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Tech: help requested for 1957 United Team Bowler skips frames

By GoldenBear

54 days ago

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    #1 54 days ago

    I could use some help on this problem as I have spent considerable time trying to figure this out to no avail over the past 2 weekends

    I have had the above bowler for over 5 years and this past year a problem has crept in:

    Randomly, or so it would seem, the machine will skip a frame forward to next player.
    The machine functions perfectly well otherwise
    It normally tallies strikes and spares appropriately
    the offending behavior occurs in single player or multiplayer modes
    it seems to occur only after the first ball is thrown for a player

    For instance if it occurred on the second player of a 4 player game, the second player would bowl, pins would go up and then then it would jump to the third players turn. the pins would not reset and the third player would get one ball to play before it would change to the 4th player up and score whatever was the combination of the second players throw and the third players throw

    If in the above instance the second player had a spare the prior frame, after the first bowl it would start scoring in the second persons position immediately after the roll but often finish scoring pins on the third players bowl inappropriately after it skipped

    If one is bowling in a one player game, it would just skip a frame forward.

    My return switches all seem to be functional and not sticky. Everything else seems to be working well

    I do not have the schematic unfortunately but do have the manual which I have tried to use to no avail

    does anyone have any ideas on what to look at. since the behavior seem to be random, I have not ideas at present.

    #2 53 days ago

    Does this machine have steppers? If so, verify they step properly. Without a schematic, we’re all kind of guessing, so hopefully this helps.

    Pay particular attention to the pawls- make sure they move freely. If the pawl is slow, I can see how it would occasionally skip a frame/player.

    #3 53 days ago
    Quoted from GoldenBear:

    does anyone have any ideas on what to look at.

    It may be that a set of switches in the "Extra Shot Reset" Relay may slightly be touching
    when it suppose to be open. So you'll want to check the contact gaps in that relay.
    But most likely, I have a feeling that once in a while the "Score Control" Relay isn't energizing
    when it should be. If it doesn't energize, it will step up to the next player.
    Is this a ball of shuffle bowler? Either way, with the coffin open, if you can manually touch one
    of the sets of the last roll over switches together while keeping an eye on the Score Control Relay
    and when the problem occurs, see if it's because the Score Control Relay is not energizing, and second
    thought, as far as that goes, it could be that a set of open switches in the Score Control Relay is almost
    slightly touching when it's suppose to be open and from vibrations once in a while they touch just
    enough to make contact. So first checking the contact gaps in that relay would be a good idea..
    Let us know what you find. We'll get her fixed..

    #4 53 days ago

    It is a bowler, 3 inch balls

    Yes a schematic would be great but I have been unable to find one.

    I will check the score control relay and get back to you, i had already checked the gaps and thought them to be ok but will recheck and will check the extra shot reset (did not think to check that one)

    On Pinball RGP it was suggested to check the travel on the steppers as they might be over plunging possibly, I have checked most of the relevant ones but have yet to eliminate the behavior. It happens only about once a match, if I cant fix it it may be a new element of gameplay at my house

    Thank you so much for the help!

    #5 53 days ago

    No problem at all. I know what it's like to have a problem..
    I don't think its a mechanical problem in the stepper because the
    stepper is stepping up, it just that the step up coil is energizing even
    when it's not suppose to be. Has to be electrical.
    I'm thinking the Score Control Relay isn't energizing 100% of the
    time when it suppose to..
    I don't have a Team Bowler schematic, but do have a Bowling Alley
    schematic which should be close to the same minus the extra score
    reels that total the teams score. I can have a copy made for $10.00
    plus shipping if you like. Shipping might be 3 or 4 bucks. I'm on the
    east coast. It's a $30,000 copier at a Surveying Co. Comes out clear..

    #6 53 days ago

    Hold your breath but I just got through a 4 player game and 2 player game without it happening. I re-looked at the switches you suggested and also went through the switch stack/ steppers and made certain none of the tabs were close to each other in the event the shake and rattle of the bowler was potentially creating a short. Your responses and some others i got made me think about things and realize it has to be something like a loose switch or relay. I’ll follow up if the problems returns

    i may take you up on the bowler schematic. Let me look through some schematics I have in boxes I unfortunately inherited recently from a friend who was in the Biz for 60 years and see if I have something analogous to what you may have. I started out with pinball but these bowlers are amazing. I imagine one day when I retire I may give it a good refurbishing.

    #7 53 days ago

    Yup, same as pinball. Those switch stack screws need to be tightened before adjusting.
    Minus the ball lift and team scores, 1955 Regulation shuffle and 1956 Handicap shuffle
    schematics are primarily be the same, along with the small ball bowler Bowling Alley.
    Also an 1957/58 United big ball bowler schematics would do the trick..
    Yea, those vintage ball bowlers are pretty cool. I have a few. Not as much engineering,
    but those United Target Shuffles are alright to play also.

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