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ReplayFX 2017 + Pinburgh

By epthegeek

2 years ago

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    #725 2 years ago

    I always enjoy looking at the points by era, too:
    I was able to really crush the EM's this year on the way to the #2 seed. That, and a lot fewer 0's than years' past.

    Pinburgh 2017 by era (resized).PNG

    #752 2 years ago
    Quoted from silver_spinner:

    colin obviously has had a lot of time on the games in the bank as he was ripping em to shreds. very impressive. doubt if it was his first time playing them titles..lol. andromeda, robocop, etc.

    Thanks. But I disagree with your assessment on that being the primary element of what differentiates people in Finals banks, and what led to my victory. Time on the specific physical copies of the finals bank pins is certainly helpful, but I actually had very LITTLE time on the games in the Dialed In bank, other than Robocop.
    I'd played an early code version of Dialed In twice at TPF. And didn't do very well -- the flippers at TPF were fairly weak.
    I'd played Andromeda exactly one time 3-4 years ago when I was walking around PAPA and playing a single game on pins I'd never played. I knew how to start the MB -- that's it.
    I'd played PAPA's High Hand once before (in last year's Pinburgh finals).

    Furthermore, it was definitely FAR from the first time playing those titles for Josh, Keith, and Cayle. In all likelihood, they all had more playing time than I did on every pin, with the exception of Cayle on Dialed In (I'm assuming he doesn't have access to one yet in the Netherlands).

    Last, I even chose NOT to play on the Aerosmith bank, the only pins I'd had any time on during the weekend (I had played 3/4 of that exact bank back in Round 2 on Thursday).

    #757 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    tell us more how awesome you are, lol.

    As usual, always adding a ton of value to any online conversation you grace with your insults, Hilton.

    Quoted from silver_spinner:

    even having time on every game on the planet, and knowing the ins and outs. it does not mean you would win every time, but you have a better chance of playing well

    Completely agree. While I didn't have a bunch of time on some of those games, those that know me or follow my comments/interests online know that I'm a "student" of the game, developing notes and observations on just about every pin that PAPA has (or where to find them). Knowing something about games with which I'm unfamiliar helped level that aspect of the competition, because against the likes of Keith, Cayle, and Josh, I need all the help I can get.

    Quoted from silver_spinner:

    time on games and game knowledge not only of "rules" but manipulations

    This, too! I wasn't so familiar with how those side lanes on High Hand have a tendency to drain SDTM at certain speeds. I do now! Learned the hard way on both balls 1 & 5.

    #761 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    You win the largest tournament in the world to date (congrats BTW)


    Quoted from Whysnow:

    Your entire post was just to say "I won because I am better"

    Laughable. Your reading comprehension and interpretation skills elude you -- but from what limited online commentary of yours that I've read, this doesn't surprise me. I addressed one specific disagreement regarding the amount of game time I'd had on the finals bank of pins being the difference-maker, and you jump to a conclusion of me as a braggart? Those that know me -- and you do not -- would hopefully disagree with your rude assessment.

    And to set the record straight: I think all three of the other Pinburgh final four (as well as many others in the Finals) are better than me. But for at least one tournament, I was fortunate enough to be victorious -- and it was made all the sweeter that it was at my favorite tournament, my wife and boys were there to experience it with me, and it was against players that I've admired since getting into competitive pinball.

    I'm not letting you steal my joy. Go troll someone else.

    #765 2 years ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Did you just run on adrenaline the whole final round or were you feeling pretty relaxed,

    I was feeling remarkably calm for all three rounds of finals. I typically got nervous in the past -- and it's shown in my previous PAPA & Pinburgh finals. Other than a good run in one PAPA Classics finals, I've made a bad habit out of exiting in the first round of finals (twice in PAPA B finals, once in PAPA A finals, and in last year's Pinburgh finals). This year, I had an attitude of just being happy to be in the quarterfinals (and each subsequent round), and any advancing/win as being gravy. It helped a lot. There were still nerves, particularly in that last game on Andromeda, but it was a lot more manageable this year.

    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    especially after that first win? (I think you won dialed in but not sure)

    I won on Dialed In in the semis, and that definitely helped me relax that round.

    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    when I should just trap up and reset my aim.

    I've morphed my style of play over the past 6 years to become a control player, so I trap up often. Flipping from a trap will naturally improve your chances of timing your flip correctly, and also adjusting to an earlier/later flip after missing your prior shot. I often audibly tell myself whether I was early or late to try to remember to adjust my next shot accordingly.

    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    What's your normal routine for when you just cannot find shots?

    If there's another shot in the game that can get good points, I might switch to something else. You could do this on a game like Addams Family. But for pins like Robocop, Andromeda, Frontier, etc, you really MUST make the 2 or so key shots in the game. So if you're missing, keep trying, but make an adjustment on your next flip.

    #792 2 years ago
    Quoted from VectorGamer:

    I've never played in Pinburgh before - where do we go to signup when the time comes?


    1 month later
    #867 2 years ago

    Lol. Let's see...

    Mocking the organizers of the event for the timing of payouts when they're still within the event's written stated time frame for payouts? Check.

    Calling people fools? Check.

    Generally complaining about anything/everything, even as something as small & insignificant as a $1 fee charged by the online 3rd party to link to your bank account? Check.

    I'm not saying that you didn't have issues with the eWallet site or its process, but you lack the ability to raise valid issues without denigrating others.

    #876 2 years ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    In that thread the organizers were not brought up.
    Two, timeframes were not brought up.

    You have a very selective memory. I'll just leave the images below as a refresher.
    When you mock an event, you mock the organizers. And posting a disparaging comment/meme doesn't constitute "wondering."

    Similar to how I handle conflict issues/complaints with my team at work, with others, with my kids: I always encourage people to consider how they could have done something differently to handle it better. A mere suggestion for you...
    - Bring up that you're having difficulties with Replay's chosen partner eWallet. You're addressing the issues and complaints on the process directly with eWallet (because it's eWallet's issue -- not Replay's), but wanted Replay to know about it in case a lot of other people are having similar issues.
    - Don't mock the event (or something) that you enjoy.

    pasted_image (resized).png

    pasted_image2 (resized).png

    1 week later
    #890 2 years ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    Colin probly feels differently, lol

    Man... I had to make three SEPARATE withdrawals across three agonizingly long days.

    #893 2 years ago
    Quoted from GravitaR:

    You getting charged a bank fee on each withdrawal or transfer?

    $1 per withdrawal. Boo hoo.

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