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Rebirth of Heighway Pinball


3 years ago

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Post #19 Confirmation from Heighway Pinball Posted by HeighwayPinball (3 years ago)

Post #61 One member of the investors group named. Posted by daudioguy (3 years ago)

Post #105 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by Aurich (3 years ago)

Post #391 Key information provided in this article Posted by monkeyboypaul (3 years ago)

Post #536 Gives names of investors Posted by Pinballgeek (3 years ago)

Post #739 Confirmation from HWP employee about Andrew's departure Posted by SLAMT1LT (3 years ago)

Post #946 User story of receiving a refund from the new management of HWP Posted by Deluxodave (3 years ago)

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#189 3 years ago


I am glad you guys have decided to keep moving this project forward. Despite the shortcomings of getting Alien into full production, I appreciate what Andrew and the team has done to bring this machine this far.

How are you going to handle chargeback claims? It is my understanding that they can be cancelled once initiated. There are several reports in the original thread of chargebacks and paypal disputes.

Saving these orders (if possible) would be in the company's best interest. IMO

Also, i would like to throw out the idea of forgetting about the ramp lighting, should that be another production headache. I'm not seeing that it really adds (and might possibly retract ) to the atmosphere of the game .

#558 3 years ago

Also, not understanding the "price increase" strategy. I do believe that they probably do need to increase the price, but if they are taking on the business, they are talking to people who have lost confidence or need their money back.

I agree with the "offer free shipping" or similar approach.

The only thing that makes me believe in this are the people within Heighway supporting them.

The email is poorly conceived and composed (IMO) and makes me more wary than excited. People have been burned before by the "hey we are your pinball buddies" thing.

First step: Hire someone who knows how to design a professional document.

I'm accepting thumbs down for those that disagree. I have not received any communications, and i do want to be included in this stage of the process.

#670 3 years ago

Just for the record , i did get my email. Be interesting to see how it plays out.

It does seem like they are promising something that may not be possible , once again. Ordering parts does not equal "we have all the parts" , so how can you estimate what you will build unless everything goes perfectly?

Clearing up the problems associated with what could happen if everyone cancels their preorder or pulls out their "paid in full" cash would help. They have to be committed to make this game in bulk no matter what happens. The sales will come when they prove they can make this game well-built and reliable, as well as develop a customer relationship to help with issues and build future games to support the platform.

Personally , i would like to hear public assurances (as opposed to responding to each customers concerns privately) that the game parts and assembly process is finalized. We know from owners (of Alien protos) of the issues that were popping up. Are they solved completely?

If the success and future of this company rides on retaining all of the pre-orders , they are not in it for the long haul. We all want a company that is ready to exist now and for years to come.

I am not sure how the new investors are going to get that message across. The email does nothing to address the shortcomings of the previous CEO's failed promises and lack of communication.

Unsolicited advice:

If you guys are going to represent Heighway pinball from this point forward, you have to own up to the failures that have brought us this far. The game design and core team that Andrew brought together has resulted in what i see as an amazing game. The platform can have a future, but only if it is taken seriously.

Also , if you are sending out a letter in English , check your grammer. "Times are a changing and to the better! There is no denial that there has taken time to speed up the production." In what language is that right?

Still rooting for this to succeed.

#676 3 years ago

I hate when people call me chief! Wickerman is right though. Law speculation is doing nothing positive for this thread.

#714 3 years ago

Do the new investors plan on communicating on this thread? I have sent my private email to the new investors, but i would like everyone to hear what is going on with this game and the plans for improving the company.

Anyone get a response to their concerns via email?

#733 3 years ago
Quoted from Alphajerk3000:

I received a lengthy email from them today.

Care to summarize what was said. Not looking to get into your personal business, but it may help those that are awaiting info.


I know i am seemingly impatient on this, but it's to the new companies benefit to deal with my situation ASAP.

#735 3 years ago
Quoted from Alphajerk3000:

Sure, I don’t like to publish private emails, I’d rather paraphrase, if that’s okay:
I received two emails this morning, one from Andrew, saying today was his last day with the company and Morgan, Roger and Daniel would be taking care of me from here on out.
The other was from Daniel. He apologized profusely and did regret getting things going too early this week, giving people a sense that they were now in control. They are just today taking control of the company, and they fully realize they are taking on something that has zero trust and they will be sending out communications soon. They seem fully committed to get people refunds if they want one, but it might take a week or several as it’s only today that they can begin reviewing financials fully. The factory has been working this week. They are fully committed to getting the ship righted and producing an awesome game.

Great news! I look forward to hearing from them. Hopefully they can post something here and avoid a ton of personal emails back and forth about the same subjects.

Thanks a lot.

#797 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

I just got a reply today to my email, and I'll admit, the new owners sound genuine and I do believe they want to do the right thing. But with that said, I had filed a CC dispute to get my deposit back at least until quality machines are rolling. The email I got said they understood and would work with me to get my refund. Not sure if they notified anyone, but when I check with my CC company today, they said the return was final and was not going to be disputed. So at this point I am whole and will wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. I still want an alien pin, but I need to see some proof of what is going to happen.

I also got a reply with some more specific information in response to my concerns. For some reason they called my charge-back a refund too. I may be willing to cancel my charge-back if they can get me a machine.


They claim that the Xeno and lighting issues have been corrected.

The new promised delivery dates rely on the suppliers coming through. Daniel says they are confident that the suppliers will be able to meet their requests.

They also claim they have the team necessary to build in the quantities they are projecting for "end of august" (175)

They are working on securing all of the final necessities (bank accounts , communication outlets) and expect that process to take about a week (or slightly longer).

Production planning continues as it is not affected by the transition activities.

They promise honest communications moving forward (progress or setbacks) .

To restore trust they will 'start by doing refunds' .

Unfortunately , i received no specific response on how to resolve my order. i expressed an interest to "stay in" , but was offered no incentive or information on how to achieve that result.

They may not be in a position to examine each case individually as of yet , but it would have been nice to hear that they would at least "look into it" .

I also hinted at possibly receiving some sort of perk for staying in (instead of the veiled threat of a price increase if you buy in later) and that was not addressed either. Hopefully , i can have that conversation when they can look at my order and see what the details are. I would expect that they would want to limit refunds or paying the charge-backs by offering some sort of incentive. If they are not willing to put in the effort to save my order then i just sit back and let the charge-back do the work. Not sure what their limit is but Discover(paid through paypal) had no problem with issuing a charge-back after 224 days.

It makes sense to believe that these guys are committed to make this pinball machine happen. Of course , it doesn't mean that they can't fail. It does bother me that they have already made a delivery promise of the 175 machines by end of august. Unexpected shit happens. The parts are not in hand. How many capable assemblers could possibly be on their team at this point?

Daniel has expressed in his reply to me that they have the team in place for production and that the parts will arrive in time. Not sure how many parts need to be ordered, but if one part goes wrong it could screw the whole plan.

I appreciate their communication and Daniel did reply to all of my concerns , although not to the extent of what happens to my specific order.

Hope this synopsis helps others.

I am cautiously positive at this point if my order isn't already cancelled.

#833 3 years ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

If I were the new investors (and operating under the assumption that I have funds to do it) I'd refund every wishy-washy soul who kinda/sorta wants one but has a list of demands/caveats/needed minute by minute updates over the past few months. Here's your money, maybe when you see games being delivered you'll have enough confidence to buy in at the increased price. Lesson learned on how up and down the pre-order world can be, right?

It was my money and many others that helped get your game built. Despite your comments and assumptions , i hope you enjoy your game. Id rather stick together with my fellow owners / prospective owners to share information and help. Sorry i annoy you with my search for information.

Your advice to the new owners is ridiculous and comes off as a jab at me. Unfortunately i pulled the plug just before there was this major announcement , so yes i have been guilty of trying to get info as quickly as possible (to the new investors) to SAVE my order . i did panic , so to speak , but Heighway was unreachable for too long.

This situation has caused a lot of stress and i am hoping for a positive outcome for everyone.

I posted information to help people , not get accused of being a wishy washy order trying to gain an edge on the new investors. I see you are also trying to benefit from the minute by minute information provided here to help with your problem. Good for you.

In the future if i get my game , i will be one of the people posting whatever information i can to help. I hope you and others will do the same.

play on !!

Ed Z

#957 3 years ago

I just had a lengthy productive exchange (via Skype chat) with Daniel.

To those that did a chargeback : (i called discover for this info)

In my case, DiscoverCard dispute can be settled if Heighway submits proof of a machine delivered within 60 days , which is about the time-table for the new speculated production run.

I expressed to them that i do want to receive the machine , not necessarily a refund.

Others with chargebacks may have the same "protection", especially if paid in full. You may have to claim a desire for a refund if that was your intent.

I don't want to speak for them, but they may not have access to the bank accounts to do refunds yet.

The communication has been good in my experience so far.

#983 3 years ago

From facebook:

"Just over five years have passed since I started Heighway Pinball Limited in my home garage. Now, the company has grown to be a multinational business with customers spread throughout the globe.

The company has faced many challenges along the way, which has culminated in our first game, Full Throttle, and our current game, Alien Pinball. I always strived to create a modern and relevant quality pinball product, with many exciting new ideas. I believe that we have fulfilled many of the goals I set for this company.

I am extremely proud of the games that we have produced. In particular, Alien Pinball is the result of tireless work, over the last three years, from a team comprising of some of the most talented and passionate pinball people I could have ever have hoped to assemble. ‘Alien’ is personally my favourite movie of all time, closely followed by ‘Aliens’. I could not be happier with the finished product and how it represents both movies.

The time has come for a change at Heighway Pinball. Substantial monies are being pumped immediately into this company by our existing investors to drive this company forward to producing hundreds of games every month within the coming months. These investors have not been actively involved in the running of the business up to this point but they bring a huge amount of pinball experience to the operating of this company. They are also very successful businessmen in their own rights. Their passion for pinball, business acumen and love of the company’s products will drive this company forwards. There are a lot of expectant customers out there who want delivery of this epic game as quickly as possible – and this is a commitment this company will now strive to deliver as soon as is possible.

As of now, I have now left Heighway Pinball and am no longer involved in any way with the company. A new management structure is already in place at the company, that is committed to delivering games to all of its customers and building the company up into becoming an important market player within the coming years. The company is being left in good hands, with the investors bringing a wealth of pinball experience into this company and everyone is committed to delivering customer games as quickly as possible.

I have not left pinball permanently – but am taking a break away from it as fresh finances and ideas drive the company forwards. I will likely still be seen at pinball/trade shows and look forward to meeting many of you again in the future.
I will no longer be contactable at and I will not be posting here, any other pinball forums, on Facebook or on Twitter as ‘Heighway Pinball’ from now onwards.

I have met some amazing people over the last five years and would like to thank all of my customers, staff, contractors, investors, distributers and suppliers - who have shared my dream and supported myself and this company over the years. I step away from Heighway Pinball at an exciting time for the company and wish all those associated with the company all of the best for the future.

Andrew Heighway
Former CEO/Managing Director – Heighway Pinball"

1 week later
#1098 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

We are happy to announce that we are in the final stages of the transition to our new ownership and management. This means we can start the process of refunding our customers, who have requested refunds. We will begin this process early next week. Affected customers will be contacted accordingly. Completing the transition will also mean that the new management will be in control of the official web page, Facebook and other communication channels, allowing for official announcements to be made.
Parts keep being ordered in large amounts to prepare for the step up in production. We will keep you updated on progress. The production schedule is coming together and will be finalized shortly for the first batch of games. Everybody wants to know their position in line and all we can say, for the time being, is that we are hard at work finding out and hope to be able to tell you soon.
We are also working hard to reach out to people with existing games that are experiencing trouble. We want to get those problems solved as quickly as possible. If you know of someone in that situation, that has not been in contact with us yet, please ask them to get in touch. They can send an e-mail to or contact us directly on +44 (0)1495 305634
Thank you all for your time and we will be in contact next week with another update from Heighway Pinball.

Hmm .. i didn't get that email . Anybody else? Or is it a facebook post?

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