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Retro arcade in West Dundee, IL. Support your local arcades!

By ChadH

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

Underground Retrocade is located at 121 W. Main Street in old downtown West Dundee, Illinois.

I highly recommend you check this place out. Over 160 classic arcade games... all your old favorites.

Plus a slowly growing classic pinball line up. Currently they have Space Shuttle, Black Knight, Blackout, Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball, Dungeons & Dragons, Johnny Mnemonic, Tales From The Crypt, Lost World, Doctor Who, Super Mario Bros, Operation Thunder, Doctor Who, Hook, Whirlwind, Party Animal, and GHOSTBUSTERS.

It's the kind of place where the lights are low and the 80's music is usually playing.

It is only $15 for unlimited play all day/night of all the games. Can't beat that deal! You can walk to the local bars/restaurants and then come back for more classic arcade action.

Please support these types of arcades!

Here is a current list of games:

#2 8 years ago

what are the hours? Jpop

#3 8 years ago

I've never been to that one, but my kids and I love The Galloping Ghost in Brookfield.

#4 8 years ago
Quoted from jpop:

what are the hours? Jpop

Current winter time hours...

Mon-Thu 5pm-11pm
Fri 5pm-1am
Sat 11am-1am
Sun 11a-11pm

#5 8 years ago

How is my old space shuttle holding up? When I sold it to him he never even mentioned that he owned the arcade and was putting it in there(found out from a friend) I thought that it was weird that he wouldn't tell me

#6 8 years ago

Damn, had no idea that place was there, and now I've left the Chicagoland area!

#7 8 years ago


#8 8 years ago

I wish he opened up earlier than 5 during the week. I'm always getting home late Mon-thurs, and friday I'm off early. I gotta just make time one of these weekends to pop in

#9 8 years ago

Looks like a cool place. My brother told me about this arcade awhile ago, but I still haven't made the trek in yet. As it is right down the street, I recommend stopping in at Emmett's Ale House / Brewing Co. for both their handcrafted beer & good food. It's walking distance from the arcade, even though it is technically located in West Dundee.

#10 8 years ago

scotts a great guy, I have sold him some games for there and the xenon pin.

9 months later
#11 7 years ago

Bump. Plus I've updated the original post with current information. It's important for us to support these local arcades!!!

#12 7 years ago

We've been working on the pins to keep them up and running. We'd love for him to get some more, but he needs more paying customers to put money into more pins which will attract more paying customers, etc...

#13 7 years ago

I checked out the place a few weeks ago and the only pin that was working was Space Shuttle. I had a good time playing all the games but I hope the next time I go, more pins will be working.

#14 7 years ago
Quoted from Crashnburn:

I checked out the place a few weeks ago and the only pin that was working was Space Shuttle. I had a good time playing all the games but I hope the next time I go, more pins will be working.

Four pins are up and running now.

#15 7 years ago
Quoted from dkpinball:

We've been working on the pins to keep them up and running

Ahh.. you guys have been helping him out. Yea, last time I was in there BK, SS and buck rogers (no sound at the time but working now) were all working. If Xenon is up it's in fabulous condition. I too wish he'd get more games, but Scott's a smart businessman and he'll get more as reasonable priced pins come up I'm sure.

Unlike some of the other "unlimited" game places, he has a very flexible admission. $15 all you can play, and then he has hourly rates I believe at $6, which is really nice if you just want to play a little.

The space shuttle in there used to belong to ssbodyman on here

#16 7 years ago

Yep... Mike and I have been helping out trying to keep the pins up and running. Buck Rogers does have working sound now. Xenon has been a battle... MPU corrosion issues that we are fighting... but it's been running for 8 days straight now. Fingers crossed.

Scott (the owner) lowered the $15 all-day price to $14 just in the past few days. You can also pay $10 for 1 hour... or $6 for 1/2 hour.

He had to close down for all of summer after they had that terrible rain storm and flooding which left the roof of the old place in bad shape. He reopened down the street in a bigger, better location just a couple months ago. The new location has a lot of room for expansion (there is a whole upstairs that is just as big as the main level and a lower level too!) and I know he is aching to expand if he can get the customers to come in and support him.

Scott really does this for the love of it. He is not doing this for the money. So he could really use all you guy's support. Would be a shame for him to have to close down. I am hoping these fall and winter months pick up for him.

When you stop in, talk to him and let him know that you love what he's doing and show him your support!!!

#17 7 years ago

I will try and make it over there soon!

#18 7 years ago

Bumping for the Friday afternoon crowd who is looking to make evening plans.

#19 7 years ago

...and one more bump for the weekend crowd.

#20 7 years ago

bump for a good guy and a good customer of mine.

#21 7 years ago

There is now a 1987 Williams "Fire!" at the Underground Retrocade.

#22 7 years ago

Sweet! I need to stop in the new location just haven't yet been saving money. I love Fire! We should all have a local meet up there and play some pinball and vidja games.

#23 7 years ago

How do they dictate how long you've been there? Sounds like a great place!

#24 7 years ago

Great place...I need to get there more often - I pass by every day on the way to work...

4 weeks later
#25 7 years ago

I've been talking with the owner of the Retroground Arcade. Times are tough.

It is very important that all of you anywhere near West Dundee support the arcade. The arcade is at risk of having to close down.

Please don't be one of those people who end up saying "I always meant to go there". He needs your support!

It's $14 for unlimited play all day. Most all of your favorite arcade games are there.

Go tonight! Go this weekend! Just go!

#26 7 years ago

No limit arcade in algonquin has been closed since before thanksgiving, claiming they are still fighting with the village. Seems really hard to make $$ in arcades these days because the permits are still based on 80's profits. By the time the owner pays electricity, heat, and rent there seems to be little money left for keeping games running.

It's so hard to get over there during the busy holidays, but I swear I'm going to make it over there soon.

#27 7 years ago

second bump for a good guy trying to restore some fun for all.
i heard it was over $100 per game for a sticker in algonquin. hows a arcade soposed to funtion on that. Good luck no limit!

Maybe i should open up Pincades as BEERPINFUN here in indiana. LOL

Good luck guys, ive sold lots of inventory to some of you.

#28 7 years ago

Saturday evening bump. What better way to spend a Saturday night?

#29 7 years ago

Sunday bump.

You are looking for something to do today? Go back in time and enjoy a retro arcade here today!

#30 7 years ago

The times I have been there, unfortunately, it's been empty - most recently I spent three hours there on a Friday night and only saw a half a dozen other patrons.

#31 7 years ago

I don't care about the place being empty, but when I went there 2/3 of the machines weren't working. Has he gotten any better on keeping them running? I left after a few minutes because the 2 working pinball machines were getting old (I played a few video games but in the end, it wasn't worth driving to Dundee overall).

#32 7 years ago

You must have gone soon after he reopened. Took a while to get everything up to speed. Waking around there a few days ago, most all the games seemed to be working.

All five pins have been running well for the past month. Please give it another chance.

#33 7 years ago
Quoted from tjsynkral:

I don't care about the place being empty, but when I went there 2/3 of the machines weren't working. Has he gotten any better on keeping them running? I left after a few minutes because the 2 working pinball machines were getting old (I played a few video games but in the end, it wasn't worth driving to Dundee overall).

Everything was working well when I was there...

1 week later
#34 7 years ago

Bump - Also they posted this on their Facebook page today (Friday)...

A break from the harsh weather and opening early at 3pm today, hope that means we'll be seeing many of you tonight or this weekend! It's been a cold, snowy run since Thanksgiving and that has kept many of you away. Sadly, these conditions have left us in as precarious a position as last spring's flooding. If you haven't been out this month, or even since we reopened, we hope you'll take this opportunity to support your local arcade before the year is over!

#35 7 years ago

I popped in thursday night, all 5 pinballs working great. Played a few other video games, one dude was sitting on Tron so I didn't get to fulfill that nostalgia. One thing about UR is that there are some serious gamers really trying to beat the posted high scores so you may see them sitting on a game for a while.

#36 7 years ago

Common courtesy at free play arcades is to give up the machine when someone's waiting.

3 weeks later
#37 7 years ago


The owner, Scott, just posted on Facebook today that all games on the floor are up and running. Keeping 80+ classic arcade games running is no small feat. Show him some love and visit this weekend!

1 month later
#38 6 years ago

Blackout has been added back to the lineup of pins.

#39 6 years ago

As someone who doesn't play video games, I haven't gone to UR because I don't think I'll get my money's worth playing pinball. The addition of Blackout might change my tune. Awesome game!

#40 6 years ago

I need to pop by and visit, see the handy work of blackout.

#41 6 years ago

surprised this is the first I've heard of this place. I'll make a trip out there soon. I agree we really have to support our local arcades.

1 week later
#42 6 years ago

Just there today and had a good time playing all five pins. I was talking to the owner and he said that he is looking into possibly buying a couple of new pins and putting them in the rotation. I hope he does it. If you have not gone and checked this place out, what are you waiting for.

#43 6 years ago

I checked this out with my GF a few weeks ago. Had a blast! And the videos games were fun too! I would definitely go back! We bought a daily pass and played for a bit then went and ate some dinner next door and then came back for a nightcap of games. Good times

7 months later
#44 6 years ago

Bally's Dungeons & Dragons is now available to play at the Underground Retrocade. This addition marks the second pin added this month and brings their pin collection to a total of 8 games, and overall games to 108, all of which are available to play every day for the single low fee of $15.

1 month later
#45 6 years ago

Comet and Johnny Mnemonic are now available for play at the arcade.

This brings the location's total to 9 pins... along with the 102 arcade games they now have 111 games available for play!

Sounds like a great way to spend a day this weekend... huh?


#46 6 years ago

Those additions sound awesome

#47 6 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Those additions sound awesome

They totally are. Who is the cool mysterious benefactor?

5 months later
#48 5 years ago

bump... because... why not?

#49 5 years ago

Been there a few times... No complaints... Worth a visit

#50 5 years ago

No Quarter is brought to you by... The Underground Retrocade. You love these games and the way you want to play them is on the original cabinets. You want to feel the controls, you want to see the side art, and you want to hear Rush on the jukebox. So the next time you're in the greatest Chicagoland area something something 121 West Main Street, West Dundee, Illinois.

I can hear Carrington recite this perfectly in my head whenever I see this thread.

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