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ReplayFX 2017 + Pinburgh

By epthegeek

2 years ago

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    #473 2 years ago
    Quoted from pezpunk:

    Man, this concept is so infuriating to me. Just fucking quit if you are so scared of other good players that you would throw matches trying to game the system for easier competition. I have absolutely no respect for any embarrassing, worthless wastes of flesh taking that approach. What pathetic cowards.

    And nor will they care about your ranting if they're taking this approach...clearly they already have an exploitative attitude, you think they're going to give 2 craps if other players have kneecapped themselves out of money by being "ethical", and then whinge about it 'not being fair'? This is the entire reason division restrictions are in place. If they're going after a b-div high finish for the money as opposed to mid-a finish, then they're going to get exactly one chance for success in that, and should be forced into A afterwards. This is also why I don't agree that IFPA ranking is a reliable indicator of actual skill. I think after this year, I'm going to have my profile suppressed...I just don't care all that much about the SCS moving foward. I went to Nationals, I tanked..no big deal, but not worth spending the money to travel back when the games are set up so hard they're not even fun to play anymore. I'll keep my IFPA fee, and my travel money, for better uses.....like...hopefully going to Pinburgh in the next few years.

    #515 2 years ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    Usually not until a few rounds in to the finals.

    uggggh.. NEED IT NEYOW.

    #567 2 years ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    I also think that top 100 ifpa need to be restricted to A.

    They're *not*?!

    *Edit* Wow only top 50... I could actually play in *C*... That's nuts. I'd have to do SO SO much sandbagging unless I just had an awful run of games I didn't know at ALL.... O_o

    #574 2 years ago

    For the lulz, Colin was *barely* even in the top 50....49th. Wonder if anyone will start to believe me now that the difference between a top 150 player and a top 10 player is individual game knowledge, and a small measure of improved consistency...

    #579 2 years ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    Or that ifpa is not a ranking of skill at all.
    Like all skill competitions- the difference in ability narrows as you get near the top. The difference is often in pure execution- consistency and focus become bigger players.

    Yeah, I agree with this....but the issue is that it's CONSTANTLY used as a "ranking of skill". That's what division restrictions do. They're supposed to be restricting people with higher skill from playing below their level...but the problem is, since the system doesn't actually measure that, only recorded performance, there's guys like me sitting at 350th-ish that in no way ever belong in a C division, that could have been there. There's a fine line to be walked in regards to how far down you go to restrict people to A, but top 100 IFPA out of 800 possible players seems pretty reasonable to me, while top 50 is just low low low. Would be interesting to see the data from the last few years on how many of the top 50 vs how many of the top 100 attended.

    On the flipside, if you have a ~40 player tournament and anyone top 500 IFPA is restricted to A? That's kind of ludicrous in the reverse manner.

    The real bottom line is that people need to stop using IFPA ranking as a restrictor at all, and some other system needs to be thought out for that purpose. Maybe a new algorithm that could assess the strength of competition against the difficulty factor of the tourney format...course, that just leads back to initial seeding of the "ranking of skill" format being based off the "ranking of performance" system that actually exists, so I don't know if the two concepts are truly separable.

    #582 2 years ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    and i'm almost embarrassed that 2.5 years into my pro career

    I dunno what you're calling a 'pro' competition career, but I've been playing quite a lot for 5 out of the last 6 years, and drop catching has not been something I've substantially felt like I've been sorely missing. I know out of the 'advanced' flipper skills, it's by far my weakest, but I can't really think of a single time where I'm like "I could've saved that and had an epic won had I drop caught that."

    Conversely, I can think of about a million times where I've TRIED to drop catch something, f'ed it up, and lost my ball. I get that it's a tool that's great for slowing things down when you already had the flipper up for whatever reason and couldn't get it through a full cycle to do a live catch...but I've been screwed over a LOT less on live catch attempts than failed drop catch attempts, personally. Maybe I'm just playing too many EM/DMD, and not enough early solid state, where drop catches seem to be more useful. (Split flipper bitch avoidance FTW.)

    *Edit* Should probably mention that I'm not a 'control' player to start with, I'm very on the fly most of the time....

    #585 2 years ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    Did you learn anything this tournament, or identify and deficiencies in your game?

    I wasn't there. But I do play against Colin semi-regularly? I definitely figured out at Bat City Open that I really need to work on my EM game again...it used to be my best era, now it's probably my worst. Games like Spinner, Capersville, and other 'wierd' EMs keep screwing me over..

    I do own a Crescendo...the idea of drop catching on there however is kind of...err... it's 2" flippers with a HUGE gap and no margin for error. I'll have to practice on Farfalla or something

    #596 2 years ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    That game has inlanes

    No, it doesn't. It has two trapezoid-near-square dead bumpers directly adjacent to the flippers. No slingshots, two pop bumpers just above two drain lanes. It's like having a Paragon Beast Lair on both sides...only there's no return from it to the flipper at ALL...you just pray it flies out.

    image-4 (resized).jpg

    #599 2 years ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    I would practice drop catching on this all day.

    I'll give it a shot, but the issue is the ball comes to the flipper so rarely it's not time efficient to do so. You're actually far more likely on my specific game to get it STDM or into one of those pops and then down and out than to flip it more than four or five times. My condo is extremely unlevel...the floor is practically wavy, very hard to get it level to the point where it doesn't do that a lot. I also really need to replace the Titan glow-in-the-dark rubbers with normal white rubber..there's not enough bounce to properly play the game. But it sure does look sweet all lit up with the UV highlights and reactive rubber. Those short little angles + Titan rubber = WAY less bounce then there should be..and I even have a Glo-Ball in there, and it's clearcoated. LOL.

    #726 2 years ago
    Quoted from timballs:

    "the skill difference between the 10th and 150th best player is minimal?"

    This. A million+ times this.

    Quoted from timballs:

    What are you referring to by individual game knowledge?

    Knowing specific rules for each game, as opposed to generalized skills like live catching, drop catching, etc.

    Quoted from timballs:

    A top 10 player knows things about how to bump a ball off a guide rail that a top 150 player doesn't know. A top 10 play can fit the ball onto a different part of a flipper than a top 150 player can. A top 10 player can aim at a more precise part of a pinball machine than a top 150 player can.

    Then they probably don't deserve to be in the top 150, IMO, and likely won't remain there for very long at all under the current points system, unless they have 15+ friends that are willing to tank big tournaments for them on a monthly basis.

    Quoted from timballs:

    Also, Colin was ranked 50. Not 150. That's a pretty big difference. A top 150 player might not be taking the initiative to line up every single mode in Aerosmith with a 6-ball multiball to figure out which gave the most points, but Colin was. It was clear to me that Colin had been working on "breaking in" to the elite level of pinball players in the world, and wasn't just going to accept his fate as a top 50 player for the rest of his pinball career, and that's cool, and I doubt he's done trying to improve still.

    I have absolutely no clue where you're going with this. As someone that's been in the top 100 previously (most would question if it was warranted given the IFPA's point system at the time, but I really don't care, because as I've stated, the "general skills" difference between these players is so 'meh' it's almost a nonfactor...), and played against Colin far more than most people on here have, I feel like I'm pretty qualified to present a salient point as to why ranking doesn't MATTER...or shouldn't, I guess. I'm sure it MATTERS in the sense that it's a great way to pysch out your opponent if they're having to go "ERMAGERD, I'M PLAYING *WHO*?! ISN'T THAT GUY IN THE TOP 50!? I HAVE NO CHANCE OF WINNING THIS!" But.....if (and I realize this is a big if, okay?) you've been lucky enough to play with high level players consistently, as I have been, you start to realize that the margins between success and failure are very often razor thin. It's absurd that people consistently fail to recognize this, and I really feel like it holds a lot of people back from the competitve scene because they feel like they have no chance at all. They have no faith in themselves, or their skills, and instead of making the maximum effort, they submit to the anxiety and pressure and perform at a level far below what they're capable of. All it takes is one nervously flubbed shot to go wildly out of control and cost you a game, and possibly a tournament. That crap is just *depressing* the first few years... at least, it was for me.

    It's absolutely not a big difference IMO. Case in point: https://www.ifpapinball.com/tournaments/view.php?t=11767#
    Colin was 61st, I was 149th. I think we can both agree that this is basically identical to the premise you're claiming, yes, that I should've lost horribly due to the skill gap? Fact is, I didn't. I blew him out the first 3 games, he blew me out the last 4 games. This was after I went through Garret, Bob, and Jon to get there. (83, 86, and 40th at the time..) You know why I lost to Colin? See above. After he got Portal on ball 1 on Tron for game 4, I was *crushed*. Tron is usually a great game for me, I couldn't do anything with it, and he just DESTROYED it and I lost my nerve. I had a mental meltdown, and there's nobody to blame for my poor performance in those 4 games except for myself. He won, I didn't, we both (as far as I know?) had a great time. It was my best run to date against players that I consider frequently better than myself. My point is that if you're only relying on a ranking number to assess someone's knowledge or skills...you're doing yourself a huge disservice as a competitive player, and putting yourself at a disadvantage by psyching yourself out or vastly understimating someone else.

    But hey...what do I know, I'm just a lowly 355, I probably don't know anything at all, lol. I'm sure that I can't win Pinburgh -right now-, but I don't feel like I'm uncompetitive, or COULDN'T EVER win Pinburgh at some point. If I had the time and money to dedicate to travelling and playing in big tournaments frequently, I fully believe that would be an achievable goal for me..but after seeing Colin do it, I'm just kind of happy with the knowledge that a guy I already felt like I could go toe-to-toe with (I'm sure he'd disagree if he can even see my posts..lol... we don't talk outside of tournaments because we are vastly different personalities that conflict...which is fine..) WON PINBURGH, and that's an extremely satisfying feeling to have, as opposed to it feeling like it's something that's completely insurmountable no matter how hard you try, which is far more in line with how I felt several years ago about pinball competition.

    #728 2 years ago
    Quoted from Tazmo72:

    Weren't you just bitching about being A restricted for the BCO and stating you were a B level player and had no chance to win A division in the BCO? Now you think you are on equal ground to Colin and could win Pinburgh if you had the means to get there and play.
    Now that's funny!

    No, what's funny is that a guy that in rage, coffin dropped a game at Pinballz during a State Champs finals thinks he can talk shit, but that's no less than I ever expect of you, Robert. Quite a few of you Austin guys go out of your way to be pricks on forums.......so am I surprised at all that someone that's made 14 posts here ever just suddenly shows up being a troll?

    LMFAO...nope. I think it's hilarious that I've had no issues with you at tournaments at all, you can't ever be arsed to say these things to my face, but here we are...not sure if you thought you were going to get to hide behind a low post count for anonymity or what...but so long, farewell. You'll just join the list of people I have no reason to trust or listen to, and the next time you feel like asking me about anything at a tournament like Lexi...don't expect any help from me.

    Also hilarious that a player of your experience doesn't acknowledge the value of playing in big tournaments frequently. But making a salient point wasn't the point, was it? Was far more important to just be a smartass and incendiary and look for those thumbs up of validation.

    #730 2 years ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    I'm seeing the common thread here....

    That there's a ton of a-type personalities in competitive pinball?

    #732 2 years ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    It's always easy to talk shit. Getting it done is another matter.
    Beating one great player one time doesn't mean you are in the same galaxy as them. Beating a couple great players at some small tournament doesn't mean you can hang with 30 great players in a major.
    I've qualified for A two consecutive years at pinburgh and I realize I have a way to go before I can dream of winning one of these things. People who don't even go shouldn't even dream of putting themselves in the conversation.

    Yes, but on the flipside, if you don't mentally believe you CAN, you never WILL. Talking shit? I don't believe I was talking shit anywhere on here. Colin played a ton of excellent games at Pinburgh. I said that I've felt like I've been within reach of him quite a few times...how is that talking shit? I'm not the one on here insulting people, or making assumptions about their abilities. I've played with/against the guy in a bunch of venues. There's personal experience there, not just some hairbrained idiot spewing shit from halfway across the world.

    Also wish people would actually read.

    Quoted from Frax:

    I'm sure that I can't win Pinburgh -right now-

    Not sure how this was confusing. guess I'll just drain the thread since it's obvious that it's just going to be a clusterfuck against me at this point...yay groupthink.

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