 5 years ago
Quoted from izzy:

Wells Garner. Had to take 5v from the computer, wasn't at the pin connector.

You had it easy then.

#557 5 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Some detailed saucers and F18s would be cool!
Maybe some pin blades? Not sure if that would ruin the hologram effect tho.

As the glass gets darker the blades would fade to black or something.

#558 5 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Maybe some pin blades? Not sure if that would ruin the hologram effect tho.

I just sent an email asking Pingraffix if they would do a set for the game. If they want to make them, depending on how they look how many RFM owners would want them? I'd take a set.

#563 5 years ago

I'm soooo PISSED OFF right now. Fired up the game and ALL the red is out on my monitor, just have blue and green. HELP!!!

#565 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I just commented on your other thread. I am really happy with how easy and nice the LCD looks. Very easy and you can be up and running in 30 mins assuming you have all the parts needed.

Thanks for your encouragement. I'll have to look up your posts to start getting parts and places to buy them.

#567 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Did you see my earlier post with troubleshooting steps?

What post # is it?

#569 5 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

I did see that you responded to it a month ago..... probably forgot about it with all the crazyness going on around here lately.
Probably a different model, however the troubleshooting steps are the same. The steps are listed in order from most common problem to least. Let me know if you get stuck.

Yeah, ya just can't remember everything or where it is on the topic. Thanks. I've got the other monitor.
Does the neck board come off? How do you reflow the connections on the board?

1 month later
#575 5 years ago

Wow no posts in a month, you guys still have your games. Well I pulled my monitor and had the caps replaced instead of going with an lcd, cost me $40. My reds are back and the picture looks super, great color and sharp picture. Any of you guys gonna get the Pinballsidemirrors for the game? They have them in stock but not up on their web site yet. They are bigger of course and they told me they don't have shipping boxes big enough yet for shipping them. I'm gonna get me a pair.

#578 5 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Any word on the inside cabinet art from Pinballgrafix ?

I gave up on that when I heard Pinballsidemirrors was making mirrors. Just ordered them a few minutes ago. $117 shipped. I can't wait to see 4 little aliens jumping up and down.

#587 5 years ago
Quoted from altan:

There is no wrong answer regard CRT / LCD.
My opinion though. All original, Baby! LCD and/or NuCore significantly lowers value.
Again, just me...

Yeah I wanted original too, my tech said the tube was in great shape so that's another reason I kept it stock. I wouldn't say the lcd or NuCore lowers value. But that's just me.

#589 5 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

That's cool. Please post some photos of the install and some before/after shots. I'm worried about the mirror affecting the monitor projection.

Will do but I'm not worried about that because it's so dark back in the game where the video is reflected off the glass it will also darken whatever is reflected off the mirrors. If your worried put a hand held mirror back against the side of the cab, move it back and forth and see what it looks like.

#609 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Has anybody else bought a piece of pin2k glass from Rob Anthony? We got a new sheet yesterday and it has a frosted coating on the lower playfield. I am told it is a protectant and it should be removed with goof off......does this sound right?

I need a sheet, mine has a BIG scratch right in the middle but his site say "only show pick-up" RATS!!!

#618 5 years ago
Quoted from insx:

I cringe every time I see that figure. I can't find it for less than $450 in the UK.

That's horrible.

#628 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

A bit of a project..... Going to get a full restore......


What a mess. You've got your work cut out for yourself. Keep us posted or start a seperate thread.

#629 5 years ago

Is the only way to get more volume out of just the bb speakers is by running them on a seperate amp? They are totally useless. I even put better speakers in it.

#631 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Well the good news is that we already have a nearly perfect playfield to drop in when the cab is done The playfield that came with this one is actually in decent shape, just dirty. Will get it cleaned up eventually.

That's good news.

#633 5 years ago

A friend told me that someone is making a video amp that is pretty much plug-n-play. Anybody hear anything?

#645 5 years ago

My mirror blades came today and they are BIG honkers. Now just have to see when I can put them in.

#647 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Mine are still in UPS hands. Let us know how they look. Apparently these just plop in. I imagine you have to take the blades out each time you lift the playfield.

I'm just gonna put them in not "plop" them in. Yes every time you lift the pf you have to take them out.

#649 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Time to get them white gloves out.

and a small crane...these things are HEAVY.

#653 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

So I don't have to take them out till I really need to.

That's right.

#654 5 years ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Ultimarc sells it
Here is a good video that demonstrates the installation.
» YouTube video
I didn't have to add the power lead like the what is shown here. Mine worked great right out of the box.
Ultimarc ships very fast and reasonably for overseas shipments. I had mine in less than a week. All in it cost around $50 video amp and shipping.
Lastly the video amp makes a huge difference for the crt monitor. Probably wouldn't make a difference for an LCD monitor. Does anyone know for sure?

Not that one, this one goes inside the computer box. Maybe he was confused and was talking about the board that goes in the computer box for the lcd conversion.

#655 5 years ago

Here's a picture of the blades with a 8-1/2x11 piece of paper taped on for size comparison.

#657 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Did the rest of the plane come yet? lol, looks like them things could take flight.

#675 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I rather have an LED/LCD knowing it will last forever.

Or until you have dead pixels or an 8x8 block goes out.

#684 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I am looking for a new piece of glass as well

Well we know where to get it but he doesn't ship so we're stuck. He's the only game in town.

#686 5 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I just spoke with paul again.

You did.....I don't remember it. I kid...I kid.

#688 5 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

sorry mustangpaul, but you're not the only "paul" here on pinside

DANG!! and here I thought I was a legend in my own mind. WOW...I really feel alot more like I do know then I did when I first got here.

#691 5 years ago

I just posted a topic in All Modding, "Mirror blades installed in my RFM, with pictures" if anyone is interested.

#699 5 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

I bought my RFM a couple of years ago here in Colorado. I built a topper for it from some Mars Attacks kids toys I got off EBay. I think one of the best mods for this game is the pinball Pro Sound speaker kit. The sound that comes out of this game is thunderingly awesome. Here is a pic of my two PB2Ks. Love em both and couldn't part with them. image.jpg

Neat topper on RFM, do the lights do anything or are they just on.

#702 5 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

In the settings there is a Minimum Volume Override feature: set it to YES
Then lower your volume.
So go to System Menu: then to Adjustments Menu: to Audio Adjustments: Min Vol Override to YES. By default it's No.

I wish there was a stock way to increase the volume of just the bb speakers.

1 month later
#709 5 years ago
Quoted from embryon:

New high score tonight, 2 x attack mars unfortunately didn't complete the second one otherwise I think I would have had a further 200k.hi score.jpg

Dang, you B jammin.

#712 5 years ago
Quoted from Bwheels:

Just picked up a RFM and am having a blast. What are the "must have" mods/add ons for this pin? Any secrets I should know about. Well I'm having a blast with it

Welcome to the club. If ya like the look of mirror blades Pinballsidemirrors just came out with them not to long ago. I have them on my game and they really look great. A little spendy but that's because they are about twice as big as regular mirrors.

#714 5 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Here's my F-18 mod. Unfortunately I just traded my RFM for a real nice Batman Forever + $$. I promised the new owner I would finish the mod for him as part of the deal. I used flashing orange 3mm LEDs for afterburners. They can operate on 12VDC directly or 6.3VAC GI using my bridge rectifier cable.


That looks great but if were painted.

3 weeks later
#721 5 years ago
Quoted from glasairpilot:

Just scored a pristine HUO RFM from a home just 1 mile from me. Has a translite LED mod, cointaker LEDs, and cliffys. I also bought a spare motherboard, plastic ramps, and a video amp that I will install. Will likely install a powered subwoofer with this machine since it has some decent sounds. Not sure why this machine never took off. I really like the combination of display and traditional play. The bonus modes are a lot of fun.

image.jpg image_1.jpg

You can't do better then one mile from your house, you really lucked out. Your first picture can be rotated so it will display the proper way. After you download a picture you hit the rotate button.

#723 5 years ago
Quoted from glasairpilot:

I am really starting to like this machine! I have not earned all the saucer lights yet and have been one mode short of completing them all. I really like how easily the play field comes out. I do not like how you have to manipulate the glass into the back side of the cabinet slot, but other than that - it is a blast to play. You have to love the cigar and intern comments along with the "other than that, how was the play" when you are using Lincoln to battle the martian. Definitely a keeper!

It's a blast but I wish the bb speakers were louder.

#725 5 years ago
Quoted from glasairpilot:

Ok, if you have not done the video amplifier mod yet you have to do it as it is a 100% improvement in screen brightness and color depth. The mod is listing on page 14 of this thread and their is a video that explains how to install it. I would like to simplify the process, though.
First, you need to see if your video card is putting out 5 volts on the #9 pin on the serial cable. The easiest way to verify is to unplug the original serial cable on the computer above the monitor. Plug in the serial cable provided in the video amp kit into the computer. Put your multimeter probe on pin #9 of the other end of the cable and other lead of meter to ground. Turn on the machine. If you have 5 volts you are good to go. If not, you need to bring power and ground from your computer as in the video.
Next, instead of fabricating another cable, simply cut off the original cable about 19" from the monitor end and simply strip the wires for R/G/B/Ground/SV/SH and attach to the amp. Use the new cable to go from the amp to the computer and you are done.
You will need to shave the bottom of the cable connector at the amp end since it is too big and puts strain on the board if not shaved down.
I mounted my amp on the bottom instead of side cabinet so there was no strain on the connections and it is easier to inspect.
The difference in picture quality is amazing.

But what brand monitor do you have?

#728 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball-1:

Anyone know where to get a Ducksan CRT fixed? My green went out the other day and I really don't want to go LED/LCD.

Mine had the same problem, one of my colors went out and John at PinballPlus took it to a local guy that fixed it. Your a ways away but a local guy does fix them. John is a Pinsider.

#729 5 years ago
Quoted from glasairpilot:

I don't know as I did not look, but I can tell you that it is a whole different machine with the amplifier.

The Ducksan is not that easy.

#733 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball-1:

Thanks for the info. How much about did it cost for repair? Just wondering if it's a cost effective method or not.

I don't remember exactly, $140 I think. John is local to me and I'm a good customer, he pulled it, brought it to the repair guy, brought it back, installed and adjusted it. He did everything but I'm local. Can't imagine how much it would run you being long distance. You might be better off going the lcd route. I know the swap was covered somewhere in this topic.

#734 5 years ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I have a buddy who has a non working complete Stars Episode 1 he's wanting $900
He was telling me all parts are there and he doen't have the skill or time to fix it/
I thought about it but don't have the room

$900 wow that's cheap, to bad you don't know a tech in your area. That's a $2500+ game.

#738 5 years ago
Quoted from vintage4life:

I just picked up a flawless huo rfm about 2 months ago. Awesome pin! I have a car audio amplifier installed in it and added 2 more speakers and a powered sub. Best sounding pin ever! When the bass drops on the farm animals mode it is insane. Shakes the whole house! My girl hates it but I don't care it's too awesome! Hah. I have an led screen in mine with a new computer system installed and it really looks great.

Post a list of parts needed, where you got them, how much they cost and how to hook it up please. I've been thinking of doing it to some of my games especially RFM, those stock bb speakers are almost useless. Thanks.

2 months later
#759 5 years ago
Quoted from tk-the-jammer:

Fan of all things Gomez! The rhetoric in this game is the best. It slays me to hear giant alien taunt RoboLincoln with "besides that, how did you like the show." Regarding to Ford theater of course.
I noticed that glare reflection can be an issue on playfield glass. I upgraded mine with a glare guard upside down between the speaker grill and translite. Lift up on translite while locked, it moves up just enough to gently jam the glare guard into place. Like this.....
Before Glare Guard...
After Glare Guard...
It makes a really big difference if you have a dim lit arcade room. Viva Pinball 2000!

Would you please rotate the last two pictures.

#761 5 years ago

Kinda hard to do in a full body cast. Just kidding.

1 week later
#774 5 years ago

Yeah that's waaaay over the top. Now ya just need my leg light-ups.

2 weeks later
#789 5 years ago
Quoted from thall17:

are the small lights on saucers perimeter supposed to light up with out a mod?

No, you need a mod.

#792 5 years ago
Quoted from jorro:

ebay.com link » Star Wars Episode 1 Revenge From Mars Pinball 2000 Lock Down Bar Lockbar

I like the way they say "new condition" when it has paint chips and rust. But thall17 better jump on it cuz they just don't come up often. Thanks for the tip jorro.

#815 5 years ago
Quoted from Geocab:

I'm babysitting an RFM and have yet to have a good game. My highest score so far is 300 mil. So today, I finally have a really good flow going, lots of ball control, making my shots, ball 1 and already at 74 mil (good start for me), and this happens. Crap.


Oh man....ya gotta quite hitin the flipper buttons so hard. A little super glue will fix it right up.

1 month later
#845 4 years ago
Quoted from DanTheGlassMan:

Well im in guys. Just bought my rfm today. Grail pin for me. I love it! The cabinet on mine is rough but thats cool with me. Players games tend to be a little less expensive

Welcome Dan, hope everything works.

#848 4 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I picked one up last night , I'm in the club!

Hey good goin, hope it's in good shape.

#850 4 years ago
Quoted from wxforecaster:

It had better be! It was when it left my house

So he knows the seller then. For your sake I hope it's in good shape cuz he knows where you live.

#853 4 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I see pps made some play fields for RFM does anybody have one they want to part with?


#859 4 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

My Bad. I saw this and thought they made some and were sold out. looks like they got IPB old stock. it helps if I actually read a little.

I see.

2 weeks later
#874 4 years ago

My monitor looks really good now so how much would this improve the picture?

#877 4 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

IDK; tbh. Several people in this thread and other places SWEAR by the mod saying it's a night and day difference.
You can see how the current method isn't plug-in-play from the thread above.
I'll do my best to take before and after pictures once I have it ready.
My goal is to have the RFM w/ the amp at TPF'16 in a few weeks; so I'm planning on assembling them this weekend if not earlier. (assuming all the parts arrive by then)

The amp came with my game, uninstalled cus I have the difficult monitor to hook it up to so it sits in the box unused. I've read about it and watched that one guys vid. If you say yours makes a difference I'll buy it cuz I trust you Zitt. But what will the price be....that's the question.

#879 4 years ago
Quoted from awarner:

I had the amp in my game before I converted to LCD and it really added a lot of detail to the picture. I'd highly recommend if you are planning to stay stock with a CRT.

That's what I've read. Zitt is THE MAN and if he can't do it nobody can.

#882 4 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

I appreciate the "trust"; wait till you see the new products for Stern Star Trek.

You bet Zitt, you never cease to amaze me.

3 weeks later
#885 4 years ago

If anyone is interested I just saw an apron fs on ebay, something like $15 I think.

2 weeks later
#937 4 years ago

Yes it's supposed to be dark so the animations look good. I put white clear dome leds in the inserts and they really do look nice, the insert facets have a nice "sparkle" to them.

#940 4 years ago
Quoted from LoserKid3:

Haha I guess I mean, does leds in the inserts help light up the lanes but not take away from the animations from the monitor

Well because the leds are brighter they light the inserts better but not the lanes.

1 week later
#946 4 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Another new member here. Picked up a Pin 2k combo (Star Wars Cab), and currently running RFM in it. Starting to grow on me. Have two pops not working, but fire in test, will go through the playfield this weekend and take a look. Plays well, and the wife and kids are enjoying it.

Welcome to the club.

#948 4 years ago
Quoted from bbriese:

I just got a decent deal this weekend on an RFM and it's in super shape so this means i'm in club, eh? This machine is the most waaaaay out there concept. Love it!! Anyhow, it's missing this small plastic upper left side near the pop bumpers. Anyone have a spare they'd be willing to sell?


Hey welcome to the club, that does look in fine shape. When you have some time repaint those bolt heads, make the game look cleaner. A powered sub really rocks with this game. I tried better speakers in the bb and they really didn't do much to improve the sound, the only to improve them is put a seperate amp on them.. Hope you have the time to read all 19 pages of the thread, lots of good info there.

#951 4 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

At TPF; I developed a Red color issue... where I found out if I wiggle the cable going to the Duckscan PCB; the gun with come back intermittently. This weekend; I decided to pull the monitor and examine the connector for a bad solder joint. As you may know; you have to pull the monitor out of the backbox... disassemble most of the monitor; just so you can get at that connector.
I reflowed the connector and started reassembling the beast. Got it all back together and while putting the monitor back in the back box; I heard the horrifying sound of gas being let into the CRT tube. Somehow; while trying to wrangle the monitor into the box; I snapped the glass tube at the neck board. I was so disgusted with myself I just want to cry.
I *hope* to have a replacement CRT on the way - but just noticed it's on "backorder"; so may never see it. <Sigh>

Sorry to hear that Zitt.

#952 4 years ago
Quoted from embryon:

I had a new WG crt to put in but didn't get around to it. Moved house, and wife flooded the laundry where it was still in box. All good, only box soggy. Wife was impatient waiting for me to put the crt back into the box and did it herself. Neck caught on her jumper and same noise. Brand new never use crt trashed. Bought another and quickly installed it.

Wow that's one handy wife even to attempt something like that. But bummer about the tube.

#977 4 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

Does anyone know who sells mirror blades for Pinball 2K's?

Quoted from jorro:

I think mustangpaul knows ? Maybe somwere in this topic to in previous posts

Quoted from Analogkid:

pinballsidemirrors.com- but they're pretty proud of them - $135.00 for a set.

I wanted them for my game so they started making them, I got the first ones. The reason they cost so much is because they are TWICE as big as regular blades and you just slip them in and out, no permanent mounting. You can slip them out when you want to raise the pf. They look great too.

#982 4 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Seems to me that an AFM design could easily be adapted for RFM.

Sure it could but they would have to get the OK from you know who.

#987 4 years ago

Yeah that was me. Pinballsidemirrors came through first so I bought them. I think they are worth the money.

#989 4 years ago
Quoted from bbriese:

Hey mustang paul, yeah I made the leg bolts out of stainless acorn nuts and set screws but the polished stainless look doesn't work on rfm.

No I meant all the cartage bolt heads for the coin door frame, shooter plate and side armor. Just wire wheel, prime and paint them a nice satin black. No need to buy new bolts. Oh and clean and paint the threads too and maybe buy new nuts.

#999 4 years ago
Quoted from wisefwumyogwave:

What's up dudes can I join?

Welcome to the club but man your lucky nothing fell on it.

#1000 4 years ago

Man I wish that one guy making the 3D tl's would make a kick ass one for our game. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

#1004 4 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Can I use WPC and cut to fit? Talking about the back glass trim and lift channel.

I'm pretty sure.

#1005 4 years ago
Quoted from wisefwumyogwave:

and drove like a grandma

Well that can be dangerous too. Glad you made it home safe with your new game though.

#1013 4 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

If anyone is going to pinfest..... Marcos had a piece of new pin2k glass for $150!!!!
I almost bought it to keep in case i ever find another RFM.

No kidding??? I could use a piece. Damn

#1018 4 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Give them a call, I bet they still have it.

Doubt they would ship, but worth a phone call.

Money is to tight right now.

2 weeks later
#1025 4 years ago

Hey guys thanks for the suggestions for Joe (BestShot), he's a great Pinsider. I wish I could helped him but I'm a dummy when it comes to these things.

1 month later
#1046 4 years ago
Quoted from NonStopSwagger:

Figured it out. The center target in my machine is the 3D type, with a big deep plastic cover on it. Its too much depth for that spot, the metal machinery behind the target stops it from moving. The prior owner must not have had the right replacement type, and I never checked pictures online to see what type it was... just assumed he knew what he was doing...
Anyway, swapping it out for the proper one.

Good detective work.

1 week later
#1069 4 years ago

Hey guys PPS said that a 3D tl might be made. If Rick said that it just might happen. If anyone wants one flood that 3D tl topic with wants, Rick reads it so the more we post the more likely it'll get done. I post already.

1 week later
#1073 4 years ago
Quoted from DanTheGlassMan:

A 3d translite would be awesome! Id be in for one for sure!

Well post your want on the 3d tl topic. We have to show interest.

3 weeks later
#1079 4 years ago

I finally got around to putting on the rgb T molding. It was a pain because the barbed side of the molding that holds the molding in the channel is wider then regular molding. I used a slotted screwdriver to stick in the channel and pulled down and scraped the channel wider so the molding would push in. That took a number of "fittings" till I got it right for both full channels. These pictures were taken at full brightness of each color, they look perfect in person not all blown out like in the pictures. My camera is crap, I need a new one.




#1081 4 years ago

It's DIY. The molding came from Tmolding.com, the 2, 3 meter rgb strips, 20ft of T molding, a 2 output controller, remote, 18inch interconnect rgb cable (to connect both sides of the bb to the controller), cable interconnect pins and 3 amp power supply all came from ebay. Total cost about $100. I did my GB Pro before I did this game so I knew how to do it and it also cost less cuz the 2 rgb strips were only 2 meters in length and only needed 13ft of T molding. You do not want to pound the T molding in with the rgb strip inside of it, you'll short out sections if the strip. Even just pressing it in I still shorted a 3 led red segment but luckly it's on the back of the bb so you can't see it.

1 week later
#1084 4 years ago
Quoted from Shadrac:

Hi folks, just want to know what is the best replacement tube/neon for the backbox/translite? I would like to reduce heat and translite glare, also have a better light. There are so many choices so... Thank you

The subject is covered in previous posts, just scan them and look for the pictures. I have the led replacement in my game and works great.

#1090 4 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

I'm surprised no one has done a back box led lighting mod for Pin2k games. Mmmm...

The colors would really pop with a custom one done........for when out 3d tl comes. You should see my buddies MM with the 3d tl with colored leds behind it. WOW!!! You can't take your eyes off of it.

1 week later
#1099 4 years ago

Happy to hear you like them, I was the one that asked them to make them and I got the first pair and I just love them. They are BIG mothers aren't they.

#1101 4 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

Big Mothers is an understatement! I was expecting something flimsy and cheap but on the contrary. Very well made and worth the little extra. Thanks for the recommendation Paul.

Coming from them I knew they would be top notch. Your very welcome, I like spending other peoples money. Oh and have you considered my Leg Light-Ups for your game? The red ones look great on it.

#1103 4 years ago

Well my camera isn't very good but I'll try.

2 weeks later
#1113 4 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Greetings all,
Has anyone heard of anyone with plans to make a run of P2K glass? I'm not in dire need but would love to someday get a good piece as mine has some pretty good scratches from its past life on route. Plus it would be nice to not live in fear whenever removing my glass.

Hi, I haven't heard of anyone but I'd buy a sheet or 2 if they did. I wonder who we could contact about this.

#1115 4 years ago

Hey guys, I just pm'd Rick at PPS and asked him if he knew of a way to get our pf special glass. I'll post what he has to say if I hear from him.

#1116 4 years ago

Hey guys good news, Rick says he has a got a pallet load of it from IPB but it needs to be finished and that they are working on it. But who knows just how long they have been working on it.

#1119 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

Thasks Paul. What's the price on that?

Oh it's waaaay to early to put a price on it.

#1120 4 years ago

???? You guys and your slang. Thanks for the help though.

#1122 4 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

LOL, you haven't heard the half of it MP Happy to oblige.

Oh I know that, I have a FB female friend and you should see what she posts. I have to ask her all the time to SPEAK ENGLISH.

#1135 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

Thanks Merccat. That's exactly what I was looking for. What color Leds do you like and what brand/type?

If you want the inserts to really sparkle put the white 2 smd clear dome leds in it. You should check my game out to see if you like it.

#1138 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

Maybe I'm dreaming but...
Has anybody installed a shaker motor in rfm?

Not that I've heard about.

#1140 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

I would have liked a shaker but decided against it. The main reason is you need a programmed trigger to turn it on when you want it to be on, I just didn't think I wanted to trip it simultaneously off of something on the playfield like flashers, although I suppose running a relay or opto-isolator off of the martians would be ok - I just think that's too much. I would only want it to go off during video explosions...which there is just no easy way to do that I can see.

Yeah it would take a real pinball guru to figure it out.

#1143 4 years ago

Hey Adam, if you don't want to mess with it John at Pinball Plus can do the cap kit. He did mine and looks great now even without the amp.

#1149 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

I think I'll take it to him. What did it run.
And this is interesting:
Monitor says: Samsung!
It's a crt...

He comes out and pulls it, fixes it and reinstalls it. Price depends on what's wrong with it. His # is 651-647-5811. He just repaired my BOP power board.

All stock games have crt's.

#1156 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

Anybody have anot extra saucer? Maybe you installed a mod? I'm missing one...

On past pages someone was making an upgrade, have you looked.

#1158 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

applejuice has a terrific mod for the the saucers and it comes with two replacements

That's who it was. Thanks for the link. I was thinking of getting 2 of his saucers without the lights and have them chromed. I wonder if they are smooth enough so the chrome would look smooth.

#1163 4 years ago

Hey thanks for the lead 440, that's just what I was looking for. I've got a email to them asking if the green dome comes with it. That chrome will dress it up real nice.

#1164 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

last option "bronze steel metal"

That's just the look, they are still nylon.

#1165 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

Anybody have anot extra saucer? Maybe you installed a mod? I'm missing one...

Hey Badamac, you found one yet? Pinball Center has them for about $10 but I don't know if the green dome comes with it. Maybe you should think about getting the chrome ones like me, more money but it's a cool look. I'll be ordering them and whichever you decide to get I could buy them for you and you could come pick them up. We would be saving some shipping money that way. I won't order till I hear from you so LMK.

#1168 4 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

Google makes me look smart, eh

Me too when I use it. I've bought stuff from them but didn't think of them in my search this time. Anyway I heard back from them and the green dome comes with it so I bought 2. Now the wait.

#1172 4 years ago
Quoted from Cdonnerusmc:

Figured I'd join the group. Here's a few pictures of mine. I added lcd's to both machines the star wars has a 24" lcd i actually cut the cab to get it to fit then adjusted the screen to where everything lined up. The rfm has a 19" 4:3 monitor. "Im planning on adding the 24" to rfm also". upgraded the sound system, upgraded the computer added mirror blades. Florescent saucers. And the guys over at pinballbulbs.com installed their led kits and powder coated both machines. And helped me with my computer issues. Still want to add the stroke of luck light but that's about it.

Welcome to the club. Looks like you and I are the only ones with led T molding on our game, I love the look. I have rgb in mine so I can change the look. Are you going to get the 3d tl when it comes out?

#1177 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

A question about video amps:
Does anyone have evidence that a video amp could or could not 'burn up' a crt? I've heard some concern about the way they 'overdrive' the monitor...
I'm probably better off having the caps serviced, but, it's cheaper to do the video amp. And I've just read so many rave reviews here about how great the video amp 'mod' is...

You won't burn up the crt with the amp but if your caps need replacing they will keep getting worse till they go out then the amp won't do you any good. If your picture color is weak to begin with get the caps replaced first. Did you contact John yet?

#1178 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

I'm a little surprised powder coat doesn't mess up the coin door hinges.

The pros have a secret way.

#1182 4 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

a Cap Kit WILL cause you problems if not installed.

How can it cause a problem if it's not installed.

#1194 4 years ago
Quoted from vintage4life:

Selling mine. Huo collectors quality. LCD monitor. Everything is perfect. I paid $3600. First $3k takes it.

For a CQ that's a good price. Hows the glass?

#1197 4 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Agree! I gave it my best shot (3 different screens, custom mounts and frames and even tried some lighly tinted glass to bring down the black levels). While OK given no other alternative as it will make the game playable, the effect doesn't work nearly as well and I was never satisfied.
Unfortunately the hunt for a good CRT can also be frustrating. Finally found a bueaty and picked this up yesterday from a fellow pinsider... so excited to get her in...

Is that a new one? I see staples on the top flaps.

#1205 4 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Yep, brand new... manufactured 2000 but had never been opened. Kinda got all misty eyed opening it.

WOW you lucky dog. I heard they can age just sitting like that and not used. I wonder if that's true.

#1210 4 years ago
Quoted from Badamack:

Can you guys check out my recent question on the subject: "amazing RFM video mod"?
I'm not too worried about it but would like a definitive answer if someone can provide it.

Can't find it Adam.

#1223 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I'm guessing that you've never worked with arcade stuff before?

How could you tell? That's why I need someone to get my MACH 3 working.

#1225 4 years ago

Got my chrome saucers from Pinballcenter today, the chrome looks perfect but there's a problem. The green domes that came with them are not glued in. Now I can't decide if I should put the green in or change the color. All I have now are one yellow and one white. Decisions decisions.

IMGA0791[1] (resized).JPG

IMGA0792[1] (resized).JPG

IMGA0793[1] (resized).JPG

IMGA0794[1] (resized).JPG

#1226 4 years ago

I just read in the 3d tl thread Rick at PPS "thinks" that RFM is up next. I KNOW I'll be getting one. Anybody else?

#1228 4 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Yeah read that too, I'm in for one... hope he runs a prototype contest too, that could be fun.

That's great...2 of us so far.

#1231 4 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

If he does....hmmmmm.........wonder what the odds are on winning twice?

Great, that makes 3.

#1234 4 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

Wonder how much the aliens get charged for getting their spaceships chromed

It just looks like chrome, it's some kind of material that's not on our periodic table that we haven't discovered yet.

#1235 4 years ago