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Rebirth of Heighway Pinball


2 years ago

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Post #391 Key information provided in this article Posted by monkeyboypaul (2 years ago)

Post #536 Gives names of investors Posted by Pinballgeek (2 years ago)

Post #739 Confirmation from HWP employee about Andrew's departure Posted by SLAMT1LT (2 years ago)

Post #946 User story of receiving a refund from the new management of HWP Posted by Deluxodave (2 years ago)

Post #965 Message sent about the company status Posted by Wickerman2 (2 years ago)

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#90 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Congratulations to you guys and Alien buyers for hanging in there.
That's awesome!

Agreed....under capitalization is the undoing of many businesses....suspect a financial wall was hit during product development, licensing, etc. Got the product done ( mostly), but no fiscal means to ramp production to realize return on investment ( not enough profit in a machine like this to close the gap).

Andrew....congrats on your passion and drive to get this thing to the finish line. Possibly bigger congrats for identifying and securing a restructure before the whole thing tanked.

Hearing this tells me the games will come...possibly quicker than we might think. Not only is pinball hard, but expensive.

I'm staying in.....it's a badass machine, now with an interesting story of commitment behind it....

#242 2 years ago

If the games roll, we win. If they don't, we lose. Pretty simple, w no law interpretation required. How much you win or lose depends on your investment. Makes no sense for me to ask for my $1500.00 back, as that type of money is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things (on both sides of the fence). Strictly my personal take, and would never speak for others....my money stays on black, and the wheel will spin until it stops......

#378 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Do you know for a fact 60 (fully paid) people have asked for a refund?

Highly, highly doubt that many ( too lazy to post in both threads).....sleep time....

#643 2 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

my email came from morgan@heighwaypinball.com this morning

Ditto for me.....I responded, and will now wait.....

#899 2 years ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelb:

I've been listening to Jpop, Shit-B, Heighway and Dutch pinball over the past four years making claims they are the best, most creative, most innovative, they are better than all the rest and on and on......


For the 20th time....Jpop and Shit-B do not belong in this group. Both were scam scumbags that stole money, and never made pinball machines. DP got some out, some damaged, now in financial termoil. Heighway made games, period, and ran out of money at the finish line. Everything they've conveyed to me via email indicates this SECOND title will be released, and they will be in position to stabilize the bug issue. They could have just gone dark ( as the scumbags did), or said game over. Shit man....JJP is not out of the woods yet. Heighway has the best shot of being viable...people are stepping up, the game is badass. No excuses, no defense implied,...just my take on it.

#1031 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Smartest thing that Heighway 2.0 could do right now is abandon Pinside and let actions speak for themselves. By not commenting further shows me that new management is smart and they have quickly learned the Pinside lesson. We eat our own here.
New management have introduce themselves along with some goals and that's all they need do at this point.

Completely agree. They've reached out to me ( and suspect others who have ordered) directly...I'm very comfortable with their statements and approach at this point. I'm actually more excited, optimistic than ever that these things will actually get made and thrive.

Them posting here is poison, period.

#1032 2 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Three simple things to avoid that.
Don't lie or obfusicate facts.
Respond to and address concerns and problems before they become bigger issues.
Be transparent. If xyz caused a delay, say xyz caused a delay. Don't make something up and do some hand waving.
If you are honest and direct with people and actually listen and address their concerns, that will go a very long way even if there is a production delay. If you are dishonest, then credibility, patience, and goodwill go out the window.

I think these are all valid and accurate objectives...suspect conveyance on a public forum is nearly impossible at this point. Go straight to the end user with the good, bad, ugly....this generally leads to a positive outcome. Take the same info, post it on a public forum allowing speculative interjection is business suicide, imho.

They will not get a " win" on here, period, by posting anything. The company and machines will speak for themselves in forums based on performance criteria alone

#1037 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I stand neutral as a bystander at this point. But my being neutral is a 180 degree turn for me from the completely pessimistic mindset I had just a few weeks ago.
Interesting times.

Quite an admirable stance, actually, imho...

#1038 2 years ago
Quoted from Msch:

Full throttle flat out doesn't work. Alien isn't done. They've not shipped any complete non prototype games. There are MAJOR issues with it. Have you ever played one?? I have. It's not a commercially viable machine. It's very poorly made and it's can't be trusted on route. Game over, dude.

Quoted from Toads:

How's that xeno head going, working well?

Hence the point of my previous post.....amazing the lack of memory retention on here....a now landmark machine had the most monumental problems upon release....seemingly a death blow for both the machine and the company....obviously not.

Pinside isn't going to "save" or " destroy" Heighway, they will do that on their own ( and may not even need saving, regardless).

Being involved or not is a personal choice...but if you enjoy our small, niche hobby, not wanting them to succeed is ludicrous.

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