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Really Special...Silicone Rings...All Colors...New to Market!...Must See!


5 years ago

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    #1 5 years ago

    I am so thrilled to see this product come available.
    I have tinkered with this for over 40 years, originally trying to get Wham-O
    to make pinball rings out of Super Ball material.

    Well in my opinion, the next best thing is here now guys!

    Matt at Titan Pinball, is a gentleman at every level, and I cant recommend him highly enough!
    He has just launched this product on his New website: http://www.titanpinball.com/

    Lets talk about the product. Matt has been kind enough to allow me to run testing.
    I installed Blue Rubbers in my X-men.
    I started by cleaning with Pinball life rubber cleaner....but it wasnt needed....brand new molds, not a spec of dust!
    Now, I love the flipper Rubbers....much easier for me to do a dead catch.
    I will respect here that there could be another debate on flipper rubbers...but lets just start by saying they are Fun!

    First, Silicone, is much more flexible then Urethane. There is an ease I have never had installing on flippers.
    My 3 month old Urethane snapped when I removed...Silicone is superior, and arguably easier to clean.

    Now heres where it gets better. Post Sleeves, and rondells....The bounce to me is 10-13% bouncier, Slings seem to throw further, and the colors....!!!! My gosh, Xmen is Blue....AC/DC is on Fire with red rubbers!!!
    Tommy is getting Yellow....Green on Woz? or Predator? Purple on Totan!!!!

    Worth a try for at least one game, and compare those prices!!! Great!

    Enjoy this guys....This new product for me is over the top! I wanted to share before I post pictures, but its
    so easy to imagine, and they are going to go fast!!

    Have Fun!



    #2 5 years ago

    The color possibilities and applications for not just flipper bats is very enticing .

    #3 5 years ago

    Stop holding out on us Art, where are the installed pics?!

    #4 5 years ago

    Oh I thought this was a new brand of C#*K rings. I've outgrown mine

    #5 5 years ago

    Left the camera in the office....I may go in tomorrow.....

    #6 5 years ago

    This looks pretty awesome! Think I will order some for the Big Guns I am tearing down.

    #7 5 years ago

    Nice. I'm working on a project that I need rubbers for - now is a good time to give these a shot.

    #8 5 years ago

    I'm anxious to give these a try too. Thanks for the heads up.

    #9 5 years ago

    Nice! Love the wham-o reference too. I will be ordering a bunch. Thanks for doing this!~SpOoKy

    #10 5 years ago

    Like a friggin BOSS... website works, has product...and the prices are way way better than what we've been expecting for colored rubbers. I hope these deliver..

    #11 5 years ago


    #12 5 years ago

    Depending on how they play, I think I'm most excited about getting to use Black again!

    #13 5 years ago

    Those look cool.

    But they need some bulk assortments.

    #14 5 years ago

    I'm doing my AFM entirely in colored Titan Pinball rings. I'm using different colors in different spots. I like it so far but it's not done yet. I'll post pictures in the thread when it's done.


    #15 5 years ago
    Quoted from vid1900:

    Those look cool.
    But they need some bulk assortments.

    I already requested it via email. I want an assortment too!

    #17 5 years ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    The bounce to me is 10-13% bouncier

    Art when you said that what were you comparing to? 10% bouncier than white or black rubbers?

    #18 5 years ago

    Black Rubbers....but more so on small rondells or post sleeves...I think being stretcher, they impact with a deeper push , and stop with the metal post resulting in a farther "push" or bounce,
    In the hour of intense chemistry on the magic site of wikipedia....and others, based on the makeup, it is more flexible then urethane, and regular rubber. I think thats why mot caulks are silicone over urethane, maybe?


    xmenblue.jpg xmenblue1.jpg xmenblue2.jpg
    #19 5 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Oh I thought this was a new brand of C#*K rings. I've outgrown mine

    www.adamandeve.com has some.good ones. Not that I know anything about that.

    #20 5 years ago

    I'll have pictures tonight but I finished my whole AFM with Titan Colored Rubber and it plays a LOT faster. I mean really. It's a frickin' rocket! I did wax the playfield as well, but really - it's sooo much faster. I did keep my SuperBands on the flippers, because I really like them but the rest of the game is the new Titan rubber.

    The pop bumper pocket is a lot busier. It definitely is more bouncier than the white rubber it had before.

    And by using red rubber up there, it sorta disappears because of the red posts and pop bumpers. Overall, by color coordinating the rubber, it actually is less noticeable than white.

    I'm highly recommending it and I'll keep an eye on wear and breakage. Also, this machine will be at the Atlanta gameroom show.

    #21 5 years ago

    Love to see the pics, thanks for the report.

    #22 5 years ago

    Another fantastic product im going to have to install.

    #23 5 years ago

    With my apologies, the Flipper and Posts are silicone, the slings are rubber, but new molds, new rubber....
    Still looks awesome...I received my package, and look forward to installing!


    #24 5 years ago


    With all due respect to your one hour of internet chemistry research, polyurethanes are more abrasion-resistant and cut and tear-resistant than silicones, critical properties in product longevity.


    #25 5 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    I agree with you on that, hopefully a steel ball does less tearing and abrasive hits...
    It is a product that even with all empirical material on both sides, actual wear, and personal preference will predict
    its usage..
    In that regard, flipper rubbers will remain, IMHO, a personal choice, and perhaps even post sleeves, as I was commenting on flexibility more so.
    I think time will tell, and sharing this is only more good information for people to make whatever decision is best for
    Much appreciate it, Joe, and any other observations or opinions...

    #26 5 years ago

    Here is a sample of how I did the various colors. They really have a lot more bounce and the machine is a lot more active.

    IMG_8902-1024.jpg IMG_8903-1024.jpg IMG_8904-1024.jpg IMG_8905-1024.jpg IMG_8906-1024.jpg
    #27 5 years ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    http://www.adamandeve.com has some.good ones. Not that I know anything about that.

    Heh. Apologies for continuing an off-topic thread, but if you actually want that kind of thing, try stockroom.com. I used to get their catalogs by email back in 1990.

    #28 5 years ago

    How does these rubbers hold up compared to normal ones?

    #29 5 years ago

    Time will tell on how well they hold up. I've already got a rubber ring kit for my Bad Cats when I get the PF back from CPR (yeah!). Looks like I'm gonna have to consider these. I think if they speed things up like you say on AFM Al I might not want to use them on Flash, already fast enough!

    #30 5 years ago

    The biggest problem I had was getting the colors right and ordering the right rings. I talked to the owner of the site and made some suggestions so that it's easier to be sure you have the right size (Manufacturer's Part numbers for each ring). It took me two orders but hey, I figured it out. The game is seriously wicked now. If you want a more active game, this will do it for you. I'm hoping it stays cleaner than white rubber.

    #31 5 years ago

    Doh. I was going to order yellow for Iron Man but the don't do 1-3/4" rings.

    #32 5 years ago

    Ordered a full set of black for my Shadow, looking to see how these play!

    #33 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pinballrus:

    Ordered a full set of black for my Shadow, looking to see how these play!

    That's an interesting choice. It'll have black rubber that plays like white so it'll look modern but play like stock. Cool idea.

    #34 5 years ago

    This looks extremely interesting. Since they are not traditional gum rubber by definition will they dry out, crumble, or leave dust all over the playfield? They may be softer than polyurethane Super Bands, but are they more durable? We're seeing machines with 12,000+ plays and the polyurethane flipper rubbers still look brand new.

    Not knocking silicone rings, but it has piqued my interest. As an operator it's always exciting to evaluate the durability of new rubber products.

    #35 5 years ago

    I tried using RIT Dye on a white one, and it didn't work AT ALL. I let it sit in the dye for about 4 days. Dried it off, let it sit for a day. The dye wiped right off. I was so disappointed, I thought I was on to something!

    I will definitely be giving these a try though!

    1 month later
    #36 5 years ago

    Any update on longevity of these guys yet? How about pics of an install? Need to re-rubber a Meteor I picked up yesterday and had been keeping these in mind.

    #37 5 years ago

    No issues yet, and there are follow up posts and pictures, I believe on Matts thread. Search "Titan"

    5 months later
    #38 4 years ago

    Any updates on how theses have been working out?

    #39 4 years ago

    I think Best to ask Matt at Titan.
    While I received Silicone samples that are still clean, flawless, and I am VERY pleased, I dont know how much Silicone colored rubber has been created or will be.

    Give him a shout, Awesome Guy!


    #40 4 years ago

    It looks like that right slingshot rubber on the xmen is too long. There appears to be a curve between the bottom two posts.

    #41 4 years ago

    An illusion in the photo....Thanks, though

    4 weeks later
    #42 4 years ago

    I am looking forward to using up my stock of whites and switching over. At the rate the whites are falling apart it won't be long!

    #43 4 years ago
    Quoted from playernumber4:

    I am looking forward to using up my stock of whites and switching over. At the rate the whites are falling apart it won't be long!

    I knew you would be doing these Glenn. Let me know how you like them. BSD would look great with blue and red.

    2 months later
    #44 4 years ago

    Can someone follow up on how well these are performing? Has anyone used them in route games?

    #45 4 years ago

    Matt has a new thread for these in Silicone, that were just released....These were colored
    rubber, and hold up like regular rubber.....Experts may find an issue here or there....
    and it gets more attention then it should, as whites, blacks, clears, all vendors, there can be a percentage, very small, that may fail.
    But, Matts right there, the products look great after many months, do their job, as rubbers should.

    The difference in these and his new silicone ones are open for people to buy now, but it is my guess
    the silicone ones will prove better...just my opinion.

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