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Rebirth of Heighway Pinball


2 years ago

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Post #391 Key information provided in this article Posted by monkeyboypaul (2 years ago)

Post #536 Gives names of investors Posted by Pinballgeek (2 years ago)

Post #739 Confirmation from HWP employee about Andrew's departure Posted by SLAMT1LT (2 years ago)

Post #946 User story of receiving a refund from the new management of HWP Posted by Deluxodave (2 years ago)

Post #965 Message sent about the company status Posted by Wickerman2 (2 years ago)

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#62 2 years ago

I'm overjoyed to hear this!

#150 2 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

With all due respect Aurich, have you actually seen a check or money going anywhere? Have you seen the business plan? I am not asking you to disclose any details, but what concrete proof of anything do you have other than talking to someone? "new management" alone is not going to fix this mess...it will help, but this needs a real cash Band-Aid to succeed.

Anyone that has listened to a JJPs interview on Kanedas today will realize that it takes millions to get out of this hole.
In was floored when I heard the numbers laid down by Jack

#154 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

be enthusiastic about pin, sure... guilty as charged. Outspoken and opinionated, yup. That is part of the fun. If we were all just lurkers, then it would be pretty boring around here.
Feel free to put me on ignore if you are tired of it. Best part about the user interface is the ability to create your own experience.
I personally think this is all GREAT news. Aliens is an AWESOME game! Seriously, like one of the best ever made. New life being put into this is a good thing!

You could not have picked a better image for your avatar if you would have tried.

I read all of your posts in Homers voice and it is great

#423 2 years ago

If you shill a ton, that makes you a Shillton

#509 2 years ago

Its nice to see that one is now allowed to discuss public records here on this forum without repercussion.

4 owners, from 3 countries. Not one local, not one wanting to give up their current lifestyle to relocate to England. But that is what it will take. An OWNER that is present 24/7. On top of it two of the four owners are longtime friends which will lead to tension amongst all four down the road.

My experience tells me that this will not work.

And from what I heard Andrew already has his eyes set on his next business "adventure".

#683 2 years ago

Quoted from TigerLaw:

He can answer it if he wants to. He's a respected attorney in his community.

Quoted from Whysnow:

is it corporate law and specifically dealing with mergers, acquisitions, and take overs?
If not then that is like asking a gynecologist to check out the wart on your foot

Well, at least he is respected in his community....

#760 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Full Throttle had little to no input for changes etc. that I know of and they seemed to crank that out and sell it, no issues

They were far from cranking then out and them not making any changes stemmed from noone caring over there.

There are many things that need to be addressed with Full Throttle. I for one shared all my concerns with them over there years. No shits were given.

#765 2 years ago

Where should I begin.....
Im at the pool with the family, typing and swiping on the cell phone. List short and definitely incomplete.

Lighting is too dark, ad more spots and lighting. This game looks terrible next to the competition. It is too dark stock.

Left GP bike. The hinge bolt does not match the hinge hole. Over time it wears, then seizes and locks and stopps working.

GP bike jump is too short, modified mechanism in order to allow the bike to wheelie, not just bounce

Buy Loctite and hand it out at the assembly line. When my Full Throttle was still working and mind me, it has been bricked and useless for over half a year now, the following simply feel apart:

Both flippers came off and fell into the cabinet
One of the platform screen mounting screws feel off
One pop fell apart
One LE wire came undone from the driver

The sound amplifier is unfit, it fell apart at the clamps and I replaced it out of pocket

The coin door controls came loose

Do not use foam in order to adjust height of the platfield screen. The foam loses its bounce, sets and then your screen pops up. If you do not catch that you will start having airballs and chipped screen

Adjust the wheels at the factory. Is that too much to ask

Had to adjust sensitivity on all three pops. Out if the box one of them fired 80% of the time, the other two hardly registered. Quality control

Two target at ramps create airballs. One so bad that your pinballs hit the platfield glass HARD

Software crashes at times when I open coin door

Shaker not implemented

Skillshot is terrible. Add a real narrow center spot that gives you added reward. Think some of the swing mechanics in Golf video games

Pops are way too weak and underwhelming

Same for flippers and slings. The setup is wimpy in comparison. I thought I had bought a racing game. This is powerless.

Implementation of the main toy, your rival drivers bust, is lackluster

But the worst is that I was not able to play in ages and that I have a 230 lbs brick of a Full Throttle LE right now

#770 2 years ago

It may as well be that my game was build by a disgruntled coworker who swiftly got fired by Andrew the next day.

Mine was one of the few from Cointakers first shipment. You may know it from one of the factory videos. I have the LE with the dark chrome package, one of a kind. It was a prototype finish that never saw production. And that is a good thing.

As it rusted to hell where your palms touch the platfield glass frame....

Just my luck, hahah

Nah, I'm not angry, I'm heartbroken
I love this game, spend a good 100 hours on fixing and modding it. But without a working computer unit I am stuck

Once I have that replaced and Heighway start working on new code I'll be back in Full Throttle heaven

#772 2 years ago

If you could only see me type here on Pinside. I'm always smiles, having a blast with you all.

All that gets lost due to the limits of us not hanging out, face to face, having beers

#842 2 years ago

This is why I do not understand why Kaneda wants to get back on Pinside.

Aurich has so much positive stuff going on in his life....Aurich, why do you wear yourself out on this forum? Its just not healthy.

I truly believe that you owe no-one, if anything you are being owed to at this point.

I feel so bad watching you come back again and again with a new found positive attitude, only to be torn down again and again by some strangers on the internet for their entertainment purposes.

Guess this should have been a PM, oh well....

#851 2 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

You can't seriously believe it is as simple as swapping the motherboard? Good luck if you try that. Tell it to the guy with the bricked FT. Obviously it is not as simple as some on here are trying to pretend.

Well, it is not.

I am the guy you are referring to. I cannot even do any of the tests suggested if I wanted to. My Utilite physically broke.

At first it seeming to be a software issue. Memory leak or something like that, I am no expert in the matter. The game would randomly start spitting out all the balls at once.

A rewrite of the SSD card (Heighway were kind enough to send me their image file, not just the update code which you would write to that USB stick) would allow me to get a few good games in, then the Utilite/code would go belly up again.

And then, one day, I woke up to

"ncq stag pm led clo only pmp pio slum part"

My SSD card is firmly in place, it seems that the slot broke. And this happened after a few good games. Not after I removed the card, wrote to it, and placed it back in the Utilite. It happened at random.

If you google "ncq stag pm led clo only pmp pio slum part" you realize that this is a typical problem with this cheap Utilite.

So, at this point I am not even interested in replacing the unit with another one of the same kind. I would like to get the new style unit that is in Alien, the Full Throttle files preloaded, so that I can swap and hopefully play again. Heighway, please PM me if you could.

20170610_194146 (resized).jpg

#855 2 years ago

BK, I am now fully aware of that now. Trust me, I woke up to reality the hard way.
Hence I need that new style computer from them. Not only do I hope that it is sturdier, I hope it is less exotic.

Right now the scenario that you described as a future threat is happening to me. Not in 2027, in 2017

#858 2 years ago
Quoted from shaneo:

New Utilite is not needed. Update the uBoot f/w, chuck together a bootable USB stick with the 1.41 image on it and away you go. USB booting Utilite done.

I'll try that tomorrow! Thank you!

#870 2 years ago

There is no HDD, there is an SD card.

And your utility broke just like mine.

That is now the 3rd!!! known case of a bricked Full Throttle

Please PM me your email, at least I can send you the image file, it is 1.3 Gigabyte of data.

#872 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Thanks man, this is my alien though - it has a SSD in it. Shows the drive in the bios, but wont boot. Thinking a bad sector/corrupt data or something.

Uhhhhhh...... its most likely the SD slot, just like for the rest of us with bricked Heighway pinballs.

And I thought the new Alien Utilite was an upgrade, of better quality?

Your findings have me deeply concerned, this is terrible news.

#873 2 years ago

I'm away from home, will post who I got the image files from ASAP

#878 2 years ago
Quoted from tslayer71:

And I thought someone here said it wasn't this easy - huh? Why would you need to get down to the componet level on a PC or pcb? Have Highway send the replacement and let them deal with fixing it....

Either your are being sarcastic or chime in with your 5 cents while being oblivious to what's going on.

Do you think I had a bricked Heighway pinball for over half a year for fun?

No one made it right, no-one send me a replacement unit, they would not even tell me where i could buy one myself, out of my pocket.

Heighway would not help me and once i lost all trust in them i contacted my distributor, Cointaker.

But they did not give them the time of day, either. I'm on my own.

#881 2 years ago
Quoted from tslayer71:

Ok, not being able to get parts sucks and is a different issue. If heigway would be able to send you complete assemblys could you fix it yes or no? The argument is would it be easy to fix if you had parts available. It was said it's not as easy as just switching out a board

100% true, a 2 minute swap job, no question

#883 2 years ago

In Homepins defense, his post was in reaction to the suggestion that I become a Utilite expert and do developer level deep diagnostics.

I believe that we all agree, Homepin included, that a simple swap would be the appropriate consumer level fix.

But what good is it as we just learned that the new generation Utilites fail as well.

This is a huge concern to me ad there seems to be no fix, only bandages

#924 2 years ago

Well that really sucks

10 months later
#1309 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I am here. I am not banned. I told anyone dumb enough to prepay post Predator that they are stupid and deserve what they got If they take the risk. Did u lose money on this, if so then you are a moron. I liked and still like the game Alien. Does not change that you are a complete dumbass if you prepay for any pinball post what the community as a whole learned from skitB and jpop.

Well, if you kiss ass and get to cut the line you don't have to prepay, Hilton.

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