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Revenge From Mars : Restoration

By Ricochet

6 months ago

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#51 5 months ago

Experimenting with shielding for some new main speakers. Found the right size bucking magnet for these ... works like a champ!!!

Would have been a no-op if I had decided to go LCD... yeah nope

PS... pay of no mind to the backdrop ... that’s my other project I’ve got going on
484BC51B-81EF-4721-8E3F-3CF97D0A78F7 (resized).jpeg044C21DF-7503-4D44-BB25-A6A5487D5A66 (resized).jpeg977F71A5-2FB2-403D-B2EE-DA119BEFCFBC (resized).jpeg

#52 5 months ago

I was going to have the lockdown bar receiver either powder coated or chromed.

In the end I’m just going to finish it with paint... then stick some Mylar along the top to protect it. If it bugs me I can always have it done later.

The finger on the door eject arm was bent a bit... required some hammering on the anvil to get it straight again.

4EE59D4F-F207-4333-B4A9-34F473D84E1F (resized).jpeg6C2FB5D0-F4BA-42BA-A02A-8780145DBDA2 (resized).jpeg48562687-FD7C-4222-A1BC-FA38F46CCECF (resized).jpegFFDEAC35-59B6-4443-BF2D-F8174627A7A2 (resized).jpeg

#53 5 months ago

What does the additional magnet help with?

#54 5 months ago
Quoted from mario_1_up:

What does the additional magnet help with?

Magnetic flux that can affect the purity of the CRT... in effect “shielding” the speaker. It is mounted polar opposite to the speaker magnet ... causing cancellation effect.

You don’t normally care about such things anymore because nobody uses picture tubes.

#55 5 months ago

Pretty pleased with the look of this ... very similar to original anodized finish... but a little nicer.

860A8F00-CCCC-4397-A60F-040292DC477A (resized).jpeg7CFA3BD7-8B47-4A35-AF95-B86F3E84A0DA (resized).jpeg
#56 5 months ago

More cleaning and installation of a couple of things...

Wiring is going into the dishwasher... my better half isn’t here to witness it . Cleaning all of the wiring is ESSENTIAL!!! It’s so filthy just touching it gets the hands all carbon and filth.

I’ve got some hacks to revert! Wire nuts in a pinball machine (along with alligator clips) make my skin crawl.

Cleaned all of the ferrites with some ammonia, lestoil and water.

Tore apart the wiring in the AC switch box.. it’s getting the same treatment as the rear transformer panel... clean, paint and finish.

Polished up the tilt bob with a brush and some Dawn and Bar Keepers Friend.

EFD0B4DA-6CB8-440C-9AB3-CC08F451874C (resized).jpeg69CDAA41-F119-4375-B852-2F233C5B80FA (resized).jpegA7B0082F-3B24-48FB-A499-37F533859100 (resized).jpegF72B8A9F-A6C1-4F4F-8E67-A60085518EBD (resized).jpegDBEE2D21-FB7A-4136-99C8-93320D107B48 (resized).jpegDF2F8F6A-C84F-4454-AE6A-64E82C81110B (resized).jpeg1127ED9E-6AB2-40B0-9B09-08874D40BB8A (resized).jpegD88FDD67-99DC-4E04-91CB-12D3E97DD2AF (resized).jpeg780623EC-9C40-496C-AEB0-7AAE87438C1A (resized).jpeg

#57 5 months ago

More speaker work...

Committed to the bucking magnets. Prepped the speaker, and bonded them with epoxy. Ahhh the smell of epoxy... something like burnt hair combined with garlic... truly awful.

Transplanted the wiring pigtail from the old woofer to the new one.

I may look like I’m seeking high fidelity here... I’m not. I’m just looking to replace the old dusty paper coned speakers with something a bit more durable... and new. I just wouldn’t feel right putting those old dusty junkers back into this machine.

98F1676D-890F-4C01-B6F8-1B1908E6BB8E (resized).jpeg351E3B91-A103-4190-9F24-CC54EDADA21B (resized).jpegBF3F32B7-8A88-4435-BAF0-FEACC084B86E (resized).jpeg2A0833D6-81CB-420A-9734-62B29E030EC1 (resized).jpegA267E3EC-2AE0-40C8-9FDA-CF9BB1486E3C (resized).jpegB22CA0A8-9DF0-49C2-BD6D-AE5DDB7217E9 (resized).jpegEA66992D-7A2D-4695-8C64-764BF9A02A95 (resized).jpegAB28D2E1-8125-4965-9AA0-94AAC9B8BBF8 (resized).jpeg721CAC98-2AE6-469E-8F25-BE7B5B9ACF78 (resized).jpeg577D17E9-227A-47E1-80B0-D8DDCC81B5A6 (resized).jpeg9F5D560F-2D5B-4D50-91A3-79A526DBF0D7 (resized).jpeg
#58 5 months ago

Repairing the wire nut mess..
I suspect this was done by an amateur who wanted to power an external sub. When the first tool you reach for is the wire cutters and your hitting the wiring harness mid span... you might be doing it wrong !

Basic stuff here ... added an extra zip tie to isolate the splice from any (there really isn’t any) tension on the harness.

Thought about rebuilding the entire thing... but I’m ok (kinda) with a few scars under the hood.
079779F9-0004-4433-8DF8-96D180DD4680 (resized).jpeg97FDFC63-3939-4317-8FFC-001045B5194B (resized).jpeg2E0626FD-1D3E-4223-A9B1-9A96BD092236 (resized).jpeg

#59 5 months ago

Harnesses are done ! Just hanging them out for a bit!

DA15096C-7105-44BC-9903-EBACF32553F4 (resized).jpegEC1A53B0-CE78-4C8E-BAC8-477BFCC80750 (resized).jpeg
#60 5 months ago

Put the woofer in... tight fit. Holes on the new one aren’t as forgiving.

535E696E-638E-4F7F-85BE-574FC0B11F45 (resized).jpeg
#61 5 months ago

this is great, not many pin2000 restores on this site.

#62 5 months ago

I know it’s premature... but couldn’t resist some of the cabinet identification finishing touches! My date of manufacture label is a bit cockeyed ... but if you compare it to the original... meh.
338634F0-11BF-4523-9238-7300CF5EFF55 (resized).jpegF94A091E-B687-4832-9085-99CCAB3C8F1B (resized).jpeg

6B07C7FF-451F-4463-902C-99BC61792D53 (resized).jpeg
#63 5 months ago

Welp ... I tried to finish the lockdown receiver... epic fail! The paint is just not durable enough... Sending it out for coating.
22A5F807-10AE-4F28-8590-C0AA10212596 (resized).jpeg

#64 5 months ago

Where did you get the sticker sets with everything from cabinet to inspector to coil wrappers?

#65 5 months ago
Quoted from Langless28:

Where did you get the sticker sets with everything from cabinet to inspector to coil wrappers?

The restoration labels (reproduction of barcode/serial numbers) I got from TreasureCove
The generic Bally/Williams decals from flashinstinct shop
The UL label was reproduced by inkochnito with help from some other Pinsiders and printed by eyeamred2u for me.
Coil Wrappers can be ordered from bayareaamusements.com

#66 4 months ago

Small bit of progress... hoping this weekend I can get it completed (with the exception of the lockdown receiver... sent it out to be powder coated).

The transformer configuration plug was effed up ... I just bought one from Marco.

Cleaned up the power box and driver board mounting plate. Painted with rustoleum matte nickel and coated them with crystal clear. Beats the crap out of the grubby zinc.

B8E15BE5-DE4A-47A9-ABA7-2F67411D9E44 (resized).jpeg969CE284-A1E7-45DF-8DF4-32DA55A374F4 (resized).jpegD14CD995-0AFD-4E07-9F16-259B6C9FDD29 (resized).jpeg61784C3D-6EC2-4010-B7DC-55235216CB4C (resized).jpegB6749E5A-2D74-4B17-887E-F163A56F0586 (resized).jpeg28649A1B-8C4B-43AE-AD5E-249A1712AEC9 (resized).jpegB60B1941-2C7D-4483-A9A8-E82194CFDAA2 (resized).jpeg

#67 4 months ago

Bit the bullet and coughed up the dough for a new piece of PB2K glass from www.planetarypinball.com. My current glass is full of scratches and the front edge of it is munged up quite a bit. I'm hoping the reproduction is of equivalent quality as an original.
Image-1 (resized).png

#68 4 months ago

Power Driver board repair...

Replaced burned out power resistors. I bumped them to 3W from 2W... they get toasty.

Added a bridge to the connecting trace ... all that heat has taken its toll on it.

Replaced mangled fuse holder... as a result of some knuckle head jamming a 1 1/4 fuse in there !!!

Also scrubbed it shiny clean.
F596EBAF-2CBD-4DFC-B104-3939B8988470 (resized).jpeg824B3380-2869-4875-B29A-35FBADAB9716 (resized).jpegA1CC8008-1ADE-44CC-B7F2-03432275AD63 (resized).jpeg05C3426B-8365-4E7F-8A3C-59E07E62F188 (resized).jpegF2279E21-6612-414C-9404-1B0E1F4A454D (resized).jpeg1496B43C-BD8B-498E-9D32-443280DD09BE (resized).jpeg4CC83892-301D-4E42-BBC3-200306496EC1 (resized).jpeg53A5E362-9903-43B8-987D-0A6F065F2DD5 (resized).jpeg36F40D3F-E380-4ACF-A16E-5D8151C40179 (resized).jpeg12BB1BF3-46F7-405C-AB0B-C59E7F36B8CA (resized).jpeg3898D43B-55FF-4E93-8B74-5F8E4B9D076C (resized).jpeg

#69 4 months ago

After careful re-inspection of my work ... I decided it prudent to add some 18AWG replacement wire/traces to the capacitor side of those power resistors. There is just too much thermal fatigue on those pads for me to not to address.

Now it is no longer going to be an issue.
Tired pads18AWG Jumpers

#70 4 months ago

Got my very cool very shiny new saucers from pinballcenter through zitt Thank You zitt !!! Still got some runway before I can fully enjoy these!

Love the chrome!!!
E345BCB8-577A-472E-AC00-BE285CA8BACA (resized).jpeg

#71 4 months ago

Wiring up the head ...

Major f-up #1... my “test fit” of my shielded speakers was incorrect. No bueno on them . I had to whack the magnets off. Welp... kind of relying on the fact that these magnets are behind metal to help with the shielding... otherwise ... back to factory speakers.

Oh and that lock tite whatever stuff they put on the side rail pegs ... it’s like concrete... not fun picking that shit out!

4185E1B3-52A9-4166-AAA4-126379086638 (resized).jpeg564D2314-2AE9-4CF9-87EC-CE8B80AA2812 (resized).jpegC9EAF654-B62C-4652-9D3A-537952AB7B58 (resized).jpeg16A27343-475A-4980-A4C2-C6B261C8E650 (resized).jpegD38FE9A8-F4F5-4818-AFD6-801EC125FDE4 (resized).jpegB0A9064D-C6BA-4009-A5B7-71B43F87A336 (resized).jpegEEB20925-6C99-45A6-AE7D-D40134542447 (resized).jpeg009B50EA-429F-4E8A-BEFC-C6FDAFA31D95 (resized).jpegCA74B82B-C1DA-4790-BA32-320A956A39CE (resized).jpeg56343FAB-F91B-4BF1-86F6-03FB440B3B90 (resized).jpegDAFE7C36-B800-4653-BE12-CB42FCE4A5D6 (resized).jpeg
#72 4 months ago

Cleaning little bits-o-crap ...

I could have tumbled this ... but I think this is good enough and very quick! Bar Keepers Friend, dish soap and a brush.

43ACB5A5-5FA3-4FE3-A3B6-E27DE760009C (resized).jpeg5A7840CA-EF5C-4821-ADE6-034A9FCD04B3 (resized).jpegBB84B651-E7EC-416F-AAB3-44D8BC291C27 (resized).jpeg

#73 4 months ago

Power entry box rebuild ...

794869C2-F962-4E57-AF05-F9647EB24BA3 (resized).jpegDA745940-028A-402E-A024-2D4967C72FDE (resized).jpegCA90E05A-124C-4D8C-BA19-3E0FE9E2491B (resized).jpeg5EA47525-CECB-40AF-9CFE-6D27B0138987 (resized).jpeg9B7372D8-8901-4EED-91D0-30DB28F36074 (resized).jpeg75DC76AF-F3DE-432E-A38F-EA76D86678F0 (resized).jpeg7C943CFD-A2D0-4E43-BA5D-9F6621D866CD (resized).jpeg
#74 4 months ago

Going to replace the driver board cover. It’a scuffed and cracked. I also got some new 3/16 rod for the new cover. New rod is slightly springier ... and corrosion resistant.

9C58A782-20A2-4A55-A79E-AB9812D1A355 (resized).jpegD4B2FBFD-547A-4738-B686-57D2A43112E3 (resized).jpeg985C606C-796F-49F6-9F99-4F19179B279E (resized).jpegAE3A592A-C13F-4B43-BE69-82F4547118D4 (resized).jpeg
#75 4 months ago

New glass... it’s very nice !

DFA6834D-1BB7-47BB-BA33-22987ECD2E02 (resized).jpegA66C2CC7-32BB-4EA8-BC48-6003EDE16B6B (resized).jpeg
#76 4 months ago

Looking great! The finish line is in sight!

#77 4 months ago
Quoted from nascarrey:

Looking great! The finish line is in sight!

Yup I can feel it... I just need a little uninterrupted time to get there

#78 4 months ago

Got the new power-driver board cover. It’s nice and shiny. I’ll need to drill out the metal L bracket (from the old one) that keeps it rigid and transfer it to the new one.

Got the driver board and shaker in today.
746AC06B-F3A4-4685-AFA0-1EE1A0D1BF54 (resized).jpeg543E1263-BE69-4194-A24F-2B3543C146F0 (resized).jpegC3EB0F6D-192F-4E21-8978-65F42EBB9648 (resized).jpeg

#79 4 months ago

Got the cover metal transferred. Drill out the old and use 1/4” rivets. I did this by hand (hammer) on the bench with a standard rivet die.

89B48250-9662-4D16-ADB9-94D83532A14B (resized).jpeg5647C281-CE95-459D-A3CA-C18E56413A6E (resized).jpeg5C09F489-449B-4DEA-867C-048677FCA4E1 (resized).jpeg58A30D1F-A1F9-4771-8531-72847A71C891 (resized).jpeg
#80 4 months ago

Time to work on the monitor. I’ve already scrubbed it months ago. It’s ready to be re-capped.
38E54199-A283-4AEF-AAC7-136229035940 (resized).jpegC3584FF0-9457-408A-B0E6-6456B0C367D2 (resized).jpeg49E54F1F-2866-4FAA-8299-16641BF585E1 (resized).jpeg

#81 4 months ago


B3C5DB59-94DD-4F47-ADB2-4B4382115F9C (resized).jpegBF272917-59B4-4213-A156-74D633A344FA (resized).jpeg3E5E5605-0953-4CC9-98CD-AA3F53827731 (resized).jpeg69CCC116-0DB8-44A4-A1DD-8E8F4245A288 (resized).jpeg
#82 4 months ago

These pics are more for posterity. Not much had to be done. I cleaned the fixture and re zip tied it. There’s one spot on the back that I couldn’t get perfectly clean (it’s where it’s closest to the CRT) however its not visible.

Oh and I also got my label for the rear door. Thanks eyeamred2u !!!
1A07FB82-C3A1-4ED6-957F-F5B5C6E72CC7 (resized).jpeg8C85C3A0-6BAA-45C5-9563-B1A219B37E5A (resized).jpeg26E8A1F5-DA97-496B-B93B-717DF322623D (resized).jpegA5BF8D8B-EC28-4C5F-B774-009DF32E095A (resized).jpegD0FB66D4-B812-4BE3-BD35-AB7A9744116F (resized).jpeg

#83 4 months ago

Loadin’ it up!!!
E2F01842-6126-4E6F-9D03-5F5A30572D35 (resized).jpeg9C7BCE93-3E90-4CA1-9247-B2420CDCA6AD (resized).jpeg529D5D03-CC47-447E-90DC-3EF3410F5325 (resized).jpeg61E6C4C8-55CC-44AC-B95D-5AFEDBEAC2F6 (resized).jpegA13EC4BE-0600-4C97-ADF3-3CC763441EC7 (resized).jpeg

#84 4 months ago

After careful inspection I need to get some new split loom tubing. I cleaned it but its showing wear. I've also decided to get some new pivot bolts, screws and washers for the head.

#85 4 months ago

Interior ID

A62FDBEC-328B-4E88-BB69-30609241FBC2 (resized).jpeg
#86 4 months ago

Needed to get new head bolts, pivot nuts and washers... couldn’t find the washers at the usual outlets...got them from McMaster. They are a tad thinner ... but no biggie.

Plenty of extras if anyone needs...
8B7EAD41-8775-4080-8148-B3D129450476 (resized).jpeg

#87 4 months ago

A ton of stuff is working !!! Not 100% done yet. I’m sticking with the art blades... I like them.

Finished up the monitor rebuild. Date on the chassis is 2003... and the ground bleeder wire was hand spliced... so it’s clearly not the chassis that was originally with the tube. All good tho ... the picture is brilliant and the tube is super clean.

Stuff to do...
- waiting on lockdown receiver powder coat.
- Install video amp.
- Make a power cable for the computer
- Install locks in the head.
- Playfield repair
7E77D09A-3EEC-4D2A-AA12-FD574B7A5818 (resized).jpegFCC41C9C-69AF-4077-8AD8-2CCFCF010F2C (resized).jpeg
4B493FB0-4B62-490F-B61C-B91931CAA70F (resized).jpeg34FA4668-6264-43FE-BD5D-9BA91D0FAA8D (resized).jpegF470DA07-FDAC-40FC-9AC1-2A61F858E11C (resized).jpeg

#88 4 months ago

Enjoying this thread.

#89 4 months ago

Got the video amp installed. Dialed in the monitor. MAN I LOVE CRTs!!!! Slight purity issue but I’m moving it all over the place.

I had to short R705 on the remote adjustment board. I could not adjust the horizontal position properly. This is a common issue with this monitor and shunting R705 fixes the issue.

The head is complete and working (except the knocker)... and I need to find the damned monitor bolts.

Made a handy extension cord for the AC power so I could work on the monitor outside the unit.
6BFF712F-1B8E-4144-8EE8-1DF8DE17D67A (resized).jpeg4958262C-E592-4E35-A1DC-88CAA7E90153 (resized).jpeg7FA4A335-BC8C-428D-BBA8-4E4520E598F1 (resized).jpeg84ACAFAE-ACD6-4CA7-A65B-1DC71B13537B (resized).jpegC7BC3B2D-3EED-405C-9AEB-7CA756BFD10F (resized).jpegCFC568B1-0D09-4497-A3D4-3CA12E14E372 (resized).jpegDBCCC359-8A94-4660-AB86-2D51047CDB4F (resized).jpegA8FFC6C9-2447-4DF9-97F2-16B4B28EF795 (resized).jpegB5958E2F-C0BD-4A10-A0EC-67BDC2C3DDD9 (resized).jpeg2F176771-6495-47C3-B307-466206B6B093 (resized).jpegCA9AF80A-6072-4ED5-A207-C5A22F32A3F1 (resized).jpeg93113D8E-0018-42EB-89D7-1940ADC1B0A7 (resized).jpeg

#90 4 months ago

Can’t do a full reveal until I get that lockdown receiver back. But everything cabinet wise is done now! I need to clean my grubby paw prints off of the rear door.. My Indy resto is picking up steam now so I’m glad that this one is wrapping up.

I’ll work on the playfield when the snow flies. I really want to get a NOS playfield... so if one comes my way that would be great. Fingers crossed.
2D187435-1F49-4C92-833E-9CDF83A95226 (resized).jpegFDB4975F-DA92-46C4-8216-EB0F4123B8E5 (resized).jpeg412BCAFF-D0ED-4BCA-AA18-060E64293714 (resized).jpegCBD594D6-F222-4882-A909-6B431CC13872 (resized).jpeg

#91 4 months ago

Do people put in a lcd screen when rebuilding them now? I imagine the crt display is a tad hard to come by

#92 4 months ago
Quoted from mark532011:

Do people put in a lcd screen when rebuilding them now? I imagine the crt display is a tad hard to come by

Yes that’s very common. The unfortunate aspect of this is sometimes people remove a perfectly good CRTs and ditch them for no other reason but to convert it to LCD. If the tube is good they can be rebuilt pretty easily. Don’t get me wrong LCD has its advantages but it’s just not quite the same and more importantly I just think it's unfortunate when perfectly good CRTs are trashed.

2 weeks later
#93 3 months ago

Done for now !! Very satisfied with the finished product. I’ve still got playfield work to do ... but I need to transition to full time on Indy...
77C12D57-25C0-4AE4-A788-E9771D2A9636 (resized).jpeg45CBDC74-9019-4FED-AFF8-134BEDAA2635 (resized).jpeg800AC5D5-BD54-4EF7-8ED9-F1234CF19CAC (resized).jpeg2FC06ABF-6774-48D8-98B3-6683898778CB (resized).jpegD9339FF2-D29F-4F39-BBED-7F4C13DCAF21 (resized).jpegEDCA7076-2C23-44C7-ACE7-DE0186A60D57 (resized).jpegB978253C-F98A-441D-A45F-7D17CB68F27E (resized).jpeg33F7B822-9933-4FA9-94AA-D1B9CACA63E4 (resized).jpegCE856CFB-952C-417C-B264-7EECCB2F0987 (resized).jpeg

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