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Restoration count down playfield VS space walk


1 year ago

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space walk (16).jpg
space walk (15).jpg
space walk (14).jpg
space walk (13).jpg
space walk (12).jpg
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#1 1 year ago

the space walk is a very difficult game to find, I was asked to make a PF from a count down.
a little more modification than for charlie's angels with regard to the inserts.
here is a picture of the main changes.count down_moyenne.jpg
from scanned images of a PF of space walk, I'm going to do my drilling landmarks1 (5)_moyenne.jpg1 (6)_moyenne.jpg1 (7)_moyenne.jpg1 (2)_moyenne.jpg
all the holes and plugs are made with the CNC machines.DSC00225.JPG
i used an old destroy PF of jungle queen to make plugs, better to take the same quality of woodDSC00226_grande.jpgDSC00227_grande.jpgDSC00228_grande.jpg

#2 1 year ago

the apparent wood parts are very damaged, we must remove all thatDSC00230_grande.jpgDSC00231_grande.jpgDSC00233_grande.jpgDSC00234_grande.jpgDSC00235_grande.jpg
replacing the white inserts, the old ones are burned by the lamps and leave to appear spotsDSC01145_grande.jpg
he playfield is ready for paint retouching
DSC01342_grande.jpgI started with the white areas .
I cut the stencil directly on the playfield
DSC01343_grande.jpgDSC01345_grande.jpgDSC01347_grande.jpgDSC01350_grande.jpgDSC01351_grande.jpgI will be able to continue the other modifications

#3 1 year ago

wow, that is quite a project.

#4 1 year ago

amazing work.

#5 1 year ago

the next, I will take care of all the areas that can be stencilled.
I put the positive stencil of the central pink area that serves as a guideDSC01352_grande.jpg

the stencil is placed, I hide the insert and the yellow areaDSC01353_grande.jpg
airbrush =>DSC01359_grande.jpgDSC01360_grande.jpg
the red zone of the multiplier inserts,DSC01361_grande.jpg
I painted in white to facilitate the application of redDSC01362_grande.jpg
I hide again to delimit the yellow part of the 2 inserts as well as the lettering in the red zone which must remain in whiteDSC01363_grande.jpgDSC01364_grande.jpgDSC01365_grande.jpg

#6 1 year ago

Wow, love this!

1 week later
#7 1 year ago

thanks, the following
I continue the filling, the yellow in the pink area.a (1).jpg
I continue to use the positives for centering stencilsa (2).jpga (3).jpg
for the left and right areas of the exits, I make a cutting plot by stalling on the drawings nearby.a (4).jpga (5).jpga (6).jpg
the word "SPECIAL" is in good condition, I will keep it, the positive will serve it to hide.a (7).jpg
ready for the airbrush.
a (8).jpg
a little white beforea (9).jpg
and then, the colorsa (10).jpg

#8 1 year ago

once again, the shape of the bonus area are good to work.
a (11).jpga (12).jpga (13).jpg
retour des positifs pour peindre la deuxième couleura (14).jpga (15).jpg
all blu shape are made
a (16).jpg
pink againa (17).jpg
the result.
at soona (18).jpg

#9 1 year ago

Wow. I would of said you were crazy to take this on, but it is looking fantastic. Amazing work.

1 week later
#10 1 year ago

I make some inscriptions and black outlines.
for a perfect centering, again I use the surrounding formsDSC01454_moyenne.jpg
more hours after.DSC01455_moyenne.jpg
a little bodybuilder's adhesive to finish protecting and then, black spray paintDSC01456_moyenne.jpg
Too difficult to make the pink area at one time.
I remove protection from this area only to avoid having to protect again.DSC01459_moyenne.jpg
I stick the stencils, one for the inscriptions and another for the lines, this one is very difficult to realizeDSC01461_moyenne.jpgDSC01462_moyenne.jpg
spray paint again and a few hours of drying.
i remove the stencils and allprotections.

#11 1 year ago

some pictures of closelyDSC01484_moyenne.jpgDSC01483_moyenne.jpgDSC01482_moyenne.jpgDSC01481_moyenne.jpgDSC01480_moyenne.jpgDSC01479_moyenne.jpg
I will protect with a layer of polish before continuing.

4 weeks later
#12 1 year ago

this is unbelievable. great work.

2 weeks later
#13 1 year ago

I put this work aside some time because I work on several projects, a little too much can be.
the top part is quite complex to do because it is not at all the same colors compared to the count down, the shapes are the same but the red and yellow changes place, hard not to be wrong.
you really have to do this type of work to notice it because even the draftsmen of 1979 would not notice it.DSC01891.JPG

almost finished this area, then will come the black linesDSC01892.JPG

3 weeks later
#14 11 months ago

we arrive at the end, some letters filling then the "copyright" to finishDSC01978_grande.jpgDSC01977_grande.jpgDSC01976_grande.jpg

1 month later
#15 10 months ago

Hi Frank,

Glad to read you in the tongue of Shakespeare... Feel strange in fact... But welcome in here.
I'm waiting for new detailled project from you... And I'm pretty sure you have a whole basket ready to show



1 week later
#16 10 months ago

Thanks eric
the last stencils of this long work, some outline and a more difficult, the double half circle joining the stars rollovers, because of origin, it is not uniform, thicker on the leftDSC02036_grande.jpgDSC02037_grande.jpgDSC02038_grande.jpgDSC02039_grande.jpgDSC02040_grande.jpg
it's finished for this PF.
finish not glossy of course, i use the same clearcoat, just sanded with water paper ( size 1000 )
the backDSC02181_grande.jpg
some photos of the modification.DSC02173_grande.jpg
a video comming soon

#17 10 months ago

it's finish for this one, next work, an original space walk in very very bad condition.
thanks for readingDSC02184_grande.jpg

#18 10 months ago

almost unbelievable.

#19 10 months ago

Beyond words. Incredible work. Can't wait to see the next chapter when you put it all together in the Finish game. I'm sure it will be great. Especially like the details like repainting the back you don't even see where the surgery was done. No scar.

Quoted from F-2NIRO:

it's finish for this one, next work, an original space walk in very very bad condition.
thanks for reading[quoted image]

#20 10 months ago

very interesting to follow your work.

#21 10 months ago

Incredible. I glad I finally got the pf to you, you are a Wizard!

#22 10 months ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

Especially like the details like repainting the back you don't even see where the surgery was done. No scar.

by playing the light, we can guess the holes that I clogged, it should have coated the bottom but it is very acceptable

#23 10 months ago
Quoted from pinhead52:

Incredible. I glad I finally got the pf to you, you are a Wizard!

thanks for your answer

#24 10 months ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

Can't wait to see the next chapter when you put it all together in the Finish game. I'm sure it will be great.

You won't. Franck does painting commission works, so it'll be sent back to the owner.
That's insane though, and I can only ask myself about the rentability threshold for this; so many hours spent on it, that has a cost.

Result is beyond word, looks like the real deal. The stencils used for the black lining in the center were so small amd precise it leaves me speechless.

Anyway, Franck is working on my SoF pfs, and I know they'll be great!

#25 10 months ago

it's not the first copy I make.
here are some pictures of the space walk remake that my client made on a jungle queen basis, he had of course an authentic space walk to copy the connections.
he spent a crazy time and all the pieces were cleaned one by one and some were polishedspace walk (1).jpgspace walk (2).jpg
the bottom board being wiredspace walk (3).jpgspace walk (4).jpgthe backboardspace walk (5).jpgspace walk (6).jpgspace walk (7).jpgthe control bankspace walk (8).jpgtarget blocksspace walk (9).jpgspace walk (10).jpg
inside the cabinetspace walk (12).jpgspace walk (13).jpgspace walk (14).jpg
the endspace walk (15).jpgspace walk (16).jpgon the right, the remake, on the left, the original that served as a guidespace walk (11).jpg

#26 9 months ago

Geez f-2niro now tyamry wants his game to look this good, you set a high bar!

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