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ReplayFX 2016

By mhs

4 years ago

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    #57 4 years ago
    Quoted from PinballSTAR:

    PinballSTAR Amusements will be there again ! I'm forseeing this year we'll have these games from all the manufacturers we are distributors for...
    JJP : Wizard of Oz
    JJP : Hobbit - lots and lots in boxes for taking home !
    JJP : Pat Lawlor's JJP Game #3 - should be announced and rolling by then (fingers crossed)
    PPS : MMR
    PPS : Maybe remake #2 ? - no idea on time frame of announcement or games just saying... maybe given that much time...
    Spooky : America's Most Haunted
    Spooky : Rob Zombie Spookshow International
    Virtual Pinball
    Chicago Gaming : Arcade Legends and other products of theirs
    ...maybe some new pinball boutique companies who get off the ground we hope to be representing... : )
    How's THAT for a lineup ?
    And if that's not enough maybe we'll bring the dancing marionette puppets again everyone seemed to love !!!
    Joe Newhart
    PinballSTAR Amusements

    Glad to hear it Joe! Your booth is always a favorite spot at any of our regional shows! Thanks for putting the new hotness out there for us to play!!

    7 months later
    #186 3 years ago
    Quoted from Lamberger:

    Never been to Replay, is it anything like Allentown in regards to buying and selling machines?

    Nothing like each other. This is setup like a convention. There are vendors selling stuff, speaker presentations, the main tournaments and the main arcade. And the three days of partying too

    1 month later
    #265 3 years ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    It really wasn't as bad as I expected. Just sit down somewhere between rounds or bring stuff and sit during rounds - anti-fatigue mat, folding stool, etc.

    Frequent runs between the bar and the tournament area solved it for me

    #269 3 years ago
    Quoted from Cornelius:

    I really wish I would have figured out that there was beer available BEFORE Sunday.

    Well the portable bars in the hall itself were a real surprise to me... but we always left the hall for dinner, beer breaks and more... probably a bit too frequently

    #305 3 years ago

    What's the noise on pre-event activities on Wednesday?

    The pingolf thing sounded cool last year, but was just way too crowded. Other events or parties happening?

    1 week later
    #351 3 years ago
    Quoted from sohchx:

    Question, For those of us who bought tickets online in advance will we still have to wait in line to get bracelets to get in like last year?? Or will there be a separate line for advanced ticket holders? I bought mine and printed it out

    There will be separate lines for will call and purchasing according to mhs

    If you get there today there is early badge pickup too tonight at the westin

    #446 3 years ago
    Quoted from dmbjunky:

    What's this Aliens game they have listed?

    Probably alien star

    #460 3 years ago
    Quoted from neurokinetik:

    The lighting was a result of all the complaints last year about it being too dark.

    Well they moved the Banks because the left most games were under the overhang that was incredibly dark

    The ambient light is good for the main part of the hall. The only area that really suffered was the pi star booth because they hand that tow of lights on

    #476 3 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    In short, because it is super expensive to attend. I would like to go, but when you have to pick and choose the events to attend based on vacation budget and time off form work then more expensive the trip the harder it is to justify.
    Trip for wife and I would be over $1500 easy and a large part of that would be to get entry into a show we would likely not do anything at besides play pinball, combined with a large portion of the entry being to make a large prize purse (I understand it, but hard to justify a donation to one of the same top 10 players each year.)
    It is nice to combine pinball trips as a bolt on with regular vacation as Pittsburgh is not really a place to visit aside from the pinball aspect.

    This is the post of ignorance. Please look at the payout page - there is A HuGE amount of money paid out to qualifiers and finishers across FOUR divisions... Not just the usual 10 people

    If you think Pittsburg isn't a place to visit... You clearly aren't trying. Major sports teams within walking distance... Tons of history and museums, there is kennywood nearby, there is dining, a thriving urban downtown, etc

    I know of several friends who brought their s.o. And some brought their kids.

    Replay has lots of things going on besides pinball... But it is all geared towards the gamer democratic so You have to try at least that hard.

    If travel is that hard... Do what most do... Go alone and Split costs. Split a hotel and travel expenses. Traveling to shows you can't drive to is expensive no matter which show you pick.... But expensive does not apply when you compare what replay and pinburgh gets you. Multiple significant tournaments with gaurunteed play, players from all around the world, pin-celebrities for those into that, a huge expo all around it, 800+ games around you, rare games, etc etc

    For those who like to have fun, play competitive pinball, and who love the arcade scene all together.... This is the up and coming place.

    Besides, where can you be out at 330 in the morning and find a bangerjay walking the streets in full face paint?

    I think the earliest I went to bed my entire time up there was 230... One night. It's the Woodstock of pinball

    #479 3 years ago

    The addition of the olympics games was a very welcome addition in my book. I haven't posted about it (or much in the last few days) because I just told him directly thx how sweet it was

    I just wished the tilt helmet was setup to allow some more downward tilt in the rest position. I had to like look down my nose to play... Brutal

    My suggestion is to make one of those human sized snow globe setups and play pin in that

    I forgot to try the backwards afm... That looked cool

    #489 3 years ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    Jay already has one of those. I think that got added to the roster 2 olympics back. He only brought some of the smaller more portable items to the show this year ... Maybe next year the story will be different
    The attack from the back thing is PAPAs own Olympic style creation.

    Yeah he told me he brought the bolt ons and papa supplied the games. I know korn did a lot of these kinds of mods in the past. Did he do a DDR version if I recall?

    This and other loosely setup things to allow people to have their own competitions with friends are great. It would be neat to have suggestions around for people to do gauntlet runs.... Or pingolf courses already written up etc.

    Just things to give people starting points without all the huge lines. I stayed away from the IG tournament because no way did I want to lock up so many hours of sat and Sunday for that one event.

    The only element I wished had progressed further for year two were the seminars. The farsight one was a letdown (he at least did the company story last year). They just didn't scale the same as the rest of the event this year... But they were still pretty lightly attended... So chicken and the egg there. I did like having them closer by this year.. Even if it was far less formal.

    More beer carts and longer hours!

    The camping loungers helped.. But I don't think they held up too well after a few days. We need an ikea hookup somewhere !

    Instead of carpeting the entire area.. If you could get wide runners in the bank aisles that might be enough. You really want the cushioning while you waited... More than when playing (tho I hate those damn feet cups!)

    Not sure if it was intentional... But it did seem like a lot more games had their post rubbers off vs the early years. Games were largely tournament ready (hard locks, rubbers removed etc)

    The sound of the ball hitting the ineffective center post with no rubber is like salt in the wound

    #515 3 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    so what is the most effeicent way to do Pinnburgh.
    Looking for serious advice from those with experience.
    What hotel to stay at?
    Will I need a car rental if I fly in (limited PTO so driving burns 2 more days)?
    When do tickets go on sale (I know it sells out every year)
    Are there pre-activities that I should plan for? I think I saw something about a warm up event on Wed?

    PAPA negotiates great rates with the area hotels. The Westin is literally right across the street. My total cost was $660 for Wed-Sunday for hotel. The courtyard also looks like a great option as its half a block down and right across the street from the main bars we end up in.. but is more expensive. Hotel is great for stumbling distance.. but probably anything within a 5min cab ride would be acceptable.

    There is no reason to have a car in downtown.. none. It's an expense only. Uber, walk, taxi.

    Tickets for the show are available up to the door.. packages are available usually up to the week of. PINBURG registration is the one that sells out quickly. Last year I think they went on sale in Dec.

    Pre/Post are more about individuals offering things and less about the big organized events. I highly recommend heading out to the Coin Op Museum by Ed Beeler which is about 30mins outside of town (www.pinballpa.com) if you like Arcade games. He also has a HUGE pin collection (200+? maybe). He has a lot of rare Goetlibs and Sterns that Replay does not have. (Spirit, Viper, Iron Maiden, Star Gazer, etc)

    #516 3 years ago
    Quoted from mizary:

    And now for the complaints. One of my biggest complaints was lack of alcohol. I'm not sure who gets the $ for the alcohol sales (convention center or replayFx) but someone lost out on $$$. I waited in line only once for a drink and it took about 15-20min. The beer selection was weak, much like the mixed drinks

    Food is the convention center.. from what I understand Replay has little influence there. It was worse last year, at least this year they added some carts and had some more options.. but we still buy them out and the only one 'after hours' cart is murder. The selection gets worse as they sell out of stuff. Hopefully with a track record.. the convention food vendor would step up to capitalize on the demand. Certainly way more demand there.

    Quoted from mizary:

    I was also dissapointed there was not a GB premium there. Heck I don't think I even saw a pro - I think there was one there - but I never saw it

    Well no one has GB premium yet.. so that's a tall order There were two Pros there.. one at Cointaker's booth (along with GOT Pro, GOT Pre, MET PRO, MET Pre) and the second was in the pinburg banks. But it was taken for finals on Saturday, so it wasn't available all day Saturday until late.. and then was packed up on Sunday as its new owner was taking it home.

    Quoted from mizary:

    Another big complaint is the size of the viewing monitors for the pinball machines on the stage. From the back of the viewing area I couldn't see much

    That is another area of growing pains. The stage was new this year, and that puts everyone further away than they used to be. The monitor setup is basically the one from the Papa facility moved over there.. so its not exactly a great fit. IMO they'd be better off with a huge projection overhead and focus just on the finals group vs multiple games concurrently.

    Scoring is something I nag Kevin over every year as its always been deemed less important for some reason. This year they used the DTM software and had live scoring online which was great for tracking. Wish there was more of an 'in person' experience still for that aspect.

    This is an area I think they are still continuing to try to evolve. Last year, the stream took backseat to making the event actually work.

    #542 3 years ago
    Quoted from beelzeboob:

    That second place dude is a monster. That's the first time I've ever seen a guy so big that you actually have to have the pinball machine stand on a milk crate to be played.
    If we were in grammar school, I'd just give him my milk money every day. No questions asked.

    That's Todd M. Former NBA player

    #560 3 years ago
    Quoted from ninjadoug:

    The goal is to announce the dates as soon as possible.

    Your political training has come far

    Glad to hear replay continues to push forward with expo!!

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