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RFM: "Hillary, come here! You gotta see this!"

By kjm8888

5 years ago

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Post #2093 Wells Gardner K700 troubleshooting flow chart Posted by snakesnsparklers (1 year ago)

Post #2187 Links to updating the game code using windows 7 Posted by ForceFlow (1 year ago)

Post #2295 Adding the missing slingshot spotlights Posted by Lhyrgoif (1 year ago)

Post #2312 Version 2.0 custom code announcement Posted by applejuice (1 year ago)

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#1749 2 years ago

you can also remove the whole plastic stuff easily, and the dell fits exactly in the space of the CRT, minus some open space. I've put a big black mat cardboard behind the lcd and it's perfect.

1 month later
#1805 2 years ago
Quoted from wayout440:

You should feel bad. I hope you feel bad every time you play that game.

Huh huh, that's mean.. Hmm i like that

#1818 1 year ago

Second rfm at home, came with an additional playfield and decals. I'll try to have a beauty at the end. My 1st is running pinbox with a dell lcd, this second one has a working original computer but crt displays a ultra blurry picture with faded colors.
Focus doesn't fix that. What guru's are suggesting ?

#1823 1 year ago

Focus pot is working, but does not help, still blurry

#1825 1 year ago

Look that it's even worse in real..

27164406_1534567079930780_770325 (resized).jpg

#1826 1 year ago

Does anyone have a cga/vga converter to recommand in chinese stores (alixpress or gearbest..) that works directly out if the box, without a need of additional synchro stuff ?

#1829 1 year ago
Quoted from Mancave:

If you have tried adjusting the focus pot on the flyback (one of the 2 on there, the other is for brightness) and it doesn't make any improvement to the screen quality at all then i can only assume the flyback is bad. I had a Super Off Road machine that had a bad flyback, did exactly the same thing.

Yep, what's the next step in your opinion ?
Repairing the board might be tricky

#1836 1 year ago

It's a ducksan.. That' a shame not to be able to fix that..

Has someone a cga converter to recommand ?

1 week later
#1846 1 year ago

Guys using nucore, do you manage to have a perfectly smooth sound? Not choppy at all?
If so, which cpu and config ? And which nucore/pinbox ?
Mine is working but not as smooth as i would expect..

#1848 1 year ago
Quoted from arakissun:

It's different for each PC configuration.There is no solution like-take this and this and this.It depend from BIOS,chipset,drivers and etc.
If you find HP DC7800 you will have perfect working machine.

thanks, using the pinbox iso available on torrent? D7800 is available in different CPU config, which one are you running ? E8400? E4600? E6750 ??

#1870 1 year ago

Hi. I've gota ducksan on a recently entered rfm.
Pic is blurry, doing a lot of grill noise.
I'm not confortable to have it running in my house, seeing the mac gyver's way wires have been fixed.
So i've put a lcd on the original computer, feel safer this way, even if i hear during my dreams all the voices of fans that are yelling at me..

Anyway, i have one in Strasbourg, france. For french/german pinsiders..

#1878 1 year ago

You all are using the pinbox iso available on torrent ?

#1880 1 year ago

Pinbox can be put on usb, you can boot straight from usb if i recall. Or you can install on ssd or hdd.
But the boot will fail due to the process looking for updates.
There are some terminal commands to to enter

3 weeks later
#1940 1 year ago

Update can be done in windows 7 with a null serial cable

1 week later
#1947 1 year ago

Good luck finding info on nucore, they are not really communicating people..
Pinbox can be found on torrent sites, it's an old system, some Linux tricks have to be done and you can find them on pinside..
Give a try, and ping me if you fail (only after having really tried )

#1949 1 year ago

Frankly, if your computer is working, i would go the lcd way while keeping the original computer. Cost is 15 bucks for the conversion card and 50 for the monitor..

#1955 1 year ago

Does pinside allow me to just drop a google drive link for pinbox ? Any info guys ?

#1957 1 year ago

I understand the idea of keeping these valuable crt for the sake of history.
But at the end, that's mostly an unworking heavy and fragile stuff that stays forever in some basement..

#1959 1 year ago

Hehe. We all have friends like that, so do we..

1 month later
#1975 1 year ago

some help is needed there
i want to get the original computer back in my RFM but all ribbons were disconnected from the motherboard and i want to be 100% sure of the connectivity.
Would anyone have pictures of how each connector fits on the motherboard ?


#1977 1 year ago

Thank you wayout440 ; missed this one !

EDIT : sadly, it appears it's not enough.
I would really need pictures.
My layout is different, and there is no information on the orientation of each ribbon. Plus power from ATX power is coming from two cables with same connectors but wiring is different suggesting they should not be switched.

Help please

#1982 1 year ago

MoreBeer you rock. My RFM is alive !!!

#1987 1 year ago

Be my guest !

8 months later
#2397 1 year ago

I like the 6 balls idea, even if that's not really playable
Not possible to use a judge dredd board that uses 6 balls?
Keep it up!

Another point, how hard would it be to localize all texts?

#2399 1 year ago

i would like to translate the pinball to french, as i would place one RFM in hospital for children.
see my project website for more info..

#2403 1 year ago
Quoted from BobBilbao:

Super idée, quelle est l'adresse de ton site?

There is an English part of the website.
The project is quite similar to pinball charity

#2405 1 year ago

A Shaker!!!!! Yeah

#2410 1 year ago

2 questions
- how far can you go in editing the software? Changing missions, videos, texts, what is feasible?
- is Swep1 also editable like that?

#2419 1 year ago

i did not get any video mode in fact..
video loops when achieving some steps are indeed interrupting the flow ; but no video mode
i can think of IJ modes (graal, mine tracks, raven's bar ..)

#2425 1 year ago

applejuice will you share you development tools once? Can you give some hints on how you are doing your magic, how we can help and if this would be feasible on another p2000. Either to work on Swep1 or create a new game??

1 week later
#2438 12 months ago


just a quick note to say that i did the update on my genuine RFM with my laptop running win 10 64bits.
No issue !
I've used Brian's tuto : https://brianpeek.com/pinball-2000-software-update-with-windows-7-x64/
Running cmd with admin rights, unzip the exe from 2.0 rom and put the rom files in a C:/temp folder
unzip fupdate in the same folder
plugged my USB -> null modem and checked it's viewed as COM1 in win10 device manager
go to the correct folder with cd c:/temp
type : fupdate -fpin2000_50070_0200_ COM1
nothing to do on the RFM
wait 15 minutes
play !

Butter easy, from 1.1 version, it's a new game
waiting now for the shaker !!

#2441 12 months ago

I did in the windows properties, not sure it was useful..

1 week later
#2463 11 months ago

Nucore/ pinbox, or genuine pc?

#2467 11 months ago

how is running the sound test in the settings menu ?

1 week later
#2479 11 months ago

installation process of nucore has been dramatically improved.
you just basically need to install lubuntu and launch a script and copy the ROMs.
it's widely described on the nucore website
as it's now working without dongle and with the latest kernel, most hardware will be working. I would stay on a real LPT port and avoid a USB adapter though.

1 week later
1 week later
#2537 10 months ago
Quoted from applejuice:

What do we have here then
[quoted image]

mmhh, can't wait.
any estimated release?
I'm currently redoing my rfm.

#2541 10 months ago

just pull gently and firmly, a bit left to right swing and it will go

#2543 10 months ago

first time is always frightening, I admit

#2544 10 months ago

applejuice : i'm done with the cleaning part, ready for shaking this beauty !

IMG_20190310_205719 (resized).jpg
#2549 10 months ago
Quoted from WhiskeyTango:

That's a beauty..


#2552 10 months ago

why do you bother with pub card when a USB cable is cheaper and easier to use ?

#2555 10 months ago

totally get that
just to say that if you don't have a pub card, usb might be the way ^^

#2558 10 months ago


i need to change my flap (the movable center one).
I've ordered a new one, but here comes the Rivet question.
Whats is the good reference, and is it feasible without the 50€ tool?
I've seen some auto-locking ring reference, but i would like more details if someone can share .

#2561 10 months ago

did not find the same product on Amazon.fr
which rivet did you use ??

#2564 10 months ago

thanks @maffewl can you show me the plastic tool? i have already bought the original flap and won't order to pinbits as shipment to europe will be too costy

#2570 10 months ago

would be in for a decorated flap (with autofixable rivet )

1 week later
#2597 9 months ago

Wow, THAT is a changelog.
I'm in if you need beta-test

1 week later
#2627 9 months ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

This is great, I just wish I knew how to do it. I'm happy for all you guys.

What do you need to know ?
What is your current setup ? Original PC, nucore ?

#2630 9 months ago

So basically, it's just :
- purchase a USB-null cable
- plug the cable
- launch a single command under windows
- wait 20 minutes
that's all !

EDIT : if you need more details, i can do a mini tuto ^^

#2633 9 months ago

I'll try to do a 'upgrade your pinball for dummy'

#2636 9 months ago

Really Nice !!!

#2648 9 months ago

That's a thermal pad indeed, not a stupid hack
No worries to have , it was used and had no major drawbacks.

#2665 9 months ago

Applejuice, can you describe the loom si that i can make one by myself ?
Do you have a diagram?

#2676 9 months ago

OK, any plans to release the wiring for hobbyist ?

1 week later
#2735 8 months ago

Would anyone share a copy of the 2.1 ? I had planned to update and mypinballs is down
Any info on the wiring for shaker? I did not see anything. Shall I consider It will not be explained, in order to have user purchase looms to support the development ?

#2737 8 months ago

It's back now.
Was down when I posted this, and my connection was OK, as I was able to post

#2738 8 months ago

2.10 updated ! Will test it soon.
Thanks again applejuice for your dedication in pinball world ^^

2 weeks later
#2796 8 months ago

mine werfer quite weak, or missed a lot, I've tweaked them when i made my rebuilt. Now they catch correctly and bump well as my other pinballs
It was mostly sensitivity adjustment at the switch level.

2 weeks later
#2880 7 months ago


as a member of this club, I would like to share with you our current fundraising to purchase 3 pinball machines for our local Children's Hospital, they would replace the actual machines I've placed with my wife.
Share the love and don't hesitate to PM me for details :

all details : https://www.deslumieresdanslesyeux.fr/en

#2881 7 months ago

sorry double post.

1 month later
#3057 6 months ago

Sonic : if shipping to France is feasible, I'm in

To All: man down, need help.

My rfm is original with 2.10.
I've set-up a shaker with a 12v motor used for stern shaker. Direct connection plus the fuse(2.5A SB).

When I made the test in coil test menu, the activation of the shaker worked well but the menu was going back one level directly.
I suspected a small bug. I anyway activated the shaker in the settings and launched a game.

And that worked well, shaker went on during the missile launches etc. SO GREAT AND SO SHAKY

but suddenly, I had a "DOOR OPEN, 50V disabled" message. The door was still closed.
I checked the switch and it was not unplugged. I was also no longer able to use the door buttons to go to the menu.
I then restarted the pinball and it seems the pinball had a reset.
I'm now on the country selector menu and I can't move as buttons are still non operational.
So much frustration.
Any guidance ??

applejuice : how can I make a donation, shaker addition is so cool !

#3060 6 months ago

Thanks guys.
Out at the moment, will give a try when back.
I wonder which fuse can disable the door button ??

#3073 6 months ago
Quoted from Zitt:

I'm guessing because the +50V is out; the door thinks it's closed; disabling the buttons via software.

You win !
Putting a new fuse helped me to get the pinball running again.
The settings were lost so I put again in free play and shaker enabled.
I managed to play some balls and shaker was working but I got some messages as 'OPEN DOOR to operate buttons' after shaker activation.
I also got few TILT on strong activation
Then finally, fuse blew again.

applejuice, no diode is needed on shaker ? I'm suspecting some current to go back due to shaker induction by inertia.

2 months later
#3253 3 months ago

Shaker installed
applejuice I had to put a diode and a resistance like the classical stern or data east board, and it works perfectly well.
Before, any shaker activation was burning my fuse.

Thanks for this great addition

1 week later
#3266 3 months ago

That's so great !!

3 weeks later
#3319 75 days ago

I also had the same fuse burning on shaker activation. Never happened after the addition of a diode

1 month later
#3417 40 days ago

I did the update yesterday. I've seen the party option but did not get how to activate them .

About party, i would be happy for a special mode called racing.
Like a timer starts and you have to shoot flashlights appearing, one after the other. It counts the number of gates that you would do in a specific time, like 60sec or 120 sec, unlimited balls. Then next player with the same sequence to shoot.
That would be great as all players would play the same time, avoiding the 'your turn last 40min, mine 40 sec' effect.

#3439 34 days ago
Quoted from applejuice:

Shameless plug to ask for donations to the software cause, if you like what i've done with RFM. 3 new releases in the last year.
https://mypinballs.com and click on the donate button


1 week later
#3451 27 days ago

Great work

#3453 26 days ago

For sure

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