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RFM: "Hillary, come here! You gotta see this!"

By kjm8888

6 years ago

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#716 5 years ago
Quoted from insx:

RFMs often have a lot of non-working switches. It's not a huge problem as they can be replaced with a bit of screwing and soldering but it is extra expense and effort that might not be welcome for the newbie.
My RFM has nasty scratches on the glass which is annoying but you don't actually notice it much while playing.

Mine too's got some scratches, do not notice them when I play, far worse are scratches on the mirror blades. I always tried to find someone that could sell even a non original pinball 2k glass but there's no way to find one.

#717 5 years ago
Quoted from mattosborn:

Hey Al, the downvote simply means I don't agree with your post. Some of your points are valid (it certainly is lighter with an LCD in it!), but some things around reliability (the computer, Prism card concerns, CRT vs LCD) we have a difference of opinion on. But what made me hit the downvote was your comment on black level, which is incorrect. A properly adjusted CRT will have better black level than any LCD monitor. You would have to use a very high end LED backlit panel before you would even come close.

I tried several times with arcade dedicated cabinets. There's no way to obtain a dark deep black in lcd/led monitors as with old CRT ones.
Yes you can adjust contrast/brightness/gamma/etc on LCD/LED panels but it will never be the same as the black from CRT. So I agree totally. I tried on an arcade cabinet adding a darkerì glass on the LCD and result was pretty good, but CRT blacks are....CRT blacks . I tried LCD on my RFM but was disappointed (but I'm too much perfectionist with this pinball as I adore it). So with efforts I did fix my CRT (damned Ducksan...) and even with no video amp I personally think it's way better than with the LCD.

2 months later
#755 5 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

Will have this on our site tomorrow. Illuminate Stroke of Luck hole when red flasher goes off.

I got this and was a really easy upgrade and adds a lot to RFM Stroke Of Luck. I'm gonna get the Eiffel tower very soon. Thanks a lot to Mezel Mods !

1 year later
#1649 3 years ago
Quoted from MythMaker:

Anyone have any suggestions for adjusting the scoop? Mine has a habit of sending the ball STDM and not sure what I should try to get it to behave better.

You could try bending the top of the scoop *very slightly and carefully* to the left so the ball comes out and hits the left flipper, grabbing it with proper tool and putting a towel between tool and scoop edge, and move it to the left, carefully.

I think a very small amount of torsion/force is needed.

1 month later
#1671 3 years ago

Looks like a cool and easy solution!

1 week later
#1681 3 years ago

Hello, you just put this card in nucore/pinbox pci free slot and works? No need to setup parameters on nucore/pinbox ubuntu, right? That’s interesting..

#1683 3 years ago

Thanks ! Nice info, bought an old 3000iirc one used, few mins ago

1 week later
#1701 3 years ago

I did use dell 20 inches IPS and the result was perfecf. I do recognize crt was how this pin was meant to be, but results on mine with this 4:3 monitor were stunning.

#1702 3 years ago

Dell 20 inches 2007FP the IPS model. Fits perfect like a glove, deep blacks, scanline generator recommended, stunning results. My crt did fry, I do not miss it, even if I recognize I could repair it with some efforts. Well, I kept the crt in the attic, never throw away a good old crt .

#1704 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Link to conversion process?

https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tech-revenge-from-mars-monitor , Jean Luc Picard was the source of all the infos, I must give credit to him, I just added an SLG3000 scan line generator to smooth graphics so it really looks a crt. If you need help and super detailed infos pm me no problem.

#1717 3 years ago

Just to help and all due respect to holy crt's blacks, this is the image I obtained with my lcd setup. If you fine carefully tune your display and CGA/VGA converter (on both you got to try settings for darkness/saturation/contrast/sharpness-very important to set this to zero or low level) these are the results you can obtain. Blacks are really deep, I think helps the 4:3 Dell monitor being IPS. Graphics are smoothed by scanline generator, resolution on CGA/VGA converter has been set to 800x600.

lcd1 (resized).jpg

lcd2 (resized).jpg

lcd4 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#1769 3 years ago

Does’nt this kind of material do scratch balls? Just wondering, as I did put a thick black adhesive velvet, I do put this also on rfm whenever I wanted to eliminate reflections on the image monitor area,so that “pepper ghost effect” is more real.

#1772 3 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

Where do you get one?

scanline generators, you can find on ebay for less than 30$

2 months later
#1919 2 years ago
Quoted from cabuford:

I've been thinking the same thing. I only follow this thread for Pin2k related stuff. I own a SWEP1. I don't think it gets a lot of love from the community, maybe we should start a club!

I own RFM and just played SWE01 yesterday ad friend's home, I love that pin ! I do not understand all the SWE01 haters, perhaps it's too easy, but my son told me that we got absolutely to get one. I like it, yes I do, I played it a lot and did enjoy, and I know hardcore pinheads do not like it but it definitively deserves more love and attention. I want one.

2 months later
#1996 2 years ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

Joined the club! Found one in nice shape just a couple of hours away. I also managed to score a restorable spare WG monitor.
One question, though: Is the game supposed to auto plunge after the ball save is activated? Mine just ejects the ball into the lane, and the player needs to hit the launch button. Is this normal?

Welcome and nice couple of pins !

2 weeks later
#2001 2 years ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

Ok, another question: The black inside walls of the cabinet are a little lacking in excitement. I see that Pingraffix has these PinBlades, and that's all I've been able to find. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I think I saw that there was a set of mirror blades available a few years back, but they don't seem to be available anymore. What have other people done?

I got them and they look absolutely fantastic. I had mirrors before but after I scratched them pretty badly I did purchase the Pingraffix decals. They really add depth to the playfield, and are really easy to set up, removable and best think ever is they do not scratch, so no worries lifting up and down the playfield. Absolutely recommended, just my opinion.

#2008 2 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

What's the deal with LEDs in a P2K again?
I know they error out in test mode, but do they ghost or strobe or something?

I just did put them in the lower part of playfield and that’s ok. Use no ghost no flicker ones. By the way there are downsides with led as usual, but the mix sounds really good to me. Cheers.

#2012 2 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

The games also use some fading lights at times. With LEDs they are either on or off, no fading. So you lose that with LEDs.

That's true in fact. I think RFM was conceived as a "dark" pinball machine, and I got a friend that kept his all incandescent and the difference with the light fading on is obvious. You loose this cool feature. That's why I decided to go 50/50 and enlight only the lower part of pf.

3 months later
#2179 2 years ago
Quoted from bob_e:

Add me to the club, I just brought one home Saturday!!
[quoted image][quoted image]

I'm jealous, it looks brand new ! Welcome and have fun with this wonderful pin.

#2204 2 years ago

Can anyone show images or better a vid of 1.9 added/changed graphics and attract mode? Any way to add them to existing nucore, just the updated 1.9 roms? Thanks.

2 months later
#2283 2 years ago
Quoted from gearheaddropping:

I am going to post this in here for future reference. I know other people just buying these Pinball 2000 machines will want as much reference material they can get their hands on for doing updates using the original Prism Card system that came with these games.
Here are some steps I took in 2018 to handle these updates.
1. I used a fairly modern laptop running Window's 10 to start. It must have at least one free USB port.
2. I created a 32-bit Windows XP Machine using Oracle Virtual Box (https://www.virtualbox.org/) which is a free download and installation. I did have to provide Window's XP installation files which I happened to have on a thumb drive. If you are not familiar with Virtual Box, its fairly straightforward to navigate, but there are some setup things that you need to do once you create the machine.
The main thing you must do is setup the serial port on the machine so it is mapped properly to the host machine. I didn't do this correct and the computer could not successfully connect to the game. See my settings below, which allowed it to work correctly.
3. I purchased the following USB->Null Modem cable from Amazon amazon.com link » It DOES have Window's drivers that will need to be installed on your Host computer. I was able to get the latest ones from the company's website. Once you install them, it will most likely map itself to COM3 which will not work for handling the updates. You will need to enter the Device Manager on your Host computer (not your Virtual Box) and click on the Advanced button to re-route the assignment to COM1. The Williams Update software appears to be able to handle everything on COM2 as well, but if you choose this route you will need to change your settings within the Virtual Box routing described in step 2 above.
Please PM me if you run into roadblocks on this. I am still learning myself, so hopefully some of these tips will save you time.[quoted image]

Great and useful infos, thanks!

1 month later
#2416 2 years ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Shaker in and working. The only rfm with a coded shaker in the world ... for now ..
[quoted image]

Amazing job! This magnificent pin's got new updates and rocks!

2 months later
#2568 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

if it came with their rivet "kit", I would steer clear and do it the proper way. the press fit rivets will not hold up for this particular item
here's their pressless rivet kit
I'm also not a fan of the stainless ramp flap (but that's a whole different story). long story short, it sticks out like a sore thumb on the playfield. blue it yourself or purchase one that is pre-blued like these

I agree the center ramp flap looks bad on the playfield. That's why I made some test decals, they look far better on the playfield in my opinion. Did laminate them too and tried different graphics and colors, very easy to do.

RFM_flap (resized).png
1 week later
#2598 1 year ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Quick update on v2.10 update progress. Below is how the update notes are looking. I'm deciding whether to wrap this one up soon and get it out, then finish up some of the other new modes like payback time later on. This means the shaker and knocker stuff can get out there sooner. My preferred update method is iterative anyway as its easier to fix bugs that way after more usage etc
v2.10 RFM Update (Work in Progress Only)
Quick-Shot - Feature lamp effects improved for active hurry up
Quick-Shot - Added timer pausing for when ball enters/exits jets and upper lanes
Quick-Shot - Added timer pausing for when ball enters exits stroke of luck
Quick-Shot - fixed bug where some scenes background graphics were lost after hurry up ended (achieved or not)
Quick-Shot - Added speech for start and shot success
Quick-Shot- Added shaker effects for shot success
Question Mark - Percentage of mode selection updated. Autopsy now most likely mode
Question Mark - Martian Aerobics, renamed Martian Invaders
Capture Multiball - Added sneaky lock acknowledgement (lock from rear when lit avoiding diverter)
Capture Multiball - Added speech for ball locks
Capture Multiball - Added option for add_a_ball
Capture Multiball - Added add a ball display effect/ graphics
Bottom Lanes - added add a ball logic in conjunction with stroke of luck during multi ball play
Stroke of Luck - added add a ball logic during multi ball play (main, martian, bonus etc)
Circle Shots - Missiles are now only collected/fired when there is an unlit missile circle insert on the playfield
Circle Shots - Completing a set (4) missile shots now ups the bonus multiplier by 1 each time (on that ball)
Attract - updated lamp patterns to fix missing saucer rim 9 lamp on main pattern strobe
Attract - updated lamp patterns on searchlight pattern to fix some missing lamps and some in wrong section
Skill Shot - Fixed Super Skill Shot activation which was broken
Outlane - Improved sound and speech calls logic
Bonus Wave - Changed balls in play start to 2
Bonus Wave - Added option for add_a_ball
Mothership - Changed balls in play start to 3
System - Added shaker hardware control
System - Added knocker hardware control
System - Added adjustments for shaker installed
System - Added Adjustments for knocker installed
Quick-Shot - Added extra sound for mode start
Hypno Beam - Fixed a bug where the new champion score would not be recorded
Hypno Beam - Reworked (lowered) the shot levels now there is a champion score to make destroying multiple beams more interesting and worthwhile
Hypno Beam - Adjusted extra ball award for destroyed beams to 4
Bonus Wave - Disabled add a ball when entering sudden death (1 ball in play)
Capture Multiball -Added shaker effects for super jackpot and regular jackpots
Martian Multiball - Added shaker effects for hitting and destroying large martian
Drive in Demolition - Added shaker effects for nuke
Drive in Demolition - Removed the mode start points (2 mil) seeing as its now startable from game start
Tower Struggle - Added shaker effects for tower collapse
Secret Weapon - Added shaker effects to end scene, upper cut and mothership explode
Alien Abduction - Added shaker effects to ramp shots and destroying centre saucer
Martian Happy Hour - Added shaker effects to martian kills
Big O Beam - Added shaker effects to barn hits
Paris in Peril - Added shaker effects to martian kills and catapult hits
Payback Time - Roughed in first pass of this mode - enabled at sol after main multi ball and martian multi ball completed
XINA 1.31
Reverted to 3 characters for high scores. Some game specifics are hard coded for 3
Added real knocker option instead of simulated sounds when enabled

Sounds amazing. RFM definitively a keeper in my small pins collection. Congratulations!

1 month later
#2851 1 year ago
Quoted from rygar:

Windows 98SE on an old Toshiba Satellite pro 4200.

Problem is (I think) this would work for windows only, (typically for Groovy Mame setups, etc.), did you succed with Pinbox linux distribution too? Me too I would like to find a solution Pinbox+CRT. By the way I did setup a very nice solution with dark blacks and a scanlines generator (same image as CRT), paired with Dell 2007FP..

1 month later
#3023 1 year ago
Quoted from johnstewart:

I just joined the RFM club! It's been on my wish list for a while; sold a Stern Star Trek to buy it. Still on 1.2 code, CPU can is crazy loud. Parts on order.
Mine has an LCD in it; model K190NAD:
Crazy the previous owner didn't mask it off... the marquee light was totally lighting up around the edges, looked like hell. Fixed that with some black blackout cloth.
I notice that the monitor has pretty white blacks... which ruins the 3D effect. I can NOT find a way to adjust brightness/contrast with this monitor.
Anyone run into this with their LCD? Boggles that it's not adjustable (there seem to be many other adjustable settings in the on-screen setting, but not brightness/contract/black level, that I can find.

Hi there, get a Dell 2007 FP (search for serial ending with S, ips model one), it's perfect for the RFM lcd route. Fits exactly.
You can strip the bezel with your fingers, keep the small control settings portion of the bezel and carefully set it with tape on the back of the monitor and you are done. You can an adjust sharpness (lowest setting), brightness and contrast. PM if you need further infos, I fixed quite a few of rfm friends of mine with this lcd monitor. Ciao.

2 weeks later
#3090 1 year ago
Quoted from johnstewart:

giulio thank you. I'm looking around now... but all of the Dell 2007 FP's I can find say they are TFT, not IPS.
You say serial # to look for to end in an S? I'm not sure how one would do that... the listings don't show serial.
I went ahead and ordered one of the TFT ones for $45 with shipping; I figure this form factor is good to have around anyway (I think this is the same monitor I used one one of my arcade cabinets).

Hi, I asked when I bought it for a pic of the serial, and did choose one ending S and it was IPS. Anyway, this is the perfect form factor (4:3) and dimensions, a perfect drop in. If you need assistance or other infos, PM me, you are welcome. Cheers.

2 months later
#3260 1 year ago

This is fantastic, reversed flippers too !

4 weeks later
#3333 1 year ago

For anyone interested, in the pic the result of my LCD setup. Dell 2007FP (ips) + sync converter from Mypinballs + CGA/VGA converter + scanline generator. Dell 2007 FP is 4:3 and just drops in exactly. Very important is to set properly low brightness/high contrast and sharpness (sharpness I did set to 0). Adding a scan line generator (very little device, powered directly by vga and 25$ on ebay) adds scanlines effect as a CRT, this can be really appreciated with big image sprites like the big green alien, without scanline generator the quality difference was very clear.
To all CRT lovers: I 100% agree CRT is the best (and original), but my Ducksan did fry (nice sparks and fireworks and smoke when he did, by the way), I had no skills to repair and I would never come back, I'm really satisfied with the quality now. And the weight now is half.
My ducksan was donated to a "black belt" professional CRT technician a couple of years later, and now sits in his RFM so my crt karma love is preserved.

IMG_6461 (resized).JPG
#3342 1 year ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Why not read my update help instructions on my website to? The video posted is based on what I noted down! Updating pinbox/nucore is fairly straightforward but not as clean as original games as these systems were meant as fixed emulation types. We work round this though

I followed Jim's clear instructions for update and it was simply and straight. Just connect monitor, keyboard, and mouse and in 5 minutes I rebooted and voilà, 2.2 up and running on pinbox. This update is great!

1 month later
#3441 1 year ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Shameless plug to ask for donations to the software cause, if you like what i've done with RFM. 3 new releases in the last year.
https://mypinballs.com and click on the donate button

Done! Jim gave new life to a wonderful pin

3 months later
#3545 10 months ago

I was thinking to sell mine some months ago, but I love this pin too much and I dit put so much effort ($, time and nice mods..2.2 upgrade) on it.
This was my 1st pin.
So I reached an agreement with a local pin repair shop that sold it to me years ago, 5 mins walk away. Now the pin is stored, maintained for free in a safe place and proudly displayed there, and in exchange I gave permission to use it in tournaments and be used as sample of a nice RFM. My high score still there and agreed not to reset my high scores, something less than 1 billion.
Overall I miss this pin, my son expecially...but had no space for more than two pins at home and TZ now is the new one (and son adores this too..).
Well, I would say three of them were ok at home, but it was me and my son against The Supreme Apartment Leader

Long live Revenge from Mars! I walk quite often in the shop when I pass by, and spend some time with this beloved pin of mine, something like meeting and old friend for a beer!
And I really love too watching people playing my pin, as it really attracts the casual&curious pin enthusiast entering the shop, and two of them did purchase a RFM too.

So...sad to see these RFM of yours leave...but I fully understand, life needs more square feet space and priorities, sometimes.

3 weeks later
#3608 9 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

very nice work (as always)

Amazing progress!

2 weeks later
#3690 9 months ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Another update on the new updater program
Bingo! Fathomed it. Deliberately bricked an update to make it unusable and so forced the game to boot from roms, then ran my updater.
This is the first native update from a mac i think and also the first update ever not to use fupdate.exe
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

A giant step for pinheads mankind! First update with no fupdate.exe. I wonder if somehow in the future would be possible to customize graphics and rules and create a new game, with proper financial stakeholders as this would be a really difficult and long task I understand. Of first thing first, let's start donations!

1 week later
#3721 8 months ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Also, i'm thinking about adding options to allow game software updates on pinbox machines using this app to, via the use of std crossover network cable. Does this sound like an option people like? It may be an option i add in a future update though.

It would be a great option, as not all people are confident with pinbox manual update procedure. It’s easy but not for everybody.

2 weeks later
#3794 8 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

It's a hack... and your power box is missing the transformer configuration plug. Be careful because you don't know how its connected... it could be always on (a hot connection directly wired to the AC power lines).
Here is a link to some pictures of my restoration... you can find some power box pics in there for reference...

Wow, that's a *****restore*****, perfect. Congratulations, I think I saw it in the past but amazing to see it again. A RFM "Ferrari". Love the deep red paintings. Masterpiece!

4 months later
#4163 3 months ago
Quoted from Grangeomatic:

Hmph....I tried 3 different Wal Marts today, and all 3 were out of stock, even though their website said they had the ONN 24” monitor.

......or you could get on ebay a 4:3 DELL 2007 FP that sits perfectly in RFM, 20 inches and perfectly aligned to playfield.

3 months later
#4377 2 days ago

Hi, just pinging if someone evere experienced a small issue like this: original pc, working good, fans and psu ok, version 2.20. When ball ends now I got a small pause with black screen, like 2/3 seconds and then next ball and everything fine. Just this little weird pause between balls, before I’m sure that was not there. Pc related issue? Ram? Capacitators? Card? Thanks.

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